Enslaving Heero Part 35
Three Slaves Meet

[Mrs.Blood] It's not fair!
[Pedophile_Lover] *chuckles* you're still at it? It's your own fault for not coming.
[LordX] Yes, you miss watching GoD's cute little kitten.
[Mrs.Blood] *grumbles* I have no choice.
[PedophileLover] Ah, the downside of having new sub.
[LordX] Btw, have you decided to sell him yet, GoD?
[GoD] For the xx-th time, no I won't sell him.
[GoD] Next time you ask me the same question, I'll kick you out of the chat room.
[LadyS/M] Temper temper *plays with her whip*
[LadyS/M] How about we meet in the usual place on Sunday?
[Mrs.Blood] That's a good idea. I can introduce my new sub.
[LadyS/M] That's my intention as well.
[LordX] Ah, it's a pleasure to meet your new subs, ladies.
[GoD] True *chuckles*
[Pedophile_Lover] Usual time?
[LadyS/M] Yes, see you then.


At the first ring of the bell, Heero bound up from his pillow where he had been reading. It had to be his Master since Duo had promised he would return home around noon. He opened the door and his eyes brightened as his Master smiled at him.

"Have you been good?"

Heero nodded, got a kiss, and moved aside to let his Master in. When he helped his Master removing his coat, his eyes fell on the medium sized brown box in his Master right hand. He looked up and raised an eyebrow in question.

His Master grinned and lifted up the box slightly. "This is your costume during the contest."

Both of Heero's eyebrows were raised at the statement.

"We are going to The Cross tonight. It's a good chance to test your costume."

The Cross. Heero recognized the name. It was the name of an elite BDSM club which has a lot of branches, on earth and in colonies. Its facilities and equipments are far above the other clubs. To be a member of this club is considered quite hard since it requires quite a lot of money and also a recommendation from existing member. A club also meant a lot of people in there. Heero swallowed. He didn't like being in a crowd too often but it was what his Master wanted. There was a war in him for a few minutes before his submission won out. He nodded slightly to his Master, "When will we go, Master?"

Duo smiled, obviously aware of his slave's struggling, "9 P.M. Let's test your costume first." He opened the box and showed it to his slave.

Heero's eyes widened at the content. He looked up at his Master with his big blue eyes, "Master, these are....."

"We will be on mission. Since you will be quite naked, you can't carry weapons unless they're hidden in your costume. There are weapons inside the costume so you will have to remember where they are."

Heero grimaced, "I don't think a piece of cloth and some toys can be said as a costume, Master."

Duo just grinned, adding to Heero's dread. He often couldn't tell what Duo planned to do and knowing his Master was sadistic didn't help to ease his dread at all.

Judging from how wide his Master smiled, Heero knew he was doomed for tonight.


"What's this? You also took a Japanese boy as your slave? Is this a new trend?"

Wufei heard the brown haired man tease his Mistress from where he was kneeling on the floor, next to the couch his Mistress was sitting in. He shifted closer to Dorothy, not liking being stared by two strangers.

"He is Chinese, P.L." Dorothy corrected and patted her slave's head.

Wufei sighed at the comfort and leaned slightly closer to her. He didn't want to go out but it wasn't his choice to make. A few licks of paddle told him it was better to stop fighting and accept the inevitable. He was a slave and his Mistress' orders were absolute. The only comfort he found in this humiliated outing was Dorothy told him that Duo and Heero would also come to test their costumes for the mission. He couldn't wait to see how the braided boy dressed as a slave....if he was allowed to lift his head, Wufei added as he irritably tried to comb his falling hair onto the back of his ear so it wouldn't obscure his view.

"His hair looks like silk." The other man sighed, obviously watching Wufei, "I wished my hair was still as black as his."

"Your silver streaks make you look more elegant, LordX." P.L. spoke up, "Look, here comes GoD and his cute kitten."

Wufei tensed. Dorothy had told him that there were five couples, three male Doms and two female including her. If this was the third male then it would be definitely Heero though 'God' was not what he thought the Japanese boy would choose as his nickname. And kitten.... Wufei almost couldn't contain his chuckle as he realized Duo was named as Kitten, at least his slave name was better than the braided boy. If not for his Mistress' hand pressing down warningly on his head, Wufei would have already lifted his head to see his friends. Instead, he only heard the sound of footsteps approaching and the couch being seated across him.

"GoD, glad to see you," Dorothy spoke up, "This is my new slave, Drake."

"Ah, he is exquisite, Lady. Fitting name and costume for an oriental boy like him."

At hearing the familiar voice, not even his Mistress' hand could stop him from lifting his head. Wufei's eyes were wide and stunned as they fell onto the Dom the others called GoD. Violet eyes stared back calmly at him, followed but a slight smile, "Ah, he is very brave, isn't he?"

"Down, Drake!" Dorothy's stern voice made Wufei automatically lowered his head back to its previous position while his mind seemed to have troubles processing what he saw. Maxwell!! The Dom who was wearing all black and seemed to be a Death's image was Maxwell! How could it be?? Maxwell was supposed to be a sub, not a Dom!!! That braided menace was supposed to be Yuy's obedient slave!!!

The Japanese name reminded Wufei of a very dreaded logic. If Maxwell was the Dom, then Yuy would be.... With disbelief clearly reflected on his black eyes, Wufei peeked from between his falling hair and saw GoD's sub kneeling across him. Nataku, please let not it be who I think it will be! Wufei prayed as he took account of the sub's feature.

The sub was wearing very short dark blue leather pants and there was a thick tail with the same color coiled from behind him. His hands were covered with furred gloves while his upper body was covered with a dark blue vest, which wasn't able to hide the sub's firm chest and lean stomach. An elegant black collar embraced the slender neck and an earring with the same color as the collar adored the right earlobe. Wufei swallowed and looked at the last visible feature of the sub. The hair of the bowing head was chocolate brown, short, and messy. Though it was decorated with two pairs of cat ears, it was Yuy's trademark hair. Wufei inhaled sharply as his mind tried to register the fact. His action appeared to attract the sub across him. The dark head lifted up and Wufei was regarded with two unique Prussian blue eyes which he knew belonged to Heero Yuy, the Perfect Soldier.

And this perfect, unbeatable fighter was Maxwell's sub.

It was impossible!!!


Heero watched as Wufei's face turned from red to blue to pale yellow. He knew what was going inside Wufei's mind. He had been there when he saw who his Master would be. It would be hard for the Chinese boy to accept the fact that he was the slave and Duo was the Master. Heero wondered whether Wufei would faint or scream once his mind registered the fact.

"Lady, it looks like your slave is hyperventilating." Duo spoke up casually.

Heero watched as Dorothy put a comforting hand on Wufei's neck and caressed it slowly. Wufei's breath slowed down back to normal and now he was regarding Heero with a are-you-insane-or-an-impostor-look. Heero glared and got a perplexed look from the Chinese sub. Okay, Wufei surely had trouble in accepting the fact. Maybe he should let Wufei steam alone for a while. Deciding that, Heero broke their gaze and looked at Wufei's costume.

Drake, that was Wufei's nickname. The Chinese boy was far luckier than him. At least his name was elegant and had dangerous edge while his name, Kitten, only made the other Doms cooed and sighed. Dorothy had dressed Wufei in green tunic with silver lining, without pants unfortunately, so it only covered until above his knees. Heero hoped Wufei got to wear underwear though he couldn't be sure. Wufei's collar was made of jade and had scales indentation on it, as if it was Dragon encircling his neck. With his hair down, Wufei radiated both delicacy and strength.

Heero wanted to see Dorothy but he couldn't lift his head higher without attracting attentions, especially his Master's attention so he had to content himself in knowing Dorothy wearing high heeled black boots with gold oriental pattern.

A tap on his head jolted Heero from his scrutiny. He looked up and got his Master's meaningful look, which turned to the table full with snacks and salad. Heero followed the look and understood what his Master wanted. He slowly eased backward and went toward the table while taking his chance to look around the area. Heero had imagined the disco lights, loud music, and dancing crowd but he found silent, elegant, and high-class setting inside The Cross. If he overlooked the display shelves full with BDSM stuff and the BDSM style of clothes worn by members and workers, The Cross was more like a five-star hotel, outside and inside.

In the recreation area, where they were at the moment, there were sets of couch and table in certain distance to give privacy for groups of members. It had neutral color theme that give off exuded relaxation and enjoyment. The area was circular with the snack and salad table in the center of it. It was a huge table, covered with various dishes. Heero obviously couldn't take all of them so he chose ones that his Master liked most.

He was in the middle of choosing the fruits when Wufei joined him, obviously ordered to get some snacks by his Mistress.

"Yuy, what's going on here? Are you undercover? Why do you swap roles then?"

Heero considered lying but he knew the truth about Wufei and it was fair that Wufei knew the truth about him too. "It's not undercover, Chang. I'm always Duo's slave."

Wufei's hand paused a little too long in grabbing the snack before it moved again. "You want to tell me that Maxwell is a real Dom?"

"As real as your Mistress."

The Chinese slave let out a sound not quiet a moan nor a whimper. Heero didn't say anything while he poured milk on his fruit salad. He knew Wufei needed time to accept the information.

"Are you happy, Yuy?"

It was Heero's turn to pause but he quickly resumed his duty. "Yes, I am. Aren't you?"

"I don't know, it's too new for me..." Wufei took the offered milk bottle and poured it onto his salad bowl. "Do Quatre and Trowa know about you two?"

"No," Heero put a spoon in his bowl, "Will you tell them about you and Dorothy?"

"I don't know. Maybe later when I'm sure what I'm doing." Wufei put the same utensil in his bowl and together they walked back to their Doms.

"GoD! Where's your new slave??!!" A high-pitched yet familiar voice greeted them when they were near their destination.

Wufei and Heero blinked at the appearance of a red haired mistress with her big slave. They unconsciously stopped and stared at the couple in disbelief.

"Do you see what I see?" asked Wufei.

"I think so." Heero answered.

"I know I won't tell Quatre and Trowa about them," Wufei murmured.

Heero nodded in agreement, still stunned. If this is the case, he wondered whether all persons he knew were involved in BDSM. He had thought Dorothy and Wufei were an unexpected pairing but the pairing in front of him surpassed was more unexpected.

Duo made a gesture toward his slave and the red haired mistress turned toward them. Her green eyes widened in recognition before she let out a squeal, "So these are Kitten and Drake? My my, they are exquisite, aren't they, Abu (read: Aa-boo)? I'm Mrs.Blood. Kitten, Abu was VirginBoy you met in chatroom not long ago."

The big man called Abu, dressed in Arabian styled white pants with purple open vest just stared at them, as speechless as the other two slaves.

"It looks like our slaves never thought a big man like Abu could be a sub, GoD." LadyS/M laughed in delight, "Come here, Drake. I want my snack."

Heero noticed his Master motioned him to do the same. His mind quickly jumped to comply the order rather than thinking about Quatre's most trusted servant being Trowa's sister's sub. Kamisama, Abu even knew how his Master used him since he had written it down in the chat room. Trying not to blush, Heero walked past Abu and his Mistress toward his Master.

Heero fed his Master while Mrs.Blood commented on Wufei and him. Well, at least he now knew which one was Mrs.Blood and which one was LadyS/M. The Doms sat comfortably in the couch and spoke to each other while their subs were occupied in feeding and serving them.

Accidentally or not, he, Wufei, and Abu found themselves side by side with Wufei in the middle quite far from their Doms, waiting for their Doms' drinks to be made.

Abu quickly seized the chance. "What are you doing here? Are you in undercover?"

Heero and Wufei looked at each other before shaking their head negatively.

Abu let out a moan and bowed his head, "You're also subs? Oh Allah..."

"Slaves." Both Asian slaves corrected him. Abu only moaned louder and mumbled something about nightmare.

"Yeah, finding someone who is stronger than you is also a slave is a nightmare." Wufei agreed.

Heero raised an eyebrow, "Try having the person I often called 'braided baka' as my Master. A sadistic master, on top of it."

Wufei and Abu shuddered.

"But he is a good Master." Heero knew he contradicted himself but he didn't like the thought of his friends thinking Duo as a bad Master.

"My Mistress too." Wufei and Abu agreed simultaneously.

Heero started to think that the two of them could only parrot him since their minds were having short circuit from the revelation when Abu spoke up.

"She never beats me black and blue."

Wufei nodded his agreement while Heero grimaced slightly and said, "No, he only makes my butt as red as tomato."

Wufei and Abu joined his grimacing and the three of them shifted slightly, obviously each of them was having sore bottom. Thinking of their sore behind also reminded them of their duty. Without any other word, each of them grabbed the finished drink and returned to their respective Dom.

The Doms kept chatting and Heero was only half listening since he was snuggling in his Master's lap and was caressed by his Master's idle hands until the topic turned to the contest. Both he and Wufei tensed when P.L. inquired Mrs.Blood whether she would join the contest or not.

"I don't think so. Abu isn't ready yet." Mrs.Blood shook her head, "The money prize is also not very big."

"The money prize isn't but the title as the best Master and slave is worth more than money," LordX added his two cents, "and beside, the contest will be a fun experience."

"But if the sub isn't ready, it can break his conditioning and training." P.L. spoke up, "I don't want to debate about the contest, anyone up for strip poker?"

The Doms laughed and all extended their hand for the cards.

Heero just thought it unusual for the Doms to want to do their own striptease when Duo spoke up. "For the sake of our new subs, I will explain about this game. The rule is very simple. If a Dom loses, his/her sub will have to strip one piece of their clothes."

At the information, Heero looked at Wufei and Rashid and saw the same thought was reflected on the others' eyes.

They were doomed.



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