Enslaving Heero Part 6

Heero became paler. His Master typed the password on the laptop and then turned it off. Duo turned to him and pointed to the bedroom. "Go there and bend over the bed."

Heero's stomach was doing a flip-flop as he knew what he would get. Duo had said that he would administer the punishment in the bedroom. "Master, I'm sorry."

"I don't think you're sorry, slave." Duo said flatly.

"I really am sorry. I won't do it again."

"We'll see about that later. Now, get your butt in there or I'll add to your punishment."

Not wanting to make things worse, Heero went to the bedroom and bent himself over the bed. He looked up when Duo entered the bedroom and felt his stomach do another flip- flop as Duo retrieved chains, shackles and handcuffs from the closet.



Heero tensed at hearing his name. Duo rarely called him by his name and he unconsciously knew that if Duo called him that, it meant serious business. "Yes, Master?"

"Knowing you, I assume you have done research about the master/slave relationship before I came to pick you up, right?"

"Yes, Master." Heero had spent his three days from the time he agreed to be Duo's slave until Duo picked him up surfing the net and had read many articles about this lifestyle.

"So, you know that every time a slave makes a mistake, he has to be punished."


"I admit, I don't like punishing my slave physically. I prefer to torture them with pleasure, but sometime a slave needs to be punished. You have disappointed me by disobeying my order and therefore you shall be punished. Will you accept this punishment willingly or will I have to use force on you?"

Heero bit his lower lip, feeling somewhat bad when Duo said he had disappointed him. He didn't mean to disappoint Duo. He only wanted to check on his laptop for a while....... But in the end, he did disappoint Duo. Heero bowed his head and let his shoulders slump in submission. "I'll take the punishment willingly, Master."

"Good, no more protests from you, Slave or I'll add every word you say to your punishment."

Heero shut his mouth at once and let Duo have his way. His hands were pulled around to his back, making him fall forward onto the bed. He then felt his hands being cuffed behind him and then the handcuffs were connected by short chains to his collar, so he couldn't move his arms any lower. Then Duo shackled each of his legs to the bedposts, spreading them wide. Now Heero couldn't move a muscle. He lay flat on his stomach with his hands behind him, keeping him off balance. His ass was high in the air, as if offering to be spanked...

"I recall that you made three mistakes today. You'll remember all of them with this punishment and never do them again." His Master's voice was deadly and Heero knew it was futile to ask for forgiveness.

Duo put the paddle on the bed and kneaded his slave's white buttocks. Without warning, he raised his hand and brought it down hard on his slave's left buttock. Heero cried out first in surprise as the hand landed painfully on his buttock, but then he managed to stifle his moan as another slap landed on his right buttock. His Master spanked his buttocks alternately and equally.

SMACK...SMACK...SMACK...SMACK! Heero felt like his left bottom was on fire, but still he kept silent.

SMACK...SMACK...SMACK...SMACK! Now both of his buttocks were on fire.

SMACK...SMACK...SMACK...SMACK...SMACK! Heero started whimpering as the slaps became harder

SMACK...SMACK...SMACK...SMACK...SMACK! He tried to squirm, to evade the blows, but the handcuffs and shackles kept him still. No escape for him.

Duo stopped spanking and kneaded his slave's bottom, which was slightly red. "You still manage to keep silent, but after this one, I don't think so, slave." Duo took the paddle and rested it on Heero's bottom.

Heero's head quickly snapped up and looked at his Master in horror. "No, Master. I'll be good, I promise."

"I know you will, but you still have to receive your punishment." Duo tapped the delicate bottom with the paddle. "Submit and receive it, slave."

CRACK! Heero yelled as the paddle connected with his left buttock. The pain was more intense than being spanked by hand. CRACK! Now his right buttock. He tried to struggle, to free himself from the handcuffs. CRACK! CRACK! This was ridiculous. He should be able to break these handcuffs. He could bend the steel for God's sake. CRACK! CRACK! Why couldn't he break free from these handcuffs? Could it be....Duo had the cuffs made from Gundanium?

"That's right, the handcuffs are made from Gundanium, slave." Duo spoke up, somehow knowing about what his slave was thinking. "I have them made while imagining putting them on a certain Perfect Soldier, so it's no wonder that you can't break the handcuffs. They are made special for you." Duo spanked Heero's bottom twice quickly, earning another loud gasp from his bound slave. "But remember, you aren't the Perfect Soldier anymore. You're my slave, who needs to be punished for his disobedience. Now you're going to learn your lesson."

CRACK! This time Heero howled as the paddle hit between his buttocks, pushing the butt plug deeper inside him. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The plug was pushed left and right between the blows, adding to Heero's agony. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Now the paddle was pushing the plug up and down, prodding Heero's inner passage. He had tried to struggle, but to no avail. He could do nothing but submit now. It was his mistake, after all, to piss his Master off. Heero was sobbing louder as the paddle hit his red bottom.

After several agony filled minutes, Heero heard his Master's voice. "Do you know what your mistakes were, slave?" Duo stopped spanking.

Heero nodded, unable to speak between his sobs. His tears ran freely over his face. Ironic, in all this time, he had never managed to cry, but now he was crying freely. And it was only because he was being spanked by his Master!

"Tell me, what did you do to receive this punishment, slave." Duo caressed Heero's back and his hot bottom, eliciting whimpers from his slave.

"I .... must always add... address... you... as my Master...." Heero spoke between his sobs.

"Good, what else?"

"I... have to......" Heero swallowed, feeling like his bottom was on fire and the fingers roaming over it didn't help ease the pain. " I have to ...accept ....your orders...whatever they are..."

"Very good. What the last one, slave?"

"I.... must.... not... disobey..... your... orders... Master...." Heero hissed as Duo kneaded his bottom gently. His buttocks felt like they were on fire and very vulnerable to the slightest touch.

"Very good, slave. You realize your mistakes and now to make sure that you won't repeat them again, I'll give you ten strokes for each mistake you did today."

"No!" Heero squirmed feebly when he heard he was going to receive more strokes on his already sore bottom.

"Slave, remember your mistakes. You have to accept it. There is no negotiation here. You wouldn't want to receive more in addition to this, would you?" Duo tapped the paddle slightly on his slave's sore buttocks.

Heero gulped. Thirty strokes were more than enough. "I'll accept thirty strokes, Master.....please... no more...."

"Okay, here we go then. You can cry and shout as loud as you want, slave. You may feel better by doing it."

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Heero howled and shouted as the paddle hit his right side five times in short intervals.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! His howling became louder as his left side got the same treatment.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! These were the worst as they landed on the middle, connecting with his butt plug. Heero was howling, shouting and pleading with his Master to take the butt plug out.

"Fifteen more, slave." Duo decided to ignore his slave's pleas.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Heero's words were not coherent as he howled and shouted at the same time that his Master was aiming between his buttocks for these last strokes. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

"You're good, slave. Five more and it will be finished." Duo looked at his miserable slave.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The last blows were the hardest and aimed at the middle of Heero's bottom. He cried and howled even after the blows had stopped.

Duo let his slave lay for some moments before removing the handcuffs and shackles from him. Then he gathered his slave into his arms and sat on the bed, making his slave straddle his thighs. "Hush, it's over now." Duo wiped the tears in Heero's eyes and soothed him. "You have received your punishment well, I'm proud of you, slave."

Heero rested his head on Duo's shoulder and whimpered slightly. "I won't do it again.... I won't..... I'm sorry...."

"I know." His Master kissed his cheek and rocked him like a child. Heero kept whimpering and muttering his apologies until he felt very tired. Tired but contented. It had been very long time since he let his emotions and feelings flow so freely like this.

"Thank you... Master.." Heero nuzzled his Master's neck slowly, too tired to do anything else. Duo was cuddling and rocking him, making him feel safe and loved.

Duo soothed and caressed his slave. The braided boy kissed his slave's cheek tenderly, murmuring his love to him until he realized that his slave had fallen asleep. "You will never cease to amaze me, Heero." Duo chuckled and kissed the wet cheek tenderly.


Heero only groaned a little when his Master pulled out the butt plug out and refused to wake up. "Spoiled slave." He could hear his Master's voice and a kiss being delivered on his cheek again, making him purr contentedly. Then he felt his body being lifted and carried. He didn't care though, as long as his Master was with him. He would go anywhere his Master wanted. Heero slipped into peaceful slumber and only woke up when he felt something warm and wet around him.

"Awake, slave?" Heero turned his head and saw his Master standing beside the bathtub. "Wash yourself and meet me in the bedroom." His Master leaned forward to kiss him and then left him alone in the bathroom.

Heero tried to remember what had happened to him. His bottom throbbed painfully as a reminder and he blushed as he realized he had been spanked like a child. He quickly washed himself, carefully avoiding contact with his sore bottom. After he rinsed and dried himself, Heero walked to the mirror to see his bottoms' condition. It was furiously red, but the skin wasn't broken. His Master had said that he wouldn't harm him, hadn't he?

As he inspected his body, Heero noticed the butt plug had been removed. He could walk freely now without being worried by the twisting inside him. He should be grateful, but instead he felt like something was missing now that the butt plug had been removed. His Master had ordered him to meet him in the bedroom, maybe he was going to insert the plug again.

Heero stepped into the bedroom and saw his braided Master sitting on the bed, fully clothed, but his hand wasn't holding a butt plug. A disappointed feeling crept inside him. His Master was holding a bottle instead of a butt plug. What was he going to do?

"Over my knee, slave." Duo pointed at his lap and soon found his slave on it. He smiled and smeared the lotion from the bottle onto his slave's sore bottom. "This will help to reduce the pain." Duo explained as his slave jumped and hissed as the lotion connected with his sore skin. "Next time think twice before making a mistake."

"I will, Master." Heero hissed again as his Master used his hand to apply the lotion over his bottom.

"Good." Duo steadied his slave. "Let's eat then, I'm starving." He chained the leash to his slave's collar and led the way out of the bedroom.

"Uhm, Master?" Duo felt a tug as his slave refused to move.

"What, slave?" Duo turned around and saw his slave fidgeting.

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

"I don't think so. What did I forget?"

Heero blushed. "My butt plug?"

Duo laughed at his not-so-innocent slave. "I recall someone asking to have it taken it out of his ass."

"I didn't mean it, Master."

"Well, too late then. I have removed the butt plug. slave."

"I want it again, Master."

"Oh? Why is that?"

Heero just bowed his head, too ashamed to answer.

"You know that you have to answer me honestly or you will not go anywhere, slave."

"I like the sensation when being filled by it, Master."

"Well, let's just say this is your punishment too. You'll have to wait until we finish our dinner to be filled, slave." Duo grinned at his slave and tugged his leash. "C'mon I'm starving."

Heero nodded and followed his Master, on heel, to the table. His Master chained the end of the leash to the table's leg and clicked his fingers. Heero knelt and waited for his Master to feed him. He was not disappointed as a piece of pizza was held up in front of him. "Pizza, Master?"

Duo shoved the pizza into his slave's mouth. "Yup. Problem, slave?

"No" Heero spoke after chewing the pizza. "It's just so typical of you. I should have known it when you mentioned take out food."

Duo chuckled. "Well, maybe this is the last time I eat pizza in the near future, since you'll cook for me, starting tomorrow." He petted his slave's head and kept feeding him. When they finished, he released the leash and sent his slave to clean the table while he put the pizza box into the trash.

Finished with his task, Heero bowed his head and knelt near the dinner table, waiting till his Master came back to fetch him. He heard sounds of fingers clicking and looked up to see his Master lounging on the couch, gesturing for him to come over to him. The Japanese boy was about to stand up when his Master spoke lowly. "Crawl, slave."

Heero widened his eyes and looked at Duo as if the braided boy had grown another head.

"That's an order." Duo spoke up in masterful tone. "You know what will happen if you refuse an order."

Of course, Heero knew. His bottom still throbbed painfully at the moment and he had no wish to make it worse. Growling, he put his hands on the floor and crawled toward where his Master was sitting. As he approached Duo, he noted how Duo looked...so big from the low angle. Duo appeared to be so calm, so in control, and very confident. This was his Master. His owner. Too busy to look at Duo, Heero didn't realize he had arrived until he bumped his chin on Duo's knee.

Duo smiled and cupped his slave's chin. "Don't you know how beautiful you are when you're crawling, Slave? Your gracious motion and slender body made me proud to be your owner." He petted Heero's head lovingly and Heero couldn't help but lean into the caress. He sat on his heel, hissing a little when his sore bottom made contact, and then rested his head on Duo's thigh, letting his Master play with his hair.

Duo stroked the back of Heero's ear, making Heero purr like a cat. "Did you enjoy your first day here, slave?"

Heero thought about it. First the surprise of knowing Duo was his Master, their first kiss, then being naked all day, being inspected and caressed, the lunch, cleaning the house, the spanking, then dinner, and now he was being caressed again. Good, it was definitely good, except for the spanking part, of course, but overall, he liked the situation. He had endless orders and he was cared for. Heero looked at his Master and then on impulse, he bent down to kiss each of his Master's feet before looking up again, smiling slightly. "I liked it, Master. This is the best day I can ever remember"

Duo smiled back and leant down to bestow a kiss. "Good. I'm glad to hear that. Now come sit on my lap, I want to play with you a little."

Heero complied, straddling Duo's lap and whimpering as his sore butt touched Duo's pants. But it soon turned into moans as he felt his Master's hands roam over his body, teasing his nipples, playing near his navel, and tracing his cock. His hands reached wildly, clenching and unclenching to hold the pleasure that attacked him every time his Master teased his sensitive parts.

"Put your hands behind your back." His Master spoke as he kept fondling his body.

Heero registered the order and placed his hands on his back, surrendering his body to his Master. He watched as his Master smiled and bent down, taking his nipples into his mouth. Heero arched like a bow and gasped as he felt his nipples being chewed alternately. It was painful, but an erotic pain nonetheless. His cock hardened immediately.

Duo nibbled Heero's nipples alternately, making the Japanese boy moan and gasp at the sensation. His Master took his right nipple between his lips and pulled it, at the same time, his Master's fingers were pinching his other nipple. Heero gasped at the pain and pleasure he felt simultaneously. He wanted the torment to stop and at the same time he didn't want it to stop.

Suddenly Duo pulled away. "Time for filling you, slave." He tugged on Heero's leash and pulled him to the bedroom.

Though a little disappointed with the sudden turn of events, Heero followed his Master eagerly, wondering whether he would receive a bigger butt plug. As soon as they entered the bedroom, his Master surprised him by claiming his mouth in soul searing kiss. He was pinned against the door and his Master plundered his mouth hungrily, sucking and licking. Heero had a feeling that this time, his Master would do more than just 'fill him' as they were panting when they parted.



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