Enslaving Heero Part 9

As they drove from the apartment, the world seemed to feel very different to Heero. He knew that he would never be free to wander outside again, but he didn't mind. He never wandered around much anyway, preferring to spend his days inside his room with his laptop. If his Master wanted to keep him inside the apartment, he would not object. Heero fingered the black collar around his neck. It was so thin and elegant, he just hoped it could pass as a choker so that no one would question its presence, thinking it as part of the newest fashion style.

Duo stopped the car in front of a coffee shop and told his slave that they would have breakfast here. Heero looked around worriedly, sensing a few people staring at his collar. He could feel his face redden as they walked toward their seats. He sat down slowly while Duo sat down quickly across from him and ordered their food. Blushing and squirming uncomfortably, Heero tried to find the best sitting position without making the butt plug move deeper inside of him. After he finally found the most comfortable position, Heero looked up and saw his Master watching him with amusement.

"Comfortable now?" Duo asked him.

Heero nodded.

"I know you want to ask me questions. Since you have been a good kitten today, I'll answer some of them, but you have to know that if I don't want to answer, I won't. Understand, Kitten?"

Heero nodded again.

"You may ask now." Duo smiled and relaxed against his chair.

Heero quickly sorted through the questions he wanted to ask Duo. "Uhm, how long have you been into this, Mas... Duo?"

"Seriously so was when I met Dr. G. He seemed to know my nature and he gave me some books about bondage and torture. Since then I have read many books and when I came down to earth, I started to join the chat rooms where you met me and played with many of the people there." Duo looked at Heero questioningly. "This reminds me. Why did you, of all the people, decide to join this kind of life? I thought you were not into it."

Heero gulped. "I never thought about this before. After the war ended I lost control, Duo. No one gave me orders and no one wanted me to do something for them. Maybe it sounds crazy, but I like following orders. I feel satisfied when I complete an order."

Duo smirked. "I should have realized your nature. You're a natural submissive, Kitten. Damn, if I had known about this, I would have jumped you a long time ago. You're good at hiding it behind your soldier's mask."

Strangely, Heero felt happy when his Master praised him. Maybe he really was a submissive like his Master told him. "I just realized it myself after the war ended. When did you realize you were into this, Duo?"

Duo smiled. "Since I was a kid. I didn't like to be ordered around, but I felt some satisfaction when I ordered someone else. Oh, I also liked to play and torture some of my friends by tickling them, when I was in the orphanage, till they pleaded with me to stop. It gave me even more pleasure to see how they'd plead with me. From how I like torturing and toying with them, I started to realize my true nature."

"It figures." Heero muttered. "The proof is inside my ass now."

"Complaining, Kitten?" Duo raised one eyebrow.

Heero opened his mouth to reply but he found out he didn't know how to answer. Should he complain for having the butt plug in his ass? He could feel the butt plug now, but no....it was not so uncomfortable, on the contrary it was reassuring. Heero blushed as he realized that he didn't mind having the butt plug in his ass, at all.

"My lovely Kitten." Duo chuckled. "The food is coming. Save your questions for another time. Now it's time to eat."

There were still many questions he wanted to ask, but Heero knew he would have to wait for another time. They ate in comfortable silence and then Duo paid the bill as Heero had no money. He had given all of his money to his Master as a part of the contract and had no authorization to hold any money. The same way that he belonged to his Master, all his properties belonged to his Master too. Of course he would be given some cash, but again his Master could choose not to, if he thought it was not necessary for his slave to hold it.

They arrived at a large mall and started their shopping. Since Duo had said that he could choose whatever food he wanted and didn't have to worry about the money, Heero started to fill the cart while Duo walked beside him, sometimes commenting about his selections, especially when it came to vegetables. His Master also took some bottles of milk and put them in the cart.

While they were walking through the shelves, Heero's soldier instincts told him that at least five people were studying at him, or his ass to be exact. Did his butt plug look obvious to them? He felt uncomfortable and tried to ignore the looks.

Duo stopped him when they passed the pet corner. "I need to buy something here."

Heero frowned. Duo never told him about having a pet, moreover he hadn't seen any dogs, birds, fishes, or cats.........CAT!! Kitten!!

As realization dawned on his slave's face, Duo continued. "I have a kitten now, so I have to buy something that would be suitable for him, don't I?" He walked forward and ran his eyes over the shelves on his left.

Heero followed his Master's gaze and gulped when his Master eyeing the shelf full of cans. Cat food cans. His Master would not be so sadistic to give him cat food, would he? Heero realized that he was not so sure about this one. His Master was unpredictable sometimes. He had said that he would not let his slave go hungry, but he didn't mention what kind of food he would give to his slave.

"Kitten, which one do you like?" Heero bowed his head as his heart sank at his Master's words. Did Duo really want him to eat cat food? He was humiliated by this, but at the same time, another part of him wanted to fulfill his Master's will. His Master owned him so he could feed him with anything he liked. Though the conditioned words echoed through his mind, uncomfortable feelings and humiliation managed to make him angry this time. He was a human, not a damn cat!

"Kitten? Are you listening to what I asked? I want you to choose ...."

Heero growled and glared at his Master, interrupting his words. "No."

"Kitten?" Duo looked at his slave questioningly.

"I'm not a kitten! I'm human, damn it." Heero snapped.

Duo seemed surprised, but quickly regained his composure and eyed his slave dangerously. "You're my slave. If I want you to be my kitten, so be it."

His Master spoke with a dangerous tone of pure steel that wiped away half of Heero's anger, but this time he didn't want to succumb to his Master's order. "I don't mind being called kitten, but I won't eat that fucking stuff!" Heero looked at the said cans with pure venom.

Duo followed his slave's gaze and looked at the cans a long time before he looked back at his slave. "Who said you would eat that stuff?"

Heero was taken aback at his Master's words. He saw his Master staring at him seriously and felt all his anger disappear into thin air. Duo didn't order him to eat the cat food? So what did Duo ask him to choose? Heero was so lost in his own confused mind that he didn't realize his Master has moved.

Suddenly he felt his right ear being pulled and was forced to follow. Then he heard his Master speak. "Look at what I asked you to choose, Kitten."

Heero looked up and dropped his jaw. There, beside the cans, were pillows of varied size, color, and texture. His Master was pointing at the biggest pillows, which Heero knew he could lay comfortably on if he curled his body like a baby or a kitten, which was what he was now. Heero felt ashamed and regretted his earlier defiant attitude. His Master was so kind to give him a pillow and yet, he jumped to conclusions without listening to his Master first.

Heero turned to his Master, who was still holding his ear in death grip. "I'm sorry, Master." He didn't care if someone heard him addressing him as Master. This was his fault after all. Luckily, no one was wandering near the pet corner, so it left him and Duo alone in the area. Heero really regretted his attitude and felt guilty for misunderstanding his Master's good will. He just hoped Duo wouldn't kick him out.

"I know you're sorry, but I still have to punish you for that." Duo stated calmly and twisted the ear in his grip.

Heero winced, but he didn't fight back. He knew he deserved the punishment this time. "Yes, Master. I'm wrong, I deserve to be punished."

"Good, I'll address your punishment now so you'll remember it always." Not caring what the other people would think, Duo dragged his slave to the restroom by the ear. Heero didn't fight and left the cart, following his Master to the restroom. Fate seemed to agree with his Master as he found the restroom empty. His Master pushed him to one of the stalls and then locked the door.

Heero watched as his Master approached him while retrieving something like a pen from his pocket. Duo pushed the edge of the pen, activating a switch there. As the pen made a clicking noise, Heero watched it stretch until it reached about 12 inches long and realized what it was for. His Master would use it to cane him.

"I never thought I would end up using this so quickly." Duo swung the steel cane in the air, eliciting swooshing sounds, and then stared at his slave. "Pants down, hands on the stall, and butt high in the air."

Heero quickly turned, facing the stall and lowered his spandex. He placed his hands on the wall and bent over, offering his pink bottom to his Master.

His Master didn't say anything as he put the cane on his bottom. Heero swallowed as he imagined the steel cane meeting his bottom. He still could feel the soreness from yesterday's punishment and now, he would receive another such punishment in the same place.

"You disappointed me, Kitten." Heero heard his Master speaking and felt the cane tap his bottom lightly.

"I'm sorry, Master. I won't defy you again. Ah!" Heero yelped as the cane hit his bottom without warning.

"No, I'm not disappointed with your defiance, Kitten." Duo lightly tapped the cane on his slave's bottom again. "I'm disappointed that you thought I would feed you cat food." Then he brought the cane hard on his slave's bottom, leaving a horizontal welt on his flesh. "Repeat your litany, Kitten."

"I'm your slave." Heero gasped as the cane hit his bottom again. "Yours to use..." Again, he got another hit. "...to punish, " Another hit. " ..and to love." This time his Master caned him so hard and he let out a yelp of pain. Heero knew he could receive the pain silently as Dr. J had trained him, but not on the same part of his body over and over and moreover on his bottom! It looked like the old professor never figured that his bottom would be subjected to this kind of punishment.

Duo stopped caning and kneaded his slave's bottom. "Kitten, you're mine. Mine to punish like I'm doing to you now. Mine to use like I did this morning. And mine to love! Don't you ever forget that you're mine to love. I may humiliate you by ordering you to act as a kitten or any other animal, but I'll never give animal food to you. I have said I'll take care of you. Therefore your health is my responsibility and I'll never order you to do something that would endanger your health. You're loved, Kitten. You're mine to love."

Heero bowed his head as his Master's words hit him. Yes, he had forgotten that he was loved. How stupid he was. His Master loved him so much and he had forgotten about it. "I'm really sorry, Master."

"I know. However, to show me that you're truly sorry, I want you to bear 20 strokes from the cane." Heero widened his eyes in horror as he heard the number of the strokes he would receive. Kamisama, that cane was more evil than the paddle. Receiving four strokes from that damned cane had set his bottom to throbbing with pain and now he had to bear another 20 strokes?

"Ready, Kitten?" Heero bit his lower lip. His body wanted to run, to escape this punishment, but his mind knew he deserved this punishment and moreover this was his master's order. He had to obey his master. Heero hung his head and raised his bottom higher, indicating that he was ready. He would bear it no matter how much it hurt.

Duo smiled and raised his cane. "I want you to count every stroke, Kitten." He brought down the cane on his slave's offered bottom.

"One," Heero gasped as the cane bit to his flesh. He tried to stifle his yelp and keep counting, but after ten strokes Heero felt his resolution begin crumble and he began to sob as the evil cane kept hitting his bottom.

"Ten more strokes and then it'll be over. I'm proud of you, Kitten." Heero heard his Master's praise and despite the pain, he felt joy at being praised by his Master. Then his Master landed five hard strokes on different areas of his now welted bottom, making him sob louder as the pain became almost unbearable for him.

"Keep counting, Kitten. These last five strokes will be the hardest."

His master never lied and Heero knew this would be really hard. He braced himself to receive the strokes but still he yelped as the cane landed hard on the middle of his bottoms, horizontally. "Sixteen."

As soon as he counted, another stroke hit him in the same place. Heero felt on the verge of bursting into tears. "Seventeen."

Another stroke landed a little lower. "Eighteen." Again, his master hit the same place. Heero howled and felt a tear roll down his cheek. "Nineteen." Heero thought that his master would move the cane to another part of his bottom, but instead the cane hit the same place again. He howled and felt another tear rolling down the other cheek. "Twenty." Heero gasped and was very grateful that his punishment was over.

Duo quickly shortened the cane and shoved it back into his pocket. Then he turned his sobbing slave around and hugged him tenderly. "Well done. You received your punishment bravely. I'm proud of you, Kitten."

Heero welcomed the comforting hug. Though his sobbing had subsided, the throbbing of his bottom hadn't. He then felt his master kiss and lick his tears. "Ma... master?"

Duo pulled away a little and smiled, still hugging his slave. "Have you realized your mistake, Kitten?"

Heero nodded. "I'm loved. Yours to love."

"Yes, mine to love." Duo leaned forward and captured his slave's lips, devouring them until his lungs cried out for air. As they parted, Duo released his slave. Heero felt the dazzling sensation as the result of the kissing and stepped back to regain his balance but he yelped as his sore bottom touched the cold stall.

Duo chuckled and hugged his slave again. "I think your sore butt will remind you of your mistake for the next couple of days." He kneaded his slave's said part lightly, causing his slave to hiss. "Well, you're lucky that I'm going to buy you a pillow. You'll be grateful to have it, because I don't think you'll be able to sit down any time soon."

"Tha...thank you, Master." Heero felt truly loved and really grateful that his master still wanted to buy the pillow for him.

"You're welcome, Kitten." Duo kissed his slave lightly and released him. "Now, put your pants back on and we'll choose your pillow."

As Heero pulled his spandex up, he realized that the skin tight material was his enemy now. It was so tight that it brushed over his welted bottom in the process, making him hiss at the pain. And not only that, once he finished pulling his spandex back into place, it clamped around his throbbing bottom, adding even more pain to his already sore bottom.

Duo seemed to know that the spandex caused his slave even more agony, but he chose to ignore it, for that was part of his punishment too. He unlocked the door and went back to their cart, followed by his miserable slave.

"Well, which one?" Duo gestured for his slave to choose from the pillows.

Heero looked at the pillows. There were so many of them that he didn't know what to choose. Usually he didn't care what color or texture the pillow would be. But his master had said this would be his pillow. His master would give him something to be owned and because of that he wanted it to be special. Suddenly, he knew what would make the pillow very special to him. Heero looked at his master, who was waiting for his answer. "Will you choose for me?"

Duo was surprised. "I gave you the freedom to choose, Kitten."

"I want you to choose it, Master." Heero didn't give a damn whether or not the others would hear him. It felt so right to refer to the man in front of him as his Master now.

"You know that you have given your decisions to me once I accepted you as my slave so this is a rare chance where I'm allowing you to choose and decide, Kitten."

Heero nodded. "You are giving me my first possession since I became your slave. That's why I want you to choose it for me."

Duo smiled and approached his slave, leaving only a slight gap between their bodies. "My Kitten, you make me so proud." He fingered the collar around his slave's neck tenderly. "However I must remind you of one thing. What belongs to you also belongs to me. I can give you something to be owned, but I can also take it from you."

Heero nodded. "I understand, Master."

Duo smiled wider and kissed his slave lightly. "You're my love, Kitten. I'm really proud to have you."

As his Master said those words, Heero felt joy surge inside him, causing a slight smile to appear on his stony face. "Thank you for taking me with you, Master."

"You're welcome, Kitten." Duo grinned and turned to the pillows.

Heero watched and waited patiently as his master considered which pillow to choose for him. Finally, his master took a pastel green pillow with a light yellow line embroidered around its edge. "I think this will suit you, Kitten."

"Thank you Master."

Duo nodded and walked to the cashier to pay for all the items.

"Did you buy the pillow for your cat?" The cashier girl smiled at the two young men before her.

Duo glanced at his fidgeting slave and grinned. "Yes, it's for my cat."

"What breed if I may know?"

"Well......" Duo eyed his slave and almost chuckled at how uncomfortable his slave was. "I just found him yesterday so I don't know for sure. I think he is a mix between a Japanese cat and an Angora."

"Wow, it must cute, but don't you think this pillow is too big for that type of cat?" The girl talked while shoving their items into a plastic bag, not aware that one of the boys was cursing her in every language he knew.

"Oh, yeah? What do you think, Hee-chan? Should I buy him a smaller one?" Duo nudged his slave, who found his toes were much more interesting at that time.

Heero was praying for a hole to appear and engulf him. He wanted to kill the girl for suggesting the smaller one and to make the matter worse, his sadist master liked this situation. He knew he had to answer or his master would probably take girl's advice. "No, that pillow is fine."

Duo grinned and turned to the girl. "I think so too. Cat loves to lie on pillows, don't you think?"

"Yes, I know. I also have an Angora cat at home. She just grew up and is so horny to find a mate." The girl suddenly brightened up. "Hey, your cat is male, right? How about breeding him with my cat? I would love to have some kittens."

Next second, the girl found the braided boy in front of her laughing out loud while his companion glared at him and blushed at the same time. She was very confused at their reactions. "Uhm, did I say something wrong?"

Duo tried to gain his composure and restrain his laughter. "No...uhm... you didn't say anything wrong. It's just...he's still a kitten, you know." Duo winked.

The girl blushed. "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought..."

Duo shook his head. "It's okay. How much should I pay?"

While the cashier girl was busy counting and processing the payment, Duo approached his slave and whispered so that only he could hear. "Don't kill her, Kitten. She only wants to find a breeding mate for her cat."

Heero growled.

Duo chuckled and continued. "And moreover, you only can be bred by me. Only me. I won't allow anyone else to breed you, male or female."

Heero gave a small moan at the tone in which his Master addressed him. It was so possessive and masterful that sent sensations straight to his cock. Duo seemed to notice it and chuckled louder. "Down, Kitten. It's not that time yet."

Duo gave a light pat on his slave's bottom and moved away as his slave hissed in pain. He turned his attention back to the cashier girl.

"Thank you for shopping here." The girl smiled and gave them the plastic bags containing their items. She then gave them a small box. "This is a bonus for buying the pillow."

Duo shook the box and heard a tinkling sound. "A bell?"

The girl nodded. "I'm sure your kitten will like it. It also will make you easier to find him if he wanders around."

Laughing, Duo put the box into his pocket. "Thank you. I'll put it on him later."



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