Enslaving Heero Part 54
Peacecraft Strikes Back

Heero opened his eyes and blinked owlishly. He was snuggled in Duo's embrace. The soft snore near his ear told him his Master was still sleeping. Heero felt soreness emanating from his behind. It was actually a usual occurrence, but today it was slightly different. The soreness generated from deep inside him instead of on his ass' surface, and was much more intense. Heero squirmed and groaned when the soreness spiked up.


Heero froze and looked at his Master. A pair of violet eyes regarded him sleepily.

"Morning, Master." Heero whispered.

"'ning..." Duo mumbled and kissed his slave's softly. "Go back to sleep."

Heero wanted to do just that, but a quick glance at the digital clock told him otherwise. "I'm sorry. I have to go to work, Master."

Duo grunted and tightened his embrace on his slave. "No."

Now how do you deal with a grumpy, possessive, not to mention childish, Master? Heero looked upward in exasperation. He squirmed to get away and got a slap on the rump and throbbing soreness inside him for his efforts.

Well, time for another plan then. Heero moved his hand and caught the half hard cock of his Master. The slight change in his Master's breathing told him his Master was quite interested. Heero brought down his other hand and used both his hands to fondle his Master's cock to full hardness.

This time his Master made no protest when Heero wiggled away. He growled and ordered Heero to finish what he had started. Heero moved down slowly, not wanting to aggravate his sore bottom and stopped when his mouth was on the same level as his Master's arousal. He licked the tip slightly and earned a groan of pleasure from his Master. Heero then put his hand on each of his Master's hips, holding them steady so his Master wouldn't move a lot during the blowjob Heero was about to give him.

His Master growled his displeasure at being prevented from thrusting up into Heero's mouth, but Heero was adamant on this one. He would not allow his Master to aggravate the injury which had almost healed. Heero quickly swallowed his Master's cock to prevent further protest from his Master and applied every skill he had gained during his enslavement to distract his Master with overflowing pleasure. It didn't take long for his Master to reach his fulfillment and filled Heero's mouth with his seed. Heero swallowed then licked his Master's cock clean.

"Very nice, Kitten."

Heero looked up and felt happy when he saw the sated expression on his Master's face. He fondly watched him for a moment and was about to move away when his Master's arms hauled him up and against the firm chest.

"Stay," his Master ordered and kissed him possessively.

"Master, please... You know I have to go," Heero tried to reason when his Master released his mouth.

Grumbling louder, Duo slapped his slave's rump in reprimand. "Be quiet and let me sleep."

Sleep sounded very good for his sore behind but Lady Une would not be pleased with his absence after giving him lenience for three days. "The faster I go, the faster I will return, Master. You know you don't want to irritate Lady Une and make her send me out to another colony."

There was more grumbling but the arms around him loosened. Heero quickly moved away and stood up beside the bed. However, it wasn't a good idea to move so fast. Heero whimpered as his inner behind throbbed in pain and reminded him it had been through an ordeal last night. Heero still felt a little open on the inside, but he was thankful that his anus had closed into its puckered state.

A hand caressed his cheek and Heero looked at his Master's concerned eyes. "Okay, Kitten?"

His ass was very, very sore, but Heero still remembered the feelings he had experienced from last night's fisting. The fullness of having a part of his Master inside him, claiming him, was back. His body and soul belonged to his Master, his to do with as his Master wished. Heero smiled, conveying his love to his owner. "Always, Master. Always."

Duo smiled back and withdrew his hands. "Go now before I change my mind and have you resign from work just to keep me entertained here."

The way his Master eyed the empty cage in the corner of the room was enough of a hint for Heero. Not needing to be told twice, Heero hurriedly went to do his morning chores. Well, as fast as he could with his ass throbbing in protest with every step he took anyway.

After he'd served breakfast and was hand fed by his Master, Heero took his shower. He felt a little lonely since he had come to enjoy showering with his Master. Lathering himself with soap, Heero closed his eyes and remembered how his Master liked to bend him forward and take him beneath the pouring water. Alone in the shower, Heero could admit that he missed having his Master's cock inside him and the feeling of the warm liquid that signaled his Master's highest pleasure inside him. The fisting had helped to calm him down and sooth his longing a lot. A bit too much actually, Heero thought as he felt the twinge of soreness inside him. He didn't know how he would handle sitting down all day in the office with his ass in this state.

Finished with his shower, Heero dried himself and walked into the bedroom naked. He stopped short at the door when he saw his Master sitting on the edge of the bed, a paddle in one hand.

Duo noticed his slave's look of horror and swung the paddle smugly. "As I promised, a couple of spankings to tighten that cute ass of yours, Kitten."

"I'm already sore from fisting, Master." Heero tried to inch away to the door leading to the living room.

Duo beckoned imperiously. "A little more soreness will not make any different then, will it? Kneel in front of me and present that cute butt to me now."

Why oh why had he been worried about being loose yesterday? Heero wailed inwardly as he knelt down with his back facing his Master. He bent forward and lifted his ass as high as possible. His position brought his ass up to the perfect level for his Master to deliver the spanking.

"Start counting, Kitten," Duo announced cheerfully while said Kitten muttered something about a sadistic owner.

Ten minutes and a lot of whimpers later, Heero was putting on his pants to cover his red bottom. His Master was watching him smugly from the bed. When Heero finished dressing, his Master stood up. Still naked, but every inch the formidable Master, Duo drew Heero into his arms and kissed him possessively.

"Return home before 6 PM. No stopping at other places," Duo said firmly when he ended the kiss.

"I will, Master," Heero replied, a little breathless from the kiss.

He got kissed again, a deep and domineering kiss that left him dazed for a few seconds. Heero had to blink to clear his mind and stood still as his Master stepped back. "You may go now, Kitten."

Anxiety suddenly flooded into him at the thought of leaving his Master. He would leave his Master alone in the house. What if something happened to Duo during his absence? Who would help his Master if he needed something?

"I can resign," Heero blurted out.

His Master's violet eyes stared sharply into his blue ones. "What are you saying?"

"I don't need to work," Heero said quickly. "I could stay at home and wait on you, Master. I will prohmph." A hand on his mouth stopped his nervous babble. The hand then slipped to the side and caressed his cheek gently.

"I'll be fine, Kitten," Duo said soothingly. "Go to work."


The hand was withdrawn and Duo stood with his arms crossed over his chest. "If you don't leave now, I'll bend you over every available surface and fuck your sore behind all day long."

Heero fled.


Wufei looked up when he heard the unsteady gait and saw Heero enter the office. The Japanese man was walking a little odd and he sat very, very slowly onto the chair. It was like the first day all over again, but this time Wufei knew very well what had caused such careful movement. Wufei frowned though when he noticed Heero was squirming every now and then. He had heard about the sex restriction placed by Serpent on Duo. Surely Duo hadn't disregarded the restriction and surely Heero wouldn't let him? Curious, Wufei opened up the messenger window on his computer and clicked on Heero's user name for a private communication.

PreventerG05: I thought G02 wasn't allowed to use you?
PreventerG01: He didn't!

Wufei looked up and saw Heero's cheek reddening. This could be fun, he thought and went back to the messenger window.

PreventerG05: You are squirming every now and then.
PreventerG01: As if you don't.

Wufei reddened. He had forgotten his own sore bottom, thanks to his Mistress who'd wanted to test her new hairbrush this morning. He looked up and saw Heero looking at him smugly. Wufei narrowed his eyes and typed his reply.

PreventerG05: You're also walking funny, as if you have something in your ass.
PreventerG01: Omae o korosu!
PreventerG05: G02 used you, didn't he?

This time he got two deadly glares when he looked up from his computer screen. Wufei smirked. Heero's eyes narrowed, then he bent down over his keyboard, typing furiously.

When nothing came out on his messenger window, Wufei started feeling worried. A new window suddenly popped up on the screen and Wufei paled when he realized who it was from.

PreventerX04: G05, G01 told me that you wanted to know how I could fit my two hands into my latest possession. I'll show you tonight.

With a look of horror, Wufei looked up and saw Heero had one hand mockingly caress his other hand which he had formed into a fist. The gesture was as clear as day for him. It wasn't possible! There was no way a hand could fit in there!

PreventerG05: It's not possible!
PreventerG01: You'll prove it possible or not tonight.

Wufei decided he'd better ask Une to give him a long mission, preferably on another colony where his Mistress wouldn't be able to reach him. And he also made a note to never provoke a kitten. He should have known it could turn into a tiger.


Heero watched Wufei hurriedly leave the room. He felt smug at his deed for a few seconds, but then grimaced again when his bottom protested its sorry state. A pillow; how he longed for a pillow at the moment. Fisting and spanking so didn't bode well for him. However, despite the soreness, Heero felt secure. Every throbbing pain and every soreness told him that his Master was with him and cared for him.

He just wished he had a pillow to make sitting more bearable.

Between the soreness and teaching Wufei a lesson, Heero was able to keep his focus on his job until the lunch break. Then he started to worry about his Master again. He realized that he hadn't prepared lunch for his Master. What would his Master eat then? His Master had probably ordered some unhealthy food like pizza! He really should have left something for his Master to heat up. Anxiety returned in full force, Heero went back into the empty office. He reached for the videophone, put on the earphones and called home. Duo's face showed up on the screen a few seconds later. His Master smiled at him. "Kitten."

The word, said fondly, went straight from earphone into his ear. One word, but it gave Heero so much warmth. Heero smiled back slightly and said to the tiny microphone connected to his earphone. "Master."

"Lunch time, huh? I want you to eat the whole portion of lunch set, understand? I want my slave stay fit after all."

The caring tone made Heero feel guiltier. "Yes Master. I'm sorry I didn't prepare anything for your lunch. Do you want me to come home? I can have the lunch prepared in one hour."

"Stop worrying about me. I have ordered my lunch." Duo looked at him sternly. "I'm not an invalid, Kitten."

Heero swallowed and nodded. "I know, Master."

"On the other hand," Duo's face turned thoughtful. "You may come home and let me use your delectable ass."

"You know you aren't allowed to yet, Master," Heero said exasperatedly.


The shrill voice froze Heero. It felt like ages since he'd last heard that voice. He couldn't believe the voice owner would show up here and at the very time he was making a call to his Master. Shocked, Heero was too late to prevent the Queen of the World from sashaying up next to him.

"I'm so glad to find you here! And alone!!" Relena clapped her hands happily and bent forward to bring their eyes to the same level, throwing him a megawatt smile.

A glance at the screen told Heero that his Master's face was dark and thunderish.

"Get rid of her. Now." The command was delivered straight to his ear-set in a calm but deadly tone.

Heero swallowed. "Relena, what are you doing here?"

Relena pouted. "To see you, of course. It's so hard to see you. Dorothy said that you were on an important undercover mission, that I shouldn't disturb you because it could put you in danger." Then she brightened and leaned closer to Heero's face. "But I heard from Lady Une that you have finished your undercover mission and would come to the office today. So here I am."

"I'm so happy that we can be together again." Relena put her hand on Heero's hand which was on the desk.

Heero snatched his hand away as if burnt. No one was to touch him without his Master's permission, especially Relena. With a feeling of dread, he glanced at the screen again. His Master's face was contorted in fury. This was really not good.

"Relena, I'm with Duo," Heero said seriously.

"Oh, you're talking about the undercover mission. I understand that you need to act as a couple for the mission. I'm okay with it, Heero. I forgive you for making me cry," said Relena.

Relena then followed his glance to the screen. "Oh it's Duo. How are you, Duo? Lady Une said that you were still recuperating from the injury you got during the mission."

The smug look on her face ruined the concern she tried to show in her voice. Heero might be dense, but he got a feeling that Relena wasn't really okay with 'IT' as she'd said just before. Not to mention that she had drawn her own conclusions that the scene at Duo's apartment was all a charade. Now that the mission was over, she thought that she would get her knight-on-a-white-horse back. She got the added bonus that Duo wasn't here to disturb her.

The furious look on Duo's face disappeared and turned into neutral expression when Relena addressed him. But Heero knew that the fury was just covered, not really disappearing. Duo made a gesture to get rid of the ear-set. Heero hurriedly switched the sound channel to the loud speaker.

"I'm fine, Miss Relena." Duo's voice sounded calm coming from the speaker.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything," Relena said, trying to sound apologetic. She failed.

"We were just talking about my kitten actually."

"You have a kitten?" Relena looked quite interested.

"Yeah, he was being naughty though," Duo replied, "I'm considering putting him in a cage forever."

Heero whimpered inwardly. He was SO dead.

"That's barbaric!" Relena sounded horrified and turned to Heero. "Heero, you tell him."

"Relena." Heero stood up and looked at the princess seriously. The future of being caged for the rest of his life was enough motivation to get the matter straight in Relena's thick skull once and for all. "You have no business here."

Relena frowned. "Of course I do. We are finally together again."

"There is no 'WE', Relena," Heero said firmly and with finality. "I appreciate you as a friend, but I don't love you, Relena." He turned to the screen. "I love Duo."

His Master smiled back in answer.

"Oh, you can stop the charade now, Heero. The mission is over," Relena giggled.

"This is not a charade," Heero said steadfastly.

"No! You love me," Relena said persistently. "You save my life many times. You are even willing to die for me."

"I was willing to die for the world. Now I'm willing to die for one person only. And that is Duo."

"How could you say that?" Relena looked distressed then lunged toward him. "You love me!"

Heero recognized the gesture. He wasn't ready then and got himself a firm spanking from his Master. But now, he was ready and raised his hand up in front of him. It effectively prevented Relena's advance on him.

"I love Duo." Heero said the sentence again.

"Heero..." Relena said pleadingly. Her eyes were shining with tears.

Heero groaned inwardly. Anger he could handle. Hate he could handle too. But tears was out of the question.

"I love you, Heero." Relena tried again.

"You love your idea of me, Relena," Heero said tiredly.

The tears were flowing down Relena's cheeks. "I love you!" Relena sobbed.

Heero hated tears. He would give anything to be anywhere but here. He would even gladly lock himself in the cage at the moment.

"Miss Relena."

The cool voice of Dorothy was Heero's savior.

"Dorothy." Relena threw her sobbing self into Dorothy's arms. "Heero is so cruel."

"Let's talk about this in my office." The blond woman steered Relena away from him. Heero threw her a grateful look and mouthed 'I owe you one'. Dorothy nodded and took Relena away with her.

It was then Heero realized that his empty office wasn't empty anymore. He should have known that Relena's arrival would attract attention. Many people from different divisions were in there and had made a wide circle around his cubicle, obviously watching his confrontation with Relena. Most of them were evading his look and started turning away. Heero sat down, red in the face. The words 'He refused the most sought after woman', 'he made Miss Relena cry!', 'why the hell are two good looking men always gay?' and 'he was quite romantic', were burning his ears.

Kamisama, it was a good thing that he hadn't show his collar to Relena to accentuate how taken he was. He would never have heard the end of it.

A chime from his computer filtered through the noise. Heero looked up and saw his Master gesturing at him. Not wanting to attract attention again, Heero put on his ear-set.

"It seems I called Dorothy just in time," Duo said.

Heero nodded. "She has taken Relena to her office."

"Why is your face as red as tomato, Kitten?"

Heero groaned and told his Master what had happened.

His Master chuckled at his embarrassment. "We will be the gossip of the month, I guess."

Heero just buried his face in his hands.


The rough tone of the voice made Heero look up. His Master was looking at him seriously.

"Come home soon," said Duo.

The tone left Heero no doubt that his Master would put marks on him once he got home. Heero could understand Duo's need. He only prayed that he had enough willpower and endurance to refuse his Master's more energetic claiming.


Once the office time was up, Heero went straight home. He parked the car in the underground basement and got into the elevator. He was feeling slightly nervous at what awaited him at home and hoped his Master still had enough restraint to obey Serpent's orders.

The living room was empty so Heero put down his bag, shed his jacket and took off his shoes. He approached the bedroom in bare feet slowly, knowing his Master was certainly in there.

Once he opened the door to the bedroom, he was face to face with his Master. Surprised, Heero was grabbed, pulled inside, and pushed against the now closed door by his Master before he managed to blink. The look on his Master's face was what could only be described as feral.

"Master..." Heero's next words were cut by the ferocious kiss that descended upon his mouth. The kiss was intrusive and quickly dominated his mouth. Heero's tongue couldn't follow his Master's which was licking all around.

When his Master released his lips, Heero found his shirt had been opened and his Master's hands were cradling the back of his head firmly.

"Mine," Duo said roughly and kissed his slave hard.

"Always yours, Master," Heero said a little breathlessly when the kiss was finished.

His Master's fingers trailed down to his chest and tugged at his nipple rings, playing with them. Meanwhile, Duo kept on murmuring 'mine' while Heero arched his chest and replied 'yours'. The Japanese slave was drowning in his Master's possessiveness.

His pants were opened and shoved down, together with his boxers, pooling at his ankles.

"Get rid of them and the shirt," commanded his Master.

Heero awkwardly stepped out of them. Once he'd removed his shirt and kicked the clothes aside, his waist was seized and he was turned around, facing the door. Fingers found his anus with swift accuracy and one pushed in, causing slight pain since Heero was still sore from last nights fisting.

The pain drove the pleasure away from Heero's mind. He tensed as he realized what his current position meant. He quickly twisted away, dislodging the finger and turned around, pasting his back against the door. "Master, you can't."

"Yes, I can!" Duo snapped, sounding frustrated.

"You still have to abstain for three more days."

His Master growled. "I want to breed you, fill you with my seed. That bitch has been too close to you, I can smell her perfume on what is mine! Now turn around and present your ass to me, Kitten."

How he wanted his Master inside him, but he couldn't give in. Heero swallowed and braced himself. "I can't do that, Master."

"You dare disobey me?!" Duo shouted angrily.

Heero flinched. He didn't want to defy his Master, but his Master's health was important too. His indecision distracted him so that his Master was able to grab his arm. He gasped in surprise as his Master swung him onto the bed.

"You're mine! I will breed you whenever I want and I want it now, Kitten! On your hands and knees!"

"Master, please!" Heero sat up on the bed and tried to find a way to avoid his Master.

"Now, Kitten!" Duo advanced on his slave.

Possessiveness was his Master's incurable trait. It wasn't usually a problem for Heero, but combined with the sexual frustration and jealousy, it had provoked his Master into an irrational being.

Heero knew he could subdue his Master with his strength, but he couldn't do it. Not only he would undermine his Master and increase his frustration, but he also could hurt his Master in their struggle. Heero quickly looked around, looking for something, anything that could help the situation.

His eyes caught the object in the corner of the room and inspiration hit him. He usually wouldn't get into it willingly, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Heero evaded his Master, jumped into the corner of the room and crawled quickly into his cage. He turned around and pulled the cage door close. The sound of clashing steel reverberated in the room. Heero was so glad that his second idea had worked that it took him a few seconds to realize that his Master wasn't anywhere near the cage.

Looking up, Heero saw his Master standing near the bed, looking astonished. However, the surprised look was slowly replaced by comprehensive one.

"What are you doing, Kitten?" Duo murmured, sounding aghast.

"I'm sorry, Master." Heero bowed his head, hands still clutching the door's bars to keep it closed. "I didn't mean to disobey you."

"Disobey me... No!"

Heero heard his Master approaching the cage in a hurry and kneel down in front of it. He couldn't help but be afraid of his arms being grabbed so he released the bars he was holding.

There was silence for a few seconds before his Master spoke. "I'm sorry, Heero."

Heero looked up at his Master.

Anger had disappeared from his Master's face, replaced with remorse. His Master slowly raised his right hand and slipped it between the bars. It cradled Heero's cheek gently.

Heero automatically leaned his head into the tender touch. He felt so relieved that his Master wasn't irrational anymore and closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth of his Master's hand.

"I almost raped my precious..." Duo whispered, shaken and remorseful. "I almost raped you..."

Heero opened his eyes and put his hand over his Master's. "It would never be rape, Master. Never."

Duo shook his head. "You said no, still I insisted."

"I said no only because you are still recovering, Master," Heero replied, "Not because I didn't want to."

His Master only smiled sadly. "Will you come out of the cage?"

Heero nodded. The hand on his cheek withdrew and opened the cage. Heero crawled out of it and was then embraced by his Master tightly. Heero embraced back, enjoying having his Master near him after hours being alone.

"Forgive me, Kitten," his Master murmured near his ear.

"There's nothing to forgive, Master," Heero murmured back.

Duo pulled his head back slightly and kissed his slave gently. It was the very opposite of the kiss Heero had received before, but the Japanese slave savored them both. The first kiss was possessive and hot. The current one was gentle and loving, asking for his forgiveness. Heero opened his mouth and cajoled his Master in with his tongue, giving his Master free rein of his mouth. It was a long and comforting kiss.

When it ended, his Master pulled back and stood up, pulling Heero with him. His Master led him to the bed and gestured at the bed. "Lie down on your back, Kitten."

Trusting his Master would not take advantage of his position, Heero lay down. He watched as his Master removed his clothes piece by piece before getting into the bed. Heero felt his Master's comforting weight on him, as his naked body met his Master's one. He spread his legs slightly so his Master was comfortable between them then he was kissed, a long and slow kiss. Heero was out of breath when Duo released his lips.

While Heero took some air, his Master kissed his way down toward his collar bone, his nipple rings and moved further down.

Heero gasped sharply as his Master's tongue found his semi-erect cock. "Master, I can suck you..."

"No talking, Kitten." Duo nipped his slave's cock playfully. "Lie still, hands over your head. I want to feast on my Kitten."

If it was what his Master wanted, who was Heero to say no? Heero put his hands over his head and spread his legs wider, giving himself fully for his Master to enjoy. His Master responded by taking his cock into his mouth. Heero couldn't help his groan as he felt the wet, warm sensation enveloping his starving cock. It had been quite a while since he'd gotten any release after all, not to mention his Master had had fun torturing him during their recuperation period. It took no time for his cock to come to full hardness.

Duo's tongue laved along his slave's cock lazily, interceded occasionally by some nibbling and sucking. His hands weren't idle either. One hand was holding the base of his slave's cock while the other one was stroking his balls. He spent a few minutes playing with them and rotating his slave's cock ring, then he suddenly tugged on Heero's balls. It earned him a loud gasp from his slave.

"Master..." Heero pleaded, feeling his pleasure spike to the point of no return. "I almost..."

He felt his Master let go of his balls. He relaxed slightly and was surprised when his Master's finger slipped into the entrance behind his balls.

"Master," Heero groaned, "I can't hold it anymore..."

Duo released Heero's cock, much to his slave's disappointment. "You may come, Kitten, but only in my mouth."

Heero, who had been very happy to be allowed to come, was making frustrated sounds because his Master's mouth was currently not occupied by his cock. It was soon remedied though as his Master resumed his licking and nibbling. Heero's pleasure quickly built up again and soon Heero was ready to explode.

Just when he was a second from coming, his Master's finger slipped behind his balls and into him, prodding his prostate accurately. It was more than enough push Heero over the edge. He arched his back and felt all parts of his body explode in rapture. He thought he was shouting loudly, but he wasn't sure. His eyes were open but he didn't register what he was seeing, so consumed was he with his orgasm.


Heero didn't know when the whiteness around him slowly dissipated and he registered the bedroom's wall before his eyes. He found himself on the bed, still on his back. His Master was next to him, lying on his side and propping his head with one arm. His Master was smiling down at him so Heero smiled back.

"Welcome back, Kitten."

Heero made a pleased sound and was delighted when his Master kissed him. It was a slow, lazy kiss. Heero could still taste himself in his Master's mouth and happily stuck his tongue further for more.

Duo slowly withdrew the kiss until Heero would have to raise more than his head to keep the kiss going. As his body hadn't recovered from the melting pleasure yet, Heero let his head fall back onto the bed with a mournful sigh.

"Lazy Kitten," Duo chuckled and caressed his slave's cheek.

Heero purred in pleasure.

"I love you, Heero," came the soft words.

Heero looked up at his Master, hoping his face would convey what he was feeling. "I love you too, Duo."

Duo smiled and continued caressing him for a few minutes. Heero basked in the attention he received. The silence was comforting.

"I want to mark you, Kitten."

Heero tilted his head slightly. "It's your prerogative, Master."

The hand on his cheek stopped caressing and cradled it gently instead. "I want to mark you permanently, Kitten."

Heero exhaled sharply. "Permanently?"

"Permanently," Duo affirmed, "I want to see my mark on you, one which will not fade and will mark you mine forever."

Heero had read about permanent marking during his early exploration before meeting his Master. He knew permanent marking was a serious commitment. Most S/M couples who did it were committed to spending their lives together. The mark was like a wedding ring, but was more everlasting than a simple gold ring which could be removed at anytime.

Heero licked his suddenly dry lips. "How do you want to mark me, Master?"

"I will put a tattoo of my signature on you."

"Not branding?"

"No. I prefer a tattoo." Duo released his slave's cheek and put his hand on Heero's chest, right above the heart. "I want to put it here, Kitten. Right where your heart be." Duo tapped the firm chest gently.

His heart throbbed excitedly as if enjoying the feel of his Master's hand over it. Heero slowly raised his hand and covered his Master's hand on his chest. "Make me yours forever, Master."



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