Enslaving Heero Part 50

"Damn it!" Wufei cursed when he realized he had lost his quarry. The game had just ended with the Dom team as the winners. Wind had blamed the other subs for their loss before storming out of the game field. Wufei had followed him into the coconut forest but he'd lost the red haired sub halfway in.

Wufei looked around with a frown. All he could see was coconut trees. He might not be as good as Duo in trailing after people but he was still a soldier, an ex Gundam pilot to boot. It was almost impossible for an ordinary person elude him. And since Wufei couldn't determine where Wind had disappeared to, it was obvious that Wind was not an ordinary man.

A big coconut tree caught Wufei's attention then. Eyes narrowed, he approached the tree and studied it for a minute, circling around it. At certain point in the trunk's surface, he stopped, raised his hand, and knocked the tree's trunk. It made a hollow sound.

Secret entry, Wufei mused, no wonder Wind had been able to disappear all of sudden. He felt around the trunk, trying to find a release switch to open the secret door. He found the switch hidden on the lower trunk and pressed it down. The door slid open. If not because he found it to be undignified, Wufei would have whooped in joy.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Came a voice from behind the Chinese slave.

Wufei whirled around, surprised that someone had managed to sneak up behind him without him knowing. His eyes went wide as they fell upon the speaker.

Standing only a few feet from him was a pissed off Kira.



Heero felt his mind torn in two. One part was in denial to what Storm's current presence meant. Storm was the last person he suspected as the Snake. Another part of his mind was frantically trying to remember all the clues he must have missed or ignored regarding Storm.

"Storm!" Brat's shout interrupted Heero's mind before it finished compiling all the data it had. The black haired sub had turned toward Storm and proceeded to throw himself into Storm's arms. "I'm so glad you are here!!"

Brat sounded so relieved that it threw Heero off for a few seconds. Surely Brat wasn't a part of this as well? Heero's surprise had cost him precious few seconds and by the time he had the thought to tackle Storm, the female slave had her gun steady in one hand while her other arm wrapped around Brat. Heero shifted slowly, trying to find another opening.

"Don't move." Storm repeated, releasing the safety lock swiftly.

Heero stood still. Her ease in handling the weapon told Heero that the woman was no beginner when it came to shooting. He was just starting to berate himself for overlooking Storm as a suspect when Brat once again interrupted his inner thoughts.

"Storm, relax. Heero is with me."

"Why is he in the mansion?" Storm didn't look away from Heero when she asked Brat the question.

"Those are his friends hanging there," Brat answered and took a step back. "He told me that Wind was behind this all."

Storm's eyes narrowed. "Oh? So, where's the proof? He could be telling you lies to lure you here instead."

"Storm," Brat sounded exasperated this time. He took a step back and looked at Storm sharply. "Think rationally. Heero did not know how to get into the dungeon. I led Heero here."

"He could be in league with Wind just to set you up."

"I'd never work with that bastard," Heero spat.

"See," Brat gestured toward Heero, "I believe Heero is innocent in this."

The last sentence made Heero wince inwardly. He was so not innocent in this.

Storm, obviously not as trusting as Brat, still held her gun pointed towards Heero. "How did you know Wind kept your friends here?"

"How did you know to find us here?" Heero asked back, still wary and a little bit confused at the turn of events.

"Yeah, Storm, how come you're here? No one knew we were here," said Brat.

"Your wet footprints on the carpet led me here. Since we have been specifically told not to come down here without telling Bronze, I figured you were either forced or there was something really dire happening that made you decide to come down here despite the consequences."

For a few seconds, Heero considered banging his head against the wall for not noticing that Brat's 'just-out-of-the-shower condition' had left wet footprints. He was, however, distracted from actually doing it with what Brat said next.

"Of course my wet footprints would raise your cop's alarm," Brat muttered. "Now that you can see that I'm fine, can you put down the gun? You are not supposed to bring your gun on holiday."

"I'm not on holiday," Storm said blandly. "I'm on duty."

"What!!?" Brat was enraged, much to Heero's surprise, "Souver made you work, didn't he? Oh he is so going to regret it. For God's sake, you are supposed to be on holiday. I am safe here! I don't need to be guarded in this colony!! Nothing will happen in this safe...." Brat trailed off when Storm pointedly gestured to where Haakon and Grant still hung.

"My God! I forgot about them," Brat spoke in an appalled tone and hurried toward them, "Storm, help us get them down, will you?"

Storm still kept her eyes fixed on Heero. "How did you know they were kept here?"

"It's a long story," Heero said tentatively, "I will explain when we are in a safer place."

Storm hesitated for a moment, but then to Heero's relief, put her gun down. If Storm was as much of a soldier as Heero was, she would have known it wouldn't be safe to hang around here for long. Her eyes, however, told him that he would regret it if she didn't find his explanation satisfying.

Heero stared back resolutely at her for a few seconds then focused his attention on getting Haakon and Grant down. With Brat's and Storm's help, it was a quick job. They laid the couple on the floor and knelt over them, assessing the damage done to them more carefully.

"So cruel," spoke Brat, looking nauseated at the bloody Preventers.

Right at that time, Haakon opened her eyes, making Brat yelp and he scuttled backwards so fast that he fell flat on his ass.

Haakon made a low painful noise. Heero and Storm positioned themselves in front of the wounded dominatrix.

"Juno, do you recognize me?" Heero asked and watched as Haakon's eyes widened.

"Wind," Juno croaked the word.

Heero nodded, "Yes, we suspected it was Wind. We will deal with him later. For now, we are going to get you out of this hell." Heero wondered why Haakon's eyes were getting wider. However, before he managed to ask her, Haakon had fainted. Heero got a bad feeling when he realized her eyes had been fixed on something behind him instead of on him. And that was when an unwelcome voice was heard from behind him.

"Nobody is going to take anybody out," came the mocking drawl.

Heero and Storm whirled around in alarm. Wind was standing a few feet from them. He had a gun in one hand, pointed at Brat's head while his other hand wrapped around Brat's neck, restraining the black haired slave.

Brat looked pale and scared. "Storm," he said in a strained voice.

Storm cursed and took a step forward.

"Move another step and this beautiful head will be in pieces," Wind snapped at her.

Storm stopped. Her gray eyes were blazing in fury. "Harm him and you will regret it for the rest of your life."

Wind let out an amusing chuckle. "You are in no position to issue a threat. I have been wanting to have a taste of this delicious boy for some time. I will surely enjoy every scream he makes."

Storm growled and was about to charge forward but Heero put a hand on her arm, restraining her.

"How did you get in?" Heero asked, intending to delay as much as he could until he could find an opening. "The elevator's noise was supposed to alert us."

"Do you take me for an idiot?" Wind sneered at him. "There's a secret entrance behind one of the shelves." The red haired man gestured toward a particular shelf on his right.

"How did you know we were here?" Heero asked again, already guessing the answer but wanting to delay as long as possible.

"I set an alarm which alerts me if someone comes down to the basement, of course." Wind smiled unpleasantly at Heero, "I guessed there would be more Preventers aside from these two. Should have known you and GoD were only pretending to be a couple."

"He is truly my Master," Heero growled. He could feel Storm's and Brat's eyes on him. "He is far far better than your sorry excuse for a Master."

Wind glared angrily at him. "Shut your mouth."

Heero smirked, "No one can order me but my Master, GoD. He is one billion times a better Master than you."

Wind's face contorted in rage. "You'll pay for that comment, bitch," he hissed and gestured toward the wall on his right. "You two, stand next to the wall, facing it."

Not having any choice, Heero and Storm did as told. Heero's inner soldier shouted in alarm at turning his back toward the enemy but Heero could do nothing else without risking Brat's life.

"Hands above your head," was Wind's next order which Heero and Storm had no choice but to obey.

"I'm so lucky," Heero heard Wind's gleeful voice behind him. "Not only have I got you but I've also got Serpent's and Kira's slaves as a bonus."

"My Master will find you," Storm spoke flatly toward the wall before her.

"Oh, he will find your kidnapper, have no doubt," Wind said with a drawl and stood behind her, "but it won't be me. I'll set all the evidence pointing toward GoD."

"He will not rest until he has me back," replied Storm.

"Such confidence," Wind taunted, "You're merely a slave. He will easily find a replacement for you."

Before Storm managed to reply to the taunt, Wind brought down the gun on the female slave's head. She was knocked out instantly and crumpled down to the floor.

"Storm!" Brat cried out in worry then let out a pained gasp. From the sound of flesh hitting the floor, Heero concluded that Brat had been knocked out by Wind too.

He couldn't turn and confirm what had happened though since the cold nozzle of Wind's gun had quickly rested on his back.

"I have grown weary of those two," Wind spoke directly behind him. Heero could feel the red haired man's breath brush against his neck. "Now there are only two of us, what should I do to you?"

Wind's other hand had snaked around and touched Heero's middle.

"Maybe I'll see how tight your ass is first," said Wind as his hand caressed Heero's bare stomach and moved lower.

"Don't touch me," Heero said, enraged and slightly repulsed by the touch. He had been so used to only his Master's touch that it felt very wrong to have another touch him.

"Shut up, bitch!" Wind barked but to Heero's surprise he withdrew his hand. The reason for the withdrawal was soon apparent when Heero felt a tug on his tail. He gasped loudly as his tail was pulled out roughly and without warning. The emptiness and wrongness of it seized him soon after. No one except his Master was supposed to pull his tail out.

"I've been wondering about your tail." Wind sounded amused. "Very clever to install the butt plug on one of its ends. It would be better if it was the spiked plug instead of an ordinary one though. Your sad excuse for a Master has no taste." There was a soft thud on the floor, telling Heero that Wind had dropped the tail. The disgusting hand was back, this time it rested on his butt, very close to his now bare opening.

"Get off of me!" Heero snarled.

Wind's reaction was to press the gun harder on Heero's back. "I ordered you to shut up, bitch. Disobey me once again and you will feel my wrath!"

Heero stayed silent then, more for biding his time than placating Wind. The hand on his butt crept closer to the cleft of his ass. Heero bit his lower lip as Wind's fingers found his opening and one of them plunged inside.

"You're quite tight despite the plug," Wind commented. His breathing was becoming harsh. "I would like to see the pain in your face when I insert a spiked tail into this tight fuckhole." He plunged another finger into Heero.

Heero gritted his teeth at the rough intrusion, not wanting to give Wind satisfaction. His mind was screaming at the wrongness, which in the end pushed him to goad Wind again. "I bet you like to insert painful toys into your victims because your cock is so small that it hardly gives them pain when you rape them."

The fingers inside Heero withdrew like lightning. The hand left his butt and second later, Heero felt a blow on the side of his head. Heero staggered to his side, partly to ease the impact and partly to pretend that the blow affected him more than it actually did. And for a few seconds, his staggering had brought his head out of the gun's range. Not wasting the precious seconds, Heero dropped down and did a spinning kick, sweeping Wind off of his feet.

Wind cried out in surprise and landed on his ass. His fingers accidentally tightened on the gun. The sound of gun shot echoed in the basement. The bullet, fortunately for Heero, shot towards the ceiling. Not disturbed by the gun shot, Heero rose to a crouching stance, let out his claws and positioned himself out of the gun's range but close to Wind's head. He then rested the claws on Wind's neck.

"Move and I'll kill you," Heero heard the order came flatly from his own mouth. His soldier side was totally in control.

Wind stiffened. His right hand, which was still holding the gun, froze in the air.

"Drop the weapon," ordered Heero flatly.

Wind hesitated. Heero said nothing but pressed the claws further in. Wind cried out and hurriedly dropped his gun. Heero used his other hand to snatch the weapon before it touched the ground and pointed it toward Wind.

"You're no ordinary Preventer!"

Heero didn't respond to Wind's angry accusation. Instead he sheathed his claws but still kept the gun trained on Wind. With his now free hand, Heero intended to knock Wind out. It was an effective and efficient method in totally subduing his opponent as he had once done to his own Master during Mariemeia's war. Not to mention how satisfying it was to beat Wind. However, before he managed to carry out his plan, there was a commotion around him. It came from two different directions which distracted Heero and he raised his head to check what was happening.

It was a wrong move.

Wind used the moment to withdraw another gun, hidden in his shirt.

Heero saw Kira and Wufei rushing out from behind the shelves in front of him at the same time he heard his name yelled by his Master.

The next second, he found himself shoved aside as Wind fired the gun.

Stumbling to the side, Heero watched in horror as the bullet went straight into a familiar long haired body which was his Master.

"NO!!!" Heero yelled in disbelief. He felt as if he was in a nightmare, watching as blood gushed out of Duo's abdomen. He clambered hurriedly toward his fallen Master, caring for nothing but his Master.

Wufei had dashed forward and subdued Wind, confiscating his weapon and knocking him out. Kira had gone to the communication panel installed in the room and yelled to whoever was on the other end to find Serpent and send him here.

Heero, however, paid no attention to his surroundings. His sole attention was focused on Duo who was now secured in his arms. Red blotches marred the black tank top the long haired man wore. Holding tightly and desperately on his training, Heero worked on stopping the bleeding. The shot had gone through, a fortunate thing, but Heero couldn't be sure whether the bullet missed anything vital or not. He tore his Master's ruined tank top and used it as a make shift bandage.

A hand touched his cheek, making him look up at its owner. Hooded violet eyes were looking down at him.

"Duo." Heero heard his own voice break.

Heero raised his hand and covered the hand on his cheek. He noticed then that his hand was shaking violently. Duo was smiling slightly at him and slowly closed his eyes.

"Duo!" Heero shouted, sounding strained. "Don't die!"

The violet eyes opened slightly.

"Don't die," Heero said desperately, his calm façade was no more. "Don't leave me."

His hands were shaking. His heart was about to burst out of his chest from the violent pounding. His mind was a jumble of thoughts and denials. His eyes were strangely hot. Heero had never felt such terror as he did at this moment.

"Please don't leave me," Heero gripped the hand on his cheek. "Please don't." He kissed the hand as if it was the most precious thing, which it was. "Please..."

Duo gave him a slight smile.

The violet eyes fluttered shut.




He was numb.

Time seemed to have stopped since those violet eyes closed.

Heero had been only vaguely aware of Serpent's arrival a few second later. The next hour was a blur of events for him. There was a sense of being moved, being checked over, and being argued over by several people.

All he knew was that he never let go of Duo's hand. It was as if Duo would disappear if he let go. He could never let it happen. Duo was his lifeline.

So Heero kept holding onto Duo's hand.

In the ambulance.

In the surgery room.

He never let go.

He watched numbly as Serpent executed the surgical treatment on Duo, snapping orders to his assistants now and then.

It was at this time that Heero became very conscious of how helpless he was. He was almost inhumanly strong. He was genius with computers. However, his brute strength and his intelligence couldn't save Duo at the moment.

He could do nothing.

He had to trust Serpent to know what he was doing. Even then Heero couldn't shake the terror that something could go wrong all of sudden. What if something happened that was out of Serpent's control? Something like a power failure? A fire? An earthquake? Anything could happen!

Heero was reminded of just how helpless a human was against nature. They had gone into space. They had built colonies. They had created weapons that could destroy the Earth and bring death all over the world.

But they could never conquer death.

For the first time in a long long time, Heero prayed. He prayed with all his heart. Wished, begged, pleaded. If there really was someone up there, he begged Him to not take Duo from him. There was so much he wanted to tell Duo, so many things he wanted to do together. He didn't want to imagine a future without Duo in it. Not to have Duo next to him when he woke up every morning. Not to have Duo to eat and shower with.

Not to have Duo and him grow old together.

"Please don't leave me," Heero's broken whisper was lost among machinery beeps and Serpent's orders.


"I have done all I can," Serpent announced to the waiting group outside the surgery room. "We've manage to stabilize him. Now it's up to him to wake up or not."

"Where is he now?" asked Wufei.

"Room 201," Serpent replied, "The kitten is with him."

Wufei thanked Serpent and headed toward room 201. Dorothy would deal with any explanation Serpent demanded. While Duo had been in surgery, Wufei and Dorothy had done the cleanup. It was disgustingly easy to restrain Bronze, who was really Wind's slave. Wind seemed to have broken Bronze completely. A few threats were all they needed to have him confess all his and Wind's crimes. Thinking about that son of bitch made Wufei's blood boil.

He had seen what the bastard had done to Haakon and Grant. Luckily Kira was there or Wufei didn't know what he would have done to Wind. Death was too kind for the son of bitch. Worried more over Haakon, Grant, Brat and Storm, they had left Wind and Bronze shackled in the basement and rushed the wounded four to the hospital.

Haakon and Grant would have to stay in the hospital for at least a few days due to their numerous wounds. Brat and Storm had regained consciousness within a few minutes of their arrival at the hospital. Kira had been with them and ordered them to rest in the hospital for today. The blond Dom then joined Wufei and Dorothy in front of the surgery room.

Arriving at his destination, Wufei opened the door to room 201 and immediately saw Duo. The American Preventer was lying on the only bed in the room, pale and unconscious. Next to him was Heero, sitting in the chair and still holding Duo's hand. Wufei wanted to strangle Wind when he noticed the blank look on Heero's face. Heero wasn't supposed to have that look anymore. An emotionless look that a machine usually had.

Wufei entered the room and stopped next to Heero. The only reaction he got was a flicker of those blue eyes on him; just to determine whether he was a threat or not, Wufei noted. Obviously he wasn't a threat since Heero had dismissed him completely.

"We have caught Wind and Bronze. Wind is the Snake. His real name is Victor Gabriel."

No reaction. Wufei was very sure that Heero recognized the name as being one of the weapon dealers during the war. Heero's no reaction to it was worrying Wufei. It was as if Heero didn't care about anything save for the young man lying in the bed in front of him, which Wufei admitted was likely the truth.

"Maxwell will make it through, Yuy. He is too damn stubborn not to."

The words sounded cliché and empty. Heero didn't respond. His blue eyes were fixed on the pale figure on the bed. There were moments where Wufei sometimes regretted that he was never much good in giving encouragement to the ones he cared about and this was one of them. The Chinese Preventer hesitated for a moment then lifted his hand to Heero's shoulder, squeezing it for support.

Then without any sound, he turned around and left the room. Outside the room, he leant against the door and looked upward.

"Meiran, help me, will you?" Wufei whispered. "Kick that stupid Maxwell back to earth if you see him approaching you."


34 hours 5 minutes 12 seconds.

Heero noted the time when he caught Duo's eyelashes flutter slightly. His heart beat twice as fast when he realized Duo was coming to.

He watched as Duo slowly opened his eyes, caught between joy and disbelief. Those violet eyes blinked twice, staring at the ceiling for a few seconds before shifting to the right. They focused on him. Heero's heart stop beating at the slight smile Duo gave him.

"Hey," came a hoarse but affectionate whisper.

The word broke Heero's numb state. Duo was alive. Duo was talking to him. Duo was alive!

Heero's joy and relief were so strong that his whole body shook with the overwhelming feelings. He brought Duo's hand, which he had never let go of, up to his lips and kissed the lax fingers profoundly. "Duo." The word came out as a rasp. Heero swallowed and tried again.

"Duo." It came out steadier this time.

"Heero," Duo replied, voice still rough. His hand in Heero's hand tightened in return.

The small gesture broke a big chunk from the dam he had built inside him. A drop of crystal liquid escaped his eyes, ran down his cheek and fell onto their joined hands.

Duo seemed startled. "Heero..."

"Don't leave me." Heero whispered desperately.

This time his plea was answered. Duo tightened his hand again and spoke resolutely despite the roughness of his voice. "I'm here. I will never leave you."

"You almost did."

"But I didn't." Duo countered. "I'm here now, Heero. I won't leave you."

"I can't live without you."

Duo's violet eyes softened. "Yes, you can, Heero." He said gently, "You are strong. You can..."

"No, I can't." Heero interrupted, not wanting to hear how he would manage without Duo beside him. He leant forward and captured Duo's mouth with his. Duo's lips felt soft and dry but their kissing soon made those lips wet.

"I love you." Heero whispered when the kiss ended. The confession slipped out of his mouth before he had time to think. Heero looked at Duo apprehensively, suddenly afraid of what Duo's reaction would be.

Duo smiled warmly at him. "I know."

Among all the possible reactions Heero had thought about, those two words were not in them. Heero stared stupidly at Duo. "How?"

"You told me on our second day here," Duo answered. When Heero still looked blank, he elaborated, "During your third orgasm, I believe."

Heero flushed red. He remembered the incoherent babbles he had made during that time. "I..."

"I love you too, Heero," Duo interrupted before Heero started making excuses.

It took Heero some times to get over the warm feeling that surrounded him at hearing the words.

"You do?" Heero stared at Duo in disbelief.

"Yeah," Duo smiled and tugged at Heero's hand. "Lie with me."

"No, you're hurt." Heero resisted. Remembering the wound reminded him of what had landed Duo in the hospital. The memory of how close to death Duo had been was abruptly brought crashing back, like a bucket of cold water being dropped on him.

"Don't ever do a stupid thing like that again," Heero rasped. Now that he knew for sure Duo would make it through, anger started to creep around his joy and relief.

"What stupid thing?" Duo asked calmly.

"Getting in the way of the bullet just to protect me!" Heero growled. "It's stupid! You almost died because of me!"

"If our situations were reversed, wouldn't you do the same?"

Heero was taken aback at Duo's question. He couldn't dispute it. If the situation had been reversed, he would as sure as hell have used his body as a shield. There was no way he would let Duo die. He loved him so much. But still, he didn't want Duo to sacrifice himself just to protect him. He then recalled how angry Duo had been when he was trying to catch Ross.

"If the situation was reversed, wouldn't you also be angry with me for doing such reckless thing?" retorted Heero. Deep in his mind, Heero noted wryly, that what Duo had been feeling then ought to be the same as what Heero was feeling now.

"Heero, you..." Duo started to growl but it turned into hacking cough.

"Duo!" Heero stood up in alarm and thought frantically what he should do to stop Duo's coughing. He was one second from panicking when Duo croaked the answer.


Water! Of course! Heero grabbed the glass on the small table near the bed and gave it to Duo. He belatedly remembered that he was supposed to call the paramedics when Duo had regained consciousness. They still needed check on Duo's wounds. After helping Duo with his drink, Heero returned the glass back to the table. He then pressed the call button. After he'd informed the paramedic on the other end about Duo's condition, Heero ended the connection and turned to see Duo regarding him with narrow eyes.

Heero locked his eyes with those violet eyes.

"We will talk about this later," Duo spoke up, his voice back to normal thanks to the water.

Heero nodded. Now wasn't the best time to continue their argument. The paramedics would arrive soon.

Duo gestured to Heero to get closer. Heero obeyed and got himself a deep, possessive kiss.

"As a Master, I will protect what belongs to me," Duo whispered against Heero's lips.

The paramedics arrived then, causing them to break apart. Heero sat back on his chair, intending to watch the paramedics work on Duo. The noise from the paramedics had dominated the room, but somehow Duo's murmured words reached Heero's ears.

"As Duo Maxwell, I will die for the one I love."

Heero didn't know why, but hearing the words made his eyes hot, his throat felt like it had a lump in it, and his chest hurt in a bittersweet way. He leant forward and rested his head on the bed, next to Duo's hand, ignoring the paramedics' protest.

He felt Duo's hand caress his hair gently and closed his eyes. "Me too, Duo," he whispered before sleep took him away. Duo's last words followed him into sleep, surrounding him like a warm cocoon.



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