Enslaving Heero Part 51

Heero had slept the entire night through and was awakened by the sight of Dorothy, Kira, and Serpent, each accompanied by their slaves entering the hospital room.

Heero instantly went alert and stood up, ignoring his protesting back. It was stiff from the way he'd slept sitting up. He hissed as the newcomers approached the bed where Duo was still sleeping.

"My, he is rather feisty, isn't he?" said Kira, who got an elbow from Storm for his trouble.

"Relax, Kitten." Dorothy said. "Serpent is only going to check on your Master."

"My Master will take care of GoD. Don't worry, he is a great doctor," Brat said. He sounded a little anxious. "You should take a rest, Ki - Kitten."

"Brat is right." Wufei stepped forward. "I promise I will wake you up when your Master regains consciousness."

"I'm already conscious, you know," came the hoarse reply.

All heads snapped to the speaker. Heero looked happy while six others had a surprised look on their face.

Heero bent down to take a better look at his beloved. Worry slipped through his happiness when Duo coughed. "Duo..."

A slight smile on that heart shaped face reassured him though. Duo gestured toward the water jug. Heero understood immediately what he wanted. He refilled the glass then helped Duo to drink it.

"I see you are completely out of mortal danger," said Serpent dryly as he stood on the other side of the bed. Wufei was right next to him.

"Maxwell! Why didn't you tell us you were awake! You..."

"Drake," Dorothy's voice was soft but held a dangerous edge.

Wufei swallowed what he wanted to say next. The interruption gave his mind time to think about what he had said. He blanched when he realized he had said Duo's real name. He had been so relieved at his friend's recovery and at the same time, angry at not being told that Duo had regained consciousness. Damn it, he had been too emotional to watch his words. Wufei glanced back at his Mistress and knew his ass would pay for his mistake.

"GoD is a Master so you should greet him as such," Dorothy ordered, her voice soft yet lethal.

Swallowing once again, Wufei decided that he could at least appease his Mistress. It probably could very well lighten his punishment. "I'm glad you are well, Sir."

"Well is definitely relative," Serpent drawled and addressed Duo. "I need to check your vitals."

Duo nodded to show his consent.

"So what had happened while I was out of commission?" Duo asked as Serpent worked on him.

"We have captured Wind and Bronze," Dorothy answered. "They are on their way to earth for trial. As we had suspected, Wind is Snake. His real name is Victor Gabriel."

Duo raised his eyebrows. "Victor Gabriel, one of the biggest weapon dealers?"

Dorothy nodded in confirmation.

"No wonder he wanted to start another war. His income is little to none now we are at peace," Duo commented.

"He wanted to start another war?" Kira sent Dorothy a sharp glance. "You told us that Wind was a wanted criminal only. I think we deserve a further explanation here." Storm nodded in agreement with her Master.

"This is classified information," Wufei protested.

"Classified for whom?" Serpent asked as he measured Duo's blood pressure.

Wufei couldn't answer the black haired man, not without revealing who they were.

"That bastard hurt what is mine," Kira growled as he wrapped a possessive arm around Storm. "I deserve to know."

"He hurt mine too," Serpent added sharply.

During the entire conversation, Heero had stayed silent. As a matter of fact, he'd only been paying half of his attention to it. The other half remained focused on Duo. Seeing his beloved Master alive and talking gave him a feeling of relief. The fear of almost losing the one he loved was still fresh for Heero. He didn't dare take his eyes off of his beloved for fear of losing him. He stayed close to his Master and clasped his hand in Duo's, making it his anchor of reassurance.

"We are Preventer agents." Dorothy had decided to tell Kira and Serpent the truth. Heero didn't mind. All of them knew that there was no use in concealing the truth from these two guys anyway. Serpent and Kira were both powerful and resourceful enough that it was only a matter of time before the Doms managed to learn anything about them.

"My name is Dorothy Catalonia and this is my slave, Chang Wu Fei. The wounded guy on the bed..."


"...is Duo Maxwell," Dorothy continued her explanation, ignoring Duo's protest, "his slave is Heero Yuy."

"Preventers," Serpent looked thoughtful.

"Are you genuine Doms and subs or are they just your undercover roles?" Kira inquired.

"Genuine, of course." Dorothy smiled sweetly while her eyes sent a threatening glare toward her slave who looked ready to protest. Of course upon receiving this glare, Wufei shut his mouth and dourly stayed silent.

Heero listened while Dorothy explained what their mission had been to the two Doms. When she told them about Haakon and Grant, Heero's mind flashed back to the last time he'd seen the two Preventers. The bloody sight was enough to wrench him out of silence.

"What happened to Haakon and Grant?" Heero asked.

"They are in this hospital as well. Don't worry, they are out of danger," Dorothy quickly reassured.

"They will need a long rest," Serpent added. "And once they are strong enough, I believe they will need some counseling sessions. The trauma they have suffered could affect their lives if not addressed."

"They will need it," Brat commented with a shudder, "Wind's tortures will leave scars on them."

"Brat." Serpent straightened, having finished his checking of Duo and took Brat into his embrace. "They will be okay."

Brat nodded and snuggled deeper into his Master's arms.

Considering how bad their states were when Heero and Brat found them, Heero agreed that both Haakon and Grant would need some counseling. This mission would obviously leave scars on Haakon and Grant who weren't trained to be war soldiers like the rest of them.

Having calmed his slave, Serpent turned to Heero. "GoD will be fine. He just needs to rest for a few weeks."

"Weeks?!" Duo squeaked in dismay. "I'm not going to stay on bed that long!"

"I know you will be a difficult patient," Kira grinned, then caught the mutinous glare Storm gave him. "What?"

Storm snorted and turned her head away.

"I was not a difficult patient," Kira protested.

Storm just raised an eyebrow. Her expression clearly depicted her disbelief of her Master's statement.

"Why you..."

Before Kira got into a full rant, Storm turned her attention to Duo. "I have a question for you, Sir."

"Shoot," Duo grinned.

"How did you get down into the basement after me? I searched the house first and found no one."

"You missed me then," Duo answered. "I was hiding the kitchen when you came in. I watched you open the secret entrance and did the same after you went in."

Storm glared sullenly. "Impossible. I would have known you were in there then."

"Well, I'm good at hiding and I think you were a bit distracted."

"Distracted?" Storm asked.

"You looked worried," explained Duo.

Kira chuckled. "She couldn't find Brat anywhere. Of course, she was worried."

Dorothy raised her eyebrow. "Why so?"

"Ah, that's because..." Kira looked at Serpent helplessly.

"That's because she was supposed to guard me," Brat answered and stepped back from Serpent's arms.

Dorothy looked at Brat. "Guard you?"

"She is my bodyguard." Brat glared at Serpent. "But she was supposed to be off duty during our time on this colony. How could you ask her to work during her holiday too?!"

"You will have rough time tonight, old man." Kira grinned as he stood next to Serpent who raised his black eyebrows in return.

"Old man? Need I remind you that I beat you in enduwhuphmf"

Whatever Serpent wanted to say was blocked by Kira's hand. "I remember. Don't say it in front of so many people." It was interesting to see the pinkish hue on Kira's cheeks. Storm, on the other hand, closed her eyes in embarrassment.

Serpent removed Kira's hand from his mouth and smirked at the blonde. "As long as we understand each other."

"Don't change the subject here," Brat growled but his offended look was marred by his blushing cheeks, no doubt caused by Serpent's unfinished comment. "I thought all of us we were having holiday!"

"We are," said Serpent calmly.

Hands on his hips, Brat glared at his Master. "You lie!"

Serpent narrowed his eyes. "I do not lie."

Brat stomped on his foot, exactly an epitome of his name. "I wanted Storm as my friend during this holiday not as my bodyguard!"

"Brat," Storm approached the black haired slave. "I AM on holiday. He didn't ask me to work."

Brat turned his attention to Storm. "Huh? But you watched out for me..."

"As a friend."

"Oh," Brat looked taken aback for a few seconds but then he narrowed his eyes in suspicion. "If you're on holiday, why did you have your gun with you then?"

Kira laughed then. "Brat, she won't part with her gun. Holiday or not, the gun stays with her always. Anywhere, anytime. I sometimes think she loves the gun more than I."

"Hmm, sounds like someone I know," Duo commented as he fixed his gaze on Heero.

Heero absolutely and totally refused to acknowledge both the gaze and the comment.

Dorothy and Wufei, however, grinned in knowledge.

Brat, meanwhile, looked at his Master guiltily. Heero could sympathize with him. Brat was more than likely having the same feelings as he'd had when he realized he had accused his Master of wanting him to eat cat food. And judging by the punishment he got, Brat would soon be getting similar treatment.

"Uhm, Master..." Brat started.

Serpent just crossed his arms. His silence was more damning for Brat than anything. The black haired slave shuffled nervously toward his Master. "I'm sorry..." he said meekly.

The only reaction from Serpent was the raised eyebrows. It definitely didn't look well on Brat's behalf. The black haired boy seemed to know this as well. He quickly got down on his knees in front of his Master and kissed Serpent shoe. "I'm really sorry for accusing you, Master."

Serpent looked down at his slave. "You will be punished later. For now, I think I like having you in this position."

"Yes, Master." Brat kissed Serpent's other shoe reverentially.

Watching the scene before him caused Heero to wonder about his own relationship with Duo. Now that Duo and he had admitted their love to each other, would that change their Master-slave relationship?

"Ah poor Brat," Duo started to chuckle but then winced. That distracted Heero completely from his inner thoughts. He placed an arm on Duo's back and rubbed it until Duo's crouch subsided.

"You should rest," Serpent stated.

Duo waved his hand dismissively. "In a minute. I want to know why Brat needs a bodyguard for anyway."

Serpent was silent for a few seconds.

"We told you about us," Dorothy added. "I think we deserve your explanation in return."

Serpent exchanged a silent conversation with Kira. He then glanced at his slave and Storm, who nodded slightly.

Kira met Dorothy's eyes. "My name is Septus Alamsyah."

"And my name is Souver Schwarz," Serpent said. "I believe you have already known our names and backgrounds considering we were on your suspect list."

Dorothy nodded.

"And my beautiful slave here," Kira dropped a kiss on Storm's forehead, "is Sol Lavien. Currently work as Brat's bodyguard."

"Brat's name and background is still unknown to you though I think his name will be sufficient to shed the light." Serpent looked down at his slave. "His name is Harley Peacecraft."

There were a few seconds of silence in the room before it was broken by Wufei's loud 'What?!'. That seemed to wake the other Preventer agents from their shock.

"Peacecraft? As in Relena Peacecraft?" Dorothy demanded.

Serpent nodded.

"Brat is related to Relena?!" Wufei squeaked.

"He is her uncle," answered Serpent.

"Uncle?" Heero said weakly. For the first time, he understood why people could faint from shock. He was about to do exactly that. It was only the warm hand in his grip that still anchored him to reality.

"How old is Brat actually?" Duo's curious tone asked the question.

Brat looked up from where he was worshiping Serpent's shoes and sent an irritated look at Duo. "Hey, I may be her uncle but I'm not much older than her. I'm only twenty years old."

"You are older than us?" Wufei asked in disbelief.

Brat scowled at the Chinese Preventer. "So I have a baby face, get over it."

"There is an age gap in the family. Brat's father was the youngest brother of Relena Peacecraft's father, who naturally was the oldest son and the royal heir," Serpent explained. "Not to mention that Brat's father was late in siring him which resulted in only two years difference between Brat and Relena Peacecraft."

"But there is no Peacecraft left except Relena..." Dorothy spoke slowly, still trying to assimilate the fact that Brat was her close friend's uncle.

"It wasn't public knowledge." Serpent spoke. "Brat's parents died in a spacecraft accident when he was but a small child. Brat's father's family thought Brat died with them while in reality he was left in the care of his aunt on his mother's side. We just recently knew that Brat had royal blood in him."

There was a big story behind Serpent's short explanation but his tone warned them not to ask further about it. Heero noticed Brat was rather upset with the conversation so he refrained from asking further while making mental note to dig the story out of Brat's own mouth someday.

"Does Relena know she has an uncle?" asked Dorothy curiously.

Serpent scowled while Brat looked resigned. "She knows. Why do you think he needs a bodyguard? That girl blabs about having an uncle to certain high people and some of them want to snatch Brat to be used as their puppet."

"Make sense," Dorothy nodded in comprehension. "As the only Peacecraft aside from Relena, Brat would be Relena's heir until such time as she gets married and has children."

"If Relena is a queen...." Wufei started.

"Then Brat is a prince?" Heero finished in disbelief.

"A Duke is more accurate," Brat corrected with a grimace.

"Also now that he is recognized as a Peacecraft, he inherits his father's wealth. Many greedy people want to get their hands on him," Serpent spoke darkly.

Wufei looked thoughtful. "No wonder Brat needs a bodyguard."

Brat shuffled closer to Serpent and hugged his leg. "I don't need the title and the wealth. I only need you, Master."

Serpent's dark look softened as he caressed his slave's hair. "Nevertheless, you have both of them and me."

"If you are royalty, how come I've never met you when I've attended the royal events with Relena?" Dorothy asked.

Brat grinned. "You probably have seen me. My public appearance is different to what I look like at the moment."

"Not to mention he often skipped those kinds of events," Kira commented, "made a headache out of my slave trying to find his whereabouts."

"I hate politics," Brat said simply, still hugging his Master's leg.

"I think Relena better get married soon and have her own children," Dorothy commented in amusement. "The Peacecraft's future is doomed with you as the heir."

Instead of scowling, Brat just grinned widely.

"Now that we have cleared up everything, I suggest we leave GoD to have a rest." Serpent announced and patted Brat's head. "You may stand up."

"We will visit you again tomorrow," Dorothy smiled at Duo then left. Wufei followed her after nodding his good bye to Duo. Kira and Storm followed suit.

Now that there were only four of them, Serpent turned at Heero. "If your Master is anything like Kira, you will have your hands full with him. Make sure he takes his medicine on time and don't let him get away with anything just because he is your Master. His wound could get reopened if he moves too much."

"I'm in the same room, you know," Duo spoke irritably.

Serpent turned to him. "I'll give you the same advice that I gave Kira. Do not leave the bed and refrain from humping your slave until I say so."

The black haired man departed with his snickering slave in tow, leaving a blushing Heero and a scowling Duo.


Knowing how energetic his Master usually was, Heero was afraid that he would have to restrain his Master to stop him from leaving the bed. It was to his surprise that his Master gave him no trouble during the day. After Serpent and the others left, Duo went to sleep again. Not wanting to leave his Master, Heero stayed at his side and dozed off.

He woke up when a nurse came in with Duo's lunch. Heero took the lunch tray and put it on the stand next to the bed. He was torn between waking Duo up to take his lunch or letting him rest a bit longer. The decision was taken from him though as Duo opened his eyes slowly.

"Hey," Duo said softly in a slightly raspy tone. "I smell lunch."

"The nurse brought it just now. Want to eat?"


Duo made to get up but Heero placed his hand on the bandaged chest. "Just stay still. I'll get it for you."

"I'm not an invalid," Duo grumbled but leaned back in the bed.

"No, you aren't; but you are wounded," Heero spoke as he pushed the button to raise the upper part of bed slightly. The position made it easier for the patient to eat without exerting or damaging their body. Heero then took a bowl filled with creamy mushroom soup from the tray and held a spoon of it in front of Duo.

Instead of opening his mouth, Duo raised his eyebrows, "and where is your lunch?"

"I'll have my lunch later," Heero answered.

Duo snorted and crossed his arms over his chest. "I know you, Heero. You won't leave this room until you're certain I'm totally recovered. And since you can't get food without leaving this room, I bet you will let yourself starve until someone brings you food."

Heero had planned to do just that. There was no way he would leave Duo. Not for a second. The mere thought of leaving Duo alone sent cold fear through him. He would rather starve than leave Duo alone without any protection. Unfortunately, Duo seemed to be able to read his intention.

"Absolutely not. I won't have my slave starving. What kind of Master do you think I am to neglect my slave?"

The mention of their Master-slave relationship brought forward the question Heero had before. "Am I still your slave?"

Duo narrowed his eyes, "What are you talking about?"

Heero bit his lip, not knowing how to explain his feelings at the moment.

"I think you better put the bowl down. We need to talk," Duo spoke when Heero said nothing after a few seconds.

Heero put the bowl back onto the tray and then just stood there, unsure what he should do.

Duo, on the other hand, knew what he should do. He opened his arms. "Come here, Heero."

Heero shook his head. "I won't sit in your lap. You're wounded."

Duo narrowed his eyes. "I just want to hold you. Sit next to me."

The bed was quite big so Heero would have no problem sitting next to Duo. Hesitantly, Heero sat on the bed. He was quickly enveloped by two warm arms and kissed breathless.

"Duo..." rasped Heero after the kiss ended.

Duo cut him off. "Stop being a mother hen. I'm fine." As if to emphasize the point, Duo tightened his hold around Heero. "Now what's on your mind? Why do you question your enslavement?"

"I...." Heero was confused. Everything seemed simple when they were merely Master and slave. Heero knew perfectly what his position and role was. Now that love was added to the mix, it seemed very complicated in his mind now. How he should act toward Duo? As a lover? As a slave? Heero had seen how Quatre and Trowa interacted with each other. They were lovers and their behavior was totally different to how he and Duo interacted.

Heero finally managed to sort the scrambling thoughts in his mind into a resemblance of order, enough to form a question. "Should I call you Duo or Master?"

It was only one question but it represented the dilemma he was having.

Duo looked at Heero for quite a long time before answering with his own question. "Is it because our love admittance?"

Heero nodded slowly.

"You're confused to what our relationship is now, aren't you?"

Heero nodded again.

Duo smiled slightly. "What do you want us to be?"

"What do you mean?" Heero frowned in confusion.

"Do you want us to keep our Master-slave roles with the knowledge that we love each other, or do you want us to stop this Master-slave relationship and become ordinary lovers like normal people?" Duo elaborated.

Heero thought about it. He liked being a slave to Duo. The happy and useful feeling when he managed to comply with Duo's orders, the safety and contentment he felt from Duo's protection and treatment. He knew he would be reluctant to leave his role as a slave if he chose for them to be ordinary lovers. However, if he chose to be Duo's slave, he wouldn't be an equal to Duo, like Trowa and Quatre were. He wouldn't be able do some things that ordinary lovers did freely, like going out by himself, managing his own time and money, and other mundane things. It was a hard choice and he still felt unsure as to what to choose.

"What do you want, Duo?" Heero asked.

"I'm quite selfish," Duo smiled, slightly sad in Heero's opinion. His hands moved slowly over Heero's body in an affectionate motion. "Heero, never doubt that I love you. Unfortunately, my selfish self wants you all to myself. I want you to submit to me. I want you as my beloved slave. Forever."

Heero shuddered at the intensity of Duo's words. He could feel himself aroused at the possessiveness Duo displayed. He had forgotten one other thing that made him enjoy being Duo's slave. The feeling of being owned. Belonging.


Duo put a finger on Heero's lips. "However, I love you too much to try forcing you to be what I want. I don't mind if we become ordinary lovers. I'll love you the same." Duo kissed Heero lightly and then pulled back with a sheepish face. "Well, maybe we would do a Master-slave role-play occasionally to satisfy my Dom side."

Heero couldn't help but smile at the last sentence. Trust Duo to be selfish enough not to sacrifice his own pleasure. No, Duo would instead find a way to satisfy both of them. Come to think about it, Heero realized he had an idea to resolve this dilemma.

"How about the other way around?" said Heero.

"Huh?" Duo looked confused.

"We will live as Master and slave. But for a few days in a month, you will give us time to be ordinary and equal lovers."

Duo looked happy but then grimaced. "Damn, my conscience won't let me get away without telling you this. You do realize that I purposely arouse your submissive side with my possessive words, so in your aroused state, you will eagerly choose to be my slave?"

"I know, that's what I love about you." Still smiling, Heero kissed his selfish Master. "You are selfish enough to cheat to gain what you want but you're also kind enough to leave an escape for your victim."

Duo raised his eyebrows, trying to look cool but it was ruined by his big happy grin. "Victim, are you?"

Seeing his Master's genuine happiness, Heero felt he had chosen the right thing. He closed his eyes and surrendered himself to his owner. "Yes, I'm your victim, Master."

"I feel it's the other way around. You have trapped me in your innocent web, Kitten." Duo bent forward and captured Heero's mouth. Heero responded enthusiastically, wrapping his arms around his Master's neck. His tongue did a thrust and parry dance with his Master's.

His Master's hand on his back moved lower and slipped into his shorts. At first, Heero was so aroused that he was ready to let his Master do whatever he wanted. However, just as Duo's hand found his opening, Heero remembered Serpent's orders. He opened his eyes in realization and broke the kiss.

"No!" Heero unwrapped his arms from Duo's neck and seized Duo's wandering hand, pulling it out of his shorts.

"Kitten, what are you doing?" Duo growled, obviously frustrated at being stopped.

"You should rest." Heero tried to scoot away but Duo's arms tightened and kept him caged in them. "Serpent said you may not .." Heero felt his face heat up at this, "... use me until he says so."

"I'm your Master, not Serpent," Duo said warningly.

"You are my gravely wounded Master," Heero spoke flatly.

Duo's eyes softened in understanding. "I'm fine now, Kitten. I don't want you to worry."

"I won't worry if you rest, Master."

That was a brilliant sentence as far as Heero was concerned. It got his Master backed into a corner. If Duo insisted in using him, it would show he didn't care whether Heero worried over him or not. Heero couldn't help but feel smug.

His Master seemed to realize his cornered position as well. Duo scowled at him. "I want my Kitten."

"You can have me when you have completely recovered, Master." Heero wriggled and felt Duo lessening his hold. He reached for the soup bowl then turned to his Master, bowl in hand. "For now, let's get you fed."

"You also need to eat." Duo released Heero from his hold. "Go outside and buy a lunch package at the caf? I want to feed you."

At the thought of leaving his Master alone, fear suddenly gripped Heero's heart and banished the happiness inside him. "Master, please." He felt himself trembling slightly and from Duo's frown, his Master was aware of it. "I don't want leave you."

"Kitten, you need to eat."

"I'm not hungry. Please let me stay with you," Heero quickly said, "please Master. I'll go out tomorrow. Just let me stay with you today."

For a second, Duo looked unsure but then his face looked determined. "You can stay for now but tomorrow, I won't have you skip meals. Do that and I will punish you for neglecting my belonging."

"Yes, Master," Heero answered with a certainty that his ass would be sore tomorrow. He knew that he would choose the punishment though over leaving his Master.

"Now that's settled, you can feed me."

It was fortunate that Duo accepted the certainty in his answer as his complete obedience. As he fed his Master, Heero felt bad for misleading his Master but he couldn't bear to be parted from his Master now. The last time they parted, Duo had ended up shot.

Heero would guard his Master with his life. He would not let his Master out of his sight even for a second.



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