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Enslaving Heero Part 32

"Thank you so much for coming to my party. I'm so glad that you..." Heero tuned out Lord X's opening feast as he nuzzled at his Master's lap. His bells rang slightly at the movement, but it didn't bother him the least. The pillow was soft and his Master was stroking his head gently, making him purr contentedly. He vaguely heard Lord X ending his speech and clapping his hand once to get his servants serving the main course. The 'oohh' and 'ahh' from other Doms distracted him, making Heero lifted his head slightly to see what had attracted their attention.

His blue eyes widened at the sight of five teams of four male servants appeared from what Heero assumed was the kitchen. Each team was carrying a very long and wide plate above their heads. He couldn't see what was on it from his position but he caught a glimpse of something high mounting on the plate.

"Lord X, you have really done a great feast tonight," One of the Doms said in awe.

Very curious now, Heero lifted his head completely off of his Master's lap to see what was on the plate at the same time the servants lowered one of the plates onto the table before him. His eyes got even wider and his mouth was opened as he noticed what was on the plate. It was a human! A naked male human in his twenties, his arms tied behind his back and legs folded below. He was like a roasted boar, ready to be served, what with his back covered piling bacons and white cream cheese sauce and his mouth was gagged with a quite big tomato. His short blonde hair was clear from the food, though. Everyone was eyeing him as if he had been an Easter turkey.

"I call this dish as Subservient Carbonara Pasta. Please help yourself," Lord X grinned and sat down. Murmurs went up a notch as the Doms ordered their subs to start serving them with the dish.

Heero's eyes grew completely big as he noticed sausages and carrots poking from between the man's ass. Kamisama, how large could his opening be? Heero didn't realize he was till gaping until his Master pulled on his nipple ring. He gasped into awareness and looked up to see his Master's amused stare. "Serve me, Kitten."

"Yes Master," Heero swallowed and stood up. He took his Master's plate and eyed the giant dish before him as a whole. The man on the plate had his eyes closed but the faint rising up and down of his back told Heero that he was still alive. Of course, he was still alive, Heero berated himself. His Master wouldn't befriend people who killed and baked people for food! This was just another show of how much control Lord X had over his subs that they were willing to be dining gourmet. He took the spoon and scooped the fettuccine and pasta that surrounded the 'gourmet' sub. Some other subs also scooped the bacon piling on the gourmet sub's back as their Doms ordered.

Heero almost missed putting the food on the plate when one Dom reached out and pulled one carrot from the gourmet sub's back passage. The sub was obviously trained as he only opened his mouth slightly and not moving.

"You even filled him with pasta. It's so marvelous, Lord X," The Dom looked impressed and bit the pasta-covered carrot.

Oo~~kay.... Heero swallowed and hurriedly continued filling his Master's plate. He tried not to look at the man who was enjoying the carrot and ended up looking at another table. Again, his eyes went wide as he noticed that it was female gourmet sub that was served there. Opposite of male gourmet sub, the female one was lying on her back, legs spread and folded below her thighs with her hands tied behind her back, which made her stomach displayed higher than the rest. Like the other gourmet sub, she was also covered with bacons and white cream cheese sauce. Her mouth was gagged with a tomato. She had much more sausages and carrots between her parted legs. Obviously because she had two holes.... Heero could feel his face redden and stopped his line of thought.

"I can't eat that much, Kitten," Heero blinked as his Master's amused voice reached his ears. He looked at his plate and saw that he had made a tower of bacon and pasta. He was about to apologize when he suddenly felt his back being pushed forward. Not ready for the attack, Heero fell right onto his towering plate. The sound of wet squash went along as he landed on the white cream cheese sauce covered dish. Some sauce reached his chin while the rest smeared on his vest and bare chest. Heero stood up hurriedly and felt horrified as he noticed the silence his action had caused.

"What a clumsy sub you have there, GoD. I heard that you were good with controlling your subs, but obviously it was just a rumor," The Dom on their right commented in a mocking manner. He was quite muscular and his black beard made Heero difficult to guess at his age; yet, the half bald on his head gave it away.

Heero didn't know why but he felt angry at his Master being mocked. What had happened wasn't his fault. He wasn't clumsy, never clumsy. He was pushed! Fear of disappointing his Master fueled his anger. Heero spun to his right and was about to shout at the other Master when his eyes caught at the sub next to him. Black eyes shot back triumphantly, added with a smirk on the oriental face.

"Dai," Heero hissed, having no doubt that it was the brat that had pushed him. "Omae o..." He was interrupted from finishing his threat as the egg inside him vibrated suddenly. Gasping at the sensation, Heero quickly put his hands on the table before his legs gave away from pleasure.

"What happened to him?" Dai's Dom asked curiously.

"The usual one," Duo answered and grabbed his slave around the waist. Assaulted with pleasure caused by the egg, Heero could do nothing but let himself being pulled to sit down on his Master's lap and headed face to face. "He is a naughty kitten, but not a clumsy one."

"But he had messed up your meal. He had to be punished," Dai said with a glee.

Duo shot Dai's Dom a glare. "Mind your own sub. Haven't you taught him how to be polite?"

Dai's Dom flushed and looked at his sub, who just realized that he had spoken to a Dom without permission. From the angry glint on the Dom's eyes, there was no doubt that Dai would receive punishment later.

Duo turned his attention to his slave on his lap who was still whimpering and squirming. "Now, what I'm gonna do to you, Kitten?"

Heero wanted to answer that he wasn't clumsy. That it wasn't his fault; but he was too busy moaning. The vibration the egg gave him this time was stronger than usual. He didn't put it pass his Master to activating the egg by remote rather than it vibrating by itself on schedule. His Master looked at him thoughtfully before grinning evilly. "Alright then, since you messed up my meal, I will have you as one."

Heero felt his pasta soaked vest was being removed before a slick flesh roaming along his bare chest, licking the pasta. One minute had passed and the egg hadn't stopped vibrating, confirming Heero's suspicion that it was his Master who had activated it. His Master was happily licking over his chest, neck, and chin clean while he was busy fighting the pleasure. Heero could feel his Master's tongue lingering on his nipples, licking and sucking them. When the mouth took his nipple ring in, Heero threw his head to the back and arched his body, giving himself to his Master. He could feel the sensation caused by the pulling on his nipples as his Master's tongue cleaned the nipple rings one by one.

Lost in pleasure, he failed to notice that the feast had continued and some Doms mimicked Duo's way using their respective slaves to enjoy the meal. He also failed to notice the glare Dai shot at him as his Dom snatched the tomato from the gourmet sub's mouth and put it in the Japanese sub's. All Heero was aware of was the feel of his Master's tongue on his body and the vibration inside his passage.


"It's one delicious meal, lord X," Duo commented to the host sometime later.

Lord X grinned at him and held up his glass. "Thank you, GoD. You have one hell of creative way to enjoy the meal."

"That I do," Duo grinned and held up his glass as well. After both Doms took a shot, Duo put his glass back on the table and looked at his squirming slave on his lap. "Stay still, Kitten, or do you want me to turn on the egg back?"

Heero stilled immediately but started whimpering as his Master brushed over his leather-covered groin. After getting vibrated for half an hour, it was hard for him to hold his orgasm and now his sadistic Master still intended to torture him more? "Master, please... I can't..."

"It's alright," Duo stopped his slave's plea by kissing him soundly. "Now, it's time for you to eat."

Despite his horny state, Heero was quite happy as his Master fed him the pasta. As he was chewing the bacon, Heero tried to bring himself down the edge. He was aware that he wouldn't get to come in near time as his Master had said yesterday, so he focused his mind on how delicious the pasta was and how gentle his Master was feeding him. Feeding time was one of the moments Heero liked most. It showed the gentle side of his Master, of how his Master scooped the food and slid it in his mouth slowly. Duo never fed him hurriedly nor roughly. He waited till Heero finished chewing before feeding him another spoonful of pasta. Heero swallowed it and looked at his Master's violet eyes. "Thank you, Master."

Duo's eyes widened slightly, then he smiled, making Heero's heart flutter happily. The Japanese boy opened his mouth eagerly as Duo held the spoon before him. Their eyes never broke the contact as Heero took the food and chewed it slowly. For all Heero knew, the world consisted of his Master only. He again forgot his surrounding, never noticing other Doms and subs' envy look at his Master.

However, the feeding went too fast to Heero's satisfaction. He knew he was full enough but still he wanted to be fed. Some of his feelings must have shown on his face for his Master chuckled and tapped on his mouth. "That's enough. I don't want my kitten to bloom like a pig. Pasta is one hell of fats and calories."

Heero pouted, again unaware of the look of jealousy and envy his Master got from other Doms.

Heero's attention was then distracted as Lord X stood up and clapped his hands once. "I hope you all enjoy the meal," He held up his glass towards Duo. "And a toss to GoD for his creative way."

Duo grinned, and after depositing his reluctant slave back to the pillow, he stood up. He held up his glass towards Lord X. "The big thank goes to you, Lord X. It's a wonderful feast so far and I'm curious to know how you do the dessert this time."

Heero's bowed head snapped up at the word 'dessert', causing the bells in his neck rang loudly. The image of subs stuffed with fruits in their every orifice and covered with pudding sauce popped in his mind. Heero didn't know what he felt about the image other than the heat on his face. Kamisama, please, please don't let his Master see how red his face was. Heero quickly bowed his head as his Master sat back on his seat.

"Thank you, GoD," Lord X chuckled. "I know you all are eager for the dessert but before that, let me make one announcement. Since my cook prepared a lot of pasta, I offer you a take away menu for free. Ask my servants anytime thirty minutes after the dessert is served and we'll wrap your sub as one delicious Subservient Carbonara Pasta for you to eat at home."

Excited murmurs rang out in the room while Heero thought his hearing failing him. Surely Lord X didn't offer the Doms to make their subs into gourmet subs? A TAKE AWAY gourmet sub? Being covered with that white cream cheese sauce? Being stuffed with carrots and vegetables? Against his better judgment, Heero lifted his head and met the amused filled violet eyes of his Master.


"I think you'll make a nice, delicious Subservient Carbonara Pasta, Kitten," Duo murmured huskily as he stared down at his slave.

Heero looked at his Master in horror but before he managed to say anything, Lord X had taken his Master's attention again.

"Now, let's enjoy the dessert in recreation room. You'll have time to think about my offer."

The Doms stood up and so did Duo. Heero closed his gapping mouth and hurriedly followed his Master with a doomed feeling. He didn't fancy being Subservient Carbowhatever!

However, the doomed feeling was forgotten as soon as he entered the recreation room. Although with his head bowed, Heero was fairly sure this wasn't a room for having a dessert. It was a large room with whips, paddles, and cat-o-nines hanging on the front wall. A man in his early twenties was hanging naked on the right wall in X positions, saved for the nipple rings and blindfold. On the left side of the room, there were comfy seats with pillows placed on either side of them.

Surely his Master entered the wrong room? But other Doms also entered this room. Duo had taken the left seat so Heero, still feeling they were in the wrong room, had gotten to settle down hesitantly on the pillow on his right.

"Lord X always serves the dessert along with entertainment, Kitten."

Heero looked at his Master who regarded him with amusement. Duo smiled and stroked Heero's hair affectionately. "Relax and enjoy the entertainment, Kitten."

So, with wide eyes, Heero watched as Lord X took the whip on his waist and approached the hanging young man. The Dom introduced him as his newest sub, then without further ado swung the whip towards the helpless sub twice. Heero was impressed when he saw an X was formed by two red slashes on the sub's chest. The whip swung again and soon Heero saw many red X appeared on the sub's body. Big X, small X, all of them were symmetric and in near oblique angle against each other, telling him that Lord X was very good with whip.

The Japanese boy watched with growing interest as it seemed that the sub was in pleasure of being whipped, instead of pain. He had read that there were some subs that loved pain and maybe this sub was one of them. He knew from his personal experience that some Doms could make torture implements that gives pleasure to their subs, what with his sadistic Master kept tormenting him with one of the paddles during their training. Lord X could be one of the said Doms. Heero looked up at his Master who was of course one of them. As if knowing what his slave had been thinking, Duo looked down and raised one eyebrow.

"Permission to speak, Master."

Duo nodded. "Granted."

"Is the sub getting off with pain or pleasure?" Heero gestured towards the sub who was currently in Lord X's mercy.

"You can't tell?" The longhaired Master looked amused. "Kitten, listen to the slashing. You should know whether it's serious, brutal whipping or playful whipping."

Heero listened. Lord X swung the whip smoothly. It sailed through the air and landed on the sub's body in a not too hard slap. He then decided that Lord X was doing the playful whipping. Resting his head on his Master's lap, Heero watched the event. Now and then, he opened his mouth when his Master held grapes or apple slices which he picked from the tray the servants carried around. Lord X had turned his sub around and proceeded to mark the bare back with more red X. The sub was moaning and whimpering, his cock was very hard and leaking precum by the time Lord X finished. He rolled his whip and put it back on his waist.

"I wish to use the present P.L. give to me," Lord X announced and clapped his hands once.

A servant came to the front, carrying a chair with him. Another servant came up to remove the binds on the hanging sub. Heero studied the chair as the servant placed it next to Lord X. So, this was the chair his Master and P.L. had talked about. His eyes went wide as he saw what had made the ordinary looking chair so special.

It was quite a normal wooden chair with a straight back. There was a hooked ornament with its tip pointed above on either side of the back. However, there was a hole on the center that Heero thought was just a style until the servant put a vibrator in it and whirled it locked. Eyes grew wider, he watched as the whipped sub was impaled on the chair. The sub elicited such a moan that made Heero squirmed, his cock hardened in response.

Heero thought that was what the chair for, but he was wrong. Lord X lifted the hooked ornament on each side and turned them so that both tips were in front of the sub's chest. A servant hung a nipple clamp on each tip, which Lord X connected onto each of his sub's hard nipples. Again a moan wrung its way from the sub, making Heero's cock twitch.

The sub's hands were pulled behind the chair and cuffed, exposing him helpless and motionless, unless he risked his nipples torn or his inside prodded painfully. Heero swallowed as Lord X opened his pants and feed the helpless sub with his cock. The sub opened his mouth eagerly and swallowed the cock to the hilt. As Lord X thrust in and out, Heero buried his face on Duo's lap, not trusting himself to hold onto his orgasm if he watched the play any longer. He vaguely heard some Doms asking P.L. about the chair but he could care less. He just hoped his sadistic Master didn't plan to make that kind of chair. Heero knew well that compared to P.L., Duo would be more creative in making that evil chair and he surely would be the victim.

His ears caught the grunts and moans, which seemed multiplied as the time went on. Heero tilted his head slightly to sneak a peek and saw some subs writhing on their Doms' laps, while some others were kneeling, head bent between their Doms' spread legs. So the Doms were aroused by Lord X's play as well.

Remembering his own Master, Heero shifted his eyes up and saw the obvious bulge on his Master's groin. The tight leather pants left nothing to imagination. Heero licked his lips and before he realized what he was doing, his head had moved forward and nuzzled at the groin. There was a sharp intake of breath coming from above him, telling Heero that his Master didn't expect his move. Feeling delighted at catching his Master in surprise, Heero kept nuzzling at the growing hardness and was about to pull the zipper down with his mouth when his Master's hand on his head stilled his movement.

"Not now, Kitten."

Heero mewled in protest. He was so close in tasting his Master again and now he had to wait?

His Master chuckled and ruffled his hair affectionately. "Not now."

Heero stopped his nuzzling reluctantly and turned his head just in time to see Lord X thrusting one last time into his sub and shouted his release. His sub swallowed eagerly and continued licking until his Dom withdrew completely.

Heero swallowed when he saw the sub licking his lips in satisfaction. He wanted to taste his Master, too. Keening slightly, he nuzzled at his Master's groin again.

"You're one hungry cocksucker, you know that, Kitten?" His Master chuckled.

"I hope you enjoy the show," Lord X's voice seemed far away to Heero, who wanted nothing more but to taste his Master. "Now, for the next show, I present you, GoD and his new slave."

Heero froze at the announcement. Surely his ears deceived him?

His Master stopped stroking his hair and pushed Heero's head gently. He stood up and grinned down at his shocked slave. "It's our time, Kitten."

The Japanese boy stared at his Master in horror.

"Don't worry," Duo stroked his cheek gently. "Focus at me only."

Lifting his head up, Heero's gaze met his Master's. For a moment, he was lost in those deep violet eyes. Then his Master straightened up and walked away. "Close your mouth and follow me on your four, Kitten."

Quickly closing his gapping mouth, Heero scrambled off his pillow and followed his Master as ordered. His bells rang loudly at the suddenly silent room. His heart throbbed frantically as he thought about what his Master would do to him. He could feel other Doms and subs staring at him, so he fastened his steps to catch his Master.

Duo stopped next to Lord X and Heero dutifully halted and knelt next to and a little behind his Master. His head bowed and his hands relaxed on each of his sides. He heard Duo and Lord X exchanging greetings then Lord X stepped away, bringing his sub with him. And so, the spotlight was now at Duo and him. Heero felt his heart throbbed faster and had to strive harder not to tremble and maintain his position.

"Thank you for your time," Heero heard his Master speaking. His tone was sharp and confident, just like what a Dom should be. A hand rested on his head. "This is my slave, Kitten."

There was a tug on his head and Heero followed it up smoothly until he stood straight. An arm encircled his waist.

"He is mine, and mine solely," Duo delivered the sentence with a hint of steel.

Heero realized that Duo was telling other Doms that he was exclusively Duo's. No one else was allowed to touch him. His heartbeat slowed down as he felt secured and relieved. He relaxed into Duo's arm and whispered, "Always yours, Master."

The arm on his waist tightened, signaling that his Master had heard his whisper.

"Take five steps forward and stand still in relax stance," His Master murmured and kneaded his waist before releasing him. "Trust me, Kitten."

Trust him. Yes, all he had to do was to trust his Master. After all, this body belonged to his Master. So, it was his Master's right to use it for entertainment. Heero took a deep breath and stepped forward as ordered. He set his legs slightly apart and let his arms fall naturally on his sides. Heero then felt Duo walking away behind him. From the fading steps, Heero knew that Duo was heading towards the wall where the implements were hung. Knowing he ought to stand still, Heero turned his attention to the audience. Apart from those who were still using their subs, the Doms were either whispering or looking in anticipation, while the subs were looking at Heero in various expressions, from curious to pity. Heero wondered what kind of implement that his Master would choose.

He heard something was taken from the wall, then sensed Duo approaching his direction. His Master's steps stopped just a few feet behind him. Heero tensed as his ears caught the playful swishing from the back.

"Kitten, you may express what you are feeling on your face, but keep your mouth shut and don't move from your spot."

Heero gave a slight nod and only had a few seconds to prepare himself before he heard the air being split by Duo's whip. His soldier training kicked in and he straightened his body, accepting the whip without making any twitch nor sound. The whip landed on his back and slashed his skin vertically. The pain didn't kick in until a few seconds after the impact. Heero gritted his teeth. It hurt, but he could handle it. The absence of liquid rolling down his back told him that his skin wasn't broken.

To avoid thinking about the pain, He dug out the implement, recognizing the training Duo had given him before he started his work. Judging from the throbbing pain on his back, it appeared that Duo was using a thick long whip. Heero remembered Duo said that since using this kind of whip for punishment could cause permanent scar on the skin, it was often used to mark it, instead. Heero fixed his eyes to the Doms and subs in front of him. Some of the Doms regarded him with serious expression and some subs looked at him incredulously. What? Did they think he would cry out at the first whip? He wasn't some ninny slave. Heero wouldn't make his Master disappointed. After all, he had vowed to be a perfect slave.

"Very good, Kitten."

Heero's heart bloomed at the praise. There was a swishing sound and Heero braced himself for the second whipping. The whip landed on his back with a loud smack that made those subs cringe and flinch, but Heero stood still and his face barely showed any expression. The pain was worth the praise his Master had given him. The pain was forgotten for a second as he was surprised to know that the second whip landed in a curve rather than straight.

The whip whooshed through the air for the third time. Heero couldn't help but opened his mouth in surprise as it landed diagonally at his right buttock. Luckily, he was in time to prevent the squeak from escaping his mouth. Trust his Master not to miss his ass. Heero grunted as he felt the pain kicked in. His tight leather pants did almost nothing to reduce the impact. He clenched his hands and gritted his teeth harder as he rode out the pain. He could handle the pain on his back better than on his ass. He again cursed Dr. J for not training that particular part of his body to withstand the pain.

He heard his Master swinging the whip again and this time he was prepared as it landed on his left buttock with the same pattern as the right one. Heero kept his mouth shut and focused on the Doms and subs. Again, the Doms gave him interest look, including those who had finished using their subs.

Another swing and the whip landed on his right buttock for the second time, still diagonally, but it was on the opposite direction. Heero's right ass throbbed painfully at the double whipping but he refused to cry out. He didn't want to embarrass his Master. Analyzing the outline left both by the whip and the throbs he was suffering, Heero found out that the two whipping on his right ass had made an upside down V rather than an X. He waited for the next whistle in the air and this time it landed on his left buttock, taking the same pattern as the previous one. That made another upside down V on his left ass.

He was so intense in riding out the pain that he didn't realize his Master had stood right behind him until a word murmured near his ear, "It's over."

Heero sighed in relief and relaxed. He quickly jerked in surprise as he felt a finger tracing the whip marks on his back.

"Perfect." Duo whispered huskily and hugged him possessively. "Mine. Forever mine."

Heero mewled in response and leaned against his Master, not caring about the throbbing pain on his back and ass. "Yours always, Master." This time he completely missed the look of envy and jealousy other Doms threw at his Master. All he knew was his Master's strong arms around him and his warmth surrounding him.

"Turn around," Duo murmured and released him, taking a step back. Heero did the order obediently and once he was face to face with his Master, he was lost within the deep violet eyes that seemed to devour him alive. The eyes were shining with pride and Heero's heart fluttered proudly.

"Remove your pants."

The order sounded far away but his hands seemed to move automatically. He slowly unzipped his pants and pushed it down until it slid freely onto the floor. His eyes never left Duo's as he watched those violet orbs flared with lust. Heero's breath hitched as his Master looked him up and down slowly as if regarding a rare beautiful object. He didn't hear the whispers of appreciation from the Doms behind him, nor did he see the looks of awe the subs gave him at the display of his red marks on his white skin. All he heard was the husky breathing of his Master and the look of lust and pride given to him.

"Come here, my lovely Kitten," Duo held out his arms and Heero went in without any hesitation, pasting his naked self against his Master. He felt his ass being cupped and lifted so he automatically entwined his legs around his Master's waist and his arms crossed behind Duo's neck. Now that he was practically clinging onto his Master, Heero's heart thumped happily as his Master gave him a pleased look.

Duo bent forward slightly and kissed his slave passionately. When he ended the kiss, his slave was in high and his blue eyes looked glazed. He smiled fondly before looking at the audience across his slave's shoulder. "Mine," He spoke the word roughly and got acknowledged nods from all of them. He nodded back curtly and walked towards his seat, carrying his dazed slave with him.

Heero sighed as he was being carried away and leaned his head on his Master's shoulder. The pain on his back throbbed duly, but he didn't mind a bit. He was vaguely aware of his Master sitting back on the comfy seat and he was perched naked on his lap. Lord X's voice thanking his Master and inviting another Master for a show sounded far away. He was more aware of his Master's leather covered arousal against his bare ass. He mewled and squirmed slightly but quickly stopped still as the whip marks on his ass throbbed painfully at the movement.

Duo chuckled and slipped his hand between their bodies, unzipping his pants. Once his cock sprang free, he lifted his mewling slave, pulled out the egg then pushed him down to sheath his hard erection. Heero gasped as his Master slid into him, stretching his passage. His sore ass touched the leather covered lap as he was impaled to the hilt in that one, first thrust. Heero kept mewling as pain and pleasure attacked him simultaneously. His Master moaned as his slave's passage squeezed around him.

Heero tightened his legs around his Master as he was being lifted up and down. His Master grunted and kissed him hungrily as he used Heero for pleasure. Smacks and moans from a Dom paddling his sub couldn't distract both Master and slave. In a corner, Lord X and P.L. were having a chat while sometimes throwing smiles at their direction.

When his Master finally came inside him, Heero mewled and shuddered in delight as the warmth spread within. Despite his frustration of not being allowed to come, he felt happy for he had managed to follow his Master's orders perfectly and got praised. He enjoyed his Master's cock softening inside him and let out a whimper signaling a protest as he was being lifted up.

"What a lovely slave you have there, GoD."

Feeling annoyed at the interruption, Heero turned his head to look at the intruder. Dai's Dom stood right in front of them with a drink in one hand. As the Dom gave Heero a lusty look - which he disliked one bit, Dai was nowhere to be seen.

"He is clumsy," Duo spoke and inserted the egg vibrator back nonchalantly into his slave's slick passage. He then zipped himself up.

Heero wanted to protest at his Master's accusation but having the egg inserted into him distracted him for a few minutes.

"Oh, come on, don't take my previous words seriously. I was just joking," Dai's Dom said sheepishly.

Heero was thankful for his Master's distraction that prevented him from lashing out at the Dom. He understood now that his Master merely repeated the previous insult given by the black bearded Dom.

"I won't sell him." Duo stroked his slave's bare bottom slowly while he regarded the other Dom thoughtfully. "I'm sorry, but I didn't remember your name. Are you a newbie here?"

The Dom nodded slightly and made a show of sipping his drink first before replying, "My name is Big Bear, just call me B.B. Look, I'll pay handsomely for that slave. How a 200,000 credits sounds to you?"

The amount of credits again widened Heero's eyes. He had no doubt that his Master would refuse. However, before his Master had time to reply, another Dom butted in. "I'll pay you double for the slave."

"He is..." Duo started.

Another Dom appeared out of nowhere and interrupted him. "I'll give you 500,000 credits for him."

Heero blinked at the amount that could make him live adequately for a year. He felt quite proud at the price and being wanted by quite a lot of people. However, it soon disappeared as he saw them giving him leers and staring at his naked ass while trying to outbid each other. He didn't like being ogled like that and shifted closer towards his Master, burying his face on his Master's hair. He was startled as he felt something covering his back and looked up to see his Master putting his white jacket on him.

"Thank you, Master," Heero whispered and leaned his head against Duo's shoulder, not caring about the arguing Doms.

Duo grunted and hugged his slave tightly while glaring at other Doms. "He is not for sale." His tone was final and the glare he sent them reinforced the fact. The Doms knew the rules well enough to stop bidding and made a way as Duo stood up and carried his slave with him. As he walked across the room towards the door, almost every head turned to them and not quite a few wishing to be a couple like them. The Master carried his slave possessively while the slave hugged his Master as if he had been his whole world. The pure white of the slave draped over the black of the Master created a beautiful image that reminded people of an angel yielding to a devil.

Lord X smiled at the image they radiated and waved his hand dismissively as GoD nodded his goodbye. When the pair disappeared, the chats and whispers, which had lessened, as GoD and his slave passed by, escalated back with the topic mostly about the departing couple. There would be some talk, and news about the couple would spread quickly within the community.

"Oh well, GoD forgot about the take away Subservient Carbonara Pasta," Lord X feigned a sigh.

P.L. who stood next to him laughed merrily at the comment. "I bet it's the last thing in GoD's mind right now. I have a feeling that he will mark that cute slave of his more once they get home. Possessive bastard, he didn't think his slave would be a favorite, did he?"

Lord X raised an eyebrow. "The boy looked nervous and clumsy at first, but he responded very well in the show."

"Very trusting and obedient. A touch from GoD and he melts like butter, not to mention he was very responsive," P.L. sipped his drink. "To think he was a virgin when we met him not too long ago, GoD is one lucky bastard."

Lord X nodded and sipped his drink. "One very lucky bastard."



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