Enslaving Heero Part 39
Opening Ceremony

The moon had replaced the sun when they returned to their cottage. Duo picked up the phone and ordered their dinner; he then swept his slave into the bathroom to take shower together. The dinner arrived just as the couple stepped out of the bathroom. Heero took the food tray from the delivery guy and set it on the dining table.

Duo sat down on the rug and motioned for his slave to sit next to him. Heero sat down slowly next to his Master, aware of his still throbbing bottom. He was surprised when Duo reclined toward him, putting his head in Heero's lap.

"Master?" Heero asked, surprised.

Duo grinned. "I feel like being lazy today. Feed me, Kitten."

Heero stared at his Master. He knew it was not unusual for a slave to feed his Master. However, he had gotten so used to being fed by his Master that he never thought of serving the food to his Master in return.

"Feed me, Kitten." Duo repeated his order and gestured toward the food.

Still a little dazed, Heero reached for the food. Duo had ordered grilled fish and calamari rings so it was easy for him to cut them into smaller portions and feed them to his Master one by one. Duo chewed the food happily. He then reached for one of the food portions and offered it to Heero. Happy that he was to be fed like usual, the Japanese slave opened his mouth eagerly and took the food in, sucking his Master's finger in the process.

Duo smiled and pulled out his wet finger. "Naughty Kitten."

Heero ignored the accusation and fed his Master again. Duo accepted the food but his eyes sparkled, telling Heero that he knew Heero was happy being fed. The long haired Master offered another portion to his slave who promptly took it in. Again, Heero sucked on his Master's fingers, showing his gratitude. That, of course, meant that the feeding couldn't stay innocent. Half way through the meal, his Master's violet eyes had turned dark purple, a sign that he was aroused. Heero wondered whether they would manage to finish the food before his Master pounced on him. Though he didn't mind being used, he wanted to be fed for as long as possible. So Heero stopped sucking his Master's fingers when he was fed and tried to distract his Master by engaging him in conversation.

"What is our agenda for tomorrow, Master?"

"Contest opening ceremony at 10 AM followed by the second stage of the contest." His Master's eyes sparkled as he answered. "Don't worry, Kitten. I won't jump you before we finish our dinner."

Embarrassed, Heero put on a grumpy look. "I'm not worried." He took one calamari ring and fed it to his Master.

Duo grinned as he chewed but his face turned serious when he fed his slave in return. "The three sponsors will be sure to attend the opening ceremony; we will approach them to find out which one is Snake. As briefed by Lady Une, they will most likely bring their subs.. I'll engage the sponsors while you study the subs. Though it's unlikely that the subs will be allowed to talk, if you have a chance to engage them in conversation, seize it."

Heero nodded curtly as he chewed his food. "Ninmu Ryoukai."

Duo's eyes narrowed. He lifted his hand and caught his slave's chin. "I have no doubts as to your ability to carry out the mission, Heero, but remember that you are MINE." Heero blinked as Duo growled out the last word.

"I don't want you to rush out recklessly like you did with Ross." Duo tightened his grip on his slave's chin. "I know you mean well, but think first before you act. You're not expendable, Kitten."

"Yes, Master," Heero said quietly. He would perform the mission carefully. However, he knew all bets were off if something or someone tried to harm his Master. He realized then that he had changed. In the past, he would have sacrificed himself for the mission. Now, he would still sacrifice himself, but for Duo instead. A beloved person. Yes, he would do anything for his beloved. Anything.

Duo frowned. "I'm serious, Kitten. If I deem your actions are reckless, I will make that ass of yours so sore you will be unable to sit down for months."

Heero snapped out of his thoughts at the mention of punishment. "I'll obey you, Master," he said quickly. No way he was going to let his ass suffer more torture. He would be super, extra careful!

"Good." Duo seemed satisfied. He tugged the chin he was holding to make his slave lower his head and captured the luscious mouth with his own.

Heero moaned into the kiss as his Master's tongue quickly penetrated his mouth and took its reign in there. He was more than ready to forget their dinner and let his Master ravish him. However, to his disappointment, Duo withdrew from the kiss and ordered him to continue eating.

"I won't have both of us missing our dinner. We have to restock our energy for tomorrow, Kitten," Duo said sternly when Heero was about to protest.

Being reminded of the contest and also the mission, Heero canceled his protest and grudgingly fed his Master. Just his luck when he was wholeheartedly into being ravished, his Master had different ideas. He wouldn't put it past his Master to intentionally delay using him when he knew his slave was very eager to be used. After all, Duo wasn't a sadist in name only.

What Heero didn't know was that because of his seduction of his Master's fingers earlier and the delay in finishing their dinner, his Master had become really aroused and horny. Just after he finished feeding the last bite of the grilled fish, the Japanese slave was dragged down and ravished by his Master throughout the night.


"Mistress, please..." Wufei writhed from where he was bound on the bed. His arms and legs were spread and tied to each respective bedpost, leaving his body open and vulnerable for assault.

And assault him Dorothy did. The blonde Mistress was currently riding her slave for her sole pleasure. "You may not come, Wufei." Dorothy pressed down on her slave's cock, which was fitted with a cock ring. "You don't deserve any release tonight."

Wufei whimpered but could only watch as his Mistress rode him to her peak. Her head was thrown back and her bare breasts were glistening with sweat, adding to their appeal. The sight only increased Wufei's restrained arousal. The Chinese Preventer tried to lift his hips to gain friction for his arousal but Dorothy waved the hairbrush in her left hand warningly. The gesture was more than enough to make him keep still as his Mistress used him.

Dorothy shuddered as she reached her orgasm. Then she collapsed on top of her slave and fell straight into a pleasant slumber.

Wufei looked at the ceiling mournfully. His hard cock was still inside his sleeping mistress and wouldn't get any release any time soon. He could break the bonds he was in but he didn't think his Mistress would be too happy if he did and his ass would surely pay for his action. So in the end, the only safe thing he could do was to be a bed pillow for his Mistress.

It would be a long night.


The morning found Heero eyeing the table where they'd had their dinner last night. The Japanese slave would never be able to look at the table innocently anymore. His Master had teased and taken him on that very table. Every time he looked at the table, the memory of his Master using him flashed before his eyes. Not wanting to get any more aroused with his memory, Heero decided to avoid looking at the table.

He was currently dressed in his contest costume, completed with his cat tail, ears, and gloves. His Master was also in his own costume, tight inner shirt covered with knee length, tight pants, knee high boots, and fingerless gloves. All was made from leather and black, except the inner shirt, which was red. The tag showing his name was pinned on the left side of his chest. Heero had drooled the first time his Master had worn the costume in their apartment. He drooled now as well.

His Master looked very sexy. Silver chains belted around his waist only added to his sexiness and was more than enough of an indication that he was the master. The tight pants hid nothing of his Master's assets. The obvious bulge in the front of the pants made Heero lick his lips excitedly. He had a strong desire to dig his Master's cock out from the tight pants and suck it.

"Down, Kitten," Duo chuckled as he caught his slave's stare.

Heero reluctantly looked away from the alluring bulge and was surprised when his Master removed the black coat.

"It's too hot to wear the coat now," Duo explained as he folded the coat around his left arm. It left him with the tight, sleeveless red shirt with the high collar.

Heero swallowed as the shirt showed the curves and muscles of his Master's body. The removal of the coat certainly did nothing to reduce his Master's attractiveness.

The said Master was grinning, letting Heero know that he was aware of his appearances' effect on his slave. He approached Heero and pulled his slave into a deep kiss.

"Remember," Duo murmured as he ended the kiss. He traced the black collar around his slave's neck. "You belong to me."

Still inhaling to replace the lost air during the kiss, Heero could only nod. It took him a few seconds longer to whisper a breathless 'Yours.'

"Mine." Duo reaffirmed and kissed his slave once again before putting the leash on the collar. Together, the Master and slave walked out of the cottage and got into a small anti gravity vehicle, which had been waiting for them.


Heero noted that they were brought toward a three story building with rounded top. It was about fifteen minutes ride from their cottage. The cool air greeted them as they stepped into the building. It was cool enough that Duo decided to wear his coat once again. Heero wasn't surprised at his Master's action. He knew there were weapons and tools hidden within the coat. Though they could do the mission just fine, wearing the coat could likely increase the smoothness of their mission.

They walked through the front hall where a few couples were chatting and lingering around. As shown by the map provided in the cottage, they headed toward the big and elegant door that lead to the spacious area where the ceremony would be held.

After they'd passed through the door, Heero's eyes took notice of the room. It was a bit hard for him to study the place as he was a slave and was required to bow all the time. However he had managed to get a good angle where he could study his surrounding while his head remained bowed. His unruly hair for once was an advantage to him in covering his wandering eyes. The area was large and circular. It could hold twenty mobile suits easily. The wall color was an abstract combination of red, white, and black, a suitable color for BDSM theme. There was a podium erected on the wall across the door. It was empty at the moment but Heero had no doubt that was where the three sponsors would show themselves. There were two other doors, one behind the podium and the other on his right. Heero guessed they led to another area of the building.

His Master approached the podium, obviously having drawn the same conclusions. There were a lot of people in BDSM costumes milling around. Servants with skimpy outfits walked around offering drinks while some men in black were standing guard on each door. Heero estimated their amount and came out with roughly 60 - 70 as the number, excluding the servants and guards.

"GoD, there you are! I knew you wouldn't disappoint me."

Heero recognized Lord X's voice as the older Dom approached them. From his quick glance, he could see a female sub tailing behind Lord X. Was she the older man's favorite sub?

"I can say the same to you, Lord X," Duo greeted his friend cheerfully. "I see your sub managed to pass the entry test."

"Never underestimate my authority over my subs, young man," Lord X said smugly, but it quickly turned somber. "P.L. failed though. It appeared his sub freaked out in the test."

"Young ones often can't handle authorities well," Duo commented.

Lord X snorted. "It's hard to believe that P.L.'s sub is the same age as your slave. Their maturity is as different as day and night."

That cute boy he had met was eighteen years old? Heero almost couldn't believe it. The boy looked so young!

"My slave is unique." There was a hint of pride in Duo's voice. "He is the best slave."

Heero's mind quickly shoved away the thought of P.L.'s cute boy at hearing his Master's statement. He could feel butterflies of happiness fluttering in chest. Duo was proud of him. Heero vowed not to disappoint his Master. He would strive hard to be the perfect slave for his Master.

Whatever Lord X wanted to say next was cut with the sound of gong. Heero kept his head bowed but his body was tense and alert. The gong was the indication that the opening ceremony was about to begin. From beneath his eyelashes, he watched as the three sponsors came out from the door behind the podium.

The first sponsor was a young man with golden hair which was cropped short. He was wearing a gray coat with black inner shirt and black pants. Having reading the information about the sponsors from the data Une had given to them, Heero's mind quickly found the data he had memorized about this sponsor.

The young man's name was Septus Alamsyah. He was twenty-five years old but was already the chief of his family's steel industry, Sandstorm Corporation. The corporation was the main supplier of steel for the world. It controlled the steel price and also some other metal prices. Although relatively young, Septus walked with a knowing smirk and in full confidence of a man who knew his power.

Heero looked at Septus' sub who was following the blonde on heel. It was a female with short dark brown hair. The Japanese slave couldn't estimate the sub's age because her face was hidden beneath her bangs but he thought she wouldn't be older than Septus. The sub's body was lean and curved in all the right places. There was a gold collar around her neck and a green silk band about five inches wide wrapped around her chest covering her breasts. Her lower body was adorned by a simple green and light gray plaid fabric, which didn't reach her knees. Heero memorized all the sub's features so he could find her later to gain information about Septus.

The second sponsor was a man with long light brown hair in formal white business suit. He had blue eyes and showed a neutral expression as he walked to podium. Heero's mind recited the man's data as the Japanese slave studied the Dom. His name was Raoul Cliff, a twenty nine year old man. He was the owner of several world communication systems including intercolony broadcast and the Inside Earth newspaper.

Raoul's sub was a red headed man wearing a skin tight, white turtleneck and dark red pants. His hair fell to just below his ears and parted in the front to reveal his face. Heero guessed he was around twenty-six years old. The Japanese slave was surprised to see the sub wore pants. As far as Heero had noticed, Raoul's sub was the only sub who wore pants. Well, there were some other subs wearing transparent pants but they didn't count since those kinds of pants weren't for covering their lower body like the ones Raoul's sub was wearing.

The third sponsor was a man with chin length black hair and equally black eyes that were as sharp as a hawks. He was the oldest of the sponsors, around his mid thirties and wore silk shirt and cotton pants; all black. While Septus and Raoul showed positive expressions, this man's eyebrows were taut, which made him look like he was frowning. His lips were pressed and curved down slightly. His expression and his appearance made him look menacing and cruel. The data showed the man as Souver Schwarz, a thirty six year old man. He owned Schwarz hospital which had branches in almost every colony and big city on earth.

Souver's sub was surprisingly a boy with the same hair color as Souver and the shortest of all the sponsors subs. This made Souver a pedophile in Heero's opinion. He couldn't be more than nineteen, Heero decided from what he could see of the boy's face. His black hair was short and unruly. Heero didn't know it was unruly because of its nature or because the boy had just been ravished by the older man. The boy had one nipple ring in the left nipple of his chest and an emerald earring in his right ear. Aside from the silver collar on his neck, a pair of dark green tight shorts was his only clothing.

Souver looked mean, but Septus, being in control of steel production and distribution, became Heero's number one suspect. It didn't help his case that Septus looked so confident and acted as if he owned the world. Heero resolved to observe Septus the most.

Raoul had stepped forward onto the podium. He introduced himself as Bronze and greeted the audience. It was the start of the opening ceremony. Heero listened to Raoul's speech for a few minutes before tuning him out. He shifted his gaze toward his Master and was startled to see his Master's face pale and tense.

"Master?" Heero shifted toward his Master.

Duo turned his head quickly toward his slave as if he'd just noticed him.

"Is something wrong, Master?" Heero whispered worriedly. This was the first time he'd seen his Master so pale and withdrawn.

Duo inhaled and closed his eyes. A minute passed before the violet eyes opened again. Heero saw the anxiety and surprise had vanished from the long haired Dom. The man who stood before him was his Master once again, confident and in control.

"Kitten," Duo whispered as he put an arm around his slave. "Be careful with Wind."


"Bronze's redhead sub."

Heero was confused. He knew he had to be careful, not with Raoul's sub but with all subs and also Doms. The fact that Duo knew Raoul's sub's name was pricking his curiosity. "Do you know Bronze's sub, Master?"

Duo nodded curtly. He hesitated for a second before elaborating. "He was my Dom."


The next chapter will take some times due to my study consuming most of my time....... six week to go..... and I'll be free... so the worst possibility, the next chapter won't be posted before these six hellish weeks are over but you never know when I get time to write. Hopefully I can finish the next chapter before that.... Yes yes yes, I'm evil, put down all the sharp stuff and rotten fruits please. *hides inside her gundanium turtleshell*


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