Author's Note: Merry Christmas everyone, I'm going back to my hometown for two weeks holiday. I hope this long chapter can serve as a christmas present for you all. See you next year ^_^

Enslaving Heero Part 26

Wufei tapped his fingers impatiently. It's almost 8 AM, where are those two bunny rabbits? As if hearing his question, the office door opened and he saw Duo kiss Heero passionately before pushing him in. Definitely rabbits. The other staff looked at the Japanese newcomer with various expressions, no doubt having witnessed the little display. Wufei rolled his eyes, what a way for Maxwell to tell about their relationship.

"Morning, Chang."

Wufei looked at the Japanese boy now standing in front of him. Heero was wearing a navy blue shirt, dark blue pants, and a black tie, which was bound tightly around his neck. He looked good in those clothes and Wufei could sense some of the girls giving interested looks to the Japanese boy despite what they just witnessed at the front door.

"Morning Yuy." Wufei roused from his chair and looked around. "This is Heero Yuy, our new programmer and hacker. He is Ross' replacement and yes, he is that annoying Maxwell's lover."

A death glare was directed at him but Wufei ignored him and continued on. "You all can start requesting the information you want from him as soon as I have him seated and informed." After addressing his staff, Wufei led Heero to the right corner cubicle. "This is your cubicle." The Chinese boy explained the computer security and gave him a username and password to access the network. "Maxwell has told you what unit you work in and who your coordinator is, hasn't he?"

"Data and Information Unit. You're the coordinator." Heero answered sufficiently as he slowly lowered himself onto the seat.

Wufei raised an eyebrow. "The seat won't bite you, you know."

Heero grunted and booted up the computer. "What time is lunch here?"

"12 till 1 PM. Duo's unit is to the left and straight from here." Wufei gave a look as the Japanese boy blinked at him. "I predict you will want to join him. I don't want any moans or shakes coming from your cubicle if he is visiting you here. I assume you've noticed the cameras in the corners, so get Maxwell to behave or the camera guards will see plenty. If you have any questions regarding your job, you can ask me." Finished with his little speech, Wufei turned around and headed back to his desk.

Heero watched the Chinese boy till he disappeared around the corner before sighing in relief. He had been worried all the way from the time he entered the Preventer building. His nipple rings felt twice as heavy and he felt everyone could notice them beneath his shirt, though it was impossible to notice something beneath the navy blue shirt he wore. His heart beat faster and his feeling was a mix of great anticipation and fear of getting caught. Was his cock ring noticed? Did the tie hide his collar perfectly? He had thought he would work like normal people did, with no additional body accessories but his sadistic Master thought different. Not only did he still have to wear his collar, nipple and cock rings, Duo also left a reminder that made him unable to forget he was a slave. And the said reminder was of course placed inside of him!

The morning actually had started like usual. Heero woke up with his Master thrusting into him. He moaned and enjoyed the feeling of his Master inside him. It had been a habit for them. If his Master woke up earlier then he would get fucked in the ass. If he woke up earlier, which very rarely happened, then he would give his Master a wake up blow job.

Heero sighed as his Master filled him with his seed, savoring the warm feeling spurting inside him. Only for a few seconds, though. Duo then ushered both of them to the bathroom and took a quick bath. Heero was wondering about the quickness until he remembered they had to work today. He didn't have time to be nervous though since he had to prepare their breakfast. To save time, Duo placed the food in his plate instead of hand feeding him. Heero grudgingly ate his breakfast from the plate, missing the intimacy when he was hand fed.

After breakfast, Duo removed his ankle bell. The butt plug had been withdrawn earlier before his morning use. "Now, something to remind you of your status." Duo had grinned when he said the sentence and held up the reminder. Heero stared at the egg shaped vibrator in horror before he was bent over and his Master smoothly inserted the vibrator inside him. It was attached with a string that hung out from his ass about five inches. A ring with one inch diameter was attached at the end of the string. It had a double function, first was to prevent the egg vibrator and the string from becoming lost inside him and second was to take the egg out easier and faster.

His Master then clothed him. Heero had to admit that Duo was good in choosing clothes. The high collar of the shirt plus the black necktie hid his slave collar perfectly. His navy blue shirt made his nipple rings unnoticeable. His pants were quite loose so he didn't have to worry about his half hard erection that was kept permanent by his cock ring. The egg vibrator was small enough that it didn't restrict his movement. It merely made him notice that he wasn't empty inside.

Vibration from his lower body drew him back to the present. Heero gasped slightly and adjusted his seat, feeling the egg vibrating inside him. It was 8 AM now, time to work. How could he know what time it was when he hadn't looked at the clock? Simple. His sadistic Master had set the egg vibrator to vibrate for a minute every hour. "You'll remember me, every time it vibrates." Duo had grinned as he said the sentence while Heero had been staring at him in horror.

Heero sighed as the vibration stopped. Now he could focus to his job until lunch time where he would have lunch together with his Master. Heero dreaded the lunch actually. Knowing how insatiable his Master was, he predicted they would christen at least one facility, be it shower room or a closet.

Being a slave reaaaaaaaaaaaaally was not an easy job.

"Ready for your first task, Yuy?"

A female voice distracted him from the monitor. He looked up and noticed the blonde hair and forked eyebrows. Heero blinked and narrowed his eyes. "Why are you here?"

"I work here." Dorothy Catalonia sat at the edge of his desk.

"Here?" Heero frowned. "You're always following Relena around, how can you work here?"

Dorothy shot him a look that said how stupid his question was. "I carry my laptop with me, of course. Actually following Relena has its own advantages. I can get some top secret information by accompanying Relena to meetings and parties."

"And you love parties." Heero grunted and looked at Dorothy. No wonder Duo could befriend with her then. They worked in the same building. "Thank you for your help with Relena last week."

Dorothy held up a file. "Help me with the job if you want to thank me."

Heero nodded and took the file. After studying it, he started working on his computer. He smiled a little as he ran his fingers over the keyboard. It felt like ages since he last typed on a computer. Last night didn't count. He had been too busy trying to keep typing while his Master used him.

Heero was so involved with his work that he was oblivious to secret glances from the female staff.


Wufei was frowning. Twice he met Heero and twice the boy sat carefully on his seat. What happened to him that he needed to sit that slowly?


As his mind supplied the answer, Wufei hid his blushing face with the file he was reading. He shouldn't be concerned with those bunny rabbits. He had reports to do and information to gather.

Well, who thought Heero would be the one who got fucked?

Wufei groaned and buried his face in the files, ordering his brain to shut up and kicking away bouncing imaginary bunnies around his head.


Heero jumped a little when the egg inside him vibrated. It was the fourth vibration. Time for lunch. Heero noted amusedly that he didn't need a clock now that he had the vibrator. Not to mention that he also couldn't drown in his job since the vibrator jolted him up every hour. Intending to find his Master, he locked his computer and stood up.

Only to be surrounded by female staff.

"Hello Yuy, I hope you like working here. I'm Rachel." A blonde female greeted him.

Heero nodded in acknowledgement.

"Is it true that Maxwell is your lover? You sure picked a cool guy!" Another female said.

Heero snorted. Lover? Master to be exact actually. A veeeeeeeerrry sadistic Master.

"Do you want to go the department store after the work?" Rachel asked him. "We can have a lot of fun there."

The women thought he was a transvestite or what? Heero shuddered at the thought of roaming the department store and giggling like a girl. "No thanks." He answered calmly and walked away.

The women tried to surround him again, but one glare from him, the women left him alone. Heero was satisfied that his glare seemed to work just fine.

"Hee-chan, I just about to pick you up. Are you having a nice time with the girls?"

Heero glared. The speaker grinned.

The Japanese Preventer sulked inwardly. His glare didn't work on this baka, who also happened to be his Master.

Duo was standing at the front door and strode to Wufei. "Do you want to have lunch together?"

Wufei shook his head no. "Just make sure to return him within an hour and in decent state."

Heero felt his face redden at Wufei's words. He glared at the Chinese boy while Duo laughed and dragged him to the cafeteria.


"So how's your job?" Duo asked him as they enjoyed their lunch. They had taken the booth in the corner so they were pretty isolated.

"Fine so far." Heero poured tomato sauce over his baked chicken. "I thought the previous programmer didn't do a very good job in history, though. The files and folders were messed up. What happened to him?"

"I don't know." Duo shrugged. "It's not my unit." He gestured to his chicken and Heero poured for him as well. "Maybe he was too lazy so Wufei fired him."

"Maybe." Heero stabbed his chicken and looked at it sulkily. He had to feed himself again.

"Miss my hand feeding?"

Heero nodded.

"I've spoiled you too much." Duo chuckled and bit his own chicken. Heero gulped as he watched his Master's pink tongue lick at the sauce. How he wanted that tongue inside his mouth, roaming and fighting against his own tongue...........

"Looks like you two are having fun."

Heero jerked up at the voice and saw Sally Po standing near their booth and smiling at him. "It's good to see you again, Heero."

"Aa." Heero nodded. "It's good to see you too, Sally."

Sally nodded back and turned to Duo. "So I heard you two are a couple?"

"Yes." Duo answered between bites and turned to Heero. "I forgot to tell you, Sally is Preventer's vice leader now so she usually is the one who will scold or praise us about our jobs. Now, you wanna bless or berate us?"

Sally laughed. "You have my blessing and also Une's. I came here to discuss Heero's wages."

"My wages?" Heero raised an eyebrow.

"Just want to make sure. Do you really want us to transfer all your wages to Duo's account?"

"Aa. I do."

Sally frowned a bit but she didn't comment about it and nodded instead. "Alright then, I'll arrange for your wages to be transferred to Duo's account. Have a nice lunch, you two."

When Sally had been outside hearing range, Duo spoke up. "Why do you think she asked you that question?"

Heero grunted and sawed his chicken with the knife. "She is afraid you'll corrupt my money."

Duo nodded as he swallowed the last piece of his chicken. "Not to mention that she will also have the double task of separating our accounts if we break up."

Heero snorted. "As if I can break up with you. I'm yours." He paused for a second. "Forever."

Duo smiled and put his hand over Heero's, stopping Heero from his sawing. "I'm happy to hear that, Heero. Now finish your lunch so I can show you how much you belong to me."

Heero's heart pounded rapidly at the sentence. There was no doubt what his Master had in mind.

He would get fucked.



"This is my office unit." Duo said as he entered the office, followed by Heero. "Everyone else is still out, having their lunch."

"It looks more like garage." Heero stated as he looked around. Oil scent filled the room. Nails, screws, and other mechanic items spread and hung around the office. There were some tables with files on one corner of the room.

"What do you expect from a mechanic unit?" Duo snorted. "We build whatever hardware the other units demand and fix damaged hardware." The long haired youth sauntered to another door on the left. "Follow me."

Heero followed his Master into another room and looked around the padded room. "Soundproofed room." He stated as he turned to his Master. His look turned into a dreadful look as Duo locked the door with audible click.

"We use this room to test sensitive machines and also to concentrate on making complicated ones." Duo grinned devilishly and tugged his slave's tie. "No one will bother us here, Kitten."

"Mas...master..." Heero gasped when Duo's hand slipped into his buttoned down shirt and grabbed his nipple ring. "Somebody will come..."

"They won't be able to enter." Duo grunted and tugged at the nipple ring. His mouth then latched onto Heero's neck, licking and nipping here and there. "Unbutton your shirt, Kitten."

"But... we'll get caught...aaah" Heero yelped as his nipple was pinched, grinding the flesh against the metal ring inside it.

"You don't have to worry about that." Duo growled. "Submit Kitten. You live to obey me not the office rules."

Ah yes, he belonged to Duo, his Master. He obeyed Duo only. Heero felt the fight leave him as his hands crept to unbutton his shirt. Between his moans and gasps, Heero finally managed to loosen his tie and undo his shirt's buttons. His Master's hands quickly shoved the shirt to his sides, baring his chest. They then latched onto each of his nipple rings and gave them a tug simultaneously. Heero opened his mouth to yelp but Duo's mouth came down and shut him up. He could feel the superior tongue slide inside him and roam inside his mouth. Hot slick flesh caressed his tongue, coaxing it to play together. Heero relaxed in acceptance and let his tongue duel with his Master's one while his nipples were pinched and rolled, heightening the sensation he felt.

It was quite some time before his mouth was released from the assault. Heero panted for air and realized his hands already perched on his Master's shoulders, keeping him balance. His hard cock throbbed painfully and his entire body tingled with pleasure. The hand on his right nipple withdrew, only to grope his clothed arousal. Heero gasped at the sudden touch and arched his back as the hand squeezed his cock.

"I don't want you to come, Kitten." Duo ordered as he squeezed his slave one more time.

Heero gasped again and then tried to hold himself. "I won't come, Master."

"Good." Duo smiled in satisfaction and released his arousal. His hand was back on Heero's right nipple and together with the other hand they pinched and pulled the rings on the twin nubs. "Hmm, where do you think I should fuck you today? In your mouth or your ass?"

"Wherever you want, Master." Heero answered without hesitation, knowing it wasn't his right to decide. He belonged to Duo. Duo could use him in any way he wanted and he would submit. If Duo chose to fuck him in the ass, no matter how messy it would be, he would happily accept it. There were always tissues to clean Duo's leaking seed and he was sure he had seen a box of them on one of the desks outside.

"Good, Kitten." Duo grunted hoarsely as he leaned against the nearest wall. "I think I'll use your mouth this time. Serve me, Kitten."

Heero knelt down immediately and fumbled with Duo's zipper. After unzipping his Master's pants, Heero took the half erect cock from his boxers and quickly gave its head a tentative lick. Duo's moan above him told him that he was doing the right thing.

Heero held the base of the cock with one hand and bowed his head, taking the head of cock into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the slit and hummed around the head, sending vibration along the hard cock. His hand around the cock base squeezed lightly and his other hand teased the twin balls beneath. Heero could feel Duo's cock growing harder and longer inside him and hear the loud moan above him. His Master approved of his blow job. Heero sucked his Master happily as if it was a very big candy. He withdrew and went to lick along Duo's length, nipping and making a slurping sound here and there.

Heero then felt Duo's hands bury into his hair. Knowing what was to come, Heero tried to relax his throat muscles as much as he could and took the head of Duo's cock. As if sensing his submission, the hands on his head started pressing him forward, causing him to swallow Duo's cock to the hilt. Heero kept his breath steady as his nose was buried in Duo's groin. He could felt the shaft inside his mouth pulse against his throat muscle.

"Do you know how good it feels to have you deep throat me, Kitten?" Duo said hoarsely. "I like watching my cock appear and disappear into your luscious mouth."

Since he couldn't look up, Heero moaned around the cock and was pleased when he noticed his Master shudder in pleasure. The hands on his hair pulled his head back a couple of inches and then pushed him forward. Heero knew what to do then. He put his hands on his Master's hips and started rocking his head forward and back, sliding his Master's cock in and out of his mouth.

Duo moaned louder and Heero hastened his rocking, knowing his Master was close. When he felt Duo tense, Heero took his Master to the hilt and sucked hard. He was rewarded with his Master's cry of pleasure and stream of warm liquid pumped into his mouth. Heero sucked every drop of his Master's essence and milked him dry. It was only after the cock inside him became truly limp and soft that Heero slowly withdrew from it and tucked the soft flesh back into the boxers.

After zipping Duo's trousers, Heero sat on his heels and looked up to his panting Master. Duo smiled contentedly at him and caressed his hair. "You're getting better and better at blowjobs."

"Thank you, Master." Heero spoke sincerely while he longed for his cat tail. In these two weeks, he had gotten used to having his tail to express his feelings with. He wanted to wag his tail to express his delight in Duo's praise but he didn't have his tail right now. So Heero settled on catching Duo's hand and giving it a kiss.

The egg inside him vibrated then, causing him to gasp into the hand.

Duo raised an eyebrow and caught his slave's chin. "What's the matter?"

"The egg, Master." Heero moaned as the egg kept vibrating causing his hard cock to shriek for release. "Please..... may I come, Master?"

"No." Duo released his slave's chin. "You know that the egg vibrates because one hour has passed since its last vibration. It's one o'clock now and I think Wufei will want you in the office. Tidy yourself up, Kitten."

Heero groaned and buttoned up his shirt. He then tucked the shirt into his pants. It was quite difficult to do while he was hard but Doctor J in a swimsuit was still effective in taking care of that problem. After he finished with his shirt and pants, Heero fastened his tie back and then announced he was tidy to his Master.

"You may stand up." Duo said as he moved to unlock the door.

Heero stood up and followed his Master. Before he stepped out of the room, Duo held him and kissed him passionately.

"I'll pick you up later." Duo murmured and caressed his slave's groin, causing the said slave to gasp. "And if you behave well until we go home, I'll allow you release."

"Thank you, Master." Heero felt relieved at the promise and swore to be at his best behavior for the rest of the day. The egg stopped vibrating then, telling Heero it was one o' clock past one minute. "Get going, Kitten or Wufei will spit fire at me for keeping you. Chuckling, Duo slapped his slave's butt and shoved him outside.

Heero was thankful that Duo's subordinates haven't arrived yet. He hurriedly went out of the office and headed to the coffee room. He hurriedly drank a glass of water to clean his Master's residue inside his mouth and smoothed the wrinkles of his clothes.

Time to work now.


Wufei looked up as his newest subordinate entered the room. He glanced at the clock. Ten past one. He thought his subordinate would return in ruined clothes and sweat but it seemed he was wrong. It looked like they weren't fucking like the bunny rabbits they were. He knew curiosity killed the cat, still his curiosity got the better of him.

"Did you enjoy your lunch with Maxwell?" He asked as the Japanese boy was about to pass him.

Heero stopped and looked at Wufei. From curious glance Wufei gave him, he knew the real question Wufei wanted to ask. A devil voice which sounded very similar to his Master's whispered the answer to him and Heero decided to act on it. He nodded to the Chinese boy. "Lunch is good. I got a nice dessert too in Duo's office." He then smirked and licked his lips in a gesture that showed he had just tasted something very delicious. Oh he was sure his Master would enjoy looking at Wufei's current expression. The Chinese boy was as red as tomato. He would tell his Master later when they were home.

Wufei waved dismissively at Heero and cursed a certain braided baka in other unit for tainting his new subordinate. He wanted to charge down to Maxwell's office and demand he leave the Japanese boy alone, however he wasn't sure Heero wouldn't react badly. The ex Wing Zero pilot seemed contented to live with Duo, a great improvement from the sullen and destructive boy he once knew as the Perfect Soldier. It looked like those two were happy to find each other. The Chinese boy sighed and looked at the files he held. His life filled with work, work, and work. Would he ever find someone like Duo found Heero? Wufei winced at the thought. He stood up and gathered the files. While he was fine with homosexual intercourse, he prefer woman better, despite his irritation at their antics. As he headed to the meeting room, Wufei revised his hopes a little.

May he would find a so-not-annoying-woman like Duo found Heero.


Heero noticed Wufei leaving the room on his way to his cubicle. Judging from the files the Chinese boy carried, Heero assumed Wufei was heading to a meeting, if not then to Une herself. He slowly sat on his seat and continued his job. He stopped typing when the egg inside him buzzed for the second time. While waiting for the vibration to stop, Heero leaned against his seat and scowled at the monitor. He had thought the previous programmer did a bad job. He was wrong. This was the worst history case he ever stumbled into. This Ross before him had done a very bad job in organizing the files and folders. He had to fix and rename them manually because it had gone beyond computer's ability to reorganize them. And fixing manually would take him a week to finish without receiving any requests from the other staff. He had to tell Wufei about this.

After the vibration inside him stop, Heero went to Wufei's desk and found it was still empty. He headed to the coffee room then, intending to get a cup of coffee. There several other staff lounged in there, enjoying their coffee. Heero could feel some stare at him and it made him aware of his body accessories once again. He tried to convince himself that the people could see nothing beneath his navy blue shirt, but it only made him more aware of the weight and coldness of his nipple ring against his chess. He hurriedly brewed his coffee and poured it into the cup. He was about to reach for the cream when someone else beat him to it.

Heero scowled at the man's back as he was forced to wait for his turn. He hated queuing, added with the fact that he had a week job of straightening out his predecessor's mess did nothing to cheer his mood up.

"So you are the new programmer." The man in front of him turned around and smiled at him. Heero scowled at the man as he studied the man's appearance. He was a few inches taller than Heero and in late twenties with blue eyes and blonde curly hair that reached the back of his neck. "I'm Davis Grant. I've heard about you from the girls." Davis grinned. "Is it true that you're with Maxwell?"

"Hn." Heero didn't feel like talking to a stranger. He had been trained to evade unknown people and he was doing it now. He quickly poured the cream to his coffee and turned around, intending to head back to his desk.

"Hey, wait!" To Heero's dismay, he felt Davis reach for him so he quickly sidestepped and left the room without a back glance. Heero could hear Davis swearing as the door shut behind him and smirked slightly. Davis should train ten years more to be able to touch him.

"Having a good time?" The voice came from his side.

Heero jerked up at the voice. He looked at his right and saw Duo leaning against the corridor's wall, grinning at him. "What are you doing here, Ma..Duo?"

"Well, I planned to get a cup of coffee." Duo straightened up and put his hand around Heero's waist. "But I think I have found a better snack than coffee."

As he felt the tug on his waist, Heero quickly balanced his cup of coffee to his side, afraid it would be crushed between their bodies. Duo ravished his mouth so thoroughly that Heero could do nothing but surrender and let his Master have his snack. The skillful tongue roamed inside his mouth, licking his palate and teasing his tongue to join in the exploration. Heero started shuddering when Duo slipped one knee between his legs.


Heero gasped as suddenly his mouth was free. He turned his head to see who interrupted them and saw Wufei standing in the corridor, red face and glaring at Duo.

"Hi, Wufei." Duo greeted the Chinese preventer as if he had done nothing unusual. He patted Heero's butt once before releasing the Japanese boy. "I'll see you later, Hee-chan." And then he entered the coffee room, leaving Heero alone with Wufei. The Japanese boy tried to steady his breath and turned his attention to his coffee cup, waiting for Wufei to pass him. How Duo could be so calm after kissing him, Heero could never understand. He was still trying to will his erection away and steadied his breath that he had no time to curse his sadistic Master for leaving him alone with Wufei.

"Look Yuy," Wufei started when he realized Heero wasn't going to speak. "I don't mind you two kissing like that but try finding somewhere else more secluded."

If only it were that simple. Heero snorted silently. He was a slave. He had no right to choose where Duo would want him. Of course he couldn't answer Wufei like that so he nodded his head instead and steered the conversation to another topic. "I need to talk to you about organizing histories and files."

"Let's talk later in the office." Wufei sighed. "I need coffee to get me relaxed first."

Heero swore that he heard Wufei mumbling something about 'bunny rabbits' as he passed him. Not that he gave a thought about that. It was very rare that Duo stopped just with a kiss. His body had been used to expect the penetration that followed the kiss, either in his mouth or in his ass.

So Heero walked down the corridor alone, with a thought that was very opposite than the one he had when he first walked to get his coffee.


"Ahhh, finally home." Duo plopped down on the sofa in living room and sighed happily.

Heero smiled slightly as he shared his Master's sentiment. He had been wanting to go home since his trip to coffee room. After Duo's kiss, suddenly he felt uncomfortable in his clothes. His ass felt empty despite the egg in there. He realized that it was the longest time he had gone without being cuddled or played by his Master. And he would rather die than tell his Master first but he did miss his bell, missed hearing it tinkle as he walked. Heero had groaned loudly in his cubicle when he realized about the bell and buried his head on his hands. He really had gotten so used to his slavery that he felt more comfortable being naked than clothed.


Heero looked up from the shelves he was shoving Duo's and his shoes in. His Master was watching him and pointed at him lazily. "You're overdressed."

Well, that was a problem he could solve immediately. Heero quickly removed his clothes while his Master's lustful eyes followed his every movement. After he put the last garment, namely his boxers, on the pile of his other clothes, Heero straightened up and presented his naked self to his Master.

"Good." Duo drawled huskily, sending shivers down Heero's spine. "As much as I like you in your sexy clothes, I prefer you naked." Duo snapped his fingers and pointed to his lap. "Crawl and get on my lap, Kitten."

Heero got down on his fours and crawled toward his Master, eyes never leaving contact with the violet orbs of his Master. He noticed that those violet eyes got darker as he got nearer. Heero felt his heart throb in anticipation of what his Master would do as he sat down on Duo's lap. A hand went to the back of his head and pushed it down so his lips met his Master's ones. Heero drank greedily from the kiss, opening his mouth for his Master. It was only a day but it seemed he had missed being treated like a slave he should be. His Master's lap felt ten times better than the seat in his cubicle. The kiss was much, much better than the halted kiss outside the coffee room.

He wouldn't change his slavery with anything.

Duo broke the kiss after two minutes, leaving Heero panting as usual. No matter how good he was trained to breath steadily, Duo always made Heero breathless in the end of the kiss. The Japanese boy sighed happily and rested his head on Duo's shoulder. "It's really good to be home, Master."

He heard his Master chuckle then. "So, did you enjoy your job?"

"Hmm.... It's acceptable...." It would be more acceptable if he could find Ross and strangle him for his incompetence, Heero added inwardly. Outwardly, he just nuzzled Duo's cheek and felt at home as he smelled the scent that was unique Duo's. "I prefer staying at home though, Master."

"Spoiled Kitten." Duo tugged on his slave's nipple ring playfully, earning a gasp from the said slave. "You may like staying at home. But I prefer you in the office better."

"Hmm...whatever you say, Master." Heero wiggled as his Master's hands roamed over his naked body.

"Well I guess I have to reward you for being good in your first day at work." Duo mused as his hand sneaked lower and kneaded Heero's butt.

Now if Heero still had his cat tail, it surely would stand straight up at the word 'reward'. He sat straight on Duo's lap instead and eyes his Master eagerly. How he missed his cat tail at the time like this when he usually expressed his happiness by swinging his tail back and forth.

"But first..." Heero squeaked when Duo pulled the egg out of him without warning. "I think I need a bath and a good riding." Duo's eyes gleamed maliciously as he leered at his slave.

Heero shuddered, knowing well what that gleam meant. It was no wonder to him that in a matter of ten minutes after he was sent to fill the bathtub, he found himself riding on Duo's cock in the bubble filled tub.

"Faster, Kitten." Duo moaned and tugged on his nipple rings.

Heero impaled himself on Duo's cock eagerly, but not faster like his Master commanded. After having his Master's cock and various butt plugs filling him for two weeks in row, the small egg wasn't enough to drive the empty feeling inside him. Now that he had his Master's cock in him, Heero was trying his best to prolong his Master's orgasm, wanting to feel the hard staff in him as long as he could.

Unfortunately, his Master seemed to read his thoughts and didn't agree with it. Heero felt hands on his hips and then he was lifted up, removing him from his Master's cock. Heero mewled at the separation and tried to bring himself down, wanting to take that hard hot staff inside him again.

"You miss me that much, Kitten?" Duo chuckled as his slave nodded eagerly and tried to impale himself down again. "Oh no, Kitten. If I let you do this, we will be in the tub till midnight." With that he gave hard pressure to his slave, impaling the Japanese boy hard on his cock.

Heero squealed at the sudden and fast penetration. He was still in mid way of his squeals when Duo lifted him and pushed him down again, again and again. Heero swallowed his squeals and crossed his legs behind his Master's back. Tightening his arms around Duo's shoulder, Heero let his Master control the speed of thrusting, entering him repeatedly.

"You may not come."

Heero whimpered in misery at the command. Hadn't he been good today? Why he still couldn't come? He wanted to come. He hadn't come for three days! "Master.... Please..."

"Do not come, Kitten." Duo growled and nipped at Heero's ear, not once wavered from the steady thrusting he made into his slave.

Heero whimpered as his Master used his body. He tried hard to hold his release, thinking about Dr J, Prof G, anyone in undesirable poses to ignore the pleasure of being filled. He let his Master impale him over and over again until he felt his Master stab him to the hilt and stilled. A loud growl came from Duo as Heero felt his Master's seed pour inside him. Heero let a relieved sigh as he tightened his inner muscles around the convulsive flesh, milking his Master till the last drop like what he was taught in the beginning of his intensive training.

"Very good, Kitten." Duo said when he came down from his orgasm. He plundered Heero's mouth for some minutes before patting his slave's butt gently. "Up you go. Let's rinse and I'll give you your reward."

Heero was sure he made a record time in rinsing and drying both of them. His Master thankfully didn't mind with his quickened moves and merely chuckled in amusement. They were in the bedroom now, sans clothes. Heero was walking toward the cupboard to get some clothes for his Master when a hand reached around him and threw him onto the bed.

"Master!" He squeaked as he bounced on the bed before another weight pinned him to the mattress. His Master grinned from above him and kissed away his further protests. "Now be quiet and spread your legs wide. It's time for your reward."

Heero eagerly parted his legs as his Master crawled backward, kissing his way down to Heero's navel. What reward would Duo give him? Another hickey? Another play time? He gasped when Duo's hand closed over his cock. Was he getting a hand job? Heero arched his back, thrusting into Duo's hand. A touch from his Master and he was already so close. "Master... please..."

"Yes, I'll give you your reward now." Duo spoke huskily. "You can come anytime you like." And then Duo replaced his hand with his mouth.

Heero's eyes went wide and he yelled loudly when he felt his cock being swallowed. It took him a few seconds to realize that the warm wetness around his cock was his Master's mouth. The realization struck him at the same time as he felt suction around his cock.

His Master was giving him a blow job!!!

That information combined with the treatment his Master's mouth gave on his cock apparently was too much for Heero. He arched his back and shouted his Master's name loudly, releasing his seed into the moist cavern. His vision went white and he floated to the seventh heaven while his cock was sucked dry by his Master.

A blow job from his Master.

It was realllllllllllly a great reward.

When he came down from his pleasure, Heero found his tongue busy dueling with his Master's without his consent, well not that he minded though. He moaned as he tasted his own essence. Heero never thought Duo would want to suck him. He was the Master after all. It was a slave's job to suck him, not the other way around. However, he should know better not to assume that Duo was like the other Masters he knew from his three days research.

Duo finally pulled away and grinned at his sated slave. "So, I gather you like your reward?"

"I do. Thank you, Master." Heero gazed at his Master contentedly.

"Now, now, don't go to sleep." His Master smiled and stood up. "I'll give you five minutes to recover and fifteen minutes to prepare our dinner."

"Will you hand feed me?"

"Yes, I'll hand feed you, spoiled Kitten." Duo chuckled. "plus chocolate milk for today."

Suffice to say, it was a very happy Kitten who was kneeling next to his Master and getting hand fed, lapping the chocolate milk on his plate between the feeding. Heero had got back his ankle bell and his cat accessories. He was eagerly swinging his tail back and forth as he licked the remains of food from his Master's fingers.

After dinner, they cuddled in the couch, watching television and talking about various topics. Heero was beyond happy. He enjoyed every second he spent with his Master. His last thought as he was carried to the bedroom that he would behave veeeeeeerrry good in the office tomorrow.



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