Enslaving Heero Part 7

"You'll be mine, now!" Duo watched his slave's eyes widen as he realized what would fill him this time. "Undress me, slave." He stripped off his shirt as his slave knelt to remove his pants and boxers.

Heero was startled when his Master shoved him onto the bed and crawled over him. His sore butt made contact with the bed making him whimper, but his Master seemed to ignore it. He felt his hands being grabbed and pushed over his head then his Master took his leash and secured it around his hands, tying them together before chaining the leash to the headboard. Now he couldn't move his hands, or his head, at all.

Heero then felt his knees being lifted and pushed to meet his chest. Looking down, he saw his Master kneeling and positioning his cock before his entrance. Thank God, he had lubed himself after taking a bath or this would be a dry fuck. He knew he should be afraid of losing his virginity, but instead of fear, he felt eager to be penetrated. He wanted to feel his Master's cock inside him, claiming him.

Duo rested the tip of his erection at Heero's entrance and looked at his slave's face. Their eyes met and locked. "You're mine, slave. And now I'm going to claim what belongs to me." Duo pushed forward, bringing the head of his erection past Heero's sphincter.

Despite being stretched and lubed, Heero still felt the pain as his Master tried to penetrate him. His Master's cock was bigger than the butt plug, causing his sphincter to stretch even more. He panted and whimpered, tugging at his tied hands.

"Relax and submit. I own your body and you have to accept what I'm going to do to you, slave." Heero heard his Master's voice and felt his Master's cock press harder into his sphincter. Yes, this body was his Master's property. He had to accept it and relax. As Heero forced his muscles to relax, his sphincter gave away, giving access to the owner of his body.

"Can you feel me inside you, slave?" Duo spoke as his cock head managed to enter his slave, pushing slowly into his slave.

"Yes.." Heero whimpered as his inner tissues and muscles were forced aside to give a way for his Master's cock. Heero was really grateful that his Master had waited to stretch him before taking him. He was being stretched even more, but the pain was not so bad as he had imagined. His Master was inside him now, finally inside him.

"I claim you as mine."

Heero gasped as he felt his Master push another inch of his cock inside him. Yes, he was his Master's property. His to be filled and to be used as his Master liked. "I'm yours, Master."

"Yes, mine to use." Duo pushed another inch inside his willing slave.

"Yours to use..." Heero panted at the sensation of having something so big inside him.

"Mine to punish." Duo pulled out and thrust inside his slave swiftly, gaining another inch deeper inside his slave.

Heero gasped and squawked at his Master's action but he kept repeating his Master's words. "Yours... to punish..."

"And mine to love." Duo gave the last push, swiftly burying himself to the hilt inside his slave.

Heero let out a shriek as his Master reached the unexplored area inside him, feeling more stretched and full. "Yours....to ...love..." The Japanese boy panted at the slight pain, but felt more contented to be claimed like this. He could feel his Master's cock hot and throbbing inside him while his inner muscles tried to accommodate his owner.

Duo looked at his slave, as if searching for hurt or pain on the face. Heero shot his pleasure clouded Prussian blue eyes at his Master and murmured. "Yours.....yours to use....to punish....and to love.." Duo quickly captured the lips, pouring all his passion into the hot cavern while waiting for his slave to adjust to his penetration.

"Yes, you're forever mine, slave." Duo broke the kiss and started rocking. "I can use you anytime and anywhere I want and you'll submit." He pulled out very slowly, driving his slave insane and pushed in quickly, pounding his slave against the headboard. "Yes, you'll submit for you're mine. Mine only."

"Ahh!" Heero jumped and jerked his body as his Master hit something inside him.

"That's your prostate, slave. Your pleasure spot." Duo thrust and brushed against his slave's prostate over and over, making Heero squirm, moan, and whimper at the same time. Heero was a real virgin at this. A little brush against his prostate would make him jerk up and yell. His Master seemed delighted at that and leaned forward, adding his weight to his thrusts. "My slave, my beautiful slave, you're mine."

Heero had lost it the first time his prostate was hit. He never thought being claimed would give him so much pleasure. His own cock throbbed with pain, but he could not do anything about it. His Master's pleasure was ultimate while his own pleasure could only been achieved if his Master felt pleased enough to give it to him. Heero unconsciously and silently repeated the words when Duo conditioned him.

"Ahh...uh..." Heero could not form a word at the continuous thrusts of his Master into him. He could feel his Master pounding and thrusting into him harder and faster, trying to couple their bodies even more. His Master's balls were slapping against his sore bottom, adding pain to the pleasure.

Heero heard his Master growling and felt his knees being spread wider to grant his Master's cock deeper access. He whimpered again as his Master's cock thrust into more unstretched area inside him. And something inside him that his Master said as his prostate was being prodded over and over, making his own cock become harder if it were possible. Heero looked at his Master, trying to form words to ask him to give him release but instead, he was mesmerized by his Master.

His Master's eyes were looking at him with lust, love, and possessiveness. His sweaty body was rocking back and forth, thrusting and growling just like a wild animal claiming his prey. Heero kept looking at his Master, forgetting about his aching erection.. His Master was contented and pleased, that was the most important thing. He existed to server his Master, to please him. Again Heero unconsciously repeated the conditioning words.

As if noticing his silent surrender, his Master growled louder and thrust harder, lifting his hips from the bed. Heero then felt his cock grabbed and squeaked in surprise, clenching his passage unconsciously. The sudden move made his Master gasp as his inner muscles clamped his Master's erection tightly. "You may come after me, slave." Duo spoke roughly before throwing his head back as he found his release. He shouted and pumped his slave's cock as he came.

Heero felt his Master's seed explode inside his body, filling him. Come, he may come now. His Master had given him permission for release. Heero shouted and came all over, spurting his seed onto his own stomach and chest. He came so hard that he saw stars. He lay on the bed and vaguely felt his Master still pounding into him, emptying his release into his body.

Heero purred as he realized that a part of his Master would stay inside him, for some moments, as the clear evidence of his claiming. The sensation of having his Master's cock inside him couldn't be compared to having the butt plug. He could feel it throbbing and pulsating around his inner tissues and knew that he held a part of his Master inside him. Heero felt like flying, dissolving into peace and serenity. All he could feel was only his Master's cock inside him.

Duo rested on his thighs, his hands still held both of his slave's knees up. As he regained his breath, he slowly lowered his slave knees back to the bed and looked at him. Heero was lying on the bed, panting, his hands tied over his head. He looked so wanton and tempting in this position. His eyelids were half shut and his gaze was astray. Duo chuckled as he ran his fingers across Heero's soft lips and the Japanese boy unconsciously sucked the digits. "I wonder how long you will stay in this dazzled condition, my beautiful slave."

Heero only purred contentedly and closed his eyes, too far gone to care what his Master would do next.


Heero felt the serenity around him dissolve and his main senses began to work again. First, his ears caught the sound of water running, then his skin felt the warmth of the water enveloping his body. He could taste bittersweet essence in his mouth and unconsciously licked his lips. His head was resting on something soft and warm, and he could feel something caressing his back and petting his hair. He ran his hands over the smooth surface where his head and body rested.

"Welcome back to the land of living."

His Master's voice was surprised him and instinctively, he pulled back. Something hard inside him was preventing him from moving and Heero moaned as it pressed against his inner tissues. He could hear his Master chuckling and felt hands around him, pressing him back against his Master's chest. "Careful, slave. You're still one with me."

Heero rested his head on his Master's shoulder and recalled what had happened. His Master had taken his virginity, claiming him and joining their bodies. He remembered feeling his Master explode inside him and his own release, but after that.... How did he get in the bathtub? And sitting on his Master's lap? "What happened to me Master?"

Duo chuckled again. "You entered subconscious space in your head. That's a place, where only you can go, slave. I can't go there, its one benefit of being submissive. How are you feeling now?"

Heero moaned as his Master caressed his back. "Hm...fine... ...sated...and happy...It's been a long time since I felt like this."

"You'll always feel like this when I take you and make you come." Duo nibbled his slave's earlobe. He moved his hands down and kneaded his slave's delicate bottom and was not disappointed when he heard his slave hiss in pain.

"Master....please.." Heero was back in agony as his Master touched his sore bottom. He threw his head back, arching his back, and pressed forward, trying to evade the roaming hands on his bottom. But the action was futile since his Master's cock speared him in place. He could not move, could not escape.

"Hmmm?" Duo leaned down and licked his slave's nipples while he caressed his slave's bottom.

"Ah...uh....." Heero stammered as he felt pleasure and pain given by his Master at the same time.

Duo grinned. "Your incapability to speak proves that you're enjoying my ministrations, slave." He rolled one nipple between his teeth, making his slave gasp. His slave arched his back further, giving himself to his Master, his tormentor and also his comforter.

Heero in an ironic situation. He wanted his Master to stop, but he also wanted his Master to continue. He wasn't sure what he wanted anymore. The pain was making the pleasure more intense and he loved it. The pain reminded him that he was his Master's toy, his to use. And the pleasure reminded him that he was cared for and loved. He felt his Master stop kneading and pull his lips away from his nipples. Why? Why did his Master stop? Then he felt hands on his waist, lifting him. His Master cock was slowly leaving him. No, he still wanted to be one with his Master, to feel full and owned.

"No...don't.." Heero shook his head and tried to impale his body back onto his Master. But his Master held him firmly and kept lifting him until only the tip of his cock was inside him. "Master...please don't..."

Duo chuckled. "You don't want to be freed?"

Heero shook his head. He squirmed again, trying to sheath his Master within his body, but his Master held him still.

"My slave, you still want me?"

Heero nodded and tried to lower his body again.

"So impatient." Duo chuckled again. "Kiss me then. If I'm satisfied with your kiss, I'll let you...hmmph..."

Heero didn't wait for his Master to finish his words. If a kiss could make his Master stay inside him, then his Master would get it. As he kissed his Master's lips, he could feel him laugh and used that chance to stick his tongue inside his Master mouth. Hmmm, his Master tasted good. Then to his horror, he felt his Master lift him further. The tip of his Master's erection was going to pass out his sphincter. No, he still didn't want to part. Didn't he kiss good? He had to kiss his Master better then.

Duo laughed silently as his slave threw his hands around his neck, locking it in a death grip. Then his slave pressed his mouth against his, giving him the most desperate and dazzling kiss he ever had. In the middle of kissing, Heero squawked into Duo's mouth as he felt his Master's hands left his waist and felt his body follow the gravity law, spearing him back on his Master's cock. The pain of penetration was nothing, compared to having his Master's cock back in him. Home, he was home again. Heero kissed his Master gratefully. His Master broke the kiss and looked at him. "Very good. You make me proud, slave."

Heero couldn't help but looking at his Master adoringly. Duo laughed and rubbed his slave's chin. "I think I have got your slave name."

Heero blinked. "My slave name, Master?"

"Yes. Since a slave is a Master's property, a Master has the right to give his slave a new name and I choose to name you, Kitten. My cute Kitten." Duo rubbed his slave's chin again to punctuate his words.

Heero closed his eyes. Kitten! His Master gave him Kitten as his name. Of all the names that ever existed in this universe, why did Master have to choose an animal as his name? Kami-sama, what had he done to deserve being called Kitten?

"What's the matter? Don't you like that name?" His Master was petting him like a kitten now. That made Heero wonder about how good his Master's control was. Here he was, speared on his Master's cock, but his Master did nothing to use his body. Instead, his Master talked to him, having a normal conversation as if they weren't doing something sexual here.

But then again, this was Duo, his sadist and playful Master. He would never guess what his Master planned to do to him. He could do anything to him and Heero couldn't protest. But to be named Kitten...

"That's an animal name, Master." Heero opened his eyes and saw his Master smiling.

"Ah, so? I love that name and you do look like kitten." Heero felt his Master rub the back of his ear. That felt good, making him purr unconsciously.

"Definitely a kitten. Maybe someday, I'll order you to be one." Duo chuckled as he saw his slave's eyes widened. "Like it or not, it's your name now, Kitten. You're merely a slave. You don't have right to protest or negotiate."

Heero nodded. What else could he do? Try to protest? His bottom was already sore enough. He didn't want additional punishment for pissing his Master off.

"Good." Duo kissed his slave's nose and grinned. "Now, I want to fuck my kitten."

Heero didn't have time to react. His Master gripped his hips and lifted him up and down. He moaned and buried his head on his Master's shoulder, letting his Master fuck him, use him as he liked. After several minutes of quick and deep thrusts against his prostate, Heero felt himself almost at the edge. His Master seemed to know this and growled. "Don't come. If you come, I'll punish you, Kitten."

Heero bit his lower lip. How could his Master ban him from coming? But an order was an order. He had to obey it. As his Master came inside him, Heero unconsciously bit his lower lip until it was bleeding, trying hard not to follow his Master and come.

After steadying his breath, Duo pulled his slave from his shoulder and kissed him passionately. He sucked the bleeding lips, tasting the metallic taste of blood. His slave gasped as Duo suddenly lifted him and withdrew from him completely.

Heero looked as his Master rose and left the bathtub, feeling hurt and unsatisfied. His Master seemed to notice it and kissed Heero gently. "As much as I like to be inside you, I can't stay there forever, Kitten. Now wash and dry yourself."

Duo had dried himself and was walking to the door, which was connected to the bedroom, when he heard his slave calling him. "Master?"

"Yes?" He turned and saw his slave rise from the bathtub, looking at him hopefully.

"May I come, Master?" Heero was really hard. He wanted to touch his cock, but he was afraid his Master would be angry.

"No, Kitten. Dry yourself and meet me in the bedroom, I'll take care of your cock there. Remember, it's mine. You may not touch it."

Heero sighed as Duo left him. His Master was really a sadist, but at least he would get his release later. He just wondered why his Master chose the bedroom instead of the bathroom to grant his release. He dried himself, avoiding his hard cock carefully and then went to bedroom, where his Master waited for him. His Master was sitting on the bed, still naked.

Duo clicked his fingers and then pointed between his spread legs. His slave quickly went down between his legs. Duo took his slave's chin and lifted it up, making his slave look at him. "Now listen, Kitten. You have already come twice today, right?"

"Yes Master."

"I have said before that having release was one of your privileges. Twice a day is more than enough for a new slave like you." Duo watched as his slave's face lost his color. "However since you managed to obey my order by not coming, I'll give you a choice." Duo stopped a moment to let his slave understand and continued, "I'll grant you release but you'll sleep on the floor tonight." Duo pointed at the marble stone beneath them. "Or you can sleep with me, but you won't get your release. The choice is yours."

Heero gulped as his Master listed the choices. It was hard for him to decide. He wanted to come badly, but he also wanted to sleep with his Master. He had dreamt of having his Master cuddling and hugging him while he slept. But he also didn't think he could sleep with his cock hard like a rock. Which one should he choose now?

"Well, what is your choice?" His Master was asking for his answer. Heero bit his lip, unable to choose between a quick pleasure and a night of comfort.

"I'm not going to wait forever for your answer. Answer me now, Kitten." Heero felt his Master caress his cheek and leaned into the caress. He had found his answer.

"I want to sleep with you, Master." A release, he could do it with his own hands, but being comforted and cared was out of his reach. Only his Master could give him those feelings. Heero felt his Master kiss him softly.

"Good." His Master was smiling at him. Heero felt he had chosen the right one. He watched as Duo reached for the nightstand's drawer and took out a butt plug. His eyes widened as he realized what his Master wanted. He would have to bear that plug all night long.

"I have told you that you'll have something inside your ass most of the time and I'm serious about that, Kitten." Duo hoisted Heero onto his lap and shoved the plug into his unresisting slave. Heero moaned and whimpered as always, but he felt very little pain since he was still slick from his Master's earlier penetration.

After securing the plug inside his slave, Duo lay himself on the bed and patted the surface next to him. He chuckled as he saw his slave climb clumsily, earning a cute glare from his slave. After his slave finally settled into a comfortable position, snuggling into him, Duo threw the blanket to cover their naked bodies. He caressed his slave for a while and then kissed his forehead. "Oyasumi, Kitten."

"Oyasuminasai, Master." Heero murmured. Despite his assumption of not being able to sleep with hard on and a butt plug logged deep inside his ass, Heero found himself slipping into slumber once his Master cuddled him.



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