Enslaving Heero Part 25

"Faster, Kitten."

Heero moaned and moved up and down his master's cock more ferociously. They were in the living room. Duo was sitting on the couch and Heero was impaled on his cock, back facing him. It was Sunday night. They had finished the dinner and Heero cuddled with his Master contentedly in the couch for half an hour before his Master announced his desire to use Heero's body. So here he was, riding his Master's cock as ordered. Two hands snuck in front of Heero's chest, tugging at the nipple rings. Heero cried out as the tugging caused his passage to tighten in response, which triggered his Master's release. He threw his head back as he felt his Master's release shoot inside him, panting from the effort to hold his own release.

When his Master finished coming, Heero sighed and relaxed against his Master, savoring the full feeling of his Master's cock inside him. His own hard cock was standing at attention but Heero ignored it. He knew he wouldn't get any release so he mulled over his situation instead.

It had been two weeks since he had become Duo's slave. The previous Friday night after he served his Master, Duo woke up for dinner and told him his plan to train Heero intensively for the remaining eight days before they had to go to work. Heero thought his training had been intensive before but now he realized how lenient his Master had been.

In the eight days of intensive training, he was allowed to come only once to avoid a case of blue balls. It wasn't because he didn't ask for release. He had begged for release almost every time his Master teased him. However his pleas fell on deaf ears since his Master wanted him to have a great endurance in holding his orgasm. It was only one many forms of training he had been subjected to.

Other training consisted of being better furniture for his Master, relaxing in the bondage his Master put him into, and recognizing the BDSM instruments his Master had. Furniture and bondage were easier to endure than the recognizing. It wasn't the shape that he had to recognize. It was the impact it caused on him. His sadistic Master had applied each instrument he had on or in his slave's body; mostly his poor bottom. Heero thanked his soldier's memory for he could easily remember every feeling the instruments caused so he didn't have to endure each implement too long. What surprised him though was the fact that those implements also could be used to bring pleasure instead of pain. It all depended on how his Master used them. While he had no problem in pain recognizing, Heero had been hard pressed to hold his orgasm during the pleasure recognizing. He now knew there were at least seven different kinds of paddles, not to mention the canes, birches, cat o nines, whips, nipple clamps, and other implements. Of course the implements weren't tested on him all at once. The first day it had been paddles recognizing, the next day was birches, and so on.

The intensive training didn't prevent his Master from using him though. Every morning Duo would use him to relieve his morning erection. After lunch and dinner Heero sometimes also would find his mouth or not his ass busy servicing Duo. Not that he minded of course, but sometimes he had to strive hard to not to come while his Master pounded his prostate. His sadistic Master really tested his endurance.

Of course the training was not all smooth. The almost-permanent-redness of his bottom was proof of his defiance.

A hand grabbed his erection, causing Heero to gasp and break his train of thought.

"What are you thinking about, Kitten?" Duo murmured as he nibbled his slave's ear.

"Just mulling over matters, Master." Heero answered docilely, trying hard not to come from his Master's attentions.

"Are you worried about tomorrow?"

Heero nodded. Tomorrow was his first day at work. Of course he was worried. "How should I act toward you, Master?"

"Act like you did when we were dining with the others." Duo released his cock and encircled his slave with both arms. "Be yourself, Kitten. I won't interfere with your job. Just remember that wherever you are, I'm always your Master and you're my slave."

"Yes Master." Heero tilted his head back, resting it on Duo's shoulder. "I'm your slave. Always."

"Good." Duo nibbled his slave's neck, leaving another hickey on the slender column. "Now turn around carefully. I don't want to slip out of you yet."

Heero raised an eyebrow in question. What was his Master planning now? Well, not that he had a right to ask his Master. He straightened and slowly turned around, very carefully holding his Master's cock inside him. While he turned, he could feel the flesh inside him start to harden again. Heero made a face. Even in a teen measure, his Master was insatiable. He knew well his Master wouldn't slip out from him before his cock was totally soft.

"Wrap your hands and feet around me, Kitten." Duo instructed once Heero had turned completely to face his Master.

Heero complied quickly and earned a pleased smile from his Master. Without another word, his Master sat up and walked toward the bedroom. Heero tightened his limbs around his Master and moaned softly as the now hard flesh inside him rocked slightly. He was surprised when they stopped in front of the cupboard. He looked over his shoulder and saw his Master unlocking the drawer where his laptop was.

"Master?" Heero asked hopefully as his Master took out the laptop.

Duo smiled. "You have been good for the past week, Kitten. Therefore, I'll let you play with your laptop tonight." He got attacked with kisses once he finished the sentence. Duo laughed heartily and carried his Kitten back to the living room. His own laptop had been turned on and was perching on the coffee table. After placing his slave's laptop next to his, Duo sat down on the couch and looked at his Kitten who watched him expectantly.

"Now turn around again." Duo commanded.

Despite his eagerness to touch his laptop, Heero was aware that he was expected to keep his Master's cock inside him. He turned around slowly. It was easier this time since Duo's cock was as hard as it ever was. He only needed less than a minute to complete his Master's command. Leaning against his Master's chest, Heero gazed at his laptop fondly.

"Now listen, Kitten." Duo spoke near his ear. "You can have your laptop as long as you keep my cock inside you."

Heero blinked at Duo's words.

Duo trailed one finger along his Kitten's arousal. "And you aren't allowed to come."

"Yes, Master." Heero breathed heavily. He wasn't sure he could concentrate with what he would do with his laptop. Knowing his Master, Heero could predict that Duo would do something to make him concentrate in keeping his cock inside him.

"Now.." Duo paused and licked his slave's neck. "My last orders before you can touch your laptop..."

Heero gulped as he detected the mischief in his Master's voice.


[LadyS/M] Have you decided, boy?
[VirginBoy] Yes, Madam.
[Mrs.Blood] He is my sub now
[LordX] I lost again, damn!
[Mrs.Blood] *chuckles* I don't think you're mourning though. You already have a sub. You just want to deflower this boy.

*GoD joins the chat room*

[Mrs.Blood] Oh goody, looks who's coming.
[LadyS/M] I thought you were online on noon only, GoD
[GoD] *grins* I have a good reason to join tonight.

*Wink joins the chat room*

[Wink] Good evening, Sir and Madam.
[LordX] Is this your boy, GoD?
[GoD] *nods* I altered his name a little.
[Mrs.Blood] So, finally decide to sell your boy?
[GoD] *laughs* No, but I'll let you enjoy him for a while.
[LadyS/M] Enjoy?
[GoD] You can ask him any questions you want. *winks*
[Mrs.Blood] Great, my boy can learn a little bit from your boy.
[GoD] You got a sub?
[Mrs.Blood] Introduce yourself, boy.
[VirginBoy] Good evening, Sir GoD.
[GoD] Good evening, boy. You can ask Wink any questions you like.
[VirginBoy] Thank you, Sir.
[LadyS/M] So Wink, having a good time with your Master?
[Wink] Yes, Madam.
[LordX] Do you want to find a new master?
[Wink] No, Sir. I like my Master.
[LordX] Well, if you change your mind, I am willing to take you in.
[Mrs.Blood] Oh, let it go, LordX. You already had a sub.
[VirginBoy] When did you lose your virginity?
[Wink] On the day my Master took me in.
[LadyS/M] You wasted no time in deflowering him, GoD.
[VirginBoy] Did it hurt?
[Wink] No, Master put
[LordX] He used your mouth too?
[Wink] some plugs in me first.
[Mrs.Blood] How many times did he use you the first day?
[LadyS/M] Where's GoD?
[Wink] Yes, LordX
[Mrs.Blood] GoD?
[Wink] He used me twice in my ass and twice in my mouth
[LadyS/M] *frowns* your response is slow, Wink
[LordX] And GoD seems to keep disappearing
[Wink] Master is srtfhhste
[Mrs.Blood] You seem distracted, Wink
[LordX] And what's with that last word. It seems you pushed some buttons at once.
[Wink] Master is using me, Sir and Madam.
[VirginBoy] Now?
[LadyS/M] *raises an eyebrow* So that's his main intention. Fucking you while you talk with us.
[Wink] Yes, now VirginBoy. I also think it's my Master's intention, Madam.
[LordX] That GoD, he is a devil. Is he using your mouth or ass, boy?
[Wink] Ass, Sir
[Mrs.Blood] This is great. Describe your position in detail, boy.
[Wink] I am kneeling, my upper body resting on the coffee table. My laptop asfddd
[LadyS/M] Hmm, it looks like GoD distracts the boy so that he can't type correctly
[Wink] My laptop is in front of me. Master's laptop was on my back, but it has been placed on the couch now.
[LordX] Tell me what GoD is doing right now, boy.
[Wink] Master just prodded my prostate, Madam.
[Wink] Master is kneeling behind me. He's holding my hips tightly and fucking me with long slow thrusts, Sir.
[VirginBoy] I'm amazed you still can keep typing
[Wink] I'm ordered to.
[LordX] Keep typing, boy. I want to read what GoD is doing to you.
[Wink] Master has hastened his thrusts. He shoves into me so hard that I can feel it on my throat. Asjfd
[Mrs.Blood] I think GoD likes this. Keep typing, boy.
[LadyS/M] Of course, it looks like the boy is having a hard time typing. I bet he is being fucked mercilessly by GoD.
[Wink] Master just pinched my nipples. He thrusts harder, faster, causing me to rock back and forth with his powerful thrusts asdggggggggggggg
[LordX] Damn, I'm hard.
[Mrs.Blood] Ask your sub to take care of that.
[LordX] Why do you think he is kneeling between my legs right now? Wink, continue the story.
[Wink] Master pulled on my nipple rings. I screamed and tightened around his cock, causing him to orgasm. Now I can feel his seed coating my inside.
[LadyS/M] GoD has already pierced you? That man sure works fast in marking his property.
[Mrs.Blood] So what's GoD doing now?
[Wink] Master is lying on my back, Madam. He is getting his breathing steady.
[VirginBoy] Did you come too?
[Wink] No. I don't have the permission to come.
[VirginBoy] It must be hard for you
[Wink] Yes, but it's easier if I focus my mind on typing.
[LordX] Has GoD pulled out of you?
[Wink] No Sir, Master is still inside me and is giving me hickeys here and there. I can feel his cock soften slowly.
[Mrs.Blood] Are you leaking of him?
[Wink] No, Master is big enough even when he is soft so I'm not leaking.
[VirginBoy] What do you feel like having someone else inside you?
[Wink] .......... I feel belonged.
[LadyS/M] Ah, you're a good bottom. You also like having his seed inside you, don't you?
[Wink] Yes, Madam.
[LordX] Such a good boy, maybe I'll ask GoD to borrow you. I want to taste that ass too.
[GoD] Sorry, LordX. I'm not sharing the boy with anyone else.
[LordX] Possessive bastard *grunts*
[GoD] I am *grins* Are you all enjoying the show?
[Mrs.Blood] Of course. Since you have showed up, I take it that you have pulled out of the boy?
[GoD] Yeah, he is fetching the damp cloth to clean me now.
[LadyS/M] Such a great show. I hope we will see the visual one someday
[GoD] Maybe you will.
[LordX] I want to see the boy's ass leaking seed.
[GoD] *grins and looks at his slave* I see my seed trailing down his slender thighs now.
[Mrs.Blood] Don't tease us, GoD. Where's the boy? We still want to ask him some questions.
[Wink] I'm here, Madam.
[Mrs.Blood] Tell me how is your ass' condition and how do you feel after GoD pulled out of you.
[Wink] I feel quite empty now that Master had pulled out. He usually plugs me and makes me keep his release for hours, but this time, he let me leak. His seed is trailing down my thighs now.
[LadyS/M] It's amazing that you can train him this well within two weeks, GoD. Maybe you should enter the competition.
[GoD] I told you that I'm not interested.
[LadyS/M] *sighs* yeah, but you can always change your mind. It would be great to see you and your boy in the competition.
[GoD] So you all can ogle my boy, huh?
[Mrs.Blood] What else do we want? *grins* But seriously, you really don't want to join the competition? The prize is rather large, you know.
[GoD] I'm not interested in the prize. Anyway, I think it's bed time for me and my boy. We have to work tomorrow
[LordX] You let him work? If I were you, I will put him in a cage while I'm working.
[GoD] I have thought like that too.
[Wink] Master!
[GoD] My boy is glaring at me, now. *grins*
[Mrs.Blood] He has the spirit.
[GoD] I'll see you guys tomorrow. I hope you learned something from my boy, VirginBoy
[LadyS/M] Okay, good night.
[LordX] Night.
[Mrs.Blood] Night.
[VirginBoy] I learned a lot. Thank you very much, Sir.
[GoD] Good Night.

*GoD left the chat room*

[Wink] Good Night, Sir and Madam.

*Wink left the chat room*


Duo closed his laptop and set it down on the coffee table. "Shut down your laptop, Kitten."

Heero reluctantly did as he was ordered. He knew he couldn't have his laptop anymore now that his Master wasn't in him and he also had to clean himself. Duo's seed had trailed down and his inner thighs were coated with them.

"Come on, Kitten." Duo tugged his slave and led him to the bathroom. After a quick cleansing, they settled in the bed. Heero was quiet as his Master slipped the night butt plug in him.

"Did you enjoy the chat?" Duo asked as he drew his kitten into his arms.

Heero snuggled up into his Master and kissed the bare chest lovingly. "Yes" It was nice to interact with the other Masters and slaves. Heero thought Duo wouldn't allow him to enter the chat room now that he was Duo's slave but it appeared Duo didn't mind. Duo even showed the others how much Heero was belonged to him. And Heero was happy when Duo didn't want to share him with anyone else. That showed how much Duo loved him.

Duo kissed Heero's forehead gently. "Good night, Kitten."

"Good night, Master." Smiling slightly, Heero closed his eyes and was dead to the world within seconds.

He forgot about being nervous over his work tomorrow.



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