Enslaving Heero Part 8

"Hmm..." Heero stirred, feeling something being pulled out of his anus. He frowned at the empty feeling, but suddenly something blunt made its way past his sphincter. Heero squawked in surprise and opened his eyes blearily still not fully awake. He was lying on his side, on the bed, and something was making its way deep inside him. What was that? Where was he?

"Ohayo, Kitten."

Heero heard a voice from behind and moaned as he realized his Master was penetrating him. He never thought of being woken up like this. His muscles and senses still weren't up to acknowledging what was going on. The sensation was too much. He whimpered and squirmed as his Master kept pushing that large cock into him. He was still sore from last nights activities and now his Master's cock was brushing against those sore spots.

"Stay still." Duo kissed his slave's back as he fucked his slave on his side. "You're so tempting in the morning, Kitten. So beautiful that it made me want to use you. Hold on."

Heero gasped as his Master pushed in to the hilt in one thrust. He felt the pain of the penetration, but he welcomed it instead of resisting for he knew there would be more pleasure after the pain subsided. Duo pulled out only to thrust back into his slave's warm body, riding him hard and fast. It was very different from last night.

This morning, his Master paid no attention to his needs; there was no talking or soothing. He only used his slave as a means for release. Heero should have felt hurt and angry, but he found he liked it instead. He liked it when his Master was gentle and passionate, but he also liked it when his Master was rough and so masterful. He felt like his Master really did own and want him when being taken roughly like this. And his cock definitely agreed with him as it got harder as his Master rammed into his tight passage, brushing his prostate.

In..out..in..out...Heero panted as his Master thrust deep inside him. Finally after some minutes of bearing his Master's need, Heero felt him come deep inside him with a satisfied groan. He bit his lip, trying hard not to come with his Master since he hadn't been given permission for that privilege. Some minutes passed as his Master steadied his breath and then spoke to him.

"You're an addiction, Kitten." Duo licked the back of his slave's neck, amused at how fast Heero adapted into his slavery. "I want to stay inside you, but I don't want to ruin the bed, so you better get up now and clean yourself in the bathroom." Duo patted his slave's bottom and withdrew, pushing his slave out of the bed. "Remember, you aren't allowed to come."

Half aware and half on automatic mode, Heero complied. Although he felt his Master's seed trailing down his thighs, Heero walked, instead of running, to the bathroom because his well fucked muscles were protesting his every step. And being the sadist and playful person that he was, his Master only chuckled as he saw that his slave walked a little awkward. Heero muttered another 'omae o korosu' silently.

Arriving in the bathroom, Heero chose to use the shower and looked down at his poor cook. It hadn't got any release and Heero wondered when his Master would grant him release. Just when he was about to turn on the shower, the shower curtain was shoved aside and Heero turned around to see his Master join him.

"I think it's better to take a shower together with my slave." Duo grinned and looked up and down at his slave. Heero watched as his Master become hard again before him. "I never thought that my slave would turn out to be such a tempting beauty. You're definitely an addiction. Turn around, Kitten and brace yourself against the wall."

Heero swallowed and complied. He had a pretty good idea what his Master would do once he acknowledged the lust in those violet eyes. He put his hands on the wall and spread his legs, giving his Master a perfect view of his pink bottom. Though he knew what would happen, Heero still gave a squawk when he felt his hips being grabbed and his Master's cock thrust home in one fast motion. His Master was using him again.

Somehow, Heero felt proud that he could make his Master want him again in such a very short time.

"What are you, Kitten?" Heero could hear his Master's voice next to him and felt his breath brushing his ear.

Heero moaned, feeling full at the penetration. His sore muscles cried out in protest at being used again, but Heero could do nothing. He was sure that his Master would not stop fucking him any time soon so the soreness surely would be his companion for the next several days. Not that he really minded, though. It would remind him of who and what he was now. "Your slave, Master."

"Yes, my Kitten slave." Duo pulled out and thrust back into his slave. "...mine to use..."

Heero gasped as his Master thrust fast inside him. "Yours....to....use..."

"Mine to punish," This time Duo pulled Heero's hips to him while he shoved his cock inside his slave hard and fast, causing him to shriek loudly.

"Yours to...punish..." Heero whimpered as the friction from the fast penetration of his Master's cock caused him pain.

"Mine to love," Duo cupped his slave's head and turned it to kiss his slave passionately.

Heero panted after the kiss, trying to repeat his Master's words. "Yours..." His Master kissed him again. "To...." Again, he got another kiss. "Love...." His Master punctuated his last word by thrusting into him and kissing him at the same time.

Finally out of breath, Duo let go of his slave's delicate lips and concentrated on thrusting into his slave. Heero panted and leaned his head against the wall, allowing his Master to maneuver his hips and use him as he liked. His own cock was hard and covered with pre-cum, but he couldn't touch it. He had to maintain his position against the wall to let his Master have his way with him. After all, his Master's pleasure was the most important, his own pleasure was extraneous.

After some minutes of whimpering and gasping at his Master's thrusting, Heero felt his hands leave his hips to grab and pinch his nipples. He gasped in pain and jerked up, unconsciously tightening his inner muscles. As his slave's tight passage clamped onto his cock, Duo growled and thrust one last time before coming inside his slave.

Heero could feel his Master's seed filling him again, mixing with the previous. If the fucking continued like this everyday, Heero was sure that he would always had some of his Master's load inside of him. Then he felt his Master's body rest on his, now his Master was using his body as a prop. Heero sighed and submitted to bearing his Master's weight as he felt his Master's softening member throb inside him.

After coming out of his post orgasmic daze, Duo withdrew from his slave and watched him. Heero was still leaning against the wall, waiting for orders. Satisfaction was clearly shown in the violet eyes as Duo watched his seed seeping out of Heero's passage and trailing down his thighs. "Kitten, you are wonderful." Duo kissed Heero's neck.

"Thank you, Master." Heero murmured. It was only morning and his Master had already come twice inside him. He wondered how many times his Master could come in one day. His own cock was as hard as rock, but his Master hadn't given permission for him to come.

Duo nibbled Heero's ears. "I don't want you to come. You haven't done anything to earn that privilege, understand Kitten?"

"Yes, Master." Heero gasped and willed for his arousal to go away for it wasn't going to have release anytime soon.

Duo smacked his slave's bottom, causing him to jerk up in surprise. "Let's take that shower, I don't intend to spend my morning in the bathroom."

They walked into the bedroom an hour later, both naked. Duo turned to Heero. "As my slave, you'll dress me every day. Now as your reward for behaving so well, I'll let you to choose the clothes I'll be wearing." Duo turned to the closet and opened it, showing his clothes to his happy slave.

Heero was proud that his Master would let him to choose his clothes. He quickly moved to the closet and ran his hands through the clothing. Most of them were black, typical of his Master. He pulled out a red sleeveless turtleneck shirt and black pants and then looked at his Master for approval.

Duo nodded and let his eager slave dress him. After his slave had finished his task, he pulled him to him and kissed his slave passionately. "Thank you, Kitten." Duo rubbed his slave's chin and laughed as his slave purred and leaned into his embrace. "So responsive, I'll train you to be responsive and hard just from the slightest touch from me."

Then Duo released him and walked to his slave's closet. He rummaged around in the clothes there and pulled out Heero's green tank top and black spandex. He turned and saw his slave eye him questioningly. "As I said yesterday, we are going out today, Kitten. I'm thinking you wouldn't appreciate to be dragged around town naked, ne?" Duo handed him the clothes and grinned as his slave quickly snatched them.

Heero pulled on the clothing and felt a tingling sensation as the fabric brushed his body. It had only been a day, but he felt as if he had been naked for weeks. He looked up and saw his Master watching him, looking him over from head to toe.

"You know Kitten, I love it when you wear those clothes. They hide nothing of your beautiful body." Duo grinned as Heero blushed from head to toe. He then clicked his fingers. "Come here." Heero immediately knelt and bowed his head. "Now listen, Kitten. Since there are people who don't approve of this kind of relationship, I give you permission to call me Duo when we aren't alone. As for me, I'll call you as 'Kitten', or 'Hee-chan'."

Heero looked up; his lips quirked up. Duo cupped the pointed face. "I see you're happy with this." Heero nodded. "But remember, Kitten, you're still my slave despite wherever you are and whatever you wear. You're mine to use, to punish, and to love. Understand?"

Heero nodded again. "Yes Master."

"Good, repeat my last sentence, Kitten." Duo looked at his slave intensely, caressing his cheek.

Heero focused on his Master's violet eyes. "I'm your slave. Yours to use, to punish, and to love."

"That will be your slave litany. If I ask you for the litany, you'll repeat that sentence."

"Yes, Master."

Duo smiled at his slave and kissed him again. "Good, now one last thing before we go out...."

Heero's eyes widened as his Master retrieved a butt plug from the closet. It was slender and quite short, but Heero had no doubt it would make its presence felt every time he walked.

"What's up Kitten?" Duo grinned and stood in front of his kneeling slave. "I recall having told you that you'll have something inside your ass most of the time."

"But we're going to go out, Master." Heero couldn't imagine walking around in a crowd with a butt plug up his ass.

"Exactly. This plug will help to remind you of who owns your body."


"No but's Kitten. Are you trying to be defiant again? You know you'll be punished if you try to defy me."

Heero bowed his head as he recalled how bad his punishment was yesterday. "I'll obey you, Master."

"Good." Duo petted Heero's head. "Now stand up, take off your spandex and spread your legs wide."

Heero swallowed and complied. Duo didn't ask him to bend over his knees, instead he locked gaze with his slave and positioned the butt plug below Heero's entrance. Heero soon realized that he would have to accept the plug in a straight standing position.

Slowly, Heero felt the blunt tip pressed against his entrance, penetrating him. He tried to relax and welcome the penetration. His previous penetrations by his Master this morning had stretched his passage so the plug easily went in. Duo pushed the plug inside Heero very slowly, letting his slave feel every inch of it. "Your litany, slave."

"I'm your slave, uh." Heero moaned as his Master pushed the plug an inch deeper inside him. "Yours to use..ah.." Again another inch invaded his passage, making Heero arch his back. "nn...Yours to punish......" This time his Master twisted the plug, making Heero gasp. "... and... yours to love." Once Heero said the last word, Duo shoved the plug swiftly to the hilt, earning another gasp from his slave.

After making sure the butt plug was secured inside his slave, Duo straightened and smiled. "Now it's perfect. Put on your spandex back and follow me."

Heero complied then followed his Master to the basement where his car was parked. His Master had chosen a special elastic butt plug for him so he didn't have as much difficulty walking or anything else. He could do most motions as usual, but he would surely feel the existence of the butt plug inside him, always reminding him to whom he belonged to.



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