Enslaving Heero Part 49
Into the Dungeon

The next day, after their morning exercise and a shower, Duo dressed his slave in the usual cat costume.

"Do you know what today's contest is, Master?" Heero asked as his Master put the cat ears on his head.

"Yeah, it's teamwork," his Master answered and made a gesture for Heero to turn around.

Heero complied and bent forward, already knowing what his Master wanted to do. "Team work, Master?" he said, a bit breathless as the familiar plug slid into him at the same time.

"I think they are going to have us play some games." Duo slapped his slave's butt softly. "It's a good thing we can wear our usual costumes for today."

It was really a good thing Heero agreed as he straightened. The plug inside him touched his sensitive spot with the movement, causing him to shift slightly. Wearing the usual costume made Heero feel safer, knowing he had several weapons easily at his disposal.

His Master was wearing similar attire to what he'd worn during the third stage, a tank top and knee length pants. This time, it was a black tank top and red pants. Heero stared at his Master, wondering where his Master hid his weapons. He had no doubt Duo had weapons somewhere. And Wufei, Quatre, Trowa, they all did. The war had taught them to be continuously vigilant.

"Kitten," Duo held his slave's chin and gave him a stern look. "Don't be reckless."

Heero tried to nod but his Master held his chin still.

"I won't have you running headfirst into danger," Duo continued, "you're not expendable." He tugged his slave's chin forward and kissed him long and thoroughly, in a way that left Heero breathless. Duo leaned his forehead against his slave's.

"You're mine." The words were murmured but the tone held conviction that wrapped around Heero like a protective blanket.

"Always yours, Master," Heero murmured back.

Duo smiled, caressed his slave's cheek tenderly, and then stepped back. His face became somber and his whole demeanor straightened.

"Let's go then," he said and headed outside.

Heero followed his Master, head high and face solemn.

They were every inch the soldiers who had once carried the world's peace on their shoulders.


Like his Master had predicted, this time the contest turned out to be games. According to Serpent, who was the speaker for today, there were several kinds of games that they could play. There were sporting games like water polo, canoeing, and beach volley ball, or fun games like building sand castles and picking coconuts. They didn't have to play all the games. The variety of the games was just for fun. The judges, as usual, were unknown and mingling among the contestants.

The first game would be picking coconuts.

At the moment, Heero was standing in front of a tall coconut tree, staring at its fruit high above. Unlike other trees, this kind of tropical tree didn't have any branches. It consisted of a lot of roots, tall trunk, with coconuts and leaves on the top. He had no idea what his Master had been thinking, signing them into the picking coconuts game. If it had been volley ball they could have partnered with Dorothy and Wufei for the game. But on second thoughts, keeping close contact with them might raise Snake's suspicion.

"Don't just stand there and stare, Kitten," Duo shouted happily from where he stood next to the tree. "The game is about to begin."

"We still don't have enough players on our team, Master," Heero muttered as he settled next to his Master. One team consisted of four people. There were two teams which already had enough team members. The third team, their team, was still two members short.

"Short on members, GoD?" The question came from Kira. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and gray shorts.

"Yeah," Duo answered.

Heero noticed Storm standing slightly behind the blond Dom. The woman was wearing something similar to the costume she'd worn at the opening ceremony. She had light green silk wrapped around her chest and a short, dark green skirt to cover her lower body.

"Hmmm, I'll join your team then," Kira grinned.

Duo raised his eyebrows. "Won't it look unfair to the other contestants?"

"It will"

Heero heard Storm mutter the words. Kira seemed to hear them as well as he shot a scowl at his slave before addressing Duo. "It won't matter, we are doing it for fun and the judges know that."

"If you are sure," Duo replied. "So, who wants to be the first climber?"

"You can go first, I'll be the second. Our slaves will be the catchers," Kira answered.

"Okay," Duo replied, then smirked slightly. "I hope you are as strong as you look."

"I am not as strong as I look," Kira grinned, full of confidence, "I'm STRONGER than I look."

"We'll see the proof soon enough," Duo grinned back.

"Males," muttered Storm.

Heero looked at Storm in amusement. It seemed the two Doms would try to best each other in the contest. Once the whistle blew, Duo hopped onto the tree trunk and proceeded to climb it. The game rule was simple, climb the tree, pick a coconut and drop it down. The other team members, who were nominated as the catchers, had to catch the coconut before it touched the ground or it wouldn't be counted. Once all the coconuts were picked, the other team member climbed another coconut tree to get the fruit. However, before climbing up, the member had to wait for the first climber to touch their feet on the ground. The winner would be the team who collected the most coconuts in thirty minutes.

"You're a little faster than a snail, GoD!" Kira shouted, "keep it up!"

Heero saw his Master, who was actually ahead all other climbers, show his middle finger to Kira who laughed loudly. While he probably could best both of the Doms in this game, Heero didn't feel inclined to compete. Instead, he felt some sort of contentment watching his Master climbing the coconut tree happily. He felt so relaxed that he almost missed catching the first coconut. The fruit was yellowish green and slightly bigger than a man's head.

"Pay attention, Kitten!" Duo shouted from the top, "It will be ten smacks for every coconut you miss."

Heero made a face and concentrated on catching the coconuts.

"That's the last," Duo shouted as he dropped the fifth coconut.

"Hurry down, GoD!" Kira shouted back and placed himself next to another coconut tree. "I'm ready to climb."

"I'll catch the next lot of coconuts," Storm announced and went to stand near her Master.

Heero didn't know whether Storm was good at catching or had enough strength to stop the coconut's fall, but he supposed he could give her a chance. Telling himself that it wouldn't matter if they won or lost, Heero turned his gaze upward. His Master was already halfway down the tree. Heero knew his Master could get down faster in several ways, but those would require certain maneuvers that ordinary people weren't supposed to be capable of.

When there was only two meters left to the ground, Duo let go of the tree and jumped down.

"Finally!" Kira shouted and started climbing the other tree.

Duo stopped a few feet from the tree where he would be safe from falling coconuts and wouldn't hinder Storm in catching them. "And he's the one who is slower than the snail," Duo commented.

"I heard that!" Kira shouted from above them. "I'll show you slow!"

Heero, coconuts gathered in one hand, stood near his Master and watched Kira climbing. Despite his wide shoulders and obviously muscled chest, the man was agile and reached the top quickly. He dropped one coconut without warning but Storm was ready to catch it nevertheless. Heero was actually impressed. The woman might be slender and look weak but she moved fast and caught the coconuts with deadly accuracy.

The Doms managed to switch twice more before the time was up. It was on one of Heero's turns as the catcher that Storm muttered something that sounded like 'dominant monkey'. Heero caught the mutter and had to roll in the sand to catch the next coconut since he'd wasted several seconds imagining a braided monkey climbing a tree.

With two competitive Doms, Heero wasn't surprised when their team ended up gathering the most coconuts. Serpent asked the teams to pile the coconuts in front of each team. He approached Duo's team which had the biggest pile and announced them as the winners.

"You're lucky to have had me in your team," said Kira, looking satisfied. Storm just rolled her eyes at her Master, obviously used to the man being self-centered.

"I just hope I'm not disqualified for having an inside party joining my team," drawled Duo.

"Nice game," Serpent addressed GoD and Kira with a smirk. "As the winners, you may eat the coconuts for free."

Kira grinned and snatched two coconuts from the pile in front of them.

Duo raised his eyebrows. "That's it? No other prize?"

"We mean for the games to be for fun only," Serpent explained, still smirking, "This is all a part of the overall judging process to choose the real winner at the end."

"Oh well," Duo shrugged and took two coconuts, "I'll take these then."

"We will start the volley ball game soon. Are you going to join us?" Serpent asked.

Duo thought for a second before declining the invitation, glancing at his slave mischievously. "Thanks but I want to enjoy the coconuts and my slave next."

Serpent nodded his acceptance and excused himself. He had turned around and was about to leave them when Duo threw a question at him.

"Where's your slave, by the way?"

Serpent glanced over his shoulder. He had a nasty smile on his face as he answered, "I'm afraid he can't join us today."

Heero felt alarmed at the answer but his Master just chuckled. "Too sore to walk?"

"Something like that," Serpent smirked and left them.

"I think it's more because he wore Brat out," Kira commented, his face full of mirth. "We heard Brat's shouts echoing in all corners of the mansion long into the night."

"Mansion?" Duo inquired.

"That's where the sponsors stay during the contest." Kira pointed to the north. "It's called Poseidon Mansion."

Heero squinted his eyes and saw a tall building behind a small forest of coconut trees to the north.

"All three of you live in the same building? I thought you could afford a mansion each," Duo questioned casually.

"We could," Kira replied, swinging his coconuts lightly, "but since we have to meet often to discuss the contest, it's more efficient to just stay in the same place."

"True," Duo said then smirked, "Is there a dungeon in there?"

Kira grinned. "Of course."

"Any chance we can use it for several hours?" Duo waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Maybe after the contest is over we can have a fun time in there with our slaves," Kira answered with the same suggestive tone. "Need to ask Bronze first though since he is the one who most often uses the place."

Heero had a hard time in keeping his bland _expression. The information Kira had just shared unknowingly could be very important. It might be the place where Wind had Haakon and Grant hidden.

"I'll be waiting for the good news then, "Duo responded to Kira. He gave the coconuts to Heero then excused them from Kira.

"Try to come back later for some other games!" was Kira's parting shout. Storm just looked at Heero and nodded slightly.

Duo just waved his hand while Heero nodded back to Storm. They then left the place. Duo led the way, predictably to the north direction. Heero had no doubt they would be in the Poseidon Mansion soon. Right now was probably the best time to slip inside the mansion while the three sponsors were busy with the contest. Slipping in at night time would be more difficult since the three sponsors would be most likely in there.

Heero followed his Master. They took a false turn before heading into the small forest. Halfway into the forest, they stopped near a medium size boulder, thigh height.

"Hide the coconuts behind the boulder," Duo ordered, "We will come back for them later."

Heero did as ordered.

"Did you see Bronze and Wind today?" asked his Master.

"I saw Wind near the volley field," answered Heero, "It looked like he planned on joining the game, Master."

"Bronze was engaged in conversation on the beach with several people last time I looked, about an hour ago," Duo supplied his own information. "Dorothy was one of them so I think we can count on her to keep Bronze distracted."

Heero nodded in agreement. Luck was on their side. They would only have to worry about Brat but if what Kira said was true, Brat wasn't going anywhere other than lying on his bed. Heero hoped the black haired slave stayed put. He would have hated having to knock Brat out cold.


Wufei saw Heero and Duo leave the contest from the corner of his eyes. Knowing they were on the mission, Wufei concentrated on his own mission. Distracting Wind. It was a fortunate thing that he and Wind were on the same volley team so he could easily keep an eye on him. The volley teams were divided into Dom team and sub team. Wufei supposed it was to see how the subs competed against their own Doms.

"You better catch this one, Drake!" Wind shouted as the opposite team member, who appeared to be Wufei's Mistress, made the serve.

The shout from Wind made Wufei frown in displeasure. He didn't like being ordered by a fellow sub and didn't like the implication that he would let his Mistress have the score just because he was her slave. However he knew teamwork was necessary to win the game so instead of arguing with Wind, Wufei accepted Dorothy's volley and hit it back to her team. His pride wanted the sub team to win, just to show that the Doms wouldn't always win over their subs.

During the play, Wufei noted that Wind seemed to take the leader role over the sub team and shed his submissive fur away. While Wufei was glad the other subs united and obeyed Wind's orders during the game, he himself was actually irritated with being ordered.

He knew what he was supposed to do, where he was supposed to stand. Wind didn't need to shout to him every five minutes. And who he was to order him? Wufei took orders from no one but himself.

"Let's see if you can catch this one, Drake," Dorothy shouted happily and served for her team.

Well, Wufei corrected as he rushed to accept his Mistress' serve, he took no orders from no one but himself and Dorothy; that's it.


Poseidon Mansion was a three-story white building. The ground floor had three big garage doors. The stairs started from the main door on the second floor. Halfway to the ground, it split into two curved stairs, which surrounded a fountain. Tall Greek styled pillars supported the canopy right above the main door. Windows, almost as tall as the wall, scattered on the side of the building on the second and third floors. Tall trees and round green bushes surrounded the mansion. With the beach as the background, it was one lovely mansion.

It was also an easy mansion to slip inside of, Heero thought as he crossed over the window his Master had just unlocked. They were now on the second floor, trying to get down to the ground floor. There were no servants around, probably because the servants were employed for the contest as well. The mansion was as silent as a tomb. While it was easy to slip in, the hard part was to find the dungeon. It was the most likely place for Wind to keep Haakon and Grant.

The inside was as elegant as the outside. White Greek statues scattered around the corners. The second floor consisted of wide living room and equally wide dining room. Stairs like a ballroom's stairs, curved and wide, led to third floor. The railing on the third floor's corridor allowed anyone to look down to the second floor. There were another set of stairs on the right that led downstairs. They used hand gestures to communicate with each other, not wanting to break the silence. Duo gestured toward the stairs. Heero nodded and headed toward them, eyes alert on his surroundings.

The stairs led directly to the garage Heero found out as he went down them. It was darker since the windows were small and very few. Once on the floor, Heero stood next to the stairs and let his eyes adjust to the darker setting. There were two cars parked in the garage. One was like Relena's car, minus its pink color. It was sleek silver instead. It looked very elegant and rich. The other car was a sleek black Porsche.

There was a tap on his shoulder and Heero turned to see his Master was beside him.

'All clear?' Duo gestured.

Heero nodded and gestured back for them to search for the dungeon's door. They didn't have the blueprint of this mansion so they would have to play trial and error with every door in here until they found the one, which led to the lower level. Unfortunately, after searching for half an hour they hadn't found any doors, secret or not, other than the three, obvious garage doors on the front.

"This garage is not as big as the second floor," whispered Duo as they tried to figure out where the door to the dungeon could be. "Either there's a secret door that we haven't found the switch to open or there's another stairwell that leads downstairs from the second floor."

"It's more likely there's another staircase," Heero whispered back. "Let's go back upstairs and look for it."

Duo nodded and then their communication went back to hand gestures. Heero went up first while Duo guarded the rear.

It was actually a big risk to go back upstairs. Heero had to stop a few steps from the end of the stairs and poke his head up to see the surroundings. It was still empty, much to Heero's relief. He made an 'all clear' gesture and went up the last few steps.


Heero's heart stopped when he heard the voice calling his name. He looked up to where the voice came from and saw a young man in a green bathrobe leaning over the third floor's railing. His black hair was wet from the shower and his green eyes fixed on Heero.

"Brat?" Heero said a bit breathlessly. His mind whirled to try and find a reasonable explanation as to their presence in the mansion.

"What are you doing here? Where's your Master?" asked Brat as he went down the stairs slowly.

Heero blinked at Brat's last question and quickly realized that Brat hadn't spotted Duo. He didn't turn his head to see where Duo was. It would only draw Brat's suspicion. Heero trusted that Duo must have retreated back down to the garage. Not wanting to risk Brat finding his Master, Heero walked forward and met Brat at the bottom of the stairs.

"You are not here to see if I'm okay, are you?" asked Brat.

Heero shook his head slowly while inwardly he thought of what he should do next. He could knock Brat out and hide him somewhere. It was probably the simplest thing to do. However, if they hadn't completed their mission by the time Brat came to, all hell would break loose. Now if he could get Brat's cooperation, the black haired sub could easily show them where the dungeon was. This was actually a good plan but Heero didn't know whether Brat could be trusted or not. While he liked the black haired sub, the soldier in him was still wary of any strangers.

"Why are you here?" Brat asked again, "I didn't hear any bells ringing. How did you get here?"

"I slipped in," Heero spoke up, coming to decision. He would tell Brat enough to get his cooperation. If he failed, he would knock him out. And, if in extremely singular case, Brat managed to beat him, Duo could back him up.

"I'm trying to find a way to the dungeon in this mansion," Heero told Brat.

"The dungeon?" Brat look bewildered. "What for?"

"I believe my friends are being kept there by Wind," Heero answered truthfully, "without consent."

Brat's eyes went huge in surprise. "How do you know that?"

"I have proof," Heero said, "but it's very delicate. I would prefer to have my friends told the story once we free them."

Brat looked unsure of what to do. "Who are your said friends?"

"Juno and her slave," answered Heero.

"You didn't seem close enough to them to risk doing something like this."

"There's a reason."

"And what's that?"

"I'll tell you when we find my friends."

"Yeah, right," Brat rolled his eyes. "I think we better find your Master and..."

"Please," Heero interrupted. "I'm not joking. This is a life and death situation."

"You're not saying this just to see the dungeon, are you?"

Heero shook his head. "I'm deadly serious."

"What does your Master have to say about this?"

"He doesn't know about this," Heero lied through his teeth, not wanting to implicate his Master if his trust in Brat was mistaken.

Brat looked at Heero. His face still showed his uncertainty, compelling Heero to add. "Look, you only have to show me where the dungeon is. If my friends are not there, I will receive any punishment for trespassing. You won't get punished."

"Too late for that," Brat snorted then elaborated at Heero's questioning look. "I was under orders not to leave the bedroom."

"And you're obviously outside the bedroom to be able to catch me," Heero concluded. "What about if there's no one in dungeon, we just forget we saw each other today?"

"I don't know..." Brat said hesitantly. "Serpent usually knows when I am lying. And when he knows I have lied to him...." He left the sentence hanging but Heero knew what would happen to Brat. He could sympathize for he had been in similar situation. "Maybe he won't punish you for this if he knows your disobedience has saved my friends."

"Maybe..." Brat trailed off. Heero could see the black haired sub was thinking hard.

Several seconds passed before the green eyes looked straight at him. The certainty in those green orbs told Heero that Brat had come to a decision.

"I'll take you to the dungeon," Brat said. "If your friends are there, I'll call my Master for help. If they aren't, we will wait for my Master to return and decide what to do."

"Okay," Heero nodded. He knew there was a chance that Haakon and Grant weren't in the dungeon. If that happened, Heero would have another decision to make.

"This way," Brat said and walked around the stairs. There was a door behind the stairs that led to the kitchen.

"Is there anyone else in this mansion, other than you?" Heero asked as he studied the kitchen. There was a big triple door, built in 'fridge on the right. A dish washer was on its right. The pantry and stove were on the opposite side. In the middle was another dining table made from wood.

"No, this place is usually empty during the day." Brat walked into the kitchen and stood in front of a microwave. He punched in several numbers on the appliance's panel, shielding his fingers' motion with his body.

Secret door, Heero thought when the 'fridge slid to the left side, revealing an elevator behind it. It was a good thing he decided to get Brat's cooperation. They might have found that there was something behind the 'fridge but they would never have known how to get the 'fridge moved. Brat motioned Heero to enter the elevator. Heero hesitated slightly, knowing Duo wouldn't able to follow them. Aware that he couldn't delay too long or Brat might become suspicious, Heero stepped into the elevator. He hoped against hope that Duo would find a way to follow them to the dungeon.

"I have been down there only once this week," Brat said when he joined Heero in the elevator. "Bronze monopolizes the dungeon the whole time." He punched in another series of numbers on the panel next to the elevator's door.

"Bronze might have done that by Wind's order," Heero commented casually while his mind memorized the numbers Brat had entered. The elevator's doors closed and it started descending.

"By Wind's order? You mean Wind is the dominant one in their relationship?" asked Brat.

"You don't look too surprised."

"I suspect it. He was too bossy to be a sub."

Heero couldn't help but raise his eyebrows. "You suspect it but you didn't tell anyone?"

Brat shrugged, "What's the point?"

The elevator slowed down and the yellow light on the panel blinked. "We are here," said Brat as the elevator's door opened. It revealed a small waiting room, painted in earthy colors.

Brat stepped out of the elevator and looked at Heero who had followed him out. Heero studied the room. All his senses were up and on guard. There was a couch against the right wall and a painting hanging above it. A double door faced them at the other end of the room.

Brat headed toward the double door. Heero went after him, feeling the tension increase as they neared the door.

"I hope your friends are really in here," Brat spoke as he pushed the door open, "or I...."

Whatever the black haired sub wanted to say was cut off by the scene revealed before their eyes. The dungeon was really built for BDSM players. The room was painted in black and red. There was various BDSM equipment scattered around the dungeon. The smaller equipment and toys were stored on ceiling-to-floor shelves.

Heero's blood went cold at what he found in the middle of the room. There were chains hanging from the ceiling and at the end of the chains were Haakon and Grant; their hands bound and connected to the chains. Their legs were spread open and pulled toward the ground by other chains. Both were naked and drenched in blood from the scars all over their bodies.

"Jesus..." Brat croaked and trembled violently.

Heero was silent as he approached his comrades. He was too furious to speak. He checked on Haakon. The woman had been whipped from neck to toes. There were several areas where the whip seemed to be focused on. Those areas were where Haakon was most vulnerable and sensitive, not to mention intimate. Storing away all the information he got, Heero moved to Grant. Similar to Haakon, the man was also whipped over every inch of his body. Special treatment was given to his cock, which would make any normal man flinch at the horrible sight. Heero, however, had steeled himself and donned his soldier mask. He didn't show any expression during his check.

Despite their horrible appearances, Haakon and Grant were still alive. Heero could see their chests rise and fall slowly and very slightly. Whoever punished them knew how to punish to the extreme without killing them; which indicated that the person was used to this kind of thing, not to mention very cruel. Before Heero's eyes flashed the image of Duo, his beloved Master, in a similar state to Haakon and Grant. The image broke through his mask and made him shudder, trying to contain his rage. Wind was going to pay dearly for what he had done, Heero vowed.

He was about to bring Haakon and Grant down when a new voice called out.

"Do not move or I'll shoot you."

Heero's already cold blood went even colder when he recognized the voice. He turned his head slowly around and saw a gun pointed at him by the person standing by the door. Her name came out as a furious hiss from Heero.




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