Enslaving Heero Part 53
Home Sweet Home

After all the worrying and comforting they'd done for the past three days, Heero thought they would have it easy for the rest of the time his Master would be at the hospital.

He thought wrong.

The fourth day, the day after they'd declared their commitment, Dai managed to slip into the hospital and Duo's room. He had found out somehow that Duo was injured and wanted to fuss over him. Heero had been ordered to take a bath in the adjoining bathroom and when he came out, it was to find the black haired slave plastered all over his Master on the bed. Later, Wufei said that he could hear Heero's angry growl from Haakon and Grant's room where he was stationed as a guard. He then wondered loudly whether it had any connection with the ER unit suddenly having a new patient a few minutes after the growl. Duo's response was a grimace while Heero's was another growl.

The fifth day, there were no more intruders, much to Heero's relief. His Master was feeling restless though. Restless and horny. Heero was insistent, refusing to be used, causing his Master to sulk. Since he was feeling more secure that his Master wasn't going away anytime soon, Heero had started worrying about how many punishments he would have to bear once his Master was up and around.

The sixth day and Heero still managed to placate his Master and talk him into waiting to use him. He kept Duo busy with paperwork regarding their mission on this colony.

The seventh day, the paperwork was long finished and his horny Master wouldn't be denied anymore. Either his slave came to him and let himself be used or he would get up and chase the said slave until he caught him. Heero made a compromise. It was their bad luck that Serpent happened to choose that time to pay a visit.

He had eyed the bulge under the white sheet covering Duo's lower body and, ignoring the glare from his patient, said, "If you are strong enough to have your slave blowing you beneath that sheet, I think you are strong enough to go home."

The eight day found them at the spaceport, waiting for their shuttle.

Serpent and Kira had come to see them off. And for some reason, the Doms had decided to have a discussion among themselves and shooed their slaves away. So here he was, standing on the other side of the waiting room with Wufei, Brat and Storm.

Brat was glaring at Heero. More like sulking actually. But still, it puzzled Heero. The black haired boy was usually cheerful around him, always teasing him like a certain braided Dom used to do in the war.

"Why are you upset with me?" he asked. Heero thought the answer would be because he was about to leave the colony.

Brat's answer to his question was totally different to Heero's prediction though.

"You lost the contest."

Heero raised his eyebrows. He had totally forgotten about the BDSM contest. Well not that he had a chance to win after Wind's debacle. "My Master was in no condition to compete, remember?"

"I shouldn't have bet on you."

"Bet? What bet?" asked Heero, perplexed.

Brat huffed and turned his head away.

Adding inwardly one more reason to why Brat totally earned his nickname, Heero turned his questioning look at the only female in the group.

"He bet that you would win the contest," Storm told him, looking slightly amused.

"It's not Kitten's fault he didn't win the contest," Wufei pointed out.

Brat huffed again.

Heero was puzzled for a while before an obvious answer came to him. He turned to Storm to confirm his theory. "I take it that he bet against his Master and lost?"

"Yes," Storm nodded. Her amusement became more obvious.

Heero was torn between amusement and sympathy. He could understand why Brat was sulking. Losing a bet with a Master, especially a sadistic Master in Heero's case, was humiliating if not unpleasant.

"So what's the consequence of you losing the bet?" Wufei asked Brat in curiosity.

Brat made a face. "I may not skip the next political event and attend it politely."

"Good," Storm replied and smiled when Brat directed his glare at her. "It makes my job easier. You should lose bets more often."

The glare went up several notches.

"I was wondering about the contest." Wufei looked thoughtful. While Wind and Bronze couldn't participate as the sponsors anymore, Serpent and Kira had decided to continue the contest to the end. "We missed the final stage. What was it, by the way?"

Switching off his glare, Brat grinned at Wufei. "It's called 1001 ways to use your slave."

Heero and Wufei grimaced at Brat's answer.

"I'm so glad I didn't have to participate in it," Wufei said vehemently.

"Me too," Heero muttered. He had his doubts that had they been able to participate, his Master wouldn't have gone through with it. Having him dance with other Doms had already made his Master jealous beyond belief. Heero didn't think Duo would allow others to see him naked and used.... Well, unless he wanted them to see that Heero totally belonged to him. His only for using and playing.

"So who was the winner?" Wufei asked Brat again, breaking Heero's start into arousal.

"LordX," Brat answered.

Heero was quite happy to hear of LordX's victory. Before he could make a comment on that, the spaceport's speaker announced their call to board for impending departure.

"We have to go," Heero said instead to Storm and Brat.

"Your Doms have our contact details, " Brat spoke, "Ask their permission to call us or send us email, okay?"

"Okay..." Wufei answered hesitantly. Heero could understand the hesitation because he still had to resolve his relationship with Dorothy now that they were not undercover anymore. However, watching Dorothy during the contest, Heero had little doubt where Wufei would probably end up. Heero, himself, had no doubt what his relationship with Duo was. He smiled as he remembered their vow in the hospital.

"Keep in touch," Storm added and smiled slightly.

"We will, " Heero responded.

Then they joined their respective Doms and after an exchange of goodbyes, boarded the shuttle.


"We are going home, Kitten." Duo smiled as they watched the colony become smaller from their shuttle's window.

Heero smiled back at his Master. "Yes, Master."

"I can't wait to have you in my bed, naked and writhing," Duo grinned. His hand slipped behind Heero and kneaded his ass.

Heero groaned and spent the flight thinking of ways to keep his Master satisfied with hand jobs and blow jobs only.

While Duo was recovering nicely and was able to walk and do simple things, Serpent had forbidden him from doing sports and other demanding activities. He also stated that pouncing on his slave fell on the latter category and therefore had to be refrained from for another week.

Heero wondered how bad it was going to be to spend the next seven days with his horny, unsatisfied Master.


The answer was bad. Very bad.

Heero was forbidden from coming until he allowed his Master come inside him. A good slave had to suffer along with his Master in misery was what Duo had said when he gave Heero that order. Heero groaned, knowing this was just another form of his Master sulking from being denied his favorite activity. Personally, Heero thought his Master wasn't in misery at all. While Serpent forbade Duo from pouncing Heero, he said nothing about blow jobs or hand jobs. And his Master took advantage of it, having his slave blow him morning and night.

Still Heero was forbidden to come.

The order by itself wasn't too hard, but coupled with the fondling and playing his Master did to him, it was really hard to resist.

"Master, please," Heero whined. This was only the third day since they'd arrived home but it already felt like a month to Heero. "No more."

"Not until you say the magic words, Kitten," his Master replied in a singsong voice.

Heero bit his lip to refrain from saying the words his Master expected to start flowing out of him. He was currently kneeling on his fours on the bed and was squirming in desperation. The said desperation came from his Master's latest toy inside him. The inflatable dildo, his Master called it. Its original size was similar to a pencil. But the technology inside it enabled it to enlarge to several times its original size.

"No words? I believe it's number 4 for you then," his Master announced from behind him. Duo was currently sitting, back against the headboard with his legs straight out on the bed, right under Heero's kneeling body.

Heero heard a soft click from behind him, indicating his Master pressing on the remote control. Number 4 meant the ballpoint sized dildo would inflate to 4 times its normal size. Heero groaned as he felt the dildo expanding inside him. His puckered entrance was stretched open to accommodate the size.

"Hmm, I'm still bigger than that." His Master sounded contemplative. "I guess I'll increase it into number 5."

Heero whimpered. "Please...."

"What was that?" Duo asked his slave with faked interest. "Did I just hear the magic words?"

Heero stubbornly closed his mouth and refused to make any sound. This was for his Master's sake he told himself for the hundredth time this hour. He must not surrender.

"Number 5 it is," his Master announced, sounding a bit miffed.

This is your own fault for training me to endure such teasing, Heero addressed his Master inwardly and felt somewhat smug. He couldn't keep his moan though when the dildo inside him enlarged once again. Kamisama, he felt so full. This was the highest number he'd had yesterday before his Master went to sleep, leaving him holding the dildo inside him all night long. He didn't know how many numbers the dildo could have. Heero prayed that this was the last number it had.

While Heero concentrated on keeping his desire in check, his Master was getting busy behind him. A wet tongue descended on his upraised bottom, licking it like it was a delicious ice cream. The tongue then withdrew and was replaced by a firm slap.

Heero squeaked and tightened his body in reflex. It made his insides grip tightly on the intruder. The sensation of something alien inside him made Heero groan.

"Please Master, " Heero pleaded.

"Please what?" His Master sounded excited.

Heero swallowed. "You need to rest."

A firm smack landed on his bottom again. "Stubborn Kitten."

Heero jerked up at the smack. But when the playful slaps kept raining down on his bottom as if it was a drum, Heero hung his head resignedly.

There was a poke on the part of dildo outside him, causing the other part to twitch inside him. Heero gasped as it prodded something vulnerable. His Master was being very evil tonight.

"I think you are ready for number 6."

"There is a number 6?!!" Heero shouted in denial just as he felt his inside stretched further by the inflating dildo. The shout turned into a whimper. Heero was stretched to his full capacity.

"Of course there is, Kitten," Duo replied as if he was talking about the weather. "And no, I'm not going to tell you how many numbers it can go up to." Duo then seized the end of the dildo and rotated it slightly.

"Sadist," Heero whimpered. His whole body trembled with the effort of keeping steady on his fours despite the distraction the dildo was causing.

"That I am," his Master responded cheerfully. "What do you expect when my slave dares to leave me alone tomorrow?"

"You know I need to go to work, Master," Heero said, panting and sweating from his effort to keep still while his Master kept rotating the dildo inside him. "I'll get back as soon as I can."

"You shouldn't have gone in the first place," Duo said irritably.

Heero gave up and resigned himself to being tortured all night long. There was no reasoning with his Master. He didn't want to leave his Master either, but a job was a job. He had a commitment to keep. He wasn't injured during the mission so he should have returned to work immediately. Une had been generous in giving him three more days to rest and take care of his injured partner. Three days and no more.

So tomorrow, Heero would need to go to the office while Duo still had to stay in bed for a few more days.

This, of course, didn't bode well with his Master. Duo had already raised heaven and hell for not being allowed to use his slave. Now he would not have his slave for the most part of the day. No, it didn't bode very well.

Heero's ass had born the displeasure of course.

"So, you are determined to go to the office tomorrow," Duo said as he kept playing with the dildo, rotating and thrusting it in and out his slave.

"You know I have to, Master," Heero said softly. "I wouldn't leave you if I had the choice."

"I don't like it."

That was an understatement. Heero thankfully managed to refrain from saying the sentence loudly. His ass was suffering enough without his sarcasm. He stayed silent instead.

Suddenly his Master stopped what he was doing, leaving only a small part of the dildo outside.

Heero looked over his shoulder in surprise. His Master was smiling in amusement. "I want you to fetch the sterilizer spray, a bowl of water, a large towel, and the lube."

Lube? Heero's eyes widened in apprehension. "Master, you can't..."

"I know." His Master looked at him sharply. "I'm not going to put my cock in you, Kitten."

Heero still hesitated.

"I gave you an order, Kitten," Duo barked.

Heero straightened up. He had to do it slowly because the invader inside him could cause him a lot of trouble if he moved too fast. He climbed down off the bed and went to fetch the required items. His mind was full of questions regarding what his Master wanted to do with the items. Lube and a towel he could understand, but a sterilizer spray? A bowl of water? He came up blank with those. Heero was even more befuddled when he returned to the bedroom.

Duo was now leaning against the headboard, right in the center. His legs were still straight out, but they were now wide open instead of closed. A pillow had been placed between his legs near the knees.

"Master..." Heero said uncertainly.

"Come here, Kitten." His Master smiled and patted the bed next to him. "Put the items here and get your ass on the pillow."

Feeling somewhat apprehensive, Heero did as ordered. He put the items next to Duo and lay down between his Master's legs. His ass was on the pillow and his legs were spread wide and over his Master's thighs. He had to bend them slightly since the headboard prevented him from straightening them out.

"Put this under your head and keep your hands under it as well."

His Master handed him another pillow. Heero put it under his head then put his hands under to support his head. The raised position gave him the full view of his lower body and whatever his Master was going to do to it.

"Kitten." His name was said in a gentle tone. Heero looked up at his Master's solemn face. "Trust me?"

"Always, Master," Heero replied immediately.

His Master smiled. "Good, let's start then."

Start what? Heero wanted to ask, but he had said he trusted his Master and he meant it. He trusted his Master with his body, his heart, and his soul. He watched as his Master washed his right hand with the water in the bowl, dried it with the towel, and sprayed it with the sterilizer. Something began to click in his mind, telling him that his Master was going to do something big. Something that required his entire trust.

Ignoring his slave's comprehending stare, Duo withdrew the dildo from inside his slave. He didn't deflate it first, just pulled it out in its current, big size instead. He did it slowly, bit by bit and rotated it during its removal.

Heero moaned as he felt every inch of the withdrawing dildo. When it popped free, Heero felt the emptiness settling in quickly. His Master put a large amount of lube on his right hand and lathered all fingers evenly. He then stuck two fingers inside Heero's entrance. They went in easily after the stretching with the dildo. It was a matter of seconds for the third finger to joined the first two.

"I should have done number 7 before pulling it out," Duo murmured more to himself.

"I wouldn't be able to walk then," Heero replied with a gasp. His Master's fingers were prodding inside him slowly.


"Either way, you won't be able to walk tonight, Kitten." With the comment, Duo inserted the fourth finger inside his slave, leaving only his thumb outside.

Heero squirmed at the entry. This was the first time he'd had four fingers inside him and it felt somewhat weird. His Master twisted his hand, making the fingers rotate and buried them to the knuckle inside him.

"Master!" Heero gasped at the sensation. His entrance muscle was stretched around the four fingers.

"Are you in pain?"

Heero shook his head. Too overwhelmed with the sensation inside him.

"You will tell me if you are in pain. Understand, Kitten?"

Heero nodded. To his surprise, the fingers then pulled out of him completely.

Heero felt relieved as his entrance lost the strain, but at the same time he felt empty. He looked down and saw his Master coating more lube on his hand and wrist. He knew for certain then what was going to happen. With fascination and anticipation, he watched as his Master inserted four fingers back into him, making him full instantly. The fingers moved in and out for a while, stretching him further.

"Remember, you are forbidden to come."

Heero didn't think he would come but he nodded nevertheless.

Duo smiled. "Good Kitten." He then inserted his thumb to join the other four.

Heero gasped as his puckered entrance was forced to expand to accommodate the new intruder. His Master twisted his hand slightly and managed to get the thumb further in. Heero gasped louder as his entrance was stretched beyond the usual. Another twist of his Master's hand, another expansion of his already strained entrance. Heero's hands were clutching his head in death grip. He was afraid to move them and have them stop his Master.

Something cold and liquid splashed against his entrance. Heero jerked up and cried out as his muscles tightened on his Master's fingers. He looked down and realized that his Master was adding more lube to his fingers, wrist and upper arm. He was fascinated at the view of his Master's hand half swallowed by his body. His Master's other hand came up and stroked Heero's cock, giving him a distraction. Heero gradually adjusted to the intruding digits and relaxed slightly.

A few seconds later, his Master's right hand gave another twist, sliding a few millimeters in. Heero threw his head to the back. He felt stretched beyond belief. His entrance felt as if it was about to tear at any second. Heero felt his Master's hand twist and push further inside.

His entrance gave way.

Heero cried out as he felt it let the widest part of his Master's hand slide in, automatically forming a fist inside him. And like a rubber band, his puckered opening snapped around his Master's wrist. His Master's fist was locked inside him now.

Heero sobbed as his body tried to adjust to the big intruder. He was unaware of the tears tracking down his cheeks. It wasn't as if he was in pain. He felt stretched, full, and uncomfortable. But he wasn't in pain. His Master had stretched him well. The tears were more from the overwhelming sensation he felt.

Heero didn't know how much time had passed until he was gradually aware of his surroundings again. The first thing he realized was that his Master had bent forward and bestowed light kisses over his face.

"You have done well, Kitten, " His Master kept murmuring, along with the kisses.

Heero took a deep breath and chased his Master's lips, wanting more reassurances. To his disappointment, his Master pulled back after a few minutes. Heero whimpered in loss.

"Hush, Kitten." A hand stroked his cheek soothingly. "I'm so proud of you."

Heero leaned into the caress.

"Look at me, Kitten."

Heero looked up and met his Master's violet eyes.

"You are mine."

"Yours," Heero said breathlessly. "Always yours, Master."

"That's right. Always mine." Duo shifted his fist slightly, making his slave gasp at the sensation. "Look down."

Heero complied and saw how his body had swallowed his Master's hand whole.

"I'm inside you, Kitten." Duo put his other hand on Heero's lower stomach. "Can you feel how your body stretched to accommodate my fist?"

His Master's hand caressed his stomach slowly. Heero could feel every ridge and bulge made by his body in order to hold his Master's fist inside him. He stared at it in almost disbelief. He had done it. He had taken his Master's whole hand inside him. Sure he had read about this kind of thing, but reading and actually having it done were two different things. Reading could never prepare him for the true impact of having his Master's hand inside him.

His Master pushed his hand further in then withdrew slightly. Heero sucked in his breath, feeling his insides pulled along with his Master's movement. The hand was pushed in again, further this time. It delved into territory which had never been explored before. Heero looked down and saw that half of his Master's lower arm disappeared into him. His stomach rippled from the inner movements. He remembered reading some stories where the subs ended up taking their Doms as deep as the elbow. The memory made him shudder and he tightened around his Master's hand.

"You're lovely, Kitten," his Master whispered roughly. "I can feel your inner warmth clutching around my fist. I feel the way you shuddered and squirmed trying to ease your discomfort. But no matter what you did, you stayed impaled on my fist."

Duo withdrew his hand until it was wrist deep. Heero gasped as he felt his insides sucked by the movement. The sucking lasted only a few seconds and was then replaced by emptiness. Heero moaned at the loss. He was torn between pleading for the hand to go back deeper into him or to pull out completely.

He wasn't given the time to choose though. His Master applied more lube to his arm then pushed the arm into him again. The lubrication made it slide more easily. Once it was slightly deeper than the first time, the arm pulled out. It stopped at the wrist then pushed in again. His Master repeated the punching like movement. It was similar to having his Master's cock sawing in and out of him, but the hand was thicker, not to mention it could reach further inside if his Master planned to push his arm into elbow depth.

The alternate empty and full sensations inside him occupied Heero's mind. The movement also regularly brushed his prostate, keeping him in a state of arousal. When he was almost used to the quick changing sensations, his nipple ring was tugged down. Heero yelped at the stab of pain it caused and instinctively followed the tugging. It caused him to impale himself deeper on his Master's arm. The slight twinge of pain made Heero look down. He was surprised to see his Master's elbow so near his entrance. He hurriedly eased back. The movement caused his nipple to be tugged again by the ring which was still held by his Master. The pain it caused made Heero moved forward to ease the strain, thus impaling himself deeper on his Master's arm again.

It was a vicious cycle.

Heero's mind was clouded with pleasure, pain, fullness, and discomfort. He was trapped in a whirlpool of sensations, not knowing which sensation he was currently feeling. It went on for a while until Heero's mind registered something pleasant building inside him. His muddled mind remembered it as the same sensation he felt when he was granted release.

His Master said not to come but the pleasantness kept building up, making him moan and groan in pleasure despite the painful tugging on his nipple ring. His mind refused to function beyond the heady sensation. Heero didn't know how to stop his release. All his resolve was swept away by the exciting emotional whirlpool. He was so close to it. He could feel the release getting nearer to him. Heero threw his head and arched his body. A few seconds from now, he would...


The harsh word was followed by the release of his nipple ring. The hand quickly rematerialized on his lower body, tugging his taut balls. His Master's buried hand stayed still inside him.

"No..." Heero cried out as his pleasure halted just when he was so close to his release. "Master, please." His hands left his head and reached for his cock but his Master's hand was faster. It released Heero's taut balls and slapped his hands away.

"No touching it, Kitten." The rejection was quickly followed with another tug on his balls, bringing Heero down a few notches from his peak. "This is for my pleasure, not yours. You may not come."

Heero whimpered in desperation and wriggled slightly. He got another tug on his balls for his trouble.

"No." The word was said firmly and sounded so final.

Heero's hands hovered slightly before they came down reluctantly to rest on the bed. Heero whimpered, torn by so many things his body craved.

"Put your hands on your lower stomach."

Heero complied slowly.

"Good Kitten. Now concentrate on what I'm doing to you."

His Master tightened his hand around Heero's balls before releasing them. It went up and snatched Heero's nipple ring, the other ring this time. It tugged on the ring, causing Heero to follow and impale himself further on his Master's hand.

The vicious cycle started again.

This time, with his hands on his stomach, he also felt his body rippling and bulging from his Master's sliding hand. He could feel the outline of his Master's hand against his hand when his Master punched into him, and he could feel his empty body when his Master's hand withdrew. It kept him aware that this was for his Master's pleasure, not his.

However, no matter how aware he was, Heero couldn't stop the pleasure from mounting up once again. He tried to hold on, to keep the pleasure at bay, but he could feel his defenses start to crumble from the overwhelming pleasure. Heero made a desperate sound. No, he couldn't come. He wasn't allowed to.

Heero seized his cock and balls and tugged on them , trying to stop his ascending desire. But this time, it did little to stop the pleasure.

"Master..." Heero cried out in panic. He didn't want to disappoint his Master. Didn't want to disobey him. But no matter what he did, he couldn't stop the building pleasure.

"Remember you are mine, Kitten." His Master said instead of helping him this time.

"Always, Master. Always." Heero sobbed the words out. He was going to disobey his Master. The pleasure was too....

"You may come now."

Those four words swept away all his resistance. Pleasure exploded inside him, blinding him. He felt like soaring into the highest sky and shuddered at the exhilarating sensation. The overflowing pleasure seeped into his deepest parts and spread to every corner of his body.

Heero felt shattered and contented at the same time.


Fingers caressing his face, tugging him back into the present. Heero sighed and leant his head against the fingers.

"Welcome back, Kitten."

Heero opened the eyes he never remembered closing and saw his Master smiling tenderly at him. "Master... " He ran his hands lazily over his stomach and felt the bulge that indicated his Master's fist was still inside him. Heero sighed and plopped his hands lifelessly on to the bed. He was too sated to move and chose to just laze on the bed. It felt good to have his Master's fist inside his relaxed body.

"How are you feeling?" asked his Master.

Heero made a contented sound that was so close to a purr.

Duo chuckled and bent forward to kiss him. Heero responded to the kiss lazily and whimpered in protest when his Master pulled back.

"I want to go on kissing you, Kitten but I don't think my body can handle this position for that long yet."

The mention of Duo's condition snapped Heero from his relaxed state. He was about to check on his Master when Duo interrupted him.

"I'm fine, Kitten."

Heero ignored his Master and tried to sit up. His attempt stopped short when Duo thrust his fist further in. Heero gasped at the sensation and knew he couldn't sit up without damaging his insides.

"Stay still, I still have some things to tell you."

Having no choice with the fist anchoring him to the bed, Heero listened to his Master.

"Do you know why I do this, Kitten?" Duo emphasized the question by rocking his hand inside his slave.

The movement made Heero swallow before answering the question. "Because you want to, Master?"

"That's one of the answers. The other one is because I want to erase what Wind had done to you."

Heero blinked. He had totally forgotten about Wind. Those dirty fingers of his were nothing compared to having his Master's fist inside him. Heero told his Master so.

Duo smiled and withdrew his arm slowly from his slave, earning a gasp from Heero. "Yes, you'll only remember my fist from now on." He pulled his arm away another inch. "Remember how you felt to have my fist dominate your insides." Another pull and Heero's entrance snapped around Duo's wrist. "How your entrance made way for my fist." Duo withdrew his hand and Heero could feel his entrance expanding to allow the widest part of his Master's knuckles to pass it. "And how you were stretched beyond normal to accommodate my fist."

The hand's widest part passed his opening and his body naturally pushed the rest of his Master's hand out. Heero gasped as his body tried to fill the space inside him left by his Master's arm. He felt he was missing something already. His opening was gaping wide, as if waiting for something to fill it. He felt hollow.

Heero whimpered, wanting his Master back inside him.

"Look at me."

Heero directed his eyes and saw his Master raising his glistening hand, the one that had just been in him a few seconds ago.

"Remember, Kitten," his Master said, "It's my hand that gave you the ultimate pleasure."

Heero moaned and closed his eyes. Full, shattered, uncomfortable, strained, owned. He committed all the sensations caused by the fisting to his memory. Wind had already been a forgotten memory for him. He opened his eyes and looked straight at his Master's violet eyes.

"I'll never forget, Master," he whispered softly.

Duo smiled in response. "I love you, Kitten."

"Love you too, Master." Heero smiled back.


Later, when the toys had been removed and his ass was cleaned, Heero tidied up the bed while his eyes kept returning toward the bathroom where his Master was washing his arm. Heero felt very reluctant to leave his Master, feeling so lost when Duo wasn't near him. He knew though that it was an after effect of the fisting. He had read that subs usually felt clingy and didn't want to be separated from their Doms after a fisting.

"Time for bed, Kitten," his Master announced as he entered the bedroom.

Heero hurriedly finished tidying up the bed then helped his Master into the bed. He quickly followed his Master and settled next to him.

Duo reached out and pulled his slave into a cuddle. Heero snuggled into the embrace. He wanted to go to sleep, but something he had noticed when he tidied up the bed worried him.



"My.." Heero paused. His face felt slightly warm. Surely he wasn't blushing over saying the word...

"My what?" prompted his Master.

"My anus is still open."

"That's normal after having had my big fist inside you."

"I feel so loose inside. What if I can't hold you inside me anymore?"

His Master pulled back slightly and looked him in the eyes. "Is that what was worrying you?"

Heero nodded.

"Your anus will close up eventually, Kitten. As for you being loose..." Duo chuckled then. His tone warned Heero that he wouldn't like what was coming. "Don't worry, a daily spanking will make you tight in no time."


"You heard me." Duo tightened his embrace when his slave wriggled. "Now I feel more reassured about letting you go to work alone. The soreness from the fisting will make it hard for you to walk. Added with the daily spanking, the best you can do is sit behind a desk. No action for you until I come back to work as well, Kitten."

"You.... " Heero was so incensed that he became speechless.

"Go to sleep, Kitten." Duo bestowed an innocent kiss on his slave's forehead.

"You're a sadist!"

"I am. You knew it from the start."

Heero opened his mouth, ready to spit more fire.

"You love me anyway."

Heero shut his mouth.

There was a yawn from above him then gentle words, "Sleep, love."

Grumbling, Heero settled to sleep.

His Master was a sadist, but Heero did love him. His ass just had to accept this and the fact that it wouldn't be safe for a long time to come.



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