Enslaving Heero Part 5

Some minutes later, Heero entered the bedroom, still naked as the day he was born, save the collar. He found his Master sitting on the bed, braided, fully clothed and holding something in his hand. Heero moaned as he recognized the item in his Master's hand. It was his butt plug. Thank God, he remembered to apply the lube before stepping out of the bathroom or it would be painful.

Duo patted his lap and Heero automatically lay himself across Duo's thighs. Once again the butt plug was secured inside his tight passage. Heero whimpered at the penetration, still feeling slight pain, but then it was gone. His Master rolled the plug and toyed with it, making Heero gasp and moan as the plug brushed and prodded his inner tissues. His Master was truly a sadist and playful bastard. He was enjoying his slave's squirming and moaning, like a child enjoying his new toy.

Finally Duo rammed the plug to its maximum length inside Heero's passage and secured it. "Stand up" Heero complied, whimpering slightly as the plug twitched inside him. "I'll put another ring on you, slave." Duo held up a ring.

The ring's size was too big for a finger, making Heero wonder where his Master would put the ring. He didn't have to wait long as his Master took his cock and secured the ring on the base of it. The cock ring fit perfectly on him. "Like your collar, you'll wear this ring until I remove it. Don't worry, it has been designed as an accessory only, it will not cut your blood circulation, but enough to make you always half hard." His Master fingered the cock ring for a moment and then slapped his inner thigh, making Heero jump in surprise.

"Let's fix my lunch." Duo stood up and put the leash on Heero's collar, forcing Heero to walk on heel. Heero walked carefully, aware of the butt plug that kept twitching every time he took a step, adding to his agony, but at the same time giving him pleasure.

They arrived at the kitchen and Duo chained the other end of the leash to a hook on the wall. "The leash is quite long so you can wonder around the kitchen without difficulty. I'll leave you here to make lunch for me while I arrange your contract to be saved to the database. It has been a long time since I last ate a homemade lunch, so I expect something delicious." Duo grinned and left his slave.

Heero snorted at Duo's retreating figure. His Master must often order take out rather than taste his own disastrous cooking. He wondered what people would think if they were to see him like this. Collared, naked, chained, cock ring on his cock and a butt plug stuck in his ass while fixing lunch for his Master. Heero smirked, Relena would have a heart attack. He opened the fridge and frowned when he saw it was almost empty. How could his Master ask for something delicious if he didn't stock the foodstuffs? Oh well, he should do his best with these very limited items.

The delicious smell of the food seemed to draw his Master back to the kitchen. Duo walked silently into the room and looked at the food his slave had finished cooking, rice, vegetable soup, and something that had been formed into balls. Typical Japanese, Duo chuckled silently. Curious and hungry, he reached out for the balls.


"Ouch!!" Duo jerked his hand and looked at his attacker. Heero was smirking and swinging the spoon he used to smack Duo's hand. "Hands off. You can have it when I'm finished cooking, Master."

Duo growled. "I'm your Master, you don't have any right to prohibit me from getting my lunch." He reached for those tempting balls once more.


Heero smirked again as he saw Duo cry out and cradle his abused hand. Even his Master had to wait for the food to be served on the table. Conscious or not, his Japanese blood did have some effects on his behavior.

Strike one, the Master lost.

"You can wait outside, Master. I'll call you when I finish here." Heero turned and continued his cooking.

What Heero forgot that his Master could be as sly as he wanted. Duo approached his slave and hugged him from behind. His slave, of course, startled. "Master?"

"Hmm?" He nibbled Heero's earlobe and caressed his nipples.

"I still have to cook." His slave was now panting and moaning.

"Then cook" Duo ground his hard confined erection against him, pushing the butt plug deeper into his slave. The effect was immediate. The spoon fell from his slave's hand as he tried to regain his balance. Duo grinned as he smacked his slave's butt and took off, taking one ball with him.

Heero who was panting, cursed his Master for making him drop the spoon. As he bent to pick up the fallen spoon, the plug twitched inside him again, making him moan. He didn't worry about the ball though and smirked instead. One, two, three. At the last count, Heero heard Duo cursing and the sound of the sink being turned on. Strike two, Master. Take that raw ball.

"The food is ready, Master." Heero called and smirked as he saw his Master come, glaring at him.

Duo didn't say anything and unchained his slave from the hook on the wall. Together, they carried the food to the table in the living room. Heero saw that there was only one plate and one glass on the table. He looked at his Master, who chained his leash to one of the table's legs.

Duo smirked when he saw the questioning look on Heero's face. He sat in the chair and clicked his fingers.

Although confused, Heero complied with the order and knelt beside Duo's chair, his head facing Duo's thigh. Then he heard Duo start eating and realized that Duo only asked him to fix HIS lunch not THEIR lunch. Heero cursed silently and wondered if Duo wanted to starve him as punishment.

Duo enjoyed his slave's sullen expression. "Hm, this is good. You're really a good cook, slave."

"Thank you, Master." Heero said sullenly.

"However, I expected you to cook more meat than vegetables, slave."

"We don't have any meat, Master. You have to stock new food in the fridge."

"Ah, yes. I forgot about that. We'll go shopping tomorrow. For dinner, I think we will order take out. Are you hungry, slave?"


Duo chuckled as Heero's stomach growled in protest. "Looks like your stomach knows better. Open your mouth, slave."

Heero opened his mouth and felt food being fed to him. He looked up at his smiling Master. "I'll never let you starve, Heero." His Master caressed his cheek while he chewed. After he had swallowed, his Master leaned down and kissed his lips hungrily. "Remember, you're mine not only to use and to punish but also to love. I'll take care of you."

Heero felt very grateful. His Master would take care of him. He had not been wrong by choosing this person as his Master. He felt loved.

"Thank you, Master." Heero rested his head on Duo's lap and nuzzled his thigh.

"You're welcome, slave." Duo petted his head and then continued feeding his slave as he ate.

When they finished eating, Duo unchained Heero and ordered him to clean the table and wash the dishes while he disappeared into the bedroom. After finishing his errands, Heero went into the bedroom and found Duo sitting on the bed, waiting for him. He whimpered when he saw Duo was holding another butt plug, slightly bigger and longer than the one he already had in his ass.

"Hush, slave. You know this is for your benefit. Over my knee, now." Duo pointed to his lap.

Reluctantly, Heero complied and felt Duo pull out his butt plug. Before he managed to feel the empty sensation from being filled for half the day, Duo had pushed the bigger one into him. Heero cried out in pain as the butt plug stretched him even wider. "God, take it out, Master."

"Hush, it's okay." Duo caressed Heero's back with one hand while the other hand pushed the plug deeper. "It's still smaller and shorter than me, slave. You should be able to accept it."

Heero bit his lower lip. It was painful, but his Master ordered him to accept it, to let this alien thing invade his body. This was his Master's order. His owner. He had to bear the pain and moreover, this was not the first time he had to bear pain although it was the first time he had to bear it in this part of his body.

"Ah...nn..." Heero whimpered as he felt the butt plug reach deeper inside him. His Master twisted and pulled the plug, only to ram it back into him. He cursed his body for being so responsive to the stimulation his Master gave. Again, his head had difficulty thinking straight, all he was aware was the twitching butt plug inside his ass. And as usual, his Master started talking to him.

"Do you feel this, slave?" Duo twisted the plug.

Heero gasped as the plug brushed his inner tissues. "...yes, Master."

"Do you know why it is embedded inside you, slave?"

Heero gasped again as he felt the plug being pulled a little and shoved back inside him. "To stretch me, Master."

"Well, partly true, but that was not the main reason." Duo said as if talking about weather while playing the plug inside his slave. "If only to stretch you, I don't need to this, do I?" Duo pulled the plug out all the way and then thrust it back inside his gasping slave. He twisted and propelled the plug then rocked it back and forth rapidly. "I'll leave this plug inside you rather than twisting it like this, if I only want to stretch you, slave."

"Then...ah...why...nn.." Heero panted as the plug was rocked faster inside him.

"Why do I do this, slave?" Duo pulled the plug out.

Heero waited for the penetration back but the plug wasn't shoved back into him. Feeling relieved for not having to bear the plug, Heero sighed and relaxed on his Master's lap. But it turned to be a mistake as suddenly the plug rammed into him. Heero shrieked and squirmed at the sudden penetration, but his Master held him still.

"I do this because I want to, slave." Again, Duo twisted the plug inside his slave. "I don't really need a reason to do this. Your body is mine after all, I can do anything I like with it, can't I?"

Duo pushed and twisted the plug again, making his slave whimper. "I like to play with my slave, especially when he is so responsive like this. You're my play toy, slave. Mine to be played as I wish."

His Master's voice sank into him, accompanied by some quick thrusts, causing Heero gasp loudly. Yes, he was his Master's toy. His body belonged to his Master to be played and treated as his Master wished. The continuous twisting and trusting inside his ass clarified his existence for his Master.

"Tell me, slave." Heero heard his Master asking him. "What are you right now?"

"Your toy, Master." Heero gasped as his Master droved the plug inside him to its maximum length.

"Yes, my toy. What can I do to my toy, slave?" Duo let the plug rest inside his slave and moved his hand to knead his slave bottom.

"Whatever you want to, Master." Heero sighed as he felt his Master caressing his bottom.

"I can do this then, slave?"

Heero yelped as his bottom was pinched hard. His Master kept pinching; he twisted the tortured flesh. "Can I, slave?"

Heero whimpered. "Yes...you can..Master......" As soon as he answered, his Master let go of his bottom and started caressing his back.

"I can do this too."

Heero felt his Master bend down and lick his neck and groaned. "Yes...Master..."

The tongue left Heero's neck. "You're my toy, my doll, my pet, anything I want you to be. Repeat it, slave." Heero gasped as his Master started twisting the plug again.

"I'm your toy...ah..." Heero groaned as his Master pulled the plug out of him in one fast motion. " ....your doll.....ughhh..." His Master pushed the plug an inch inside him and then pulled it out again, repeating the process over and over as Heero tried to repeat his Master's words. ".....your...ahh...pet.. ..anything.. ..you.. .nnn....want .....uh...me.. .to...be..." As Heero said the last word, he felt the plug being shoved deep inside him again, causing him to gasp again.

Duo kissed the back of Heero's neck while kept playing with the plug. "Very good, slave. Now just submit and let me play with you a little longer."

The plug was twisted, propelled, pulled and pushed inside him, sometimes tender and slowly, and sometimes fast and hard. Heero whimpered and squirmed as his Master used him as his toy, but he made no motion to escape his Master's ministrations. Finally after feeling like eternity for him, his Master secured the butt plug. "Stand up."

Heero stood up quickly and regretted it as the plug thrust even deeper inside him. He moaned and squirmed, making the plug twist even more. Duo chuckled as he watched Heero try to find a comfortable position with the plug stuck inside his ass. He reached out and hugged his slave, pulling him onto his lap. His slave still squirmed as the plug went deeper because his thigh pressed into it. "Relax." He kissed his slave, comforting him.

The kiss proved effective as Heero stopped squirming and responded to the kiss. "You're really responsive." Duo chuckled louder and twisted the butt plug a little, causing Heero to arch up and squawk into his mouth. Oh, how Duo couldn't wait to claim the beauty on his lap. He steeled and told himself that it wouldn't be long. Finally Duo broke the kiss and looked at his slave tenderly. "Comfortable, now?"

Heero nodded and earned another quick kiss from his Master. "My slave, my toy, my pet. You have really pleased me with your responsive reaction. Now I want you to finish what had you done to my body." Duo cuffed Heero's thigh, gesturing him to stand. Slowly, Heero tried to stand, avoiding twisting the plug inside his ass. He heard his Master's clicking fingers and went down on his knees on automatic response. The position put his head at the same level with Duo's groin. Heero could see the erection confined inside his pants.

"Your turn to make me relax now." Duo pushed his slave's head closer to his groin. Feeling his slave squirming on his lap surely had made him hard again. "Open my pants, using your mouth only, slave." Heero complied, tugging the zipper with his teeth and pulled it down. Then he dove his head to hold the boxers between his lips and pulled them down, freeing his Master's hard erection.

Duo watched as his slave licked the head of his cock and moaned at the sensation, throwing his head back. When Heero engulfed him to the hilt, Duo looked down and patted his head. "Suck it." Heero complied and focused on doing what he was ordered to. After a few minutes of sucking and licking, Heero could feel Duo tensed and then exploded inside his mouth. Heero kept swallowing as Duo emptied himself, milking his Master's cock. He could hear his Master steadying his breath. He would have remained engulfing his Master's cock inside his mouth if his head had not been not pulled away. Duo tucked his cock back into his clothes then looked at his slave. His slave's poor cock was hard but Duo seemed not to notice it or purposely ignored it.

"Good job, slave. Now let's continue our training." Duo stood up and put the leash on Heero again. "Actually, you should do your chores in the morning. But since today was your first day, I postponed it. However, we'll start it now, come." Duo tugged on the leash and led Heero back to kitchen.

The Japanese slave tried hard to walk with the plug twisting inside his ass. His Master opened the door, which connected the kitchen with another room. "Here, you'll wash, dry and iron my clothes." Duo ushered Heero in. "Since I live alone, it'll be an easy task for you. The automatic washing and drying machine will make your job easier, but for your training today I don't want you to use the machine. You have to do all the jobs by yourself. The dirty clothes are in the basket. I'll back in one hour." He chained his slave to special hook on the wall and left him to work.

Heero grumbled, but went to work anyway. He had adjusted to the butt plug inside him so it only made slight difficulty for him. Duo knew this way was effective in making his slave understand his position. Every time the plug twisted, Heero remembered that this body was not his anymore. His body belonged to his Master and he could do anything he wanted to his slave's body, like inserting this annoying plug or denying his release. His poor cock would have to wait long time to get another release.

Duo was back after one hour. He seemed satisfied with Heero's work and kissed his slave long and passionately. Heero was panting and dazzling after the kiss. If this was the result for doing the chores, Heero surely didn't mind it at all. "Good slave, you may use the machine starting tomorrow."

"This is the last job for you today, slave." Duo released Heero from the leash and petted his hair. "Sweep and clean the apartment. You can start with this room. The broom is behind the door. I'll sit on the living room, so if you have question, you can ask me."

After his Master left him again, Heero felt empty. He wanted his Master to be back, to caress and kiss him like he did just now. Oh well, if he finished quickly, his Master would be pleased and he might reward him with more pleasure.

Heero had finished with the kitchen and went to the living room. There he saw his Master sitting on the sofa, a laptop on his lap. Heero recognized that it wasn't his laptop. His Master kept typing, didn't realize his slave's presence. Or he realized it, but he didn't show it. Looking at the laptop made Heero remember his own laptop. His hand itched to type on his laptop. He wondered if his Master would reconsider giving his laptop back to him.

"Get working, slave." Duo's voice surprised Heero from his thoughts. His Master did acknowledge his presence. Heero started with the bedroom, bathroom, and then living room. While he was cleaning this last room, Duo stood up. "Come here, slave."

Heero obeyed and knelt as his Master clicked his fingers. "I see you have no problem with the work. I want to take a nap, wake me up when you have finished working." Heero nodded and felt Duo's hand petted his hair. "Good, I'll leave my laptop here. I have told you to stay way from your laptop and mine is no exception. You may not touch it under any conditions, understand?"

Heero bit his lower lip as his Master seemed to read his mind. He had been thinking of using the laptop once his Master said that he wanted to take a nap.

"Slave, do you understand?" Duo tilted his slave's head.

"Yes Master. I won't touch the laptop."

Duo smiled and kissed his slave before entering the bedroom. Heero resumed his work, trying to keep his mind from the laptop. After he was finished with living room, Heero went to balcony and cleaned there. Finally all rooms in the apartment had been cleaned. Heero went to wake up his Master, but his eyes fell on the laptop. He tried to ignore the temptation to use it. His Master would surely punish him if he touched the laptop, but then his Master wouldn't know, would he? As long as he didn't wake his Master, his Master would think that he was still cleaning.

Heero walked to the sofa where the laptop was. The laptop was still on and revealing a site that contained more information about this Master/slave role playing. Forgetting his Master's order, Heero ran the cursor to click certain link, but as he moved the cursor, the laptop beeped loudly. Heero jumped and was surprised when a small window appeared. It was asking for a password. The Japanese slave quickly paled. His Master would surely know about him touching his laptop. He had to break the password quickly so his Master wouldn't know about this.

Suddenly, Heero felt a presence behind him. He turned around to see his pissed off Master. Damn, the loud beep must have woken him. "I think it's time to administer your punishment, slave." Duo told him flatly.



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