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Enslaving Heero Part 40
Second Stage

Heero knew his eyes would jump from their sockets if it were possible. His Master's Dom?? Raoul's sub was his Master's Dom??? He almost believed it was a joke but Duo's solemn expression told him otherwise.

"I'll explain later, Kitten. For now, concentrate on the contest." Duo squeezed Heero's waist to indicate it was an order. "I know Wind is a dangerous person. You must be careful if you engage him later."

Heero could only nod. His mind was still reeling at the shocking information. His Master had been a sub? His confident, cocky, and commanding Master? It was very unbelievable for him.

"Later, Kitten," Duo hissed directly into his slave's left ear this time. "Mission first."

At the word 'mission', Heero's mind cleared. He shoved away all the unanswered questions and focused on his mission. There would be time for explanations later.

"We also designed this contest to be an entertaining vacation so we hope everyone will enjoy their time here despite whoever comes out as the winner." Raoul had just finished the opening speech. He was gesturing toward the door at their side. "The first stage of the contest was administered before your departure to this colony. The second stage will be held in the next room in thirty minutes. The theme is bondage."

There were murmurs at Raoul's announcement. Until now, there had been no information about what this contest would be other than it would be a Master/slave theme contest. Having no information, Heero doubted that anyone had brought their bondage equipment with them. As it turned out, there was no need to worry about equipment.

"Do not worry, we will provided all equipment for the contest," Raoul announced. "Before we conclude this opening ceremony, let me introduce you to the other two sponsors." The man gestured toward the smirking blonde man. "This is Kira."

Others might wonder why the blonde chose a Japanese nickname when he was clearly not a Japanese. While Kira was quite a common name for Japanese, if written in Katakana instead of Hiragana or Kanji, Kira was how Japanese pronounced 'Killer'. Either the man chose that name as a show of his confidence or because he really was a killer, either way Heero didn't know. Septus' record was clean but it could be forged just as he'd forged his. Heero had a feeling that the man had killed before though. The cold green eyes that swept the audience were not the eyes of an innocent man.

Septus inclined his head at his introduction and lifted his sub's chin. "This is my slave, Storm."

Slave. So Septus had taken the woman as his slave. Heero could watch the female's face now. It was a beautiful woman who faced the audience with a calm and cool demeanor. She had a pointed chin and sharp nose. What attracted Heero's attention the most however, was the gray color of her eyes. They looked as if a storm was brewing in them. Heero guessed that was why her slave name was Storm.

Raoul gestured to the other sponsor. "And this is Serpent. He will give out the details about the second stage later."

The only indication that Heero was surprised was the sudden tenseness of his body. Duo had tensed as well. Serpent. Snake. They were the same. Was Souver the suspect they had been searching for? But then, their suspect was referred to as Snake for their internal communication. It was not his nickname, for Ross himself hadn't known his Master's name, both nickname and real name. That man was too stupid even to acquire his Master's name. However, Heero couldn't dismiss the possibility. Souver's nickname might be merely a coincidence, but the possibility that he was Snake was still there.

Souver had nodded his head slightly at Raoul's introduction. He put his arm around his sub and introduced him as his slave, Brat. Again another slave instead of sub. Heero wondered whether Brat was his only sub or did he have a harem of slaves in his house? And what kind of name was Brat? Did the boy misbehave often and break the rules so that he was called Brat? Was he difficult to tame? At that point in time, Brat lifted his head slightly and Heero caught bright green eyes beneath the dark unruly hair. No wonder he wore an emerald earring. It suited his eyes very well. The impish smile he sent towards Souver gave Heero a glimpse of the reason why he was called Brat. The boy was rebellious.

Lastly, Raoul introduced his own sub, Wind, then concluded the ceremony. Wind was a sub instead of a slave but Heero was not surprised. If the man was a Dom before, it was unlikely he would allow himself to be a permanent sub. Heero had known from the information he had gathered that there were some people who could change their role from Dom to sub and vice versa, depending what they felt like being at the moment. These people enjoyed the pleasure each role could give. Wind ought to be one of them.

Wind was dangerous, Duo had said so. While Raoul seemed less dangerous than the other two sponsors, Heero wasn't about to dismiss him quickly. He had known some people who looked harmless but were actually very dangerous. Quatre was a prime example. In the end, all three sponsors had something that made them a main suspect. It was a good thing that three of their Preventer assigned pairs had passed the entry test. Each pair could watch one sponsor. Heero decided that all of them would have to find a way to meet and discuss after the first stage was over.


Since there was still some time before the second stage began, the sponsors separated and mixed with the contestants, engaging them in small talk. Sensing his chance, Duo excused himself from Lord X and approached the nearest sponsor, which happened to be Raoul. Though he appeared indifferent, Heero's heart thumped slightly faster at the anticipation of engaging with Wind. Well that was if he was allowed to talk though. Most subs didn't join in the conversation if they weren't prompted. Unless Wind was like that rude Dai, Heero probably would have to study Wind silently from beneath his eyelashes.

"I would like to say that I'm impressed with the quality and size of the contest, Bronze," Duo greeted Raoul.

"Thank you, " Raoul responded good naturedly as his eyes dropped to the name tag Duo had pinned on his chest. "I believe we haven't met before. Nice to meet you, GoD."

Heero watched Wind lift his bowed head at the mention of Duo's name. His amber eyes widened slightly then returned to normal. A smirk formed on Wind's face which Heero didn't like at all.

"This is the first time we meet. However, I have met your sub before," Duo responded, not once looking at Wind.

"You know Wind?" Raoul glanced at his sub for confirmation.

With the smirk still plastered on his face, Wind nodded. "May I speak, Master?"

"Yes, you may," Raoul answered.

"Thank you, Master," Wind said meekly. Heero suspected Wind didn't say it out of genuine intention though. The redhead probably did it to show he was the submissive, not because he was really submissive.

Wind, meanwhile, had turned to Duo. "I thought you were strictly submissive, sir."

"And I thought you never would be a submissive," Duo responded then dismissed the redhead by turning to Raoul. "If you don't mind me asking, Bronze, is he a good sub?"

Raoul smiled. "I don't mind the question considering you know him as a Dom only. I don't know him as a Dom but Wind is a good sub."

"A good Dom will usually make a good sub."

Heero smiled inwardly. With that sentence, his Master had managed to praise Raoul without having to lie. The sight of Raoul smiling wider told him that the Dom accepted the praise. Considering the redhead sub who had been glaring at Duo ever since he was dismissed, Heero wasn't sure if the sentence applied to Raoul, but Heero would try his best to prove that the sentence applied to Duo.

"My throat a bit dry. Excuse me for a second, Bronze." Duo unclipped the leash that connected to Heero's collar. "Get me a drink, Kitten."

"Yes, Master." Heero bowed. He had seen a wide table with various liquors on his left when they entered the door.

"I'm also thirsty after the speech. Go get me wine, Wind."

So Heero and Wind walked together toward the table. Heero didn't know whether this was his Master's plan but it successfully got him time to talk with Wind. Before he thought of a way to engage Wind, the redhead sub had engaged him first.

"So, is he a good Dom?" Wind asked the question as if he didn't believe Duo was a good Dom.

A bit miffed, Heero answered tersely. "The best Master."

"Master? He has taken you as slave? That boy surely acts fast. I haven't seen him in a year and now he is a Master instead of a sub." Wind chuckled and looked at Heero. "I can understand his urgency to secure you as his as soon as possible though. You're delicious, boy. If I haven't had Bronze, I would have taken you as my sub." Wind's eyes were full of lust when he said the last sentence.

Having arrived at the table, Heero picked up a glass of what looked like vodka. The redhead talked as if he could easily take Heero from his Master. Heero didn't like it at all. "I am GoD's slave and will never be your sub."

Wind's eyes narrowed while his hand grabbed the wine for Raoul. "You're quite a fighter, aren't you? Just like your wimpy Master."

Duo wasn't wimpy. Duo was the best. Heero didn't feel like repeating himself to the other sub though so he glared at the redhead instead.

To the Japanese slave's surprise, Wind looked more aroused at his glare. "Good, good, you have the fire in you. I like to have that trait in my sub."

"No one will be a sub to a sub, boy." Heero used the 'boy' word to remind Wind of his own position at the moment. He knew he'd achieved his goal when he saw Wind look displeased at the reminder.

"I'll teach you manners when I get my hands on you, boy," the redhead hissed.

"That will never happen, boy," Heero said curtly and turned around. He didn't want to spend any more time with Wind. It wasn't as if Wind would give him any more information that would be useful for his mission. It turned out he'd made the right decision. He'd just taken a step away from the table when he heard a splash and Wind cursing. Looking over his shoulder, Heero saw Dai holding an empty glass and Wind's white turtleneck had a pink stain on the front.

Dai threw a glare at Heero, telling him that he was Dai's supposed target. It was fortunate that he'd chosen to step away at the right time. Heero felt his mouth curl up in satisfaction as he went back toward his Master, leaving Dai who was trying to look timid while Wind ranted at him.

Once he reached his Master, Heero offered the drink to him. Duo paused in his conversation with Raoul to take the glass. Raoul glanced to find his sub was not with Heero. "Where's Wind?"

"Another sub spilled the drink on him, sir." Heero answered politely. "I believe he is still near the beverage table, having a word with the culprit."

Raoul's eyes widened at the information. He quickly excused himself and went to retrieve his sub.

After Raoul's departure, Duo turned to his slave and raised his eyebrows. "Judging from your smirk, I take it you know the culprit?"

Heero snorted. "I was his real target actually, Master."

"Ah, it's Dai, isn't it? When will that boy ever learn?" Duo sighed in exasperation.

"For once, I'm glad of Dai's mischief. Wind deserved it." Heero tried not to make his smirk too obvious.

His Master just grinned and downed his drink. "Of that, I have no doubt, Kitten."

Unfortunately the incident with Dai had taken Raoul and Wind away from them, thus delaying their mission. The other sponsors were nowhere to be seen so Duo and he had to be content with just mingling around, waiting for the second stage to begin.

From the corner of his eye, Heero noticed Haakon and Grant approaching them. At the last Preventer meeting, they'd also discussed how the three pairs were going to interact. Dorothy and Duo agreed to act as fellow Doms who had known each other for some time, while Haakon was going to approach them during the contest. Heero reckoned, this was now the best time to do the approaching. Heero lowered his head slightly and showed his submissive posture, waiting for the couple.

"Pretty boy." Haakon's aquamarine eyes swept over Heero before meeting Duo's eyes confidently. Grant was standing slightly behind her, head bowed. Heero studied Haakon's appearance. She had worn tight light pants and a sleeveless tight shirt, which parted, in the middle showing the fullness of her breasts. While her pants were a light gray, her shirt was in darker shade of gray. Elbow length leather gloves covered her arms while her legs were donned with knee length boots. Her ears were adorned with a pair of earrings whose stones had same color as her eyes. A thin whip coiling at her waist completed her appearance. All in all, Haakon looked dead sexy.

But Duo was sexier though. Heero turned his eyes toward Haakon's sub. Grant was wearing a red and gold plaid which was wrapped around his waist, covering Grant's important bits just barely, and then slung over one shoulder. His curly hair appeared wild and messy. Aside from a pair of light brown knee length boots, the plaid was Grant's only cloth.

"Thank you," Duo smiled. "We were in the same spaceship, weren't we?"

"Yes," Haakon nodded politely. "I'm Juno. We are neighbors during this contest."

"Nice to meet you, Juno," Duo nodded back. "As you can read from my tag, I'm GoD, and this is my slave, Kitten."

Heero noticed that Grant started when Duo mentioned his name. Curious, he raised his head slightly to get a better look at Grant's face. The blonde Preventer had raised his head and now stared at Duo. Grant's expression was comical at best, a mix of shock, disbelief, and adoration. Heero bet his poor bottom that Grant had heard about Duo before. When the adoration finally dominated Grant's face, Heero couldn't help but feel irritated. Great, another sub who chased after his Master.

"Kitten indeed," Haakon smiled, "It's very suitable for him. Is he for sale?"

Duo's eyebrow raised at the question. The long haired Dom glanced at Grant. "Somehow, I think you're not the one who is curious about my kitten."

Grant flushed. Heero glared at the blonde, realizing that Grant was behind Haakon's question. As the one who was really in BDSM, the blonde must have given some questions to Haakon to help her in starting conversation with other Doms so it would be easy for him to get Haakon to ask Duo some questions for the blonde's own interest.

"Oh well," Duo said as he met Haakon's eyes once again. "It's not the first time I have been asked that question today. No, my Kitten is not for sale, ever." Duo grinned and put an arm around his slave, pulling him close. "Maybe I should put a 'not for sale' tattoo on him so I won't get bothered by this problem again."

Heero blinked at Duo's words. Haakon wasn't the first one who'd asked him today? Who else had asked to buy him? As far as he knew, Duo had talked with Lord X and Raoul only but someone might have come by while he went to fetch the drink for his Master. Heero wasn't that interested in finding out who had asked for him however, so he focused on Duo's next words, about the tattoo. 'Not for sale'? Heero grimaced inwardly and hoped that it would never happen. From what he knew about his Master though, Heero doubted Duo would put those words on him. If Duo was to tattoo him, the words would likely be 'Property of Duo Maxwell' or 'D.M', something that would show he belonged to Duo and no one else. And why the hell did he feel turned on with the prospect of being marked permanently by his sadistic Master?

His thought was interrupted with the sound of gong, a signal that the second stage of the contest was about to begin. Doms and subs started heading to the door. Heero heard Duo conclude his conversation with Haakon and then the arm around his waist disappeared. Duo put the leash back at him and then led him forward. Haakon walked next to Duo at the same pace so Heero was side by side with Grant.

"Do you know he is a real Dom?"

Heero blinked at the whisper. He glanced at the blonde and saw the jealous look Grant gave him. For a moment, Heero felt proud that he was the envy of other sub but it quickly disappeared when he realized Grant's question might jeopardize their mission. Heero shot a warning glare at Grant then ignored the sub for the rest of their walk. Let Grant boil over whether he knew Duo was a real Dom or not.

It wasn't a long walk anyway. The area they entered was more a stadium than a room. The ceiling was high with chains hanging down from it, one and a half distance from each other. There were thirty six chains hanging in total, six rows by six columns. The floor was made of wooden panels. Heero noticed that beneath each hanging chain, a one meter by one meter square with a red border was marked on the floor. In the center of the square was a two digit number. Each square had a different number, starting from 01 through to 36.

"As Bronze said before, the theme of this stage will be bondage," Souver's voice boomed in the stadium. Heero saw that the black haired man was standing on the right side. Raoul and Septus stood slightly behind him. Each had their subs nearby.

"Each contestant please step into the square which has the same number as the number on your name tag."

Duo looked at his tag before heading toward the square with the number 21. As Heero stood slightly behind his Master inside the square, he noticed Dorothy and Wufei were in square number 15, right in front of them. Grant and Haakon were in square number 7, one row ahead and two columns to the left of Dorothy and Wufei.

"This stage is mainly focused on the Dom's ability in making complex bondage and keeping the sub's focus. The more complex the bondage and the longer the sub holds their focus, the higher the mark. For the first step of this stage, all the subs will be temporarily stripped off of their hearing, sight, and speech."

At Souver's explanation, the murmurs started among the Doms and subs. The black haired Dom ignored it however, and continued his explanation. "The Doms will then put their subs in bondage. We have prepared various types of bindings. The Doms can ask our staff for the bindings later. Our staff will see to the subs first to ensure that all of them are in the same blind, deaf, and dumb situation. Once the subs have been properly prepared, I'll explain further."

Heero noted that it was a sly idea so the subs would not be privy to further instruction and would have to trust their Doms totally. It was one hell of situation for the subs though since they couldn't see, hear, or even make a noise. Not to mention that they would be in bondage so they mostly wouldn't be able to move as well. So if the subs were having panic attacks or hysterics, their only reprieve was their Doms. The subs would have to trust their Doms to notice their distress. Heero frowned, he didn't like this situation. Not being able to move, hear, see, or speak would make him very vulnerable and an easy target. Vulnerability was something his soldier conditioning couldn't accept. He couldn't escape. He couldn't fight. Granted that if it was only Duo and him in the room, he would likely submit without protest. However, among sixty something strangers where Snake, a dangerous guy, would also be somewhere in this room, Heero knew he would have hard time submitting to this bondage.

Souver signaled to the staff who had been waiting at the stadium's corners. They approached the contestants with blindfolds, gags, and ear plugs in their hands. Heero looked anxiously at his Master, wondering whether his Master would be able to alter the blindfold or the plug so he could either see or hear. That would be cheating of course, but Heero didn't give a damn as long as they weren't caught.

Duo had turned and now was facing his slave. His expression was nothing but serious as he grabbed his slave's chin. "Do you trust me, Kitten?"

Heero nodded. "Always."

"Then trust me to watch your safety." Duo spoke with his deep voice, a tone he usually only used when they were together. "I permit them to put the blindfold on your eyes. To put the gag in your mouth. And to put the plugs in your ears. I want you totally at my mercy."

Heero shuddered, both at the words and the tone in which Duo delivered them to him.

Duo used the hand on his slave's chin to stroke the Japanese boy's cheek. His serious expression turned reassuring when a slight smile emerged on his face. "Think only of me."

The last sentence was whispered huskily. Heero found himself nodding without words. His Master caressed his face once again before stepping back. Heero was aware that one of the staff had arrived near them but he kept his eyes on his Master. He watched Duo give a consent signal to the staff.

"Gag first, then ear plugs. Blindfold last." Duo instructed.

The staff, a male sub in a tuxedo uniform, placed a ball gag in his mouth and tightened the binding behind his head. Next were the plugs. Heero had to admit that they had designed the plugs carefully. Once they were placed in his ears, all the noise ceased. Except for the one time when Duo had to give his signal to the staff, his Master kept their eye contact. Heero was thankful for that. He kept watching his Master even as the blindfold started falling over his eyes. A second before his sight was completely lost, he saw his Master mouth one word.


One word, but it was enough to keep him anchored.

As the blindfold was secured and the staff checked on the binding behind his head, Heero replayed that one word in his mind. So focused was he in his mind that he didn't notice when the staff stepped away. Time passed in darkness and silence until a hand touched his chin. That gesture startled him out of his focus. But he was not startled enough that he didn't recognize the hand holding his chin. It was his Master's hand, of course. Callused, slender fingers with a determined grip. They stroked his cheek then withdrew.

Heero took it as a sign that the contest had begun and he would be bound soon. True to his prediction, a moment later, Heero felt the rope dropped on his right shoulder. The rope was about one centimeter thick and had a soft surface. He then felt his Master's hands removing his vest. The hands then, to Heero's horror, trailed down to his shorts.

Heero squirmed when the hands started tugging at his shorts, not wanting to be naked in front of so many people. But a smack on his still sore bottom quickly stilled him. Trust his Master to effectively remind him who actually had the right to show or not to show his naked body. The hands pulled down his shorts and Heero obediently stepped out of them. His cock, which was always half hard because of the cock ring, was now bare for everyone to see.

He wasn't given much time to be embarrassed though. The hands grabbed the rope on his shoulder and started work in wrapping them around his body. It was first wrapped horizontally on his upper chest. Heero felt Duo make a knot at his back. Duo then took one end of the rope and wrapped it horizontally around his lower chest. He then secured it together with the other end in another knot at his back about three inches below the first one. Heero felt the two threads of rope dangling from the knot. Duo took both of them and pulled them down between his ass cheeks, looping them around his tail's base before bringing them to the front. Duo made another loop and some intricate knots around his cock.

His Master then continued drawing the ropes upward. Knots were made when the ropes intersected with the horizontal rope on his lower chest. Heero was surprised when Duo slid the ropes through his nipple rings respectively before knotting them with the horizontal rope on his upper chest. It made the rope press exactly against nipples. The soft surface of the ropes teased his nipples into hardening. Unfortunately for Heero, his Master didn't miss that little detail.

Being the sadist that he was, Duo tugged on the ropes and stroked the hardening nubs several times, eliciting muffled sounds from his slave. Then he continued wrapping the rope up and across his slave's shoulders.

Heero was surprised though. This was the shortest duration his nipples had had to endure his Master's teasing. Knowing how obsessed his Master was with his nipples, Heero suspected that there was a time limit in making the bondage. For that, he was grateful.

The ropes were now back at his backside. His Master brought them near and looped both of them on the first knot. Heero's left hand was pulled to his back and tied with both ropes on the wrist. His right hand followed suit and was tied on the wrist directly below his left hand. Now he could only move his arms together vertically and only slightly.

His Master left the two ropes dangling from his wrist. Heero was wondering what was next when he felt his Master's hands appear on his shoulders and press down. He knelt down automatically, following the pressure. The hands kept pressuring so Heero folded his lower legs and sat on them. This time the hands pushed his shoulders forward. Heero went with them and rested his forehead on the floor. The hands disappeared from his shoulders and reappeared on his ankles, pulling them so he was lying flatly on the floor.

Feeling his forehead aching from its rest against the floor, Heero turned his head to the side. The hands had folded his right leg at the knee so that his ankle was near his bound hands. He could feel one of the ropes being wrapped around his ankle, locking his leg in that position. His other leg was folded in similar way and the other rope was tied around the ankle as well. His Master then wrapped each rope around the respective thighs and made a knot there. It seemed to be the final knots as the hands left him after that.

Heero lay on the floor, body bound tightly. Duo had used the ropes to lock him in one position. It was not an easy position that Duo had put him into. That made Heero thankful that his body was flexible so he didn't suffer any strain from the tight bondage. His arms and legs were immobile. The only body parts he could move were his head and his fingers. He could move his toes but they were hidden inside his boots. The movement would be useless.

Well, there was one more thing he could move, Heero thought as he clenched his ass and felt his tail moving. It hit something. The smack he got on his ass a second later told him that it most likely his Master that his tail had hit and while Heero thought it was funny, it was for his ass' best interest if he didn't show any amusement over that fact. Heero decided he better think about something else then.

Recalling that the Doms were given various bindings to choose from, Heero was heartened at his Master's choice. Duo hadn't chosen a binding of steel chains which would make him uncomfortable with their rough surface. Nor did Duo choose thin rope, which could cut into his flesh. He wondered though why Duo hadn't use cloth as the binding. It was the best choice since it wouldn't leave any obvious bruises. Could it be because it wasn't in the choice?

Heero got the answer to that a few seconds later when something was hooked to the knot in the center of his back. There was another hook on the ropes between his wrists and the ropes on each his legs, between the ankle and thigh. Then Heero felt he was slowly being lifted from the floor. He realized then what the chains hanging from the ceiling were for. It was to suspend the subs in the air just like his Master had done to him now. Of course, using cloth could be fatal if they couldn't hold his weight while he was airborne.

The rope barely bit into his flesh. Duo had chosen it well. The bondage had also been constructed meticulously. Heero noticed that during the binding, Duo never once cut or continued with a new rope. His Master had used one single rope to bind Heero. It showed that the rope had been carefully measured. The knots were made at certain spots. The hooks connected to them were balanced, making his body horizontal.

The levitating process was so slow that Heero barely felt it. But being a soldier had its advantages. He could feel the flow of air against his body and knew he was still being pulled up. It stopped two minutes later. Heero estimated that he was about one meter from the ground. He pitied other subs who couldn't detect the air movement and how far they were from the ground.

The sponsors were cunning bastards to show the subs how high the ceiling was and then blindfolded them. Some subs might have thought that they were high in the air now and if their bindings couldn't hold their weight.....

Heero really pitied those subs.

Well, except one particular sub maybe.

Let Dai worry to death about his predicament. The only regret Heero felt was that he couldn't see the brat's face at the moment.

So what was going to happen now? Heero waited patiently. But five minutes passed and nothing happened. Five minutes was a long time if you had nothing to distract you from the darkness and silence. Heero recalled then Souver's word about the mark for the contest. The longer the subs maintained their focus, the higher the mark. What a sly bastard, Heero groaned inwardly. It seemed that they would see how long the subs could hold their position without freaking out. Heero hoped there would be time limit though instead of waiting until the last sub freaked out. He didn't know how long a sub could maintain this kind of position. The bondage would likely create a cramp after one or two hours and being in the same position for hours could result in fatal injuries, depending on the position. No matter how long the sponsors intended to hold them at this stage, Heero trusted his Master to release him at the right time. After all, his Master was one possessive bastard who didn't like his possession injured.

Heero knew that all he had to do was wait until the time was up. However, it was not an easy task. With no sight and sound, he was left with only his mind as entertainment. And a mind is one dangerous area. There were so many things he could think of. The darkness and silence reminded him of a time where he had felt the same. When he had found the little dog under the ruins. The same little dog that had run alongside the small girl who had given him the yellow flower. As the realization of what his miscalculation had brought hit him, he had heard no sound, had seen nothing but darkness.

Heero swallowed. That memory wasn't a good thing to dwell on. It was just the start for series of nightmares. No, he didn't want to think about the past. He wanted to think about something else. Something warm. Something that made him feel secure.


Duo's voice echoed in his mind. He had lost count of how many times Duo had said that particular word. But it never failed to warm his heart or turned him on every time his Master uttered that word. Heero felt himself loosen up, having been tense from recalling his past.

'Think only of me.'

Yes, he would think about Duo. About his Master. Heero replayed the first time they met as Master and slave. The shock, disbelief, and embarrassment he had felt at that time. Heero compared how far he had come from that time to current time. He remembered how awkward he'd felt when he had his first enema. Now he accepted the enema as a part of his morning ritual, just like brushing his teeth really. He remembered how shy he had been to stand naked in front of his Master. Now there was nothing to be ashamed of, not when he was naked most of the time. Definitely not when his Master had touched and claimed every inch of his body. As Heero replayed his fond time with his Master, he lost the track of the time.

The hand on his chin was what brought him back from his recollections. Heero jerked his head in surprise but quickly relaxed again as he recognized his Master's hand. The hand caressed his cheek and disappeared. An arm supported his body as he was lowered and he felt his ropes cut down. First the ropes on his legs, then wrists, and lastly the knots at his back. Duo really had bound him with calculating measure. Once the knots were cut, the ropes around him came apart. Heero felt his legs unfold and touch the ground. But the cramp made him unable to stand on his own. Not that it mattered anyway as he could lean against his Master's chest with his Master's arm around him, supporting him. His ball gag and ear plugs were removed. The blindfold followed quickly. Heero blinked at the sudden light and decided it was better to keep his eyes shut for a moment longer. The noise had returned. There were murmurs, sobs, and sometimes shouts. Heero found out he missed the silence.

Both his Master's arms were around him now, holding him tightly in an embrace. Heero sighed at the warmth and contentment he felt for just being in his Master's arms.


At his name, Heero opened his eyes and withdrew slightly to look at his Master. The blinding smile he saw there stunned him.

"I'm so proud of you," Duo murmured huskily and kissed his forehead. "You deserve a reward tonight."

The fact that Duo had smiled and said he was proud of Heero made the Japanese boy happy. That, combined with the kiss, had put Heero high as a kite. This was what he wanted. To make his Master proud. To make his Master happy. Feeling high with bliss, Heero sighed and buried his face in Duo's shoulder. He was too happy to care about his surroundings at the moment. So happy that he didn't notice some Doms had approached his Master and asked about buying him. He heard his Master growl but didn't have time to wonder about it as his Master lifted him up into his arms and carried him out of the stadium.



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