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Enslaving Heero Part 34
Enslaving Wufei

"Onna, let me go!" Wufei struggled within his bondage. He was sitting on the floor and chained to a pole on the corner of the room, ropes wrapped around his body, restraining his movements.

"Wufei, it has been a week but you still fail to understand the simplest rule. How could you expect to stay within the contest when you can't address me properly? You'll clearly fail our mission," Dorothy said dryly without taking her eyes off from her computer. "It costs you five additional spanks by the way."

The Chinese boy cringed. So far he had got twenty spanks total because of his today's misbehaviors. He was not looking forward to his session after Dorothy finished the research about their mission. What worried him more was that he was more concerned about getting spanked rather than failing his mission. Wufei sighed and stopped struggling. He relaxed in his bondage while his mind tried to figure out what had happened to him.

It was only a week since he accepted the mission and stayed with Dorothy to practice their cover. Only a week, but he felt like he was a different man already. Of course he had changed, Wufei admitted morosely. Being naked all the time and in bondage most of the time sure hell would change everyone. He was usually the one who barked the orders, now he was the one who got barked. He wasn't good in following orders, especially when they came from an onna. The result was the daily spanking on his now-always-glowing-red-ass.

Oh, Wufei knew he could actually fight back and stop the spanking. With his martial art skill and strength, he could overpower the blonde onna easily and escape from this humiliating situation. His pride was severely injured at first when he was forced to let a woman who wasn't his wife see his naked body. However, Dorothy only needed to say that he was doing poor with the mission assignment and his warrior's honor would demand him to do the best for the mission, which was why he went along with this mortifying practice.

Despite the pain on his ass, he started to see what was attracting from this lifestyle. He liked how light he felt when he surrendered and did whatever Dorothy ordered. For once, he didn't have to think about the pros and cons of his action nor what his responsibilities would be. Dorothy would be responsible for his actions because he only did what Dorothy wanted him to do. In a strange way, he felt free by surrendering his freedom to Dorothy, his Mistress. There was also the odd feeling of pride and happiness when he saw how pleased Dorothy was when he carried her orders perfectly. It was rare to see someone smiling proudly at him. Very, very rare. With Dorothy he also found straightforward justice, did well and he would be rewarded, did horrible and his ass would bear the punishment.

"Wufei." Dorothy's voice broke his train of thoughts.

"Yes, Mistress?" Wufei answered automatically and felt dismayed at how easily he fell into Dorothy's conditioning. However, the dismay disappeared as he looked up and saw Dorothy's pleased smile. His heart gave slight happy quivers. Wufei decided then if following Dorothy's orders would make his heart this light and happy, he wouldn't fight this conditioning anymore. Having finished his inner battle, Wufei kicked his manly pride into the very back of his persona and resolved to do his best with this mission's practice. Maybe if he did well enough, Dorothy would remove him from the bondage.

"You finally addressed me correctly," Dorothy caressed his cheek, "However, we only have one week left and you're progressing too slowly. We will have to practice more realistically and in detail. That means you will have to act as my slave as real as possible, which means 24/7. Understood, Wufei?"

Wufei gulped. Before, he had been given a few hours respite from the training to do his own research and finish what works he still had left in his department. Now Dorothy wanted him to be a slave for the whole day? That would be very hard. But once Wufei decided to do something, he wouldn't back up, so in the end the Chinese boy nodded his ascent.

"Very well," Dorothy freed the Chinese Preventer's hands and walked back to her computer. She pushed one key on the keyboard. Wufei then watched the printer produce two papers, which Dorothy picked up and gave one to him to read. "They have the same content, one copy for me and one copy for you."

Wufei read the paper and was surprised at the content. It was Master-slave's contract! He looked up at the blonde girl. "These are..."

"Yes, they are Master-slave contract. Since we'll make this as real as possible, I'll take you as my slave for real."

"For real," Wufei was flabbergasted, "You... you mean you are a real Dom?"

"Dominatrix to be exact," Dorothy answered calmly as she gave Wufei a pen.

Wufei's mouth dropped open in revelation. ""

"Just sign the contract, Fei," It was said with a sharp masterful tone that caused Wufei, in his confused state, to automatically sign the contract, both of them.

"Good, boy." Dorothy quickly took the papers and pen and signed both papers as well. "Now, I'm going to have these papers processed. I also need to have your slave collar made." She printed another paper and gave it to the still shocked Chinese Preventer. "Here's a copy of the contract, you can read it more thoroughly. Be good while I take care of this, okay."

It was when Dorothy had left the room that Wufei snapped out of his shock. He looked down at the paper Dorothy had given to him and read it in trepidation. He had done some researches and had a little knowledge about what this contract would entail. His eyes skipped at the formal introduction and rested on the contract content. As a slave, all his belonging would belong to his Mistress. He owned nothing, not even his body. It belonged to his Mistress. He would submit, obey, and do his best to please his Mistress. As for his Mistress, she would take care of him physically and emotionally and ensure all his necessities fulfilled. She would give him protection from other Dominants. She also had the right to love, use, or punish him as she pleased.

Wufei moaned and rested his head on the floor. He could hear the Deathscythe pilot's laughters in his ears. Just his luck, getting a real Dominatrix as his Mistress. No wonder his ass suffered this much. He hoped Nataku was kind enough not to let him suffer alone. At least make the braided baka's ass as red as his!


"Way to go, Dorothy!" Duo cackled and leaned back against the couch. "I can't believe Wufei signed it!" He chuckled for a while then lookedat his slave who was kneeling on his fours before him, laptop perched on his back. "Don't sulk, Kitten."

Heero pouted and refused to look at his Master, though inwardly he was curious to know what Wufei had signed. There was a pinch on his throbbing bottom, causing Heero to gasp.

"Whose fault it is that I returned home and found the lunch hadn't been ready?"

Heero lowered his head and crouched lower in apologetic gesture, knowing it was his fault. He had been too engrossed in browsing for the BDSM contest and the background of each contestant that he had forgotten the time or rather he had forgotten how much time he was allowed to spend on his laptop. While Duo had appreciated the result of his browsing, his ass still had paid for his negligence and his laptop was locked for three days. It was the latter that had Heero pouting at his Master, not to mention he now had to serve as his Master's laptop's table. Talk about being sadistic.....

Duo caressed his slave's red bottom for a while then resumed his typing. Heero stayed still until his Master shut down and put the laptop away. "Onto my lap, Kitten."

The Japanese boy reluctantly climbed onto his Master and squirmed until he found the best position for his throbbing bottom, his cat tail hanging between his Master's legs. Duo chuckled and put his arms around his slave. Heero sighed and leaned his head on Duo's shoulder, enjoying his Master's loving embrace.

"Do you want to know what Wufei had signed?"

Heero nodded slightly, knowing his Master could feel his movement.

"He signed the Master-slave contract with Dorothy."

Heero pulled away and looked at his Master in a mix of disbelief and astonishment. There was no way Wufei would have signed a Master-slave contract, with a female as his Mistress at the worst. He was too independent, not to mention his hate for women.

His Master chuckled again. "Believe me, Kitten. I just got their contracts in my email. Dorothy has my respect now that she could get Wufei to sign the contract."

Heero shook his head and snuggled back to his Master. Poor Wufei, he hoped Dorothy would be good to him. Heero knew he was luckier. At least, he had got the best Master in the group, although too bad Duo was also the sadist one.

"You have done very well this week, despite your slip with your laptop today." Duo ran his hands up and down. Heero kept silent and enjoyed his Master's caress. The hands moved all over his body, caressing and squeezing here and there. Heero wasn't surprised when one hand traveled lower and pulled his cat tail out of his passage. He let out a moan as the tail's plug end left him.

"So eager for me, Kitten?" Duo murmured huskily. He stuck two fingers into his slave, prodding and stretching the tight passage for a moment before withdrawing his fingers out. They were coated with his seed from his previous use of his slave right after the spanking.

Heero mewled at the lost.

"Patient, Kitten," Duo chuckled. His other hand moved to free his arousal then coated it with his seed. He then grasped his slave's waist, lifted him up, and pushed the Japanese boy down onto his hard cock.

Heero moaned in the pleasure of being filled. He raised his head up from his Master's shoulder and arched his back, relishing the feeling of his Master impaling him inch by inch. When his bottom finally touched his Master's clothed thighs, Heero let out a loud gasp, half because of his sore ass and the other half because of his Master's cock had prodded his prostate.

Duo kissed his slave, on his forehead, his nose, and then his mouth. Heero kissed back eagerly while his hands clutched at his Master's shirt. He moaned into Duo's mouth as Duo's hands grabbed his buttock and hoisted him up and closer to his Master.

"Now, ride me," Duo murmured when the kiss was over.

Heero nodded and put his hands on his Master's shoulders as leverages. He then started raising and impaling himself on his Master's cock. He went slow first, unsheathing the hard flesh inch by inch, then pushed down so fast and hard that his Master gasped involuntarily. Heero grinned and repeated it again, loving how he was able to torment his Master. Of course he knew it wouldn't last long. His Master seized his nipple rings and tugged them. It was Heero's turn to gasp and tighten his body automatically, which gave his Master more pleasure.

"Do not stop," Duo said hoarsely and tugged at his nipple rings again.

Heero complied but he still had to stop now and then whenever Duo pulled his nipple rings. It also resulted in his passage clenching every now and then, creating very pleasant friction for his Master. Heero knew his Master quite well now to predict that his Master would soon lose control.

True to his prediction, two minutes later, Duo let out a growl and seized his hip. He took control and lifted his slave up and down, impaling him harder and faster on his hard cock. Heero gasped as his prostate was stabbed repeatedly. As his Master used him rapidly, Heero focused his mind to hold his orgasm at bay. He could hear Duo growling and felt teeth sinking on his shoulder. Knowing the sign, Heero wrapped his hands around Duo's neck, pasted his lips on his Master's one, and put his weight down, helping his Master's hands in impaling his body onto his Master's cock for the last time.

The combined pressure from Heero's weight and his Master's hands resulted in Duo's cock buried to the hilt in one fast and hard thrust. It was enough to send Duo over the edge. Shouting a cry of pleasure into Heero's mouth, Duo shot his seed deep inside his slave. He lifted his hip up in a few small thrust as he rode out his orgasm before plopping down and sighed happily, their mouths still connected with the tongues lazily caressed each other.

Heero didn't come although his cock was hard and poking his Master's stomach. He knew he wouldn't be allowed to come although he was hoping to get one soon. It had been a week since his last orgasm.

"Very good, Kitten," Duo spoke huskily and ceased the kiss. "You had done well in holding your orgasm and also your silence."

Heero pulled away a bit so he could see his Master's face and felt his heart fluttering happily at the pleasure and pride shot at him. He smiled slightly, conveying his own feelings in silence. It had been four days since Duo had put him in deep submission mode where he wasn't allowed to spoke unless his Master specifically told him so. Even though he was a silent person to begin with, still four days without eliciting a word, the gasps and moans he made while his Master's used him not counted, made him miss speaking.

"I'm very proud of you, Kitten," Duo kissed his slave again. "Since you have behaved very well, I'll give you a reward. What do you think about playing?"

Heero raised an eyebrow and pointed at his mouth.

Duo tilted his head, "You may speak your thought this time."

"Thank you, Master," Heero said then shot his Master a dirty look, "What you mean by playing is that you play and I am the toy, don't you, Master?"

His Master laughed merrily and gave his slave short but repeated kisses. "Yes, I play, you're the toy. So you want to play or not?"

Heero nodded eagerly. Although he knew his Master would torture him and use him for his pleasure during the play, Heero would also get his own pleasure in the end. A very great and wonderful pleasure. It was worth enduring his Master's play, not that he didn't enjoy being used as well.

"Okay, let's get clean up first." His Master's eyes gleamed in mischief as he stood up, bringing his slave with him. "For this play, I want your ass clean and well lubricated."

As he was carried toward the bathroom, Heero shuddered as he thought of what his Master would do to his ass. One thing for sure, he would be penetrated, by what, he wasn't sure. But he would find out soon.

In the bathroom, his Master put him down, thus detaching them. After cleaning his cock and put it back into his pants, he ordered Heero to go to the bedroom after he cleaned up. Heero hurriedly washed his Master's seed off, inside and out, then lubed himself thoroughly. When he entered the bedroom, five chains had been lowered from the ceiling. They were at the same height and judging from their positions, Heero could guess that he would be hung horizontally.

His Master was waiting for him next to the chains and beckoned to him. He approached his Master with eager anticipation and let his Master put the chains on his waist, ankles, and wrists. Soon Heero found himself on the air, facing the floor with his legs and hands in spread eagle position. He raised his head and looked at his Master who was standing before him. At first, he was only about five feet from the floor, but then his Master had raised the chains so that he was only slightly lower from his Master's chin.

"For this session, I will play with your ass and nipples. Remember that you're still in deep submission, Kitten, and you may not come." With the last sentence, Duo put a restraining cock ring on his slave.

Heero nodded and watched as his Master revealed a set of weights in coin shape. They were about one inch in diameter with various thickness and there was a small hole in the center of each coin. Heero gulped as he remembered certain article about weights and nipples torture.

"We will start with 100 grams each," Duo held up a thin chain with a small ball in the end which acted as a stopper so that the coin wouldn't fall past the chain. "This chain is 20 grams and this coin," he showed the moderate thick coin to Heero, "is 80 grams." He then fitted the coin with the chain.

Heero's heart throbbed in anticipation as Duo connected the chain with his right nipple ring. When the chain clicked in place, Duo took a step back. One second Heero felt nothing and the next second he felt the weight pulled his right nipple down. It was light enough that the pain was almost non-existent. Heero looked at his Master confusedly. It wasn't his Master's style to put something that was almost useless.

Duo grinned at his slave's look but offered no further explanation as he attached the similar chain on the left nipple ring. Heero felt the similar weight on his left nipple as his Master let go off the chain. Ignoring his slave's confused look, Duo held up what looked like about twenty black chopsticks, but these ones had the same thickness as the chopstick thickest end along the length.

"These are vibrators," Duo grinned, "Very slim vibrators."

Heero's eyes widened at the realization what he would have to endure. Meanwhile, his Master had stepped around and stood between his spread legs. Heero squeaked as he felt the tip of the very slim vibrator touched his opening and vibrated. He jerked up at the touch and gasped when he felt the weights on his nipple rings swung with his movement and pulled on his nipples even more.

"For two vibrators inserted, I will add ten grams on each of your nipple ring." His Master spoke up casually and pushed the small vibrator in. Heero gasped and jerked as it vibrated while sliding deeper into his passage. It was about ten inches inside him when his Master stopped pushing. Heero made a protesting noise at the slight flutters of pleasure he gained from the small object. He wanted more.

His Master chuckled, "I know the friction is not enough. You have to be patient, Kitten. No pain no gain."

Heero shuddered as another vibrator teased his opening. He knew what his Master meant by the pain and gain. He would get more pleasure but at the same time also more pain from the weights added. His cock twitched at the promise of pleasure and pain mixed together.

The second vibrator was pushed into him, joining the first one in his passage and increasing the vibration. Heero mewled, wanting more of them. However his Master had another thought. Duo stepped around and added ten grams weight on each chains. Heero moaned as his nipples were tugged down more by the additional weights. It was still light enough though that he was much more focused on what happened in his ass. His Master was once more behind him and there was the teasing touch of another vibration around his opening. Heero welcomed the third one eagerly and moaned in pleasure as the vibration heightened. Another one was inserted before his Master went around and added another weight on his nipples.

The ritual was repeated until Heero had ten vibrators inside him and each of his nipple bore 150 grams of weight. His Master then stopped and announced that he would play with his toy for a while. Heero gasped as his Master started prodding and pulling the vibrators at random. The prodding moved the vibrator inside him and pushed other vibrators around him. The movement increased his pleasure and also made him jerk when it prodded his certain spot. The weights on his nipples would swing then, straining his nipples even more. Pain shot up from his upper body while pleasure swirled on his lower body. They mixed in the middle and shot up straight into his leaking hard cock.

His Master told him he was a masochist and he had admitted that he was one. He liked the feeling of pain and pleasure attacking his body and reduced him into a quivering mess. Heero mewled as his Master started pushing and pulling the vibrators at random, making them at various length inside him. The random positions gave him greater pleasure as the vibrators pulsated all around his passage.

But then his Master rearranged them back into the same length and stopped playing. Heero gasped as he felt a new vibrator was added into his stretched passage. It was inserted on the center that it pushed other vibratos aside to make a room for itself. Once it reached the desired depth inside his passage, his Master inserted another one. This time it was slower since Heero was rather full with the thin vibrators. The Japanese boy could feel his passage expand to accommodate the new insertion and how it contracted against the vibrators. Having inserting two vibrators into his slave, the long haired Master put another set of weights on his slave's nipple rings, adding more strain on the nipples. A mewl escaped Heero's mouth as his nipples started to tingle and throb at the unusual weight they bore.

Duo repeated the two-vibrators-followed-by-two-weights-ritual again and again while his slave moaned and gasped at the ministration. The vibrator insertion became slower as Heero's passage got fuller. When Duo pushed the last vibrator into Heero's passage inch by inch, the Japanese boy had very little rational thought left. His nipple bore two hundred grams of weights each while his passage had twenty small but devilish vibrators in it. The pain constantly shot from his strained nipples while the pleasure attacked him repeatedly as the vibrators mercilessly prodded his passage. The pain was intense but so was the pleasure. Together they drove all Heero's thoughts away until what the Japanese boy could think was his hard cock which was badly trying to reach its fulfillment. It would be impossible though until his Master removed the cock ring around it.

"Master..." Heero whined for the cock ring's removal but his Master cut his plea before he managed to finish it.

"You're still in deep submission mode, Kitten. No talking," Duo spoke from where he stood before his slave's head, "And I want to use your delicious mouth."

Mind hazy with pleasure and pain, Heero couldn't remember when his chains had been lowered. Last time he remembered, his head was at the same level as Duo's neck, now it was at the groin's level. Was it between the sixteenth and seventeenth vibrators? Heero didn't know for sure. He stopped thinking when his Master's cock touched his lips. Having been conditioned, he automatically opened his mouth and welcomed the hard flesh inside. Hands descended on his head to steady it as his Master started thrusting in and out.

Heero moaned around the hard flesh in his mouth as the thrust caused his body to sway thus making the weights on his nipples sway as well. Pain shot up from those twin nubs and collided with pleasure coming from his lower body. They merged and went straight to his cock, waiting to be let out, which wouldn't happen until his Master removed the cock ring. It was hell. It was heaven. While he wanted his release, Heero also loved how his Master slid into him and heard his rough grunt. He embraced the pain on his nipples and the pleasure on his lower body, wanting it to stop and never end at the same time.

It was only a few minutes passed but for the Japanese boy who was held on the brink of his orgasm, it felt like hours. His Master finally thrust for the final time and roared his completion. As usual, Heero swallowed his Master's release and licked him clean. Once the softening flesh left his mouth, Heero made a pleading noise, wanting nothing more than releasing his pent up pleasure.

Duo took a step back and tucked his cock back into his pants. He watched his slave writhing in his chains for a while before walking around to stand between the Japanese boy's spread legs. His slave mewled loudly when he grabbed the leaking hard cock. The pleasure was almost unbearable for his slave. "Do you want to come, Kitten?"

Heero nodded frantically. Instead of having the ring removed from his cock, he felt one of the vibrators inside him being pulled out slowly. Oh, why did he have to get the most sadistic Master? Heero let out a desperate cry, which ended in a yell as the vibrator was shoved back into him, straight into his prostate. Heero screamed as his body exploded in pleasure and his vision became pure white. He didn't know exactly when his Master removed the cock ring. But he knew it had been removed because he was coming violently.

Then Heero knew no more.


When he came to, Heero found himself in the bed, body cleansed and of course naked, and securely hold within his Master's arms. "Thank you, Master." Heero sighed in contentment and snuggled deeper into his Master's chest, already falling back to his sleep.

The arms tightened around the sleeping slave as the owner murmured softly, "It's me who has to thank you for such wonderful gift, Kitten."



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