Notes: This is where the fic becomes NC-17 because a certain naked bishonen who will always be naked till part 9 *runs away from a berserk Hee-chan*

Enslaving Heero Part 3

"I said ALL of your clothes, slave."

Heero opened his mouth, wanting to say that he had emptied his bag, but then he noticed that Duo eyed his body. The ex-Wing pilot blushed when he realized what Duo meant. "You want me to be naked, Master?"

"So naive." Duo smirked. "Yes, slave. I want to see and inspect my property. Now strip."

Duo said the last two words with a dominating tone and Heero found himself tugging his tank top off. Blushing and reminding himself that this is an order from his Master, he quickly pulled off his tank top and let it slide to the floor. Then he put his hands around his spandex and looked at his Master. As Duo nodded, Heero pulled down the spandex and stepped out of it, blushing all the way.

"Ah, no underwear, I see. You're beautiful, slave." Duo let out a slight chuckle when he saw Heero move his hands to cover his half hard erection. It looked like his slave was turned on by his humiliation. Heero was a natural sub, indeed. "No need to be ashamed, you'll soon get used to this condition."

Heero looked up, surprised evident in his eyes. Get used to? His master wanted him to be naked all day?

"What? Do you think I'm gonna let your beauty stay hidden beneath clothes? No, slave. When we're alone in this apartment, I expect you to be naked, save your collar and my other signs that I'll put on you later. Now come here, I want to inspect you." Duo opened his legs and pointed at the space between them.

Feeling that it was useless to cover his private parts, Heero finally gave up his effort and walked to where his Master pointed.

"Kneel, legs wide apart, hands behind your back, shoulders straight, and head bowed."

Heero quickly obeyed the order.

"You'll go into this position when I snap my fingers like this." Duo snapped his fingers twice. "Understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"I know you have never been in this kind of relationship before, so I'll train you from the start. You'll be a perfect slave, but for me only."

Perfect slave, not a perfect soldier anymore. Kami-sama, Heero never thought that his life would be turned upside down in one day. "I'll try hard to please you, Master."

"Good. Now lay on the bed, face down and stay still while I inspect you."

Heero complied and soon felt fingers roaming over his body, kneading and probing his buttocks. He wriggled a little when Duo's fingers trailed into the crevice between his cheeks and received a smack. "Stay still." Duo caressed that sweet ass while Heero tried to keep still.

His Master then flipped him over to lie on his back and the fingers returned to his body. Duo paid special attention to his nipples, playing with them. The fingers danced skillfully on his nipples, twirling and pulling them. Heero let out a moan as he felt his nipples being stroked over and over until they fully hardened. Not that Duo stopped when they were hardened though, he kept toying with them, prodding and pinching until Heero couldn't help but moan and moan again.

"So responsive... " Duo chuckled. "Let's inspect my property further, ne?"

Heero bit his lips in order not to thrash and squirm as Duo explored lower and played with his balls and cock, stroking it to full erection. As Duo pumped his cock slowly, Heero couldn't help but to thrust up. "Master...."

"Do you feel the pleasure I'm giving to you now, my slave?"

"Ye... yes." Heero moaned as his Master played with his cock.

"Remember, your body is mine. You may not let anyone touch your body, except me, and that's including you, slave. You may not touch your body without my permission, understand?" Duo talked to his slave while rubbing the head of Heero's erection.

"Yes......" Heero found it hard to think with his Master's hand on his cock. He heard what he had said and repeated it, without thinking, between his moans. "My body is yours...may not... touch it...."

"Yes, slave. You may not touch it." Duo smiled as he saw his slave had received all his words without argument. "You may not come, since it was not your right to do so. I own your body so I'll say when and where you're allowed to come, understand?" To accentuate his words, Duo softly squeezed the throbbing staff in his hand.

"Ah....." The sensation was too strong. His Master was ruling his mind and his body, especially his cock. Heero couldn't think clearly as his orgasm was building up but his Master's words were clearly echoing in his mind. Again, Heero found himself repeating his Master's words. "May not come....nn...not my right......."

"Yes, slave. You have no rights. I let you come because it is my pleasure to see my slave reaching his orgasm. Your pleasure is nothing. You only exist to serve me, to be my pleasure toy." Duo kept talking, letting his words rule Heero's mind.

Heero was a mess. His world had narrowed into his Master's hand on his cock and his Master's voice echoing in his mind. "Uh...This... your pleasure.....not my pleasure...ah.....I only serve be your toy....."

"Very good." Duo leaned down and kissed his slave, adding more dazzling sensation to Heero, whose condition was on the verge of coming.

"Do you want me to let you come, slave?" Duo pulled away and smirked as he watched the evident distress on his slave's face.

Heero nodded, unable to form words as his Master kept pumping his cock. Too slow and not hard enough to make him come. Suddenly the hand on his cock disappeared, leaving him hard and unsatisfied. Heero looked up and saw his Master hovering above him. "Mas......Master?"

"I don't want you to come, slave. I don't think you have pleased me enough to earn that privilege." Duo grinned at the shock on Heero's face. "Yes, slave. I can play with your body, making your cock hard, but to let you come has to be earned, slave. It's true that it's my pleasure to let you come, but it is not very necessary for me. I can leave you unsatisfied like this if your attitude doesn't please me."

Heero bit his lower lip, trying to process his Master's words. He didn't please his Master....of course, this was his punishment for his disobedience over the laptop. Heero threw his head back and whimpered his apology. "Master, I'm sorry. I won't be defiant again."

"Ah, but you have been defiant, slave. And you must know that I never leave my slave unpunished for his bad behavior." Duo smirked, looking at his desperate slave.

"I know I'm bad. I won't do it again. Please, let me come, Master." Heero was really hard; he needed release. His Master had to give him release. If Heero could think clearly, he would realize that he didn't need his Master to reach the release and his body seemed to know the fact for his hand was trailing down, wanting to give him release.

But a growl from his Master stopped the hand. "Don't touch it. Your body is mine, not yours."

Heero swallowed at his Master's growl and dangerous tone. The growl like the growl of a dog whose territory was being invaded. And the tone of his voice was like the one someone used when he felt his property was being touched by someone else. Heero realized that he almost made another mistake by touching something that was not his anymore.

The hand stopped trailing and fell limp to his side. Heero's mind was repeating the words his Master said to him during his tormenting. His body was his Master's property, only his Master had the right to use and touch it. He only could come if his Master ordered him to. His pleasure was nothing. He only existed to serve his Master, to pleasure his Master.

He could not come without his Master's permission. The words echoed in his mind. Knowing that he had no rule over his body, Heero only could moan and whimper at the stress of not having release. "I'm sorry, Master......but please....let me come....I have to come..."

Somewhere deep inside his subconsciousness, his intelligence registered that Duo was conditioning him to be his perfect slave, to obey all his orders and to let his Master have complete control over him. But Heero was not aware of that now, all he was aware was his throbbing erection and that needed release.

"No, you don't have to come, slave." Duo smacked his hard cock, making Heero jump in surprise and pain. He looked at his Master who was looking back at him. There was a dangerous gleam on the violet eyes and when Duo spoke, the tone was very masterful and demanding to be obeyed, right away. "You may not come."

Heero whimpered. His body was aching for release, but his Master ordered him not to come. Duo surely was a sadist by nature, but then again, if he hadn't been defiant to his Master, he might be have gained release by now. A part of his body wanted release while the other part wanted to obey his Master. It seemed that the part that wanted pleasure still strong and Heero found himself begging his Master again. Heero knew that he was pushing his Master, but he couldn't help it. "Please, Master. I ...."

"If you come I'll surely punish you." Duo cut off Heero's words. His tone was very dangerous now.

Hearing that tone, Heero knew all his efforts would be futile. He would not get any release from his Master. This was his punishment. As he realized he lost the battle, Heero slumped back in defeat on the bed. His cock was throbbing painfully, but he could do nothing about it. It was not his anymore. It belonged to his Master, his owner.

Duo smiled as he saw Heero lay on the bed in submission. Caressing Heero's cheek, Duo spoke in tender voice. "Very good, my slave. If you keep obeying me like this, I'm sure you'll have your release soon."

Feeling his Master's caress, Heero nodded. "I'm trying, Master."

Duo smiled and kissed his slave's lips lightly. "Now stand up and go to the bathroom. I'll clean you there."

Heero slowly stood up and tried hard to ignore his throbbing erection. He had to endure this punishment as his Master told him to.

The bathroom was specially designed for the luxury. A wide, oval shaped bathtub greeted Heero's eyes, once he stepped into the bathroom. There was a toilet beside the bathtub and another shower head beside it. He wondered what it meant and why the shower head was quite different from the one on the bathtub. Above the toilet, Heero could see some bottles of lubes and shampoos were placed on the shelf.

Duo passed by him and sat on the edge of the bathtub, near the toilet. "Come here, over my knee."

Heero was again confused. Didn't his Master say that he wanted to clean him? Judging from the position he would make over his Master's knee, Heero thought his Master would spank him. "Slave" The dangerous tone on the word snapped Heero from his thoughts and he quickly knelt beside Duo and laid himself across Duo's lap. His poor cock was trapped between Duo's thighs.

Duo didn't say anything as he let his fingers caress and knead his slave's buttocks. Heero relaxed and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of his Master's fingers on him. Suddenly, he felt his buttocks being pried apart and he looked back to see Duo applying lube to his fingers. Was his Master going to claim him now? Heero trembled in anticipation as one finger pushed inside his tight entrance.

"Stay still and relax, slave."

Heero tried his best to relax and felt another finger join the first inside him. He whimpered in pain as the fingers stretched his virgin canal. After five minutes of prodding, exploring and stretching, the fingers pulled away.

Heero gasped as he felt something cold, slippery, and bigger than the fingers push against his sphincter. He looked back and was terrified as he saw Duo was pushing the strange shower head into him. "This is a shower head with special nozzle attached on it. You'll use this to clean your insides everyday." Duo said calmly and pushed the nozzle head past Heero's sphincter. Heero cried out as he felt the cold metal invade his rectum.

Reacting on instinct, Heero squirmed and tried to push the alien thing out of his body. Duo held Heero still and smacked his buttocks hard. "Quiet. I told you to keep still. It's nothing compared to my cock, slave. You have to learn to accept and submit to me." Heero still panted and whimpered when Duo pushed the nozzle in a little more, but he had stopped squirming.

"Good slave. I'll show you how to use it once and then you'll do it by yourself."

Heero heard his Master's voice and then felt the warm water fill his rectum. First the sensation was quite pleasing, until he felt his stomach was swollen. Duo pulled out the nozzle and asked Heero to clench his sphincter to prevent the water from flooding out.

They stayed in silence for several minutes until Heero felt cramping inside and moaned. Duo let go of him and ordered him to sit on the toilet and defecate. Flushing slighty, Heero scurried to obey, just in time, he felt he couldn't hold any longer. While Heero relaxed himself, Duo stood up.

"Keeping yourself cleaned and lubed is your obligation. I won't help you doing it. However, it's your choice to have yourself lubed or you'll experience dry fuck, slave." Duo looked at Heero, who nodded, then he continued, "Repeat this process once more and then fill the tub. I'm going to retrieve something for you."

Heero waited until Duo was out of the bathroom and then took the nozzle. He wondered what he had gotten himself into. He never thought his slavery would be so intimate. Of course he knew any Master wanted to fuck his slave, but he never thought of being naked all day nor being cleaned, like this, by his Master.

But what had been done couldn't be undone, he had to obey his Master's orders. He also noticed that during the process, his cock remained hard. Heero sighed at his rebellious body and inserted the nozzle into his rectum once again, grimacing a little as his sphincter cried in pain when the nozzle passed it. His Master had said that his cock would be bigger; Heero was worried at how he was going to take it inside his ass. But then again, since it was his Master's order, the only thing Heero could do was bear the penetration. He could not escape penetration, for it was his Master's right to use his body.

Duo came back just in time to watch Heero bending and applying the lube inside him. His slave jumped as he felt his ass being kneaded. "Easy slave." Duo chuckled as his slave glared at him. Heero had used his glare when he was annoyed by his Master during the war, but now, as a slave, Heero knew he would rarely be able to give Duo the glare. "You know you can be punished if you keep glaring at me, slave." Duo snapped his fingers.

His slave quickly bowed his head and knelt while muttering something in Japanese. The words unfortunately reached Duo's ears. He smirked as he acknowledged the word but chose to ignore it and leaned down, lifting his slave's head to claim him in a full kiss. When he broke the kiss, Duo chuckled as his slave clutched his legs, trying to regain his balance.

Duo sat at the edge of the bathtub. "Come here slave." Duo pointed between his spread legs and soon Heero was in front of him, kneeling and bowing his head. Duo smiled and petted his head. "Good slave. I see you filled the tub and obeyed my order." Duo kissed his slave's forehead and patted his own lap. "Now over my knee, I have something for you as reward."

Heero lowered himself once again on Duo's lap, moaning as his erection brushed Duo's clothes and wondering what kind of reward he would get. He felt his buttock being pried apart again and heard his Master voice. "This is your reward, relax and accept it." A cold blunt tip suddenly pressed into Heero's sphincter. Heero gasped as Duo pushed the object deeper into him. It was bigger than the nozzle, but softer and Heero whimpered as the object stretched him more, prodding his previous unexplored tissues.

"This is a butt plug, slave." Duo punctuated his sentence by pulling the plug out a little and droving it into his gasping slave. Heero's hands came up to pull out the object, but Duo quickly pinned them with his free hand. "Submit, slave. Relax and you'll enjoy it..."

"Please take it out, Master." Heero gasped again as the butt plug stretched him more, giving more pain in his stretched sphincter.

"You don't have right to order me, slave. Your body is mine not yours. Mine to use. If I want to stick something inside this body, so be it."

"It hurts......" Heero whimpered as his Master rolled the butt plug, brushing his sphincter.

"I know, but it will hurt more if I claim you without preparation first. You're so tight, slave." Duo leaned down and kissed the back of Heero's neck. "Submit, slave."

Submit.....this is his Master's order. He had to submit. Heero panted trying to adjust to the invader. His Master waited for a moment then pushed the plug deeper, making him whimper while trying to accommodate the invader. By now he estimated his ass had taken about four inches up of the plug. How long was the plug? He gasped as Duo pulled out the plug and then drove it back in, swiftly. Then he felt Duo doing small pushing and pulling motions, stretching his passage with the plug.

"I think you don't believe this is much of a reward, yes?" Duo kept pushing and pulling the plug while he talked. Heero nodded and heard his Master continue, "Believe me, you'll consider this a reward when I take you, slave. You're a virgin and tight. Usually, I like to claim without stretching too much, feeling the real virgin ass around mycock. However, it will be very painful for you so I'll spare you. This plug will help you to easily adjust to my size later. I'm bigger and twice as long as this plug, slave."

Heero widened his eyes as he estimated his Master's size. It was hard to accept the plug and to think he would have a bigger and longer thing than the plug. His Master was right, he should consider this as the reward. "Thank you for the reward, Master." He managed to speak between his gasps as the plug penetrated him.

Duo smiled and pushed the plug inside his slave for the last time and tied the end of it so the plug stayed inside his slave. "Now, time to clean you thoroughly." Duo lifted Heero and stood him up. "Undress me, slave."

"Uhm..Master?" Heero squirmed, feeling the plug inside him. The pain had eased a little but having something inside his ass was really uncomfortable.


"The plug....don't you take it out?"

"Of course not. You'll wear it until I claim you. In fact, you'll have something inside your ass all the time. It could be the butt plug, dildo, or my cock." Duo grinned as Heero paled. "It's good for stretching and making you available all the time. Of course this could be used as your punishment too. The butt plug and dildo inside your ass will vary in size, depending your behavior. The one inside you now, can be considered as small. So you better not piss me off with your disobedience."

Heero was certain that his Master was a sadist, now. He didn't dare to imagine the size of the biggest plug if the one inside his ass right now could be said as small. He would make certain that he would never have to take a bigger plug than this and hurried undressing his Master.

Although Heero had estimated how big Duo was, he was still surprised when he saw his Master's cock. His mind screamed that he would never be able to take it up his ass, it would surely tear and rip him. Heero looked up and gasped as he saw lust on his Master's eyes. Unconsciously, he whimpered. "I won't take you now, slave." His Master's words managed to comfort him a little. However, his relief didn't last long as his Master continued, "But I need release."


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