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Ever After Part 9
Heero's Day Out

After Colony 212
12th of June

Heero waited until Milliard's car out of his sight before turning his attention back to his flowers, smiling slightly when he thought of his son and the blond haired boy together. Maybe someday.... He shook his head to banish the thought. No, it was still too early to think about that. Both of them were still young and still had some growing up to do.

He hadn't worked for more than half an hour when the sound of small steps approaching caught his attention. He turned toward the sound and saw Gillian and Wing running toward him. "What's up, Gillian?"

The little girl had smiled upon seeing him. "I don't want to be left alone again."

"I won't do that again." Heero reassured the girl, "I'm sorry I left you alone on that day." To tell the truth, it was Solo, who had left the girl, together with Duo and Milliard. The two boys and one adult man had gotten their share of his wrath when they had returned home and found Gillian crying alone, an empty cookies bottle next to her. Gillian was his favorite among all of his friends' children after all. He gathered the girl into his arms and stood up. "And you're not alone. Wing is with you, isn't he?"

"Yes, but...." The girl pouted, "Why do you have to marry uncle Duo? You should have married me."

Heero chuckled at her whines. It had been her habit to whine about his marrying Duo at least once when she visited him. There was nothing new about that. "Someday, you will find a better person to marry."

"I have got Solo," Gillian beamed and Heero just smiled. He couldn't tell the future and there was always possibility he would have this girl as his daughter in law. There were so many possibilities. It was up to the children to decide their future.

"Will Solo return home soon?" Gillian asked hopefully.

"I'm afraid not, Gillian."

The girl looked crestfallen but it was gone within seconds as she beamed again. "It's okay, I think you have better taste than Solo anyway."

Heero raised an eyebrow in question.

Gillian suddenly looked shy and Heero was sure he saw her cheeks redden. "You have to help me choose a present for Ramsey's birthday."

"Oh? When is his birthday?"

Gillian frowned, "it's on... twent.. twenty first of June!" The girl smiled proudly at her ability to recall the date, "That's what Midii said when I asked her."

"This month? It's nine days from now then."

"Nine?" Gillian's eyes were wide as she held up ten of her fingers. "Nine?"

Heero pushed her left pinky finger to curl gently then tapped the remaining fingers while saying, "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine."

"Nine!" Gillian beamed in satisfaction then looked at him. "So will you help?"

Heero smiled, "Of course. Let me get change and we will go to the city's mall to find something for him, how does that sound?"

Gillian squealed and hugged his neck tightly. "Perfect!"

The Japanese boy felt her warmth and innocent happiness swept pass him. He liked to be with children. They were honest in their feelings and gave their love unconditionally. Gillian, though demanding, is a very lovely and innocent child. And God helps them who tried to ruin her innocence. They would have the deadly Gundam pilots at their heels.

Heero went upstairs to get change. He shed his working clothes and put on the clothes Duo had bought specially for him. At five months of his pregnancy, his usual clothes couldn't conceal his stomach well enough so Duo had ordered special clothes made for him to wear if he went out of the house. He put on the grayish blue long shirt and white loose pants then a long Mexican style white coat. When Duo first showed the clothes to him, he almost refused, thinking how silly he would look like with it, however it was better than having to disguise as a pregnant woman. So Heero accepted the clothes and found out he liked how smooth it felt against him and how it didn't restrain his movement or give pressure on his stomach. It also concealed his stomach well that anyone who looked at him would only look at a young boy with a quite strange style for clothes. Not that his clothes were really out of style. The advanced of era had him at advantages where people hardly cared what others wore anyway.

After leaving a note for Duo, he went down and put on his boots, which Duo had also tailored for him so he could just put his feet in without having to tie or tighten some straps on them. He smiled slightly as he realized how attentive Duo was to his needs. Maybe he would allow Duo to vent his horniness later at night.

"Ready to go?" He raised his hand to the girl who was playing with Wing.

Gillian laughed happily as she clasped Heero's hand, "Let's go!!!"

As he and Gillian went around the mall, Heero remembered the first day he had went out three months ago, the same day Gillian was left alone in the house.


Clothed in Solo's cut off jeans and shirt, Heero strolled around the city. His hair was longer than he usually wore it but it was still shorter from Solo. Thankfully the baseball cap he wore with the cap on the back hid the true length of his hair, convincing his guard that he was his son and let him out of the house easily.

He looked right and left, comparing the current city to the one in his memory. He still recognized some famous shops and places but many things had changed. He had to learn the new way to ride the public transport, advanced technology used to pay the purchase, and so on. As he walked through rows of market stands, Heero contemplated his new life.

He didn't want to fool himself by believing that his husband was still the same Duo before he was frozen. The years had changed Duo. He had grown into a man who had full of confidence and knew what he wanted. This Duo was less cheerful but more passionate, less selfish but more arrogant, and less vigorous but hornier. Heero rolled his eyes at his last reflection. It looked like years of celibacy had taken its toll. His husband pounced him every chance he got or was able to. It warmed his heart though that Duo was aroused just by looking at him just like Duo in the past when there were only the two of them.

Duo had said that he was still the same Duo but older and wiser. That might be true, but Heero knew a big difference between past Duo and current Duo. This current Duo, his husband, was too damn protective. Duo might mean well but he didn't like being treated like he was a fragile doll. He had recovered completely and was now as strong as he was before. He could take care of himself.

However Heero knew that Duo's protectiveness was extreme because Duo was afraid of losing him again. The thing he didn't know was how to reassure Duo that he wouldn't lose Heero. There was nothing he wanted more than being with Duo, and Solo and also their soon to be born daughter. Heero smiled and caressed his flat stomach. This time, he would not miss every single moment of his daughter's life.

He had missed many moments of Solo's life. It pained him to see his son was suddenly a teenager while he hadn't even managed to touch his baby. He had to accept that his son had grown up without him, that he was almost as old as him now, and that he could never be a father figure for his son. Heero knew it was Duo Solo looked up to. Though the boy accepted and respected him as his other parent, even went as far as to call him 'Mum', Solo would always see Duo as the adult he could depend on while he saw Heero as his friend rather than his parent. It was okay though, there was no perfectly happy ending and Heero admitted that he knew very little about being a parent. He would have to learn being one with his daughter and maybe someday, his son would see him as a parent as well.

An enraged shout snapped him from his thought. Heero looked around and saw Meiran and Midii on the pavement across the street, defending their bags from being taken by two big boys. Even in this era, bullying was still happening. Heero crossed the thankfully empty street and stepped between the girls and the boys. "Let go of their bags."

"Solo!" The girls shouted in relief.

The boy, who was pulling Midii's bag, glared at him. "Fuck off, this is none of your business."

Well, he was never a peacemaker so Heero resorted to his usual way. When the boys ran away with black and blue eyes and few fractured ribs five minutes later, Heero wondered if he had overdone with them. He sometimes forgot how strong he was compared to others.

"I know you're quiet strong but I don't know you are THAT strong, Solo." Meiran spoke up, "if not because I was afraid they would take my bag and run once I let it go, I would have kicked their asses."

Heero turned around and saw the black haired girl eye him in awe while Midii was looking at him in confusion.

"Solo," Midii frowned, "When did your eyes..." She faltered then gasped, looking him up and down in recognition.

"What's up, Midii? Something wrong with Solo?" Meiran looked at her then at him. "His eyes? What's wrong with Solo's eyes?" The girl looked at Heero's face and gasped, "Since when your eyes are blue, Solo?!"

Heero decided to stop and buy violet contact lenses sometimes later. This disguise worked well for others save the ones who were close to Solo. He sighed, "I'm not Solo."

"Heero?!!" Both girls squeaked, eyes wide.

Heero nodded and turned his cap to right position, showing the length of his hair. He wondered why Solo liked wearing the cap in opposite way like that. He liked the usual way better.

"You are really like twins." Midii said in awe after getting over her shock.

"Really fool us if not for your blue eyes." Meiran grinned. "What are you doing here? Where are uncle Duo and Solo?"

"I am just taking a walk." Heero shrugged, "Solo is at home, pretending to be me so the guard doesn't suspect anything."

"Solo pretends to be you? How can he hide his hair?" Midii asked.

Heero told him about his straw hat.

Meiran grinned widely, "I would like a picture of him in your clothes and the hat! In the garden, nonetheless! Ooo, this is a good blackmail. C'mon, Midii let's take the camera and get his picture!"

"No," Heero stopped the girls, "You'll ruin my disguise."

Meiran pouted, "But..."

"No." Heero said firmly. "Your picture will alert Duo. I still want to use this disguise for the future."

"Why do you disguise yourself, Heero? You also mention about guard," asked Midii.

"Duo is too damn protective." Heero replied, not willing to give further information.

The girls seemed understand though. They threw a look at each other then smiled at him.

"Same thing with our parents." Meiran snorted.

"We'll help you with your walk around the city," Midii announced cheerfully. "What do you plan to do now?"

Heero tilted his head. "Don't you two have something else to do?"

"No" came two simultaneous if not too innocent replies.

Heero raised an eyebrow but let it go. Having tour guides would help him understand the city a lot faster. "Fine, first thing I want to buy violet contact lenses."

"To perfect your disguise right?" Meiran said excitedly. "I just know the right place to buy them. Let's go."

Heero let himself being dragged by two cheerful girls, listening to their chatters and wondering whether his daughter would be as noisy as them.

He bought the contact lenses, which he wore immediately and a wig that resembled Solo's hair. He suspected the girls were having fun while helping him tying his fake hair in Solo's usual style. Finished with the disguise, they dragged him to a fast food restaurant for a snack. Heero ordered omelette rice and chewed contentedly while the girls fussed about food, calories, and weight.

Trouble found them a few steps after they left the restaurant in a form of two beaten boys blocking their way with the help of five bigger and older boys plus baseball bat in each hand. Other people who headed their ways quickly avoided them or changed their directions, obviously not wanting to get involved. The tallest boy who seemed to be their leader stepped forward.

"It's Darius," Midii whispered to Heero, "he is in the same year as Solo. He is jealous of Solo's popularity and often causes troubles just to get to Solo."

Heero frowned, not liking what Darius did to his son. He stayed silent though as Darius opened his mouth and spoke, "So it's you Maxwell. I never knew you are that low, beating kids younger than you. You will regret what you have done to my friends!"

"It's their own fault, trying to grab our bags! Not that surprises you. I bet you are the one who ordered them to steal our bags." Meiran snapped. Wufei's daughter had his father's spirit and fire.

"Shut your mouth, Chang." Darius barked.

"You're just jealous because Solo is better than you in every thing." Meiran barked back.

That was obviously a sore point for Darius. The tall boy's face turned purple in anger. "How dare you!!"

As Darius swung his baseball bat toward Meiran, Heero moved. Little bullying was still pardonable but swinging baseball bat with every intention to hurt was the same as killing. These kids evidently needed to be taught a lesson.

Of course these kids were nothing compared to soldiers he once fought with. A few minutes later all of them were sprawled on the ground, writhing in pain.

"Wow," Meiran looked at the sprawling boys then at Heero in awe. "Father once said you were strong. I never thought THIS strong!"

Heero just shrugged and approached Darius who was curling in fetal position, holding his bruised stomach. He spat when he saw Heero, "Damn you, Maxwell!"

Heero looked at him, face betraying none of his emotions. When Darius looked away, he spoke calmly. "You're too blind with your anger to see your own potential."

Not waiting for a response from the boy, Heero walked away. The girls followed him quickly. However they only managed to walk a few steps before a car screeched stop beside them.


"Uh oh.." Midii and Meiran spoke softly as the car's driver stepped out.

Heero sighed and wondered morosely when he could have a peaceful walk around the city again. Judging from the storm in his husband's eyes, it wouldn't happen in near time and looking at the guilty expression from the car's passengers, his disguise had been totally blown up. He frowned in annoyance; he really had to have a talk with his husband about his freedom.


His mind shoved his memories away as Heero felt a presence near him. His eyes flew around to locate Gillian first then he focused on his other senses to determine the presence. It was a training he had learned early in his soldier time that he could do it as easy as breathing. Within a split second, he knew the presence wasn't dangerous and relaxed as the presence approached him. From the smell and the way the presence walked, Heero knew who it was.

A pair of arms slipped around his waist from behind and soft breath brushed against his right ear. "Tell me that you know it is me." Duo murmured and kissed his right cheek.

"I know it's you." Heero leaned against his husband. "Why are you here?"

"I read your note and decided to come here to accompany my lovely husband." Duo grinned and kissed him on the lips. "Do you really know it was me behind you?" Duo asked when they parted a few seconds later.

Heero turned around and glared at his husband threateningly. "Duo."

"Okay, I believe you." Duo hugged him. "Sorry, I'm still worried."

Heero nodded slightly. He understood Duo's fear for his safety and sometimes he too felt the fear for both Duo and Solo. However it wouldn't do him any good to keep his loved ones inside nuclear proof basement just because of his fears. Feeling they would attract attentions if they didn't part soon, Heero took a step back and looked at his husband. Duo obviously had changed from his working clothes before going out to find him. The older man was wearing blue jean pants and dark green long coat unbuttoned. Under the coat, Duo was wearing grey shirt with two top buttons unfastened, revealing his smooth upper chest and another two lowest buttons unfastened revealing his navel. Added with black boots with almost identical style with his grey ones, Heero swallowed at the open sensuality Duo projected.

He looked up and saw Duo was looking down at him with obvious hunger in his violet eyes. Heero forgot that how much Duo liked to see him in these clothes. The last time he wore the clothes, he had to cancel his plan to go out since Duo didn't even let him out of the bed. From the look Duo was giving him now, Heero knew he had to distract the older man if he wanted to stay in the mall as long as he planned to.

Gillian, his angel, saved him from having to do that right on time. The little girl ran toward him, a teddy bear clutched in her hands. "Heero, how about this one? Will Ramsey like it?"

Heero looked at the pink teddy bear, ignoring his husband muttering something about Peacecraft and pink. "The bear is perfect but I think Ramsey will like his teddy bear in other color."

Gillian frowned, "I think pink is quite good..." Her eyes lightened up then, "I know! I will find a green teddy bear, just like Ramsey's eyes!" And off she went, back toward the plushy toys section. Heero watched her disappear between two high shelves before turning back toward his husband. It was a good time to ask the question that had made him curious for three months. "I still remember your face when you found me in the city three months ago, do you remember that day?"

Duo snorted and shook his head slightly, telling Heero he realized Heero's attempt to distract him but going along with nevertheless. "How could I forget? You scared the shit out of me!"

"I thought you were going to yell at me when you stormed out of the car."

"But I didn't."

"You didn't," Heero nodded, "but you wanted to."

"Yes, I wanted to."

"What stopped you?"

Duo crossed his arms in front of his chest. "That big bully boy was charging toward you with his baseball bat."

"Darius? Well he was stupid to attack me for second time, but I disarmed him easily. What stopped you after that?"

"It's the sight of you handling Darius easily that made me realize I should have trusted you instead of confining you inside our house." Duo looked a bit sheepish. "I realized you are as strong as you were when we were still in war. I trusted you then, I should have trusted you now."

Heero nodded. "I'm glad you realized it on time. If you have yelled at me at that time...."

"Oh?" Duo raised an eyebrow challengingly.

"I would have had you sleeping in the couch till I have Helen."

Duo's eyes went wide then back to normal in relief. "I am glad then that I have come to my sense right on time or my moody spouse would have left me suffering the cold nights in the couch."

Heero glared at his husband. "I'm not moody and it would do you good to suffer a little in the couch. You're impossibly horny for an old man."

"Old, you say?" The thirty one year old man regarded his spouse with a wicked gleam from his violet eyes. He leaned his head back slightly, exposing his slender neck and took a relaxed stance with his two hands rested on his hips, showing off his prime body. Heero drank the sight of his husband from head till toes. The firm chest, flat stomach, slender but strong legs encased in black boot. The bare upper chest and navel also made Duo even sexier.

"You think I'm old?" His eyes shone their mischievous gleam that told Heero he would pay for the 'old' comment once he got Heero in their house, in their room, in their bed to be precise.

"Heero! Look what I find!"

Heero thanked all the Gods above for Gillian's interference. He quickly turned toward the girl and smiled as she held up a different teddy bear to him. This one had dark chocolate fur and was quite big, almost half of Gillian. He could see what made Gillian think it was a perfect gift for Ramsey though. The bear's eyes were as green as Trowa's or Ramsey's in this matter. "You have chosen well, Gillian. Ramsey will be happy to have this bear."

"Yes, it is a perfect gift for Ramsey." Duo spoke up next to him. "Let's pay for the bear and I will drop you home so your father and mother can see the gift you have chosen for Ramsey."

"Thank you, uncle Duo!" Gillian beamed.

Heero gulped as his husband threw him a look that clearly said that they would continue their conversation once Gillian was returned to her parents. He knew he would pay for the 'old' comment, but he was smiling in anticipation as he followed his husband and Gillian out of the store. Duo forgot one thing. Other than moodiness, five months into pregnancy also brought horniness.

Heero couldn't wait till they get home.


"Tell me I'm young."

"You are young young YOUNG!"

Solo sighed and put his pillow over his head and ears to drone out his parents' voices. Of course he didn't forget to turn on the voice recorder. It would be a nice payback for disturbing his sleep. After hearing the recorded voices, he was sure he would get a peaceful sleep for as long as his embarrassed Mum would likely have his Dad sleep in the couch before his Dad managed to whine and beg for his place in the bed back.



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