Enslaving Heero Part 48
Midnight Meeting

"So all of them said they hadn't taken new subs recently," Duo commented as he paced around the bedroom.

Heero nodded at his Master's comment. They'd finally gotten around to discussing the mission, after another bout of his Master exercising his rights on him, a nap, and then dinner. Now, sitting on the bed, Heero watched as his Master came to a conclusion.

"One of them is lying then," Duo stated, then looked thoughtful. "But who?"

"That's what we need to find out," Heero spoke, already having come to the same conclusion much earlier. "I have arranged a midnight meeting with LadyS/M."

Judging from the slight flare of his Master's nostril at the mention of Dorothy's nickname, Heero figured out he should have said Dorothy's real name instead of her nickname. It appeared his Master hadn't gotten over his jealousy completely. Heero shifted uncomfortably as his sore ass reminded him of just how possessive his Master was.

"How about Juno, Master?" Heero asked, "Did you see her sometime today?" The question served to distract his Master's jealous mind and also to ascertain his own anxiety at not having seen Juno and her sub.

"No. I asked several people about her but they haven't see her either. She may just be disinclined to join in with the cross dressing and preferred to enjoy the beach with her sub instead." Duo looked at his slave seriously. "We will know for sure tonight. Dorothy probably has managed to contact her."

Heero nodded hesitantly. Though his Master's answer could be true, he was still feeling uneasy with Juno's absence. However, he knew better than to go asking around any further or going to her cottage just to make sure of her status. If something had happened that caused her cover to be blown, by checking on Juno, they could risk blowing their cover as well.

"Speaking of cross dressing..." Duo grinned as he came to a stop in front of the bed. "I have an urge to deflower my Japanese girl tonight."

Heero stared in disbelief at his Master. He thought his Master had been satisfied with using him twice this afternoon and was secretly relieved that he didn't have to wear the kimono again. Now, as it turned out, he should've known better; his Master was one very horny sadist.

"I think you should wear the kimono by itself this time, Kitten." His Master's grin widened, "so I can have fun taking it off my little girl."

"Master...." Heero started in a protesting tone.

"I'll talk a walk for half an hour," Duo interrupted, "I want my Japanese girl waiting in my living room when I come back. Understand, Kitten?" The last two words were said sternly and left Heero in no doubt as to what would happen if he disobeyed his Master.

"Yes, Master," Heero answered meekly, if not sulkily.

"Don't forget to wear the wig, little girl," Duo threw the words as he left the cottage.

Pervert, sadist, horny bastard. Heero cursed inwardly at the now closed door and then at himself for feeling aroused at the thought of doing the role playing again.


Exactly thirty minutes later, Duo stepped into the cottage and smiled when he saw his slave standing in the living room. "Ah, you are very pretty, my dear. I'm very lucky to have such a beautiful lady at my disposal."

The kimono was a bit rumpled from his Master's earlier exercises. Heero had worn the wig, but there was no way he could fashion the false hair like his Master had done that morning so he just left it free, falling over his shoulders. Understanding that his Master had returned to the cottage in his role as a perverted English lord, Heero straightened and glared at him. "I'm here, but not by my choice."

"Oh, but it is." Duo approached his slave. "It's your own choice to sell yourself to me for your family's sake. You could have refused and married the rich royalty your father drooled over." He gathered the kimono clothed slave into his arms and gave him a thoroughly deep kiss.

Heero responded eagerly for a few seconds before he remembered he was supposed to play the virgin girl part. He stiffened purposely and pulled away from his Master.

"And leave my family in ruins? We know for sure the rich royalty won't lift a hand to help my family." Heero narrowed his eyes. "Or let my younger sisters take my place as your whore? No, I have no choice in this matter."

Duo tutted. "You're not a whore, dear." He reached for his slave, who stepped back and threw, "A slut, then."

Duo stood and tilted his head slightly, studying his quarry. "What has got you so riled? You were more agreeable this afternoon, little girl."

Heero huffed and looked away with a high chin, giving the perfect impression of a woman who refused to answer to someone beneath her. He had decided to make the Japanese girl uncooperative to make it harder for his Master to bed her. It was a little revenge for making him wear the kimono again. A rustle of clothes caught his ears and curiously he glanced at his Master.

"What are you doing?" Heero stared in alarm at his Master who was calmly disrobing.

"I'm preparing to bed you, of course." Duo stepped forward, leaving his shirt on the floor behind him.

"No!" Heero shouted as he stepped backward.

Duo smirked then. "Your mouth says no but your body knows where I want you to be."

Looking around, Heero was dismayed as he realized his retreat had brought him to the bedroom. With his attention on the room, Heero forgot that the real threat was actually in front of him. His Master of course didn't waste the chance. In a blink, Heero found himself wrapped inside two strong arms and pasted again a bare and firm chest.

So much for making it harder for his Master.

"You'll be mine before the night is over, pretty girl," Duo said huskily and then kissed his captive passionately.

While the Japanese lady might dislike the kiss, Heero the slave loved being kiss by his Master. When his Master's tongue slipped into his mouth, Heero forgot all about his revenge and responded to the kiss with equal passion. He even protested when his Master pulled away a few seconds later.

Duo laughed and lifted his slave into his arms. "I know you want me."

Heero tried to glare as he was deposited on the bed but the vision of his Master removing the rest of his clothes caught his breath. Chestnut hair was a little ruffled from the walk on the beach. Firm chest and six pack stomach rippled slightly as his Master moved. Not to mention the hard and proud erection that protruded from between his Master's thighs.

The pure virgin girl would be horrified at seeing the bare manhood, but Heero could never feel horrified at the sight of his Master's member. He was excited at the sight actually. So conditioned was he that his mind assimilated the sight with pleasure. His body thrummed in pleasant anticipation of having it inside him in one way or the other.

His sore ass, the traitor that it was, was quivering in eagerness instead of tightening in fright. Heero admitted then and there that he was really a slut, Duo's slut. And as perverted as Duo if his eagerness for being buggered was any indication.

"Is this your first time seeing a man's cock?" Duo asked as he climbed onto the bed, "Are you fascinated, dear?"

Heero swallowed and tried to stay in character. "It's disgusting..." It should have been said in a revolted tone but it came out rather weakly, even to Heero's own ears.

Duo grinned and planted his hands on either side of his slave's head. His knees trapped Heero's legs between them. "You'll come to crave it soon, dear."

"I won't," Heero said, more convincingly than his previous statement. His inner voice, however, cheerfully shouted, "I already do!"

Heero gasped as his Master nuzzled his neck. A soft "You smell good," reached his ears before he felt something wet sweep across his throat.

"And taste good too," Duo murmured as he pulled back.

"Stop it..." Heero protested feebly, still trying to maintain his role. It wasn't fair, really. He had to act as if he didn't like the treatment while his Master seemed to have blended perfectly with his role. Then again, there was no difference between his Master and the role he played. They both enjoyed being in control and they were both perverted.

Duo caressed his slave's cheek gently. "Don't worry, I'll take a good care of you." He then moved his hand downward, took the obi, and removed it. His hand moved back to his slave's neck only to trail down to the chest, parting the kimono to Heero's sides in its wake.

Heero could hear his heart beats as his Master set aside his kimono slowly. They were as loud as his Wing's alarm. He shuddered slightly as his Master's fingers brushed against his bare chest, stomach, and inner thighs, skipping his groin, much to Heero's frustration. Figuring his Master deserved a token of resistance for that, Heero raised his hands and started to push away the hovering figure.

His Master, however, wasn't surprised with his action. He only clucked in mock disapproval and grabbed the obi he had removed earlier. He made a quick job of restraining Heero's hands over his head to the headboard with the obi as the rope. "Resistance is futile, my dear," Duo said and went back to his exploration.

"No underwear? You surprise me, my dear," came next as hands caressed Heero's inner thighs.

Of course he wore no underwear. In fact, it had been quite a while for Heero since he last wore underwear. Heero glared in indignation at his Master but he wasn't able to keep the glare on his face longer than a few minutes. The hands moved up and down his body, creating a pleasant friction. A pair of damp lips joined the hands in exploration, making it very hard for Heero to stay in his role. How the hell he was supposed to act like a miserable and forced girl when he welcomed every touch and kiss his Master bestowed on his body?

The lips found his right nipple and took it inside the mouth. Heero gasped and completely forgot about his role. Any girl would be very stupid to deny such intense pleasure and gentle touches Heero thought as he arched his back, offering himself more to his Master. He could feel his Master's tongue swirl around his nipple and trembled at the great pleasure such a simple gesture evoked. The tongue was replaced by teeth which nipped gently at his sensitive nub. Heero moaned shamelessly and spread his legs apart, allowing his Master to settle more firmly on him. However, his gesture caused his Master to withdraw and start straightening. Heero made a loud protest when he felt cold air hit his damp nipple. Without thinking, he brought his legs up and hooked them behind his Master's back, keeping his Master from pulling away any further.

"Ah, so you do want me, my dear," Duo said, sounding very pleased and bent back down, seizing his slave's other nipple this time.

Heero sighed in pleasure and relief as he felt the damp cavern envelope his left nipple. When he felt the teeth worrying his flesh, he tightened his legs around his Master's waist and rode out the pleasure he got from the treatment. His Master's fingers seized his right nipple and played it like a finely tuned instrument. Heero threw his head back as the pleasure started overwhelming him. When his Master released his right nipple and seized his cock instead, Heero was ready to explode.

"Nu uh, not so fast."

Heero whined in frustration when the hand and mouth abandoned his nipple and cock. He had been teased to the edge since the morning and hadn't been given any release. This was too much! He put pressure on his legs, urging his Master to resume his ministrations, but his Master wasn't budging an inch.

"Aren't you disgusted with me, my dear?"

Heero shook his head negatively. He could never be disgusted with his Master. Even if he was still in his role, he would think the same.

"Why not?" his Master asked.

Heero let out a frustrated whimper and tugged at his bound hands. The Japanese lady surely would have noticed how handsome the English lord looked and how gentle he treated her. Any intelligent girl would know that his Master had seen to her pleasure first rather than simply taking what he wanted straight away. However, Heero was too close to the edge to voice such a long explanation. He chose the shorter route to get his Master moving.

"Please..." Heero begged, "Please..."

There was a pause then Heero felt the familiar weight settled back on him. Heero sighed happily and when a mouth descended upon his, he eagerly responded back.

"You already crave me, don't you, dear?" Duo said huskily when he finally pulled away from the kiss. His hands slipped beneath his slave's thighs and lifted them up to a better position for penetration.

"Yesssss," Heero hissed happily at the feel of his Master's length entering him slowly. He was thankful that he'd remembered to apply extra lubricant before donning the kimono. Thanks to it and the stretching from their earlier activities, he welcomed his Master's entry as easy as an aroused woman would.

When his Master had settled to the hilt inside him, Heero tightened his body and was pleased to hear his Master's hiss of pleasure.

"You're mine now," his Master whispered fiercely and started moving.

Heero closed his eyes and abandoned himself to the sensation. He tried bringing his hands down to hug his Master's shoulders, forgetting their bound state. As it was, his movement was stopped prematurely. Heero growled in irritation, which suddenly turned into a surprised yelp as his Master prodded his prostate. As more intense pleasure surged through him, he unconsciously tugged at his hands again and tightened his legs around his Master's waist. His hard cock bumped into his Master's stomach with every thrust, creating more pleasant friction and making its hard state obvious.

"Please... I want to..." Heero mewled in frustration, not really knowing what he was begging for.

"Yes," his Master panted and thrust harder into him. It seemed he knew what Heero wanted. He grabbed Heero's cock and stroked it. "Come with me, love."

Heero arched his back up at the touch and yelled his Master's name. His whole body tensed as he reached his completion. His Master's warm fluid filled him a second later. Heero felt he was floating among clouds, so happy and free. His landing back to earth was slow and peaceful. He could feel his Master's warm body covering his, his Master's breath brushing against his cheek and his Master's cock softening inside him. Heero sighed happily and absently patted his Master's back. His sight fell to the torn obi on both his wrists and realized that he had broken his bindings during his ecstasy. However he was too happy to care about the torn fabric. Heero closed his eyes and felt his mouth stretched into a contented smile.

"Love you."

Heero was startled when the two words flew out of his mouth without him planning to speak them. However, before he had time to freeze in horror at his blurted words, his Master replied in a soft and tender whisper.

"Love you too."

The reply worked like a quilt for Heero, enveloping him in warmth that turned his body mushy and his mind fuzzy. Of course, Heero sighed happily and hugged his Master tightly. The English lord would have loved the Japanese lady for him to have gone to such length to obtain the said lady. Though he knew his Master was still in his role as the English lord when those three words were spoken, Heero couldn't help but feel happy at hearing them.

He hoped someday he would hear those words again. When they were not role playing.


Five minutes before midnight, Heero and Duo slipped out of the cottage. Blending into shadows, they reached Dorothy's cottage without interruption. Heero was back in his cat uniform while Duo was clad in black. The lightness Heero had been feeling since the role playing immediately vanished once he got a look at Dorothy's and Wufei's somber faces.

"We have a problem," said Dorothy once the door was closed behind them.

"Juno?" Duo asked as he sat down by the dining table.

Dorothy nodded and sat down across from him, motioning for Wufei to sit to her right. Heero sat next to his Master, across from the Chinese sub.

"We can't find her or her sub anywhere," Dorothy started her story. "We went to her cottage this afternoon but there was no one answering the door. I took a peek in the window but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Two hours ago, I sent Wufei to check the cottage again."

"There was no one in there," Wufei continued his Mistress' explanation. "I didn't try to slip in. If their disappearance had something to do with Snake, the cottage would surely be bugged."

Heero frowned at the news. While he didn't like Grant, he didn't want something happening to the blonde Preventer and Haakon. Still, by their disappearance it could very well mean that Snake was aware of someone investigating him.

"I don't like this but I can not draw any more attention by asking about Juno again. We have to go on like usual so as to not to raise further suspicion," Dorothy voiced what was in their minds.

"I agree," Duo said slowly. "We can't give Snake any notion that there are more people involved in this mission other than Haakon and Grant. We still have to determine which sponsor the Snake is and follow him to his lair. Haakon and Grant are most likely kept in there."

Dorothy nodded in agreement. "I think Snake might keep them alive to extract information from them. We better focus on discovering who Snake is as soon as possible. Tell me what you have got on the sponsors."

Duo proceeded to tell Dorothy and Wufei what information they had collected about each sponsor. He also shared the theory he and Heero had worked out based on the information.

"So one of them is lying," Dorothy spoke when Duo was finished, "I didn't get the information from Kira and Serpent as detailed as you did but none of what they told me contradicts yours."

"Bronze didn't tell me much either, but what he told me supported the other data we have on him," said Duo.

Wufei growled in irritation. "It appears to me that one of them is lying. What would be the reason for that?"

"Maybe he had known there would be an investigation on him from the start," Dorothy theorized.

Duo responded, "That meant he got the knowledge from inside, one of us whom Une gathered for this mission." He paused for a while to let the others absorb this before continuing, "However, I doubt Une would be careless in choosing the members for this mission. We would have been screened very carefully. From what I remember, all the Preventers recruited for this mission had worked longer than Ross did and all of them had a good work record. The chances of one of us being a spy is very small."

Heero frowned as he processed the information. If there was no spy in Preventer, how could Snake know to lie when asked about his recent past? And how could he maintain the lie so that others who knew him quite well didn't contradict his words? Heero had seen several people greet either sponsor in a quite friendly way, indicating their familiarity. These people may know the sponsors' activities and histories. They might remember whether a sponsor kicked out his sub and took in a new one recently. While it was hard to pry such information on this kind of group where discretion was imperative, it was impossible to lie about such a big thing without causing contradictions from others.

Now that Heero thought about it again, Snake wasn't a stupid person and would be unlikely to give a lie that was easily determined. Worse, the lie could backfire and attract Preventer's suspicion instead. So the sponsors were most likely telling the truth and that meant none of them had taken Ross as their slave.

However, Ross had been interrogated so thoroughly that Heero doubted he could tell a lie without Preventer's knowing.

So Ross was telling the truth and the sponsors were telling the truth as well.

Where did that leave them? Heero frowned deeper. If everyone was telling the truth, what happened to Haakon and Grant? If none of the sponsors was Ross' Master, could Snake be someone other than a sponsor? But the sponsors were suspects because Ross blurted out his Master was a sponsor of this event and only the sponsors had enough power and money to do rebellion. Heero growled in agitation at the complicated matter. If only they knew more about Snake's identity.... Ross' Master had to be someone very harsh and had frightened Ross so much that the weak spy didn't pry too much into his identity.

An image flashed in Heero's head as he thought of which sponsor was the harshest. He blinked and straightened as he processed what his mind was conjuring. The image caused him to look at the current problem in different light. Of course! How stupid he was to not think about such a possibility.


The word and a hand on his shoulder distracted him from his rapid thinking. Heero turned to his Master immediately. It was rare for Duo to call him by name and he wasn't about to ignore the calling. "Yes, Master?"

His Master was looking at him in light curiosity. "Care to share your thoughts?"

Heero looked around to see Dorothy and Wufei eyed him with the same curiosity. Well, it seemed he had been thinking silently longer than he'd thought. After nodding as his answer to his Master's question, Heero told them his new theory.

"What if one of the sponsors isn't as dominant as we think? What if he actually was a submissive to someone more dominant?" Heero could see the gears in Duo's and Dorothy's minds turn with his words while Wufei's face showed his confusion.

"Are you saying," Dorothy said slowly, "that there is someone else controlling the sponsor and that someone is the Snake?"

Heero nodded.

"Yes, it's possible," Duo murmured. "Snake can tell Ross that he sponsored the event because he controlled the sponsor himself. After all, a Master owns everything the slave has."

"Wait; how can a Dom be submissive?" Wufei asked.

"You have so much to learn, 'Fei." Dorothy patted her slave's shoulder, "Some people can be a Dom at one time and a sub at another time, depends on whether they want to control or be controlled. I know several couples that switch their position every month or so."

"Are we going to switch as well?" Wufei tried to appear unconcerned when voicing his question but Heero could hear the hopeful note that the Chinese Preventer didn't manage to conceal. Heero had no doubt the Doms could hear it as well.

Dorothy smirked. "No, I'm completely a Dom." At her slave's crestfallen look, she added, "but if you behave well, someday I might let you be a Master for a day."

Wufei wanted to argue about the length of his dominance but Dorothy spoke again.

"Back to the topic, if one of the sponsors is a slave to someone, how can we determine which sponsor it is and who his Master is?"

"Actually, I have a suspect," Heero looked guiltily at his Master. "We know that Wind was a Dom."

"How did you know?" Wufei frowned at them.

Heero hesitated and glanced at his Master. Duo sighed, running his hand through his bangs, and said in flat tone, "He was once my Master."

"What!?" Wufei's eyes bulged out. "I thought you were hmphhh.."

Dorothy had slapped her hand over her slave's mouth, silencing him. She then hissed dangerously, "shut up, 'Fei."

Wufei shut up.

Dorothy removed her hand from Wufei and turned to Duo. "Could Wind be the Snake?"

Heero saw his Master send the blonde woman a grateful smile before answering. "Yes. He is certainly as cruel as Ross described his Master."

Dorothy's expression at hearing Duo's answer was one Heero instantly recognized. Protectiveness. It was one of many things that he felt when he heard his Master's story about his experience with Wind. Snake or not, Wind was going to pay heavily for what he had done to Heero's Master.

"Let's put Wind as our number one suspect for now." Dorothy thought for a while before continuing. "I propose we search Wind's resident for further proof."

"I agree," Duo responded. "We might also find out what happened to Haakon and Grant."

"But what if our suspicions are wrong?" Wufei spoke up, all traces of his surprise was gone. He was every inch the steadfast Preventer. "We might ruin our cover."

"Two of us need to watch and distract the sponsors then while they're distracted the other two do the search," Heero replied.

"We will distract the sponsors," Dorothy decided, "You two do the infiltration."

"Roger," Duo nodded. "Anything else?"

Dorothy shook her head. "I think that's it."

That was the end of their discussion. After the good byes were said, Heero followed his Master back into their cottage. They cleaned up for the night and went to bed. Heero snuggled into his Master and closed his eyes.

"You have been quiet since we got back here," Duo murmured.

Heero tensed slightly at the comment but quickly made himself relax. However, the gesture didn't fool his Master at all.

"What's on your mind?"

"Noth..." Heero started to say but stopped when his Master tightened his arms around him.

"Don't lie to me, Heero."

Heero swallowed. With Haakon and Grant missing, he realized the mission of uncovering Snake's identity had turned into a much more dangerous mission. And with the realization came the fear of having to kill again. "I just want this mission to end soon, Master," Heero murmured.

"We all do," Duo said softly and patted his shoulder gently. "Don't worry, we will complete this mission soon. Sleep now, we need to be at our best for tomorrow."

Soothed by his Master's words and touches, Heero burrowed himself further into his Master's embrace. He slipped his arms under his Master's and hugged him back. His Master placed a tender kiss on his head, making Heero sigh. He wished they could stay like this.





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