Enslaving Heero Part 42
Third Stage

The morning came too soon to Heero's opinion. He still felt so relaxed and happy from the treat he'd gotten yesterday that he didn't want to move, afraid of dispelling the blissful feeling he had. With half his mind still in dreamland, he was slow in registering that his body was being penetrated. When he did realize it, Heero mewled in protest, not wanting to wake up fully. He could hear his Master chuckle and felt the long haired Dom thrust swiftly to the hilt into him. That woke Heero up completely. He managed to let out a squeak before burying his head in the pillow, holding on as his Master rode him roughly. Noticing the unleashed passion and possessiveness he was being ridden with at the moment, Heero had a premonition that his Master would use him as often as he could today. As much as he loved having his Master inside him, Heero still prayed that his ass would survive the experience.

One hour later after being ridden once again in the shower, Heero was clean and dressed in his Kitten costume once again. He was staring at his Master who had come out of the bathroom in different clothes. Today Duo was wearing a tanktop and black knee-length pants. The tanktop design was very similar to the one Heero used to wear but it was deep purple instead of moss green. The clothes, aided by a pair of beach sandals, gave his Master a completely different image from the usual. Heero could only stare as his Master stopped in front of him and gave him a jovial grin. It was a grin Heero used to see on 'Duo Maxwell the teenage Joker' not 'Duo Maxwell the Master'.

"Master?" Heero asked tentatively, feeling as if he was dealing with a different kind of Duo at the moment.

Duo raised his eyebrows in response and looked amused at the same time. "What, Kitten?"

"Uhm...." The words betrayed him so Heero did only what he could do at the moment. He kept staring.

His Master chuckled knowingly and bent forward to kiss the baffled slave. "I look different in this getup?" Duo asked when they parted for air.

Still speechless, Heero nodded.

Duo chuckled again. "I'm still your Master, Kitten. I just refuse to wear a thick leather costume in this hot weather. Today is Animal day where the Doms are supposed to play with their pets. I want to relax and enjoy playing with my beloved pet. We are on the beach for God's sake. I want to enjoy the sunny beach with my pet and not sweat buckets just to display my Dom image."

Heero blinked at the information. His mind stumbled slightly on the 'beloved' word before it continued processing the rest of his Master's words. He turned his head to the side and looked out through the window. The sun was shining in a clear blue sky, making the sea sparkle. It did look hot outside. Heero glanced down at his leather costume and suddenly felt like sweating. He looked up at his Master. "If you aren't wearing the costume, why should I?"

Duo's grin was positively wicked this time. Heero felt both relieved and worried. Relieved because it was the 'Duo the Master' grin and worried because that grin never bode well for him.

"I could say it's because we have a contest to participate in," Duo's grin got wider. "But the truth is because I like looking at my slave in his costume, Kitten."

Heero wondered if he was allowed to scowl. It was not fair that he still had to wear the costume. True, the costume barely covered his body but the boots were a different matter. He wanted to wear sandals like his Master was.

Somehow, his face must have shown his displeasure because his Master tapped his nose. "Don't sulk, Kitten."

"I'm not sulking," Heero protested.

"Good." Heero felt his chin grabbed and his Master's face turned serious. "I want you in deep submission today. You are not to utter any words. Hiss or mew if you need to express your feelings. You will walk slightly behind me and get on your fours whenever I stop. Today, you are truly a pet; a kitten and you will act like one. Understand?"

Heero nodded then hesitated before asking. "What if I need to tell you something about the mission, Master?"

Duo looked thoughtful for a few seconds. "You do what a cat usually does. You mew and rub my leg if I'm standing or jump into my lap if I'm sitting. I'll draw your head near my ear so you can whisper the words to me."

Heero nodded.

"Any other questions?" Duo asked him.

Heero shook his head. He then lowered his body to his fours, falling into deep submission and looked up at his Master. A blinding smile was his reward as his Master knelt in front of him and ruffled his hair.

"My beautiful Kitten," Duo murmured fondly. He kissed his slave passionately before standing up and smiled down at his pet. "C'mon, let's have a breakfast then we can play on the beach."

Heero followed after his Master. He felt happy and vowed to be on his best behavior. He would like to get such blinding smiles and loving expressions again from his Master.


Heero pressed his lips shut. His body shook as he tried hard not to snicker. He was in deep submission mode. He was a kitten! And a kitten didn't snicker. But the sight of Wufei standing next to Dorothy in his animal costume made it very difficult to hold back his snicker.

Wufei was clad in one piece of silk clothing. The style was similar to those of the ancient Chinese robe. Long wide sleeves and ankle length robe, split behind to allow easier movement. There was no waistband but it wasn't necessary to accentuate his narrow waist. The robe had obviously been tailored especially for Wufei and the silk texture helped the robe in molding to his figure in all the correct places. If it had been merely the shape of the garment, Heero would never have figured out what animal Wufei was supposed to be. It was the color, which gave Wufei away. The sleeves were black and so was the back of the robe. It was the opposite to Wufei's front, which was white. Wufei's unbound, raven hair reached his shoulders, making his head and the back of his robe appear to be one black surface. Finished with an orange neckline and black, soft looking boots, Heero had no doubt now what animal Wufei was.

A penguin.

There were two extended black triangle pieces, each one extended from Wufei's front, outside sleeves. They covered Wufei's palms so if he was to stand with his arms at his side, his hands were totally hidden beneath what looked like penguin's flippers.

Wufei the Penguin.

Heero felt laughter bubble up inside him. He quickly swallowed and bowed down, trying to think something that would take his mind off an image of Wufei waddling through snow colored sand.

Duo, his lucky Master, didn't have the same reservation. The long haired Dom howled in mirth a second after they arrived at the beach and saw Dorothy relaxing with her slave near her. Heero glanced up and saw Wufei glaring at his Master. At first he wondered why the Chinese Preventer didn't say anything or at least rant at Duo, but then he realized that Wufei was also in deep submission mode; as was he. If Dorothy had put a beak on Wufei, Heero was sure that Wufei would have used it to peck Heero's Master.

"Nice costume your slave has there, Lady." Duo said after his laughter ebbed. He tugged at the beach towel Heero had carried as per his order. "Mind if we join you here?"

Dorothy smiled at the long haired Dom in greeting. She was reclining on her own beach towel and clad in a white bikini swimsuit. "Be my guest. As much as I like Drake in his Dragon costume, I can't enjoy a dragon pet on a beach like this." Her eyes shot to her slave and she grinned widely. "This current costume is much better and suits this occasion. It also symbolizes a servant at the same time."

"Very clever," Duo grinned in return. He threw his beach towel next to Dorothy and sat down on it.

"Aren't I always?" Dorothy winked then waved to Wufei. "Put the sunblock cream on me, Drake."

Heero knelt down next to his Master and watched Wufei tend to his Mistress. The Chinese Preventer's costume was made from thin silk so Wufei wouldn't feel hot in this kind of weather. It was so thin that Heero could vaguely see Wufei's nipples beneath the silk. Heero might have found it funny to see their fellow ex Gundam pilot in this costume but he was also aware that to anyone else, Wufei still looked exotic.


Heero turned his head to look at his Master. Duo had sat up and spread his legs. He patted the space between his legs meaningfully. "Come here, I want to play with my pet."

Heero caught Wufei's curious glance as he settled between his Master's open legs. So it seemed he wasn't the only one who was curious of how his fellow Preventer interacted with their respective Dom.

Duo put one hand on his slave's head, guiding it to rest on his right thigh and used the other hand to rearrange Heero's body to his liking. Heero ended up curled on his side, facing his Master. The position enabled his Master to touch whatever body part he wanted. His back was to Wufei and Dorothy so he couldn't see the Chinese sub's expression when Duo started petting him. Heero wiggled as his Master's hands roamed over his torso. He mewled softly at the sensual touches and swung his tail back and forth, acting like the cat he was supposed to be.

"Nice tail," Dorothy commented to Duo. "Does your pet have the control in moving it or do you control its movement by remote?"

"It's his tail." Duo's voice was full of amusement. "He moves it with his own will. You see the rapid swings it makes? That means he's horny."

"Really?" Dorothy's laughter rang behind him. Heero couldn't help but blush at his Master's blatant explanation. Why couldn't Duo have said he was happy instead of horny? Heero wanted to say, but since he was in deep submission mode, he settled for glaring up at his Master. The said Master grinned down in response, unabashed. Annoyed, Heero relaxed the muscle around his tail then squeezed hard, feeling satisfied when his tail hit Duo's lower leg.

"And that indicates that he was displeased with me." Duo stated, amusement was obvious in his tone. His fore fingers slipped into his slave's nipple rings and tugged the pierced flesh playfully.

Heero moaned in pleasure, annoyance forgotten as his Master played with his nipples.

"Very nice tail." Dorothy chuckled. "Can you make one for my Drake as well?"

Heero vaguely heard Wufei choke in response.

Duo replied, still amused, "What makes you think I created it?"

"Come on, GoD," Dorothy scorned playfully. "I would know about such a toy if it's sold in the stores. I also know you're a talented mechanic. It wouldn't be hard for you to construct such an appendage."

Duo chuckled and ceased his torment of his pet's nipples. He put one hand behind him while the other caressed his slave's hair. "Dragons don't have tails like my pet does and neither does a penguin."

"I can always turn him into a dog," Dorothy countered. "Stop stalling, will you make one for Drake or not?"

"I'll think about it," Duo said then continued in a low tone. "Serpent is coming."

From his position, Heero could see the contest's sponsor approaching them. The Dom was clad in black. He was wearing a short-sleeved silk shirt with the three top buttons undone and cotton trousers. Brat was right behind the raven haired Dom. His animal costume consisted of one piece of black spandex, which hugged his body from neck to fingers and toes. A black tail, which was similar to Heero's, swung behind the green eyed slave as he followed his Master. As he came closer, Heero could make out a pair of small black, catlike ears protruding from the boy's messy hair.

Souver stopped once he was close enough and addressed Dorothy and Duo. "Are you having a good time here?"

"Of course, it's a lovely place." Dorothy answered. "Would you like to join us?"

"I'll be glad to." Souver put down a small mat and sat down on it.

"Nice costume your slave has there, Serpent." Duo commented.

"Yours too," Souver returned.

"I thought sponsors didn't join in the contest," Dorothy spoke up.

"We don't, but we decided to follow the contest theme though," Souver explained. "Mainly to show off our slaves and their fabulous costumes."

Duo grinned back while Dorothy chuckled in understanding.

While the Doms conversed, Heero watched Brat kneel down next to Souver. His movement was as graceful as the panther his costume indicated. Brat caught Heero's eyes and smiled at him. Heero awkwardly smiled back. He wasn't used to smiling at anyone other than his Master. Thankfully Brat didn't seem offended with his vague response. The black haired sub leaned his head against Souver's leg and nuzzled it. Souver's hand came down and caressed Brat's hair while the Dom kept talking with Duo and Dorothy.

Although Souver looked like a mean Master, Heero liked watching him and Brat. They were a fine pair of Master and slave. He hoped Souver wasn't the Snake they were looking for. His behavior toward his slave didn't suit the profile of the Snake he had constructed while reading Ross' interrogation report. He had concluded that Snake was not a kind Master, judging from Ross' violent and terrified response. If Souver were Snake, Heero didn't think he would treat Brat as tender he was now.

"Serpent!" The shout came from Dorothy's direction whom Heero's back was turned to so he couldn't see who had called the raven haired Dom. He heard two pairs of feet shuffling through the sand though.

Souver's head turned toward the voice and he waved slightly. "Good morning, Kira."

Septus, another one of the contest sponsors. Heero was pleased. This could be a good chance for them to extract information from the two sponsors without them knowing.

Heero heard Duo and Dorothy greet Septus. He tried to turn his head to see Septus and his slave but it was difficult with Duo's hand petting his hair. In the end, he stayed where he was.

"I brought a beach ball with me," Septus spoke. "I wonder if you will allow your pets to play with mine."

"That's a wonderful idea." Dorothy replied. "Drake, you play."

"Hmm four sexy pets chasing a ball. It would be a nice show, I'm sure." Duo tapped Heero's nose. "Go join Drake and Storm, Kitten."

Souver also gave a similar order to Brat while Heero straightened and turned his head to see Septus and Storm. Septus wore a pair of knee length beach trousers and nothing else. His bare chest was firm and he had a fine washboard stomach. Septus was representing a wolf, what with the light gray furred costume and a wolf head covering the top of her head there was no mistaking her creature.

"Remember, play with the ball like the pet you are," Septus addressed all the pets then gave the ball to his own slave. "Here, play nice."

Storm smirked, licked Septus on the nose, and took the ball. She walked about a meter from where the Doms were gathered then stopped. She knelt on her fours and cocked her head slightly, obviously waiting for the other pets. Heero and the others went to join her. Brat and he had to crawl as they were four legged mammals. Wufei, lucky penguin he was, was walking on his feet. The Chinese slave even dared to smirk at him, causing Heero to send a death glare at him.

When the other slaves arrived near her, Storm lifted the ball and threw it to Brat. The ball was made from plastic and filled with air. It was twice the size of a volley ball but was much lighter. Brat butted the ball with his head and sent the ball in Heero's direction. Heero had to move a few feet to the left to receive the ball. It was slightly difficult to do since he had to crawl instead of walk, but he made it in time to send the ball towards Wufei.

Wufei, the lucky bastard, merely raised his hands and pushed the ball back to Storm. Heero glared at his Chinese comrade and was startled when Storm sent the ball toward him this time instead of Brat. He scrambled toward the ball and hit the ball with his head in Brat's direction. In his haste, he didn't check his strength and ended up sending the ball higher than he'd intended. Brat would have to run fast if he wanted to catch the ball, but to Heero's surprise, Brat jumped and swiped the ball with his hand. It headed directly toward Wufei who was just as surprised as Heero and reacted too late. The ball hit his face straight on.

Laughter rang from where the Doms were sitting. Heero looked in their direction. "Score one for Brat," Septus shouted. He was laughing while Dorothy was pouting. Souver directed a pleased smile at Brat who straightened in victory. Heero turned to look at Duo. His Master waved at him and shouted. "Fight, Kitten."

Heero nodded and turned his attention back to the other slaves. He would fight and make his Master proud. He needed to find a different way to drive the ball other than using his head. Well, he could imitate Brat for a start. The green eyed slave obviously had played this game before. And if a panther could use a hand to swipe the ball, a cat could too. After all, they were from the same family. Heero calculated what sorts of movements he could do which still fell into cat's behaviors.

Meanwhile Wufei had retrieved the ball and tossed it to Storm. When Storm sent it to Heero, he was ready. He butted it slowly toward Brat. He saw Brat grin and easily deflect the ball, sending it to Wufei. This time the Chinese slave was ready. He smacked the ball toward Storm. The female slave was ready for the attack though and she butted it to Heero. Quickly, Heero lifted his upper body and swiped the ball with his hand, sending it rapidly back toward Storm, who didn't expect the attack. The ball bounced off Storm's head and slid down the beach behind her.

"Score one for Kitten." Septus shouted, this time a little peeved.

Heero heard Duo's cheer. He turned his head and saw Duo beam proudly at him. Pleased at his Master's _expression, Heero turned back to the play. He noticed Brat's wink and smiled slightly. Wufei had that competitive look on his face. When Storm returned with the ball, face serious, Heero knew the game has escalated into a battle. A battle which each slave was eager to win to please their respective Master.


"I bet ten credits my Storm will win."

"In case you haven't noticed yet, Kira, your Storm has the lowest score." Souver snorted. "Fifteen credits for my Brat."

"Hey, she is just making allowances for the beginners," Septus retorted.

"Who are you calling beginners? My Kitten has claws, gentlemen." Duo piped up. "I'll wager twenty credits for my Kitten."

"Twenty for my Drake as well." Dorothy joined in.

"Good, may the best slave win." Septus grinned mischievously and shouted to his slave. " Stormy, be real serious now."

The female slave responded to the order by somersaulting and throwing a fast volley to Heero. Surprised by the sudden change of attack, Heero reacted instinctively. He moved aside and dodged the ball, causing it to bounce off the sand and roll further away. He could hear Septus' groan and Duo's encouraging yell as he chased the ball. The Japanese slave almost reached the ball when someone abruptly cut into his path, seized the ball, and ran away with it.

Angry yells could be heard from the enraged Doms as their little wager was interrupted. Heero was taken aback at the unexpected turn of events but he quickly got a hold of himself and gave chase to the ball thief. It was obviously a male sub judging from the doggy costume he was wearing. As the sub glanced behind, Heero caught a glimpse of the sub's smirking face. He snarled as he recognized the face and sped up.

Of course, only stupid people would dare to cross the sponsors and Dai was definitely one. The cheating sub was fast and ordinary people would have had difficulty catching up to him but he wasn't a match for a trained soldier like Heero. In a few seconds, Heero was only a few feet away from Dai. Heero spared a second to wonder why the hell B.B didn't control his sub before he jumped forward and tackled Dai to the ground.

Dai didn't give up straight away. The irksome sub struggled and kicked out blindly. Of course, Heero being Heero could easily avoid the attack. He sat down on Dai's legs, restraining both appendages and effortlessly plucked the ball from Dai's hands.

Dai snarled and with his now free hand, scooped the sand and threw it to Heero's face. It was a good thing that Heero had a fast reflex. He shut his eyes right on time and felt the sand hit his face. There were more yells and curses from the Doms, the loudest one Heero was sure being his Master's. He shook his head to throw the sand away and crack one eye open. He saw Wufei, Brat, and Storm approaching him with the Doms several feet behind them. Wanting to use his hands to subdue Dai, Heero threw the ball toward his fellow slaves.

Dai, being someone who fought dirty, threw another handful of sand at Heero. Heero closed his eyes just in time but most of the sand hit his mouth, which wasn't closed completely. It caused him to splutter and cough, trying to get the sand out of his mouth. It was the last straw for the Japanese slave. Heero snarled and without a second thought, fisted his right hand in a certain way, which brought his claws out of the glove. He swung his hand toward Dai's face and heard Dai yell. Four red strips appeared on the dog boy's left cheek.

Dai tried to escape but Heero hissed loudly and brought his claws out threateningly. Dai quickly quieted and stopped struggling. And much to Heero's consternation, the cowardly boy started sniffling and shuddering.

Heero only had a few seconds to feel both satisfied and disgusted before he heard Duo's furious shout.


Heero looked at his Master. Duo was glaring at his claws and Heero quickly realized his error. The claws were one of his costume's hidden weapons. He wasn't supposed to show them, never mind using them, unless it was necessary for the mission. Heero hurriedly sheathed the claws though he knew the damage was done.

The Doms had reached Heero and Dai and stood around them. Septus looked at Dai's face and whistled. "When you say your Kitten has claws, GoD, I didn't think you meant it literally, you know."

"He doesn't, unless he is provoked," Duo growled in response. "I won't let someone find my slave helpless."

"I agree," Souver murmured and glanced as his own slave, "The claws are a good idea. I may equip my Brat with them as well."

Though Duo had managed to explain about his having claws and contain the damage, Heero could see the promise of punishment in his Master's violet eyes and winced inwardly. When Duo snapped his fingers and pointed at the sand next to him, Heero hurriedly left the still sniffling Dai and knelt next to his Master. He wasn't going to protest about the punishment. He knew he had lost control and could have ruined the mission.

"Cease your sniffling, boy!" Souver snapped at Dai. The black haired Dom was furious. With his eyebrows furrowed and his mouth curled down, Souver looked like every inch of a mean Master.

Dai stopped sniffling at once.

"Why did you steal the ball?" The black haired Dom asked.

"I'm not stealing it." Dai protested weakly. "I just wanted to join in the game."

What a load of bullshit, Heero wanted to say but since he wasn't allowed to talk, Heero hissed instead.

His Master's fingers ran through his hair and stroked his head as his Master sighed. "I think he is jealous. He was my sub for a day before I had Kitten here."

"Jealous or not, as a sub, you should know better than to go interrupting other people's games without permission." Septus prodded Dai's with his toes. He glared down at the cowering boy then looked at Duo and Dorothy. "I'm sorry that our game is ruined. I think Serpent and I are going to have a talk with the boy's Master."

"His Master is B.B." Duo told the blonde Dom. "They are staying in the cottage next to ours."

"B.B." Souver repeated the name then barked at Dai. "Stand up!"

Already cowed, Dai stood up hurriedly.

"You'll take us to your Master," Souver told him. The raven haired Dom then turned to Dorothy and Duo. "I hope we will find another time for a rematch."

"So do we." Dorothy spoke while Duo nodded his agreement.

"Let's go then." Septus pushed Dai forward and followed the boy, Storm right behind him with the beach ball in her hands.

Souver nodded his goodbye and followed Septus. Brat was about to follow his Master when he hesitated. To Heero's surprise, the green eyed sub knelt down in front of him and gave him a lick on the right cheek. Heero was stunned at Brat's action and stared at him with wide eyes. Brat just grinned and turned around, running after his Master.

Heero watched the departure in bewilderment, still not comprehending what had just happened.

"It looks like your slave has made a friend, GoD." Dorothy chuckled.

Duo just snorted.

Dorothy's voice turned into serious whisper and Heero knew she was talking about the mission. "This is an advantage, you know. Kitten can..."

"Kitten is mine," Duo interrupted in a final tone while Heero felt his Master's fingers tighten in his hair possessively, "I won't use him to seduce..."

"Oh please." Dorothy rolled her eyes. "You're too possessive. Friends, GoD. Just as a friend to friend. If you haven't noticed, Brat and Serpent are as exclusive as you two."

"I have noticed." Duo said grudgingly.

"Jealous bastard." Dorothy sighed pretentiously. "Well, think about it. I've have enough sunbathing for now. It's time for lunch anyway. I'll see you at the stage." She gathered her towel and headed back toward her cottage, Wufei trailing along closely behind her.

Duo stood there for a few minutes longer, looking thoughtful. He then sighed and looked down at his slave. "Right, lunch. I think we shall do the same."

Heero felt the fingers removed from his hair. They grabbed his chin and lifted his face up. "You realize that you are to be punished for using your claws, don't you?"

Heero nodded and tried to convey his remorse with his eyes.

"I know you are sorry. Dai can be irritating but I never thought you would lose control." Duo smiled slightly. "Unfortunately, we don't have time to deal with your punishment at the moment. We need to attend the contest after lunch so your punishment will have to be postponed until tonight." The long haired Dom collected his beach towel and headed toward the cottage. Heero followed him.

His regret at failing his Master was slightly soothed at the slight smile Duo sent to him.


"Here come Juno and her pet." The presenter announced. Heero watched as Haakon and Grant walked up onto the stage. After lunch, they had headed toward the stage. Septus had greeted them and explained that the sequence of contestants' appearance would be in random order, generated by computer.

Heero found out that Duo and he got the seventh place, after Haakon's and Grant's. He and his Master were waiting for their turn behind the stage. Dorothy and Wufei got the fourth place from behind so they were sitting in front of the stage with the rest of the audience, watching the other Doms parading their pets first until their turn came up.

Heero watched Haakon walk Grant around the stage which was in T shape like the one usually used in fashion shows. Grant was garbed in a tiger costume and walked behind his Mistress on his fours. Haakon stopped in the middle of the stage and Grant stopped beside her. She made a certain gesture with her fingers. Grant straightened at the gesture and lifted his head up slightly. Heero was wondering what the gesture was when Grant let out a loud roar, very similar to a tiger's roar. Haakon made another gesture. Grant responded by curling in front of his Mistress like a tiger taking a nap. Heero understood then that Haakon was trying to show that Grant was a dangerous pet to everyone but her.

"Hmm, not bad." Duo murmured. He smiled at Haakon as she and Grant returned to the back of the stage.

"Next are GoD and his pet," the presenter announced.

"Our turn, Kitten." Duo smiled and stroked his slave's head before going on to the stage.

Heero crawled after his Master. Duo had laid out what he would do on the stage and how Heero should behave. He was a bit nervous being the focus of attention. As a soldier, he was taught to blend in. People's attention could have been a danger to him when he was on a mission. Usually he was so focused on his Master that he only vaguely noticed he was drawing people's attention. At the present time however, being up on the stage like this, Heero was very aware of the many eyes on him. He felt anxious and wanted nothing more than to leave the stage.

Of course, he couldn't leave the stage. He had failed his Master once today, he wasn't going to fail him a second time. Heero strengthened his resolve. His head held high, he focused his eyes on his Master. Duo stopped in the center of the stage and turned towards the audience. He held his right hand slightly apart from his waist and positioned his palm downward. Heero quickly settled on the right side of his Master and nuzzled his palm.

Duo caressed his slave's head and addressed the audience. "My Kitten here is very smart, you know."

There were some snorts from the audience.

"You don't believe me?" Duo raised his eyebrows and looked down at his pet. "What does one plus one equal, Kitten?"

Heero answered by waving his tail twice. Fascinated murmurs arose at Heero's display.

Duo grinned. "Good Kitten. Now, four minus one equals...?"

Heero waved his tail thrice. The audience made some more noises and Heero suspected they were curious as to the nature of his tail.

"Smart Kitten, isn't he?" Duo spoke again, eyes still on his slave. "He is also very adorable." He caressed Heero's cat ears, which automatically triggered the butt plug's vibration inside the Japanese slave.

Heero mewled and nuzzled his Master's hand. His hard cock was confined in his shorts but their tightness made Heero's state obvious to the audience.

Duo ruffled Heero's hair fondly then straightened. Feeling deprived of his Master's touch, Heero leant forward and rested his head on Duo's thigh. He then nuzzled it slightly. Meanwhile, his Master turned back to the audience.

"And I will say this just once, he is not for sale. Not now and not ever." The long haired Dom's voice was unyielding and final. "He is mine."

Heero hummed contentedly at his Master's possessive tone and burrowed his face in his Master's thigh. He could feel his Master caress his hair then give a slight pressure. Knowing what the gesture meant, Heero reluctantly moved away.

His Master turned around without another word to the audience and headed back stage. Heero followed his Master on his fours, feeling every set of eyes of the audience on him and his Master.


"You may walk on your feet, Kitten," Duo said as soon as they were safely behind the stage.

Heero straightened to his feet and waved his tail to convey his gratitude.

His Master smiled at the gesture and pulled him into a kiss. Heero melted at once and opened his mouth, welcoming his Master inside. He could feel his Master's slick tongue roaming around his mouth. Heero's tongue responded to his Master's, but not fighting for dominance.

"Ah, such a lovely couple."

Heero could feel Duo tense at the comment. He only needed a second to identify the voice. Once his Master's tongue withdrew, Heero turned his head toward the voice to confirm his deduction.

It was definitely Raoul. Wind, garbed in a fox costume, was kneeling next to him with his head bowed.

"Bronze." Duo greeted the sponsor.

"Sorry to interrupt you, GoD," Raoul spoke. "Kira and Serpent asked me to tell you and Lady S/M that a certain sub has been dealt with. I hope you don't mind if I relay their message. They are rather occupied with the preparation for the next stage."

"Not at all." Duo replied "I'm very pleased with the service of the contest. It's very professional and satisfying."

"It's our aim to please every contestant." Raoul inclined his head. "I'm very much disappointed that I couldn't join the ball game this morning. I would like to see your Kitten in action, not just hear about it from Kira and Serpent."

"I'm afraid it won't happen again. My Kitten only uses his claws when he feels someone does something unpleasant." Duo glanced down at Wind. "And I'm sure your sub won't be like Dai."

"Of course not, Wind is a prime model of how a sub is supposed to behave." Raoul looked affronted at the mention his sub was doing something improper. Heero very much wanted to cry out how badly behaved Wind had been when he was talking with Heero yesterday. Heero stayed silent though, knowing it wasn't his place to say such a thing, not to mention he wasn't allowed to speak.

"That's why I'm afraid you won't see my Kitten in action." Duo said in placatory.

Raoul was mollified with the answer. He then excused himself and went to supervise the contest.

Heero followed his Master who headed toward where Dorothy and Wufei were sitting. Well, Dorothy was sitting while Wufei knelt next to the blonde Mistress. Duo sat in the empty seat on the other side of Dorothy. Heero knelt in the space between his Master's seat and Dorothy's.

"Nice show." Dorothy grinned. "I really want the kind of tail your Kitten has, GoD."

"Why don't you come to my cottage tonight to discuss it then?" Duo asked.

"Superb!" Dorothy exclaimed happily. "Do you mind if I invite Juno as well? She has been wondering about the tail also."

Heero was immediately attentive, realizing that his tail wasn't the only thing, which would be discussed tonight. A glance to Wufei told him that Wufei was also aware of the fact, judging from his stiff posture.

"Not at all. You ladies are welcome to join me in my cottage after dinner," Duo smiled welcomingly.

"We will be there." Dorothy smiled back.

After the conversation, Duo and Dorothy fell into comfortable silence as they watched the contest progress. It wasn't long before the time came for Dorothy and Wufei's turn. The blonde Dom excused herself and Wufei, and went to the back of the stage for preparation.

A few minutes later, Heero heard the presenter announced Dorothy and her pet, Drake. He then watched as Dorothy walked around the stage with Wufei following behind her like the good penguin he was. Heero could feel a slight smile on his face as he noticed Wufei's cheeks were slightly pink. The Chinese slave was clearly embarrassed but stayed true in his role.

When all the contestants had had their turn on the stage, Raoul emerged and addressed the audience. "I hope you enjoyed the show today. We are certainly pleased to see the various type of pets paraded on stage. Though I will end the parade now, please note that the juries are still judging you and your pets until this evening," Raoul paused to take a breath "We will meet on the second floor of Neptune Doom at 1 PM tomorrow for the next stage. There's no preparation needed for this stage. We will explain the details tomorrow."

Heero blinked at the announcement. So in other words, the next stage would be a surprise stage. Since this was the first contest he'd ever attended, he couldn't guess what the surprise would be. His Master might have some ideas but Heero couldn't ask him now. He would have to wait until he was allowed to talk again to ask Duo's opinion.

"Time to go, Kitten." Duo stood up. "I'm afraid we will have busy night."

Busy night? Heero frowned. True they would have the discussion with other Preventers but what else would make them busy?.... Oh yeah, punishment. Heero's heart sank as he remembered it. Heero doubted that he would remember to ask questions about the next stage of the contest by the time his Master was finished administering the punishment.

Busy night indeed.



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