Author's Note: I would like to thank you for the feedback I have received in these months. Because I often return half dead from uni, I sadly haven't gotten around to reply all the feedback but I'll try my best. It has been quite long but I present a new chapter of Ever After for you. Enjoy ^_^

Ever After Part 11
Shinigami's Wrath

8th of August AC 212

"Heero, over here!" Sally waved happily.

Heero walked toward her slowly. The seven-month pregnant boy was rarely out of the house nowadays because his big stomach could draw unwanted attention. However, Sally had asked him accompany her shopping as she was not in the mood to shop with her worrying husband. Heero could understand Sally's feelings for he also had an annoying husband who kept worrying about something insignificant. It was fortunate that Duo had an appointment today so he couldn't come and accompany them.

In order not to get unwanted attention, Heero had put on a light blue maternity dress. His Mexican style clothes couldn't hide his condition anymore. Also by wearing a maternity dress, people near him would be more careful, aware that he was with child. Of course the downside of wearing the dress was that people thought of him as a female instead of a male. His hair had grown quite long and wearing a hairclip the same color as his dress gave the impression that he was a female to the point that no one thought of him as a boy whilst wearing the dress.

"I will have to be home before five," Heero warned the eager Sally.

"So we only have three hours to shop?" Sally grabbed Heero's arm. "Let's not waste any time then."

Heero let himself get dragged along by the pregnant woman. He usually didn't like shopping, however, shopping with Sally meant going to see baby equipment and clothes. So he didn't mind it so much since he wanted to buy something for his baby too and moreover the woman needed a friend who understood how irritating a husband could be when they treated their pregnant spouse like a fragile china doll.

Two hours later, they exited one store where Heero had picked up a couple of handcraft books, intending to make something for his baby girl. Sally was happily chattering about the items she'd bought when five men wearing sunglasses jumped out from a car and blocked their way. All men were pointing their guns at Sally and him.

Heero knew then he wouldn't be home before five.


"Mr. Chapman is here, Sir."

"Send him in," Duo told his secretary and closed the report he was reading. He stood up right as a man in his fifties entered his office. Duo tried to maintain his cheerful expression while inwardly he frowned. The man was not one of his regular customers, in fact Duo remembered that this man had come to him a month ago to buy Gundanium alloy in an enormous quantity, which was against the law. "Good afternoon Mr. Chapman, what brings you to my office?" Duo shook the man's hand and sat down. Chapman made himself comfortable in the seat across Duo.

"My intention is still the same, to buy Gundanium alloy from your company."

Duo let his frown be seen then. "I'm sorry, Mr. Chapman, but as I told you before, we can't sell you the alloy because it's against the law."

"The government won't know if you don't send the transaction letter to them." Mr. Chapman spoke in low tone.

Duo raised one eyebrow, "Are you suggesting that I perform an illegal transaction, Mr. Chapman?"

Mr. Chapman bent slightly forward. "Look, you will make a great profit from this transaction and we will get what we need. There's no need to cause inconvenience to both of us by including the government in this transaction."

"Mr. Chapman, that great profit could cause the end of my company if the government got a sniff of this transaction."

"As I said, there's no need to involve the government. My men can arrange a very safe place to do the transaction."

Duo let his irritation become obvious. "Mr. Chapman, I refused you a month ago, politely. Let me put it bluntly to you this time. My company does honest work. We don't deal in any illegal transactions, no matter how great the profit is. Aside from that, I personally won't sell the alloy to you. I don't like you."

Chapman's blue eyes flared in anger at the blunt answer. "You will regret this," he hissed and stood up.

"I assure you, I won't regret my decision." Duo stood up as well. "Good day, Mr. Chapman."

The man's face was red with anger, but then he smirked in a way that sent alarm bells off in Duo's head. "We'll meet again, Mr. Maxwell and I hope that next time you'll be in a more accommodating mood."

Before he had a chance to ask about the remark, Chapman had left the room. Irritated, Duo sat down on his desk and told his secretary to blacklist the man. No way he would aid the man who was rumored to produce illegal artillery. He wouldn't break the peace he and his comrades had fought so hard for. He wouldn't accommodate Chapman, even though it meant he would sacrifice a large profit.

Two hours later however, Duo would sacrifice his whole company just to get his husband back. Sally had arrived in his office in teary state, telling about Heero's abduction. The men had let her go so she could tell Duo what their demand was.

Panic and worry occupied Duo's mind during Sally's story before they turned into anger. How dare they take Heero from him. How dare they steal his happiness. When Sally finished her story, Duo's rage had replaced all panic and worries he had. It was a cold rage, one where his mind could calmly think of and calculate what he was supposed to do. Sally was no help right now. Her pregnancy had made her emotional and she had long ago lost her soldier persona when she retired from Preventer to take care of her children. He sent Sally home with five guards then thought about the demand Sally had told him about.

They wanted a successful transaction.

Those were the words Sally had repeated to him and Duo didn't need more than a few minutes to realize what transaction they wanted. Growling in anger, Duo ordered his secretary to connect him to Chapman. He then waited impatiently in his chair, schooling his face into expressionless one. The videophone beeped and Chapman's face appeared on the screen.

"Ah, we meet again, Mr. Maxwell," Chapman spoke smugly.

Duo wanted to bash the face into bloody pulp. He didn't let his intention show on his face though. "It's rude to send a pregnant woman as a messenger, Mr. Chapman."

Chapman smiled wider, "I want the alloy tonight, Mr. Maxwell or another pregnant woman will show up on your doorstep," Chapman paused, "not undamaged unfortunately." He looked off screen to his right side. "My men seemed to like the idea of 'taking care' of a pregnant woman. It's a new experience for them."

The screen moved to the right where three men were standing guard around a pregnant woman. One man was standing behind her while the other two stood on each side of her. Duo recognized his spouse instantly and felt slight relief as the screen showed Heero to be in one piece and so far, unscathed.

His relief didn't last long though as Chapman came back into view. Duo felt his heart stop beating when Chapman poised a knife against Heero's cheek. "I must admit that I'm impressed with your wife. She stayed calm even when we pointed guns at her. I don't think you would want to lose her over an insignificant amount of alloy that I've requested, would you?"

"Do you really think you can get away with this, Mr. Chapman?" Duo said flatly. "Once I get my spouse back, there's nothing that can stop me from reporting your crime to the government."

Chapman smirked and pressed the knife harder against Heero's cheek, creating a thin red line on the smooth flesh.

"Stop!" Duo stood up so fast that his chair was thrown back. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Don't try to threaten me, Mr. Maxwell." Chapman smirked and stopped the knife. "I have arranged everything. All you need to do is to provide me with the alloy. Do we understand each other, Mr. Maxwell?"

Duo gritted his teeth as he understood the hidden meaning behind the words. "Fine, you will get your alloy tonight."

"Excellent," Chapman smiled and withdrew the knife. "We'll meet at spaceport's warehouse number 201 at six pm. You can take a maximum of three of your men with you to help. Tell no one or your wife is history, got it?"

Duo nodded tersely. "201 spaceport warehouse. Six pm. You get your alloy, I get my wife back."

"It's good doing business with you, Mr. Maxwell," Chapman spoke arrogantly. "I heard you divorced your first wife just to have her. She must be very exquisite and special." The man's blue eyes regarded Heero with indecent interest.

Duo was beyond fury.


The cold flat tone jerked the man from his gazing. Chapman turned back to the screen and his smug expression changed to wary.

"I would do more than divorce my first wife to get her. I will kill everyone who stands between me and her." The words flowing out from his mouth sounded normal, but distinctly final so that Chapman unconsciously took a step back. Duo gave the man a threatening glare then disconnected the communication. Let the man think about the implication of his words. Duo knew that Chapman wouldn't live past midnight.

Shinigami wouldn't be satisfied without the man's blood.


Heero stood quietly and watched the conversation between Duo and the man named Chapman. He knew exactly when Chapman had forfeited his life. He could see Duo's eyes turn dark violet when Chapman grazed his cheek with the knife. Those violet eyes he adored were as deadly as the scythe Shinigami held. The men around him could feel the change in Duo, especially Chapman who was the sorry recipient of Duo's glare. The man took a step back and Heero could see him swallowing nervously as Duo gave his last words.

When the communication ended, silence permeated the room for a while. The man on Heero's right finally broke it. "Are you sure he won't tell the government, Sir?"

Chapman whirled to glare at the man, his wits had obviously returned. "He will do as I say!" The man sneered at Heero, "We have his beloved wife after all."

"But what about when he gets his wife back?" The other man who stood on Heero's left spoke up, "Won't he..."

"He won't." Chapman snapped, "Do you think I'm stupid? I'm not going to release her until I'm certain we are safe."

"He will kill you if you don't let me go immediately," Heero spoke up, deliberately increasing his tone so he sounded like a female. It would give him an advantage if the enemies thought him to be a weak pregnant woman.

Chapman was clearly surprised at Heero's sudden speech. His blue eyes held slight fear as he acknowledged the truth of Heero's words though. Not liking the fear rising in him, Chapman stepped forward and backhanded Heero. "Keep your mouth shut, whore!"

That was Chapman's second mistake. Never ever make a pregnant, emotional man angry. There would be hell to pay. Even Duo, who was quite suicidal at times, knew that fact.

Heero glared at the old man. Gone was his intention to stop Duo from killing the man. In fact, he would gladly help Duo in skinning the man alive. How dare he strike him. He had suffered through his pregnancy, his stomach had grown so big that he had difficulty in walking normally. His legs were tired from supporting his increasing weight. Not to mention the baby in him had decided to start practicing soccer. Heero had had enough. He needed to beat the horny bastard who had done this to him.

Heero wasn't aware of his plan changing. One second he wanted to skin Chapman and the next second he wanted to beat his horny husband. The pregnancy had made him emotional and Chapman had angered him. The only thing in his mind now was to get out and beat the shit out of his horny husband.

The men had made a big mistake by underestimating him as a weak pregnant woman. They hadn't even tied his hands. Heero had studied his surrounding when they dragged him here, into the warehouse where Chapman had ordered Duo to bring the alloy to. There were two doors. The front door led to the spaceship's entrance gate while the back door lead to the spaceship itself. There were three men guarding him while two others were guarding the front door.

"I'm going out to prepare for Maxwell's arrival. Keep her in your sight," Chapman announced then motioned to one of the guards, "Two men are enough for her, you follow me."

Heero waited until Chapman and one guard had left through the front door, leaving him with two guards. Normally he had no problem subduing two armed men, but his condition was anything but normal. He couldn't move quickly with his added weight so Heero bided his time; albeit impatiently. The chance came fifteen minutes later when one of the guards announced he needed to take a leak. Heero was a bit miffed because they really underestimated him. However, making them think of him as a weak pregnant woman, which he wasn't, gave him the advantage. It didn't take him more than a minute to lash out, rendering the remaining guard unconscious.

Heero took the guard's gun as a precaution, not intending to draw attention by firing it. After placing the unconscious guard into a sitting position, Heero waited for his second victim. Time and luck was on his side. It was ridiculously easy to subdue the second guard who didn't realize the danger he was approaching. Heero added a kick to the fallen guard in irritation. There was no challenge at all.

He thought about what to do next when two things happened simultaneously. The first one was that Chapman and his guard returned and the other one was that his stomach kicked in. Heero cursed as he doubled over in pain. The kidnapping had made him forget about his pregnant-induced-pain which allowed Chapman and the guard to easily subdue him.

"Fools, you can't even take care of a pregnant bitch!" Chapman bellowed as the two guards came round. They winced as Chapman continued shouting. "It's fortunate that I came back in time or she would have escaped. Get the rope and tie her!"

The two guards hurriedly did as commanded while Chapman turned toward Heero who was held by the third guard. His arms were crossed over his stomach protectively and he gritted his teeth to keep from shouting out his pain. However Chapman then slapped him on his grazed cheek. The agonized cry tumbled out of his mouth before he could stop it. The pain was too much for the Japanese boy to keep silent.

Chapman looked pleased hearing his cry. Once the guards finished tying him, the man slapped him again. "Stay put, bitch. Once this is over, I'll make you cry for a whole night." He motioned to his guards. "Take her out to the meeting point, Maxwell is going to be here soon."


Wufei found Duo in the storehouse behind his office, watching his workers move big boxes from the storehouse to four big trucks. Duo saw him coming and scowled. "Go away, Wufei."

"I'm going with you." Wufei didn't ask; He demanded. "I'll teach them lesson for making my wife cry." He didn't like it one bit when his wife came home from her supposed to be relaxing shopping, in tears and distress. The M-five who were playing at his house were surprised as well. After he managed to get the story out of his crying wife, Wufei assigned the hovering teenagers to take care of Sally and went to seek justice. No one made his wife cry and got away with it.

"Fine, you drive the second truck." Duo couldn't be bothered to debate the Chinese man. He knew exactly how Wufei felt since he was in similar situation as the other man. "We depart in ten minutes..." Duo paused when he heard more footsteps and turned to the entrance to see who was coming. Judging from the noise, there were at least two persons. Duo scowled as he recognized his son, followed by Mill and Mariemeia, running toward him.

Wufei cursed when he saw who was coming. "Can't they obey a single order?"

"You know they can't, Wufei," Duo said dryly. "I take it that the M-five were at your house when Sally got home?"

Wufei nodded. "Meiran and Midii must have stayed behind to take care of my wife," he glared at the approaching three, "And so must they."

"Dad! Are you going to save Mom? I'm coming with you!" Solo said determinedly as he stopped in front of the scowling adults. His face was not so determined though. He looked downright worried and scared.

Duo's heart softened at his son's obvious distress. "You and the others stay here. I'll bring Heero back safely."

"We want to help too," Mill and Mariemeia spoke up at the same time.

"You'll only be a burden to us," Wufei said bluntly.

Duo saw the teenagers reel back as if struck but didn't say anything to soothe them. It was the truth after all.

"But Dad..." Solo looked downright worried now. Gone was his determination. He was only a boy who was worried about his mother.

Duo softened then and hugged his son to give comfort and reassurance. "I'll bring your Mom back soon. Don't worry."

"I still worry!" Solo protested but hugged his father tightly.

Duo snorted and released his son. "Worry as you like but you're to stay here until we are back." He turned away and walked toward his truck. "Let's go, Wufei. Alan, Kurt, you drive the other two trucks and follow us."

"We are not Alan and Kurt but we will drive your trucks, Duo."

Duo whirled in surprised and saw Quatre and Trowa sitting behind the wheels of each of his trucks. Alan and Kurt were nowhere in sight.

Duo glared at the two newcomers. "What are you two doing here?"

"Saving Heero, of course." Quatre answered cheerfully. Trowa nodded in agreement.

"I should have known that Midii wouldn't keep quiet." Wufei chuckled at the sight of the Winners and jumped into the second truck. "What are you waiting for, Duo?"

Duo shook his head in exasperation. "Fine fine. It will make my job easier anyway." He straightened and jumped into his truck. He started it and made a signal for the others to follow him.


Duo looked down at his worried son.

"Be careful!"

Duo nodded then looked at Mariemeia. "Take care of them."

The red haired girl nodded in reply. Satisfied, Duo turned his attention to the front. His eyes turned hard and dark violet as he brought the truck out of the storehouse. His other three friends also turned serious and looked determined as they followed Duo out, leaving the three teenagers behind.

"NO!" Solo shouted and ran after the truck. "I want to go too!"

"No Solo!" Mariemeia gasped. "Mill, catch him!"

Mill had already moved and within seconds he had tackled Solo to the ground. They struggled for a while but the blonde boy managed to pin Solo beneath him. "Calm down, Solo."

"I can't calm down." Solo shouted angrily. He tried to struggle again but Mill held him still. Solo looked around frantically but he didn't see any truck within sight. Realizing it was impossible to follow his father now, the fight left him. Solo went limp and sobbed in distress.

Mill was alarmed when his friend went from furious to crying. He quickly released the sobbing boy and straightened. To his surprise, Solo clung to him, sobbing into his chest.

"What should I do, Mill? What if Mom doesn't come back?"

"Heero will come back," Mariemeia spoke confidently, cutting off whatever Mill wanted to say.

Distracted, Solo stopped crying and looked at his redhead friend. "How can you be so sure?"

"Because I saw four Gundam pilots depart for the rescue," Mariemeia smiled at him, "C'mon, let's go home. I'm sure Duo will bring Heero home."


Chapman didn't believe what happened.

He had come out to meet Maxwell in confidence. His guards were trailing behind him, dragging Maxwell's pregnant wife with them. Maxwell, standing in front of his truck, had demanded to see his wife then. Chapman had shoved the bound woman to the front so Maxwell would get a good look at her. That was when it all went wrong.

Duo was not a fool to come here and give Chapman the alloy as the man wished. On the journey, he had outlined his plan to his friends and gotten input from them, modifying it into a better plan to rescue Heero. Dealing with a mendacious man who thought big of himself like Chapman did, wasn't a big problem. Chapman's arrogance would be his own downfall. The man hadn't researched just how technologically advanced Duo's company was and how fast he could get information about Chapman's spaceship and workers. Didn't the man realize why no one had dared to threaten him into selling his alloy in previous years? Because what he and his friends had been in the past? No one wanted to mess with the Gundam pilots. Except of course, foolish people like Chapman.

The trucks were equipped with an automatic control and Duo used it to get the three trucks to follow his truck while his friends sneaked into the warehouse. Their plan was simple. Trowa would take care of the spaceship, Quatre would take care of any hidden guards while Wufei would help Duo in the transaction. He had just received green signals from Trowa and Quatre, indicating they had taken over Chapman's spaceship and any hidden guards when Chapman shoved Heero in front of him. Duo let out a furious roar when he saw Heero bound and bruised. Not only that, his Japanese spouse was in cramping pain. Shit, the business with Chapman had made him forget about Heero's pain. Oh Chapman would really pay for this.

While Chapman and the guards were surprised with his roar, Duo moved in for the kill. He threw his hidden knives, disarming the three guards and rendering them harmless, with a knife embedded in their hands. Next to him, he heard Wufei taking down the two guards at the front door. Duo didn't stop there. He charged toward the man who dared to hurt his precious Heero.

Chapman was shocked at the sudden turn of events. His guards had been defeated in mere seconds. He had felt so secure that he hadn't brought a gun with him. And now sweat poured down his face and back as Maxwell charged toward him. He raised a hand nervously, making a signal for his hidden snipers to shoot Maxwell, but it was a futile gesture. While he was wondering why his snipers didn't shoot, Maxwell's fist hit his face, knocking out some of his teeth.

Chapman cried out in pain and lost his balance. Duo grabbed his shirt to prevent him from falling and unleashed repeated punches. Chapman begged futilely for his life and if not for Wufei demanding he cease, Duo wouldn't have stopped. The bloodied man looked at Wufei in relief but it wouldn't last long. Duo threw the man to the ground in disgust and hurriedly went to his Heero.

Wufei approached the man. His furious expression wiped away Chapman's relieved look. "Didn't anyone ever tell you not to mess with Gundam pilots, especially their spouses?"

Chapman's face turned pale and started pleading for mercy. Wufei wondered just how stupid the man was not to recognize the Gundam pilots as he started delivering his revenge.

Five minutes later, the man was out cold. Wufei wiped his bloodied hand and looked at the warehouse's roof. "Are you two going to stay up there all night?"

Trowa and Quatre jumped down. Trowa glanced at the unconscious man. "What do we do with him now?"

"Why, Trowa," Quatre smiled the not-too-innocent-smile, "We will make him into an example for others of what will happen to them if they mess with us."

Wufei pitied Chapman for having Quatre deliver the last blow, literally or not. Despite an appearance of an angel, the blonde could be the most creative in giving an unforgettable lesson.


Duo had forgotten all about Chapman. His thoughts were occupied with his Japanese husband. Heero was trembling and whimpering in pain and he could do nothing to stop it. Duo knew that. Had known it from the first time the cramping pain kicked in. Yet, he still wished he could do something to stop it. At the very least, he could give comfort to Heero.

He bundled Heero into the blanket he had prepared and carried him to the truck. Duo was panting when he reached the truck and knew that in a few more weeks, he wouldn't be able to lift Heero anymore. But thankfully at the moment, he was still able to do it and managed to get Heero lying comfortably on the seat. He climbed in next to him and put Heero's head on his lap, stroking it gently.

Heero's whimper abated slightly which made Duo feel quiet relief. He continued stroking Heero's head and murmured comforting words to his Japanese spouse until Heero's whimper stopped completely. Heero didn't tremble anymore and slowly uncurled.

"Hee-love, is it over?" Duo asked.

He got a growl and a very weak punch to his nether region. "It's all your fault! I want to go home!"

Recognizing the indication that Heero being his emotionally pregnant self, Duo didn't deny the accusation. He had learned that it was best just to let Heero rant. However, he needed to protect his precious nether parts first.

"I know, I know. Don't hit me while I drive. You can do that once we are home, okay?"

He got what it sounded like a concurred grunt and hurriedly turned the truck on. He didn't mind listening to the death threats and various ways Heero wanted to castrate him. Heero was safe, that was the most important thing. Smiling slightly, Duo drove the truck home.


Mariemeia had gone home to tell Lady Une about Heero's kidnapping so that left only Solo and Mill in the house. The boys got an earful of Heero's colorful threats when Duo carried him into the house. Heero shut up instantly when he realized they weren't alone.

Duo was relieved at his spouse's silence, especially since Heero's threats had reached the level where he'd have to sleep on the sofa for the rest of his life. He turned to his son and smiled. "Didn't I tell you I'd bring your mom home?" He didn't wait for his son's reply however, but kept walking and left the still shocked teenagers standing there, intending to reach the bedroom with a silent Heero.

Solo came out of his surprise when the bedroom slammed shut. He grabbed Mill's clothes. "Mom is back." He smiled and hugged Mill, laughing in delight. "Mom is back!"

Mill who was stunned with Solo's smile couldn't think of anything else but hugging Solo back. "I'm glad Heero's back."

"Yes." Solo rested his head on Mill's shoulder. "Yes, I'm very glad."


Duo put his silent spouse on their bed and removed the blanket slowly. When Heero didn't say anything, he started to get worried.

"Heero, are you okay?" Duo asked as he sat down next to his spouse.

To his surprise, Heero clung to him. He felt the Japanese boy trembling and worriedly hugged him. "What's wrong?"

"I could have lost my baby today," Heero whispered.

"Shh, you didn't lose her," Duo comforted his distraught spouse. He kissed Heero's cheeks then his nose and stopped at his lips. Heero tightened his hands on Duo's clothes as the kiss deepened.

"Make love to me, Duo." Heero whispered when their lips parted for a breath.

"Yes," Duo agreed then captured Heero's lips again. Their kiss wasn't a hurried and rough one. They kissed as if they were savoring each other, enjoying each other. As their kiss deepened, they slowly undressed each other.

Duo groaned in delight when his bare flesh met Heero's bare skin. Hands roamed and caressed, eliciting pleasure for both of them. Neither of them realized they had been lying on the bed. Not that they cared anyway. They were lost in each other.

Duo kept kissing Heero as his hands roamed over his spouse. One hand caressed Heero's stomach gently while the other one trailed lower to gently prepare the Japanese boy for their joining.

Heero lay on his side and Duo spooned against him when he made them one. It wasn't an intrusion. It was more like having a long lost part back. Duo stayed still inside Heero, enjoying the warmth and the exquisite feeling of his spouse. His hands didn't cease caressing Heero's body and his mouth worshipped every part of Heero it could touch. When he finally moved, it was with slow and gentle thrusts.

Heero caught his hands then. Their fingers entwined and rested on Heero's chest as they danced towards the highest pleasure. Their release wasn't explosive but more contented and whole. Duo whispered his love to his spouse until they were both asleep. Fingers still twined and body still one.


"Will you sleep here tonight?" Solo asked his blonde friend.

Milliard raised an eyebrow from where he was sitting on the guest mattress on the floor next to Solo's bed. He was wearing his pajamas. "I AM sleeping here."

"No, I mean here." Solo patted his bed. "We used to sleep together in one bed, remember?"

"Yeah, but it was when we were still little boys." Milliard wondered why his heart throbbed faster. It wasn't unusual for him to spend the nights with Solo. Heck, he was sure he still had some clothes stored in Solo's cupboard. However, sleeping together in one bed was a highly unusual event, or so he thought. Solo seemed to think it was a usual thing. "We are bigger now. The bed couldn't hold both our weight."

"Well, I will move to yours then."

Before Milliard had a time to protest, Solo had slipped down and slid next to him. Milliard just stared at him. One part of him told him it wasn't proper anymore but another part of him wondered how it would feel to sleep together with his friend again. He remembered the happy and close feeling he felt when he slept together with Solo long ago. Maybe that was what Solo wanted. To have that happy and close feeling. Milliard guessed Solo needed the close contact after almost losing his Mom.

Happy to figure out Solo's motive, Milliard lay down next to his friend. They were both lying on their side, facing each other. "Just this once, okay?"

"Thanks, Mill." Solo smiled and shifted closer to his friend. "Oyasumi." He then closed his eyes and promptly fell asleep with a smile adorning his face.

Milliard needed a slightly longer time to fall asleep. His heart throbbed loudly with their closeness and stopped completely when Solo snuggled into him. He had to tell himself to breath to get his heart beating again. It looked like Solo wouldn't move any time soon since he looked so comfortable. Milliard sighed and closed his eyes, resigned to having a restless night. Next to him, Solo snored peacefully. Milliard could feel the warmth his friend emanated as well. It was just like in the past. Nothing changed. Solo still liked to snore and cuddle. The blonde boy smiled and slept contentedly.


"Businessman Chapman was found naked in front of the remains of his office building." Android J read the newspaper loudly. He turned to the man he'd recently become good friends with. "Do you think this is the boys' doing?"

"Judging from the humiliation, I'll bet it's Quatre's doing," Howard said as he sipped his morning coffee.



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