Ever After Part 10
Snippet of Past and Present

30th of June, AC 212

Duo watched his son surrounded by his friends, singing and playing fun games together. Their parents, who were also his comrades in war and peace, stood around, watching their children in fond smiles. Today was Solo's birthday. Seeing his son grow older year by year always bring proud smile on his face. The smile was there on this year too but it was marred with his slightly puckered brows which was caused by the knowledge of how cruelly his beloved son was born, of how Solo's mother's blood and tears were shed brutally in his delivery process.

Duo looked at his spouse. Heero looked serene, almost expressionless, but Duo could see his beautiful blue eyes shining with joy. This was the first time Heero celebrated their son's birthday, after all. The Japanese boy was being offered the first cut from the birthday cake from their son. He approached his beloved family, slapped his son affectionately, saying happy birthday, then took place behind Heero.

Duo gently hugged his husband and whispered, "Thank you for giving me our son."

Heero shook his head slightly and with urging from Duo, slowly took the offered cake. "Thank you, Solo."

Solo smiled, his violet eyes mirroring the joy in Heero's eyes. He then offered another piece of cake to Duo before returning to his friends to enjoy the cake together.

"He usually gave the first cut to me, you know." Duo ran his hands slowly along Heero's side. "I'm not complaining though. I'm happy he gave you the first cut." He felt his husband lean against him slightly. "Tired?"

"No." The word was said with warning tone that Duo had come to recognize as stop-worrying-or-omae-o-korosu threat. He wisely shut his mouth and continued hugging his husband, watching his son interact with the other kids. Duo smiled when Mill tried to look nonchalantly as he gave his gift which Solo quickly opened and revealed as a book that Duo was too far from to identify. But he could see from the widening smile of his son and the hug the blonde boy goy that Milliard's gift would be one of Solo's favorite. Duo grinned and whispered in conspiracy tone to his spouse, "They are lovely, aren't they? To think they are in the same age as us when we are first together." Duo removed one hand from his spouse to take a glass of wine and gestured toward where his son and Miliard were. "Look at them, they are so clueless and innocent with their feelings." Feeling satisfied with himself, Duo sipped his drink elegantly.

"It's better than fucking like bunnies on the first day of their relationship begins." Heero replied calmly but Duo's reaction was everything but calm.

He spewed his drink forward.

Midii, who was near them, looked at the violet eyed man in concern. "Uncle Duo, are you okay?"

"Yes, yes, just choked on something..." Duo glared at his husband's back who had gone to approach their son. Heero was really being evil today. Duo sighed and muttered expletives about mood swings. Thanks to his spouse, Duo now had nasty image about his son and a certain blonde boy that would need sometimes to forget. To be honest, they did fuck like bunnies on the first day they were together. Duo still could remember how responsive Heero to his every touch and how the Japanese boy arched his back as he reached his orgasm for the first time.

Damn, Duo cursed as he felt his pants tightened around his groins. This was not the right time to think about Heero like that. He shook his head to clear the erotic image and went to join his family in the center of the room. Heero was giving Solo the birthday present and his son wasted no time to unwrap it. Duo could see the surprise which quickly turned into joy as his son picked up an elegant fencing sword from inside the wrapper. It was silver and very light and the handheld curved elegantly. It fit around his son's hand perfectly. Beaming with pride, Duo stood next to his husband, putting one arm around the slender waist, and said, "It is a gift from both of us. Your mum chose the design."

"No wonder you didn't ask me what I wanted for this birthday, Dad." Solo grinned as he tested his new sword.

"I bet your lazy father just waited with his banknotes in the cashier."

Duo grinned to his Chinese comrade, "Of course. You know I'm not good in picking up gifts, uncle Wufie."

Wufei's black eyes promised painful tortures to Duo at the title. "If not because this was your son's birthday, you would be dead, Duo."

Duo chuckled but it quickly turned into coughing when his ribs were jabbed none too gently.

"Ignore him, Wufei." Heero said then separated himself from his coughing husband to join the other adults.

Wufei grinned at his friend. "Your spouse in bitchy mode, Duo?"

Duo snorted and straightened his back, one hand caressing his bruised ribs. "As if yours isn't."

Wufei grimaced and looked at his pregnant wife who was conversing with an equally pregnant Heero. "I'm really afraid what cravings she would have next..."

"What? Can't stand looking your wife eat omelet with chocolate sauce?" Duo patted his friend. "At least, she doesn't crave the omelet all the time. My doctor told me to reduce giving Heero omelet since it wasn't healthy for him to eat that many eggs in one day."

"Are you telling me that you dare to refuse cooking the eggs for your dangerous pregnant spouse?" Wufei looked at Duo in disbelief.

It was Duo's turn to grimace. "When I feel like being suicidal or so J said."

"How do you survive from Heero's wrath?"

"By putting Solo before me. Heero will melt in the sight of him." Duo looked proudly at his son. "He is good in putting Heero back in good mood."

"I wish I can do the same to one of mine." Wufei looked mournfully at his daughters. "They all side with their mother."

"That's your karma for underestimating women." Duo laughed at his friend's miffed look. Together they watched their children laughed and played. Duo knew he would treasure this moment like the fourteen previous birthday moments and recounted them together with Heero when they were old.


2nd of July, AC 212

Duo was frowning upon the last financial report in his spacious office when his private line beeped. He pressed the button to activate the speaker, eyes still on the report. "Yes?"

"Hi Dad."

"Solo!" Duo blinked and put down the report, looking at the virtual screen in front of him. His son was on the screen, a frown formed in his usually smiling face. "What happened?"

"Nothing happened. Why do you think so?"

"You never called me just when I was about to go home in half an hour. That and you're frowning. So give." Duo leant against his seat and crossed his arms in front of his chest, waiting for his son to tell what was troubling him.

Solo fidgeted and glanced outside the range of screen before he blurted out. "It's about Mum."

"Heero?" Duo straightened, "What happened to him? Does he have problem with the baby?"

"Nothing happened, Dad." Solo rolled his eyes at the obvious concern on his Dad's face, "Mum is super duper healthy. It's just that Mum refused to go to school to see my fencing exhibition this afternoon."

It was Duo's turn to frown. "He refused to go? I thought he would like to see you in school?"

"That was I thought, but Mum did refuse." Solo scowled. "I think I know why he acted like that, but before that.... Did you forbid Mum going out again?"

"What?!" Duo's eyes widened at the accusation.

"I guess not then."

"Do you want me to cut off your allowance again?"

"Ah, about it..." Solo grinned the same grin Duo often to do when he was about to do something mischief. "If you have a great time tonight, you will have to raise my allowance."

"What do you mean by that?" Duo frowned.

Solo's grin went wider. "Good luck, Dad."

Duo blinked as the virtual screen in front of him went black. He only had a few seconds to express his opinion about his impolite and wicked son before his tirade was interrupted by a beep from his receiver. He pushed the speaker button none too gently, "Yes?!"

"Uhm," It was from his secretary, "your son wants to speak to you, Sir."

Son? Duo frowned. Solo just called from home a few seconds ago. It was impossible for him to be here in that short of time. Unless he was....Duo smiled and quickly told his secretary to send his 'son' in.

Duo's smile brightened when he saw Heero walking into his office. His secretary clearly mistook Heero for Solo. Well, not many people can set them apart anyway. Heero was wearing his Mexican styled loose clothes, looking good as always. This was the first time Heero came to his office and Duo decided he liked having Heero in his office. It made him feel at home already, made him want to.... Duo ceased his thought and left his chair. He hurriedly went toward his pregnant husband, eager to have him in his arms. However, his steps slowed down when he saw how Heero turned his head around, inspecting his office in curiosity. He had seen this scene before. Déjà vu flood the older man, making him stop and stand still, a few feet away from his younger husband.

Heero's eyes finally rested on him. Duo noted that Heero looked away too quickly and appeared to be uncomfortable. He was about to ask what was wrong when Heero spoke up first.

"Why did you ask me to come here?"

Duo blinked. "Who told you that?"

"Solo told me." Heero frowned, "He lied, didn't he?"

"That brat..... I didn't ask you to come, Heero." Duo muttered, "I don't know what was going on in our son's head but he definitely needs to be taught some lessons about interrupting my works..." The older man paused at his rants when he saw something old but familiar flashed in his husband's Prussian blue eyes.

"Sorry, I'll go home now."

The flat tone Heero used to say his sentence completed the puzzle of his déjà vu. He had done this before. Sixteen years ago, to be exact. He had done this and had hurt Heero sixteen years ago. Duo moved quickly and grabbed his retreating husband. He pulled Heero and took him into his arms, hugging him tightly as if he never wanted to let him go.

"Gomen." Duo kissed Heero's head, asking for forgiveness. "I didn't mean it like that."

Heero was silent as Duo kissed him again and again. Guilt from the past grabbed Duo's heart and squeezed it painfully. He had been a fool who fell in lust with Hilde. So blinded he was with his fake adoration with the girl that he had shooed Heero away when the Japanese boy came into his office to bring his forgotten document. Just like what Heero had written in his diary, Duo had been ashamed of the Japanese boy at that time.

"I'm sorry, love. I'm really really sorry." Duo tightened his embrace, afraid Heero would suddenly disappear. He still remembered Heero's expression that day as if it was yesterday. Heero's curiosity and eagerness to see his office quickly changed into stunned and hurt expressions, which were concealed beneath his cold expressionless face. Would he never learn? Duo berated himself as he realized he unintentionally had hurt Heero again.

"I didn't mean it like in the past. I'm just irritated because Solo is being mischievous. In fact, I'm very happy to see you in my office." Duo murmured as he kissed his husband's face gently but passionately. "Forgive me?"

It felt like hours for Duo while in truth it was just a few seconds, before Heero shook his head slightly. "It's okay, Duo. I'm fine and there's nothing to forgive. I'll go home now, just release me."

"No, it's not fine!" Duo growled and used his height to advantage by lifting Heero up. Ignoring his husband's startled gasp, Duo carried him toward his desk and lay the smaller man down on it.

"I'm really really happy to see you here, Heero." Duo hovered over his husband, keeping Heero lying down. He then bowed down and kissed Heero slowly. "Do you know what I thought when I saw you standing in my office? You make my office feel like home. You make me want to make love with you right here, right now, on this desk."

Heero's eyes widened at Duo's confession. He opened his mouth to say his opinion but Duo silenced him with a kiss. The older man didn't want to hear any reassurance or comfort. He just wanted to show how much he loved Heero. Slowly, his hands started removing Heero's clothes while his tongue kept Heero focused in the kiss. When Heero was finally naked, Duo started undoing his own clothes with one hand while the other hand caressed his husband's exposed body. He lingered on the engorged stomach, smiling at the thought of his family will expand sooner.

When finally his bare skin met Heero's bare skin, Duo moaned, echoed by his husband. It felt so good to be so close with Heero. Breaking the kiss, Duo moved his hands to inspect and stroke every inch of Heero while his mouth feasted on the slender neck. How he liked hearing Heero's short groans when his hands touched the sensitive spots. When Heero's arms came around him, Duo let his joy shown by placing butterfly kisses on every spot his mouth could reach. With his hands and mouth, the older man brought his Japanese spouse to the peak of pleasure.

Duo loved watching how Heero arched his back and came. In these precious short seconds while Heero was assaulted with pleasure, Duo could see the unguarded expression of his husband. He loved how pleasure made Heero's cheeks reddened and his blue eyes clouded. Those luscious lips parted as if begging to be kissed thoroughly. All those small things, combined with Heero's unconscious wiggles, burned Duo with need. A need to be one with his beloved husband.

The older man scooped his husband's essence and used it as lubricant to prepare Heero for the joining. He also applied some on his manhood. And while Heero was still lost in his post orgasmic stage, Duo joint their bodies in one thrust, not being able to wait any longer. Both of them moaned as they became one. Duo felt the warmth of Heero enveloping him, welcoming him home.

"Aishiteru, Heero." Duo murmured as he slid further into his husband until he could go no more. Placing light kisses at his spouse, Duo carefully arranged their position so their unborn daughter wasn't disturbed. Then he slowly withdrew, eyes on his husband's face. He watched as Heero came around from the blinding pleasure. Those Prussian blue eyes became lighter and the soft curved face became more guarded. With a precise thrust, Duo hit Heero's sensitive spot. It managed to turn the eyes he adored back into dark blue and shattered Heero's guarded face. Strong arms tightened around the older man as Heero met his thrust with his own movement. Together they danced to the peak of pleasure.

Duo never stopped kissing his pregnant spouse and when they were about to reach that white blinding ecstasy, he locked his mouth with Heero's. His right's hand sneaked between their bodies and caressed Heero's arousal. His husband's pleasure filled gasp was music to his ears. A few more thrust and strokes, Duo slammed in and stayed inside his husband. He could feel the explosion that came from both of them. It shattered him, burned him, and released him. Duo was sure Heero also felt the earth shattering pleasure. The claw marks on his back was a strong evident of Heero's pleasure.

When he finally could remember who he was and where he was, Duo let out a very contented sigh and rested his head on his spouse's chest. His hands kept his body from weighing down on his pregnant husband.

"Aishiteru, Duo."

They were just two words, but they turned Duo's world brighter and warmer. The older man made a joyous sigh and kissed the left chest where Heero's heart rested beneath. He felt contented. There was nothing in the world that he wanted more than this moment. Only Heero and him, together and one. Their hearts beat simultaneously, creating one echo in their ears.

"Do you know there's a saying that soulmates have same heartbeat?" Duo murmured lazily.

Heero made a weak snort but his hands moved gently along the older man's back. The gesture made Duo smiled. He moved down and placed a kiss on Heero's midsection where his unborn daughter resided. "I love you, Heero. Will you forgive my stupid sixteen year old self for being ashamed of you?"

The hands on Duo's back tensed.

"You know I have changed. I'll never be ashamed of you again, Heero. I love you. I will announce you as my husband and the mother of my children if you want to."

Duo didn't realize he had held his breath until the hands on his back relaxed and resumed stroking it gently. He exhaled in relief, knowing it was an indication Heero had forgiven him but he still wanted to hear the words. "Will you forgive me, koi?"

"I have forgiven you long ago, Duo."

Duo sighed and shifted to keep them joint still. "Why do you love me, Heero?"

"Just because."

The older man chuckled. It was the same answer he gave Heero long ago when they started their relationship. He should have known that their love didn't have logical explanation. He should be contented with the answer. Humming with satisfaction, Duo kissed his spouse lovingly until the passion burnt them and the dance started once again.

The sky had turned dark when he carried his sleeping spouse out of the office. Heero had fallen asleep after threatening to castrate Duo if the horny man dared to touch him again for the fourth time. Duo couldn't help but grinning at his success in tiring out his spouse. Whistling happily, he carried Heero to his car, not caring about the startled look or smiles his staff gave him. If they couldn't accept his relationship with Heero, they could look for another job. Now there was only one thing left to do.... Duo smiled and decided his son deserved a bonus for this time.

Next day, Solo gathered the M-five and treated them in their favorite restaurant. When his friend asked, he told them that his Dad was giving him triple allowance for this month.



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