Enslaving Heero Part 28

"Sorry for the interruption, Kitten. Now, where were we?" Duo swung the paddle playfully.

"Twe...twenty one..." Heero whimpered to the bed sheet. He was on his knees and shoulders, hips raised high on the air for the punishment. His ass was already pink from the spanking and between the cheeks, snuggled the wide butt plug that his Master usually used to keep his seed in him. "Please Master, I won't let myself get hurt again."

"I'm counting on to that. To reinforce your resolve, name three mistakes you had done in this morning's event and how you should act without damaging my property instead. I won't stop spanking until you've said those three mistakes." That said, Duo started hitting the offering ass.

"Ah.... " Heero gasped and tried hard to think about the answers between the rain of blows his ass was bearing. "Mas... Master........ please."

"Three mistakes, Kitten," Duo's tone suggested he hurried to answer or the spanking would get worse.

Heero whimpered as his brain thought of his mistakes. "I should... I should have waited until the car stopped and watched the traffic before jumping down."

"That's right," Duo delivered a particularly hard smack. "Try to remember that next time. Now, the second mistake."

"Uhm..." Heero thought frantically while his ass felt like a meat in a well done state from the rapid spanking. "I shouldn't have confronted him straight from the front. I should have taken the nearest cover and sneaked up to him slowly."

"Good." Another hard smack kissed his reddened buttocks. "Now, the third one."

"Uh...." Heero hesitated before answering. "I should have considered whether there was another shooter besides Ross."

"Right." Duo gave him another hard spank. "And what would you do if there really had been another shooter?"

"I..." Heero swallowed. "I...... would have taken care of Ross first...."

"And get yourself killed by the second shooter, therefore losing me, My slave. Wrong answer, Kitten," Duo glowered at his slave and changed his paddle's target.

Heero yelped as the paddle hit the end of the butt plug between his cheeks. The impact sent the plug deeper into him, prodding his inner tissues. "Master, please..."

"The answer is simple, yet you never thought of it," Duo spoke as he kept spanking his moaning slave. "You have me, Kitten. Try to get it sunk into your head. You're not alone in fighting anymore. I will protect you as you do me. You.Have.Me." The last three words were each delivered after a hard blow on red buttocks, accompanied by Heero's yelp on every strike. Duo delivered the last blow so hard that it echoed in the bedroom. While his slave was whimpering on the bed, Duo lowered the paddle and sat down. He stroked Heero's head gently for a while before gathering his sobbing slave onto his lap. Heero squirmed and tried not to put more weight than necessary on his poor ass, curling up against Duo on his side.

"Have you learned your lesson?" The question was delivered in a caring and gentle tone that made Heero curl up even more.

"I have. I won't make the same mistakes again, Master," Heero hoped he sounded sincere and sorry enough. "I won't let anybody injure this body of yours."

"Yes, this is mine," Duo hugged his Kitten possessively. "All mine."

His throbbing bottom didn't make Heero numb of the delighted shudder that coursed in him at his Master's possessive statement. He quivered as he felt his Master's hands on his bandaged thigh and arm, stroking them tenderly. His Master's care and concern were showed through the caress and the pain on his ass.

"Your litany," Duo spoke huskily.

"I'm your slave," Heero answered automatically. "Yours to use, to punish, and to love."

"That's right. Mine to love, to care," Duo placed a kiss on his forehead. "Mine always."

Yes, his Master loved him. He should have had protected himself better because he was his Master's cherished property. Heero closed his eyes and let himself enjoy his Master's kindness, feeling nothing more perfect than being on Duo's lap and within his arms.


"Yuy, are your wounds so serious?" That was what Wufei blurted out first as he welcomed Heero and Duo to the meeting room. He had been the only person in the room, and now that both young men entered, it made the three of them.

Walking behind Duo, Heero frowned a little. "The injuries are very minor. Why did you ask?"

"You walk slower than usual and you are tensed as if you were holding in pain." A red tinge adorned Wufei's cheek as he realized what sort of action could make Heero act in this manner.

"I'm fine," Heero answered sharply and took a glance at his Master who had seated himself next to Wufei and was sporting a smirk at Wufei's answer. Duo was really an evil sadistic Master, Heero concluded for the xxth-time in the weeks since he had become his slave. This morning hadn't started out well either when his Master announced that he would get twelve smacks on his still throbbing butt as a reminder not to injure his Master's property again. He didn't think his butt would recover anytime soon.

"Morning," Dorothy greeted him as she passed and took a seat across Duo and Wufei.

Aware that he was standing right at the entrance, Heero went to an empty seat next to his Master and slowly lowered himself on the unfortunately hard surface. Wearing clothes after his ass being blistered so thoroughly was not a pleasant sensation. He was painfully aware of how many times his pants brushed against his spanked flesh as he walked down and how much pressure he put on his poor bottom when he sat down. The best way to lighten the pain in his ass was to stand up and wear nothing at all, but of course he couldn't do that in a meeting room full of so many people. And why the hell did they have to gather so damn early today?

"Sorry to keep you all waiting," Une spoke up as she entered the room, followed by several more Preventers in various ranks. Heero noticed that Sally was absent, but that Davis Grant was there. The blonde man looked smug as always. Heero scowled as he winced from the pain on his poor butt. He scowled even deeper when realized how Grant eyed him in a way Heero didn't recognize, let alone like it.

After everyone had taken their seat, Une cleared her throat.

"Good morning, Agents. We gather here in this emergency meeting to plan a mission for an incident which occurred yesterday." She looked around and held everybody's gaze for a few seconds before continuing. "As most of you know, Agent Maxwell and Agent Yuy captured a sniper on yesterday morning. The sniper turned out to be Ross, the man who previously held Yuy's position in Preventer's Programming and Hacking Division. After being interrogated by Wufei and others, Ross finally confessed his crimes." She stopped to take a breath and opened the folder she had brought with her. "According to this report, Ross admitted that he had been leaking information about our mobile suit factory demolishing mission to someone who then would arrive first, before us, at the mobile suit factory and collect what mobile suits left there and the engineers as well - if there was any."

Heero frowned at Une's revelation. Collecting mobile suits meant someone was trying to gather military forces, and it didn't bode well for peace. 99% of people's purpose in gathering mobile suits was to force their own will - thus starting another war, while the remaining 1% was to use the mobile suit's parts to build some safe machinery, which is a rare thing to do. And judging from the way that person used to obtain the information, Heero was 100% sure that this person wanted it for his own greediness. Damn, just when he had finally found his place in this world, someone was threatening to destroy it. Heero's eyes became determined as he swore not to let anyone destroy what happiness he had gained with Duo.

"As you all can conclude, someone is trying to build a big military force," Wufei continued from where Une had stopped. "Ross was afraid that his crime would be revealed when he found out that Agent Yuy was the one who replaced him. For your information, Agent Yuy is very skilled in hacking and programming. Ross knew this, too, and decided to silence Agent Yuy before he could smell anything wrong. Unfortunately, he failed. We tried to get the name of the man behind all this, yet Ross knew very little of him. It appears that this man is very tricky and calculated in his moves."

"What did he tell you about this man?" Duo inquired.

Wufei scrunched his face slightly and looked at Une who nodded and addressed the agents. "Ross is gay and he has a Master-slave relationship with this man."

Heero blinked and his ear became twice sharper at the mention of 'Master-slave'.

"Ross met him in a BDSM club and since then, he has been serving him like a slave, literally," Une looked slightly uncomfortable, "...which includes serving his sexual needs."

Some Preventers also shifted uncomfortably in their seats.

"Now, since Agent Grant here is familiar with this kind of lifestyle, he will explain to you about the basics," Une gestured to the blonde man.

Grant? Familiar with Master-slave lifestyle? Heero blinked and glanced to the left at his Master who raised his eyebrow in return, telling him that Duo knew nothing about this blonde. Curiosity satisfied, Heero glanced back to Grant, who had started his lecture.

"BDSM which stands for Bondage Discipline Sadism and Masochism refers more to sexual interaction, so you all can imagine what kind of games they have in a BDSM contest. First, I want you to know that this Master-slave lifestyle Ross has is not forbidden, though not many people approve it. We shorten the name into M/s. This is a consensual relationship where one agrees to become a slave for the other. Just like its name, slaves serve their Masters as valets, servants, or whatever the Masters want them to be, including sexual partners. Remember that these slaves are willing to do all these jobs. But when it's done non-consensually, it's called rape and abuse, which is not part of this lifestyle. There's a thin line which separated consensual and nonconsensual abuse, so most people who are in this relationship must have some contracts made between parties in order to ensure their consent. For your information, this S/M relationship is rarely established nowadays." Grant paused to take a breath while Heero's eyebrow shot out at the last sentence. Rare? If only Grant had known there had been an S/M pair in this room right now.

"We usually are in a milder relationship, a dominance-submission type, shortened as D/s. In this kind of relationship, the submissive one is called bottom or sub, while the dominant one is top or Dom - Dominatrix for female. The differences are the subs can negotiate about the kind of services and punishments allowed in their relationship, as well as the engagement period. Or to make it short, they can negotiate almost anything. If they can't bear the Doms' treatment, they will issue their safeword. On the other hand, slaves can't negotiate and rarely have safeword. They have to trust their Masters not to abuse them."

Obviously, Heero snorted. If he could negotiate, his ass wouldn't have been on fire like this!

"D/s relationship can last in a few hours or a few days, depends on the negotiation, while M/s relationship is a 24/7 matter. 24/7 stands for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Basically, 24/7 means that the slaves live together with their Masters. M/s couple usually comes from D/s couple who wants a serious commitment and long term relationship. The trick to distinguish which one is sub and which one is slave is quite easy. The Subs wear neck collars only when their Doms order them to, while slaves wear them all the time, regardless of the situation. Why? Because neck collars symbolize ownerships, therefore, never to be removed. It serves as a wedding ring, telling other Masters that the slave is taken. If you meet someone who never takes off their collars, they're most certainly slaves."

Heero had to shift at that. He suddenly was aware of the weight of his collar. Although he knew his collar was hidden by his shirt and tie, he still felt quite naked, as if someone could have looked through his shirt.

"I'm in a D/s relationship myself and enjoy this kind of lifestyle very much and so do others. You might be surprised to know how many people fancy this kind of lifestyle."

When Grant finished his explanation, more Preventers looked uncomfortable in their seats. Une had to clear her throat to gain their attention. "Now that you know the basics, let's get on with the meeting. We will have difficulties in capturing Ross' Master who from now on we'll refer to as Snake. Snake always wears a mask whenever he is with Ross so he never knows his face. The only hint Ross can give us was that Snake promised to bring him to the BDSM contest he is sponsoring."

"Well, then we can locate this BDSM contest and capture the sponsor right away," One female Preventer pointed in.

"Not that easy," Wufei answered her. "We found the contest venue and the sponsor. But we also found out that there are actually three of them. They are very rich and have great influence in the world. One wrong step could very well be the start of a war. Therefore, we must find out which of the sponsors is our suspect and get some evidence of his crimes. Ross told us that Snake always brings the documents contained the mobile suit information anywhere."

"Including into this BDSM contest," Duo stated thoughtfully. "With their money and influence, these sponsors must have great security around them. But in the contest venue, the security might be less."

"Correct," Une nodded. "So, our mission here is to disguise as couples, enter this contest, approach the sponsors, and find and capture Snake, along with the proof. With agent Grant's help, we will appoint which one of you is Master look alike and which one is slave look alike, and then have you paired. We hope to send as many couples as we can to increase this mission's success rate." She looked around before continuing. "For those of you who aren't the field and infiltration agents, I am sure that you must be wondering why you are assigned to this mission."

The agents nodded while Heero looked thoughtful. "I think I can guess it, Ma'am."

"Yes, maybe you can. After all, It has something to do with Ross," Une smiled slightly. "Please elaborate your theory, Agent Yuy."

"I have been sorting through the mess Ross created. He must have done it on purpose so that his replacement wouldn't notice some leaked documents," Heero recalled what he did yesterday. "One of the documents I sorted through contains the detailed list and information regarding our spies, field and infiltration agents."

"And Ross confessed that he had given the copy of that list to Snake," Une announced unhappily. "We have warned the agents on the list to be very cautious. However, we can't send them for the mission since Snake will probably recognize them." She then looked at Duo and Heero. "You two are the best Preventer agents with infiltration and field work history we have. Agent Maxwell, Agent Yuy, I know you don't want to be part of field mission, but I hope you will volunteer for this one. This mission's goal is to get some evidence so we can capture Snake officially."

Heero glanced at Duo who was looking back at him, hoping his eyes could convey his feelings. Official capture meant that there was no order for assassination. If they could gather the evidence, a war could possibly be prevented and the peace he had finally found wouldn't be taken away. "I want to join, Duo," He said lowly so only Duo could hear.

Duo looked straight at him and smiled slightly. "Me, too." He then turned to Une. "We'll take the mission, Chief."

"Thank you, Agents," Une smiled gratefully and looked at other Preventers. "I know that some of you must feel uncomfortable with this mission as it requires a lot of sacrifices, including sex. You are permitted to leave this meeting room if you feel that you cannot take the mission."

Some Preventers shifted and looked around as Heero counted how may people stayed in the room. There were nine of them. He assumed Une wouldn't join the mission, so it left him with eight Preventers: Duo, himself, Wufei, Dorothy, Grant, and three other females. That made four males and four females. He looked around and saw no one leaving the room, indicating that they all agreed to carry out the mission. Heero frowned as his mind pointed out an interesting fact that the Preventers can be arranged into four het couples. There was no way he would let any female touch him. His butt had suffered enough!

Suddenly the egg inside him vibrated. Fortunately, Heero managed to stifle his surprised gasp and endured the vibration for the whole minute. What a nice timing, as if it had reminded him of whom he belonged to, Heero thought sarcastically.

"Thank you so much for your cooperation. I really appreciate it," Une's voice jerked Heero out of his thought. He looked around and saw no one leaving their seats. "Agent Grant will sort you out now. Agent Grant, if you please..."

"Thank you, Chief," The blonde man nodded and opened the notebook he had brought with him. "I was told about this yesterday, so I spent time digging out your data and studying your personalities."

Heero remained silent and watched Grant curiously, wondering how the man could determine which one is Master and which one is slave. He, himself couldn't and he wondered whether Duo could or not. One thing for sure, Duo couldn't tell he was a slave until he gave himself to Duo.

"Agent Catalonia," Grant looked to his right where Dorothy was sitting. "You'll act as the dominant one."

The blonde girl nodded her acceptance. No one was surprised at the designation. Dorothy had quite icy demeanor that gave her an authoritarian aura.

"Agent Chang," Grant looked at the Chinese Preventer. "You're the submissive one."

"What?!" Wufei sputtered. "I'm not a slave!"

"Please, calm down. I sort you into slave category based on your character," Grant was obviously prepared for Wufei's outburst. "You hate failures and like to have everything in order. This characterization will help you carry out orders from your Dom. You always calculate your moves in every mission so you have no problem to hide it behind your act as a slave. However, sometimes you can also be very emotional that you need someone to hold you back. Your Dom will help you with that."

Grant's analysis appeared to be quite accurate that Wufei couldn't protest. "....... fine."

"Thank you for your cooperation, Agent Chang," Grant nodded and looked down at his notebook again. "Next, Agent Haakon, you're a Dom."

The black haired woman, who was sitting on Grant's right, nodded her acceptance. Grant continued with his sorting. "Agent Klein, you are a sub."

The blonde woman on Heero's right made a sound of protest but admitted her position better than Wufei did. Next, Grant pointed agent Lind, who was on Klein's right, as a Dom. Lind was the oldest Preventer among the eight of them. She was in her late twenties and had green eyes and brown hair. Watching her calm agreement on her position, Heero concluded that no one would object if they were appointed as Masters. Of course they wouldn't, a Master wouldn't get spanked, Heero muttered inwardly. The Preventers left to be sorted were Duo and him, yet Heero knew well who would end up as a sub. His poor ass throbbed in reminding him of his position.

"Agent Maxwell, you're a sub."

That sentence jerked Heero out of his mourning. Surely he heard it wrong? Heero blinked repeatedly and looked at his Master. Judging from the wide eyes Duo sported, Heero was sure that he heard it right.

Grant had pointed his sadistic Master as a sub!!!

His possessive and demanding Master was going to be a slave!!!

Heero felt giggles bubbling up in his throat and quickly repressed it into chuckles which he couldn't help escaping from his mouth.

"Why do you think I'm suitable as the submissive one, Agent Grant?" Duo asked in deliberate indifference while he shot Heero a glare. Heero didn't need an expert to translate it. He stopped his chuckles and schooled his face into blank expression. It wouldn't do good to have his ass spanked so soon for provoking his Master.

"Agent Maxwell, you're a cheerful and easy going person," Grant explained. "With your long hair and slender body, you fit perfectly as the sub candidate."

Duo raised an eyebrow. "So, you sort us by our body size and hair length?"

"No, not at all. Take me as example. I maybe taller than you but I'm a sub as well," Grant calmly announced his position then gestured towards Heero. "While Agent Yuy here, despite his slender form, is a Dom. As I have said, I studied your behaviors first. I know it's hard for a man to accept himself more suitable as a slave role, but it's quite common. There's nothing to be ashamed of."

Heero didn't hear Grant's last two sentences. His mind stopped suddenly as he apprehended that he had been assigned as a Dom. Disbelief was what he felt first before the irony came to him. He was very amused with the turn of events that he forgot about his sore butt. He was a Dom! And Duo was a sub! Heero didn't know whether he should grin or laugh. Either Grant wasn't too experienced in this area or Duo and he were pretty good at hiding the nature of their relationship. Heero wondered how the blonde agent would react if he knew the Dom he appointed had been fucked twice this morning by the so-perfect-sub-Duo.

"Agent Yuy."

Heero blinked and looked at Grant who smiled rather lewdly at him. "The contest is open for gay, lesbian, and straight couples. Since you are a Dom and I'm a sub, I think we can..."


Heero blinked as he and Duo simultaneously said the word. Duo recovered quicker though, and glared at Grant. "Heero is mine, Grant," The tone Duo used was very possessive, making Heero shuddered in arousal.

Grant protested. "Surely for the mission..."

"Agent Grant," Une interrupted in. "Agent Yuy and Agent Maxwell are in a intimate relationship. Since Agent Maxwell is appointed as a sub and Agent Yuy as a dom, I think it's best to have them stayed as a couple instead of have them paired with other agents."

Heero could feel his face threatening to twist into a snicker at the mention of him being a Dom and quickly made it expressionless when he caught the dark look Duo sent him. It wouldn't do good to show his amusement now. If only they knew what he was wearing beneath his shirt and pants........

"If you say so, Chief..." Grant spoke grudgingly and turned to Wufei. "Agent Chang, then...."

"No, I'm straight," Wufei snapped at him, clearly still objecting of being a sub.

"I'm straight, too. And a Dom. I'll be your partner, Chang," Dorothy spoke casually, but her words surprised the Chinese Preventer greatly. Heero could hear Wufei's head snapping as he turned to look at the blonde woman.

"What..." Wufei started protesting but Une interrupted again, telling him that they were a good pair. Heero observed the rest two agents. Agent Klein and agent Lind agreed to become a pair so that left Grant with Agent Haakon. The blonde man looked crestfallen that he had to be paired with a female. Well, Heero certainly wasn't feeling sorry. He preferred not to risk his ass, literally.

"Now that we have decided the couples, let's talk about the mission itself. It will start from now on as the contest is opening in two weeks. You will use these two weeks to perfect your disguises. The details, time and venue will be sent to your emails. Any question?" Une looked around.

"Can't we disguise as maids instead of couples?" Agent Haakon issued the question.

Une shook her head negatively. "Unfortunately, no. Ross told us that all the staff for this contest were recruited from the slaves the sponsors have. You'll then have to disguise as their subs and in my opinion, that's more dangerous since we can't predict how the sponsors treat their slaves. You can be ordered to serve other Doms sexually, be passed around to pleasure them..... " Une grimaced. "No, I think it's a lot safer to have you as couples. That way, the Doms can watch over the subs."

No one protested at the decision after the bad image Une had painted on them.

"Any more question? No? Good, I thank you for your cooperation, Agents. Your work will be taken care by others while you're performing this mission. Use these two weeks to discuss with your partner about behaving as a couple and get comfortable around each other. Also, do some research or ask Agent Grant for further information regarding this D/s lifestyle in order to perfect your disguise. We'll meet again on the last day before the contest begins for final check up and instruction. Dismissed."

Thus said, Heero stood up. Slowly of course, since his ass still needed extra attention. He watched Une leaving the room. Dorothy motioned for Wufei to follow her, which was obliged by the Chinese Preventer sullenly. Agent Klein and Lind approached Grant. Heero guessed that they wanted to ask about lesbian D/s relationship. He glanced at Duo who was heading toward the door and quickly followed his Master.

He wouldn't want to miss his Master's reaction to this assignment.



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