Enslaving Heero Part 27

The next morning, Heero found himself to be the first to wake up. He was lying on his side, face to face with his Master. One of Duo's hands was draped over his middle. His cat accessories had been removed and a butt plug replaced his tail. Heero had never felt happier than at the time like this. He knew that this was where he was meant to be. With Duo. In Duo's arms. As he recalled last night's event, Heero felt his mouth forming a smile. The blowjob was one hell of a reward! Even though his Master never gave the same reward in a row, Heero was sure if he behaved very good today, he would get one as great as yesterday.

With that in mind, Heero wiggled his way down, careful as not to wake his Master up. He wanted him to wake up in pleasure. Heero went down slowly till he was face to face with his Master's groin. He gently put one hand on Duo's half hard cock and slowly licked the tip. His Master made some pleasure moans above him. When Heero felt the cock in his hand hardening, he brought his face closer and took the head of the cock into his mouth.

Duo's hand found its way into Heero's hair and stroked it encouragingly. It was all the permission that Heero needed. He lifted his free hand and played with the balls under his Master's cock while started sucking its head. His Master's moans grew louder. Feeling proud of his work, Heero continued to tease the balls with his fingers while his tongue swirled on the tip of the cock. It went on for several minutes before the hand on Heero's head started pushing him forward. Heero didn't fight the pressure and opened his mouth wide instead, letting his Master's cock sink deeper into his moist orifice. He removed his hand from Duo's cock as it entered further and descended into his throat. The pressure on his head stopped only when Heero's nose was pressed against Duo's groin, the obvious sign that he had swallowed Duo to the hilt.

Heero breathed slowly through his nose while savoring the way his Master's cock filled his mouth and throat. When his breathing became steady, Heero started swallowing, causing his throat muscles contracted around the hard shaft. It surely brought pleasure to Duo as Heero felt the hand tightening on his hair. He sucked and teased the underside of Duo's cock with his tongue for several minutes, enjoying the noises his Master elicited. His own cock was hard as a rock, but he got used to it. He knew that it would take quite a long time before he got any release, so he ignored it and focused on his Master's instead.


Heero blinked at the command. He was just about to bring his Master to the peak and felt very disappointed that he had to stop. But a command was a command, so with a great reluctance, Heero let the hard cock slide out of his mouth and released Duo's balls. He then looked up at his Master and found Duo staring at him in plain lust.

"On your fours, Kitten," Duo purred out the order as he sat up. "I want to feel your tight ass."

The disappointment of having to stop the blowjob dissipated at once, replaced by the anticipation and eagerness to be filled. Heero quickly got on his fours and waited as his Master moved to his behind. His butt plug was prodded then slowly pulled out of him. Heero moaned as he felt the plug stretching his opening and brushing along his inner muscles on its leave. Once the plug left his passage, it was replaced by something bigger that Heero had been familiar with. It sunk swiftly to the hilt as he felt fingers caressing and pinching his nipples. Pleasure attacked him both from inside and outside, making Heero gasp and shudder.


Duo released his nipples and grabbed his hip, rocking within him vigorously.


Thrust after thrust, moan after moan. He felt as if his Master wanted to become one.


Heero jumped at the shout and threw a flabbergasted look at his Master who was sitting beside him. Duo was steering the wheel of the car they were in. He grinned slightly at his slave.

"We are near the office, stop daydreaming."

"Uhm..." Heero squirmed and felt the egg shifting inside him. Kamisama, he, who had never daydreamed, was doing exactly that and even worse. He was daydreaming about this very morning where his Master used him so good that he felt reluctant to go to work.

They were just two turns away from the Preventer's building when Heero heard something.


The sound made him alert at once and at the same time kicked his reflexes up. "Duck!" He shouted and ducked, feeling the air rippling above him as the bullet went by. A quick glance to his side told him that Duo had ducked in time as well. Anger seeped into him at the thought that someone was trying to hurt his Master. Without a second thought, Heero jumped out of the car.


More bullets were shot at him. His soldier training kicked in as he rolled on the road to reduce the impact of leaping out of a moving car and also to avoid the bullets. He took a glimpse at the bullet. From the angle it was embedded on the street, Heero could pinpoint the shooter. They were coming from the tree on the street's side.


Heero rolled away to avoid the bullet and stood up. He ran toward the shooter's direction while expertly dodging the bullets fired at him. One bullet grazed his arm but Heero dismissed it, for it was only a minor injury. As he got nearer, he could see the shooter standing behind the tree. He was in black suit and a mask covered his face. Heero knew that he increased the shooter's possibility by getting near him, but he would be damned if he let the man who tried to kill his Master run away. The shooter fired hurriedly and this time it grazed his thigh. Heero again ignored it and pounced at the shooter, sending both of them tumbling on the ground. Being the strong one, Heero managed to pin the shooter beneath him and delivered a full power punch on his face. That knocked the man out in a second. Heero sighed and released the battle tension in his body as he took away the man's gun and removed the mask. The face was unfamiliar to him - but it was expected. He would soon know this man's identity once he got his fingerprints checked.


Heero jumped at his Master's sharp voice. Turning around he saw his Master looming over him. Duo's angry violet eyes froze him in spot, making him stop breathing. Why was his Master angry? At him? He hadn't done anything wrong, had he?

"How dare you...." Heero's heart jumped in fear at the angry tone. He'd never seen his Master this angry before. His bottom tightened unconsciously as he remembered his past punishments and somehow felt that this time it would get worse. The violet eyes glared at him a little longer before they shifted to the unconscious man beneath him.

"Ross," Duo hissed the name.

Heero blinked as he remembered the name as the programmer before him. This wasn't good. Why did an ex-preventer try to shoot them? They had to investigate the man quickly. "Mas.."

Whatever Heero wanted to say, it died in his throat as his Master looked at him sharply. "Get in the car," Duo hissed the command.


"Get. In. The. Car, Kitten."

Heero might have been brave, but he was not stupid enough not to obey his Master's command. He stood up and walked towards the car. When he sat down on his seat, he watched as his Master picked Ross up and approached him.

"Sit on the driver's seat," Duo said as he dumped Ross in the back seat. Heero moved to the driver's seat and waited silently as Duo sat down next to him. "Drive to Preventer."

"Yes, Master," Heero held the steering wheel and drove them to Preventer in silence.


Duo entered his apartment and turned around to see his slave standing behind him nervously. His eyes narrowed at the bandages on the Japanese boy.

To say that Heero was anxious was an understatement. Duo had been silent almost the whole time. He'd only spoken when he'd dumped Ross' unconscious body to Wufei and told the Chinese boy that both of them were taking this day off. Heero tried to protest, telling him that he was okay, that his injuries were minor. That earned him a sharp glance from his Master. So in the end, Heero shut up and drove his Master back to the apartment after taking a trip to the infirmary to bandage his wounds.

"Follow me," Duo turned around and went into the bedroom. Heero's stomach immediately did a flipflop as he followed his Master in. Bedroom could only mean two things, pleasure or punishment. Considering Duo's mood right now, there was a thin chance that he would get pleasure. He watched as Duo sat down on the bed then went to stand apprehensively in front of his Master.

"Strip!" That was the first word Duo directed at Heero after a long silence. It was delivered in such sharp tone that Heero quickly obeyed, not wanting to make the situation worse. Once naked, he knelt down and bowed his head, hands crossed behind his back. Heero hoped his submissive gesture would ease Duo's anger a little. However, he was death wrong. Fingers wormed their ways into his messy hair and used it to pull his head up.

Heero winced slightly at the rough gesture. "Master..."

"Who do you belong to?" Duo growled the question out.

"You, Master," Heero hissed as the fingers tightened on his hair. He only had a second to register that Duo's other hand was reaching to him when he felt it tugged on his right nipple ring.

"Is this flesh my ring adorns mine, too?" Duo pulled on the nipple ring harder to emphasize his question.

"Yes, Master," Heero gasped the answer loudly and felt relieved when Duo released his nipple ring. His relief was short lived though. Duo's hand closed around his cock and squeezed it hard, strangling another gasp from him.

"Is this mine, too?" Duo pulled on the cock.

"Yes, it's yours, Master," Heero lifted his body, following Duo's tug to ease his pain. It left him in an awkward position, half standing and half kneeling.

"So what isn't mine, then? This?" With high speed, Duo let go Heero's cock and sneaked behind the Japanese boy's balls. The finger found the egg's ring and pulled it swiftly, taking the egg out instantly. "Does your flesh count as mine only where I decorate it?"

Heero cried out as the egg stretched his opening so fast that it burned. He lost his balance and fell down on his Master's lap, shouting his answer to Duo's question. "It's yours, Master. I'm all yours. My hand, my head, all parts of my body are yours."

"So is this mine, too?" Duo squeezed Heero's bandaged thigh with one hand, causing the Japanese boy to gasp at the pain.

"Yes, yes, yes. It's yours, Master," Heero buried his head on Duo's lap to bear the throbbing pain on his thigh. However, Duo's fingers tightened on his hair and pulled his head up to face his enraged Master. Heero felt that his breath was caught somewhere in his throat as his eyes met the blazing violet eyes.

"If this is mine," Duo drawled, "Then you have no right to damage what isn't yours."

Heero froze at the sentence. He searched Duo's eyes and saw nothing but seriousness there. Duo was angry because he let himself get wounded? Because he let someone bruise what belonged to his Master? It was true that his body was Duo's but Heero never thought it would apply for all situations. Couldn't Duo understand that there was no mission without a possibility of getting hurt? Moreover, they were only small wounds, a very cheap price to get the shooter who had dared to hurt his Master.

Duo's eyes narrowed as if he understood what his slave was thinking. His hand tightened on Heero's hair, managing the Japanese boy to keep looking at him. "Have you ever thought what would've happened if that bastard Ross were a professional assassin? You could have died with a bullet in your head if he hadn't been so panicked and firing randomly at your direction. Did you ever think that he might have had someone else backing him up on the other side? His partner would have shot you while you were going after him."


"But what?" Duo cut in sharply. "But then you wouldn't capture him because you would have to roll away and find something to shield yourself? Damn it Heero, you may use your soldier's instinct but trash that I'm-expendable-my-life-is-cheap-attitude!" Duo pulled Heero forward and crushed his lips against the Japanese boy's. Heero was flabbergasted at the sudden change that he did nothing other than letting Duo ravish him. He felt Duo's tongue slipping into his mouth and lapping the inside angrily. Hands wrapped around him, pulling him up against Duo.

"You're mine, Kitten," Duo growled near Heero's ear and bit the sensitive earlobe. He then threw his slave onto the bed, rolled him onto his stomach, and pinned the naked boy beneath him. "Mine." Duo repeated the word as he worked on Heero's back, marking his property here and there.

Heero whimpered at the assault. His hands unconsciously tightened into fists on the bed sheet. Hands moved smoothly on his side, causing him to arch his back at the touch. His Master's wet tongue slid down, sucking and lapping on his skin. The ministration made his cock harden involuntarily. Heero shifted slightly, trying to ease his pinned arousal but Duo's weight on him kept him where he was. He could feel Duo's clothed cock poking on his lower back. He had no doubt what his Master was about to do. When Duo finally pulled away, Heero got onto his hands and knees and waited. He listened to the sound of zipper behind him then sensed Duo hovering over him, both hands planted on either side of his head. The familiar blunt tip poked between his bottom's cheeks as he felt Duo breathing so closely at his ear. "Who do you belong to?"

"You, Master," Heero answered firmly and got the prize delivered straight into his puckering hole. He moaned as he felt Duo's cock sliding inside him, expanding his inner tissues and touching him in the deepest places. Teeth nipped at his earlobe and tongue lapped at the bruises they made. Heero squirmed as the ministration sent pleasure straight to his groin. He unconsciously raised his hip and took his Master's cock deeper into him.

A growl was Heero's only warning, which didn't help him much since in the next second, his Master was slamming in and out of him in a frenzied pace. Heero moaned as his prostate was prodded, trying to hold his own orgasm.

"You're mine, Kitten."



Thrust Thrust Thrust

"Always yours, Master. Always," Heero gasped the words out as his passage was pounded by what felt like a machine gun. He tried to maintain his hands but found that he couldn't concentrate on two things at once. Knowing it was more important to keep his cock from exploding, Heero gave away his hands and his chest fell onto the bed. The highest part of him was now his ass, which was banged by his Master.

Heero closed his eyes and focused on his Master's movement inside him.

In Out In Out

Passing his puckered ring

Prodding his prostate

In Out In Out

Using him

Claiming him

"Master..." Heero whined as he felt he was near the edge. His inner muscles tightened around Duo's cock, serving as a sign for his Master.

"Do not come. You don't have the right," Duo barked and slammed into his slave hard to hilt. His body tensed then arched backward as he poured his pleasure inside his slave. Meanwhile Heero just laid still and waited patiently for his Master to finish filling him. He could feel the warm substance coating his inner wall, trailing into the depth of him.

"Do you know what slave training consists of?" Duo whispered roughly some time later.


Duo licked his slave's cheek in a way that made Heero tremble. He then nipped at the Japanese boy's earlobe and whispered in false happy tone.

"And punishment."

Heero gasped in horror and his eyes widened at the realization of what he would have to endure next.



Beep Beep

Wufei stared at his videophone's monitor in irritation. What the hell were Duo and Heero doing that they couldn't answer after the third ring. Heero wasn't hurt too badly, was he? He didn't need any consoling over such little wounds, did he?

Before his mind thought further about what the word "consoling" involved, the monitor revealed Duo's face. Wufei blinked as he noticed the serious expression that rarely appeared on the braided boy.

"What's up, Chang?"

Chang. Not Wufei. Duo was obviously not in his usual cheerful mode. Anxiety prodded inside him as he tried to think what could make Duo so serious. Was it Heero?

"Chang?" Duo asked again with slight hints of annoyance.

"Sorry, is Heero okay?"

Duo blinked. "Of course he is fine. Is that all you want to ask and disturb me in the middle of my work on him?"

Work on him. Wufei went red when he realized he had interrupted Duo's 'consoling'. He'd better make this quick before he became as red as tomato. "No, Une wants you two to come to the office early in the morning for emergency meeting."


"Ross has confessed his crime and motive. It seems that we are having quite a big trouble because of him."

"Roger. Is that all?"

"Yes, I ..."

"See you tomorrow, Chang."

Wufei looked at his now black monitor in bewilderment. He shook his head and then went back to his desk, muttering something about bunny rabbits.



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