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Also please note: Don't do it at home what Duo did to Heero or Heero did to Duo in this fic. I write this based on half fiction and half the truth. So if you want to know the whole truth, go find a good BDSM site or gay site whichever you want to know in this fic.

Notes: again, please note. This fic isn't for readers under 18. I 'm not taking responsible if you still choose to read it.

Now onto the fic. Enjoy ^_^

Enslaving Heero Part 4

"But I need release."

Duo smirked as Heero stared at him in horror. "Close your eyes, slave."

Despite his apprehension, Heero obeyed and felt his Master's hand on the back of his neck.

"Open your mouth."

Heero opened his mouth and something quickly penetrated it. He started as he realized his Master's plan to fuck his mouth. The hand on the back of his head kept pushing, encouraging him to take more of his Master's cock. "Keep your eyes closed, I want you to concentrate only on me, filling your mouth. And watch out for your teeth, I don't want you to bite or scratch me." His Master's steel voice instructed him as he tried not to gag.

Duo stopped pushing when the tip of his cock touched the back of Heero's throat. He stayed there for a moment, letting Heero adjust to him and learn how to breathe through his nose. When Heero breathed steadily, Duo instructed his slave further. "Suck it"

Heero acted as instructed. He ran his tongue along the invader and found that he liked the taste. "Suck it like a lollipop, slave." Heero eagerly complied. He sucked and bobbed his head back and forth, just like a child having his lollipop. Duo's musk and scent lingered around him and he liked that. He unconsciously tried to engulf his Master's cock deeper and deeper, ignoring the slight pain in his throat as the hard flesh entered deeper.

Duo let out a gasp which was quickly muffled. His other hand went down and ruffled Heero's messy hair. "You're a natural cocksucker, slave. I'm impressed that you manage to deep throat me the first time. It looks like I won't need much time to teach you to suck my cock after all." The braided boy rocked slowly within Heero's mouth and then tensed, a sign for Heero to prepare himself for the upcoming event. The Japanese boy tried to relax as Duo pulled out a little and shot his release into his throat.

Heero felt the warm liquid explode from Duo's cock and gagged. "Swallow it all, slave." His Master ordered him again and Heero quickly obeyed. Duo tasted good, he didn't mind swallowing his come. On contrary, he felt proud that he could make his Master come so quickly.

Duo emptied himself into his slave's hot cavern, watching as his slave swallowed his seed. Contented and satisfied, he pulled out of his slave's mouth. Looking down, he saw his slave staring up at him, pride was shining in those Prussian blue eyes. Duo smiled. "Stand up." Once his slave stood up, Duo kissed him hard, tasting himself in his slave's mouth.

"Thank you. You really please me, slave." Duo released his slave and walked to the shelf, above the toilet, to retrieve the shaving tools he had put there earlier. He turned and smirked as his slave eyed the razor warily. "What do you have in mind, slave?"

Heero looked at his Master and stepped back. "You aren't gonna......"

"Gonna what, slave?"

"Shave me....with that?"

"Why not? Even though your body is the hairless type but I want ALL your skin to be hairless save your head." Duo grinned as his slave took one more step back. "Submit slave. You don't have any choice."

Heero closed his eyes and cursed himself for giving his body to his sadistic Master. He heard his Master order and complied, letting him play with his body. He felt the shaving cream being applied on his armpits and groin and soon felt the cold razor on his skin. As his Master worked on his body, Heero found himself praying that Duo was skillful enough to do this. He held his breath as the razor touched his private parts and repeated the litany silently and quickly.

Finally the torment ended. Duo washed the foam from his slave and pulled him in front of the big mirror on the side of the bathroom. "Open your eyes, slave and look at how beautiful you are."

Heero opened his eyes and saw himself reflected back in the mirror. He looked like a newborn baby, pink and smooth. All hair was gone except for his head and for the first time, he could see the collar around his neck. A black metal collar, not too thick and not too heavy, fitting around his neck perfectly. In the middle of the collar, a picture of wings was carved elegantly with gold paint. There was a ring in the middle of the wings to put the leash. "The collar is beautiful, Master."

"You're more beautiful, slave." Duo chuckled and hugged him from behind and kissing his collared neck. "It's made from Deathscythe's parts."

Heero looked enthralled at the collar on his neck while his Master's hands roamed over his smooth skin. He dared to bet that he was the only slave in this world who had a collar made from gundanium.

"The collar only adds your beauty and of course indicates my ownership of you. You have been good, so I'll reward you."

Heero felt his Master's hand descend on his still hard cock and pump it slowly. He moaned and thrust into his hands. "Look in the mirror, slave. See how beautiful you are in this condition." Heero looked at the mirror and saw how erotic his position was, with his Master pumping his cock from behind. "Don't come. You may only come once I tell you, understand?" Duo whispered and nibbled his slave's earlobe.

As his Master had banned him from coming, Heero tried hard to hold his release. His Master kept pumping and playing with his earlobe, keeping him torn between pain and pleasure. Then he felt his Master's other hand propel to the butt plug inside his ass. He gasped and moaned at the sensation. His Master was tormenting him inside and outside.

Duo watched as his slave writhed with pleasure and pain in the mirror. He pulled and pushed at the butt plug, making his slave thrust up into his hand. When Heero begun to lose his surrounding and let himself swirled inside the pleasant sensations, Duo spoke up. "Slave, remember I'm the source of your pleasure." Duo drove the butt plug to the hilt while squeezing Heero's cock, causing his slave to gasp at the double sensation.

Again, Heero found his mind not working, only accepting his Master's words. "Ah...You... are my... pleasure... nn."

"I'm also the source of your pain." Duo squeezed Heero's cock hard, inflicting pain to accentuate his words.

Heero whimpered at the pain, but his Master played with the butt plug inside him, giving him pleasure. Pleasure and pain attacked Heero's senses alternately, overloading his mind. "You're my... pain... too..."

"Yes...." Duo whispered possessively. "You belong to me. Mine." The braided boy moved his hand up and down, caressing Heero's cock.

Heero was a mess, once again, his Master was pumping his cock, bringing him near the edge, but not allowing him to come. He found it was hard to stand still while his body ached with need and his mind was full of sensations. "Ah....uh...." His hands raised slightly and then fell on his sides as he wasn't sure what to do with his hands. He couldn't touch his body, that was for sure.

Then Heero felt his Master fasten his strokes and pumping, adding to his agony. As if it wasn't enough, he heard his Master's voice. "Do you want to come, slave?"

Heero nodded, feeling he was going to come if he spoke.

"But slave, I like to see your expression like this, torn between pain and pleasure and between the need to obey me and pleasure yourself, so I don't want you to come."

Heero felt the hand on his cock pumping faster and bit his lower lip, trying to hold his release. His Master would be disappointed if he came without permission. He would trespass his Master's right of his body. "Ah...uh..."

"What, slave?"

"Need...to come....Master..." Heero was really in agony. He felt that he was going to explode any second.

Duo squeezed the tortured cock. "You may need to come, but you may not come, slave. Understand? You May Not Come." Duo gave a squeeze with his right hand and his left hand pushed and pulled the butt plug, as he said the last four words.

Heero thrust up into his Master's hand again. How could he endure this? He was really at the edge of coming, but his Master's voice was still echoing inside his head. He may not come. His Master didn't want him to come. Banned from coming........ "May....not ...come...", Heero panted, succumbing to Duo's conditioning.

Duo was delighted. Deciding that his slave had earned his privilege, Duo drove the butt plug into the hilt and squeezed the throbbing erection one last time. "Come now."

Heero heard his Master's voice, it was like a gift from heaven for him. Those words were all he needed and Heero felt himself come and come like he never had before. His Master was guiding his cock head to point back to him. He cried out his Master's name and felt his semen spurting on his chest, his navel, and his neck.

He had sometimes masturbated to release his sexual need, but nothing could be compared with the sensation he felt right now. Heero kept coming, emptying himself, feeling the seed that had reached his face. Never. Kamisama, he never came this hard before. His Master was really making it a release worth saving as a privilege.

Duo chuckled as his slave went limp and collapsed into his embrace. "Lovely." He kissed him on the back and led him to the bathtub. He pulled the butt plug out all the way in a swift motion, causing his slave to gasp. "Let's clean ourselves and then you can cook me lunch. I'm starving."

He sat in the bathtub and then pulled his slave to sit on his lap. Heero could only comply for he was still lost in his post orgasmic session.

Duo washed his still dazzled slave, paying extra attention to his pink nipples and groin. His slave soon was hard again. Duo chuckled and nibbled Heero's earlobe. "It will be a long time before you get release again, my not so innocent slave. Now wash me."

Finally recovered from his post orgasmic session, Heero turned around and attended his Master needs, washing Duo thoroughly. The most difficult part to wash was his Master's hair. He had to be extra careful not to cause pain when he unbraided the hair and applied the shampoo, combing the hair with his fingers. It felt like silk and Heero was mesmerized with it. He kept running his hands through the chestnut locks, forgetting the time until his Master voice snapped him out of his trance.

"Enough admiring my hair, slave. Now wash it and dry both of us. The water is getting cold." Duo looked at his slave tenderly and kissed him passionately. "Heero Yuy, you belong to me, now and forever. Mine to use, mine to punish, and mine to love."

Heero shuddered as the words were delivered with low tone, possessive and yet assuring. "Thank you for taking me in, Master."

Duo smiled and relaxed into the tub, letting his slave work on his hair.

They stepped out of the bathtub ten minutes later. Heero took the towel and dried his Master, noticing that he was hard and wondered if his Master want to be sucked again. He looked at his Master and licked his lips.

Duo laughed at Heero's reaction. His slave was really hot and eager. "Want me, slave?"

Heero nodded eagerly, causing his Master to laugh louder. It only had been a few hours since Duo took Heero as his slave, but Heero was quickly turning into a slave. A beautiful and eager slave.

"Ask me and maybe I'll let you have it."

Heero didn't need to be told twice. "Can I suck your cock, Master?"

"How about sucking my fingers, slave?" Duo put his forefinger and middle finger on Heero's lips.

Duo held his grin as he saw Heero's fallen face, but to his delight, his slave complied and engulfed his fingers, starting to suck and lick them.

Heero was surprised and gagged as he felt his Master pushed his fingers deeper into his mouth. He felt the fingers exploring inside his mouth, trying to pin his tongue. Heero quickly moved his tongue, trying to evade the fingers. Duo chuckled as he watched his slave tried hard to keep his tongue from being pinned.

"I want your tongue to stay still, slave."

Hearing his Master's order, Heero closed his eyes in submission and stopped moving his tongue. He felt his Master's fingers pin his tongue and play with it for some time, pinching, flipping, and caressing it. Suddenly he opened his eyes in horror as he felt those fingers pull his tongue out of his mouth.

"Hmp...maf.ta...." Heero was forced to bend forward to follow his tongue.

"What slave?"


"Your tongue?" Duo raised one eyebrow. "I recalled that this tongue is mine, not yours. Am I right?"

Heero closed his head and nodded in defeat. Yes, his Master owned his body, including his tongue. Heero could do nothing if his Master wanted to torment and play with it. He let his Master guided his tongue to wherever he wanted, bending down as his Master pulled his tongue down. His Master kept pulling his tongue down, forcing him to kneel, if he wanted his tongue stay intact.

Then to his surprise, he felt his Master put his tongue on something blunt and moist. Opening his eyes, he saw his Master's cock in front of him. Looking up at his Master, Heero saw him grinning. "You may suck it, slave."

Heero was really grateful; he licked the head of the cock before engulfing it. Duo put his hand on Heero's head as his slave deep throated him. "Damn, you're really good at this, my little slut."

Duo grinned as Heero looked at him and blinked his eyes while sucking his cock as he heard the word 'slut'. "Yes, you're my slut too. Whatever I want to call you. And looking at how hungry you are for my cock, I think you deserve to be called a slut." Duo petted his slave's head. "Now finish your task."

Heero complied, sucking and bobbing his head up and down, not caring about being called a slut. He was indeed his Master's slut, and if his Master wanted to call him that, he had no right to object or mind. He focused his attention to his Master's cock and he was soon rewarded with his Master's seed.

Duo thrust his cock deep into his slave's mouth and released, sighing as he felt Heero swallow all of his seed. Even when he finished emptying inside his slave's delicate mouth, Duo made no move to leave Heero's mouth. He stayed inside his slave's mouth, letting his orgasm subside.

Heero had to keep his mouth open as his Master rested in his mouth. Although feeling a little cramping in his jaw, Heero submitted and let his Master use his mouth as a resting place. He could feel his Master's hand on his head, petting him and felt proud and happy for pleasing his Master.

Finally Duo pulled away from Heero's mouth. "Very good, slave." Duo petted his head and bent forward to give him a rewarding kiss. "Now wash your mouth and dry yourself, then join me in the bedroom."

Heero watched as his Master walked out from the bathroom, and then stood up. His mouth felt strange now that it was empty after being filled by his Master's cock. He needed a little time to get his mouth functioning normally then washed it as he had been ordered. While he dried himself, he was thinking about his new life. It was not so bad, in fact he enjoyed it. Duo was a good Master, though he could be so sadistic at times. He glanced at his hard cock, hopefully Duo would let him come again later. He would try hard to obey all the orders, nothing could be harder than it already was, could it?



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