Enslaving Heero Part 43
Punishment for Kitten

"Since you already know your mistake, let's cut to the chase, shall we?" Duo said to his slave and gestured to the bed. "On your fours, Kitten."

Having finished removing his boots, Heero obediently went to the bed and positioned himself on it. His heart thumped rapidly as he heard his Master move behind him.

"I know it's not your fault to begin with but you're not supposed to show the claws, Kitten."

Heero felt slightly calmer when he detected the note of wry amusement in his Master's voice. He looked over his shoulder and saw his Master standing behind him. He was swinging a black vibrator absentmindedly. Heero's eyes focused the vibrator. It wasn't very thick nor long but not thin and short either. Having had various vibrators inside him, Heero estimated that this one would fill his passage snugly and its tip would prod his prostrate if his Master thrust it into him correctly. Heero wondered what kind of punishment his Master had in mind that would require a vibrator? Unfortunately, his wondering thought was cut short as his tail was suddenly pulled out. Heero gasped in surprise.

"Remove your clothes, Kitten," Duo ordered.

Heero complied and within seconds he was naked on the bed. His Master then started caressing his back and bottom languidly with his free hand. Having expected something harsher for his punishment, the gentle gesture caught Heero by surprise. He drew a sharp intake of breath then gradually relaxed as his Master continued caressing him.

Heero had to wonder though because this wasn't the usual way his punishment started. Surely his Master hadn't changed his mind and canceled his punishment? While Heero knew Duo was insatiable when it came to sex, from his experience, punishment always came first.

"Since you were provoked by Dai, I've decided to be lenient with your punishment, " Duo answered his slave's silent inquiry.

Lenient? Heero glanced over his shoulder and threw his Master a disbelieving look. He often called his Master a sadist and not without a very good reason. Heero believed his Master and himself had different interpretations of the word 'lenient'.

His Master noticed the look and grinned in a way, which Heero decided was very wicked. That grin didn't bode well for Heero at all.

Duo leant forward and kissed his slave's neck. He then whispered. "Head straight ahead and stay still, Kitten."

Mind full of dread from imagining what kind of 'leniency' Duo had planned for him, Heero fixed his eyes to the front. He could feel his Master's hand still idly caressing his behind. The sea breeze also felt like a caress over his skin, making Heero aware of every inch of his exposed skin. His half-hard cock was now fully hardening, a result of his Master's caress. It didn't help Heero's case any when his Master pushed the vibrator into him with excruciatingly slow speed. His passage was nudged open inch by inch by the vibrator. He could feel the toy slide against his inner channel very slowly which made Heero moan impatiently.

Usually it only took a few seconds for his Master to insert any kind of toy in him. Now, Heero felt that a minute had gone by and the tip of the vibrator had still to touch his prostrate. Having been used to the jolts of pleasure evoked every time his insides were filled, Heero felt frustrated at not feeling the jolts at all. He let out an impatient whine to let his Master know of his predicament.

The sadistic Master predictably just chuckled.

To Heero's consternation, the vibrator was pulled out with the same excruciating slowness as it was pushed in, without prodding his prostate. Heero wiggled slightly in protest, wanting the vibrator to poke him in his sensitive spot, wanting to feel the jolts of pleasure the impact caused.

What he got was a firm slap on his rump.

"I said, stay still, Kitten," his Master told him in stern voice.

Heero made a protesting groan as he stilled and suffered the slow withdrawing of the vibrator. He didn't like the feeling of emptiness, which gradually increased as the vibrator slowly withdrew further. When only half an inch of vibrator was left inside him, his Master reversed the process and started pushing it in again.

At the same slow pace, if not slower.

Heero felt a small amount of pleasure from being filled but at the same time, he felt frustrated with the slowness. He endured it with the anticipation of having the vibrator touch his prostate this time. However, his Master withdrew the vibrator before it touched his sensitive spot again. When he felt the vibrator retreating once again, Heero made another whine to convey his displeasure.

"Now, now, this is your punishment, remember?" Duo said with a drawl.

Comprehension dawned on Heero then. His Master was being lenient by not punishing him with pain but with pleasure. Which of course was not leniency at all in Heero's opinion since he was sure he wasn't allowed to come.

As if reading his mind, his Master spoke up. "I don't need to tell you that you're not allowed to come, do I?"

Heero whimpered as what he had to endure was clear on his mind now.

For the next fifteen minutes, Heero suffered through the extremely awfully slow thrusts of the vibrator. Then, when Heero was beginning to get used to his prostate not getting any stimulation from the vibrator, his Master changed the pace.

One second, Heero was enduring the agonizingly slow withdrawal of the vibrator and the next second, the vibrator was thrust to the hilt inside him. It touched his prostate for less than a second before it was pulled out as quickly as it was pushed in. However, having being abandoned for sometime, the pleasure his prostate elicited from the mere touch was intense. Heero gasped loudly and shuddered as the pleasure coursed all through his body.

His first gasp hadn't finished yet and his Master was thrusting the vibrator in and out of him for the second time. Heero almost choked as another gasp barreled down, hot on the heels of the first gasp. Another jolt of pleasure followed closely behind the first one, making him quiver from having to hold the pleasure at bay. His Master didn't stop at the second thrust either but kept repeating the quick thrusts over and over. Pleasure flew intensely and continuously through his every nerve. He buried his face in the bed, his hands clutched the sheet, his frustration transformed into overwhelming and Heero could do nothing but endure his Master's rapid assault and hope his punishment would be over soon.

By the time his Master paused the thrusting, leaving the vibrator inside him, Heero was a quivering mess on the bed. He had abandoned his original position, not being able to hold his position and orgasm at the same time. Heero had slumped down on the bed, eyes closed, teeth gritted, and body shaking.

He was so close. So very close. Only his strong conditioning and desire of not wanting to disappoint his Master allowed him to hold onto his orgasm. His cock was weeping with precum and his body was so sensitive to the touch.

Adding salt to the wound, his sadistic Master started caressing him again. The touch of his Master's fingers on his sensitive skin was unbearable in his current condition.

Heero whimpered as he felt his hold on his orgasm failing. "Master, please!" he cried out, not caring that he could be punished for speaking without permission. A spanking was preferable than this kind of punishment. Pain he could endure. Have endured it often during the war. Pleasure was another matter. He was very vulnerable to it.

Still whimpering, Heero felt the bed dip in front of him. He lifted his head and opened his eyes. His Master was sitting down in front of him, legs crossed.

"Suck me off and you may come then."

Heero pounced on his Master's groin like a hungry animal seizing its prey. He opened his Master's shorts, pulled down the boxers, and buried his head in his Master's groin, mouth swallowing his Master's hard cock without delay.

Duo inhaled sharply and put his hand on his slave's head, fingers tangled in the messy brown hair.

Heero felt a tug on his hair and wailed inwardly, not wanting to withdraw. He held on and continued sucking his Master. He felt another tug on his hair, harder this time. Heero's desperation for release warred with his conditioning for a few seconds before the later won. Defying his Master was never a good thing and it could result in prolonging his punishment. Still, Heero withdrew his mouth from his Master's cock very reluctantly and let out a protesting whimper.

Fingers clutched in his hair and pulled it back, lifting his face up to his Master's. Heero's heat skipped a beat at the seriousness he found in his Master's violet eyes. The overwhelming pleasure abated slightly as Heero thought frantically. What had he done wrong again?

His Master spoke up before Heero's mind could wonder further. "You may speak. What have you done wrong?"

Heero swallowed before answering, "I lost control of my temper and endangered the mission."

"And yourself," Duo growled.

Heero wanted to bow his head but the fingers on his hair made it impossible to do. He resorted to lowering his eyes. "I'm sorry, Master."

His Master responded by kissing him ferociously. Heero closed his eyes and basked in Duo's possessiveness.

When the kiss ended, Heero was back to where he was before the interruption, on the edge of almost unbearable pleasure. He whimpered and looked pleadingly at his Master.

"To make sure you learn the lesson." His Master reached behind him and did something to the vibrator. Heero gasped as the toy vibrated inside him.

"Master!" Heero cried out desperately, feeling the pleasure rolling like a stormy sea inside him, "Please!"

"Suck me first."

Heero dove forward and took his Master's cock back into his mouth. He put all he had into the job, applying certain pressure on a certain part, which Heero knew would bring his Master off quickly. It only took less than a minute before Heero tasted his Master's come in his mouth. His own orgasm exploded a millisecond after that. So powerful was it that Heero was blinded with its intensity.

When he was able to notice his surroundings again, Heero felt as if every bone in his body had melted. His head rested on his Master's crossed legs, his Master's soft cock was still in his mouth and he lazily sucked it clean. When he was finished, he put it back into his Master's pants. He didn't move away though, still too sated to do anything else. Fingers carded through his hair and stroked it lazily, making Heero hum contentedly.

Unfortunately, all good has to end. The haze of orgasmic pleasure gradually disappeared. When his mind was functioning again, Heero became aware of the vibrator in him. It was still vibrating merrily inside. While his post-orgasmic haze had let him ignore the vibrating effect, now that the haze was gone, Heero started to feel it again. He shifted slightly when pleasure started badgering him again.

Once his punishment was over, his Master usually removed the implement he had used to punish him with. The fact that Duo didn't remove the vibrator, or at least turn it off, made Heero wary. He shifted again and looked up at his Master. What greeted him was the sight of his Master rolling a cock ring in his free hand. The sight instantly tripped Heero's internal alarm.

"Master?" Heero squeaked the question out.

Duo grinned and instead of answering his slave, he fitted the ring to his slave's cock. "Your punishment isn't over yet, Kitten."

The said Kitten whimpered.


Heero tried to be still. He really tried but it seemed he was unsuccessful from the surreptitious glance Wufei had given him. Thank God his Master was deep in conversation with Dorothy and Haakon or he would get another reprimand from the said Master. Well it wasn't his fault that he couldn't sit still! His Master was a sadist. Heero cursed inwardly and shifted again to give his hard, unsatisfied cock a small reprieve. The punishment with the vibrator had left him weak and frustrated. He had lost count of how many times he'd begged his Master to end the punishment. It wasn't long, but his Master prohibited him from coming when he ended it. This last thing was what kept Heero on the edge through dinner and now the after dinner conversation.

As their afternoon conversation had indicated, Dorothy arrived after dinner with Klein. While the Doms sat around the table, their respective subs sat next to them. The Doms started discussing the competition and the welfare of each other while the subs remained silent next to them. Sometimes Dorothy and Duo caressed their slaves idly, a gesture which Haakon soon imitated on her own sub. The discussion had been going on for almost half an hour. While the idle discussion was necessary to throw off anyone who happened to eavesdrop outside their hut, Heero wondered when they were going to start discussing the mission. Five more minutes passed before Dorothy straightened her stance and looked serious.

"Let's get to the heart of matter, shall we?"

Duo, eyes serious as well, nodded. "No one around the hut as far as I can tell. Let's get started."

It was as if his words were the cue to drop the subterfuge. Wufei and Grant straightened and moved away slightly from their Doms. Heero also straightened but he didn't feel the need to move away from Duo. Work situation or not, he was forever Duo's slave. Moreover, he was still suffering from his punishment. Being closer to his Master would at least soothe his pleasure-frayed nerves.

Haakon sighed in relief then and withdrew her hand from Grant's hair. "All I can tell you is that I have made no progress with the sponsors. Grant and I haven't had chance to talk to them for longer than a minute."

Face somber, Grant nodded affirmatively.

"Duo and I have talked to them a bit, especially with Serpent, but he always deflects our attempts to divulge his personal history by ignoring or changing the subject," Dorothy spoke with a scowl. "I think it's easier to pry the information from the subs."

"Except today was a big disadvantage for our subs to do just that," Duo pointed out.

Nobody needed further explanation, especially the subs who hadn't been allowed to talk from the morning.

"Tomorrow maybe different." Haakon looked thoughtful. "I think we need to devise a plot to get the subs, ours and the sponsors' together so they can chat and extract the information we need."

"It will be hard to do since the sponsors themselves don't gather together quite often, " Dorothy said pensively, "but it's a good idea, though I think we should settle on getting one of our subs together with one of the sponsors' subs instead of all of them."

"That would be easier to do, " Grant chirped in. "Now we just need to think of a way to get one of us together with one of the sponsors' subs."

It was Wufei who spoke this time. "That mostly depends on what contest will be held tomorrow, doesn't it?"

"Another catch, " Dorothy scowled. "They like doing things in secrecy too much in my opinion."

Duo snorted in a good humor. "We all do, lady."

"That's beside the point, GoD," Dorothy huffed.

"I have been meaning to ask this," Grant spoke up and looked at Duo seriously. "I have heard about a great Dom called GoD before this mission happened. You are him, aren't you? You really are a Dom?"

Heero noticed that Haakon looked curiously at Duo, but not surprised with Grant's question. It looked like Grant had told Haakon previously.

In answer to the question, Duo tilted his head slightly for a few seconds before nodding. "Yes, I'm really a Dom."

"Why didn't you tell me?!" Grant asked vehemently then looked appalled. "And I assigned you as a sub which was clearly a mistake!"

"Not everyone looks as they seem," Duo pointed out reasonably.

"If it's any consolation," Dorothy joined in with a smirk on her lips. "You assigned Wufei and I correctly. In fact, I have to thank you for that." She turned to her slave and caressed Wufei's cheek adoringly. "You got me a very cute slave."

Wufei's face was a mixture of embarrassment and indignation. "I'm not cute," he said hotly.

Heero, sadly, had to disagree with his Chinese comrade. Wufei in a penguin costume was really a very cute slave. Haakon surprisingly voiced what Heero had thought in his mind, earning her a smile from Dorothy and a glare from Wufei.

Grant, however, was staring at Duo with unmistakable adoration, which of course rubbed Heero the wrong way and made him momentarily forget about his discomfort.

"I think we should return to planning our mission," Heero spoke and felt satisfied when Grant snapped out from his grating worship.

"Yuy is right. We need to develop a plan as Haakon has suggested," said Wufei who was obviously grateful for the change of topic, "If we are allowed to talk tomorrow, we can carry out the plan."

"If not, we will carry it out the next day," Heero continued. "It must be a foolproof plan."

Duo groaned. "Perfect plan, you mean."

Dorothy looked around in amusement. "So, what are we waiting for then? Let's brainstorm."

Duo made a suffering noise. "Boy, I really hope we will still have time to finish by the time we've finished brainstorming this perfect plan."


As it happened, it didn't take a long time for them to formulate a plan. It was a simple plan actually and was already proven effective. They would ask the sponsors to let their subs play a game together, just like Serpent and Kira had this morning. Moreover, they DID sort of promise a rematch so it would be quite easy to persuade them into joining the game. The other thing that they needed to include in the plan was how to prevent outsiders from joining in. It was Wufei who pointed out that fact and reminded them about what had happened with Heero and Dai that morning. At that reminder, Heero couldn't help but shudder, not from the fight but from the punishment he'd gotten.

The Preventers then spent an hour discussing the solution until they were all satisfied. It was twenty past midnight when Duo and Heero saw their guests out of the cottage.

"Finally alone," Duo sighed as he closed the door and locked it.

Heero, who had entered the cottage before Duo, turned to face his Master warily.

Duo grinned and sauntered toward the bedroom. "Don't worry, Kitten. I'm quite worn out. All I want now is a nice bed with my beloved Kitten."

Heero exhaled in relief and followed his Master into the bedroom. He was glad his punishment was over. As he curled up against his Master in the bed, he vowed that he would not let his emotion blind him. He would do his best to be a slave his Master was proud of.


Fate was a bitch, Heero decided the next day as Kira explained about the contest.

"The reason we didn't reveal the details the day before was to make sure that the Doms don't withhold the punishment the subs deserve. We want the Doms to start fresh for today's contest," Kira's voice echoed in the Neptune Dome they were in.

Oh yeah, fate was a bitch, Heero cursed inwardly while his Master looked torn between amusement and pity.

The contest theme this time was punishment.



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