Enslaving Heero Part 46
Fifth Stage

Heero didn't mind being dressed as a Kitten. He didn't even mind not being dressed at all. But he surely minded being dressed as a woman. He was a guy damn it! Not even when he was fighting in the war was he was willing to wear a female disguise. Unfortunately, whether he minded or not had no effect on his fate. He had forfeited his right over himself and gave the privilege to his Master. So what his Master wanted, Heero ought to comply with. In this instance, he had to wear women's clothing.

Fate hated him.

Heero didn't know which neck he would like to wring better, the sponsors' or his Master's. Cross dressing! How could they set such a humiliating theme for the contest? Oh, he knew that there were people who found cross dressing a turn on, but he never thought his Master would be one of them. Duo had seemed satisfied with him as a male slave or merely a kitten. Never had his Master shown any indication or interest in dressing him as a female. Duo was, after all, very fond of his Kitten.

However, he knew now how wrong he was in concluding that he had known his Master's entire range of kinks.

Though he didn't have a choice in his costume, Heero still tried to evade the humiliation. Since Duo had told him about the theme last night, Heero had tried various way to get his Master to change his mind. He went from begging, which earned him a gag, to sulking. His sulk didn't last long though. A spanking threat saw to that.

In the end, there was nothing Heero could do to change his Master's mind. As morning came, Heero found himself standing in the bedroom while his Master was happily putting a female kimono on him.

Without any underwear.

"Master..." Heero protested weakly against the lack of underwear. The kimono was made of fine quality silk. It felt so soft against his bare flesh, eliciting a nice but unwanted sensation. He squirmed uncomfortably to ease the sensation.

"Be still, Kitten," Duo ordered as he fastened the obi around his slave. "This waistband is quite difficult to manage."

Heero considered pointing out that Duo wouldn't have to deal with the obi if he had chosen another costume but decided against it. Considering his Master's sadistic nature, it was possible for him to choose a more humiliating costume like the one he'd first thought of. From last night's conversation, Heero concluded his Master had chosen the kimono for his costume. All night long, after he'd ceased his efforts to change his Master's mind, Heero had agonized over what kind of kimono his Master had requested. Foremost in his guess was the kimono which was usually worn by a geisha. It was very revealing and showed what he was to his Master. A piece of property, a sex relief amusement.

It was humiliating.

However, the costume turned out to be a modern kimono. Heero was quite surprised by it. Not only modern but the kimono was the type which was usually worn by an educated or high class lady. Though it didn't have a complicated pattern which usually showed how exquisite a kimono was, its quality was the best.

"Finally!" Duo exclaimed cheerfully as the obi was done. He then straightened up and rummaged in the box which had been delivered along with the costume, "Now for the hair..."

Heero watched resignedly as his Master took out a wig from the box. It was the same color as his hair and its length reached just below his shoulders when his Master put it on him. His Master then fussed over the wig, putting in pins to fasten it on his head and styling it. Heero felt his Master gathering the false hair above his ears to the back of his head. The collected hair was then tied with a hair tie. Though he couldn't see what his Master was doing behind his head, he could sense the tie was fastened into a bow.

"Hair done, now the face, " Duo announced as he stood in front of his slave.

Heero couldn't help but shudder at the thought of having to put on powder, lipstick, mascara, and whatever else a woman needed to put on her face.

He was surprised when all his Master did was to trap his face between his hands and kiss him passionately. His Master's tongue slanted over his repeatedly. The hands left his face and grabbed his waist, bringing him forward against his Master's body. Heero moaned at the feel of his Master's warm body. The kiss was so hot that it made him tingle from head to toe. He threw his arms around his Master's neck and kissed back, happily pouring all the love he had into the kiss. When the need for air came, his Master would withdraw slightly and bite playfully at his lips, before resuming the long kiss.

How long the kiss went on, Heero didn't know. His awareness only returned after his Master ceased the kiss and took one step back. It took some seconds for Heero to re-orientate himself and become aware of his surroundings.

"Perfect," said his Master proudly.

Heero blinked and wondered why his Master beamed at him. He got his answer when he was shoved in front of the dressing mirror. He stared in disbelief at his reflection. If he didn't know it was a mirror he was looking into, he would have thought he was seeing somebody else. The one who stared back at him was a pretty young girl with blushing cheeks and cherry red lips. Seeing those cheeks and lips, he realized what his Master had achieved with the kiss. The pleasure the kiss elicited obviously had made his cheeks redden and what with his Master nipping at his lips when they needed to take a breath, it was no wonder that his lips were as red as if he had worn crimson lipstick.

The kimono's dominant color was deep blue, bringing out the color of his eyes. A slight turn of his head let him see that the bow on the back of his head was the same color. The kimono was decorated with random white waves, which somehow gave him an innocent impression. Heero knew he was gaping but he couldn't help himself. He had thought he would look horrible in women's clothing, that was why he found cross dressing so humiliating. While he reluctantly admitted that people could mistake him for a woman if they looked at his face only, his body was clearly a male one. Though the muscles weren't bulging and his body fell into the slender category, no one could mistake him as a woman with the firm muscled body he had. In his mind, he would look ridiculous wearing feminine clothes. He would have looked like a failed transvestite.

However, his Master had chosen his costume well. The kimono had wide long sleeves, which hid his arms, leaving only his hands visible. Its length covered his legs to the ankles. The shirts he wore were usually parted in the middle, showing the upper part of his firm chest. The kimono, however, covered it all. And with the obi fastened tightly at his waist, it gave a slight female curve on his body. Only a small part of his collar was visible above the fold of his kimono. Heero grimaced when he noticed that with his arms, legs, and chest hidden, he looked like a fragile girl.

"Now, why the displeased look, Kitten?" Duo asked as he stood behind his slave, arms wrapped around him.

"I look weak," Heero answered, meeting his Master's eyes on the mirror.

"That's good," Duo smiled and pecked his slave's fondly, "No one would think my sweet and weak looking girl could break their bones just with a little effort."

"I'm not sweet," protested Heero.

"Cute then," Duo said and then kissed his slave.

Whatever thoughts Heero had in mind flew away the instant his Master kissed him. Whilst the previous kiss had been hot, this one was tender. Heero closed his eyes and leaned back, enjoying the feel of his Master's arms around him and his Master's body covering his back as if protecting him from the outer world.

"I'd better stop before I ruin my hard work," Duo murmured. He kissed his slave once more then straightened.

Heero mewled at the loss.

"My spoiled Kitten," Duo said with a chuckle then completely distanced himself from his slave. "Now stand near the wall, lean forward, and put your hands on it."

Heero opened his eyes reluctantly. He went to the nearest wall and bent forward. He heard his Master rummage around in the night stand before coming behind him.

"This is quite a nice costume," Duo commented, "and if it's put on in a certain way, I can bare your behind quickly. Like this."

Heero gasped when he felt sea breeze meet his bare ass. His Master had taken the bottom edge of the kimono and flipped it up expertly, exposing his behind. Hands pried his cheeks apart, revealing the entrance to his unusually empty passage. In the shower this morning, his Master had taken out his night butt plug and cleaned him inside and out. Finished with the shower, his Master had then started putting on the costume without filling him with his cat's tail.

"For today, you'll have the egg inside you."

Right after his Master had spoken, Heero felt the egg inserted into him. The sensation was different from having the cat tail or night butt plug. With the egg, his anal ring closed tighter. It closed around a thin thread connected to a small T-shaped piece of metal. It was to enable the egg to be pulled out quickly.

"I have timed it to vibrate every hour as a reminder." Duo patted his slave's rear before flipping the kimono back to its place, "Straighten up and face me, Kitten."

"Reminder?" Heero asked warily as he turned toward his Master.

"Yeah, the color on your cheeks and lips needs to be renewed to preserve their current condition. Every time the egg vibrates, you're to ask me to fix your make up."

Duo grinned when his slave stared at him, aghast. "If I am not with you at that time, you're to search for me. There will be a consequence if you fail to ask me at the fixed times. Understand, Kitten?"

"Can't I ask you to kiss me instead, Master?"

"No." The look his Master gave him as he answered was full of evil.

Heero made a face. "I understand, Master."

"Good, now help me put on my suit."

Heero approached his Master easily, despite him wearing kimono. Whilst he couldn't stride too long, his Master had arranged the kimono so that he could at least walk with ease. He could even kick if he lifted his kimono in a certain way. And at this very moment, he was so tempted to kick his sadistic Master's ass for making him ask his Master to fix his make up every hour, probably in front of other contestants too.

The temptation to kick was forgotten when his Master finished putting his suit on. Heero stared at the vision before him. His Master wore a long sleeve white shirt, covered with a black vest and knee length jacket. It was followed with silk pants and leather boots, all black of course. White gloves covered his hands and a simple, yet elegant cravat was fastened around his neck. His hair was tied at the base of his head but not braided. His Master looked like one of the gentlemen usually at Relena's parties. He was much more striking than any gentlemen Heero had seen though.

"You're drooling, Kitten," Duo commented. He tugged at his collar. "It's too damn hot to wear this suit. We'd better go to the dome now. The temperature in there has been set to accommodate these kinds of costumes."

Heero meekly followed his Master out of the cottage and into the waiting limousine. His Master had ordered the car when the costume was delivered. While he knew it would be quite difficult for him to walk to the contest dome on foot in this costume, Heero had been wondering why a limousine. Now he got some idea as he entered the vast area for passengers and felt the coolness in there. He got an even clearer idea when his Master ordered him to kneel between his legs.

Heero knelt slowly to avoid ruining his kimono and then looked up at his Master. His heart began to beat faster when he noticed the lustful gaze his Master shot him.

"Imagine," Duo spoke slowly with a low tone, "It's Meiji era. I'm a rich western lord." He looked at his kneeling slave. "And you're a beautiful Japanese girl. You have been raised to be a lady. Beautiful, obedient, and well behaved. Many men seek your hand in marriage and one of them is a rich royal who can boost your family status. Unfortunately, your father made a mistake in his business and ended up with a very big debt to me. To settle his debt, he gave you to me. His virgin Japanese daughter for my every pleasure. You have been told to do whatever I want or your whole family will be in ruins. Your mother, your brothers, your sisters. They will have no future if you are to refuse me."

Heero couldn't help but shudder in arousal at the image his Master described. He could understand the feeling of the Japanese girl in his Master's story. In Meiji era, most women were still raised and taught to obey the head of the house, which could be their father or their husband. The girl had been raised as a lady, to watch her manners and to do nothing disgraceful. Talking to a man who wasn't her intended longer than what it took to exchange greetings was a scandal to her. Now she was asked to serve a man, a westerner who in the Meiji era had been likened to a devil, an abomination. She would feel horrified but yet at the same time her lady honor wouldn't let her ignore her family, even it meant she had to sacrifice herself. Heero looked at his Master and took a deep breath to calm his arousal down. The look his Master sent him was scorching, making him feel naked, although he was clad in the kimono.

"And now, little girl," his Master spoke roughly, already treating him as the Japanese merchant's daughter in his imagination. "As the first payment of your father's debt, I want you to service me with your lovely mouth."

Heero trembled as he reached for the zipper on his Master's pants. The trembles weren't because of fear but because of excitement. He could understand the Japanese girl's feelings. Though she was ashamed with what she had to do, it didn't help her that the evil western lord was a handsome devil himself. The girl was surely torn between her repulsion in doing something disgraceful and her curiosity in knowing this handsome man before her so intimately.

Heero didn't have any problem sucking his Master. He loved doing it. Loved giving pleasure to his Master. But since his Master was imagining a reluctant virgin lady blowing him off, Heero figured that that was how his Master wanted him to act. The fact that he was dressed as one helped him act accordingly. He pulled the zipper down slowly as if he was reluctant to do it and hesitated quite a long time before pulling down his Master's boxers. The action revealed his Master's already hard cock. Heero stared at the aroused flesh in front of him hungrily, torn between acting like a repulsed lady or the eager slave that he was.

"Now wrap your pretty mouth around my cock, little girl, " his Master ordered huskily.

Thinking the girl would be hesitant if not appalled but had no choice but to obey the vile order from the western lord, Heero leaned forward and opened his mouth at a slow pace. It appeared his Master was impatient with the pace because Heero felt a hand touch the back of his neck and push his head forward. The pressure caused him to take his Master's cock into his mouth wholly. His nose pressed against his Master's groin while the hard flesh disappeared straight into his throat. Heero made muffled noises and tried to pull his head backward to give impression of a girl who disliked what she was doing.

"So hot and warm, what a wonderful mouth you have," Duo grunted and pushed the retreating head of his slave forward to meet his groin. "I suggest you find a way to breath through your nose. I won't give you a rest until I'm satisfied. And remember that your whole family's fate depends on you satisfying me."

Hearing that, Heero relaxed his mouth like he usually did when he deep throated his Master. He let his Master control his head, moving it forward and backward. Heero reasoned that the Japanese girl would be shocked and resigned to her fate, letting the evil lord use her mouth as he liked. Of course while the girl would feel ashamed at her situation, Heero felt it was just like his usual enslavement. This wasn't the first time his Master had used his mouth to gain his own pleasure. He was used to it and enjoyed the treatment. If the girl was attracted to his Master's appearance and could see his Master's concealed kindness, Heero was sure she would come to love him like Heero did. Though it appeared his Master was roughly using him, Heero knew his Master gave him ample of time to breathe before pushing him forward to swallow his cock to the hilt. Whilst the hand on the back of his head was forceful, it didn't elicit any pain. His Master groaned loudly and tensed up. A second later, Heero felt his Master's warm seed flooding his mouth.

"Swallow, little girl," Duo said hoarsely as he emptied his passion inside his slave.

Heero swallowed his Master's essence and slowly pulled backward, cleaning the softening cock with his tongue along the way. When his Master's cock completely left his mouth, it was clean and soft. Heero tucked the soft flesh back into his Master's pants. Then, still kneeling, Heero looked up at his Master. A lazy and sated smile greeted him.

"You're quite good for your first time role playing, Kitten."

Heero blinked. Role playing? Heero needed a few moments to see what had just transpired in a different perspective. Role playing indeed! His Master had made him act like a virgin and a shy lady while he himself acted like a depraved lord. So this was what role playing meant. Heero had read about it during his exploration but never really understand the attraction of pretending to be somebody else. Until now. It was very arousing to think of himself as a reluctant lady forced to serve an evil lord; the ability to show his reluctance, if not disobedience, without being punished. The pleasure of serving his Master as somebody else, understanding what the role should feel like. His hard cock was obvious evidence of his enjoyment, what with it making a tent in his kimono the way it was.

"Come, sit on my lap," Duo ordered. He waited until his slave settled and asked, "So, what did you think of the experience?"

Heero squirmed slightly in his Master's lap and reluctantly admitted. "I... uh... quite enjoyed it, Master."

His Master looked pleased and gave him a thorough kiss. Heero accepted it eagerly, moving his tongue to respond to his Master's aggressive own.

"I think another role playing will be in order tonight," Duo murmured at the end of the kiss, "After all, I haven't gotten to deflower my little Japanese girl."

"No, you haven't, Master." Heero rasped, heart beating rapidly in anticipation of having his Master claim him again.

"Does my little girl hate me for ruining her future?" Duo asked while scattering kisses on his slave's neck.

"At first," Heero hummed slightly and arched his head back to give more space for his Master to play. "I know she will come to enjoy being with you, Master. She is attracted to you after all."

"That's good to hear," Duo planted a hickey on his slave's neck, on the part which was visible to everyone. "Now I think I'd better fix your hair." His slave's hair had been unravelled during the role play. "I should have done this role playing later tonight but you're too tempting."

"You can't stand the temptation, Master?"

"Not when it's you, Kitten."

Heero was pleased at the answer. He sat on his Master's lap contentedly while his Master fussed over his hair during the rest of their journey.


"I don't see Lady S/M and her slave, Master," Heero said as he looked around the throng of people inside the vast arena where the current contest would commence in a short time. Heero was very curious as to how Wufei looked in female attire. He knew Wufei would wear a Chinese style costume but he didn't know what it would be exactly. There were different styles of clothes from different eras.

"It's quite hard to find them. Try focusing on finding Lady S/M. I think her slave's appearance will have changed drastically," his Master commented from beside him. He was sipping champagne, which he had taken from a tray brought around by servants. "Don't forget to speak slightly higher than you usually do, Kitten. You're a woman at the moment, remember?"

Heero made a face but obeyed nevertheless. "Yes, Master," he said in a slightly higher voice then looked around for the sign of the dominatrix.

His search for a long, blonde haired head was interrupted by a delight shout.

"Oh. My. GOD!"

Heero turned slightly to the right where the shout had come to see who had shouted. He saw a girl with waist length black hair gaped at him. The girl was wearing a dark green silk dress, which touched the floor and thin silver chain wrapped around her waist to accentuate her hourglass figure. She was wearing elbow length gloves, the same color as her dress. The dress itself only reached the top of her breasts, leaving her shoulders and neck bare. The way the dress parted in the middle also showed her full cleavage. Heero looked up and saw silver collar around her slender neck. The emerald earrings suited her green eyes perfectly. And those cherry red lips were....


Silver collar? Emerald earrings? Green eyes... black hair...

It was Heero's turn to gape as realization struck him like a thunder.

This pretty girl in front of him was Brat!!

While Heero was still reeling from the revelation, Brat had brought himself under control. He closed his gaping mouth and turned to Duo. "My apologies, sir. I didn't mean to interrupt like that but your slave certainly surprised me."

"Apology accepted. You also surprised him, I think," Duo said in amusement.

Brat looked back at Heero and saw his surprise, "Can't you tell that it's me?"

"You have breasts!!" Heero pointed at the two obvious mounds on Brat's chest, too shocked to remember that he had to speak in higher tone.

"Fake breasts. Feel and look almost like the real thing," Brat poked his right breast, "but fake nonetheless. I can't feel anything. They are glued to my chest with a certain adhesive."

"Your figure..." Heero gestured weakly at Brat's hourglass figure.

Brat made a face, "I'm wearing a corset, specially made to make this kind of figure."

"Isn't the corset quite painful?" Duo asked the question.

"Yes and that was my Master's plan. He is quite the sadist sometimes," Brat said with a grimace.

"I know the feeling." Heero glanced at his Master meaningfully.

"I think I'm more sadistic than Brat's Master," Duo drawled.

Brat rolled his eyes, "It figures that the Doms would be proud of their sadistic achievement."

"Speaking of Doms, here comes yours." Duo gestured in a certain direction.

Heero looked in the direction and saw Serpent approaching them, his black eyes focused on Brat. He was wearing a suit similar to Heero's Master's and held a black cane topped with a big emerald stone. But while Duo was grinning, Serpent seemed furious.

"Uh oh, I must go. Nice talking with you and your slave, sir," Brat took off with haste.

"Damn Brat!" Serpent cursed as he stopped in front of Duo and Heero. "Do you happen to know where he is heading?"

Duo shook his head negatively, "He escaped before I had a chance to ask him."

"I need to discipline the boy harder," Serpent muttered. He inclined his head and was about to go after his slave when Duo stopped him.

"I can give you a suggestion for that."

"Oh?" Serpent looked at the long haired Dom, intrigued.

"I can modify the fake breasts he wears so they will produce a response either by touching or by remote control. The response can vary, depending on what you want to achieve."

"Interesting," Serpent smiled wickedly and fished a name card from his breast pocket, "When the contest is over, give me a call. I want to talk about this leisurely, not when I have a naughty slave to be caught."

"As you wish," Duo grinned.

Serpent inclined his head once more and took off in the direction Brat had disappeared.

Heero waited a few seconds before turning to his Master. "You ARE evil."

"I'm genius. Now we can get closer to Serpent."

"Still, you are evil, Master. Brat doesn't need that kind of punishment on top of fake breasts and a corset."

"Watch out or I will test Serpent's future order on you."

Heero wisely said nothing.


As it appeared, Heero didn't get to meet Dorothy and Wufei until the contest started.

Bronze was the speaker for the current contest. He chose a French costume, one which was worn several hundred years ago. Heero wasn't very good when it came to style but he did know some history, especially where the white wig that Bronze wore was popular. What cheered Heero more was the sight of Bronze's sub, Wind, in a French lady costume. A tall, French styled white wig covered the sub's red hair completely. He was wearing a dress, which was usually worn by French Queens. Though he grudgingly admitted that the costume made Wind look like a female, Heero liked to believe that the costume was a replica of a French Queen's dress who was sentenced to beheading by guillotine in the French revolution hundred years ago.

The sudden vibration from the egg inside him jerked Heero back from his rather malicious thought. He squirmed and faced his Master reluctantly. He had to swallow twice before delivering the humiliating request. "Master, would you please fix my make up?"

His Master wasted no time complying his slave's request. After a very heated kiss, completely with tongue and nipping, Heero was finally released. He needed a few seconds to get his bearings and flushed red when he noticed they had attracted attention.

"What a pretty girl," came a drawl.

Heero watched Kira stop next to Duo. The blonde Dom was wearing a gray knee length coat with black pants. The coat was decorated with a pattern of red curls with sharp edge. His inner shirt was also gray, slightly lighter than the coat's color. He also wore gloves and knee length boots, all black. All in all, the costume made him look more sinister than he usually did.

"Thank you," Duo replied Kira's comment and looked at Kira's sub who was standing next to the blonde man, "That's an exquisite boy you have there, Kira."

Kira grinned pleasurably and asked Duo a few questions. Before long they were deep into their discussion. Heero dismissed the Doms and took a look at Storm. Unlike with Brat, Heero didn't have any difficulty in recognizing Storm in her cross dressing costume. Probably because Storm hadn't changed her hairstyle. Her hair was still short dark brown. She was wearing a black leather jacket with a white feathered edge. A white sweatshirt beneath the waist length jacket showed her rather flat chest. Heero assumed her breasts were bound tight to make them flat. Slightly baggy pants, boots, and gloves, all black, complete her appearance. Her tall body gave her appearance as a pretty boy more credibility. Heero didn't know what Kira was thinking but the costume made Storm look deadly.

"Seen Brat anywhere?" Storm asked him.

"He is either still on the run from his furious Master or already caught by said Master, " Heero answered.

Storm gave him a questioning look. Reading the look as 'what did he do this time?' Heero just shrugged his shoulders to indicate he was as blank as Storm.

"Masochist fool." Storm muttered.

Heero nodded in agreement. Whatever else Storm wanted to speak of, Bronze's booming voice stopped all the conversation. He explained the contest's procedure. This time, the contestants were required to step onto a raised platform in the middle of the area one by one. It was shaped like a ring and the contestants would take a turn, showing off their cross dressed subs. The circle shaped platform allowed the audiences to view them from all directions. Heero found out that it was very similar to a fashion show.

Kira excused himself then. Heero watched Storm follow her Master then watched the platform as the first contestant made their appearance. Bronze called the contestants by their contest number sequentially so the contestants could predict when their turn would come. Knowing Haakon's and Dorothy's numbers preceded his Master's, Heero fixed his eyes on the platform. He was very curious of what his fellow Preventers looked like.

He had watched a number of contestants. Some of the subs pulled the cross dressing off very well. However, there were some female subs that still looked female in their costume. Some male subs also turned out to be what Heero had feared. A failed transvestite. Of course there were some Doms who liked the failed transvestite appearance, he guessed it was one of the weird kinks he would never understand. Suddenly he remembered that he didn't know all of his Master's kinks. What if his Master enjoyed some kinks that Heero found disgusting, like golden shower or something that had to do with human excretion.

Heero shuddered and looked at his Master. He watched amusement, respect, intrigue, or disagreement appear on his Master's face as the contest continued on. How many kinks did his Master have? Was there any limit to them? Heero didn't know his own limits given how he had accepted this cross dressing with such little protest. Whilst he was worrying, his Master glanced at him and gave him a smile that made his inside warm. Heero felt himself calm down. He had given himself to Duo, Heero told himself as he turned his attention back to the platform. All he could do now was to trust his Master not to do or make him do something which was outside his limits.

Raoul finally called Dorothy and her slave onto the stage. Heero turned his focus back to the platform entrance. He waited in anticipation for Wufei's appearance. Heero guiltily admitted that it was a slight relief knowing that he wasn't alone in this humiliation. However, his guilty thought was forgotten at what he saw on the platform.

Dorothy was wearing a black suit like Duo but hers was specially made to emphasize her curves. With her hair tied at the base of her neck her costume made her a handsome woman. Heero's attention quickly moved to her slave though. Heero stared and stared at his fellow sub. He couldn't quite believe that Wufei had submitted to wearing the costume; but then again, Heero knew well just how creative a Dom could be with punishment.



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