Enslaving Heero Part 38
Settling In

"Please fasten your seat belt. We are going to enter the L-12DH colony's atmosphere within fifteen minutes."

Heero frowned when the captain announced the colony's name. The colony was one of the new colonies built after the war with few inhabitants. Most of these colonies belonged to wealthy people rather than government. And judging by how wealthy the sponsors were, Heero had no doubt that one of them owned the colony.

They landed without a problem and were escorted out of the spaceport by a female sub in a tiger costume. Heero watched and committed what he had seen in his memory for future use as they passed through three sets of secured gates and a bunch of hawk eyed guards. He noted in irritation that it would be difficult to escape from the colony without attracting attention. This contest ought to cost a lot just to ensure the security was of the highest level.

They passed the final gate and came upon three giant tunnels. Various transports flew in and out of the tunnels. Heero noted that each tunnel was big enough to allow a mobile suit into it.

"These are the tunnels that lead to three different areas of the colony. We will take the right tunnel that leads us to the area of the contest, 'Atlantis Haven'. Please take a seat," the female sub explained as she gestured for them to enter the big vehicle hovering next to her. After they all got into the anti gravity transport and flew towards the right tunnel, the submissive guide continued her explanation. It seemed that the entire Atlantis Haven area had been secured for the contest so the contestants were free to roam as Dom and sub without fear or worry. They could even have their subs naked and no one would bat an eye about it.

Heero glanced at his Master and decided he didn't like the grin that was widening on Duo's heart-shaped face. That kind of perverted grin never bode well for his ass, inside or outside. The guide announced that today would be a free day so the contestants could get used to the area. Heero made a note to study the whole area later that night so he could plan all the possible routes, both for accomplishing their mission and for escape.

"This is the cottage?" Duo whistled when they were dropped in front of the said cottage. "They really haven't spared any expense for this contest."

Heero just stared at what would be their home during the contest. Sure it was a cottage; but it was such an expensive cottage. It was big and built with the best quality wood. Coconut trees adorned its surroundings. There was a stone pathway leading to the cottage's door, decorated with green grass on each side. Heero could see the other cottages on his left and right, set apart about fifteen meters and marked by set of boulders. Behind the cottages was a never-ending beach with deep blue water and white sands. There were about twenty to thirty cottages scattered along the beach.

Dorothy and Wufei entered the cottage on his left. Grant and Haakon were given the cottage to the left of Dorothy and Wufei's. With a feeling of irritation, Heero knew just who would occupy the cottage to their right.

"It looks like we'll be neighbors, GoD," B.B. announced cheerfully as he walked toward his cottage. Dai trotted after him, throwing a smirk at Heero.

"I believe so." Duo nodded his head politely. B.B and Dai entered their cottage and closed the door. Heero glared at the closed door for a while, not liking the situation one bit.

"Don't mind them, Kitten." Duo hugged his slave and kissed him soundly in front of the cottage. "You should be worrying about obeying and pleasuring me only."

"Yes Master," Heero answered, a little breathless from the kiss. He took their luggage and followed his Master into the cottage. The cottage consisted of three rooms: bedroom, bathroom, and living room. The living room had a satellite television, a videophone with a menu and phone extension list, the contest schedule and a map next to it. A wide rug occupied the wooden floor with some fluffy light brown pillows. The dining table was round and short in height, less than 25 cm. Since there were no dining chairs provided, Heero assumed they were expected sit on the rug to eat and watch the television. There was another door in the living room, leading straight to the back of the cottage where white, sandy beach waited for them.

A quick check in the bathroom showed a bathtub and a shower, both equipped with hot water; not that they needed it since the temperature in this area had been set to that of a tropical climate. The bedroom itself was equipped with a big queen bed, a nightstand next to it with a comfy couch on the other side, an air conditioner and two cupboards. One cupboard for their clothes and other things they brought with them while the other cupboard was filled with not-so-innocent toys. Heero had opened this cupboard first when he went to put their clothes away and quickly closed it when his eyes felt on an enormous dildo. He hastily opened the other cupboard and started putting their clothes in there while his Master watched him in amusement.

After they finished putting away their clothes and stuff, they checked the whole cottage for bugs and other surveillance means. When none were found, Heero relaxed slightly. Duo walked toward the first cupboard and took out the dildo Heero had had the misfortune to glance at earlier, which made him tense again. "This is quite big, don't you think, Kitten?"

Quite big?? That dildo was almost as big as the widest part of his lower arm. Heero looked incredulously at his Master. "It's enormously BIG, Master, not just 'quite big'."

Duo grinned, "I'll have you know that this is smaller than the one I once used on an ex-sub."

While Heero knew theoretically that a human's body could stretch to accommodate the dildo, it would still involve a lot of stretching and quite some time to get the sub into the condition where he would be able to accept the dildo. He, of course, never planned to prove the theory. Heero felt pity for the ex-sub but that pity was quickly replaced with a sense of dread when he noticed his Master grinning at him with a gleam that didn't bode well for him. "Master?"

"As my slave, of course you have to be better than my ex subs."

"Nani?" Heero squeaked and took a step back. "You want me to... to wear that horrible dildo?"

"It's not a horrible thing, Kitten." Duo waved the dildo playfully before putting it back into the cupboard. "No, I don't want you to wear this. " Heero had just started to feel relieved when Duo continued, "I have a bigger one for you."

Heero squawked.

"Don't worry, I'll work on your sweet ass slowly until you can wear it without too much discomfort." Duo grinned and sat down on the couch. "It will be a nice sight to see my slave with a big dildo in him."

Heero wanted to protest. He wanted to say that he didn't want the dildo, but he knew full well that it wasn't his right to refuse what Duo wanted to do to him; his body belonged to Duo after all. If Duo wanted to stick the big dildo in, it was within his right to do so. The only thing he got from protesting was a red and sore ass, not that his ass wouldn't be sore after being impaled by that horrible dildo. Still, Heero squirmed at the thought of the upcoming ordeal. "Master..."

Duo raised an eyebrow. "What? You want a bigger one? No problem."

"No!" Heero countered hurriedly, "What you want is fine, Master."

"Good Kitten." Duo smiled and gestured to his lap. "Come here, I want to use you before we take a stroll around the beach."

Heero sighed, knowing he'd just been manipulated brilliantly by his sadistic Master. Aware of his throbbing bottom, Heero sat down slowly on his Master's lap and dropped his arms around Duo's neck. "You're evil, Master."

"I am, aren't I?" Duo grinned widely then proceeded to kiss his slave. His hands caressed the Japanese boy's body and slowly divested what little clothes Heero had on.

When the kiss ended and Heero got a chance to breathe, he found himself naked save for his cat tail, furred gloves, and boots. His Master's fingers poked his nipples, making him gasp from the jolts of pleasure the gesture elicited. Duo's forefingers slid into each of his nipple rings and tugged them down, causing Heero to arch his back in reaction.

"My lovely Kitten," Duo murmured as he feasted upon his slave's neck while his fingers played with the nipple rings, sliding them around the pierced flesh.

Heero tightened his hold on Duo and threw his head backward, surrendering his chest to his Master's mercy. He often wondered why his Master seemed fascinated with his nipples but he wasn't complaining, not when he got this much pleasure from the touch. He'd never known his nipples were that sensitive before he'd met his Master.

It was sometime before Duo was satisfied with caressing his nipples and took the right one into his mouth. Heero felt the suction on his right nipple and gasped in pleasure. He could feel his Master's tongue lapping his tiny nub eagerly followed by nipping and chewing that left his nipple red and hard. Duo then turned to lavish the same attention on his left nipple. Heero mewled and tightened his embrace as he bore the blissful torture. His cock was very hard and poked against his Master's chest, begging for the release, which he knew wouldn't be granted.

With his mouth working on his slave's right nipple and his left hand toying on the left nipple, Duo's right hand was free to roam over his slave's body. It slid lower, caressing his slave's spine before squeezing Heero's left cheek. His slave's tail twitched back and forth, showing his excitement. Duo ran his fingers around the ring muscle that held the tail inside his slave, causing his lovely slave to shudder in delight.

"Master..." Heero panted as his Master teased his stretched opening. He wriggled his bottom, urging his Master to go on. Instead of answering his silent plea, Duo straightened his upper body up, abandoning Heero's nipples. The Japanese boy groaned at the loss and couldn't help but arch up, wanting that wonderful mouth back on his nipple. There was a chuckle and a playful slap on his bottom. "What a slut you are, Kitten. You want more, hmmm?"

"Yesssss." Heero hissed and wriggled his bottom to emphasize his need.

"Open my pants then," Duo ordered as he pulled his slave's tail out. Heero quickly complied with the order and tugged his Master's cock out just in time as his waist was seized and lifted up. The next thing Heero knew was that he had been firmly impaled on his Master's hard cock. It was a fast and straight-to-the-hilt-penetration, poking his prostate directly. The stars exploded before his eyes as every nerve in his body vibrated with pleasure. The sudden attack of pleasure left Heero's mind blank. He felt giddy with pleasure and was only half aware what was happening behind the white cloud of pleasure. He could feel his body being moved up and down, impaled upon the hard flesh. He could feel a slick tongue penetrate his mouth, mimicking what was being done to his lower body. He kept the hazy blissful feeling for a moment until his cock demanded his attention. It throbbed for release and drove the haziness away.

"Master, please..." Heero plead when his Master released his mouth.

"No, Kitten. You may not come." Duo grunted and pushed his slave up and down faster. It took only a few more times before he tensed and filled his unsatisfied slave with his seed.

Heero shuddered as the familiar warmth spread inside him. He was hard and miserable, yet at the same time he felt happy. He sat silently on his Master's lap, waiting until his Master had finished emptying his release and watched his Master's relaxed face. Those violet eyes were clouded with pleasure and out of focus. There was a small smile that gave his Master the innocent edge that was normally absent from his expression. Heero kept watching until the violet eyes blinked and rested upon him. The small smile transformed into a wide one, replacing the innocent edge with slyness.

"Clean me, Kitten."

"Yes, Master." Heero slowly detached himself and went to fetch the damp cloth he had put in the bathroom. He was aware of his Master's seed traveling down his thigh during his walk but he ignored it. He cleaned his Master quickly and tucked the now soft cock back into the pants. He was about to return to the bathroom when Duo snatched the cloth.

"Master?" Heero asked in surprise.

"Lie on the bed, Kitten, face down," Duo softly ordered.

Confused, Heero complied and lay down, presenting his back to Duo. There was a pause and Heero was wondering what his Master planned to do when the damp cloth touched his ass. He jerked up slightly in surprise but stayed silent as Duo's hand pressed down on his back firmly. The cloth moved to the crease of his ass and gently cleaned the traces of seed there. Heero couldn't help but sigh at the gentle caress. He closed his eyes and let his Master clean his body, enjoying the rare tenderness his Master gave him.

A soft kiss landed on the back of his head, bringing a slight smile to Heero's face. The mood was too good to be broken so Heero stayed silent as his Master patted him and inserted his tail back into his body, stopping him from leaking. Some more kisses flew around his back and buttocks. Heero sighed louder.

The gentle moment ended with a smack on his ass.

"Ow!" Heero opened his eyes and looked over his shoulder at his grinning Master.

"Remove your gloves and put these on, Kitten." Duo waved a pair cotton shorts and a vest on one hand while the other hand held a long chain, "Time to walk my pet around the beach."

Heero groaned and reluctantly put the vest and shorts. He had difficulties putting his still hard cock into the tight shorts but imaging his naked mentor did the trick.

Duo then connected his slave's collar with the long chain and dragged him out of the cottage. Heero followed meekly, still feeling the ghost of the gentle moment. It distracted him so well that he didn't know his Master had stopped and bumped into him instead of stopping before him.

There was a snicker and a loud whisper a few feet from they stood. "Master, look! He even can't walk to heel properly."

Heero glared at Dai who whispered the words intentionally in a loud voice. The gentle moment he'd savored was completely gone and ruined, thanks to the brat's interruption and a quick look at the situation told him that Duo had stopped because Dai's Master blocked his path. Kamisama, if only he could shoot this irritating pair with his rifle beam cannon...

A tug on his leash warned Heero not to do anything, so Heero shifted closer to his Master and ignored the still grinning sub.

"You spoilt that pretty boy of yours, did you, GoD?" B.B. grinned. "The weather looks good, how about we take a walk together?"

"No, thanks for the offer." Duo declined politely. "I want to be with my pet alone for now." Then he sidestepped the bigger man and left him before B.B. managed to reply. Heero followed his Master right on his heels without a problem, eagerly leaving the pairing behind.


"Stop pouting, 'Fei darling."

"I'm not pouting. I want my clothes back."

"You have them."

"Them? It's only a pair of shorts! So short and tight that I feel like I'm wearing nothing!"

"I like it."

"I don't!"

"Fine, remove the shorts."


"You heard me, Drake."

"But... But we are on the open beach!"

"So? No one will care. Remove them."


"Give me my hairbrush."

Wufei squawked.


"Nothing amiss?"

"No, Master." Heero answered, eyes like a hawk watching his surroundings. Duo and himself had walked around the beach, checking and evaluating their surroundings. There were some Dom and sub couples sunbathing and swimming. Most subs were naked or wearing a very skimpy outfit. It still amazed Heero that no one would bat an eyelash at the almost nude scene. It was as if he had arrived in a different world.

Heero looked at his Master's back and felt proud at the arrogant way Duo took his steps. Not wanting to disappoint his Master, Heero straightened his back and followed his Master's heel meekly. His Master radiated confidence and composure. Heero knew the composure was only half real though. They were on mission after all and though he couldn't see his Master's face, Heero was sure Duo was studying his surroundings, taking note for their mission.

Walking further from the beach to where the coconut trees stood, Heero's ears caught a familiar female voice.

"You dare to protest my order. You don't address me appropriately. You disobey my direct order. That's thirty lashes for you, Drake."

Dorothy's voice was followed by the sound of something solid hitting flesh and a yelp. Glancing to his left, Heero could see the woman sitting on a wooden bench with Wufei on her lap and applying firm smacks with her hairbrush.

"I'm sorry, Mistress," Wufei gasped with the blows.

Heero noted in amazement that the Chinese Preventer only struggled half heartedly, indicating that he deserved the punishment. There was a tug on Heero's leash. Heero realized then that he had stopped and hurriedly followed his Master who steered them away from Dorothy and Wufei.

When they were too far to be heard by the other pairing, Duo let out a chuckle. "Poor Wufei."

Heero just grunted his agreement. Duo chuckled again and sat down on a wide boulder, facing the sea. He patted the space between his legs and tugged Heero's leash at the same time. "Sit, Kitten."

Heero sat between his Master's legs and relaxed against the firm chest. His Master's arms settled around him, the breeze caressed his face tenderly, making him feel strangely peaceful and his eyes watched the sea waves chase each other. The sun was starting to set, turning the sky slowly into reddish orange. Though he knew the scenery was artificial, it was still a beautiful picture to behold.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Duo murmured.

Heero sighed in agreement and leant his head against his Master's shoulder.

"After this mission is over, I'll take you to a real beach." Duo kissed his slave's cheek lovingly. "And I'm going to make love to you over and over. On a boulder, in the water, on the sand, everywhere."

Make love. Heero liked the words. He shifted slightly to get a better position within his Master's embrace and let out a happy purr. "I look forward to it, Master."



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