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Ever After Part 2

After Colony 212
14th of February

"Uhh........ that's good." Duo moaned into his pillow. "A little lower, Heero. Ahh... heaven..."

"You shouldn't overdo yourself." Heero scolded the older man as he left the warm cloth on Duo's back where the bullet's scar was visible.

"Mom is right." Solo grumbled at his father who was lying on his stomach on the bed. "Your wound isn't fully recovered yet, Dad. I know you want to talk with the others but try limiting your walk next time. If you continue like this, you'll never leave the bed."

"Hmm... I don't mind that." Duo reached his smaller husband and pulled him down next to him. "As long as your mom is in bed with me too."

"Du...hmphh." Whatever Heero wanted to say was swallowed by Duo. He used his arm to draw his husband closer and devoured the luscious mouth, sticking his tongue in at the first chance.

Solo rolled his eyes at his Dad's eagerness. "Time for me to go, I think." He stood up and smiled slightly. "Have a nice wedding night, Dad, Mom." That got him a thumbs up from his preoccupied Dad while his mommy could only let out a grunt, already melting from his Dad's assault.

Once the door closed behind Solo, Duo let his arm sneak beneath Heero's shirt. His husband was still wearing his wedding suit while Duo was only clad in his black pants, already removing his shirt to get his back treated earlier. Not that the wedding suit would last long. Duo had already in the middle of unbuttoning the white shirt, silencing his husband's protest with his mouth. He just opened on the last button when his back protested. Duo moaned loudly, thus breaking the kiss and lowered his hand to lessen the pain. "Kuso!"

"I see you also still can curse in Japanese." Heero's dry words were ruined by his panting. He sat up on the bed, causing his unbuttoned shirt parted to reveal his bare chest. His Prussian blue eyes showed his concern as his hand touched the not-so-warm cloth on Duo's back. "You aren't supposed to be released from hospital. Don't be making useless movements. You have to rest now. I'll warm the cloth again." Heero took the cloth off Duo's back and was about to stand up when Duo's arm slid around his waist and pulled him back to the bed.

"Rest? You ask me to rest in my wedding night?" Duo sounded incredulous. "There's no way in hell I'll reeeugghh." His back protested again.

"You have to rest, Duo." Heero managed to leave his moaning husband this time and returned with new warm cloth.

Duo sighed in relief as the cloth was placed on his back again. He grabbed Heero's hand and looked up at his husband. "I want to make love with you tonight, Heero."

"There'll be other nights, Duo."

Duo shook his head. "No, I want tonight. Especially this night." Ignoring Heero's protests, he rolled so he was lying on his back now. He tried to sit up but Heero pushed him down and glared at him.


Duo sighed and gestured toward the nightstand's drawer. "I have something for you."

Heero sent him a warning glare not to get up while he opened the drawer. The Japanese boy reached inside and took out a tube of... "Lube?"

"No no, wrong drawer, it's in the second drawer from above." Duo paused. "Bring the lube too though, I intend to use it tonight."

"No, Duo. You must..." Whatever Heero wanted to say, it died as he looked at the item he retrieved from the second drawer. It was small replicas of Wing Zero and Deathscythe Hell Custom encased in a glass box. It's not just small replicas but really miniatures of the Gundams. The parts were made carefully in details and connected to the other parts in precise locations as the original ones. The Gundams stood side by side. Zero's left hand entwined with Deathscythe's right one. Heero tore his eyes from the glass box and looked at his husband.

"Happy Valentine, Heero." Duo smiled. "I have wanted to give you that for years. They are made from our Gundams' leftover. It took me quite long to make them."

Cradling the box as if it was his most precious thing, Heero sat down next to his husband and gave him a passionate kiss. "Thank you so much, Duo." He glanced down at the box. "I...I don't have anything to give you, I ..."

Duo put his finger to silence his husband. "You don't have to give me anything today. However I do want something from you, Heero."

"What is it?"

"Make love to me." Duo caressed Heero's cheek lovingly. "I want to make love to my husband on this Valentine's Day and our wedding night."

"But your injury..." Heero paused and looked thoughtful. "Very well, but you may not move during it." He then stood up and placed the glass box on the nightstand.

"What? How can I..." Duo's protests died on his lips as Heero started to disrobe. The older man could feel himself harden in an instant as Heero's shirt touched the floor, baring Heero's wiry body. "Let me move this once time." Not waiting for Heero's agreement, he raised himself to lean against the headboard. His injury was long forgotten as his eyes feasted on his half naked husband.

"No more moving, Duo." Heero warned him and Duo agreed just to make Heero continue what he was doing. The older man's heart started uneven thumping as he watched his younger husband unzip his dark blue pants and pushed them down along with the boxers, baring himself completely. Duo's cock quickly grew to his full hardness.

"Stay there." Duo said hoarsely when Heero started to walk toward him. His husband pale skin looked glowing under the faint lighting of the room. "Please stand still, I want to see you whole, Heero."

Heero complied but it was clear that he wasn't comfortable. His cheeks turned pink while his left hand covered his privates and his right hand hugged his own waist. Duo however was oblivious with his husband's discomfort as his eyes trailed every inch of Heero's bare flesh.

"Remove your hands, Heero. I want to see all of you."



Heero slowly removed his hands. The sight of horizontal scar across Heero's stomach snapped Duo from his lust. He became aware of the bullet scars on Heero's arms and legs. Anger suddenly replaced his lust but he quickly quelled it down. He wouldn't give in to anger on his wedding night. After he regained control of his emotions, Duo looked up and smacked himself for neglecting Heero's feelings. It was obvious that Heero was uncomfortable from the way he didn't look straight at him. Mentally cursing himself, Duo tried to ease Heero's discomfort. "Heero, look at me."

Prussian blue eyes hesitantly met violet ones.

"Come here, love." Duo gestured on his lap. He waited till Heero settled down on his lap then seized his head, looking straight at his younger husband. "Do not be ashamed of your body. You're beautiful, Heero. The scars don't make you ugly. I know you don't care about my scars so apply that to yourself as well." Duo traced the horizontal scar on Heero's stomach gently. "I see you as the most beautiful person and always will, because your beauty comes from inside."


Duo caressed Heero's body slowly and gently, showing nothing of his early eagerness. "If you don't feel like making love tonight, just say so. I'll be okay. As you have said, there's always another night."

Heero shook his head. "I want to. I'm just worried about your injury."

"Injury? What injury? I don't feel it anymore." Duo grinned slyly. "Since you want to, don't waste time anymore." That said, Duo dove down and started nibbling his husband's vulnerable neck. His hands roamed over Heero's bare flesh, fondling and kneading it here and there.

"Duo, don't move too much." Heero panted at Duo's ministration. His hands locked behind Duo's hair. He arched his back and squirmed slightly when Duo's mouth trailed down and played with his right nipple. Heero's movement caused his bottom to rub against Duo's clothed arousal. Growling, he released Heero's now hard and vulnerable nipple and attacked its twin. The way Duo's tongue twirled the nipple gave Heero jolt of pleasures. The Japanese boy squirmed more and ground his ass against Duo's twitching cock harder. His cock also rubbed against Duo's stomach at each squirm. It didn't take long for Duo's control to start crumbling. After giving Heero's nipple a final nip, Duo released the hard nub and patted Heero's bottom.

"Move over a little, love. I need to get rid of my pants."

Still panting, Heero complied and shifted backward. Together they attacked Duo's zipper and within seconds, the pants joined Heero's clothes on the floor.

"Finally." Duo sighed in relief as nothing restrained his cock anymore. "Now the lube...."

Heero thrust the lube on Duo's hand and went onto knees. Before Duo managed to question his intention, Heero took Duo's hard cock into his hand and lowered his head, giving Duo a tentative lick on the tip. The words stuck in Duo's throat. Only moans made a way out of his mouth as Heero repeated his ministration a few times before taking Duo into his mouth. The older man yelled as he felt the warm wetness enveloped him. It had been a long, long time since he had such moist and velvety feeling sheathing him. He could feel pleasure coursed around his body, sending him quickly toward his orgasm. To distract himself, Duo uncapped the lube and poured it onto his fingers.

When their body had been at the same size and height, it had been difficult to reach behind Heero. But now that he was bigger and taller, he easily could reach behind Heero and inserted his fingers into Heero's tight opening. As two of his fingers slid in, his younger husband moaned around his cock, sending vibrations along his cock. Pleasure coursed around him, making it difficult for Duo to concentrate on his task. Not to mention that Heero began to slide in and out, mimicking what his fingers were doing on his younger husband's behind.

"Enough." Duo panted and withdrew his fingers. "I want you now, Heero."

Heero released Duo's cock and climbed up onto Duo's lap, placing his hands on Duo's shoulders. The older man automatically put his hands on Heero's hips and slowly he guided his younger husband down. Both of them moaned as Duo's tip touched Heero's opening, louder when it passed through. Heero gasped at the penetration and unconsciously tightened his ring muscles, giving more pleasure for Duo. Pushing Heero down slowly, he intended to enjoy the sensation of having Heero surrounded him inch by inch, going deep into Heero where nobody else had ever been.

"Duo." Heero whimpered in pleasure as he finally stopped descending. Duo knew then that he had been buried to the hilt inside Heero. Their bodies joined as one. He shuddered at the feeling of velvety warmth around his cock. No one else had ever been given privilege to be inside this exquisite tightness. Not that he would let anyone else had it been. They would have to face Shinigami's wrath first.

Giving Heero time to adjust into him, Duo concentrated on kissing his husband. His tongue slid in and within no time and started exploring Heero's mouth thoroughly. He was delighted when Heero's tongue twined with his and soon they were engaged in tongue battle. Duo didn't need to wait long till Heero wiggled. A signal that he was ready.

He broke the kiss and looked at his panting husband. "Move as you like, Heero." His hands were still on Heero's hip but he didn't interfere when Heero started lifting up and pushed himself down slowly. Duo savored each stroke, each push, feeling Heero's velvety muscles around him while he nibbled on Heero's shoulder. He couldn't help but moan as Heero's warm and tight channel slid up and down on his cock.

Gradually, Heero's pace became faster. The Japanese boy pulled up quickly and pushed down on Duo harder. Duo could feel himself tensing and sensed the upcoming orgasm. He slipped one hand between their bodies and kissed Heero hard. His younger husband cried out at his touch and buried his hands on Duo's hair. After a few strokes, Heero tensed up and came onto Duo's hand. His inner muscles tightened around Duo, sending the older man over the edge as well. Duo yelled his husband's name and tightened his arms around Heero. His vision became white and he poured his passion into Heero.

For an instant, he forgot everything else. All he was aware was Heero and his wonderful tightness around him. Searching blindly, Duo's mouth found his younger husband's shoulder and settled there, making more hickeys. He didn't know what he was babbling between creating the hickeys. It was only until the white pleasure left him that he realized he had been whispering his love over and over to Heero. Now that his rational mind could work, he found out that Heero had been out cold.

"And here you say I overdo myself." Duo chuckled and kissed his unconscious husband's cheek lovingly. He then searched for the warm cloth behind his back and used it to clean both of them before tossing it onto the floor. Very, very gently, he eased himself onto his back with Heero lying on him. His softening cock was still inside Heero and Duo didn't plan to withdraw in near time. He liked falling asleep with their bodies were still joined as one. If he could, he never wanted to be separated again.

Duo knew he was grinning like silly but he didn't care. He was very happy. So happy that he felt his heart could burst. His hands lazily stroked Heero's back while his heart gradually beat slower and his breath became steadier. He felt at peace. No more searching endlessly, no more worrying over his lost soul mate. Lifting Heero's right hand, Duo felt overwhelming happiness at the sight of gold band encircling Heero's ring finger. Though he knew he didn't need a ring to make Heero stay with him, still he got additional joy at knowing Heero was his. Legally his. Truly his.

"Heero Yuy-Maxwell." Duo murmured the words and brought Heero's hand to kiss the gold ring.

Heero sighed in his sleep and twined his fingers with Duo.

Duo smiled and kissed his husband gently, savoring the feel of Heero's warm lips against his.

"My soul mate for eternity. We'll never be part again."


After Colony 212
15th of February

Android J was glad that Duo and Heero let him stay with them in their house. He was happy when Duo also gave him a personal computer to work on. Right now though, he wasn't too happy as the Chinese man on the video phone explained that his wife had thrown up her breakfast. He asked the android to come to check her.

The android wondered how Wufei could father five daughters and not know morning sickness when his wife already had been though it five times. He was about to tell the exact words to the Chinese man when the internal phone rang. He picked up the phone, intending to let Wufei steam for a little longer. Duo's voice came out worriedly. "Dr. J!! Heero is throwing up. I don't know what's wrong with him. Please come to our room."

Oh dear. The android blinked as he realized he had two pregnancies to be taken care and two quite idiotic husbands for not recognizing the symptoms.



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