Enslaving Heero Part 37
Contest Entry

Like other mornings, this morning Heero was awakened by the feeling of his Master picking his hips up and sliding into him. Heero moaned and waited for the hard and fast thrusting his Master liked to do when he used him in the morning but it never came. Instead, Duo rocked inside him slowly.

"Master?" Heero wasn't complaining with the way Duo used him but the change of pace made him curious.

"Remember, Kitten." Duo thrust in and licked the back of his slave's neck. "You're mine and mine only."

"Always, Master." Heero ended with a gasp as his Master prodded his prostate. There were no more words exchanged as his Master used him lazily until he filled Heero with his release. Heero let out a moan at the feel of warm liquid filling his inside. His cock twitched for attention but Heero ignored it, knowing he would not get a release. Light butterfly kisses flew on his back and his Master's hands caressed his body, making him feel like worshiped, like he was the most precious thing for his Master.


"Always yours, Master. Always." Heero sighed as his Master cuddled him, as if protecting him from world outside. He was supposed to get up and prepared breakfast for his Master but it was too much effort to move from this warm cocoon. In the end, Heero closed his eyes and dozed back to sleep.

He was awakened an hour later by a sting on his bottom. Yelping in surprise, Heero opened his eyes and saw his Master fully clothed and holding a vicious cane.


"I recalled you have five strokes for interrupting me yesterday. I will add twenty more as a reminder of who you belong to so you won't forget it while we are in the mission." Duo smiled nastily and swung the cane toward his slave who was muttering about a certain possessive and sadistic Master.


Kamisama definitely didn't feel pity on him, Heero cursed and mourned for his poor throbbing bottom as he followed his Master toward the contest's gathering point, which happened to be the spaceport gate 12. Each of them carried a bag containing their clothes and daily needs for a week, which was how long the contest would be held. A beautiful woman in black suit welcomed them and directed them into a certain lounge after she checked their contest ID. Entering the lounge, Heero quickly left his sulking persona behind and stayed alert like he used to do in every mission. He gazed surreptitiously and studied other occupants as he followed his Master toward one of empty sofas. There was another door that led deeper into the building on the other side of the room. He chose to stand rather than sitting down next to his Master because a very obvious reason which his Master knew and threw a satisfied smirk at him.

Heero growled lowly and decided to study their soon to be rivals. There were thirty occupants excluded Duo and him. Most of them wore coats like he and Duo to cover their real costumes beneath, but there were some who wore non-coat cover. Like Wufei, Heero noticed him and Dorothy on the other side of the room. The Chinese boy was wearing his long traditional Chinese robe. The white theme of the clothes suited Wufei light skin and the long wide sleeves and ankle-length robe hid his real costume nicely.

Grant and his Mistress were sitting on the sofa not far from where Wufei and Dorothy were while Klein and Lind sat on other corner quite far from the four of them but closer toward Duo and him. A new arrival distracted Heero from his inspection. He glanced at the entrance and met a pair of glaring black eyes. Heero imagined various ways to remove those irritating eyes, together with their irritating owner, from his sight.

"It looks like B.B and Dai arrive right on time," Duo spoke up in amusement.

Heero turned his head in surprise, not realizing his Master had risen from his seat. "Nani?"

Duo gestured with his chin, "We're asked to go there, Kitten."

The 'there' Duo meant was the other door Heero had seen before. He saw a different woman standing next to the door. She was wearing the same black suit as the first one they met and was holding up a plate with their contest ID written on it. He followed Duo toward the woman, ignoring Dai's glare and Wufei's curious stare.

"Can I have the Dom's name, Sirs?" The woman asked politely. Heero liked her because she didn't judge their status and asked them instead.

"GoD," Duo spoke lowly so only the woman and Heero heard his answer. The long haired Preventer obviously didn't want certain occupants of the room to be aware of his identity yet.

The woman consulted the list she had and seemed satisfied. She stepped aside to give way to them. "Please go through this hallway to room 212 for the final check, Sirs."

Heero frowned slightly at the mention of 'final check'. So far, all the Preventer equipment they brought didn't get detected by the spaceport security and he certainly wanted it to stay that way. With more caution, he followed his Master through the hallway and came into a room that where two burly men stood waiting. A computer terminal stood next to them.

"Mr. GoD?" The taller man asked them after reading something on the monitor.

Duo nodded.

"We are sorry for the inconvenience, but it has to be done to prevent outsiders joining the contest for ill purposes. This check also will be the first stage for the contest. Only high quality couple will be able to enter the rest of the contest stages."

Heero could understand what ill purposes the man referred to. He had hacked into the contest database and after comparing the names in it with the data from Duo's BDSM community, which he got his Master permission to view, he got several famous names as the contestants. Reporters would like to pretend to be one of the contestants in hope to gain information on those people. Other than the reporters, there were also others who would want to use this information for blackmails. He wouldn't put it pass the security to count the assassination possibility as well. However, regarding the first stage of contest, Heero absolutely had no clues, which caused him to frown deeper.

The two men checked their luggage first then asked them to remove their coat for further physical checking. Heero put down his coat and let the shorter man pat him from head till toe, no doubt looking for weapons. Since the man was touching him for security purpose, Heero didn't mind the touching much but still he didn't like being touched. Only one person could touch him and that was Duo, his Master and the owner of his body. Even before Duo became his Master, he didn't mind Duo touching him.

Heero glanced at his Master, who was having the same inspection. Ten minutes later, the men declared them clear. Heero hid his smirk as he put on his coat back. Of course they wouldn't find any weapons. Their costumes were their own weapons, which Duo carefully constructed and manufactured. Heero would wager that his Master also had concealed micro-sized tools inside his long hair, which the men didn't think to inspect.

"Thank you for your cooperation, Sirs," The taller man handed their luggage back. "Now we will commence the first stage of the contest. Its goal is to see the Dom's control over his sub so we will test the sub in this stage. The sub, please follow me," The man spoke as he headed toward the adjoining room.

Heero didn't like being tested alone. He didn't like being ordered by someone else either. But they would have to follow the rules if they wanted to keep up with the contest. His thought was interrupted with a hand squeezing his sore bottom.

"Remember who you belong to," Duo whispered and released his slave's poor bottom. "Don't disappoint me, Kitten."

"I won't, Master," Heero replied then followed the man.

He entered the room and immediately went alert when the door automatically closed behind him. There were only the man and him in the room with a bed at one corner and a table at the other corner. On the table were a set of basic BDSM tools like paddle, whip, and a ball gag. The man stood in the center of the room and frowned at the Japanese boy.

"Kneel, slave."

Heero frowned and stayed where he was. Who did the man think he was to dare ordering him?

"Are you deaf?" The man barked. "Remove your clothes and kneel before me."

Heero acted as if he didn't hear the order and crossed his arms in front of him nonchalantly. "Can we start the contest now?"

The man looked furious. "The contest has begun. I'm testing you as a slave by giving you orders and you didn't obey any of them."

"You're not my Master," Heero spoke calmly.

"Really?" The man grabbed the whip on the table, "Perhaps a few licks from the whip will change your mind."

Heero refused to reply and merely gave the man are-you-stupid look. The man glared at him angrily and swung the whip. Heero dodged it perfectly with small amount of movement.

Furious now, the man swung the whip fast and repeatedly. "Stay still!"

"I will if you stop attacking me."

"You're very insolent!" The man shouted angrily but stopped the whip nevertheless. "You can't act like a sub and you expect to pass this first stage? You definitely fail."

Heero narrowed his eyes at the man. There was no way he would let himself fail. He had mission to accomplish and a Master to please. He simply couldn't fail.

The man noticed Heero's silence and smiled smugly. "Just realized your error, slave?" He approached the Japanese boy arrogantly. "I am the judge for this first stage and I can fail you, " he paused for the drama effect, "or I can let you pass."

"You can?" Heero raised an eyebrow, wondering what this man's real intention was.

"Of course I can," The man stopped in front of him and looked in undignified way at him, "With a price of course."

Heero knew instantly what the price was. The man wanted him. He saw the man moving to touch him. If he wanted to pass, he would have to let the man do whatever he liked. Heero took a step back and came in contact with the steel door. His poor bottom throbbed at the pressure and fortunately kicked him into decision.

"Don't touch me," Heero said as he glared at the approaching man menacingly.

"Oh?" The man smirked at him. "Do you want to fail the test? Be a good boy and let me play with you, slave."

"I warn you. Don't touch me," Heero said threatening. When the man ignored his threat, Heero coldly kneed the advancing man on the groin. The man's pain cry reverberated in the room.

"Why the hell did you do that?" The man shouted while his hands cupped his bruised area. "You have no respect for your Master!"

"My Master is GoD, not you. Only he can touch and order me," Heero answered in flat tone. "Now let me out or I will do more damage to you."

The man grunted and took out the door's remote control from his pocket.

Heero joined his Master within a minute. When he saw his Master's curious face, Heero wondered how long his butt would suffer because his failure. He should feel incompetent what with failing the test and therefore their mission but he felt strangely serene instead. He knew he had done the right thing. Before he managed to tell his Master about the test however, the shorter man who was staying with his Master in the first room smiled, "Congratulation Sir, you passed the first stage."

Heero stopped and looked at the smiling man, wondering whether his ears failed him. "I passed?"

The man nodded, "My partner inside the room tested you by acting as your Master. He definitely think you're a good slave, " the man gestured on the computer's monitor, "He put green signal for you."

Heero blinked, confused at the turn of event. "He said I failed the test."

The man smiled, "It's just an act of him, Sir." He handed two cards with GoD each carved on them. One of them had a barcode on the back side. "This is your access card, you can board the contest spaceship with this card. The other card is a name tag that you should put on your costume during the contest. Please return to the lounge. Our staff will take you to the spaceship from there."

Duo took the cards and smiled at his slave, "Good job, Kitten."

Heero's heart skipped happily at the praise. "I thought I failed the test, Master."

Duo raised an eyebrow, "What did you do to make you think like that?"

"I kneed him at the groin."

There was a gasp from behind him and Heero turned his head just in time to see the shorter man running into the adjoining room, obviously intending to check on his partner.

"I think we better get going, " Duo chuckled as he put one arm around his slave, directing them back toward where they came.

Heero agreed wholeheartedly and followed his Master, feeling happy to have his master's arm around him. He reluctantly thanked Kamisama for rescuing his ass from another punishment this time.


From the lounge, they were escorted toward the spaceship. It was a private spaceship with unique interior design. Heero wasn't surprised at the expensive decorum since he had known how wealthy the three contest sponsors were. The seats were spacious and comfortable. There were four seats per row, separated by an aisle. Two seats were on the right of the aisle and the other two were on its left.

The stewardesses were dressed in BDSM style but not so vulgar like Heero saw in Lord X's party. They welcomed them warmly and announced they could reveal their costume in the ship safely. Duo removed his coat then and put the name tag on his costume. Heero removed his coat as well and trailed behind his Master, drinking the sight of his Master wrapped in tight black leather.

They were the first to enter so they had the freedom to choose their seats. Duo took the seats on the last row on left. He gestured to his slave to sit near the window then sat down on the other seat. The sitting position was the basic precaution that had been grilled to them by their war trainers long ago. By taking the last row, they didn't have to watch their back and could watch other passengers without them knowing. Heero squirmed slightly to find the most comfortable position so his tail wouldn't poke him too deep and his sore ass wasn't pressed too hard. His cat decoration was similar to the one he usually used at home but had different color. The tail was thicker and the ears had more furs. To his dismay, Duo had added one more cat decoration, a pair of wrist length gloves that resembled cat paws. Heero stopped squirming when Duo put his arm around his waist.

"Tell me about the test, Kitten," Duo ordered.

Heero complied. He just finished the story when the arrival of their friends distracted them. His Master whispered a promise to reward him later before turning his head to greet Dorothy and Wufei who sat on the other two seats of the back row. Wufei was also seated near the window, making Heero wonder whether it was a Dom's trait to put their subs in secluded seat.

"Lady S/M, it's good to see your new slave pass the test." Duo grinned at Wufei's enraged expression.

Dorothy smirked, "This past week's intensive training didn't go useless. I'm proud of my Draco."

"So what did he do to pass the test? Kneed the Dom's groin like my Kitten?"

"Master," Heero sputtered at his Master's blatant words.

"I haven't heard his full story yet," Dorothy leaned against her seat, "Tell us, Draco darling."

Wufei hesitated but a sharp gaze from his Mistress was enough to get him start his story. "I followed the woman into the other room. She immediately ordered me to remove my clothes, which I of course ignored," Wufei added the last five words hastily at the threatening look his Mistress shot him, "She became angry and took the whip from the table, intending to punish me for my disobedience. I caught the whip and tied her with it. She got angrier and threatened to fail me if I didn't release her. The woman was so arrogant and used her position wrongly. She had no honor or respect for her job. It irritated me so I took the ball gag from the table and put it on her."

Duo's laughter made Wufei pause and smirk before continuing, "I told her that she didn't qualify as a Mistress and she should look upon my Mistress for an excellent model. The door was opened then so I got out and left her in the room."

Heero watched as Dorothy stopped her slave's story by smothering him with kisses. He grinned at the Chinese boy's melting posture and looked at his Master who watched the couple in amusement. "She is definitely good for him," Duo commented and turned his gaze to his slave.

Heero nodded his agreement at his Master's comment. A new couple boarding the spaceship caught his attention and made him scowl as they advanced on his direction.

"Good day," B.B. leered then sat on the seat in front of Duo while Dai smirked at Heero before sitting next to his Master which happened to be the seat in front of Heero. Why didn't that brat fail the test? Heero cursed inwardly. He didn't enjoy the prospect of having Dai and his pervert Master following them during the contest. As hand tightened on his waist, Heero looked at his Master to see him scowl at the back head of B'B. His Master obviously didn't like the prospect either. The knowledge strangely soothed him. Heero leaned against his Master and decided to forget about Dai and his Master, preferring to enjoy the time he could spend with his Master. Duo seemed to have the same thought. He loosened his grab and caressed Heero's waist slowly.

Together they watched the other couples boarding the spaceship one by one. Grant and Haakon sat in front of Dorothy and Wufei. Heero was still waiting for Lind and Klein when the stewardess announced they would depart. He looked at Duo who then exchanged meaningful glances with Dorothy and Haakon. He turned to Heero and shook his head slightly in regret. Heero nodded and leaned back against his seat. He looked out of the window, watching the spaceship slowly leaving the earth. It was quite a blow though Duo had told him yesterday to expect this possibility.

Lind and Klein had failed the first stage.



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