Enslaving Heero Part 47
Green Eyed Master

"Dorothy has chosen the costume well," Duo commented.

Heero agreed wholeheartedly with his Master. Wufei was wearing a long, ankle length, green, silk fabric skirt and top all combined into one with long sleeves that gathered at his wrists. Over the top of this outfit a white shirt was worn which in turn was covered by a dark green vest that had a gold trim. The vest was secured across the front with gold brocade and cinched in at the waist. Attached to the vest, and in turn flowing over the hips and down the pale green baggy pants were panels of green fabric, also gold trimmed. A large white ruff encircled the neck and a black, with leaf green trim hat also containing gold decoration, sat upon the head. A pair of knee length brown boots completed the costume.

Wufei was wearing a traditional Mongolian costume. Like Heero, Wufei's long sleeves and baggy pants hid his muscles. Standing slightly behind his Mistress, Wufei appeared every inch a woman.

However, once his admiration over Wufei's appearance subsided, Heero realized then that considering their contest number, Haakon and Grant were supposed to show up before Dorothy and Wufei. Frowning, he glanced at his Master, "Master, Juno..."

His Master's sharp look stopped him from finishing his question. 'Later' the look said. Heero nodded and continued watching the show.

When Bronze called the contestant's number previous to theirs, Duo wound a hand around his slave's waist and steered him toward the steps leading up to the stage.

Heero went readily, though his heart throbbed nervously. They stepped up onto the platform just in time for Souver to announce them. Murmurs of appreciation flew as they walked down the platform. Despite hearing them, Heero was still feeling like a failed transvestite. He bowed his head trying to hide his face which he was sure would be flushing. Also with his head bowed, it was easier for him to watch the audience. He caught the sight of Dorothy and Wufei on the right side of the platform. The Chinese slave had his jaw dropped and his eyes wide open, looking at him. Dorothy was looking at her slave in amusement. Uncomfortable with Wufei's awestruck expression, Heero prayed this ordeal would be over soon and he could get back into his usual costume.

Halfway down the platform though, Heero found out he wasn't going to be that lucky. The egg inside him buzzed, signaling one hour had passed since the previous buzz. Heero had thought that the egg would give a weak vibration as a reminder like the first time, but it turned out that his Master had set the vibration mode to the fastest. The high setting caused the egg to vibrate so intensely that Heero couldn't hide his reaction. He yelped and closed his legs in an effort to subdue the violent vibration.

This, of course, drew the audience's attention to him. Flushing red, Heero tried to straighten. His plan was to ride out the vibration first and reach the end of the platform before doing as his Master had ordered. However, the vibration was too strong; it sent waves of pleasure rolling through him and made his legs feel weak. It was a good thing that his Master's hand was on his waist, anchoring him or he would have crumpled down on the platform.

"Something the matter, Kitten?"

Heero looked at his Master who gave him a wicked grin. Realization dawned on Heero then. The egg wouldn't stop until he got his make up fixed. Right on this platform. His sadistic Master would see to it. Biting his lower lip so he wouldn't be lost in the pleasure caused by the egg, Heero shuffled closer to his Master. When only an inch remained between them, Heero leant forward and spoke the required phrase.

"Can you fix my make up, Master?" His voice was a bit hoarse. Heero could hear the reluctance in his own voice. Unfortunately for him, his earlier reaction had seized the audience's curiosity. They had quieted down in order to watch him so the words he said were heard clearly. Heero flushed redder while the audience looked at him in amusement. His Master, the sadist he was, didn't feel disturbed at all.

"Certainly, my lady," the violet eyed Dom said with a drawl. His wicked grin turned into a beaming smile as he wrapped his arms around his slave and proceeded to 'fix' Heero's make up in his own unique way.

Heero welcomed his Master's advances, albeit reluctantly. His reluctance was soon forgotten though. While he didn't like the way he had to ask to get the kiss, he didn't mind the kiss itself. He loved the way his Master roamed inside his mouth, the way his lips licked and nipped. The arms around his waist tightened possessively, pressing him against his Master. A few catcalls, whistles and encouragement from the audience went by without him noticing.

When his Master finished 'fixing his make up', Heero was left panting. His Master's arms slowly left his waist. Heero halfheartedly straightened and took a step back. He didn't know when the egg had stopped vibrating but he was thankful it had. Heero was puzzled though when his Master gave him an expectant look. He looked back at his Master questioningly.

"What do you usually say to someone who has helped you, Kitten?"

Heero flushed at the question-turned-hint. "Thank you, Master."

"For what?"

Heero could hear his Master's sadistic delight in the two words. He glared at his Master, who responded back by lifting his eyebrows in an imperious manner. Reluctantly, Heero bowed his head and said the words his Master was hinting for.

"Thank you for fixing my make up, Master."

A finger sneaked below his chin and lifted his head. Heero was greeted by his Master's satisfied smile. "You're welcome, Kitten."

Heero just glared at his unrepentant Master. He kept glaring until they reached the end of the platform and stepped down it.

An amused chuckle drew Heero's attention then. He turned his head and saw Kira and Storm standing near them. They'd obviously witnessed the entire exchange between his Master and himself as the rest of the audience had. Mortified, Heero unconsciously shifted closer to his Master.

"Spirited but shy," Kira drawled. "What a lovely slave you've got there, GoD."

"You're not going to make an offer for my slave, are you?"

Kira laughed at the question. "Certainly not. I'm quite satisfied with my slave here." The blond Dom slipped an arm around Storm possessively. He got an elbow in his ribs for his trouble.

"Quite satisfied?" Storm asked coldly.

"Now, now, I have to keep up my image," Kira started but stopped at Storm's thunderous glare. "Oh fine, I'm completely, absolutely satisfied with you."

Heero watched the interaction with interest. He was curious. Wouldn't Kira punish her for such liberty? She acted more like an ordinary lover rather than a slave. Both Brat and Storm seemed to behave as they wanted without fear of punishment. Well, in Brat's case Heero suspected the black haired slave was a glutton for punishment.

While Kira squabbled with his slave, Heero whispered his question to his Master. "Won't Storm get punished for attacking Kira, Master?"

Duo looked at his slave in amusement. "It's hardly an attack, Kitten. You often do the same."

"I do not!" Heero exclaimed, scandalized at the thought he ever hit his Master.

"What do you call hitting my hand during your cooking time then?" Duo asked his slave.

"That's different, I...," Heero started to protest but faltered when his Master looked at him, daring him to deny the obvious. Granted it was merely his hand, and only because his Master tried to steal the food, however, he had hit his Master all the same. "I didn't mean to hurt you, Master," Heero finally blurted out.

"Exactly, Kitten," Duo replied, "you don't mean any harm and neither does Storm. We understand that."


"The Masters. Unfortunately, not all us have the same opinion." Duo glanced meaningfully at Wind.

Heero felt something fierce well up inside him as he caught where his Master's glance landed. If he wasn't on a mission and had possession of his laptop, Wind would have found himself shipped to the farthest colony as a slave; if not prisoner. No one would ever hurt his Master, not as long as he lived. His Master was his to serve and protect. At this last thought, Heero realized then that the emotion whirling inside him at the moment was possessiveness. Somewhere during his enslavement, he had become possessive of his Master just like his Master was of him.

".... should have started enslaving you while we were still in the orphanage...." Kira muttered, "Maybe you would be more docile."

"Bullying is not much more different than enslaving," Storm snorted.

The couple's squabbles drew Heero away from his revelation. He perked up at the mention of orphanage. His Master did too as Heero heard him commenting to the bickering couple.

"You were both in an orphanage?" Duo sounded genuinely curious.

Kira nodded. "Yeah, we're war orphans."

So are we, Heero said silently. He heard his Master comment, sounding impressed. "You two must have been together for years then."

"Not really, I ran away when I was sixteen. I came back a few years later though and kidnapped her," Kira grinned and hugged Storm possessively, "my precious jewel."

A little worried at the thought that Storm had been forced to be a slave, Heero looked at her. She was rolling her eyes in exasperation before elbowing Kira for the second time. Watching that, Heero was convinced that Kira wouldn't have been able to kidnap her if she wasn't willing to be kidnapped.

"So, how long you two have been together if you don't mind me asking?" Duo still adopted the same curious tone.

"Eight years in the orphanage and three years with her as my slave," Kira answered easily.

While outwardly his expression didn't change, inwardly Heero felt giddy with his Master's success at extracting such vital information. Since Kira had an exclusive Master-slave relationship with Storm, it was unlikely he would have taken any slave recently. Not to mention Kira's taste ran towards the opposite gender instead of the same one if Storm was any indication. Ross, the traitor, was certainly not Kira's type. By the process of elimination, it left Bronze as their suspect. Catching his Master's eye, Heero noticed the concealed triumph in those violet eyes. He knew they would talk about this with the other Preventers once there was a safe chance to do so.

"I sense there is an interesting story behind you kidnapping her," Duo commented curiously.

"Possibly," Kira grinned.

Bronze's booming voice interrupted their conversation then. He was announcing the end of the show and that the lunch, buffet style, would be served in the next room.

They followed the flow into the next room then. Kira and Duo were still chatting, though it was about hot topics in the S/M world now rather than Kira's history. Both Doms sent their slaves to get their food. While piling the food on the plate, Heero studied the other contestants. His eyes caught sight of Dorothy and Wufei. Surprisingly, they were talking with Bronze. Wind was nowhere near them. Heero frowned and hoped the redheaded sub hadn't been ordered to get his Master's food as well. He found it hard for him to resist choking Wind for daring to hurt his Master. Thinking of his Master made Heero glance back to see him.

His Master seemed to be enjoying his talk with Kira, if his slight smile was any indication. Heero drank in his Master's jovial expression and vowed to let nothing ruin that expression. He would protect his Master to his last breath. His gentle and loving Master. His. Heero recognized then that ownership went two ways. As he belonged to his Master, so did his Master to him. He was Duo's as Duo was his. No wonder Storm objected to her Master showing appreciation to other slaves. Kira was Storm's to serve and surrender to, no one else. Just like Duo was his to serve.

And to love, Heero added as he watched his Master laughed over something Kira had said. He would protect his Master's happiness. He returned his focus to collecting the food only to have his hand collide with another slave's as they both went for the fruit in the same basket.

"Watch it!"

Heero cursed inwardly as he recognized the voice. Of course Fate hated him. He continued meeting the very people he preferred to avoid, like Wind and Dai. In this case, it was the latter.

"Are you blind, woman?!" Dai snapped again.

Not appreciating being called a woman, Heero turned and was ready to snap back when his eyes caught Dai's appearance. The Japanese brat was decked out in a Japanese girl school uniform. Whilst the style had been outdated a few decades back, the sailor suit and short pleated skirt made Dai look every inch a female. And this brat dared to call him a woman? Heero glared back at the boy. "You're the blind one, little girl."

Watching Dai's surprise at hearing his low and obviously-male-voice, Heero got the impression that Dai had thought he was really a female slave, which led to the realization that Dai hadn't recognized that it was Heero he was snapping at.

Glee was what Heero felt as he watched Dai look at him, mouth open but speechless. Finally this cross dressing business had a benefit for him. It was satisfying to see the irritated boy at a loss for words. Too bad it didn't last long. Dai finally snapped his mouth shut and glared at him. The Japanese brat was about to say something that Heero was sure would be spiteful when the brat looked at a person behind him and shut his mouth again. He threw a parting glare at Heero before hurriedly taking his leave.

Surprised at Dai's fast retreat, Heero turned around and found Storm standing before him. She was holding her plate, already full with food, and trying to look innocent, but Heero had to admit Storm and innocent didn't go well together. She must have done something behind him which effectively made Dai retreat without protest.

"That wasn't necessary," Heero said to the female slave.

"Another cat fight would ruin the lovely kimono you wear," was Storm's reply to his comment.

"I wasn't planning to fight with him."

Storm raised her eyebrows in disbelief.

"I really wasn't." Heero protested.

"You had the same tone with Brat when he told me he didn't do anything to provoke his Master." Storm said then turned around, heading toward her Master.

Scowling, Heero snatched the fruit he had been aiming for before he followed Storm. It would have been a nice intermission to vent his irritation on Dai.

The rest of the lunch was a peaceful affair, discounting the fact that he had to ask his Master to fix his make up once again. The only downside was that Heero didn't have a chance to talk to Wufei. Dorothy had decided to circle around and she only gave a nod as she passed Duo.

After some time for dessert, Bronze drew everyone's attention. He clapped his hands and spoke. His voice echoed through the room's speakers, obviously a wireless microphone had been attached to him. "Our fellow contestants, I hope you all found the lunch to your standard."

His opening words gained murmurs of approval. He smiled and continued his speech. "I honestly found the cross dressing costumes to be excellent. It would be such a waste to hurriedly end this contest and take the costumes off of our lovely subs."

Approved murmurs and laughs from the Doms answered Bronze's comment while most of the subs looked annoyed. Heero, for once, glared at the sponsor.

"So we thought to present a dance session for you all to enjoy," Bronze announced and had to wait for the excited voices to calm down before continuing. "The adjoining room has been converted into a dance hall. The first dance will start in ten minutes. I'll look forward to seeing you all in there."

Once Bronze had finished his speech, the contestants started heading back to what had been the contest room. Heero had scowled at Bronze's announcement that there would be a dance. As he watched Kira dragging his slave into the dance hall eagerly, he thought his Master would also be delighted at the prospect. However, it surprised him when he looked at his Master and saw him scowling.

Heero stared in surprise as his Master kept scowling. His mind refused to comprehend what it meant.

"Why the scowl, GoD?"

Heero turned to see it was Dorothy who had addressed his Master. Wufei was standing slightly behind her. The Chinese slave was staring at Heero still. Heero wanted to tell Wufei to snap out of it but he was more concerned with his Master's answer.

"I don't like dancing," Duo said, the scowl still on his face.

"You don't like sharing, you mean," Dorothy laughed, clearly amused at Duo's scowl which had become deeper with her comment. "Now don't be too possessive. In fact, I must admit that I came to ask for a turn with your slave here."

"No." Duo said quickly. "We're going back to the cottage." He had had his arm around his slave's waist in a flash and was about to drag him out of the building when Dorothy stepped in front of him.

"GoD," Dorothy said warningly.

Duo sighed in defeat. "Fine, okay. You can have a turn with Kitten later."

"Excellent," Dorothy beamed, "you can have Drake as your partner while I have yours."

That got Wufei's attention at once. The Chinese slave looked at his Mistress and then at Duo. He looked aghast at the prospect of dancing with another male but Heero was surprised when Wufei didn't protest and nodded his acceptance instead.

Still confused with Wufei's out of character acceptance, Heero followed his Master into the dance hall silently. They were just in time as the music started playing.

"Kitten, you have my permission to use any methods to fend off any advances made by the Doms during the dances," Duo muttered as he hauled his slave into position. "I believe you can waltz, can't you?"

"Yes, I danced several times with Relena," Heero was still trying to understand why his Master gave him such permission so he didn't think about his reply to the question. He should have known that his Master's already provoked possessiveness and mention of Relena weren't a good combination.

He heard a growl before a hand settled on his waist and another one grabbed his hand. His lips were seized by his Master's and a hot, slippery tongue roamed in his mouth. A rough whisper of 'mine' when the kiss ended, then off they went, twirling around the room with Heero still panting from the kiss. Heero found out that it required a bit of adjustment to take the female part of the dance. He had to curb his urge to lead several times. Luckily it wasn't a hard thing when he was faced with a possessive Master. Those burning violet eyes never left him as they did twists and turns. Considering it was his first time as female dancer, Heero felt justified when he stumbled twice during the dance. Not to mention his costume wasn't really designed to waltz in as well.

When the waltz ended, Dorothy materialized next to them. "Can I have a turn with your slave, GoD?" She asked sweetly.

Heero watched his Master quelling the urge to refuse the blonde's request before nodding tersely. He didn't know whether to be amused or rolling his eyes over his Master's overbearing possessiveness.

"Well, let's dance, Kitten." Dorothy stepped in front of him.

Wondering why Dorothy was so eager to dance with him, Heero had one hand entwined with Dorothy's. He was about to put another one on Dorothy's waist when he noticed her raised eyebrows. Confused, Heero gave her a questioning look. Beside him, he heard his Master chuckle.

Dorothy glared at Duo before looking back at Heero. She pointed at herself, "I lead," then at Heero, "you follow."

Heero stared at the blonde Dom. Surely she didn't expect Heero to dance as the female pair while she was a female herself? Why would she want to be the male counterpart in the dance? The answer came to Heero right after the question. Of course she wanted to lead. She was a Dom after all.

Though he understood the reason, Heero was still reluctant to dance with her. It felt weird for him to let a female lead him around and, to his humiliation, twirl him around. He figured out his current feeling was similar to what Wufei was feeling at the moment. It was humiliating and he wanted the dance to finish quickly. Well, at least Heero was entertained watching his Master reluctantly dancing with an equally reluctant Wufei.

Heero's attention turned back to Dorothy when his dance partner moved closer to him.

"I talked with Bronze," Dorothy whispered when she settled Heero after a twirl, the only time where their faces were close enough so only Heero could hear Dorothy's low whisper clearly.

Heero turned attentive at that. He forgot his reluctance as Dorothy relayed what she had learned from the sponsor.

"He had been with Wind for about eight months. Though it's an on and off relationship, he's never taken any other sub since he met Wind," Dorothy said after the next twirl.

Heero frowned inwardly at the information while he kept his face bland. "Midnight, your place," he whispered when they were close enough during their dance.

Dorothy nodded in recognition at tonight's meeting hint. A couple twists and turns then the dance ended. Dorothy was leading him back to his Master when Heero noticed Lord X talking to Duo. Wufei was watching them in amusement.

"No." Heero heard his Master say as Dorothy and he neared them.

"Oh, that's not fair, GoD."

"The answer is still no." Duo spoke stubbornly.

"Lady S/M got a chance to dance with your beautiful slave. Why don't I get the same chance? We are friends, aren't we?"

Duo looked hesitant to refuse and Lord X pounced on it.

"I won't ask for him anymore if you let me."

That certainly worked in Lord X's favor. Duo looked less reluctant and more considering.

"I promise I won't molest him during the dance."

Duo shot Lord X a warning, "No groping and certainly no kissing."

Lord X made a face, "You took out all of the fun, GoD."

"Take it or leave it."

"Fine, fine." Lord X was beaming as he said this. He turned to Heero and made a bow, "Shall we dance, oh lovely lady?"

So Heero found himself with yet another Dom for the third dance. And unlike the first two dances, this time, it was a group dance where they changed partners several times during the dance. Lord X looked disappointed but Heero didn't have time to give him any sympathy. He was busy fending off his unwanted partners. Not like Lord X who had given his words, the other Doms didn't hesitate to grope him if given the chance. Heero now understood about his Master's giving him permission at the beginning of the first dance. He didn't need to fear repercussions as he slapped offending hands away, elbowed too close bodies, or stomped down the prodding legs. He got Lord X back as his partner for the last part of the dance. The white haired Dom looked like he wasn't pleased at having to share Heero during the dance. Heero didn't want to imagine how displeased his own Master was at the moment.

Once the dance ended, Duo materialized next to Lord X and Heero. He then dragged his slave out of the room. Heero caught the amused glances from Lord X, Dorothy, and Wufei before the door was slammed shut behind him and he was bundled into the car. His Master climbed after him and told the driver to drop them back at the cottage.

Duo was scowling during the journey. His violet eyes were fixed on his slave. Not looking forward to having a certain part of his body being the target of his Master's possessiveness, Heero fidgeted and decided to get his Master talking to ease his dark mood.

However, he forgot that he was not a good conversationalist.

His "You're too possessive, Master," comment produced a growl as an answer and got him pulled onto his Master's lap.

"Damn right, I am," Duo said as he embraced his slave tightly and buried his face on the curve of Heero's neck and shoulder. "You're mine."

Deciding it was futile to soothe his Master's possessive streak, Heero replied "Always yours, Master."

Duo made an agreeable sound. He licked his slave's slender neck and nipped at the earlobe causing his slave to shudder. His hand slipped between the folds of his slave's kimono and caressed the thigh beneath it. He spent the rest of journey with his mouth and hands on his slave.

Heero didn't know exactly when the car stopped in front of their cottage. He had been teased by his Master to the point where the only thing that prevented him from reaching his peak was his Master's stern order to not come. So focused was he on reigning in his pleasure, he only realized they were in the cottage when his Master put him face down on the bed. Blinking in disorientation, Heero felt the next things happen extremely fast. Hands on his hips, pulling him into a kneeling position. The same hands then flipped his lower kimono expertly. A swift withdrawal of his egg plug and then he felt his Master's familiar hardness entered him. The rough clothes brushing his bare posterior told him that Duo had only spared enough time to get his cock out. Heero groaned loudly as his Master started with ferocious thrusts.

"I had planned on another role playing when we returned," Duo panted as he kept up his fast shoving rhythm, "I planned to deflower my recently acquired Japanese girl."

Duo nipped at the back of his slave's neck. "But it will have to wait. I prefer exercising my right as a Master on my slave at the moment."

Being used as a slave or while he was role playing to be a girl made no difference to Heero. He had no doubt that in either roles, he would end up with sore bottom in the next day. The bow on his hair unraveled from his Master's enthusiastic movements, causing his false hair to fall down and cover his face. Some of it was plastered to his sweating face and neck. If he could spare a small part of his brain to think, he would wonder what made his Master enjoy wearing his hair long. It was so bothersome, not to mention sticky.

Unfortunately, Heero could think of nothing but wanting permission to reach his release. He moaned and grunted as his Master rocked within him. When he felt his Master tense and a familiar warmth fill his insides a second later, Heero was expecting to be allowed to come soon. He was confused when a few seconds passed and his Master didn't say anything. He looked over his shoulder to the back and was surprised to see, and feel at the same time, his Master's pulling out of him. His Master looked nothing like the sated person he should be after what had just happened. Those violet eyes were still clear and were eyeing him thoroughly.

Heero looked desperately at his Master, trying to convey his yearning to come.

"Remove your costume then join me in the bathroom," Duo said instead. The long haired Dom then turned around and went into the bathroom, divesting his clothes along the way.

Still a little bit confused and with raging hard on, Heero complied with the order while inside he cursed his sadistic Master. His body now naked, he trotted into the bathroom. Heero was again startled to find His Master had started the hot water for the tub. It should have been his duty to see to it.

"Master!" Heero protested and hurriedly approached the bathtub where his Master was standing. "What are..."

"Get into the tub." Duo cut his slave's speech.

"What?" Heero was getting more confused and he blurted out, "Why?" He realized though that he shouldn't have said that, judging from the stormy expression his Master was giving him. To appease his suddenly unpredictable Master, Heero hurriedly stepped into the tub and settled down. He stayed silent as his Master lathered the bath sponge with soap, joined him in the tub and started brushing him with the sponge.

"Master?" Heero said as he wondered if his Master had hit his head somewhere.

"Stay still," Duo grunted as he worked the sponge over his slave, "I'm going to wash you clean."

Heero caught a few quietly muttered curses about a blonde's perfume, something about touching without permission and no more dancing. He snorted in amusement and started to relax, submitting to his Master's treatment. His Master was kinda cute in his own way. For once, he enjoyed his Master's show of possessiveness.



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