Enslaving Heero Part 45
Milk for Kitten

Wufei watched his Japanese comrade and wondered whether Yuy was aware that his ass was bare for all to see. Wufei could see how other Doms glanced at the bare flesh with either delight or lust. He supposed Yuy wasn't aware of the attention he garnered since the Japanese slave seemed content to be held by his Master.

Wufei had been wondering how a strong soldier like Yuy could submit to someone like Maxwell. Despite having known Maxwell as a Dom, Wufei hadn't seen him really behaving like one. During their first meeting, Maxwell had only done some talking with other Doms. At the Preventer briefing session though, he'd been impressed with Maxwell and Yuy's performance; Wufei had reasoned that it was because they'd had time to plan the performance.

His interaction with Maxwell during the contest had been limited so far. The first stage had been held separately. The second stage had him and the other subs blindfolded so that they couldn't know how the Doms performed. The third stage had them acting like pets in which Maxwell had appeared more like a jolly pet owner rather than a Dom.

Until today, Wufei had still held little belief that Maxwell could really be a real Dom. He was more inclined to believe that it was all a pretence, that it was merely an arrangement set up between Yuy and Maxwell. That doubt, however, was completely gone now.

This stage had allowed the Doms to punish their subs without having to have a reason. Though the subs knew that the Doms had punished them because the contest required it, not all the subs could accept the treatment. Some of them flinched when their Doms touched them after the punishment. Some of the others just stood with a noticeable distance between them and their Doms. So far, only a few had stayed close or clung to their Doms like Yuy had done.

Wufei realized then that this current stage didn't judge merely the Doms' skill in giving punishment, but it also tested the trust and devotion the Doms had gained from their subs. The Doms whose subs had flinched from their touch were the Doms who had performed brutal punishments, obviously making their subs afraid of them. Wufei assumed that the Doms, whose subs didn't stay close to them, ought to have done something unlike what the subs had been expecting and resented the Doms for it.

The way Yuy clung to Maxwell showed that he didn't hold anything against his Master for the punishment he had gotten. He didn't flinch when his Master touched him, on contrary, he seemed to enjoy the caress his Master gave to him. The way he completely trusted his Master and showed only submission, not fear, to his Master was an obvious sign that Maxwell had been one good Dom. It was impossible to reason that Yuy's reaction could have been planned before. The theme of the contest had been announced just this morning, leaving no time for Yuy and Maxwell to plan a show.

Wufei could longer deny that Maxwell, the irritating buffoon, was a Dom for real.

"Next, LadyS/M!" Kira called out, breaking Wufei's thoughts about his friends. For a split second, Wufei hoped and prayed for something to happen; earthquake, fire, a black hole near the colony, anything that could cancel the contest. However, the ground was solid, the dome was steady, and the subs near him were looking at him expectantly. It was obvious that some of them knew he belonged to LadyS/M. With a heavy heart, Wufei headed to the stage like someone headed to his execution.

Wufei was so not looking forward to this stage. His ass was still throbbing from his last punishment. And to get another punishment when he hadn't done anything to deserve it was a total injustice!! When this was all over, the Doms, especially Dorothy, would get what she just deserved!...... Or maybe not, Wufei reconsidered as his Mistress looked at him sharply. It was really ridiculous that he should be this anxious with a woman. But it was a fact. He couldn't deny it anymore than he could deny he wasn't Dorothy's slave. The mission required him to obey Dorothy. His honor made him serve Dorothy, because he had signed a contract to do so. Wufei was essentially trapped by his own dedication and honor. There was a little part of his brain that whispered to him that he didn't protest too much of his enslavement, but Wufei shoved it aside because it was too ridiculous for a man like him.

The sound of something cutting through the air made Wufei glance at his Mistress. Upon seeing the implement she was holding, Wufei couldn't help but feeling the impending doom. This was complete injustice!!


Heero hissed as his Master put the shorts back on him.

"Hold on, Kitten. As much as I like watching your red bottom squirming, I prefer to do it privately." Duo fastened the shorts on his slave.

Heero was relieved and dismayed at the same time. Dismayed because his poor bottom had to suffer more, but relieved because at least now the other Doms stopped glancing at his behind. He had been mortified at first when he realized he had settled on his Master's lap naked from the waist down. Whilst he knew a sub rarely got any privacy, the reality that he was bare for everyone to see was a bit too much for him. He had felt his face going warm and had a feeling that it was as red as a tomato. His guess was confirmed by his Master's chuckles and the fingertip caress on his blushing cheek.

"Looks like Dorothy has the same plan as mine," Duo said after he'd finished putting on his slave's shorts.

Heero glanced at the stage and promptly forgot about his blushing state. There, on the stage, Dorothy was wielding a cat-o'-nine tails skilfully. She alternated between pain and pleasure, caressing and whipping poor Wufei with the cat-o'-nine tails. It was similar to what Duo had done to Heero.

The difference was though, that while Duo had focused his attention on Heero's ass only, Dorothy ran the whip all over Wufei's body; front and back. Poor Wufei, he was clearly embarrassed. Though Heero sympathized with his Chinese friend, there was not a chance that Heero would help him on this one. He just hoped that Dorothy would be kind to Wufei afterwards.

Through the remainder of the contest, Heero perched on his Master's lap. He didn't get a chance to talk with any of the other subs and after the contest was over, his Master quickly carried him back to the cottage. Heero clung to his Master and prayed that Duo wouldn't be too horny. He knew his Master well enough though to predict that his ass wouldn't have any respite soon.

His prediction came true once they entered the cottage. His Master lay him on the bed, face down, which Heero was very grateful for. He heard his Master divesting himself of his clothes and then felt a hand tugging his shorts. He wiggled his hips to help the hand and hissed as the shorts scraped over his throbbing bottom. Once the shorts left his legs, his Master's naked body draped over his. Heero moaned as his hot bottom met his Master's cool body. Light kisses flew over his shoulders and back. Hands ran along his body, soothing and caressing.

"You're adorable, Kitten," Duo murmured near his slave's ear, "Do you know how many times I had to stop myself from using you during the contest? Having you squirming on my lap every ten seconds wasn't helping." Duo kissed the back of his slave's neck hard and long, leaving a red mark. At the same time, his hand went downwards and pulled his slave's tail slowly from inside Heero's passage. Once it was removed, Duo lifted his slave's hip slightly, spread the slender thigh, and pushed inside.

Heero buried his head into the pillow, muffling his moan as his Master rode him slowly. It wasn't often his Master used him like this. So slowly that Heero could feel every inch of his Master sliding in and out. His ass, however, didn't appreciate the slow thrusting since it prolonged the contact between his sore ass and his Master's front. Of course, there was nothing he could do to stop his Master. Not that he really wanted to.

Sore ass or not, Heero liked having his Master inside him. Liked the feeling of him sliding within him and somehow, now that he realized his feelings, his senses were more focused on his Master's movement. Every grunt and moan his Master made, his ears could hear. Every breath his Master exhaled, his skin could feel. He could also smell the scent of his Master, a mix of his shampoo, aftershave, and his natural body odor.

Heero was so immersed in all these sensations that when his Master tugged on his nipple rings, it came almost like a shock to him. He jerked up and felt himself tighten around his Master. The reaction from his Master came swiftly and in the form of a loud growl, followed by a fierce thrust that changed the way his Master rode him.

The slow unhurried slides changed into a fast and hard thrust. Hands left Heero's nipple rings and grabbed his hips, pulling him to meet his Master's rough thrusts. Heero couldn't help but gasp as the thrusts hit his prostate repeatedly. His cock was already hard, aching for release. His Master, however, didn't say anything about him being allowed to come. Heero hoped he would be allowed to come later, but for now, all he could do was hold on. He grabbed the bed sheet tightly and burrowed his face deeper into the pillow.

Duo thrust into his slave faster. His hands tightened on his slave's hips and his teeth left red marks on his slave's shoulders. It was a few minutes later when he thrust hard and came. His seed filled his slave as he rocked slowly within the Japanese slave, as if reluctant to leave him completely. When he was completely finished, Duo collapsed onto his slave. He lay there for a few moments, scattering kisses on whatever part of his slave he could reach.

Though Heero liked feeling his Master's weight on him, his current position made his hard cock press uncomfortably between the mattress and his body while his sore bottom was in a similar situation, pressed down upon by his Master's weight. Heero whined and shifted his hips slightly to indicate his discomfort. He heard his Master chuckle then felt him withdraw. Heero was immediately torn between the relief of having his Master's weight gone from his sore bottom and the reluctance of losing his Master's warmth.

"Sit up, Kitten, facing me," came order from his Master.

Heero sat up slowly, not wanting friction on his cock and bottom any more than necessary. He hissed when he rested his ass on his folded legs. This was one of the many positions Duo had taught him. Legs folded and spread open, the position left his cock open for all to see.

His Master, meanwhile, had propped his head with one hand and looked at him lazily. "Do you want to come?" asked his Master.

Heero nodded hesitantly. It wasn't usual for his Master to ask about his need. Usually Duo either ordered Heero to come or ignored Heero's hard state completely. Irony struck Heero as he realized that he had been so used to Duo's domination that he wasn't comfortable when Duo asked about his needs.

"I want a nice performance from you, Kitten," his Master's voice broke Heero's thoughts.

The Japanese slave looked at his Master questioningly, not comprehending the order.

His Master smiled wickedly and elaborated with relish.

"Masturbate for me, Kitten."

Heero flushed in comprehension, garnering a fond chuckle from his Master. Though this wasn't the first time he'd masturbated in front of his Master, it was so rare that he still felt nervous doing it. His Master was more often inclined to fuck him until he came than watch him masturbate. He gingerly grabbed his cock and hissed at the friction it gained. Having been in a rock hard state for quite sometime, his cock was very sensitive. Heero knew he wouldn't need more than a couple of strokes to bring himself over the edge. However, his Master wanted a performance so he would have to hold on a little bit longer.

Heero cupped his balls and gave them a hard tug. The action brought him a little pain, which was enough to subdue his aroused state. He winced at his own treatment but was aware that it was only a temporary respite. Better get on with the show, Heero told himself. He looked at his Master and was caught with the possessive gaze from those violet eyes. Not breaking his gaze with his Master, Heero started to move his hand up and down his hard arousal. His other hand went upward and played with a nipple ring. He pressed his thumb on the head of his cock and shuddered with the pleasure it elicited. The tugs he gave on his nipple rings sent pleasure straight to his cock. In the matter of a few seconds, Heero was back where he'd started, on the brink of orgasm.

His Master's violet eyes blazed whenever Heero moaned in pleasure. Those smoldering looks from his Master only gave more pleasure to Heero. This would be the quickest masturbation in history, Heero thought just before he felt his Master's hand over his, together stroking his cock. The surprise and pleasure did it for Heero. He came violently over his own hand and his Master's. The sharp pleasure blinded him, bringing him somewhere between heaven and earth.

It was sometime before Heero floated down to earth. He felt his Master petting his hair and realized he had gone from sitting to lying on the bed somewhere during his orgasm.

"I'm sorry I can't last long, Master," Heero murmured. His voice was a bit hoarse, with all the shouting he'd done during his punishment.

"I know you can't last long."

His Master was smiling at him, which made Heero feel relieved. He was then ordered to clean up both of them. He left the bed, a bit reluctant at the loss of his Master's gently petting, and went into the bathroom to fetch the washcloth. He returned to the bedroom and cleaned his Master first before cleaning himself. When he returned to the bedroom for the second time, after depositing the washcloth in the bathroom, his Master was nowhere to be found.

Bewildered, Heero called out, "Master?"

"In here, Kitten," Duo answered.

Heero went to the living room where his Master's voice had come from. He stopped short when he saw what his Master was doing. The long haired Dom was shaking a bottle of milk, with a nipple on top of it.

"Just finished making your reward," Duo grinned and held up the bottle to his slave, "A warm milk treat just for my little baby."

Heero remembered vaguely that his Master had requested the bottle and the milk from Kira. At that time though he'd been too occupied with his throbbing bottom to care about the bottle. Now he found it was humiliating. He preferred being regarded as a pet rather than a baby. He said so as he reluctantly took the offered bottle. "I prefer drinking it from my plate, Master."

"Ah, but then I wouldn't be able to take a nap with my slave enjoying his reward in my arms," Duo said and went back to the bedroom.

Heero followed his Master without protest. He decided it was better to drink his reward from a baby bottle than drink it alone without his Master. He settled next to his Master on the bed and was soon gathered into his Master's embrace.

"Enjoy your reward, Kitten," Duo murmured and kissed his slave's cheek fondly.

Heero put the nipple into his mouth tentatively. At first he didn't know what to do to get the milk out of it. He didn't remember whether he'd ever had milk given to him in a bottle like this when he was a baby. As a child, as far as he remembered, he had been with Odin. The soldier treated him like an adult, so no milk in a baby bottle for him. Following his basic instincts, Heero tried to suck it and was rewarded with a flow of milk into his mouth. The harder he sucked, the more milk he got. It was warm and tasted just like the milk his Master usually gave him at home.

Heero closed his eyes in pleasure and enjoyed his Master's warmth and embrace, feeling completely at home. He felt his Master slip something familiar between his ass cheeks. It prodded his opening and slipped inside. Heero moaned as the butt plug settled inside him, enjoying the sensation of being filled.

"This is so my baby doesn't ruin the bed," Duo said with a chuckle and kissed his slave's forehead.

The kiss spread warmth all over him. Heero was too comfortable to protest that he wasn't a baby. He just burrowed deeper into his Master's chest and sucked his reward happily.


The reason for his Master to take nap became clear when in the evening, Heero found himself following his Master into Haakon and Grant's cottage. It appeared that the Doms had conferred when they and their subs were still separated in the contest this morning and had agreed to meet. Heero didn't know how the Doms organized the meeting but he trusted his Master and Dorothy to do it without raising suspicion.

They gathered around the dining table, similar to the one in Duo's and Heero's cottage and talked about the morning's punishment first. From the conversation, Heero knew that Wufei had been punished with a cat-o'-nine tails while Grant had gotten paddled by Haakon. The result was that all three of them couldn't sit comfortably; if at all. Heero opted to lay his head on his Master's lap and curled on his side, therefore sparing his still throbbing bottom from his weight. Grant was sitting down on a thick pillow but only lasted a few minutes before he followed Heero's example. Wufei was still able to sit, though he was squirming now and then since his punishment had been applied all over his body instead of focused in one area only.

When they deemed it was safe to talk, they all exchanged the information they had gathered today. Heero told them what he knew about Serpent and Brat. While that reduced the likelihood of Serpent being their target, they were still reluctant to cross him out completely. Grant managed to talk to Storm at the beginning of the contest but didn't manage to get any valuable information.

"She is so reticent," Grant said exasperatedly," The longest sentence I could get out of her was 'That man was a sadistic bastard'. That was when I asked what she thought about her Master."

Remembering his conclusion of how Kira called Storm without visible sign, Heero was inclined to agree with her. He glanced up at his Master, the other sadistic, but not so bastard. He loved his Master after all. However, when Duo raised his eyebrows in question to his stare, Heero decided he was safer with his Master not knowing his thoughts.

The meeting was over by midnight with them being no closer to their target than before. They all agreed it was too risky to meet tomorrow night so they would try to exchange information during the contest. On their way home, Dorothy and Duo were walking side by side while Heero and Wufei followed behind them.

"I saw you filling in the requirement form," said Dorothy, "Didn't bring your own material for this one?"

"I never thought they would do this one," Duo shrugged, "But I'm sure they will give me what I require in the best quality. How about you?"

Dorothy smiled wickedly, "I filled in the form as well."

The Doms were talking about the next contest, which Heero knew nothing about.

"Do you know what the theme for tomorrow is?" Heero asked in low voice to Wufei, who was walking beside him.

Wufei shook his head negatively and flushed red. He mumbled about being distracted after the punishment so he didn't notice the theme being announced.

Heero had been distracted himself, what with him ensconced on his Master's lap and all. He wanted to ask his Master about the next contest but he knew better than to interrupt the discussion between the Doms.

"So, what do you have in mind for him?" Duo asked Dorothy.

The Dominatrix smiled wickedly, "I'll give you a hint. His origin."

While both slaves were equally confused with the hint, Duo seemed to know what Dorothy was talking about.

"Looks like we have a similar idea," Duo said and gave Dorothy a smile similar to hers, "And I think our slaves have been dying to know what we are talking about."

Dorothy laughed out loud. "I noticed," she said, then glanced to her slave, "Do you want to know about tomorrow's theme, Drake?"

"Of course," Wufei grunted and at Dorothy's narrowing eyes, hurriedly added, "Mistress."

"You still have long way to go with him, " Duo noted with amusement.

Dorothy waved her hand dismissively. "I know that, it's part of the challenge I enjoy."

"You surely will have a great challenge to get him dressed for tomorrow, " Duo said with a chuckle.

Dorothy snorted, "Not really, if he had time to think it over." She then turned to her slave and smiled gleefully.

Heero didn't like the smile, especially when he noticed his Master also had a similar smile on his face. He glanced at Wufei. His apprehensive look told Heero that Wufei also didn't like the smile.

"Well, for your information, tomorrow's theme is...." Dorothy glanced at her fellow Dom, giving him the chance to finish the sentence.

Duo grinned and cheerfully said one word that made the slaves look like as if they had swallowed the most vile drink.




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