Enslaving Heero Part 44
Fourth Stage

"You have been a bad girl, little one."

Heero ignored the girlish scream that followed the burly Dom's voice who was currently on the stage.

The bright side of the fourth stage was that the subs were separated from their Doms and were gathered on one side of the dome while the Doms were on the other side. Kira explained that it was to make sure that the Doms didn't tell what punishment they had planned for their sub. The contest required a genuine punishment; not a faked one.

The stage was positioned in the middle of the dome so both Doms and subs around it could watch the current contestant on stage. The turns had been randomly generated by computer and Kira would call the next contestant as soon as the current one finished so no one could tell when their turn would be. The punishment tools were provided so the contestant only needed to tell Kira which implement they would like to use. Heero only glanced slightly at the current contestant who used a whip to punish his female sub. His mind had already worked out the situation, after cursing the Fate that is. Their plan might not be applicable for this situation, but now was still a good time to chance a chat with one of the sponsors' subs without the Doms listening in.

Heero knew those particular subs were among them. He had caught a glimpse of each of them before. Heero looked around, trying to locate one of the subs and met Brat's green eyes. The black haired sub grinned at him and approached him.

It seemed fate hadn't deserted him completely.

"Hi," Brat said, still grinning.

"Hi," Heero replied. He wondered what made the boy so cheerful.

"You don't look any worse for wear."

Heero raised his eyebrows to question Brat's statement.

Brat rolled his eyes. "You are like my Master, no wonder I like you."

Heero's eyebrows rose higher.

Brat answered his silent question by chuckling.

Now Heero was glaring, irritated at not knowing what had set Brat off. The brat, Heero decided the sub had really earned his nickname, chuckled even louder when he noticed Heero's glare.

Heero considered leaving the brat but it was a too good a chance to gather information to waste; so he waited until Brat was quiet and stated, "I'm nothing like your Master."

"Right," Brat snorted, "You both don't like to talk if it's not necessary, preferring to use as little gestures as possible, if not any to show what you are thinking."

That, Heero couldn't dispute. He did think it was a waste of time talking if he could convey what he was thinking by lifting his eyebrows or glaring with his eyes. Not comfortable with Brat's astuteness of his character, Heero decided to turn the conversation to another matter.

"What do you mean by I don't look any worse for wear?" Heero asked.

"And they both change the topic when they feel I'm too close to the truth," Brat muttered.

Heero pretended not to hear the mutters and stared stubbornly at the black haired sub.

Brat rolled his eyes again before he relented and followed the topic change. "You got punished, didn't you?"

"What makes you think so?" Heero voiced his question, not wanting to be likened to Serpent.

It was a useless effort since Brat gave him a knowing look. His green eyes twinkled with laughter. "I saw how your Dom looked at you yesterday after you used your claws. It's the same look my Master gives me when he plans to punish me."

Heero didn't see any good coming from denying the fact so he stayed silent.

"So he really punished you?" Brat continued. "I'm sorry that you have to endure more punishment today."

Heero squirmed as his body remembered yesterday's punishment. "I'm okay," he tried to reassure his fellow slave then changed the topic so he didn't have to remember what he had gone through the day before. "Was your Master okay with you licking my cheek yesterday?"

Brat's grin was enough to rival Heero's Master's grin when he'd just gotten his Heero fix. "I should do that more often."

Heero stared questioningly at the black haired sub.

Still grinning, Brat answered him, "He jumped me as soon we arrived at the house and rode me like a horny steed; many times."

Heero didn't need telepathy to recognize jealousy in Serpent. His own possessive Master had given him a similar experience. And judging from that experience, he'd better stay away from Brat if he didn't want Serpent's jealousy to come on him. Unfortunately, that wasn't an option he could entertain right now, not when he had a mission to do.

Conversation. Heero reminded himself that he needed to keep the conversation going if he wanted to dig some information from Brat. "You're walking just fine for someone who's been ridden many times."

Brat snorted. "This is nothing. I only feel a little sore."

Despite not wanting to be likened to Serpent, Heero couldn't help but raise his eyebrows. In his experience, being ridden by a possessive Master would make any man, perfect soldier or not, walk slightly out of normal stance.

Brat noticed his expression and grinned. "Did I tell you that my Master is a great doctor and is good at mixing medicine, especially medicine for soreness in 'particular' muscles?"

Heero believed he felt his first touch of envy. If only he had access to that kind of medicine after his Master was finished with him... "Do you sell it?"

"I don't think your Master would approve of you buying it," Brat pointed out. "He seems to be the type who likes watching you walk with a limp."

"And yours doesn't?"

"Most of the time he does, but this time he doesn't want anyone to know that he is jealous of you," said Brat with a grin.

Heero grumbled but then got a sudden thought. "It's not a drug, it is?"

Brat rolled his eyes. "Why does everyone think I'm given drugs just because my Master is a doctor?"

"Because it works similar to a drug?" Heero answered the question with a question.

Brat scowled and Heero thought he had stepped over the line but the green eyed slave then sighed. "And my history as a drug addict doesn't help my case."

The revelation made Heero study Brat carefully. "I find that hard to believe looking at you now, healthy and not one sign of an addict."

"Thanks to my Master," Brat smiled fondly. His eyes focused across the stage and Heero was sure the raven haired slave was looking at Serpent.

"You care for him very much, don't you?"

Brat grinned and focused his attention back to Heero, "Care? I love him. I love him with all my heart and soul."

"Love?" Heero felt something he couldn't define with Brat's declaration.

"He is the only one who cared about me after my parents died in the first war. He took me into his custody when other people washed their hands of me. He stood by me when I fought my addiction. I wouldn't want to live without him. He is my everything."

Heero saw that Brat's green eyes shone, not just with mere fondness when he talked about his Master, but with love. Serpent seemed to be a good Master to have Brat this devoted to him. Heero was having hard time imagining the frowning and bitter looking Serpent as the caring person Brat told him he was though.

The more he talked to Brat, the more Heero hoped that Serpent wasn't the Snake they were looking for. He liked the slave and didn't want to see him devastated. Now that he had gotten Brat talking about the past, Heero pushed to get more information with which to put Serpent out of their list of suspects.

"Does your Master know about your feelings?"

"How can he not know? I tell him everyday."

Despite his resolution to ferret out the wanted information from Brat as fast as possible, Heero found himself curious about this particular information. "What is your Master's reaction to that?"

"At first, he kissed me or fucked me rigorously, depending on his mood," Brat rolled his eyes, "It took him half a year to say he loves me too."

Brat's expression had softened by the end of his sentence. No doubt the black haired slave was remembering the fond memory. Envy was not sufficient to describe what Heero was feeling. Brat's words though had given Heero the opening he'd been waiting for.

"Half a year? It seems your Master and you have been exclusive for quite a long time," Heero commented curiously.

"Let's just say I was still underage when Master made me his slave," Brat smiled mysteriously at him.


"I was a handful," Brat said meaningfully.

Heero remembered Brat had mentioned being a drug addict. Still, he pointed the fact out. "You aren't an addict anymore though."

"That realization sent me to panicking and trying to run away before he threw me out himself."

Heero looked at Brat. "I took it your escape failed?"

Brat smiled wryly. "He caught me within an hour and I spent the night on his lap, being spanked while he kept roaring that he didn't need another slave now that he had," Brat made a quote gesture, "an exasperating obnoxious brainless brat."

"And that's the end?" Heero said when nothing more came from the black haired slave.

"Yup, that's his way of telling me that he will not leave me, ever," Brat beamed.

Heero didn't understand how Brat could accept being called brainless but he felt there was an inside joke somewhere in there. He knew though that from Serpent's reaction that the Dom's words were genuine. His reaction was similar to Duo's when Heero was hurt after confronting Ross. Duo was angry because he was worried about Heero and so it had been with Serpent.

Feeling he had gotten enough from Brat, Heero let his brain process the information. Brat didn't look a day over nineteen and if he was still underage when Serpent took him in exclusively.... Heero did the math and figured out Serpent and Brat had been Master and slave for at least a year. He felt relieved at the result. The information that Preventer had extracted from traitor Ross told him that Ross had been in Snake's possession for half a year, max. Since Serpent had only had Brat as his slave for no less than a year, he couldn't be the Snake they were looking for.

At least Serpent was 99% not the Snake. Heero reserved the one percent just in case Brat was lying, though he doubted it. Brat didn't seem a bad person to him and after going through two wars with scars inside and out, Heero's instinct was usually adept in telling who was lying and who wasn't.

"You have a good Master," Heero said honestly.

"The best," Brat beamed.

"For you maybe, " Heero said diplomatically then ruined it by adding, "I wouldn't want him as mine."

"You're not the first one who's told me that," Brat snorted and then looked behind Heero, "Hey look, it's the sub that disturbed our game yesterday."

Heero turned his head and saw Dai on the stage with his Master, B.B. The Japanese sub was removing his one and only cloth while B.B was asking Kira for his chosen tools. When Dai's back was turned towards him, Heero could see a series of fresh welts on Dai's ass. No doubt it was delivered as a punishment for disturbing their ball game yesterday.

"Ouch," Brat spoke as he arrived next to Heero, "He wouldn't be able to sit down for at least a week. I hope his Dom won't punish him too hard this time."

As much as he liked watching Dai get punished, Heero couldn't help but agree with Brat's sentiment. None of them liked to receive another punishment just when the previous punishment was still freshly felt by them. Heero was glad that his Master had chosen to punish him using pleasure last night instead of pain.


The word was said calmly by feminine voice. Heero and Brat turned their heads to see Kira's slave stop near them. She was wearing black leather shorts that hugged her curves and a silver cloth wrapped around her breasts.

"Hi Storm!" Brat greeted the female slave with a smile, "What's up?"

"I thought you wouldn't be able to sit comfortably in the near future," Storm answered calmly.

Face showing confusion, Brat asked, "Why?"

"Serpent has been glaring at you for quite a long time, " Storm flicked her gray eyes to Heero, "You two seem to have been having a fun time together."

"He's jealous again, isn't he?" Brat glanced at where Serpent was standing and winced. "I'd better go to him before he decides to do something rash."

"My condolences to your ass." Storm said without changing her impartial expression.

Amused, and knowing from his own experiences of what jealous Masters usually did to their slaves, Heero imitated Storm's stance and gave Brat his condolences as well.

Brat left with a glare directed at both Heero and Storm.

Heero watched Brat approach Serpent only to be grabbed and pulled toward the nearest exit. There was no doubt in Heero's mind what Serpent would do to the black haired slave.

"You're good to him."

Heero blinked and turned his head to look up at Storm. The female slave was slightly taller than him, much to his consternation. Now that Brat was gone, Heero didn't hesitate to raise his eyebrows questioningly as his response to Storm's statement.

Storm's lips quirked up slightly as she elaborated. "It's not often I see him in such a happy mood. He likes talking to you."

Heero was surprised that someone liked talking to him, he who was basically completely antisocial. He told Storm, "I think it's because I'm like his Master, or so he said."

Storm raised one eyebrow. "He said the same to me."

It figured that Brat liked interacting with someone who resembled his Master. Heero shared an ironic look with Storm before he realized that he was being offered a golden opportunity to ferret out information about Kira from his own slave. He wondered whether he had to thank Fate or not as he threw the first question he could think of to Storm.

"So you don't like talking much either?"

Storm nodded. After a few seconds of silence between them filled only by Dai's cries as B.B. punished him, Storm smiled wryly and spoke up, "I think we would have to talk if Brat wasn't here to do it."

Having arrived at the same conclusion during the few seconds of silence, Heero nodded in agreement and then remembered he would have to talk if he wanted the conversation to continue.

"Have you known Brat long?" Heero asked.

"Not really," Storm answered vaguely then suddenly tensed.

Heero almost missed the grimace that appeared on her face for a second before it became neutral again.

"I'm sorry." Storm seemed to grit her teeth. "My Master is calling me."

Heero had been watching the stage whilst he talked to Storm and he hadn't seen Kira make a gesture toward Storm. He wondered how Kira could call Storm without him hearing. However, upon watching Storm heading toward Kira with an unusual gait, Heero decided he didn't want to know how. Knowing how perverted and sadistic the Doms could be, it would be something embarrassing like what Duo had done to him using an egg vibrator and a remote control.

"Well, isn't this the wild kitten?"

Heero tensed as he identified the speaker.


The one who had hurt his Master.

Heero turned toward the redheaded sub and looked sharply at him.

"I heard the kitten had claws. Your Master must have gotten a lot of scratches whilst making you tame." Wind looked so amused that Heero was tempted to use his claws again. However, his punishment from yesterday was still fresh in his mind so Heero reined his temper and schooled his face into indifference.

"Only Masters who used violence will get such scratches," Heero said dismissively and watched as Wind's face passed through various expressions, from anger and surprise, to settle into an ugly smile.

"So he told you about his experience being my slave huh? I'm surprised you still want to submit to that weak boy. He's submitted himself to others. He is not a true Master."

"I can say the same to you then. You're just one weak sub." Heero threw the words and left a red faced Wind. He had to leave him or he would do something rash, like wrapping his hands around Wind's neck. This was the first time Heero had come close to breaking his vow not to kill anymore.

Heero spent the rest of the time until his turn on the stage evading the redheaded sub. He knew he shouldn't have avoided the very target that could possibly give him progress in the mission. But he knew better than Wind and he would never have a civil word to say as long as Wind kept disrespecting Duo. How dare Wind call his Master a weak boy. Heero fumed and searched the Dom area. He only needed a second to find his Master and drank in the sight of him.

Anyone who called Duo weak was either blind or stupid. Duo was strong and radiated confidence. His stance said so. Arms crossed over his chest, body leaning slightly on one of the pillars, one foot crossed over the other, Duo was a picture of a confident young man and in full control of himself. Violet eyes settled on Heero and a genuine smile graced Duo's face.

Heero knew he would do anything to keep that smile etched forever on his Master's face. A smile that not many people had the privilege to see. A smile which was really a smile, not a fake one that was used as a mask for outsiders. Heero loved seeing that smile there. He would do anything to see that smile appear on his Master's face often. Anything. For Duo was his everything.

Heero felt his breath catch as realization struck him like lightning. Brat's earlier words echoed in his ears.

'I love him. I wouldn't want to live without him. He is my everything.'

Duo was everything to Heero. Living without Duo was not living at all.

Heero took a breath and smiled shakily back at his Master.

He was in love.


Unfortunately, Heero's revelation had to be cut short. Not a few seconds after he came to realize he had fallen in love with his Master, Kira called out the number Duo had drawn.

It was their turn.

As he climbed to the stage, Heero tried to assimilate his sudden change of perspective. Somehow, realizing his love had made Heero see everything in slightly different light. Duo, his Master, seemed brighter and more breathtaking to him.

Heero's awe was short lived though. It was replaced with trepidation when Heero noticed his Master's nice smile had changed into wicked one. It was the one his Master wore when he was about to do something sadistic to Heero.

"So GoD, what instrument do you require to punish your naughty Kitten?" Kira asked the long haired Master.

"I would like a chair to sit on," Duo answered.

"Anything else?"

"Nah, my hand is sufficient to punish my little Kitten," Duo grinned and Kira answered with similar grin. Heero just fidgeted anxiously near his Master.

It only took a minute or two for the chair to be brought up. Kira gave Duo a wireless microphone to be clipped onto his shirt and then left the stage. Duo sat down on the backless chair and gestured his slave on to his lap.

Heero reluctantly settled over his Master's lap on his customary position, head and feet dangled on either side of his Master. His vulnerable bottom was turned up for everyone to see and for his Master to do as he pleased. Heero squirmed slightly as his half-hard arousal was trapped between his Master's legs. His cat tail was limp between his legs though, expressing Heero's lack of enthusiasm for the event.

Without warning, Duo delivered a loud smack on his slave's wriggling bottom. Heero let out a squeak and stopped his squirming at once. The loud smack also drew the audience's attention and the noise around the stage subsided.

"My fellow Doms," Duo greeted the audience, "My Kitten here has done nothing to deserve punishment." Heero blinked, feeling a flicker of hope that his Master would try to avoid the punishment. Duo, however, contradicted his own words by delivering another loud smack on his slave's upturned bottom. "But of course, we don't need a reason to punish our slaves, do we?"

The Doms expressed their agreement to Duo's words while the same words dashed Heero's hope. He felt his shorts pulled down to his ankles leaving his bottom bare for everyone to see. His shorts were the special ones which had a hole for his tail to pass through so that when Duo pulled down his shorts, his tail was still intact, snuggled between his two round ass cheeks.

"This is one lovely ass," Duo murmured and caressed his slave's bare bottom.

Despite his predicament, Heero couldn't help but like the gentle caress. He relaxed slightly and relished the feel of his Master's hand on his bottom. That was why he was unprepared when Duo all of sudden pinched his bottom. Heero jerked up and let out a gasp. His tail became straight with the sudden tightness of Heero's inner muscles.

"As much as I like your white ass," Duo paused to grin down at his slave, "I like it better when it's red and dancing to the tune of my hand." He pinched his slave's ass again.

Heero started then threw a glare at his Master which earned him chuckles from the other Doms.

"You can see he is still a bit rebellious," Duo addressed the audience as he soothed the pinched flesh with his hand, "but it will be corrected soon."

Hearing his Master's words made Heero tense. He expected a loud smack to land on his bottom anytime now. However, what he got was a gentle tap on his bare bottom. It made him confused and looked at his Master over his shoulder. It wasn't surprising to see his Master so focused on his bottom. What surprised Heero was the look of delight that danced in his Master's violet eyes as he patted Heero's bottom repeatedly. It entranced Heero.


As his brain registered the stinging on his ass, Heero gasped loudly. He was so focused on his Master's face that he'd dropped his guard.

Duo delivered a volley of hard blows that made his slave squirm and wriggle, futilely trying to escape them.

The blows stopped as suddenly as they'd started. Heero whimpered, feeling his ass throbbing slightly. He tensed when he felt his Master's hand on his bottom but then moaned when it started caressing his throbbing bottom gently. He couldn't help but relax into his Master's lap and enjoy the caress.

Of course his reprieve didn't last long.

For the second time, Heero gasped loudly as his Master turned the gentle pat into another volley of stinging blows on his poor bottom. He wiggled and moaned pleadingly for his Master to stop. His Master only tightened his hold on Heero's waist and kept spanking him. When his Master finally stopped the blows, Heero didn't need to see to know that his ass had turned pink if not red.

He hissed slightly when his Master stroked his spanked flesh soothingly. He didn't tense up or tried to escape the touch though. It was too much of a cool balm to his hot bottom to refuse. Heero even let out a moan and unconsciously wagged his tail approvingly.

"See his tail swinging? It means my little slut loved his punishment," his Master announced loudly.

Heero flushed red as the Doms chuckled at his expense. But before he managed to send a glare to his sadistic Master, another series of blows landed on his bottom. Heero yelped as the slaps felt worse on his now very sore bottom.

His Master kept alternating between hard blows and gentle caress. It made Heero feel in heaven and hell alternately as well. It wasn't until Heero broke down and cried that his Master truly stopped.

"I think I'm done here," Duo announced. He stripped his slave of the shorts completely and urged Heero to sit on his lap.

The short haired slave hissed between his hiccups as his very sore bottom met the leather surface of his Master's pants. Thankfully the contact didn't last long. His Master stood up. Instinctively trying to find his balance, Heero slung his arms around his Master's neck and wrapped his legs around his Master's waist. He didn't hear murmurs of approval that came from audience.

Duo bowed to the audience, or tried to since he had his slave clinging to him. He smiled affectionately at his slave and turned to the audience, showing his slave's red ass to them. "I think I will need to give him a milk treat to soothe my spoiled Kitten."

That caused most of the Doms to roar in amusement. Heero decided to just bury his head into his Master's shoulder and ignore the rest of the world.

Duo nodded as he took his leave and went down the stairs connecting the stage to the ground.

"Nice work, GoD," Kira greeted them half way down, "I need the microphone back, please."

Duo detached the wireless microphone and gave it to Kira, "Did you enjoy my show?"

Kira grinned widely. "Immensely. You made him torn between wanting your touch and avoiding it at the same time. Most of the Doms like the way your slave still clings to you even after you punished him hard and without him deserving it either."

Duo smiled at the compliment and patted his hiccuping slave's back tenderly. "Can I request something from off the stage?" he asked Kira.

"Depends on your request. What is it?"

"I would like warm milk and a baby bottle sent to my cottage."

"And what you mean by a baby bottle is?"

"The one with the nipple on its end."

Kira grinned. "I think that can be arranged."

"Thank you," Duo grinned back and then returned to his seat.

Unlike the subs, the Doms were given comfortable seats while they watched the competition. Duo brought his slave back to his seat and put Heero down on the pillow in the front of his seat. The pillow was intended for the subs, given to the contestants who had had their turn on the stage. Since the subs were already punished, it wasn't necessary to separate them from their Masters. Heero settled down on the pillow reluctantly. He didn't want to lose his Master's comforting touch. He also didn't want to rest his very sore bottom on any surface, no matter how soft it was.

The short haired slave hissed and squirmed as his hot bottom touched the cool pillow. His cat tail didn't help the matter at this time either. It rubbed the inside of his sore bottom, adding more pain for him. His Master's hand caressed his hair and guided his head to rest on the Dom's lap. Heero followed the guide readily. He shifted to rest on his side so his poor bottom didn't suffer much and focused on the pleasure of his Master petting his hair thorough the rest of contest.



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