Enslaving Heero Part 2

6:45 AM Three days later. Heero was fidgeting in his room. He had read the contract and considered it once again. His rational mind told him to stop this crazy deal but another part of him wanted to be owned by this man. Desire beat the rational thought and he sent his agreement the day after he received the contract. Now he was waiting for his Master to pick him up.

6:55 AM

Heero knelt on the floor. He didn't have many personal items so he had only one bag at his side. Following his Master's orders, Heero had quit his job and paid the last time for his rent room. He was wearing his green tank top and black spandex. The signed contract was already between his lips. Kami-sama helped him, may his Master be kind and gentle.

7:00 AM

The door was opened and Heero fought the urge to lift his head, to see his Master. He managed to keep his head bowed like a good slave he was while his Master approached him. His Master stopped in front of him and took the contract from his mouth. While his Master read reading the contract, Heero looked at his Master, as much as he could see from his position, of course. His Master had slender legs. He was wearing black boots and black pants. Heero wondered if his shirt would be black too, like Duo used to wear. Heero smiled slightly remembering his braided companion. What was he doing right now? Heero couldn't imagine Duo's reaction if he knew about what he was doing right now.

Heero noticed that his Master had set the contract aside and retrieved something from his pocket. Then Heero felt his head being lifted a little so now he stared at his Master midsection. His Master indeed wore a black shirt. A cold metal piece encircled Heero's neck and followed by a snapping sound that confirmed his thought that he was being collared.

"You're mine now, slave."

Heero was startled when he heard his Master's voice. He knew that voice well, so familiar to him. Heero looked up and met a pair of familiar violet eyes.

Bloody Hell! HIM???????????????

"Duo." Heero's face became white and he shook slightly. He never imagined Duo being his Master. Not ever. Heero was sure that Duo was not the type of person who liked to do this sort of things. But it turned out that he had been wrong about Duo. Heero cursed when he realized the meaning of his Master's nickname. GoD...God of Death...Shinigami! Kami-sama what he had gotten himself into?

"Yes, it's me. I'm your Master now, Heero." Duo looked at Heero, amused at his Japanese slave's reaction.

"You set me up" Heero felt anger welt up inside him.

"No, you did it by yourself. You chose me remember? I have already given you two chances to pull out but you didn't take those chances." Duo said calmly.

"I didn't know it was you all this time!" Heero snapped.

Duo frowned, "I've said that I could be anyone, remember. Now, I don't approve of you talking to me like that, slave."

"I'm not your slave. I'll pull out now." Heero tried to stand up only to find Duo hold his neck with one hand and the other hand pushed his shoulder down, forcing him to kneel again.

"No, it's too late. You're mine now." Duo hissed and pressed the collar around Heero's neck. "This is the symbol of my ownership. You'll wear it all the time, understand slave?"

Heero gasped at Duo's tone. It was not his usual cheerful tone. Duo was using the tone that a Master used to speak to his slave. And unconsciously, Heero replied, "Yes, Master."

"Good" Duo put his fore finger on Heero's mouth when the Japanese boy was about to speak again. "Listen to me first. You may think me as your friend before but now, you have to discard that thought. I'm your Master now, the owner of your body, heart, mind, and soul. And you're my slave, mine to use, to love, and to punish."

Duo watched as Heero's eyes widened at the word 'punish'. "Yes Heero, you're mine to punish as I want, especially when you made a mistake or something that upset me. Do you understand your position now?"

Heero looked at Duo in disbelief. This Duo was really different from the Duo he knew. He could see the danger and authority in those violet eyes. This was his Master, not his friend. Many questions ran inside his mind but he had no answers for them so Heero blurted out the first thing came in his mind. "What are you going to do with me?"

Duo smirked. "Whatever I want to do, slave. I know you're very surprised and have many questions for me. But I order you to set them aside. Right now, your curiosity is not as important as my orders. I'll deal with them later. As your Master, I may answer them or dismiss them. But as my slave, you're bond to answer all my questions. And remember, I don't like my slave to lie. So now answer me, do you understand your position now, slave?"

Heero felt his Master tightened his grip on his shoulder. This was his Master, the one who owned him. He wanted to be ordered, to be controlled, and to be owned. So what's the matter if his Master turned out to be Duo, one of his friends? Strangely, Heero felt that he didn't mind Duo being his Master. Yes, he was shocked at first but now, he had passed the shock and calmly accepted it. So he answered his Master. "Yes Master."

"Good" Heero felt Duo release his grip and pet his head like petting a puppy. "Let's go then, we'll continue this at my apartment."

"Your apartment, Duo?" Heero blurted out accidentally, out of wonder because he never thought Duo would stay on earth and had an apartment. He saw Duo's face darkened and knew that he had made his first mistake. This was his Master, not his friend, Heero reminded himself. "I'm sorry Master."

"Apologize accepted but I still have to punish you for that." Duo eyed Heero. "I'll address your punishment later, right now I want to show you your new house. Let's go."

Heero gulped and nodded. He took his bag and followed Duo, who took the contract he had set aside before. They came to the parking lot and Heero was surprised to see Duo open the door of a black Ferrari. "Master?"

"Yes, slave?"

"How did you get the money to buy this thing?"

Duo smirked, enjoying Heero's confused expression. "I had saved a lot of money during the war, slave." Heero interpreted this as hacking OZ base and transferring the fund into a personal account. Duo was a great hacker, after all. Second to him, of course. "I also work now though I can live from the interest. Enough asking, now get in the car."

Heero put his bag in the car's boot and sat next to Duo, who had started the car. They drove in silent for a couple of minutes until Duo broke the silence. "Have you done all I have ordered?"

"Yes Master. I have quit my job and paid for the last time the rent of the room. I also transferred my bank account into your account." Heero now had nothing except trusting and following his new Master.

"Good, you'll have your reward later. Remember slave, I'll give you punishment for disobedience, mistakes, or other bad behaviors and I'll reward you for being obedient and pleasing me."

"Thank you Master." Strangely, Heero felt happy when Duo approved of his works.

They entered the basement of an exclusive apartment. After taking out Heero's bag, Duo led Heero to the elevator and swiped a card through some system machine next to the door where usually they put the buttons to control the elevator. The system processed the card and soon Heero felt the elevator moved up. Duo then turned to Heero. "Now listen slave, this is the card key to the 21st floor. I'll give you one later. The floor only has one room, my room, so we don't have to worry about our neighbours. I have already told the guards down there that you will live with me so they will let you in."

Heero nodded and kept his head bowed, processing what he had done. He had become Duo's slave. Of all the people, he ran into Duo. The world was really small, indeed. Heero felt a finger lifting his head. He looked up and saw that his Master was standing very close before him. "Heero, you're mine now. You aren't free anymore, understand? There's no turning back, I'll keep you and take care of you." Duo whispered the words while caressing his collar, punctuating that he indeed owned Heero.

The bell chimed and the elevator's door opened. Duo stepped out, leaving his slave dazzling, absorbing his words. Heero quickly regained himself. No turning back. He was Duo's slave now. Heero took his bag and followed Duo out of the elevator. It appeared that the elevator led them straight to the living room. Being Japanese, Heero took off his shoes and walked to the room with his socks on. He noticed that Duo had also took off his shoes and was using slippers.

Heero studied the room; it was big, nice and neat. Quite opposite with what Heero had in mind. There were wide sofas with cushion in the middle of the room, equipped with low table and big 30" television near them. Behind the sofa, there was a dinner table with two seats. On his left, Heero saw the glass door that would lead him to the balcony. Duo pointed at the door in front of them. "That's the kitchen. I know you can cook, so you're' responsible of the kitchen from now on as I'm a disaster in the kitchen."

Heero smirked as he remembered how bad Duo was when they stayed at a safe house. "Yes Master. I understand that very well."

Duo just chuckled and walked to the other door on the right, gesturing Heero to follow him. "This is the bedroom. That small door will lead you to the bathroom. There was another bathroom next to the kitchen but I don't think we will use it often." Duo grinned and looked at his slave, who eyed the king sized bed warily. "Any question, slave?"

"Uhm, where's my room, Master?"

"You don't have a room, slave. Your place is here with me."

"You mean..." Heero eyed the bed once again. "I'll sleep with you, Master?"

"Not only sleep, slave. This is where I usually administer your reward and your punishment. And of course sleeping with me will mean that you'll be available every time I want to use your body." Duo grinned when he saw that his words made Heero flinch. "Ah, you worry about sex, right?"

Heero blushed and nodded. He was a virgin, for God's sake. Though he had read some stories involving male and male sex, he had so little idea how to do it.

"Don't worry, I'll go easy on you. I promise I'll be gentle for your first time." Duo reached out and pulled Heero into his embrace. "I won't lie, it'll hurt the first time but I promise it'll be worth it. I won't spare you so the only thing you can do is trust me, slave. I'll fuck you roughly some other times, using your body like I want, because it's mine. But trust me, I'll never harm you seriously. Hurt you maybe, I have to punish you to remind your status and fix your mistakes."

Heero felt Duo hugged him tightly as Duo's breath brushed against his face. Trust, yes that's the only thing he could do. Duo was his Master; he could do anything to him, take anything he wanted. "I trust you, Master."

"Good. Now that you're my slave, I want to taste you." Duo leaned forward and captured Heero's lips. First, the kiss was gentle then Duo took control. He ran his tongue over Heero's lips, claiming those soft lips as his. Duo growled and stuck his tongue into Heero's slightly open mouth. He never asked permission for it because he was his. Now he just punctuated his ownership by claiming the moist cavern, running his tongue inside it.

Heero was flying. He never knew that a kiss was so good. He compared this kiss with his first kiss and found out that this was far better than the first time. Moreover, the person who was kissing him now was his Master, the one who owned him. Duo was a great kisser, making him wonder where he learnt all of this.

Finally satisfied, Duo pulled away and chuckled when he saw the dazzled look in Heero's eyes. "Just kissing you made you fly. I wonder what it'll be like when I take you." Duo licked Heero's lips once again. "You taste good just like I thought you would from the first time I saw you. You don't know how much I wanted to taste your pouting lips during the war, slave."

"I really don't know, Master." Heero was still a bit dazzled.

"Well, there are a lot of things you don't know about me, slave." Duo grinned. "Tell me, is this your first kiss?"

Heero shook his head.

"Ah, too bad. I thought I would be your first." Duo's voice seemed to be a bit disappointed. Heero found that he didn't want to make his Master disappointed.

"You're my second, Master. And your kiss is far better than hers."

"Her?" Duo looked sharply at Heero. "Who gave you your first kiss, slave?"


As soon as the name left Heero's mouth, Duo growled. "You kissed Relena? Do you love her?"

"No, I don't love her, Master."

Duo narrowed his eyes. "I don't like liars. If I ever find out that you're lying to me, the punishment will be severe and maybe I'll disown you."

Heero gulped at the thought of being ditched and alone again. "It's true, I don't love her. It was her who kissed me. I didn't kiss back."

"When did she kiss you?"

"Five months ago. She managed to track me down but I quickly moved away after that."

"That bitch..." Heero could feel the hatred in Duo's voice.

"You don't like her, Master?"

"No. I have had enough watching her plastering herself to you during the war. Now that I'm your Master, I don't want to see her near you."

"I'll try to avoid her then, Master." To tell the truth, Heero also had tried hard to avoid the persistent girl. He didn't like her but still she was important to the peace so he had to watch her during the war.

"Well, you better." Duo muttered and then he laughed. "Not that you'll meet her in the near future. You won't be going anywhere, slave. You'll stay here and serve me."

Heero nodded. He much preferred to be with Duo than to be with Relena. Actually, he would prefer to be with anyone else save the persistent and delusional girl. Duo released him and pointed at the closet next to the bed. "I've emptied the left side. Put all your clothes and belongings there now."

As Heero emptied his bag, Duo sat on the bed. He frowned when Heero took out his laptop. "Wait, give me that laptop."

Heero was confused but he gave Duo the laptop as ordered.

Duo took the laptop and put it in the closet's drawer then locked it. He shoved the key into his pocket. "Master?" Heero looked at Duo, wondering why Duo locked his laptop in the drawer.

"During the war, you always were at your laptop, ignoring me and the others. So now I want you to stay away from your laptop." Duo looked at Heero calmly. To tell the truth, he was jealous of the laptop. Now that Heero was his, the laptop was history.

Heero went pale thinking for living without his laptop. How could he stand that? He had been used to do everything with his laptop. Now his Master wanted him to stay away from his laptop? "Master, I can't do that. You have to let me access my laptop."

"Yes you can. You can't negotiate here slave. That's my order and that's final." Duo spoke sharply.

Heero bowed his head. It was true that it was his Master's order and he should obey it but still... "I'll do anything you want, Master. But please let me access my laptop."

Duo frowned and stood up. He pulled Heero's chin so his eyes would meet his owns. "I don't like to repeat myself, slave. This is your first day and you have already been defiant. I'll see that you receive a proper punishment for that. Now I only want to hold your laptop for two or three days but I think I'll keep it longer."

The Japanese boy gulped as he heard Duo's words. He soon regretted his previous action. "Master, I'm sorry. I'll obey you, but please don't extend the time."

"Too late for that." Duo told him coldly and when he saw Heero was going to protest, he interrupted, "And I'll make it into forever if you don't want to obey me."

Heero quickly closed his mouth, swallowing the words he was going to say. He couldn't bear parting with his laptop forever. Maybe he could endure a couple of days. If he did well and pleased his Master, Duo might reconsider giving his laptop back in a shorter period of time. "I'll obey you, Master."

"Good, now resume your work." Duo let go of Heero's chin and sat back on the bed.

Heero put his clothes away efficiently in the closet. Lastly, he pulled out his gun and put it together with the clothes. Then he turned to Duo, waiting for his next order.

Duo eyed him for several minutes, making Heero nervous, before he spoke out. "I said ALL of your clothes, slave."


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