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Enslaving Heero Part 55
An Impossible but Doable Equation

Ordinary people welcomed the weekend happily. That wasn't the case with Heero. The Japanese slave faced the coming weekend with dread. Having a horny, possessive Master with sex prohibition was not really his idea of a good weekend.

It was still Friday night but Heero was already chained down on his hands and knees in front of his delighted Master.

"I'm going to play with you all night, Kitten!" Duo announced as he fondled his slave's reddish butt. It had been just spanked that morning.

Heero whimpered.

"I have created a new apparatus for you. This will leave you totally at my mercy."

Heero snorted. As if other tools didn't leave him at his Master's mercy. He glanced at the cage pointedly.

His Master laughed merrily. "Point taken. Now, as I was saying..."

This time, he was interrupted by the phone ringing. Growling, Duo picked up the handset. "Maxwell here."

Heero could here someone speaking rapidly and also loudly, judging from the way his Master quickly put distance between his ear and the phone.

"Geez, slow down, Q!" Duo said "And calm down."

More rapid speech came from the phone but it was an unrecognizable voice to Heero. He could only hear Duo's side of the conversation.

"I'm fine. Yes, totally fine. What? How do you know? No, you don't nee......"

Heero could hear the disconnected sound coming from the phone. "Master?"

"That was Quatre," said Duo, a bit exasperated. "Put on your clothes."

"Huh?" Heero could only gape at his Master. This was the first time he'd been asked to put on his clothes instead of taking them off. "Put ON, Master?" Heero asked, wanting to make sure that he'd heard the order correctly.

"Yeah, ON," his Master said reluctantly. "Quatre is coming here. Apparently his dinner guest told him that I was badly injured during our last mission."

Heero frowned, "Who is his guest?"

"No idea, he cut me off after that." Duo glanced at his slave. "What are you waiting for? Go put your clothes on."

Heero looked down his chained wrists meaningfully.

"Oh, right." His Master sounded disappointed as he removed the chains on Heero's wrists and legs.

Heero restrained himself from consoling his Master and went to the cupboard for his clothes.

"What should I put on, Master?"

"Something similar to me."

His Master was wearing a black T-shirt and blue jean, wide shorts so Heero pulled out his white T-shirt and black shorts. He pulled out his boxers as well and put them on before putting on the rest of his clothes. Finished dressing, he turned around and saw his Master was looking at him mournfully.

Heero rolled his eyes and decided to just ignore his sometimes childish Master.

The apartment's bell rang five minutes later.

"That was fast," Duo commented as he unlocked the main door for Quatre.

Two minutes later a blonde man stormed furiously into the apartment. "Duo! How reckless of you! How dare you not tell me that..."

"Whoaa, calm down, Q!"

Heero let his Master try to calm their blonde friend while he watched a stranger in black suit step into the apartment.

The man had black hair which was gelled and combed upward. He looked pale beyond the glasses he wore. His face looked familiar to Heero but he couldn't remember where he may have met the man. He watched as the man approached him, a little unsteadily. Quatre must have driven the car in zero mode, Heero surmised. He was proven correct when the man spoke.

"Remind me to never ride with blondie there again," the man said shakily.

His voice also sounded familiar. Heero frowned, trying hard to remember the man before him. The man straightened up and it was his green eyes that told Heero his identity.

"Brat?!" Heero asked in disbelief. The slick, well groomed man before him was entirely different to the naughty and messy haired slave he knew.

His loud question apparently distracted both Duo and Quatre.

"You are Brat!?" Duo asked as he appeared next to Heero.

"Brat? What are you taking about? He is Harley, an important guest of mine," Quatre said as he took his position next to Brat.

"You really are Brat!" Heero exclaimed, Brat's real name was the only confirmation he needed.

Brat just grinned widely. His eyes were glinting with mirth from behind his glasses. "Fooled you, huh?"

"So this is your public persona?" said Duo.

"Nice trick, isn't it?" Brat grinned.

Duo grinned back. "Quite so. Just some changes to the hair, clothes style, and additional glasses and we get a neat politician instead of a bratty boy."

"I'm not a boy!" shouted Brat.


Heero, Duo, and Brat looked at Quatre who was red in the face, eyes darting deadly glares at the three of them. It took fifteen minutes to calm Quatre and explain their connection to Brat.


"So Harley's partner was your doctor on that colony?" Quatre said as he lay back into the couch. They were now sitting in the living room, Duo and Heero on one couch and Quatre and Brat on the other one.

"Yeah, Souver was my doctor," confirmed Duo.

"And Brat is your nickname from Souver?" Quatre addressed Brat.

"Yes." Brat answered. He looked a little guilty to Heero, but then again the three of them probably all looked guilty for excluding the nature of their undercover mission.

"Now, tell us what's your relationship with him." Duo pointed at the relaxing man next to Quatre.

Brat just lifted an eyebrow and gestured between him and Quatre. "Businessmen."

One word, but it explained everything. "So you were coming here on business?" asked Heero.

"Yeah, but I actually had a plan to visit you two and drop off a message from Souver."

"And I was surprised when he mentioned about you two," Quatre continued, "I asked why he wanted to visit and from there, you can guess the rest."

Duo nodded then turned to Brat. "So what did Souver want to tell us?"

"He wants you to hook yourself up to the nearest Remote Biochecker and make contact with him as soon as you can," Brat answered.

Remote Biocheker. Heero had read about this facility a few months earlier. It was a new facility where people didn't need to have their doctor nearby to have an examination. They only needed to sit in a special machine that would check their body's condition and send the result to their doctor.

Duo's eyes narrowed. "What for?"

Brat grinned. "Who knows? Maybe he will lift the ban sooner, if your body shows a full recovery."

"I'll contact him now." Duo stood up and went to get his car keys.

"Duo!" Quatre sounded horrified "You have guests at the moment! How can you be so rude as to leave us just like that?!"

"You can come with me, Q." Duo dragged the blond man with him. "I can't wait to fuck Heero again, so the sooner I do this, the sooner I can get Souver to lift his damn ban."

Quatre blushed scarlet. Heero was in the same condition. Brat, however, was laughing in amusement.

"But, Harley is..." Quatre protested as he was dragged to the door.

"Ah, don't worry, Quatre. I'm sure Heero won't mind staying with me here." Brat moved to sit next to Heero and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "I have something to discuss with him as well."

"Fine, Heero can stay with you, but no touching him!" Duo glared.

Brat released Heero's shoulders and muttered. "Possessive bastard."

Duo, thankfully didn't hear the words. "Keep an eye on him, Heero. I'll return soon." He continued toward the door, still dragging Quatre with him.

"Duo! You are so rude! Harley is an important..." Quatre's voice was cut as the door closed behind his back.

Heero sat in the suddenly silent room. He still couldn't believe what had happened. He knew his Master was very impatient to pounce on him, but he never thought it was as severe as this. A chuckle from next to him brought him from his shock. Heero turned to Brat who was grinning in amusement.

"He is really impatient to fuck you, huh?"

Heero had given up on controlling his face. He was sure his face was as red as tomato at the moment. "Sorry, I never thought he would do something like this. He was very rude to you."

Brat waved his hand dismissively. "Don't feel guilty. I understand exactly how he is feeling at the moment."

Heero raised an eyebrow at the comment.

"I've been in the same condition as him before. My Master would not touch me until I was fully recovered!" Brat's face was annoyed now. "One month! One full month of celibacy!"

"Not even a handjob or bl...blowjob?" Heero blushed, not believing he was discussing something so private with someone else other than his Master.

"No, he didn't want me to do something strenuous, and orgasm fell into the strenuous activity category according to him."

"He kept his hands off you for that long?" Heero was amazed. He wasn't sure Duo could last that long.

Brat nodded. "I tried to seduce him with everything I had, but you have to admit that the sight of me in bandages was not very interesting. Anyhow, I then tried emotional blackmail on him. The bastard stayed true to his resolve."

"Emotional blackmail?"

"I cried and shouted that he wasn't fucking me because he didn't love me anymore."

"What was his reaction?"

Brat's face softened at the memory. "He said he loved me too much to fuck me."

Heero couldn't help but smile. "He is a good Master."

"The best." Brat shook his head. "Now, enough about me. How are you coping with your horny Master?"

"Quite good." Heero tried to answer neutrally but he knew his flushing face betrayed him. "He only lost control once but he managed to calm down eventually."

Brat's eyes gleamed as he bent closer. "Tell me."

So Heero told him.

When Heero finished his story, Brat laughed for a full whole minute. Heero glared peevishly at him.

"Sorry," Brat stuttered between his receding laughter. "You are so cute, you know."

Heero's glare went up a notch. He wasn't cute!

"Okay, okay, so he gave you a blowjob as an apology, that's it?"

"He told me he wanted to put a tattoo on me."

Brat sat up straight at that. "Tattoo? Permanent tattoo?"

Heero nodded.

"Congratulations!" Brat slapped his shoulder. "Where did he put the tattoo? Show me."

"Not yet," Heero blushed, "he is going to get the tattoo on Sunday."

"On the day he can fuck you again? So clever of him," Brat snickered. "After you bear his tattoo he will let lose all his pent-up sexual frustration on you."

"I'd already figured that out." Heero didn't want to think how sore he would be after that.

"So what will you give him?"

"Huh?" Heero looked at Brat in confusion. "Give, what?"

"A present?" Brat blinked when Heero's face still showed confusion. "You don't know about it? Well, thank goodness I'm here." The black haired man assumed a teaching manner. "You know that for a Master to put a permanent mark on a slave is like a life long commitment, like marriage, don't you?"

Heero nodded.

"So a slave usually gives something in return to his Master. Something valued by both of them and to show the slave's commitment back to his Master."

"I didn't know about that!" Heero began to panic. He never thought to give his Master something in return for the tattoo!

"Well, now you know," Brat said.

"What should I give him?"

Brat shook his head, "I can't tell you what to give. This is your commitment to your Master. Think carefully about what you want to give him. What you want to tell him with your present."

"But how can I give him something? I have no money except what he allows me to have. If I ask for money from him it will defeat the purpose of my gift, won't it?"

"The present doesn't always have to be a physical item, you know. You can give him something you've made yourself. However, if you need money, that's easy. You can borrow the money from me. I have plenty," Brat grinned.

"You or your Master have plenty?" Heero asked pointedly.

"Oh yeah, I did give him my inheritance so it's my Master who has plenty." Brat beamed. "It was a hard and long fight to get him to accept my inheritance, you know. Anyway I digress. I mean, I can always ask for some money from my Master to help my friend. He won't mind."

Heero hesitated. "It will be difficult to pay you back."

Brat grinned wider and Heero suddenly had a bad feeling. "I have a solution for that."

Five minutes later, Heero agreed to Brat's proposal, though he silently sent an apology to his Master. "I think I just made a deal with the devil," he commented.

"Oh, stop being so dramatic," Brat snorted, "you'd better think about what gift you want to give him."

Heero pondered about that for a few minutes before Brat distracted him with another comment.

"You know, your Master might come back more frustrated, not to mention furious if my Master decides to extend his ban."

That comment brought full blown panic to Heero. He was already suffering under his frustrated and horny Master. If the sex restriction was extended, he couldn't imagine what other tortures his Master would think up for him. "I'll kill your Master then!"

Brat laughed out loud. "He is that horny, huh?"

Heero just glared at his friend.

As it turned out, Duo's check up did nothing to lift Souver's restriction. He still had to abstain from vigorous activities for two more days. It was an irritated Master who returned to the apartment, spewing curses about a certain doctor. "That good for nothing Doctor!"

Quatre was scolding him all the way to the apartment. His face was a mix of exasperation and amusement. "Duo! I know you are frustrated but you can't storm out and leave me in the lab to hear the rest of your check up results from Souver! It's a good thing I was the one who drove or you would have left me stranded!"

Brat shot Heero an amused grin and mouthed, 'good luck' to him before standing up. "Maybe we should let Heero console his lover, Quatre."

"I'm not finished with this ogre..."

Brat approached the blond man. "We also have some unfinished business due to you racing off to this apartment."

Quatre crossed his arms and huffed. "Very well, I'll return later when he gets his sanity back." He then turned to Heero. "Message from Souver. He is recovering nicely but under no circumstances is he allowed to do any hip dancing activities." Quatre put emphasis on the word 'hip dancing'.

"No hip dancing, Heero!" Brat laughed as he steered Quatre out of the apartment, leaving a flushing Heero to tend to his Master.

Once the door was closed behind Quatre and Brat, Heero turned toward his Master who was still muttering some curses.

"You know Quatre will not let your rudeness go, Master," Heero started.

Duo stopped ranting and focused at him. His violet eyes gleamed wildly as he approached his slave. "I'll apologize to him later. Now be a good slave and help me relieve my frustration."

As he was dragged back to the bedroom, Heero wished he had just let his Master keep ranting.


"I know you were raised on the street, but I expected better than that from you, Duo. You can't just go out and leave your guest!"

"Now see here, Q. Heero was with Harley..."

"Especially Harley! He is a nobleman! You can't just treat an aristocrat so rudely like that!"

"But Q..."

"Keep your mouth closed and listen to me, Duo Maxwell. I'll teach you manners even if I have to pound them into you."

Heero looked at his sulky lover and his incensed blond friend. True to his character, Quatre didn't let Duo get away with last night's rudeness. This morning the Arabian man had returned to Duo's apartment and proceeded to lecture him.

"You are amused."

Heero turned his attention to the man standing next to him near the window. "You too."

Trowa smirked slightly. Quatre had brought his tall lover with him this morning and no doubt had related last night's events to him.

"It has been a while since I saw Quatre this worked up. This is a good stress reliever for him. He has been trying to be a saint for the past few months."

His Master was a good stress reliever for someone as gentle as Quatre? Heero couldn't begin to describe both the amusement and irony he felt at that statement. Then again, Quatre was the only one who could get away with lecturing his Master like this.

"So, what is your connection with Harley?"

Heero stared at his friend, one eyebrow raised to show his puzzlement.

"Quatre isn't buying the whole 'Duo's doctor's partner' thing."

"Harley really is Duo's doctor's partner," Heero said, feeling a little nervous.

"That's not the whole truth, is it?"

Heero glared at the tall man.

Trowa just calmly held Heero's stare. "Quatre's deep space heart."

Just those four words were enough to deflate Heero's defense. They should have known Quatre would detect their uneasiness.

"Why doesn't he ask Duo himself?" Heero gestured to the blonde who was still passionately lecturing Heero's Master.

"Quatre sensed embarrassment and guiltiness from you two," Trowa explained, "he figured I'm more suited to ask the question."

Heero was amused when he imagined a blushing Quatre listening to Duo's explanation. Yes, it was probably for the best that he was the one to explain to Trowa and later, Trowa could explain the truth to Quatre.

Heero gestured toward the kitchen. "I'll explain it in the kitchen." And prepare lunch while he explained. That way he had something to do other than blush every few seconds while explaining the nature of his and Duo's relationship.

Trowa raised an eyebrow but gamely followed Heero into the kitchen. "Long explanation?"

"You could say that."


By the time Heero finished his explanation, lunch was ready to be served. He turned to Trowa and was a bit amused to see his stoic friend blushing. "Not what you expected?"

"Of the millions of possibilities I can think of? No, I never thought about this." Trowa was silent then and Heero held his own tongue, knowing that it took a while to assimilate all the facts.

"You are a slave?"

Heero nodded.

"And you are happy with it?"

Heero nodded again.

"I guess I need to learn more about this lifestyle." Trowa put a hand on Heero's shoulder. "But I can see you are happy with Duo."

Heero put his hand over Trowa's and squeezed. "Very."

Trowa nodded and removed his hand. He then gestured toward the dishes full with food. "Need help with that?"

Heero nodded and handed the salad bowl and empty plates to Trowa. "So, will Quatre be okay with this?"

Trowa smiled slightly as he started walking toward the living room. "You know what? I think I will have fun explaining this to him."

Heero raised one eyebrow as he carried the remaining two plates full of food.

"I will start by telling him that Duo hits you everyday."

Heero had to fight to keep the dishes in his hands steady. "What!?"

"Duo does hit your ass everyday." Trowa's smile was full of mirth. "Am I wrong?"

"Wrong? No. Evil? Yes." Heero could just imagine a frantic Quatre listening to Trowa's explanation and figuring one hundred and one ways to punish Duo.

Trowa just grinned widely.

Heero was silent for a moment before commenting. "You know, if Quatre was into this lifestyle, he would spank you for being naughty."

Trowa stumbled, but fortunately didn't drop any of the dishes.

"I wouldn't be the slave," said a flushing Trowa.

"If you say so." Heero kept walking and hid his smile. Now he had a new weapon to tease Trowa with. Payback was so sweet.


Sunday, early in the morning, Heero was woken up with kisses.

"Morning, Kitten," Duo said in between the kisses.

"Morning, Master," mumbled Heero. Still half asleep, he sighed and opened his mouth, welcoming his Master's tongue inside. This was a nice way to wake up.

When the tongue had finished the inspection and withdrew, Heero slowly opened his eyes. His Master was lying on his side, one hand supporting his head. Heero could feel possessiveness radiating from those violet orbs as they roamed over his body.

"You're mine," Duo said softly but firmly. His hand, the one not supporting his head, touched the black collar.

"I'm yours, Master," Heero responded.

The hand then trailed down to the right side of his chest and tugged at the ring embedded in his nipple.

"Mine," said Duo.

"Yours," replied Heero.

The hand tugged at the other nipple ring, the cock ring and then the earrings. All the time, Duo kept repeating the word and Heero replied with the same answer. He was Duo's. Always.

Duo's hand released the earring and he quickly rolled his body so that he rested on Heero. Heero welcomed his Master's weight on him and spread his legs to make his Master more comfortable. His head was then cradled in his Master's hands and he could look at nothing but his Master's face.

"The marks I have put on you," Duo spoke up, "all of them can be removed." He released one hand from Heero's head and slipped it between them to rest on the left side of Heero's chest. "But the one I put here is eternal. The ink is special. It can never be removed from your flesh unless you want to risk the severe pain of tearing your flesh off. Even then you will be scarred and that scar will still be my mark instead of the tattoo."

Heero shuddered at the possessive tone as his Master's fingers caressed his bare chest.

"Last chance to back out, Heero," his Master whispered softly.

In answer, Heero wrapped his arms around his Master's shoulders and his legs around his Master's hips. He raised his head and whispered next to his Master's ear. "From this day on, my heart will beat only under your mark, Duo."

There was a strange, strangled sound emitted from Duo before Heero found himself pushed down onto the bed and his Master plundering his mouth ferociously. Heero welcomed the onslaught and arched his back, offering himself toward his Master. This was Sunday, the day his Master could fuck him without any repercussion. Heero was ready for the long hard fuck. He'd missed it.

It was to Heero's great surprise then when his Master stopped the kiss and left the bed.

"Master?" Heero asked in confusion.

Duo was standing next to the bed. He took a deep breath and looked at his slave. "I'll not take you before you have my mark, Kitten."


"You're forbidden to speak until I say otherwise." Duo snapped his fingers twice and pointed downward.

Heero hurriedly scrambled down and knelt on the floor before his Master, head bowed. He was face to face with his poor cock which was hard and straining desperately for release.

"You're in deep submission from now on. I want you to heel me and do what I tell you without hesitation. Do you understand me?"

In answer, Heero lowered his body until his lips touched Duo's bare feet. He kissed each foot then straightened up, eyes still cast downward.

"Good, Kitten." Duo patted his slave's head gently. He then headed toward the bathroom.

Heero stood up and followed his Master closely. His Master stepped into the shower. Heero joined him and got to work cleaning his Master. When he was finished, his Master took the sponge from his hand and returned the favor.

Heero sighed as his Master's hands ran up and down his body, cleaning every crease and nook of his body. His Master was more thorough in his cleaning than usual and it took both of them about an hour to finish their shower.

Returning to the bedroom, clean and dry, Heero was ready to be sent to make breakfast but his Master surprised him again.

"On your hands and knees on the bed. Face the headboard and hold your ass high."

Heero did as ordered. With his face facing the headboard, he couldn't see his Master, but Heero could feel the large presence behind him. He was not surprised when his night butt plug was tugged and withdrawn. What surprised him was the two oily fingers penetrating his just cleared channel. The fingers spread the oil inside him and around his puckered opening. "You once worried about being loose," Duo informed his slave, "I have spanked you daily to tighten your ass, but I want it tighter for today."

Heero shuddered at his Master's heavy voice.

"This method will see you tighter than the virgin you once were," his Master announced as Heero felt a thin stick inserted into him. It was so thin that Heero was wondering whether it was a chopstick that his Master had inserted. It felt loose inside him, and slick because of the oil his Master had spread liberally. There was something being done to the outer end of the stick before he heard his Master again.

"I have marked the part just outside your tempting hole. Your task is to keep this thin stick from sliding out." His Master prodded the stick to emphasize his point. "The oil will make it easy to slide out when you stand up or move so you'd better clench that delectable ass of yours to keep it inside. I will punish you severely if you even let a millimeter slide out."

Duo prodded the stick once more before ordering his slave to stand up next to the bed.

Sadist. Sadist. Sadist, was Heero's mantra as he slowly straightened up, clenching his ass as tight as hell. The stick was so slippery that he felt it could slide out at any time. It took all of Heero's concentration to keep the stick from moving, so much concentration that he was surprised to notice his Master was already clothed.

Duo had put on a black shirt and black khaki pants. He brought a bundle of clothes toward his slave. He put the bundle on the bed and pulled a piece of cloth from it.

"Spread your arms," ordered Duo as he spread the light blue material.

Heero raised his hands and slid them into the cloth. His Master stood in front of him and crossed one side of the cloth over the other one before securing it with white band around his waist.

Duo picked up the prussian blue cloth this time and put it on his slave using the same method as the first one. This time he secured the material with dark blue obi.

Heero was now fully clothed in a kimono. He felt grateful that his Master had chosen a male kimono for him this time. Wearing the female one had been embarrassing for him.

"You look perfect," Duo announced in satisfaction. He grabbed his slave's face and proceeded to plunder the luscious mouth.

Heero was panting with need when his Master finally let him go.

"We will have breakfast outside, Kitten. Try not to let anything fall out during the journey, will ya?" Duo patted his slave's ass fondly before heading toward the door.

Sadist. Sadist. Sadist. Heero repeated the mantra as he cautiously followed his Master out of the apartment. Duo was evil in choosing this kind of cloth for him. He hadn't put any underwear on Heero, be it Japanese styled or boxers. Poor Heero had to keep clenching his ass to keep the stick from suffering free fall.

It took all Heero's concentration to keep the treacherous stick inside him while he got into the car. However, once he sat down, Heero could relax a bit. The stick wouldn't budge now that it was pressed down against the seat. It was a bit uncomfortable to have a stick inside your ass but Heero had been used to having various toys inserted into him. His sadist Master had seen to that.

A chuckle from the driver's side made Heero shoot a death glare to the driver.

"You are happy to get a brief respite, aren't you, Kitten?" Duo said as he started the car.

Heero huffed and looked away.

"Now don't sulk. Do you know what's inside you, Kitten?"

Heero shook his head in the negative. Face still turned to the window.

"You have had it inserted before, you know."

Heero turned back to stare curiously at his Master.

Duo chuckled. "Of course having twenty of them is different from having just one."

Twenty of this nasty thing? Heero's memory came forth at the reminder. He remembered how his evil Master had inserted the slim black vibrators one by one, adding weights on his nipple along the way. It was heaven and hell for Heero. So the one inside him now was one of the slim.. black...... vibrators........

Vibrator!? Heero stared in horror at his Master.

"Figured it out?" Duo asked in amusement. "Yes, Kitten, it's a vibrator. And it's time for it to hold true to its name, don't you think?" His sadist Master clicked on something small in his pocket.

The nasty thing inside him came alive. Heero gasped and squirmed. His eyes closed as he threw his head back, resigned to be his Master's play toy during the journey.


The vibration stopped at the same time as the car stopped. Heero heaved a loud sigh and opened his eyes. They were parked in the China Town area, in front of a tea house.

"Let's have breakfast here," Duo announced and got out of the car.

Heero got shakily out of the car. The nasty vibrator, thankfully, was still in its original position. Heero felt a little miffed when he realized that he could still feel grateful to his sadist Master for choosing this tea house. It was a Japanese restaurant so no one would bat an eyelash when he entered in his kimono. Duo ordered for him and they got down eating without further ado.

Finished with the food, Duo paid the bill and went outside. Heero followed obediently, albeit a little slowly. He had assumed they would get back to the car and his torture would begin again. However, his Master kept on walking and went around the building. Heero clenched his ass so tightly that he thought he heard the squishing sound of his inner flesh against the slippery stick, then he went after his Master.

They crossed two blocks and went into a narrow alley before Duo stopped in front of a green door. There was no sign on it and no window to peer inside, but Duo boldly knocked on it.

The door was swung open a few seconds later and a Chinese man in his forties stood before them. He was clothed in traditional Chinese garb and wore glasses.

"Duo Maxwell?" he asked with a heavy Chinese accent.

Duo nodded. "Is your Master ready?"

"He is. Come in."

Heero followed his Master inside. Unlike the dark exterior, the interior of the building was clean and painted in an ivory color. The air conditioner kept the room cool. There was a glass wall separating the room into two. The smaller one, the one they were in at the moment, had row of seats next to the door and a receptionist desk on the wall opposite them. The room behind the receptionist contained a lot of equipment similar to medical equipment.

"You are right on time. Do you want to get started right away?" the man asked as he wrote something in the book on the desk.

"I need to use the restroom first, if you don't mind," answered Duo.

The man gestured to the door on the left wall. "Be my guest. I'll tell my Master of your arrival. He will be waiting in the next room once you are ready."

"Thank you," Duo said then headed toward the gestured door.

Heero followed his Master into the restroom. It had a sink and a stall. His Master stood near the sink and pointed at it. "Lock the door then bend over the sink, Kitten."

Heero did as he was told. Facing the sink, he wondered whether his Master couldn't hold onto his resolve anymore and wanted to fuck him right here right now. He felt more certain of his guess when his kimono was flipped upward, baring his ass to the world. His certainty grew stronger as fingers pried his ass cheeks apart. He was ready for the slim stick to be pulled out and was disappointed when his Master only prodded at it.

"Still at the same depth. You are holding it well, Kitten." Duo twisted the slim vibrator.

Heero gasped slightly but said nothing more as his Master released his ass and flipped his kimono back down. He tried to tell himself that he should have known his Master was good at keeping his resolution, but kamisama, he really wanted to be fucked. His Master wasn't the only one missing the fucking. Heero wanted to be filled, to be pounded until he could walk no more.

Ten thousand vibrators could not replace his Master's warm, yet rigid cock.

"Stand up and face me, Kitten."

Heero shakily straightened up and turned to his Master.

"Someone will help me put my tattoo on you but I don't want you to remember him as the tattooist. It's my mark and you will remember only me." Duo cradled his slave's face with both hands. "That's why I'll put a blindfold on you and plug your ears. The blindfold will be removed at stages during the process when I want you to see my face, but the ear plugs will stay until the end."

The old Heero would have protested at not knowing who was in the room and doing something to his body. But Heero now had nothing to worry about. His body belonged to Duo and his Master would keep him safe. Heero cupped his Master's hands with his and kissed each palm to show his acceptance.

The sight of his Master smiling proudly at him was enough to let him know he had made the right choice. There were no more words needed between them anymore.

Duo took out a black blindfold from his shirt pocket. He bent forward and kissed each of his slave's eyelids before wrapping the cloth around them.

Heero's world became dark.

A kiss on each earlobe and then the plugs were inserted.

Heero's world was void of noise.

Soft, warm flesh touched his lips and Heero kissed back. Arms drew him into his Master's embrace and Heero inhaled the unique scent that was Duo. When he was led out of the restroom, his mind held only one thought. His Master.

Heero walked slowly, focusing in the direction of his Master's pulling hand and also keeping the slim vibrator still inside him. The hand on his chest made him stop. There were a few seconds of immobility before his Master's hands tugged at his clothes. They pulled the clothes aside and down his arms so that Heero's upper body was now bare.

He was then guided to lie on a hard surface at the same height as his waist. The surface was cool but it was soon warmed by his body. There was longer absence this time before his left nipple ring was tugged and then removed. Heero gasped at the removal but quieted when his Master's kissed his now bare nipple.

His nipple ring would hinder the tattoo process. That was why it had to be removed. Heero was sure of it.

Something cold swept on the left side of his chest. Disinfectant, Heero's mind supplied. He had looked up about the tattooing process on the net. The next step should be shaving any chest hair, but Heero had none. His Japanese heritage had seen to that. A paper-like material touched the sterile area next and it was wet. It ought to be the guideline to transfer the tattoo shape onto his chest.

His blindfold was tugged down and his head pulled upward. Heero's line of vision was filled with his Master's upside down face. He was talking and Heero tried to read the lips.

'I will put my mark on you now,' was what Heero could catch before something stung his chest. Heero tensed but his Master's hands cradled his face and caressed it reassuringly. Heero relaxed his body and more stings landed on his chest. It was not quite painful for him, more like bee stings really. The pain circled his left nipple before going up and made some outline that Heero couldn't visualize. The sight of his Master and the gentle caress on his face had distracted him from the pain in his chest.

When the pain ceased, his Master put the blindfold back on him and moved away. Heero mourned the lost. He was kept in the silent, dark world for quite sometime before his Master's hands were back on his face. This time the blindfold stayed on as the pain in his chest began again. His Master's hands however, didn't stay still. They roamed over his face, stroking his nose, lips, chin, earlobe, and combed through his hair. The hands then strayed further to his right side, caressing his right shoulder and arms. They kept moving, kneading his right thigh and stroked his knees.

His feet were next. His Master's nimble fingers massaged each toe slowly and sensually. Heero sighed and relaxed further. Though his world was dark, Heero felt safe. The pain gradually disappeared and the pleasure became stronger. He felt like he was floating. His Master's hands were everywhere, caressing him and taking care of him. He floated in the hazy clouds of pleasure.

Then came the time when his blindfold was removed and his world turned heavenly bright. Duo's face came through the light. It was still upside down but it was the most beautiful sight to Heero.

'It's done,' Duo's lips said. Heero blinked and looked down. A white bandage covered the left side of his chest and nipple. Before he could notice anything else, his eyes were covered with the blindfold again. It stayed on as he was guided to stand up and his upper body was clothed once again. There was a brief silence in which Heero assumed his Master was settling the business with the tattooist. Then his Master's hand pulled him in a certain direction.

Warm air hit his face and Heero knew they were outside the building. His blindfold was loosened and the ear plugs were removed. His world was full of color and noisy once more.


The journey back home was filled with silence but comfortable. Heero was relaxed against the seat, enjoying the tiny throbs of pain from his new tattoo. However, once they arrived at the apartment, Heero had some difficulty getting out of the car. The nasty, slim vibrator was trying its best to slide out while Heero was trying his best to keep it inside.

Heero clenched his ass so hard that he thought it would never open again and managed to keep the toy in place. His Master put an arm around his waist and guided him into the elevator.

"I can't wait to get inside you, Kitten," was whispered into his ear.

Heero shuddered at the lust and possessiveness radiating from his Master's voice. He couldn't wait either. He was only aware of his Master's warmth around him as they got into the lift and then into the apartment. His next awareness was being in bedroom as his Master withdrew from him.

"On your fours," Duo gestured toward the bed.

Heero carefully climbed onto the bed and arranged himself on his hands and knees. He lowered his head and raised his ass high in the air. There was a sharp intake of breath before Heero felt the bed dip behind him. Then hands grabbed his kimono and flipped it up, revealing his bare ass. Warm fingers grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart.

"Looks like you managed to keep it inside you," Duo said roughly as he prodded the slim vibrator. "I want you to tighten that ass of yours as I pull this out. Let's see how much resistance you can give me, Kitten."

Heero inhaled sharply as the slim toy was twisted around. It was then pulled out slowly and Heero quickly clenched every inner muscle he could think of to keep it from moving. However, his oily canal and the firm tug from his Master definitely won the battle. He could offer some resistance, but in the end, the toy left his body.

He wasn't empty for long though. A finger quickly pushed its way inside his puckered ring and Heero gasped in surprise. The finger felt so big inside him.

"Lovely and tight," his Master said roughly.

The finger was withdrawn and Heero heard the sound of a zipper being pulled. His heart throbbed faster in anticipation. Finally, his Master would claim him. His hips were grabbed and lifted higher. Then Heero felt the familiar bluntness bear down upon his puckered ring.

Heero tried to relax but his body was slow to obey. After keeping the slim stick inside for so long, his Master's cock felt like a giant baseball ramming against his opening.

"Yes, I'll enjoy your tightness, Kitten," Duo hissed and pushed harder.

Heero whimpered as his puckered ring was forced open and his Master's cock slid inside. His Master' cock must have grown during his enforced rest, It never felt this big before! His Master pulled out slightly then pushed back in hard. While his channel was oily, it was also tight. Being stretched so suddenly was sending stabs of pain through Heero. He opened his mouth to scream but remembering his deep submission, he buried his head into the mattress and let his scream be muffled by the bed. His thighs quivered as he tried to hold his position.

Warm breath brushed his ear before a wet tongue licked the earlobe. "You are mine." The words were whispered huskily. Heero shivered at the intense tone. His owner licked his earlobe again then his neck. Heero felt his Master's weight rest on him before sharp teeth bit his neck. Heero gasped and arched his back in reflex. His Master's right hand released his hip and sneaked down. It pulled his kimono aside and grabbed onto his right nipple ring, tugging it firmly. Heero keened and lowered his upper body until his head rested once more on the bed.

His Master was inside him. His Master enveloped him. Pain in his neck and chest, warmth along his body and a deep intrusion at his end; he accepted them all. He was claimed by his Master. As if sensing his total surrender, his Master released his neck, hip, and nipple ring. Those hands covered Heero's hands on either side of his head while the teeth nipped at his shoulder.

"Mine." Duo said the word harshly as he pulled out completely then sank straight back into his slave.

Heero clutched his owner's hands tightly as he was ridden roughly. The thrusts were sharp and hard. Pulling out and sinking back in, in one thrust. There was no slow rocking or pausing to prod at his prostate. Despite the slight pain from his tight passage, Heero welcomed the thrusts eagerly. His Master had gone too long without fucking him. He had missed this. No vibrator or butt plug could make him feel so safe and owned like this.

One sharp thrust stabbed his prostate causing Heero to gurgle in pleasure and pain. 'Master'. He repeated the word in his mind for every thrust into his body. Master, master, master, Heero chanted the word inwardly as the thrusts became faster.

Heero could feel the pleasure climb up in his Master. He could feel the exact time his Master reached the point of no return. His Master's fingers tightened around his as his Master slammed hard. Then the fingers left him and his Master withdrew completely. Heero didn't have time to be surprised as his Master rolled him onto his back and slammed back in. Hard. Fingers found his and tightened around them. The body covering him froze as his Master threw his head back and let out a fierce shout.


His Master's warm seed surged into him. His own cock was hard and ready to burst, but Heero forgot about it. He was engrossed in watching his Master. Duo was locked in the highest thrill and Heero was the one who had taken him to that point. Awe, pleasure, and joy bubbled fervently inside him.

Heero kept watching as Duo slowly came down from the peak. He was ready when his Master collapsed onto him. He opened his arms and legs and embraced the sweaty body of his Master. The left side of his left chest throbbed slightly with the impact, but he welcomed it. His arms wrapped around his Master and his legs tangled with his Master's.

"I love you, Kitten," Duo murmured gruffly.

Heero purred in happiness and tightened his embrace. He would be anything his Master wanted him to be. A bed, a sex toy, a companion, a lover. Anything.


The sun was setting when Duo opened his eyes again. He blinked in confusion for a few seconds before realization dawned on him. He rose up slightly and looked down at his slave.

Heero had been watching. He had not fallen asleep, content he was with being his Master's mattress and watching over him. When his Master looked down, Heero smiled shyly in greeting.

His Master smiled widely. "Ready for round two, Kitten?"

Heero answered by clenching his passage around his Master's cock and was pleased at the surprise his Master showed. He had used his newfound ability to keep his Master's cock inside him during Duo's slumber. It was quite a task but he'd managed it.

"You're hungry for my cock, aren't you?" Duo asked his slave.

The Japanese slave nodded eagerly and squished his Master's cock again. It had become hard in no time.

"My cock hungry slut," Duo growled as he withdrew.

Heero whined in protest but at his Master's insistent tug, he let go. He mournfully watched and felt as his Master separated from him.

"Don't sulk, Kitten. I'll be inside you soon." Duo straightened up and pointed at the mirror on the wardrobe, "Now stand up near there."

Heero grudgingly left the bed and went to stand on the assigned spot. He didn't fix his kimono which had fallen from his shoulders to his arms. His Master had sat up on the edge of the bed and was watching him.

"Remove your clothes," came the order.

Heero hurriedly grabbed his obi.


Pouting, he slowly untangled the obi and let it fall to the floor. He looked at his Master and kept the eye contact as he removed one side of his outer kimono and then the other one. He then let it fall on the floor behind him. Still maintaining the eye contact, Heero unwrapped the waist band and added it to the pile on the floor.

Only one piece left and Heero moved very slowly as he removed the inner kimono. Then he was naked for his Master's pleasure.

"Such a beauty," Duo murmured huskily, "Turn around, Kitten and put your hands on the mirror. Head down and ass up."

Heero did as ordered. He heard the rustle of clothes behind him and he knew without a doubt that his Master was removing his own garments.

"Do you know how enticing you are, Kitten?" Duo said as he stood up and removed the last piece of his clothing. "I can see my seed leaking down from your tight hole."

Heero looked into the mirror and saw his Master approached him, as naked as he was. Duo stood before him and met his eyes in the mirror. Heero gasped as a finger slipped into his hole and roamed around. "I want to fill you up with my seed then I'll plug your hole. You'll have to bear my seed for a whole night."

Oh yes, please do. Heero panted in need. The finger inside him withdrew. Heero whined at the loss.

"Do you want my cock inside you?"

Heero nodded eagerly.

"Beg me, then. Your deep submission is over. You may use words."

Beg? Heero swallowed to wet his throat. If that would get that big cock inside him, beg he would. "Please, Master, fuck me."

"Be more creative, Kitten."

Heero was mad with need and his Master wanted him to be creative. His sadist Master was back! Heero growled in frustration and wiggled his ass.

"Ah ah, beg first," said Duo.

"I'm mad with need, Master," Heero said hoarsely. "I need your cock in me, pounding me to the wall." He grabbed both his ass cheeks and pulled them aside to reveal his seed leaking hole. "Please fill this hungry hole until it can hold your seed no more. Please fuck me so hard that I can't walk tomorrow. Please..."

Heero's sentence changed into a cry as his Master suddenly grabbed his hips and sank into his leaking hole.

"Your wish is granted," Duo grunted as he started rocking fast.

"Thank you, Master," Heero panted and rested his hands back onto the mirror to balance himself.

One of his Master's hands trailed up and tugged on his right nipple. Heero arched his back. The other hand sneaked down and grabbed his long ignored cock. Heero squeaked loudly at the touch. His cock had been very sensitive since it had been denied too many times. Pleasure shot up into him in big wave, overwhelming him.

"Master!" Heero arched his body further back. "I can't...." He mewled as his Master's squeezed his cock. "No, I can't..."

"Just until I come." Duo squeezed his slave's cock again. "Now put your back into driving back onto me."

Heero pushed back eagerly. Finally he would be able to come! He pushed back and clenched his passage frantically. To his relief, it was not long before he felt his Master tense. When his Master's seed spilled into him, Heero threw his head back and let go of everything. The force of the pleasure blinded him and turned his mind into mushy soup. He vaguely heard himself screaming, but it sounded like it was coming from someone else. He felt like floating in the space which was white instead of black. Pleasure was inside him, over him, enveloping him into a cocoon. He was free of everything.


Warm, wet, soft, touch, gentle, love.

Heero hummed.

"Welcome back."

Heero blinked owlishly. "Huh?"

"Finally come down from your sub's space?" Duo put a wet hand on his slave's cheek. "You have been gone for half an hour."

Heero blinked rapidly as his mind registered the reality. He was now in the bath tub and sitting in his Master's lap, face to face. Judging from the lukewarm water they were in, he had been in la la land for quite some time. Then his mind registered his Master's words. Half an hour! He had been gone for that long! His Master must be worried!

Heero rested his forehead against Duo's. "I'm sorry for making you worry, Master."

His Master smiled and pecked him with a kiss, "I'm worried, but pleased too."

Well there was nothing to say to that. Heero decided to just enjoy the moment. He rested his head on Duo's shoulder and wrapped his arms around his owner's body.

Duo sighed and leant against the tub. He lazily poured the water over his slave's back but kept the peaceful silence between them.


"Time to get up, Kitten."

Heero made a protesting sound, content to sit in his Master's lap.

"It's lovely to sit here, but your skin will wrinkle like an old man soon. We also missed lunch so I need to order some big take out for dinner."

Whining, Heero wrapped his arms and legs around his Master and buried his face further into Duo's neck.

"Spoiled Kitten," Duo chuckled but straightened up anyway. He stood up gradually, balancing his body which had a spoiled slave wrapped around it.

Slowly, he stepped out of the tub and moved them toward the towel hanger. "Stand up on your own, Kitten. I want to dry you."

Knowing he had pushed his Master as far as he could, Heero reluctantly released his hold on his Master and stood up.

His Master made a quick work of drying him then himself. Then to Heero's surprise, he opened his arms. "Come now."

Heero stared.

"Don't want to be carried again? Fine...." Duo ended the sentence with laughter as his slave jumped into his arms before the end of the sentence. The said slave was wrapping his arms and legs around him, clutching like a koala cub. "If I was not too fond of your slave name, I would have changed it into koala, Kitten."

Heero playfully bit his Master's shoulder, causing Duo to laugh louder. "Point taken, you're as fierce as a kitten you are."

Duo then carried his slave to the bedroom. He deposited his slave on the bed then went toward the special cabinet.

Heero watched as his Master put on black leather pants and a vest. Then he took out the attire Heero knew very well. He straightened up and waited for his Master's return in anticipation.

"Time to live up to your name, Kitten." Duo stood next to the bed and put the gear on the bed. He lifted one piece from the pile and held it before his slave.

Heero sat down on his feet and bowed his head in submission. The cat ears were slipped onto his head. His Master took two similar pieces from the pile. This time, Heero offered his hands reverently. A glove in shape of cat paw was slipped onto his right hand first and then another on his left one.

Another two similar pieces were taken from the pile. This time, Heero rearranged his sitting position and lifted his legs. Ankle boots, also in shape of cat paws, were put on them. The next piece had Heero turning around on his hands and knees and raising his ass eagerly.

Duo chuckled as he slid the cat tail butt plug into his slave. "Slutty Kitten, that's what you are."

Heero squeezed the plug hard, causing the tail to swing wide. It hit his Master's arm. It also got him a spank in return.

"Keep in that position." Duo said as he fixed the last piece of cat costume on his slave.

Heero made a face as he realized what was being put on him.

"Turn around, Kitten."

Heero tried to turn slowly but the damn bell on his right ankle still tinkled loudly. His Master laughed at his disgusted expression.

"Don't pout, Kitten. You're beautiful."

Heero scrunched his face more and was inwardly happy when his Master laughed louder.

"Come here, Kitten. Look at yourself in the mirror."

Bells tinkling merrily, Heero approached the mirror. He stopped short when he saw his reflection. He was the very picture of a pleasure slave in costume. However, it wasn't the costume that made him stop. It was the mark on the left side of his chest. Heero had totally forgotten about the tattoo. Sometime during his visit to la la land, his Master must had removed the bandage and cleaned it. His Master had put some ointment on it as well, judging from the reflected light on it.

Though shiny, Heero could see the shape of the tattoo. It was what made him stop short. Angel wing on one side and a bat wing on the other side. There was a thin tail trailing from the bat wing and looped around his left nipple. Heero knew what it symbolized and he was so overwhelmed by it.

"I may be the God of Death, but you are an angel, Heero," Duo said as he hugged his slave from behind. His fingers placed a small bell on each of his nipple rings. He then rested his left hand on the tattoo gently. Heero was sure Duo could feel the hard throbs of his heart. "The God of Death fell in love with an angel. Now he can only fly if the angel is with him. That's me in a nutshell."

"Duo..." Heero's voice shook as he looked into the solemn, violet orbs in the mirror.

"This also symbolizes our Gundams. No matter that everyone said they were just a machine, for us it was more than that. Deathscythe and Wing had been with us during hard times and had helped us to survive till the end."

Duo kissed Heero's cheek gently. "And beneath this fancy mark was the most important thing for me." His hand covered the tattoo. "My heart will beat as long as it does."

"Duo..." Heero felt his heart catch in his throat.

Duo met his eyes in the mirror. "There's no future without you, Heero," he said softly, but firmly.

Heero swallowed and covered Duo's hand on his heart with his. "There's no future without you either, Duo."

Duo just smiled then took a step back. "Time for dinner, I think."

"Wait, I have something for you," Heero scrambled away before Duo could say anything. He fetched the item he had hidden in the kitchen and returned to the bedroom. Duo was still in the exact place as when he'd left. A bit apprehensive, Heero stood before his lover, hands behind his back.

"You have given me so much, Duo." Heero fidgeted a bit but then steeled himself. He looked up directly to his lover's loving eyes. "And I never give you anything in return."

"That's not..." Duo started.

Heero cut in. "Please, let me speak."

Duo nodded hesitantly.

"I have come to understand how much your gifts mean to me." Heero touched the band around his neck, his nipple rings, and his cock ring. "All of these made me belong. Even the damn ankle bells."

Duo chuckled slightly.

"Everyone wants to belong and I've never give you something to show how much you mean to me, so..." Heero brought his hands forward, small box resting in his cupped palms. "I'm not good with words, but here." He thrust a small black box at his lover. "This is what I think of you. Of us."

Duo looked at Heero first then carefully took the box. He opened it and lifted the item from the case. It was a ring, shaped in Celtic knot and glimmering in the evening light.

"Heero..." Duo turned the ring around and noticed the engraved letters on the inside surface. He fell silent then.

Heero fidgeted. He had engraved '2 + 1 = 8' on the ring.

"Two plus one equals to infinity?" Duo read the inscription loudly.

"No, it means..."

Duo interrupted, "I and you are forever."

Heero shut up.

"I understand, Heero." Duo smiled.

"I used our code names," Heero explained, "I hope you don't mind..."

"Mind?" Duo laughed and hugged him. "This equation is perfect, Heero."

Heero's heart did a little victory dance. "Really?"

"Really!" Duo pulled back slightly and held up the ring again. He held Heero's eyes for a few seconds.

"You and I," he said as he solemnly put the ring on his ring finger. On the left hand. "Together forever."

Heero's mouth was dry and his eyes suspiciously warm. Duo wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close.

"I love you, Heero," Duo whispered thickly.

Heero threw his arms around Duo tightly. "I love you too, Duo." Heero then kissed his life mate with all the love he could muster. Duo kissed back with the same intensity.

Before they sank further into passion, Heero caught their reflection in the mirror.

The reflection showed a slave and a Master, a cat and his owner, two soldiers, two men, two partners. Whatever they were, they would be together from now on.

He liked what he saw.



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