Enslaving Heero Part 41
A Reward

Of course when his Master said he would be rewarded tonight, it would be tonight and not this afternoon. Heero grumbled and moaned, while at the same time he shifted his hands on the wall for balance as his Master pounded into him from behind. Duo had carried him from the stadium to the nearest washroom, still in the same building. At first Heero thought it was so he could put on his clothes, which Duo had brought along with him, in private. However, that thought was quickly proven wrong when his Master had carried him into the biggest stall in the washroom, put him down on his own feet and turned him around to face the wall. Heero only had a few seconds to comprehend his Master's intention before he felt his Master slide inside him.

Heero's eyes widened as he was impaled to the hilt and he hurriedly put his hands on the wall before him. His action saved his face from colliding with the wall as his Master started his frenzied thrusting.

"You may not come," Duo grunted out and held his slave's hips, pulling Heero backward as he thrust forward.

Heero gasped at the swift penetration and spread his legs wider to find his balance. Of course it also allowed his Master deeper penetration which seemed to delight the long haired Dom, judging from the hard thrusting and kisses and nips to his back.

Having gotten used to being dominated like this, Heero just held on for the ride and waited for his Master finish using him. He savored the feeling of his Master's flesh sliding within him and the kisses delivered to his back. He had a feeling that it wouldn't take long and was proven right when a few thrusts later, his Master erupted inside him. Heero sighed at the warmth flooding his passage and sighed again when he felt his Master's chest rest against his back. The harsh panting sounded so close to his ear as Duo rested his chin on his shoulder. Warm breath brushed his cheek, followed by slow and light kisses on his earlobe.

"I didn't plan to do this," his Master whispered between his kisses. "Your trust in me is overwhelming. You let me treat and use you as I see fit and show complete surrender." Duo nipped hard on his slave's earlobe. "That complete trust and surrender make you irresistible. I have to have you."

Heero gasped as his Master thrust his hips forward to make his point and also to keep them joined.

"My willing slave," Duo said possessively as he lifted his hand and grabbed his slave's chin, turning Heero's face toward his. "Mine only. Mine."

Heero felt his Master's lips come down and seal to his. He moaned at the crushing kiss, savoring his Master's domination over him. When a tongue pushed impatiently against his lips, Heero quickly opened his mouth and let it roam inside. His own tongue didn't stay passive. It wormed and danced along his Master's tongue, responding to the teasing. So deep was he in the kiss that it took him a while to realize that the softening shaft inside him had hardened again. He moaned into Duo's mouth when he felt his Master's cock start rocking inside him. This time, it moved slowly and lazily as if it enjoyed its sliding inside Heero.

His Master's hands came around and played with his nipple rings. The arms tightened around him and kept his body in touch with his Master's as the long haired Dom took his time in using his slave. Heero panted as his nipples were tugged and pinched, giving him more pleasure. His cock was hard and weeping for release which would not happen in the near future.

Tonight, Heero promised silently to his poor cock. Tonight.

It was Heero's silent litany as he struggled to keep his orgasm at bay. The long haired Dom kept the slow and lazy pace for some minutes before he thrust in to the hilt and growled his orgasm into his slave's mouth.

Heero swallowed the groan and moved his tongue slowly in rhythm with his Master's tongue's lazy strokes. He felt his Master's seed fill him for the second time and sighed in delight at having more of his Master inside him.

It was with great reluctance that he let his Master end the kiss and he mewled in protest when he felt the softening flesh inside him also withdrawing. He thrust his hips backward and tightened his passage, wanting to keep his Master inside. But what he got was an affectionate slap on the side of his ass.

"I would like to stay inside you, Kitten but we don't have time for that," Duo chuckled and pulled out of his slave completely. "The sponsors have arranged a big lunch feast for all the contestants. It will be served in fifteen minutes."

Heero got another affectionate slap on his ass before his Master slid the cat tail into his passage. Heero relished having something filling him again and the knowledge that his Master's seed was now sealed inside him. He then straightened, accepted his clothes from his Master and put them on. Once the vest and pants were back on him, Heero looked up and met his Master's violet eyes.

"Perfect." Duo murmured possessively and bestowed one more long and passionate kiss before he turned around and walked out of the stall; his willing and happy slave followed him proudly at his heel.


The lunch was served in what was once the ceremony room. It now had round tables with white expensive covers on them scattered around it. Each table had six elegant seats around it and a pillow next to each seat for the subs. Heero happily settled on his pillow, relieved that he got a soft surface to rest his poor bottom on. Dorothy and Haakon were already seated at the table, their subs sitting beside them respectively, and as luck would have it, one of their suspects, Souver, joined their table with his Brat in tow. It was the perfect setting to pump information from the black haired sponsor. Heero's good mood evaporated within seconds though when he saw B.B join the table. The big Dom sat across from Duo and his good for nothing sub dared to glare at Heero before settling down. Heero mentally listed one hundred and one ways to silence the irritating sub whilst the meal was served to the table. Lord X joined their table a few seconds later.

The conversation above him was light, but Heero listened carefully for any information that could shed light on their mission. His mood was lightened a bit when Duo started feeding him. Heero sucked and licked eagerly on the fingers that fed him and got cuffed gently. Confused, Heero looked up at his Master's amused face.

"Do you want me to use you on this very table?"

Heero only needed one second to comprehend his Master's meaning. His eyes automatically fell to his Master's groin. He realized then that he had unconsciously aroused his Master with his innocent tongue play. Mortified, Heero quickly shook his head. Souver, who sat next to Duo with Heero sitting between them, chuckled. It was obvious that he had heard Duo's remark.

"That's quite innocent sub that you have, GoD."

"He is my slave," Duo grinned at Souver. "And he was indeed innocent until I had my wicked way with him."

Heero felt heat creep up his cheeks at the subtle reference to his virginity and the fact that it was discussed publicly.

Souver raised one eyebrow. "Is that so? My Brat here was also pure when I found him."

Heero glanced to see Souver's slave's reaction and saw the red tinges on Brat's cheeks. The green eyed boy noticed Heero's glance and sent him a resigned smile. Heero sympathized with him and nodded slightly. It wasn't a surprise to see that the Doms compared their accomplishments with one another. The slaves shared a moment of understanding before Souver started telling Duo about how delicious his slave was when he took him for the first time. Brat's face flushed rapidly and without warning, he bit down on his Master's thigh. Souver let out a gasp while Heero stared at the green eyed slave, amazed that the slave had dared to do that.

"If you will excuse me." The black haired Dom stood up, face betraying nothing of what he was thinking and feeling at the moment, "I need to discipline my slave." Without waiting for a response, Souver left the table. Brat quickly followed his Master but not before he grinned and waved subtly to Heero.

Heero watched the Master and slave's departure in awe. He'd never thought a slave would be so daring to do what Brat did without thinking of the consequences. The green eyed slave even didn't look upset at the mention of discipline. Heero had a glimpse of why the slave was called Brat. He was daring and not afraid of consequences. Then again, if Brat was a masochist, the discipline would probably please him. The conversation on the table continued on and the Doms talked about the second stage.

Heero found out to his delight that Dai had only lasted ten minutes into the bondage before he'd started panicking at the thought that he had been raised to the ceiling and broke down in tears. Grant lasted five minutes longer than Dai, while Wufei managed to last for about forty minutes before he started thrashing in his bondage. Heero also found out that he was right about the time limit. There had been a one hour time limit for the bondage and only a few subs had managed to last until the time was up, himself included.

Heero noted by thrashing out before time, Wufei had demonstrated that he still hadn't managed to trust Dorothy completely. Heero could sympathize with him. He himself had almost freaked out five minutes into the bondage. If not because he trusted Duo implicitly, he would have lasted even shorter than Dai had done. Wufei, understandably, was very new to this situation. The Chinese boy would need more time in his servitude before he could surrender himself completely to someone else.

When the meal was finished and the tables cleared, Septus stepped up on the podium and cleared his throat. "I hope you all enjoyed the meal. We strive to provide the best of service for you all here." Septus waited for the positive murmurs to cease before continuing. "Now, I would like to inform you that unlike the first stage, all the contestants can participate in the stages afterwards, the final stage included. We will decide the winner from the points collected during the various stages. This lunch concludes the second stage. You are free to do anything you wish for the rest of the day."

Septus paused for breath and grinned slyly. "Of course you may want to prepare for the third stage which will be held tomorrow from sunrise until sunset."

His announcement raised murmurs amongst the contestants, but this time Souver ignored them and continued on.

"The theme for tomorrow is Pet Day. The subs are required to dress as an animal and behave as such. The juries will walk around and give points based on how authentic the subs behave as a pet to their Doms. We will meet again on the beach tomorrow, after lunch, where a stage will be erected. Each contestant will show off their pet on the stage and have the opportunity to score more points from the juries."

Souver took another breath. "As Bronze said in the beginning, we will provide all equipment for the contest. We have prepared various animal costumes of the best quality for this stage. You only have to write down what you require for the costume in detail, along with your name and we will send all the requested items to your cottage tonight."

At Souver's gesture, the servants put a piece of paper and a pen in front of each Dom. Heero wasn't surprised when Duo waved the servant away. It wasn't as if Duo needed an extra costume to dress him as a pet. He already looked like a cat anyway. Unless Duo wanted him to dress as different animal, which Heero doubted very much. His Master had named him Kitten after all.


After the lunch, Duo took his slave for a walk along the beach. Heero followed meekly at his Master's heels, his mind was thinking back to the statement his Master had made during the opening ceremony. It intrigued him, producing one hundred and one questions that he wanted to ask his Master. When the long haired Dom stopped and sat on the boulder where they watched the sunset yesterday, Heero couldn't contain his curiosity any longer. He sat down next to his Master.

"Master, what happened about Wind?"

Duo glanced at his slave and smiled slightly. "I had hoped you'd forgotten about him."

Heero snorted, "Not very likely."

"Well, I remember that a slave shouldn't speak without permission."

Heero cringed inwardly at the reminder. He bowed his head and tried to look as submissive as possible. "I'm sorry, Master."

Duo seized his slave's chin and lifted Heero's head up. "I know you are curious about Wind. Any slave would be full of questions if their Master said something about being a sub to another person." He released Heero's chin and reclined back, using his arms as support. The long haired Dom looked out to sea as he spoke. "When I first became a Dom, I wanted to understand how it feels to be a sub. I didn't think I would be a good Master if I didn't know what my sub was feeling and experiencing." He turned to look at his slave. "So I decided to be a sub and searched for a Dom who wanted to play with me. That's when Wind became my Dom. At first, he was okay but after a few days, I found out that he didn't play by the rules."

Heero felt alarmed at what rules it was that Wind didn't follow. "How.."

Duo waved his slave to silent. His attention was back to the sea. "How did I find out? Before we played, we agreed to certain restrictions about what I didn't enjoy playing, like water sport, asphyxiation, or activities that involved permanent scars." Duo straightened up and his eyes became hard. "BDSM is not about violence, but Wind doesn't understand that. He thrives on violence and blood. He purposely searched for mistakes and gave unreasonable punishments."

Heero shuddered as he imagined what Duo must have undergone with that bastard, Wind. He felt his anger flare that someone had dared to hurt his Master. "I'm going to kill him."

"I almost did."

Heero blinked and stared at his Master, silently asking for more explanation. He watched as his Master bent his knees and put his arms around them. Duo's violet eyes were hooded as they looked at something far beyond the horizon.

"When he tried to use a cattle prod on me, I retaliated. I beat him black and blue, leaving him half dead. I reported him to the BDSM council and got him kicked out of the Earth community. But as you can see, he's found somewhere else to play. It surprised me that he appeared as a sub though. I didn't think he could submit to someone else, not with his liking for violence and power." Duo shuddered slightly. It wouldn't be visible to others unless they paid attention to his body language. Heero, of course, didn't miss the shudder. His anger consumed him at the thought what terrible things his Master must have suffered while he was at the mercy of Wind's hands. The anger was followed with an ache to comfort his Master.

Not really thinking about what he was doing, Heero shifted closer to his Master and put his arms around his Master's shoulders. He realized he had done something without permission when his Master tensed, but the realization wasn't enough to make him withdraw his arms. The urge to comfort his Master was stronger. Heero tightened his arms around his Master, hoping it would give his Master comfort and security just like his Master often did for him.

Heero heard the yielding sigh first before he felt his Master relax into his embrace. The Japanese boy felt warmth seep into him at the knowledge that Duo accepted his comfort. "I will keep you safe, Master. Wind will have to go over my dead body before he can touch you." He whispered his vow and dared a soft kiss to his Master's cheek. He was grateful when no reprimand came from the long haired Dom.

Duo shifted and leaned against his slave's chest. They sat in silence, listening to the waves chasing one another and the seagulls flying around in search of prey.

Heero didn't say anything when his Master finally stirred and wriggled out of his embrace. Violet eyes held his gaze. "Beware of Wind, Kitten."

Heero nodded and got his mouth covered in a long, passionate kiss before his Master hauled him up and together they headed back to their cottage.


After the walk on the beach and a shower, Duo spent the late afternoon reading the magazines supplied in the cottage while Heero fidgeted and waited for the night to come; impatiently. Time seemed to crawl for him and his ass had been smacked twice because he couldn't stay still as Duo's footrest. Dinner had come and gone, leaving Heero giddy for his reward. His Master ordered him to lie on the bed and Heero quickly complied.

"Now, " Duo paused and grinned at his slave. "Impatient for your reward, aren't you, Kitten?"

Heero nodded, wondering what his reward would be. Would it be another blowjob from his Master or something entirely different?

He watched his Master strip and couldn't help but swallow at the jolt of pleasure he felt every time more his Master's skin was exposed. His eyes trailed down from the firm chest, hard nipples, lean stomach, to well endowed cock. Heero swallowed again when he noticed it was slowly hardening.

Duo sat down on the bed next to where his slave was lying. He reached out and stroked Heero's hair gently. "I'm very proud of you, Kitten."

Heero closed his eyes and leaned into Duo's hand which had trailed down and started caressing his cheek.

"Keep your eyes closed," Duo murmured.

Heero felt his Master's hands trail down and start stripping him, removing the clothes item by item. His boots were the first to go. His vest was next. His Master paused in the stripping to play with Heero's exposed nipples. Heero moaned as Duo's skillful fingers toyed with his hardening nubs. He squirmed slightly and flailed his gloved hands, not knowing what to do with them. Duo solved the problem by grabbing them. He removed the gloves then pushed his slave's hands above his head and pinned them to the bed. His tongue continued where his hands had left off. Heero soon moaned louder as his nipples were sucked and nibbled on with an occasional tug to the rings adorning them.

His Master released his arms but Heero kept them above him. The Japanese slave was a bit disappointed when his Master was done with his nipples and resumed the stripping. But he was so eager for his reward that he didn't protest, and even lifted his hips to facilitate his Master's job in removing his shorts.

"Impatient Kitten," Duo chuckled as he rolled his slave to rest on his stomach and slapped Heero's left cheek playfully.

Heero made an impatient noise and got another slap, this time on his right cheek. He fell silent then, waiting for his Master's next move. He didn't have to wait long. His Master's calloused fingers rested on his shoulders and started kneading the knotted muscles there. Heero sighed as the knots loosened under the skillful fingers. They slowly moved lower and kneaded the tense muscles they found on their journey. So this was his reward, a massage from his Master. And not just an ordinary massage, Heero noted as his Master's lips joined in, bestowing kisses on the relaxed muscles. Heero sighed in contentment as his limbs started relaxing and his body tingled with pleasure where his Master's lips had landed. The fingers reached his bottom and squeezed, not for relaxing the muscles there, but solely for his Master's delight. They then moved lower, kneading his thighs, the back of his knees, his calves and then his feet. Heero squealed as his Master's pressed his toes.

"Ah, another sensitive spot."

Heero could hear his Master's grin in the comment and knew that his weakness would be exploited at a later date. At the moment, however, he couldn't care less. His body was placid, unwound from the massage. It was too much of an effort to move right now and he made a noise of protest when his Master ordered him to turn over.

Duo laughed at the noise. He rolled his docile slave over and slowly worked his way from the Japanese boy's feet and up his thighs, massaging tense muscles and bestowing kisses over them along his way. Heero sighed here and there, savoring the caresses. He understood why his Master had ordered him to close his eyes. With one sense blocked, his other senses became more sensitive, more fine tuned, especially his skin. His Master's fingers were stroking his inner thighs, making his breath hitch as the fingers moved closer towards his cock.

"Spread your legs, Kitten," Duo said huskily.

Heero felt his Master's breath against his thigh, indicating that Duo's head was only a few inches away from his groin. He spread his legs and shivered in anticipation. His heart throbbed loudly in anticipation of what his Master would do next.

Though he had had an idea of what his Master would do, he still gave a jerk when his Master's hand touched his cock. Pleasure surged through his body as his Master stroked his hard flesh and kneaded it sporadically.

"You may come whenever you're ready."

The permission was manna from heaven for Heero. There was no question about how close he was; he had been hard from the morning and his Master's hand caressing him quickly made him ready to burst. The hand settled on the base of his cock while the other hand kneaded his balls. Heero cried out when he felt something wet enveloping the head of his cock. It took him less than a second to register that his Master was sucking him before he suddenly exploded.

Heero gasped as his seed spilled into his Master's mouth. He felt pleasure and horror at the same time at his abrupt orgasm. Though his Master had given him permission to come, he'd never thought he would explode this soon. His pleasure quickly receded and as his Master's mouth left his soft cock, disappointment set in. He still wanted to feel his Master's caresses and prolong the rare blowjob at least for a few minutes more. Heero berated himself inwardly for not being able to hold onto his orgasm.

Still berating himself, Heero gasped when his Master's hand started pumping his soft cock. His eyes flew open and he looked down at his Master. "Master?"

Duo grinned and kneaded his slave's cock, coaxing it into hardness. "Close your eyes, Kitten. I'm not done with you yet."

Heero closed his eyes and shivered at his Master's unvoiced promise. His cock hardened at a rapid speed and with a few squeezes and some strokes, it was back to its aroused state. Heero moaned in appreciation when his Master's mouth enveloped him once again. He bucked into the moist warm cavern and made incoherent noises when his Master's tongue danced around his trapped cock. Heero tried to delay his second orgasm as long as he could. He was successful for a few minutes before his Master's hands reached up and tugged at his nipple rings. Great pleasure, mixed slightly with delightful pain, shot through his body. It was too much for Heero who rarely got any release. He gasped loudly and arched his back, coming for the second time. Unperturbed, his Master sucked and swallowed his seed, milking him dry.

Heero plopped down as pleasure took him to seventh heaven. He sighed contentedly while his body seemed to lose all its bones, reducing him to jelly. His Master had crawled up and seized his lips with his own. Heero groaned as his Master's tongue slithered in and he opened his mouth wider, welcoming the intrusion wholeheartedly. His own tongue, the only part of his body that he felt capable of moving right now, danced around his Master's lazily, tasting his own release.

Heero could feel his Master's hands settle on his thighs. The gentle pressure applied on them indicated that Duo wanted him to raise his legs. Heero whined his protest into the kiss. With a jelly like body and a heavenly pleasure feeling, he was not going to move any time soon, thank you very much.

His Master, of course, had his own agenda.

Duo chuckled and ceased the kissing. He straightened up and lifted his slave's legs onto his shoulders. Pulling the cat tail out of his slave earned him a gasp from the said slave. Another gasp was issued when he leaned forward and penetrated the Japanese boy. He did it slowly, sinking inch by inch into his slave.

Heero's gasps turned into moans as his Master unhurriedly used him. Duo's lips were back on his, tongue caressing his inner mouth lazily. Heero could feel his body double over as his Master leaned forward. Body still relaxed, he lay on the bed submissively, letting his Master rock within him at whatever speed he wanted. He was surprised though when he felt his depleted cock start rising again.

His Master seemed to sense it too and grabbed the hardening flesh. Heero gasped out loud at the touch of his Master's fingers. Coming twice in such a short time had made his cock extremely sensitive. Now a mere touch from his Master produced greater pleasure. A few strokes from his Master and Heero's cock reached the hard and leaking situation. Heero mewled, dreading and welcoming his third arousal. His body was way too sensitive at the moment. If two orgasms had removed all the bones from his body, what would the third one do? His Master increased his thrusting then, sliding inside him faster. The long haired Dom shifted his position slightly and thrust harder into his slave.

"Master!" Heero cried out as his prostate was prodded with every thrust. A white haze of pleasure started coloring his vision. It built with every thrust from his Master. Thrust after thrust after thrust and then Heero found he had leaped over the edge of the pleasure peak, his body arched up and shuddered with his release. His Master thrust into him once more before he too exploded in his pleasure. As warmth filled his body, Heero babbled out a string of words. He was too caught up with his pleasure to comprehend what he was saying, but his Master obviously caught the words. The violet eyes shone in pleasure and delight as the long haired Dom kissed his slave passionately.

Having three orgasms within two hours was too much for the Japanese slave. From the peak of his orgasm, Heero promptly sank into blissful oblivion.

Duo withdrew and saw his slave's closed eyes and evening breathing. He smiled benignly and caressed his slave's cheek as if he was caressing precious and cherished gift.

"Likewise, Heero. Likewise"

It was softly whispered to the now sleeping boy.


"I won't wear this atrocious costume!"


"Absolutely not!"

".....you will wear it"

"I will never lower myself to this!"

".....Your butt has appointment with my hairbrush in five minutes, Drake."

Wufei paled.


Can you guess what Wufei's costume is? *grins evilly*


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