Enslaving Heero Part 10

Once they are at parking lot, Duo found his slave confronting him about the bell while they put their items on the boot.

"You aren't going to put that damned bell on me, are you?"

Duo grinned and shoved the last bags into the boot. "Kitten, I never lie."

'I never lie'. Heero knew his fate had been sealed with those three words. He could predict that he soon would have a bell somewhere on him and every time he walked or moved the bell would ring. He moaned at the humiliation, wanting to kill the girl. But again, he couldn't do that because the girl didn't realize who Duo's kitten really was. Moreover, his traitorous cock seemed to agree to the humiliation for it was hard in a second once he imagined the scene.

Surrender to his fate, Heero sat down on the seat next to his master's seat, only to yelp and in a second he was out of the car. He could hear his master chuckling inside the car. "Forgot about your sore bottoms, Kitten?"

Heero growled and glared at his master, just like a cat eyeing his prey. Duo chuckled louder while lowering the back of Heero's seat. "There, lie on your stomach so your bottoms won't suffer during the journey."

Heero was grateful silently that his master didn't order him to sit with his sore butts. He quickly lay on the lowered seat. Instead of lying on his stomach, Heero chose to lie on his side so he was facing his master.

"Ready, Kitten?" Duo looked at his slave.

Heero nodded and felt his master started the engine. The journey back to the apartment couldn't be said as comfortable for Heero. He was really glad when they entered the basement. Finally he was home again.

They carried their shopping bags up to the apartment. Duo ordered his slave to arrange the food in the kitchen while he needed to make a few phone calls. Heero was putting the last item in the fridge when his master walked in. "Kitten."

"Yes, Master?" Heero closed the fridge and approached his master.

Duo eyed his slave and stated. "You're overdressed."

Heero frowned a second but quickly understood his Master's order. He pulled off his tank top and pulled down his spandex carefully, not wanting to add more pain on his sore bottoms. He stepped out from his spandex and stood naked in front of his Master. Strangely, not like yesterday, he didn't feel ashamed to reveal his nakedness. After all, his Master had seen all part of his body and claimed it as his.

He looked at his Master and felt pride when his Master gave him a smile. "I want to you to test your pillow, Kitten." Duo gestured his slave to follow him to the bedroom.

Heero followed and noticed his pillow was placed next to the bed. He looked at his master questioningly. Duo smiled. "Go lie on it and find a comfortable position." Heero didn't need to be told twice. He knelt and crawled onto the pillow, carefully lowering his body on it. The pillow was really soft, making him comfortable. Since his bottoms were still sore, Heero lay on his side and pulled his knee up, making a fetal position.

His Master knelt in front of him and stroked his hair. "Comfortable?"

Heero nodded.

"Good. This is your pillow and also your bed, Kitten."

Heero was surprised. "My bed, Master?" Did it mean that he would not sleep together with his Master again?

"Yes, your bed. Don't jump on the conclusion, first." Duo smiled. "You only may sleep on my bed when I'm with you. If I'm not sleeping on my bed, and you want to sleep or take a nap then you have to sleep on your bed. Understand?"

Feeling relieved, Heero nodded. "Yes, Master."

"Good, now lie on your stomach. I'll give the lotion to ease the pain on your sore bottoms."

Heero rolled on his stomach and felt his master's slick fingers applied the lotion. He hissed and whimpered when the fingers made contact with his bottoms but nothing that he couldn't bear. His master applied the lotion while placing butterfly kiss on his back, making him relaxed and purr.

Heero felt himself dozing off at his Master's caress and lost track of time. Suddenly, he felt his butt plug being pulled out slowly. He moaned as the plug brushed along his inner tissues in its way out. Did his Master want to use him again?

Duo pulled the plug out all the way and quickly undid his pants, letting his hard cock leap out. "I want to breed my Kitten now. On your fours, Kitten."

His slave quickly obeyed and wasting no time, Duo plunged his hard cock into his willing slave. Heero whimpered at the penetration but he welcomed it and tried to adjust to his master's size. His Master impaled him in one swift thrust and brushed his sore bottoms with his thighs, making Heero gasp.

Duo changed the angle and was earned by a moan from his slave as his cock found his slave's prostate. "I love listening to your sounds, Kitten." Duo purred and did some quick thrust into his slave. "Knowing I'm the one who cause them. I made you gasp, moan, and pant." He pulled out all the way and then rammed back into the warm recess of his slave. "I'm breeding you, Kitten."

"Yes...." Heero moaned as his Master pulled out slowly. "breeding...me.."

"Only me." Duo rammed back, thrusting into his slave hard and fast.

"Only... you..." Heero gasped at the hard penetration. His master slammed into him so hard that Heero was pushed forward and lost the balance of his arms. He let his upper body fell on the pillow, knowing his Master would grab his hips to steady the thrusting. The pain when his bottoms made contact with his master's thighs was forgotten as his Master hit his prostate over and over.

Watching his slave falling, Duo grabbed his slave's hips and continued thrusting. He rode his slave like a stallion for a few minutes, thrusting in and out and burying his cock as deep as he could inside Heero. The Japanese boy lied there, letting his Master's cock breed him. Duo roared, slamming harder and faster, and then cried out as he pumped his seed into his slave. He kept doing small thrusting until he was spent. Then he knelt there, still deep inside his slave and watched his lovely slave while steadying his breath.

Heero rested his head on his side, eyes closed, and was biting his lower lip. He didn't know how lovely he was with this current position where his ass high in the air and was joint with his Master at the end. He was trying to restrain himself from coming because Duo hadn't told him to come.

"My lovely Kitten. You're amazing." Duo bent forward and placed kisses on his slave's back. Then he straightened and reached for the new butt plug he had prepared earlier. It was short but much wider than the plug he retrieved from inside his slave.

Heero gasped as he felt his Master withdraw quickly, making a popping sound when the cock head passed his sphincter. Within second, he felt something was shoved inside him and yelped as the widest part of it passed his sphincter. "Mas...master?"

Duo pushed the butt plug till his slave's sphincter closed at the narrow edge. He was satisfied as he saw his slave isn't leaking. "When I breed you, you'll hold my seed inside you, Kitten and this butt plug will make sure you do that." He then pushed his slave to lie on his side on the pillow.

He could see his slave's hard erection throbbing for release. But instead of giving release to his slave, Duo ignored it and sat down on the bed. "Go fetch the wash cloth and clean me."

Hearing his Master's order, Heero quickly complied. He staggered slightly into the bathroom and returned with a damp cloth. Kneeling in front of his Master, Heero cleaned his Master. He never thought that his Master would ask him to keep his release inside his body. This brought joy and pride to his mind as he realized he would hold his Master's seed inside him for sometimes. He had forgotten about his throbbing cock and focused himself in cleaning his Master.

Once his slave finished cleaning him, Duo withdrew and put his cock back into his pants. He sat down beside the pillow where his slave settled on once again and stroked his slave, like stroking a cat. Heero purred and curled up, savoring his Master caresses. "My breed Kitten." Duo chuckled and leaned forward to kiss his slave. He gave a long deep kiss that made his slave pant when they parted.

"Tired?" Duo continued stroking his slave.

Strangely, Heero did feel tired. He nodded and nuzzled to his Master's hand.

Duo smiled tenderly. "The breeding has made you tired, Kitten? I never thought about this. But I'm sure your burst of emotions this morning had worn you out so I'll let you take a nap for one hour." He stopped stroking and chuckled when his slave whimpered in protest. "Spoiled Kitten." But Duo gave in and started stroking his slave again. "Sleep well, you still have many things to do once you wake up later."

"Yes... Master..." Heero purred, welcoming the stroking. But before he slept, he still wanted one more thing. "May I come, Master?"

"No, you haven't earned that privilege. If you do your tasks well later, I'll play with you and let you come. Now sleep, Kitten."

Heero nodded and closed his eyes, ignoring his throbbing erection. For him, his Master's caresses were more important than having his release. He was willing to exchange it if his Master continued to stroke him like this. And he had a feeling that he would always be in state of arousal with Duo as his Master.


Sometimes later, Heero opened his eyes blearily as his internal clock told him it was time to wake up. He stretched a little and was surprised when he heard a tinkling sound. Acting on instinct, he froze and tried to determine the sound's source. After waiting for a minute in silence, Heero gave up and stretched further, wanting to stand up. The tinkling was heard again.

This time Heero could determine the source. It was coming from his feet's direction. He looked at his foot and groaned as he saw a thin chain with a bell around his left ankle. His Master really put the bell on him. He buried his head back on the pillow and cursed the girl who gave the bell in every language he knew.

"Awake, Kitten?"

Heero looked up and saw his Master standing at the opened door, grinning from ear to ear. "The girl is right. I can predict and locate you easily with the bell."

Heero growled and buried his face on the pillow, wishing it was merely a dream.

"Now, now, that's not a good attitude. C'mon, time to wake up." Duo knelt down beside his slave and toyed with the bell, making noisy sound. He chuckled when his slave's hand came down and shoved his hand away from the bell. "Spoiled Kitten. Do you want me to spank you to wake you up?"

The words got into Heero's sleepy mind as he quickly looked up to his Master.

"Ready to wake up, now?" Duo smiled and patted his slave's head.

Heero nodded aversely and stood up slowly, moaning as he felt the butt plug in his ass brush his inner tissues and also cursing as he heard the damned bell making noise.

Duo stood up too and gathered his pouting slave into his arms. "Do you sleep well, Kitten?"

Heero nodded then hissed as his Master fingering the welts on his sore bottoms. "Mas...master...please...don't...."

"Why?" Duo kept fingering the welts. "This body is mine, I can touch it anytime I like, can't I?"

Heero whimpered as he realized he had no right to protest. He only could bear the torment. His body belonged to his Master, not his anymore.

"Can you feel the contour of the welt against my fingers, Kitten?"


"I have marked you, Kitten. Though, it isn't the permanent one, you're bearing my marks on your body now, Kitten." Duo stopped the torturing and leaned down to plunder his slave's mouth. He kissed long, claiming and ravishing the moist cavern.

Heero was drowned by the sensations of his Master kissing him and the realization that he had his Master's marks on his body.

"Mine." Duo hugged his slave tightly.

"Yo...yours." Heero panted. He still couldn't believe how long Duo could kiss him.

Duo released his slave and chained the leash he had retrieved earlier to his slave's collar. "Let's fix the lunch. I'm starving."



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