Enslaving Heero Epilogue

**Wing just joined in**

[Drake] Finally
[Wing] What is it?
[Drake] I'm going to kill your Master
[Wing] *snorts* What did she request from my Master this time?
[Drake] Egg timer!
[Drake] She wrapped it under my balls!
[Wing] oh that
[Drake] oh that? OH THAT? That thing is evil reincarnation!
[Wing] You have it light. Try having it inside you for a whole day.
[Wing] During office hours
[Drake] ..............
[Drake] Was that the day when you had to stop typing every fifteen minutes?
[Wing] None of your business!!

**Brat just joined in**

[Brat] Hi everyone
[Wing] Hi
[Drake] Hi
[Brat] So Kitten, any news?
[Wing] There's one bit
[Drake] What news?
[Brat] The news about his Master
[Drake] What for?
[Brat] He owes me XD
[Wing] It's been a year. This is the last time I help you.
[Brat] I know I know. I'll get you into a new debt soon *smirks*
[Wing] ......................
[Brat] So what's the news?
[Wing] Your Master ordered the special bra from my Master
[Brat] Special bra?
[Drake] BRA?
[Wing] It's a fake breast which will mold with your chest and be just as sensitive as a real one
[Brat] ... you mean it will make me have boobs? Real boobs?
[Drake] BOOBS?
[Wing] yes
[Drake] boobs?
[Wing] yes, Drake
[Drake] boobs....
[Wing] .........
[Drake] boo...
[Brat] *snickers* You broke Drake, Kitten
[Wing] *rolls eyes*
[Brat] Gotta go to find a way to sabotage my Master's plan! Thanks, Kitten!

**Brat has left the chat room**

[Wing] Drake, are you okay?
[Drake] Real boobs?
[Wing] YES!
[Drake] ..........well, that has nothing to do with me. I have a mistress not a master.
[Wing] ...... unless your mistress wants to do some lesbian things...
[Wing] *smirks* Poor you.
[Drake] WHAT?!

**Wing has left the chat room**

[Drake] Injusticeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!



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