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Enslaving Heero Part 33

"Is it okay to leave early, Master?" Heero spoke once the car left the harbor. He had buttoned up his white coat and sat on the passenger seat nervously.

"Yes, it's time to leave," Duo answered while keeping his eyes on the road.

"Oh." Heero was silent for some minutes before his curiosity got better of him. "Did I disappoint you, Master?"


"Then why..."

"We'll talk at home, Kitten."

So Heero shut his mouth and kept silent until they arrived at the apartment. There wasn't anyone in the lift on their way up to their floor but other than putting his arm around Heero's waist, Duo didn't say anything. Heero wondered what was going on in his Master's head. If he didn't disappoint Duo, what had made Duo so quiet then?

Heero mulled the fact as they entered the apartment. He heard the door closed behind him and suddenly he found his coat wrenched open and thrown away. "Master?" Heero squawked as he was pushed down onto the floor, lying on his front with his ass high in the air. The bells on his neck rang loudly at the sudden movement.

"You didn't disappoint me, Kitten." His Master said gruffly as he stood behind Heero.

"Oh." Heero heard the zipper being pulled down and swallowed, knowing what would happen to him. "Then why...." The words failed him as he felt the egg vibrator pulled swiftly from within him and something bigger and warm shoved into him. He squeaked again at the sudden fullness and lost whatever he wanted to ask.

His Master hovered over his bent form and licked his earlobe. "I'm a possessive bastard, Kitten." Duo nipped the ear and thrust forward, burying his cock deeper into the Japanese slave. Heero gasped as it prodded his prostate. "I got jealous just by watching those Doms lust after you."

"Oh." It was the most intelligent word Heero could utter as his mind comprehended the fact that Duo still could get jealous after he let Duo claim his virginity, mark his body, and use him however and whenever he liked.

Duo straightened and to Heero's surprise, his Master didn't start using him right away. Instead, he felt a finger traced the welts on his back. Heero hissed at the touch. His Master's finger outlined the first whip mark from the above first and then moved to the second mark which curved like a C reflected on the mirror. His blue eyes widened as he realized what letter the welts formed on his back. "Mas..."

"Mine." Duo growled as he traced the rest of the marks, both of the upside down V welts on his buttocks. Heero found out that those welts made another letter. However before he managed to react at the meaning of those two letters, the finger had left his back and his Master instantly grabbed his hip and lifted his ass a bit.

"Mine." Again the word was growled out and the next second Heero found himself with a very jealous Master ramming his slick passage. He gasped at the force of the thrust and moaned at the intensity. It felt like his Master wanted to bury all of him within him. The thrust was sharp and fast, with one intention, to claim and possess him. Heero couldn't help but moaning submissively as his Master took him wildly like an animal defending his territory. Here he was, only a few feet from the door that separated him and outside world and naked save his high-heeled boots and collar. His arms flailed before clenching on the floor. The bells on his neck rang as his body rocked from his Master's powerful thrusts.

Then suddenly his Master pulled out completely and turned him onto his back. Heero didn't even finish drawing his breath when he found his Master had entered him once again. This time instead of pounding his passage wildly again, his Master stayed still and dropped his weight on Heero, arms on either side of him. His head bent so low that their noses almost touched. For a few seconds, the bells on his neck and his Master's harsh breathing were the only sounds in the room.

"Master." Heero moaned at the closeness. The warmth and weight of his Master made him sigh in contentment. He admitted that he liked being pinned like this, covered by his Master's warmth and had his Master's cock inside him. His Master was on him, over him, and in him. When his Master's lips came down on his, Heero didn't hesitate and opened his mouth, accepting another part of his Master into him. The kiss was fierce and hot, devouring his mouth and beating his tongue into submission. It wasn't a wonder that when the kiss ended, more because of the need for air, Heero found he wasn't the only one who was panting and out of breath. His Master short breaths felt hot on his cheeks and his voice sounded very hoarse when he asked him.

"What are you?"

"Your slave," Heero answered without hesitation. "Always yours."

"Yes. Mine." Each word was punctuated by a thrust that made Heero gasp. "I won't ever let you go, Heero."

His true name, combined with the possessive tone, was more than enough to fill Heero's heart with thousands of butterflies. Duo wanted him. Duo would never let him go. Together. Always together. Not alone anymore. Heero sobbed at the indescribable but powerful emotion that washed over him. He reached out, encircling his arms around Duo's neck tightly. "Always yours, Duo. Don't let me go." He put some force on his arms and pushed Duo's head down, bringing their mouths only an inch apart. "I'm yours forever, Duo," Heero said huskily. At the last sentence, Heero felt that Duo and he had become more than merely a Master and his slave. He didn't know what had they become but he liked the feel of it.

"Yesss," Duo hissed possessively and dove into Heero's mouth, sucking and licking ferociously. His right hand reached behind and grabbed the back of Heero's knee, pushing it up. The other hand also did the same. Without breaking the kiss, Duo then started moving within his slave.

With his legs seized by his Master, making his body almost doubled over, Heero couldn't do much except moaning and mewling. Even those abilities were hindered as Duo's mouth seemed to be glued on his. His high-heeled booted legs flailed in the air as he let his Master drive into him again and again. The hard cock sawed into him, faster and harder until suddenly it plunged into him deep and went still. He swallowed his Master's growl and felt his body impregnated with another load of his Master's seed.

Heero sighed as the warmth spread within him and resigned to holding out his release again. However to his surprise, his Master released one of his legs and went to grab his abandoned cock. "You may come this time, Kitten."

Having been conditioned for almost everyday since he became Duo's slave, a squeeze was all Heero needed to tense up and came. He could feel his inner muscles contracted around his Master's cock, milking it as he came. His stomach was coated with his release, some even reached his chest. White passion started clouding his mind and he felt like floating, sinking into the pleasure his Master had allowed him to have.

When he came back to earth, he dazedly watched his bare-chest Master cleaning the release on his stomach and chest with the red shirt of his. He slowly looked around and saw the leather, gloves, and both of their boots scattered on the floor. The feeling of his Master's softening cock inside him gave him a sort of peace. He looked back to his Master right in time to see his Master throw the shirt away. Violet eyes focused on him and Heero's heart fluttered in contentment when a gentle smile formed on the heart-shaped face above him. "Master...."

"My Kitten." Duo bent down and kissed him gently.

Heero kissed back, crossed his now free legs behind Duo's back, and tightened his arms on Duo's shoulder. He completely clung onto his Master and sighed happily after his Master ended the kiss. He felt dazed and so relaxed and didn't do anything when his Master cupped hisass and stood up, bringing him up was well.

Heero tightened his arms and legs around his Master to keep his Master from slipping out of him and keened softly as his Master thrust up into him with the same intention.

"You sounded like a cat which just got a very fat mouse," His Master chuckled and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

Heero sighed in happiness and closed his eyes, resting his head on his Master's shoulder. He didn't think he wanted to move anytime soon.

"Spoiled Kitten," His Master grunted affectionately and headed toward the bedroom, carrying Heero with him. Surprisingly Duo didn't go straight to bed, but stopped before the mirror.

The Japanese slave wondered why his Master stopped in front of the mirror but made no move question or find the reason. He was waaaay too comfortable with his current position. Only his Master's order to look into the mirror was able to make him move, albeit reluctantly. He lifted his head and turned around, looking at the mirror across his shoulder. What he saw there made him forget about his reluctance. The mirror showed how the welts on his back formed the two letters he had thought when his Master traced the welts but then forgotten in the throes of being claimed by his Master.


Those two letters were blazing red on his body, D on his back and M on his buttock. His Master had carved his initial on his body, marking him as his property clearly. Heero's breath hitched as the feeling that he was belonged surged into him. He remembered the murmurs that raised as he turned his back exactly like what Duo ordered in the party before. It was obvious that the Doms and subs had seen this mark and understood that Heero was Duo's property. People KNEW he belonged to Duo.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

Still a bit overwhelmed with the impact of the mark on his back, Heero looked at his Master's eyes in the mirror and was instantly capsized by the pride and possessiveness shone on those violet orbs.

"Mine." Duo hugged his slave tightly, never breaking their gazes through the mirror.

"Yes, yours." Heero turned his head back and looked directly at his Master. "Yours to use, punish, and love, Master."

The effect of his answer was the renewed arousal that once soft inside his passage. Heero gasped when he was lifted up, unsheathing the now hard cock, and put face down on the bed.

"I want to use you while looking at my mark."

Duo slapped his slave's bottom playfully. Acknowledging the implicit command, Heero settled in the center of the bed on his stomach, baring his back for his Master to see. No sooner had he lifted his ass slightly higher, he felt his Master jumped into the bed and entered him in one smooth thrust. Heero wasn't surprised when he was used right away. He purred and rested his head on the bed, letting his Master ride him as he wished. The bells on his neck rang loudly as his body rocked forward and backward, following his Master's powerful thrusts.

"I'm going to put another mark on you tomorrow, Kitten," Duo said gruffly as he pounded into his slave.

With a snort, Heero buried his head while his Master continued thrusting into him. Another mark wasn't something new for him. He didn't think he would ever have one day free of Duo's marks on his body.

"A permanent mark."

That was the last words Duo uttered that night as he was busy fucking his slave who frantically listed other permanent marks he haven't got and prayed it wasn't something vicious.


In another part of the city, a Chinese boy was seen scurrying to put on his clothes and tiptoeing into the door.

"You said I restrained you too extreme this morning so I gave you freedom. But then you decided to run away. How can you expect me to trust you unrestrained, Fei darling?"

Wufei jumped at the cool threatening voice. He swallowed and looked at the girl behind him he had thought was just bearing ambitious trait. Boy, how wrong he was. She was MORE than just ambitious. "Dorothy, enough of this. I want to go home."

"Your home...," Dorothy swung her whip threateningly, "is here."

The Chinese preventer swallowed again. "No, I..."

"And how dare you call my name without permission," Dorothy barked, "As a punishment I will keep you naked and in bondage for the rest of our training."

As the whip shot up and wound around him, Wufei said goodbye to his clothes and freedom. He wondered whether other submissive preventers were luckier with their partners or he was just the luckiest one. Oh well, one thing for sure, Heero was stricter than Dorothy when it came to mission, so Duo should have been in worse condition than him.

When Dorothy muttered about spanking a naughty Chinese slave, Wufei pretended not to hear anything and took comfort that the braided troublemaker would likely get more spanking than him from his anal-retentive-perfect-soldier-master.


"Uhmmm....." Heero stirred as he surfaced from his sleep. He opened his eyes sleepily and checked the clock which told him that it was early morning. His memories of last night rushed into his mind and he groaned when he realized his Master had used him till late of night. His passage was quite sore and full of his Master's seed. There was a familiar butt plug inside him which had been shoved by his Master once he finished using his slave last night.

Heero felt the soft breathing of his Master on his hair and looked across his shoulder. He expected to see a smirk or a lazy grin but instead he was confronted with his Master's closed eyes and a contented smile on the relaxed face.

His Master was still sleeping.

Heero blinked at the rare occurrence and looked at his Master for some quiet moments. His mind replayed the last night's event. How firm his Master in refusing all the offers to buy him, how gentle his Master in carrying him, and how possessive he was in claiming him. Heero felt his mouth forming a smile at the memories and also at the realization that his Master was too tired to awake. Wanting to present a special service, Heero clutched the bells on his neck so that they wouldn't make any sounds and slowly got out of the bed. He tiptoed out of the bedroom slowly, feeling the butt plug shifted inside his slick passage. It appeared that his Master had worn himself out fucking his slave that Heero managed to slip out without waking him up. The Japanese boy's heart felt so light that he hummed happily as he prepared for his Master's breakfast.

When the toast and coffee were finished and put in a tray, Heero balanced the tray on his right hand as his left one clutched the bells. As he slipped silently into the bedroom, he wondered whether Dr. J was now rolling on his grave knowing that he used his stealth skill to serve the boy that the doctor had once called the brat.

No sooner then he put the tray on the nightstand, Heero felt a hand clamped over his. Knowing it was his Master's, Heero let it pull him onto the bed. The bells on his neck rang loudly. The Japanese boy found himself on top of his Master. Heero couldn't help but gasp as his naked skin touched against his Master's. He wanted to put his hands on the bed to support his weight but it was impossible with his Master's hands on his back pressing him down. He could feel the hot breaths on his face and looked down to meet his Master's widely awaken violet eyes. Now how in Kamisama's name could that happen? His stealth skill was perfect and he had silenced his bells!

"Did I wake you up, Master?" Heero asked, slightly miffed that he had awakened his Master.

"The coffee did," Duo murmured huskily then proceeded to kiss his slave.

As he welcomed his Master's kiss, Heero made a mental note not to forget what smell could do to ruin his mission.

"You brought me breakfast?" Duo asked his slave when they broke the kiss.

Heero nodded. "I made you toast with bacon, Master. And also a cup of coffee."

"Serve me then." Duo pushed his slave aside and sat up, leaning against the headboard.

Heero took the tray from the nightstand and put it on his Master's lap. His original plan was to wake his Master up slowly with a blowjob but the coffee had ruined it. Heero looked down at his Master's morning erection. There was an urge to make it completely hard and took it into his mouth. The Japanese boy found himself wetting his lips in anticipation. Well, he could try to ask....

"Permission to suck you, Master."


Heero pouted.

His Master chuckled and tweaked the slave's right nipple, which sent pleasure straight to the Japanese boy's groin. "Don't pout, my little slut. I want to savor this delicious breakfast undistracted. Go run a bath for me then clean yourself without waiting for me. I'll use that mouth of yours after that."

"Yes, Master." Heero went into bathroom, a little bit disappointed at being denied the blowjob but happy all the same what with his Master complimenting his cooking. He turned the water knob, adjusting the heat to his Master's liking, and went to the shower to wash his body.

Heero winced as he pulled out the butt plug, feeling the familiar soreness. But then he sighed in relief as the plug was completely out and smiled slightly at the feeling of his Master's seed leaking out of his passage. Judging from how much slippery liquid trailing down his legs, his Master had gone stallion wild mode on him last night. As the water poured on him, Heero wondered whether this wild mode had something to do with his Master's jealousy. He knew that Duo was quite possessive towards his belongings while they were still in war, judging from how he paid Heero back for stealing Deathscythe's components. However, it had been last night he realized that Duo was not only quite possessive but actually VERY VERY possessive. It amazed him that Duo still felt jealous with other Doms while he knew Heero surrender only to him. What his reaction would be when they met others in the competition who were more persistent and couldn't accept Duo's ownership over him?

Jealousy. Was this the reason Duo didn't want to join the competition? Because he was very possessive of Heero? Heero shuddered despite the warm water. If this night was any indication, others might have blue and black eyes for trying to touch him, although he would likely be the one who couldn't walk straight. Kamisama, his ass wouldn't survive one night in that competition.

Not wanting to think further, Heero quickly soaped his body and cleaned his passage with the special nozzle. Done with washing, he stepped out of the shower just in time to see his Master walked into the bathroom.

"Done with your shower?" Duo eyed him from head to toe, slowly. His eyes trailed at the remaining water running down his slave's torso. Heero did the same though in opposite direction. As his eyes fell onto his Master's head, he felt disappointed to see those beautiful chestnut hair had been braided back. He suspected having his Master loose his hair was another privilege he had to work hard to gain.

"Yes, Master," Heero finally answered and reached for his towel, but Duo's growl and gleaming eyes made him hesitate. "Master?"

There were a squeak, a noisy tinkling of the bells, a splash, then followed by continuous moans and gasps from inside the bathroom. Needless to say, Heero found himself walking a little limply when he got out of the bathroom an hour later and made note to avoid other Doms in the future as much as he could, kicking them out of his way if he ought to. His ass wouldn't appreciate his Master in wild stallion mode every day.


"I'm going to put another mark on you now, Kitten." His Master announced when Heero finished dressing him in black turtleneck and dark red jeans. Heero froze in his place, totally forgot about his Master's promise. He watched as his Master rummaged the cupboard's drawer and pulled out something with a satisfied huff.

As Duo approached him, Heero watched his Master's closed hand warily, wondering what was within it. The hand was raised up and his eyes followed it up until the hand went below his right ear, out of his vision range.

There was a pressure on his earlobe, followed by a slight sting. Heero jumped backward in reflect and glared at his Master, "What are you doing?"

His Master just smiled in satisfaction and held up a small instrument that Heero recognized as a piercer, the latest model of flesh piercing device. He blinked and realized that there was an additional weight on his right ear. Hesitantly, Heero reached up and felt his right earlobe. His hand countered something solid and round. "An earring?"

Duo nodded and gestured toward the mirror.

Heero turned to the mirror and saw the shape of his earring. It was simple really, just a plain ring on his right earlobe, not too small, not to big. The only thing that symbolized Duo's ownership was its color, black. God of Death was often assimilated with black color after all.

Heero watched through the mirror as his Master came up behind him and hugged his naked body. Duo kissed his pierced ear lightly and murmured in a possessive tone, "Mine."

Their eyes met in the mirror and Heero watched himself nodding, affirming his Master's claim, "Always yours, Master."

Duo kissed his ear once again before stepping back. "I think it's time to put your cat accessories back." He took out the said ornaments from their boxes and sat down on the bed. "Across my lap, Kitten."

Heero went without protest, eager to have his ears and tail back, and rearranged himself so he was draped over his Master's thighs. His Master's left hand caressed his bare bottom while the right hand pushed the tail into him. Heero purred happily as the familiar plug end slid into his passage inch by inch until his entrance clenched against the end of the plug where the tail started. He clenched and unclenched his inner muscles, causing his tail swing happily and hit his Master's face.

"Naughty Kitten!" Duo's scolding was ruined by his amused chuckles. However, his hand moved quickly and delivered two smacks on his slave's unprotected bottom.


"Serve you right," Duo added a slight pinch on the spanked flesh, "Now stay still while I put your cat ears."

"Yes, Master," Heero answered cheerfully, happy to have his tail back.

"That means for your tail, too."

Heero rolled his eyes and stopped swinging his tail.

"Good boy." His Master put the cat ears on his slave's head and rubbed it slightly, eliciting happy moan from the said slave. He then transferred the bells on his slave's neck back to his ankle. "Okay, sit up now."

Heero made a face as the bells rang loudly at his movement. "Can you just remove the bells, Master?"

"Now, where's the fun at that?" Duo grinned and kissed the slave boy on his lap. "I have an appointment with Howard. You do your chores as usual then you can do whatever you like."

"Anything I like?" Heero thought for a moment, "I think I want to do a research for our upcoming mission."

"Figured," It was Duo's turn to roll his eyes. "Okay, you can use your laptop for today."

"Thank you, Master!" Heero spoke gleefully, his hands already itch to touch his laptop.

"But finish your chores first or," Duo squeezed his slave's bottom, "this will be heated till red."

The itching was gone within millisecond. Heero nodded and promised his Master to finish his chores solemnly.

"You learn fast, Kitten," Duo laughed loudly and kissed his slave again.



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