Enslaving Heero Part 36

When the Doms finally ended the poker game, Heero let out a relieved breath. He was lucky to have a good player as his Master and was left with his shorts. He had suspicion that Duo's possessive nature demanded him to play seriously so other Doms wouldn't be able to see his naked state. The other subs weren't so lucky, though. They were all naked. Heero had to hide his smirk as he took the fact that when Wufei blushed, it was his whole body instead of only his head turning red. Poor Abu didn't want to look at anyone and bowed his head so deeply that his chin touched his bare chest.

The Doms, however, ignored their subs' discomfort and cheerfully made a promise to meet again in near time. Heero could see his fellow subs shuddered at the promise as he did. After goodbyes were said, Heero followed his Master to the basement where the car was parked. They put on their coats while they were the elevator then headed out to the car.

When they reached the car, instead of unlocking the doors, Duo pushed his slave to lie on the front cap.

"Master?" Heero swallowed as his Master hovered upon him and spread his coat aside to reveal his almost naked body. He could guess what Duo wanted to do but still couldn't believe that Duo wanted to do it right here, right now, in public place.

"Spread your legs."

Heero obeyed the command immediately and felt his Master settle between his legs. A pair of hands seized his nipple rings and pulled teasingly. Heero moaned at the stimulus and arched his back, offering his nipples to be used as his Master pleased. They were in his sadistic Master's mercy for quite some times until Heero felt he was about to explode. His nipples were one of his most sensitive spots after all. "Master, please. I can't..."

Duo withdrew his hands, however instead of stopping, he bent down and took the left pink nub onto his mouth. Heero gasped and jerked in pleasure as his nipple was licked and nipped. He liked having his Master's moist mouth covering his nipple. He couldn't stop himself from groaning in great delight when he felt suction on his nipple. It felt so good that his hands couldn't stay idle and grabbed his Master's head.

Duo pulled away in a flash, abandoning his slave's hard nipple. Heero whimpered in protest and reached for his Master's head but he was startled when his Master grabbed his hands and pinned them above his head. Violet eyes gleamed down on him and Heero somehow knew he had made a mistake when he heard his Master growl.

"You're mine. I'm the one who will decide how much pleasure you'll get." Duo emphasized by putting a bit more pressure on Heero's pinned hands. "Keep them there. I don't want any more interruption while I play with my toy."

"Yes, Master." Heero answered. Although he was hard and wanted to come, he didn't move his hands when his Master resumed sucking his nipple. He knew he was wrong to try to force his Master to give him more pleasure. So for the next fifteen minutes, Heero let his Master play with his nipples. They were pinched, twisted and sucked alternatively until they were red and very sensitive. During that whole time, Heero did his best to hold his pleasure at bay. His determination to keep still almost crumbled when his nipples were abandoned. His Master straightened and pulled his tail out of his passage. His shorts had been designed to allow his tail to be pulled without having to remove the shorts first. With the tail gone, there was a hole on his short revealing his secret opening. Heero of course didn't have to wait too long to have the hole filled.

After zipping down his pants, Duo spread his slave's legs and buried himself inside the tight passage in one thrust. Heero jerked up at the force of the thrust. He anticipated being pounded right away but to his surprise, his Master stayed still inside him. Confused, Heero looked up to see his Master's violet eyes fixed on him.


Duo smiled and kissed his slave's lips gently. "You have done well today. I'm proud of you, Kitten."

Heart fluttering, Heero managed to kiss back before his Master pulled away. He knew what would come next and welcomed it with open arms when his Master started thrusting. At first, Duo rocked lazily inside him as if savoring the sensation. It only lasted a few minutes though. Duo then grabbed Heero's legs and lifted them up and apart before starting to pound into his slave vigorously.

Heero gasped as his prostate was jabbed and tried hard to control his pleasure. Just when he managed to get himself in a resemblance of control, Duo changed position. He grabbed his slave's hips and lifted him up. Heero instinctively put his arms around Duo's shoulder and tightened his legs around Duo's waist. His Master only gave him less than a minute to do that before he started the fucking again. Heero moaned as he being used almost brutally and felt more turned on as he realized how strong Duo was to fuck him in this standing position. Their lips met and opened, tongues dancing while their lower bodies were busy with their own dance.

When Heero thought he couldn't hold on any longer, his Master froze deep inside him and came. Heero panted as the warm liquid filled him. He rested his head on his Master's shoulder and tried to forget his hard arousal. It was small chance Duo would give him release since he just got it two days ago. True to his prediction, his Master only gave his head a soft kiss then laid him back on the car's front cap before pulling out and plugging his passage back with his tail.

"You may not come."

"Yes, Master." Heero lay for a while on the cap and looked at the ceiling, trying to will his arousal away. He could feel his Master's fingers caressing his body and felt butterfly kisses bestowed upon him. Five minutes passed before Heero finally got himself into control. He took a deep breath and reluctantly stood up. He could feel the slickness in him as he arranged his coat to cover his body.


Heero turned in time to see something shiny flying to his direction. He caught it effortlessly and stared at the car's key in his hand.

"You drive." At Duo's order, Heero looked up and saw his Master sat down on the passenger seat. He looked down again at the key in his hand, staring at it quite long, before he went to the driver seat. This was the first time Duo let him drive his Ferrari and Heero vowed not to disappoint his Master. His tail prodded deeper into him when he sat down and shifted while he drove the car out of the building. A slight smile adorned Heero's face as he drove. His Master had given him another privilege. Though normal people would think it was a usual thing to drive someone's car, Heero knew better they weren't normal. The past had taught them not to trust anyone. They rarely let someone else drive their car, spaceship, or other transportation. To let someone else to drive instead of themselves would mean they trust the person with their life. However, time changed and they had changed as well. Heero gazed pensively into the darkness of the night. Duo trusted his life on him and Heero would never let him down just as Duo never let him down during the war. He would make sure Duo and him, Duo's possession, arrive safely at the apartment. It wasn't until he parked the car in the apartment's basement that he realized his Master had fallen asleep.

Heero was surprised when he turned and found his Master snoring slightly next to him. His surprise quickly turned into concern when he saw how tired Duo was. Heero smacked himself for not realizing it faster. Of course Duo was tired. His Master had gone out almost everyday since their mission was announced, not to mention that Duo also had to train and discipline his disobedience slave. Their costumes ought to cost his Master a lot of money and great effort to be made in these specific details. Heero had checked all the concealed weapons in his costume during the poker game and he hoped he didn't have to use all of them. Judging how complicated his costume design was, Heero bet that it was Duo himself who made the costumes.

He took a deep breath and determined to be a good slave and spoil his Master for the short time they had before they had to carry on their mission. He carefully got out of the car and walked around toward the passenger's door. With extreme carefulness, not wanting to wake his Master, Heero opened the door and scooped his Master into his arms. He walked slowly and carried his sleeping Master up onto their floor. It was a bit tricky to open the bedroom's door without causing too much turbulence or noise that could wake his Master up but Heero managed to do it. It told him how tired Duo really was not to feel his movements, but then it also told him how much trust Duo had in him to sleep deeply and let his slave keep him safe. Heero put his Master on their bed, removed his clothes with care, and kissed his forehead gently. "Sleep well, I'll take care of you, Master."

Heero cleaned himself in the bathroom, removed his costume, and walked in naked into the bedroom. He hesitated to climb into the bed, not wanting the shaking of the bed to wake his Master but he also wanted to sleep with his Master. In the end, Heero decided not to climb in. He put his green pillow next to the bedside where Duo was on and curled up on it. He closed his eyes and fell asleep while planning how he would spoil his Master tomorrow.


Heero didn't know what time it was exactly but he knew it was long past midnight when he was awakened by something heavy fell next to him. He turned his head and saw his Master's sleepy violet eyes blinking at him. "Why couldn't I find my slave on my bed?"

"Sorry Master," Heero rubbed his sleepy eyes, "You look so tired and I don't want to wake you up by climbing into the bed."

His Master didn't respond and caressed his hair instead. "Come here," Duo opened his arms. Heero smiled as he shifted and snuggled deeper into his Master's embraces.

"You forgot one thing though, Kitten." Duo's hands moved lower and caressed the opening to his slave's unusual empty passage.

Heero jerked up as he realized his error. "I'm sorry, Master. I forgot to plug myself."

"I forgive you for this night." Duo caressed his slave soothingly. To Heero's surprise, his Master shifted up and slid his hard cock into Heero. "It's plugged now. Go to sleep."

Heero blinked. Did Duo really want to stay hard inside him all night? "Don't you want to use me, Master?"

"I will take care of that tomorrow. Stop squirming and sleep, Kitten."

Feeling too comfortable to argue, Heero gave up to his Master's demand and closed his eyes. He could feel his Master inside him, hard and undeniable, as he slowly flew into the dream world.

Duo kissed his slave's hair gently before sighing in content, "My beloved slave." He then followed his slave into deep slumber with a contented smile on his face.


Now I know why Yuy squirmed on this damn seat, Wufei thought as he shifted on the Preventer's hard seat. His Mistress had given his poor ass a few 'friendly' slaps from her paddle as a reminder that he was still her slave wherever they were. He and Dorothy were the first ones to arrive at the meeting room. Dorothy chose to seat facing the door and Wufei sat next to her, not protesting the sitting location since he could watch the other Preventers walking in and study how their training went.

Duo and Heero entered the room and Wufei couldn't help but scowl when he watched Heero sat down casually without squirming. Lucky bastard. But then Heero tensed and straightened, telling Wufei that Heero's ass wasn't spared this morning. Satisfied, Wufei turned back to the door and was just in time to see agent Klein and Lindt walking in, followed by Grant and Haakon. The female Preventers looked like their normal self while the blonde man looked smug. Wufei wondered how far their training went.

"Good evening, Agents." Lady Une greeted them as she headed toward her designed seat. She looked around, taking each agent's expression before continuing. "I hope this two week training can help you in your disguise. Is there any of you that have problems with your role?"

Klein and Lindt said they were fine. Heero and Wufei didn't say anything but they gave their respective Dom a glare that said 'my ass' . Duo smirked while Dorothy just smiled mysteriously. Grant smugly announced that his and Haakon's training went very well.

"Good," Lady Une looked uncomfortable for a moment before her expression went to impassive, "I'm sure you all have practiced hard but we need to see how good your disguise is."

Duo frowned, "What do you mean, Chief?"

Une took a breath. "Agent Grant and I have discussed about this and we wanted to see each couple perform a convincing one BDSM scene in this room."

Agent Klein and Lindt were ready to protest but Une held up her hand and continued her speech, "I know you're uncomfortable but it's needed to be done. If you can't perform well and convincing in front of this small amount of people, how can you perform in front of hundreds of experienced BDSM people?"

Wufei, who wanted to protest as well, grudgingly admitted the truth in Une's words. Except the meeting with other couples last Friday, he didn't have experience submitting to his Mistress in front of many peoples. But that doesn't mean he wanted to show his submission toward people who he knew he would have contact in daily basis long after the mission was over. He turned to his Mistress and saw the slow calculating smile as Dorothy nodded her accent. Wufei groaned and prayed to Nataku that she wouldn't do the scene too extreme.

Heero on other side, was having completely different problem. He did mind performing in front of others but it hadn't been his most concern at this time. The big problem was that Une didn't know about them swapping their roles so Une would expect him to act as a Dom while Duo acted as a sub. They had two choices, either telling Une about the swapping or performing the roles Grant assigned on them. Heero wasn't sure whether he could act convincing as a Dom, not after his Master used him so thoroughly and repeatedly this morning. His ass was sore from all the ministration he got, inside and outside. There was also no guarantee that Lady Une would take their swapping well.

"I will give you three hours for scene preparation. We will meet after lunch in this room. Also don't forget to pick up your equipment from Mechanic division. It will allow us to monitor your state and detect your position." Lady Une then dismissed them all. Heero sat up, feeling relief that he had time to discuss their problem with Duo. They went to Duo's working station. Heero tried to guess the smirk Duo wore but failed. His Master could be smirking at the thought of torturing his poor slave or at the thought of tricking everyone, except Dorothy and Wufei, by being a sub to his slave.

After picking their equipment, Heero followed his Master to the soundproofed room which was empty and watched as Duo locked the door. He shifted slightly, remembering what happened last time he was here.

"Don't worry, we don't have time to do it now." Duo smirked wider as he sat on one of the chairs, "Come here, I will tell you about my plan for the scene."

Heero sat down next to his Master and listened to the plan. His eyes went wide when he realized what exactly Duo was planning.

"Nani?? You want me..."

"No interruption, Kitten. That's five strokes for you."

"But you want me...."

"Do you want me to make it into ten strokes?"

".... No, I'm sorry, Master."

"Good, now listen carefully."

When Duo finished telling it, Heero looked worriedly at his Master. "Are you sure, Master?"

"Yes, Kitten." Duo kissed him reassuringly. "If you are successful, it will be your reward, but if you fail, I will give you punishment right on the scene."

Heero gulped, both in eagerness and trepidation.


Wufei rubbed his poor ass which had turned as red as tomato. Dorothy definitely had convinced Une and other Preventers with her spanking scene. She had pinned Wufei on her lap and proceeded to spank him with the paddle Wufei didn't know where it came from but suspected one braided American, judging from Heero's sympathized gaze. She also made Wufei count and address her correctly. To Wufei's humiliation, she didn't stop the spanking until he broke down and sobbed, pleading for the spanking to stop.

Trying to forget his humiliation and trusting other Preventers not to tell others about his break down, Wufei focused his attention on the second couple, Klein and Lindt, who were performing their scene. He had to control his blushing as the agents perform a sex scene. He felt like pervert watching an intimate moment that wasn't his but this was for mission and to save life of thousands people. They would do what they had to do to save those lives even though that meant they would lose their privacy for a little while.

Lindt was quiet good as a Dom, she had the cool demeanor and calm voice, however Wufei saw the hesitation on the Dom's face and a slight pause on her action when she was about to push the dildo into her sub. Wufei watched closer and saw Klein nodding her head before Lindt slid the dildo into her. It ruined their roles, Wufei frowned. Dom wasn't supposed to ask his/her sub's permission. Even he who was new to this lifestyle could see it.

Grant didn't say anything about the slack when the female couple finished their scene and told them it was a good performance instead.

"I think agent Lindt hesitated too long," Dorothy spoke up when it was clear Grant wouldn't say anything else. "Dom isn't supposed to hesitate at all. They have every right to use their sub. If a Dom hesitates that means the Dom can't control the sub or he/she wasn't a real Dom."

"Agent Klein also shouldn't give the Dom permission. You negotiate what you permit her to do before the scene not while in the scene." Duo added.

Une looked at the uncomfortable female couple, "I think Maxwell and Catalonia has a point. Please keep it in mind, agent Klein and agent Lindt." She waited until both female nodded before asking Grant and Haakon to perform their scene.

Haakon was a good Dom and scout, Wufei decided as he watched the female Preventer tie Grant with rope using intricate knots. Grant was kneeling on the floor, head bowed, and hands tied behind his back. His legs were tied so he couldn't move away and his eyes were blindfolded. Agent Haakon then produced a feather and proceeded to tease the blonde man with it. Like Dorothy, Haakon kept tickling Grant's sensitive spots until the blonde agent cried out his plea to stop the torture. The difference was while Wufei broke down from the pain, Grant broke down from the pleasure. After Grant begged and pleaded for sometimes, Haakon finally loosened the rope and brought Grant to release by flicking the feather on his hard cock.

It was a good performance. Wufei knew but still he frowned. He felt as if there was something incomplete with the scene but he didn't know what it was. He turned to his Mistress to ask whether she knew what incomplete about the scene but Dorothy was talking to Maxwell. Her voice was too low for Wufei to hear. The American Preventer grinned as he replied to Wufei's mistress. "Don't worry, I'll show them instead."

"What's that all about?" Wufei asked his Mistress. "Is it about Grant's and Haakon's performance?"

"Yes, just watch them." Dorothy gestured to the center of the room where Duo and Heero were.

Wufei focused his attention to his comrades and watched as Maxwell lay lazily on the carpeted floor. Yuy approached and knelt next to his lover. The Japanese Preventer bent down and removed Maxwell's clothes one by one while bestowing kisses on the flesh he had bared. What the... wasn't Yuy supposed to be submissive, not aggressive? Wufei blinked as he realized Yuy was supposed to be a Dom, according to Grant's stupid personality study. So Maxwell would be a sub on this scene. Wufei decided it was not a bad thing. He finally could see Maxwell as a sub, even though only for this one scene.

The Chinese Preventer watched Yuy remove the last garment from Maxwell, which was the boxer, to reveal an impressive arousal. Maxwell was indeed big, Wufei admitted grudgingly. He frowned when the Japanese Preventer took Maxwell's arousal into his mouth and proceeded to give him a very thorough blow job. It wasn't wise to do that as a Dom, was it? This made the scene almost like a normal love making. Wufei looked around him and saw Grant and Une scowling. He could guess that they weren't pleased to see a normal sex scene. Yuy should have acted better as a Dom.

It was unavoidable that Wufei felt a little smug that Dorothy and he managed to perform a more convincing BDSM scene. Even Maxwell and Yuy combined couldn't do a very convincing scene. A growl from Duo pulled Wufei's attention back to the pair. No wonder Maxwell was growling. Yuy had released the cock and moved down to lick Maxwell's opening. Yuy's intention was as clear as sun.

Wufei was stunned. Did Maxwell really allow his sub to penetrate him? Wasn't it was a very submissive of him? He wanted to ask Dorothy but his eyes were glued on the center of the room where Maxwell was moaning in pleasure as Yuy penetrated him. The nakedness of Maxwell and Yuy's fully clothed body, save for his groin, made the scene very contrast. Since Heero was turning their back on them, Wufei could only see how Yuy's clothed lower body moved forward, the obvious sign he was penetrating Maxwell.

"Move!" Maxwell growled when Yuy stayed still. As Yuy complied with the order, Wufei felt like smacking both of his comrades. Couldn't they see how normal their coupling was? At first he thought Yuy was in control, but when Maxwell ordered him, Yuy complied without protest. This wasn't a sex between a Dom and a sub! How the hell they could show Grant what went wrong with his and Haakon's performance?

Oblivious to Wufei's exasperation, Heero concentrated on sliding in and out the warm slick tunnel. So hot, so soft, and so tight. Was this how Duo felt when he used him? No wonder his Master liked to fuck him. Heero moaned as he felt his Master tightening around him. This was a very big reward his Master gave him and Heero knew he ought to make no mistake or it would be a long time before he was granted this reward again. Heero shifted slightly, trying to find his Master's prostate. It took three times before he managed to find it, making his Master jerk up.

A few more prods on the prostate, Heero heard his Master growl loudly and felt legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him deeper into his Master. "Now!" Duo barked the order. Heero didn't hesitate as he took Duo's arousal and pumped it simultaneously with his thrust. Duo's legs around him tightened before Duo tensed and gasped loudly in ecstasy. Heero moaned as he felt the velvety passage tightened around his cock. Oh how he wanted to just let go and join his Master but that meant failure, disappointing his Master, and also punishment. Heero bit his lips, focusing his hands in milking his Master dry while trying to hold himself at bay. It was both heaven and hell.

Finally after what seemed like hours, his Master finished and came down from his orgasm. The command was short and firm. "Out."

Heero panted and had to use all his strength to pull out from the enticing warm passage. His cock cried out in protest, wanting to explode inside the passage but Heero wasn't permitted to come. So he ignored his throbbing arousal, tucked it back into his pants, and bent down to lick his Master's seed covered stomach clean. When he was done, he crawled backward and knelt, head bowed, waiting for his Master's next order.

With wide eyes, Wufei watched Maxwell slowly stand up and put on his clothes back. The American Preventer's posture seemed to change into the Dom Wufei had met last Friday. His bearing was imposing and showed he was in control. His smile was lazy yet full of confidence. Once fully clothed, he stood next to his slave and ruffled Heero's chocolate locks as if the Japanese Preventer was a good pet.

"I forgot to tell something." Maxwell spoke calmly, eyes on Preventer's chief while his hand kept petting his slave's hair. "Heero and I swapped our roles because we think it will suit us better."

Without giving Lady Une a chance to comment or Grant to protest , Maxwell regarded his slave. "You have done well."

Yuy kissed his Master's feet before he stood up and turned to face the audience. Wufei stared dumbfoundedly as the Japanese Preventer stood with cheeks flushed and his pants showing the bulge of his arousal. It was a very obvious sign that he didn't get any pleasure. Wufei realized then what was going on. Maxwell had shown even though his slave took him, he was still in control. He was the one who got pleasure while his slave had none. His control over his slave was so strong that his slave even didn't come from the coupling, not without direct order. It was what he felt strange from Grant's and Haakon's performance, Wufei ceased his frown as he finally got all his answer. Damn, but he could feel Maxwell and Yuy's performance was the best, not only among them but also maybe among the contestants tomorrow.

Heero was about to walk back to his previous position when Duo grabbed his waist and bestowed a light kiss on his mouth. "I'm very proud of you, Kitten." He whispered near Heero's ear before they stepped apart. Heero reluctantly schooled his expression back to his expressionless self while Duo smirked like his usual cheerful self. "Any comment?"

"Yuy wouldn't come without Maxwell's direct order. It's very obvious that your pleasure is above his." Wufei commented and had a pleasure at hearing a certain blonde Preventer coughing.

"At... at first it looked like agent Yuy was in control, but it was you the whole time who held the control." Grant stuttered. "You made me realize that Haakon's and my performance didn't focus on the Dom's pleasure but on the sub's pleasure instead."

"Yes, that sums it all." Duo grinned and returned to where he originally stood, followed by Heero.

There was a silence for a few seconds before Lady Une spoke up. "I guess I can allow the swapping if your performance can make agent Grant who had more experience in this lifestyle," she didn't hear two snorts come from her two Asian Preventers and continued, "realized his error. Good job, Duo, Heero."

"Thank you, Chief." Duo returned while Heero just nodded.

Lady Une smiled slightly, "I wish you all well for the tomorrow mission. Good luck,agents. We will wait for your successful return."

After Lady Une left the room, the agents also separated, returning to their home for the last time before the mission. Heero and Duo were just out of the room when agent Grant called. "Agent Maxwell, wait!"

Heero could hear Duo's sigh before his Master turned around. Heero did the same and saw the blonde Preventer eyeing his Master in awe and worship. He scowled, not liking how Grant looked at his Master.

"Maxwell, you are a real Dom, aren't you? It's impossible for a novice to exert such a control on the unbeatable agent Yuy."

Unbeatable? Heero's eyebrows twitched, wondering how many times his ass had been beaten.

Duo's smirk indicated he was in similar thought, "Unbeatable Yuy?"

"Well, you obviously managed to subdue him."

Heero's eyebrows twitched again.

Grant gave Duo the worshipped look. "It would be a pleasure to have you as my Dom."

That's it! Something snapped inside the Japanese boy's head. Heero growled and grabbed his Master's hand. "He will never take you as your sub. Now if you excuse us, we have to go home."

Heero dragged his Master away, leaving Grant staring in confusion at their backs. The poor guy couldn't determine which one was the real Dom now.


"My Kitten is jealous." Duo chuckled once they got home and he wrapped his arms around his slave.

Heero grunted but then melted as his Master nibbled on his earlobe. "I don't like him."

"I can see that." Duo chuckled and moved onto his slave's slender neck.

Heero tilted his head to give more space for his Master to nip and lick, "He thinks with his cock."

His Master laughed. "As if you don't."

"Nani?! I'm nothhhnn..." Heero moaned as Duo caressed his bulging arousal.

"Remove all your clothes." Duo whispered.

Heero complied in five seconds, earning another chuckle from his Master.

"Horny Kitten, aren't you?" Duo retreated toward the bedroom and beckoned with his finger suggestively.

"I'm not thinking with my cock." Heero protested while he eagerly followed the beckoning finger, his cock twitching in agreement.



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