Enslaving Heero Part 24

"Where did you meet Dai, Master?" Heero managed to ask the question between the food fed to him. After cleaning the playing area, Heero had prepared the lunch and then they ate it in their usual positions. Duo was sitting comfortably on the chair and ate the food using fork and knife while Heero was kneeling next to his Master, waiting to be hand-fed. Heero knew a slave wasn't allowed to question his Master, however his curiosity got the better of him. He pasted an innocent expression on his face and swung his reattached tail slightly as he waited for his Master's answer.

Duo chuckled merrily when he looked down at his slave. "You're trying to interrogate me using your innocent expression, aren't you?"

Heero grunted and lost his not so innocent expression. "I just want to know........"

His speech was halted as Duo shoved the food into his mouth. "He's the past, Kitten. I have had many subs before I met you and I don't fancy recounting all of them."

Heero chewed the food as he thought of Duo's answer. Well, he couldn't fault his Master's reasoning........

"And that question earned you five smacks on your pretty bottom."

At Duo's sentence, Heero choked on his food. He coughed and then looked up at his Master in disbelief. "Five? Why?"

Duo took his slave's chin and regarded the Japanese boy seriously. "A slave always asks for permission first before questioning his Master. Have you forgotten that rule?"

Heero gulped. He had forgotten it alright. "I'm sorry, Master."

"I have been too lenient with you." Duo released his slave's chin and finished the last spoon of his lunch. He then leaned against his seat and patted his lap. "Present your ass to me, Kitten."

Admitting his fault, Heero obediently leaned across his Master's thighs and positioned his bottom as the open target. Five smacks later, he found himself whimpering as he cleaned the dishes. His Master had gone into the bedroom, doing God knows what, hopefully not planning another punishment for him. Heero prayed and then made a face as his bottom throbbed cheerily. He wondered whether his bottom ever lost its pinkness considering the errors he did almost every day. Heero groaned in shame. He was once a Perfect Soldier, never making mistakes...... okay...... one mistake for shooting Noventa...... Heero shook his head, not wanting to remember the painful memory. Anyway, he had almost never made any errors before. It was ironic that now he made errors almost every day.


Heero looked up and saw his Master putting on his jacket. "Master?"

"You can remove your leash from the table when you're done, but always chain it back to the nearest hook when you was about to stay quite long in one place. I'm going out to buy some accessories for my Kitten." Duo grinned and departed, leaving his slave watching his departure in horror.

Accessories? Heero frantically searched his memory for "accessories" in BDSM terms. The result his mind gave was quite a lot and not all was pleasant. Heero shuddered and tried to search for "accessories" in cat terms. He grimaced as the words 'comb', 'collar with bells', 'scratching board', and 'mouse toy' came into his mind. As he washed the dishes, he tried to sort the items one by one.

First item, the comb. It would likely be used for his poor butt. Kamisama, please don't let Duo buy that!

Collar with bells, Duo could move the bell on his ankle onto his collar if he wanted this item. Nope, Duo wouldn't buy this one.

Next, scratching board. Heero quickly planned to cut his nails after doing the dishes. It was a precaution in case his sadistic Master did buy this item. He so not wanted to act like a cat. Heero brightened up. He was a kitten, not a cat! Kitten didn't have nails yet. Okay, he could argue with his Master using this reason if his Master really bought this one.

The last one was mouse toy. Heero snorted. Hah, his Master could buy this one. He had no problem with this one. It was only a toy after all. Even if he was ordered to catch the toy, he could do it. He still had the speed of a Perfect Soldier after all.

Heero did his chores while all the way praying that Duo wouldn't buy him a comb. He waited in anticipation for his Master to return. However when he was finished with his chores, Duo still hadn't returned. Confusion was the first thing he felt then. He had nothing to do at the moment. No more order or instruction to be followed. His Master usually gave him a list of jobs he had to do, but today he gave none. Heero frowned. Come to think it, Duo also didn't tell him how long he would be gone. It could be two or five hours, Heero couldn't predict it since he didn't know what kind of accessories Duo actually would buy for him. He made note to ask how long to his Master next time he went out.

Done with his mental note, Heero looked around him. The apartment had been spotless and he didn't feel too tired that he wanted to take a nap. Granted that after being played and used by his sadistic Master, he felt quite tired, but the hot bath and lunch after the play, had soothed and restored him. Not knowing what to do, Heero decided to just wait for his Master. He grabbed his pillow from the bedroom and carefully sat down, not wanting to add more miseries to his still sore bottom. He then chained his leash onto the table's leg and waited for his Master.

Heero had intended to be a good slave and waited for Duo until he returned. However his intention only lasted five minutes. Heero quickly felt that he was wasting his time. Oh, he could wait forever if his Master ordered him to. By following Duo's orders, Heero usually felt the sense of pride and contented having managed to do as he was instructed. But right now he only felt boredom. What he was doing at the moment wasn't his Master's order so it felt so useless to him.

What if his Master was gone for a week?

The sentence popped up on his mind. Should all he do during that time was wait idly only? It was so unproductive. He better found something else to do to kill the time. Heero removed his chain from the table's legs, stood up and then slowly paced around the living room. When he had nothing to do, he usually would do some program coding, surf the net for the news and some other information, or read some BDSM stories from the net. However his laptop was off limit now that his poor bottom was at risk if he disobeyed his Master's order.

At previous days, Duo instructed him to read some books after he was done with his chores. Heero stopped in front of the bookshelves and decided to mimic his previous instruction. He scanned books this time, not picking them randomly like he did on previous days. Duo had some books about cooking, mechanic, and.... pet? Heero tilted his head to read the title.

'How to train and treat your pet'

Wonderful, Heero thought sarcastically as he pulled the book from the shelves. Did Duo read this book as a reference to train him? Feeling curious, he flipped the book open and started reading. The first chapter wrote about some common animals that people often took as a pet. Of course, cat was included in the category. Heero snorted at some paragraphs that discussed about cats. No, he didn't wreck havoc if he was left alone in the house. He cleaned and tidied the rooms instead. No, he didn't hate being bathed, he LOVED it. Heero kept reading while sometimes unconsciously comparing his situation with the real cat. It was at the end of the first chapter when he read the sentence 'If you love your pet, the pet will love you back. They will be loyal to you....'

Heero stopped reading then and mulled over the sentence. His Master loved him. It was shown from the caresses and treatments he got. Duo never let him starve or get cold. His Master always praised him when he did well in the orders given to him. He felt loved, mostly when his Master carried him to the bed and cuddled him. From the love and caresses he got, how could Heero not love his Master in reply? He loved Duo, loved his Master for loving him.

And what did he do to show his love to his Master?

Except for following his orders, he did nothing. Heero felt like a moron when he realized that he also didn't manage to follow all Duo's orders. His sore bottom was the proof that he had disappointed his Master.

He had to be a better slave for his Master.

No, not better, he had to be the best slave.

Thus decided, Heero went back to his reading, trying to find some pointers of how to show his love to his Master, just like the pets did.

He was half way through the book when his Master returned, announced by the swooshing sound of the front door and his Master's cheerful voice. "Kitten, I'm home."

Reminding himself to show his love to his Master, Heero put down the book on the coffee table and got up, head bowed toward his Master. "Welcome home, Master."

Duo smiled as he shed his jacket and hung it on the hook. "This is the first time you've greeted me, you know."

"I'll try to greet you from now on, Master." Heero kept his head bowed. He could hear his Master approach and then the familiar hand touched his head, petting it gently.

"Did you disobey any of my orders during my leave?"

"No, Master." Heero replied meekly.

"Good, you have done a good job, Kitten. I'll give you a reward later." Duo rubbed his slave's cat ears, causing the Japanese boy to shudder in pleasure.

"Thank you, Master." Heero answered as his tail swung back and forth at the announcement. Another reward! He couldn't wait to get it.

"First thing first, I think you would want this." Duo took out something from the bag he brought. Heero looked at it and realized it was a new name plate. It had a black background with silver writing. The word 'Kitten' in italic was crafted on it with a silver scythe on the front and end of the word.

Heero took the plate and caressed it. Again another proof of love from his Master. An ignorant Master wouldn't custom-make a name plate for him and judging from the detailed work, Heero had no doubt it cost quite a lot. He looked at his Master gratefully. "It's beautiful, Master. Thank you." He then bent down and kissed his Master's feet.

"I promise I'd change your plate, won't I?" Duo smiled and disconnected Heero's leash from the table's leg. "You can change the plate while I make your reward."

No need to be told twice, Heero fled into the bedroom, ignoring his Master's chuckles. Despite his gratitude for his Master's gift, he had been impatient to remove the annoying name plate since yesterday. He wasted no time ripping the old plate from his cage and breaking it into two. Death to the Princess, hah!

A few minutes later, Heero found himself smiling in front of his cage, looking at his new name plate. His tail swung happily back and forth. The fact that Duo custom made it made him feel so special, not to mention how beautiful and carefully the word was carved on it. His fingers trailed on the carved word. Kitten. Yes, he was Duo's Kitten.


Smiling slightly, he went out and found his Master sitting on the couch, a plate of milk was placed next to the couch. Heero swung his tail happily as he noticed the chocolate milk.

"You're really a kitten, you know." Duo chuckled and pointed to the milk. "You can have your reward now."

"Thank you, Master." Heero plopped down on his fours and lapped his reward happily. He could feel Duo's fingers wound through his messy hair, stroking his head gently. He smiled and continued lapping his milk while inwardly vowed to do his best to show his love to his Master.

"Show me your cute ass, Kitten."

Not pausing in drinking the milk, Heero moved half circle around the plate so that his rear faced his Master and he still could enjoy his treat. Fingers soon crawled on his quite sore bottom, caressing the soft flesh.

"I like the pinkish color you sport, Kitten." Duo kneaded the flesh, eliciting a hiss from his slave. "What do you think of ten spanks a day to keep this butt pink?"

Heero glared at his Master over his shoulder. First because interrupting him in enjoying his treat, and second because his sadistic Master dared to suggest a daily spank just to keep his bottom pink. He was about to lash out his objection when he remembered it wasn't in his right to refuse a treatment on something that didn't belong to him anymore. His body belonged to Duo. Heero took a breath and then bowed his head back before answering. "It's up to you, Master. The bottom is yours and so am I."

There was a silence for some seconds before Duo spoke again. "Come here, Kitten."

Heero obeyed, reluctantly leaving his half finished milk. He knelt between Duo's legs and bowed his head. Gentle hand caressed his cat ears before wounding through his hair and pulling his head up to face his Master. Heero's breath caught when he looked at his Master's amethyst eyes. They shone in pride and tenderness while a smile softened the heart shaped face.

"You have done very well during this short time. I'm very proud of you, Kitten."

Happy feelings tingled inside Heero's heart at Duo's words. He smiled back at his Master, conveying his feeling without words.

"You can finish the milk now." Duo connected his slave's leash to the table's leg.

Heero quickly crawled back to his milk in a flash and devoured the rest of milk while his Master's hand returned to caress his bottom. It only took him a minute to finish the milk. Feeling not satisfied, Heero looked over his shoulder at his Master and then back at his empty plate.

He wanted more milk.

"Now what are you thinking about, Kitten?" His Master's curious voice was heard as Heero contemplated the action he was about to do. Deciding he had nothing to lose except maybe a little shame, Heero scooped the plate with his teeth and crawled to his Master who was blinking at him in surprise. Hah, it seemed Duo never thought he would do something like this. Heero laughed inwardly, feeling happy that he could surprise his Master. It wasn't everyday Duo looked at him in astonishment. He just wished he had a camera and was allowed to capture his Master's expression.

Heero put down his plate between Duo's spread legs and nuzzled his cheek against the cotton clothed leg of his Master, mewling like a kitten he was. There was a few seconds of silence following before Duo's laughter boomed out and Heero found himself hauled up to his knees. A mouth quickly descended on his and his Master's tongue slipped into his mouth in a flash. Quickly recovering from his surprise, Heero kissed back enthusiastically. Duo's arms hugged him tightly and his fingers caressed his back gently. Heero purred in delighted and sucked on the tongue roaming inside his mouth.

It was quite some time before Duo ended the kiss. "So you want more reward, huh?"

Heero nodded eagerly and licked his lips, tasting his Master and also the residue of the milk.

"Spoiled Kitten." Duo chuckled. "I won't make you anymore milk."

Heero pouted.

"But I do have another reward for you."

Heero regarded his Master curiously. He remembered then that Duo went out in purpose to buy him more accessories. Raising one eyebrow, he scooted backward warily. "Another accessory?"

Duo nodded and Heero scooted back again, feeling dread as his Master smiled. It couldn't be a good accessory for him. His instinct said so. It was with a feeling of dread and anticipation that he watched his Master reach into the bag on the side of the couch. It was the same bag where his Master had taken out his new name plate. This time he took out a red long strip.

Heero blinked at the item. What the...... it couldn't be what he thought it was, could it?

"It's a ribbon." Duo announced and dashed his hope. An image of the red ribbon tied on his head flashed on his mind. Heero snarled and scooted as far as his leash allowed from the red ribbon in his Master's hand. Duo was blinking at him in surprise. "You don't like it, Kitten?"

"It's a ribbon." Heero glared at the item murderously.

Duo looked at the ribbon and then at him. "So?"

Heero's glare intensified and this time assigned at his Master. "I'm not a woman."

"Of course not." The confusion slowly ebbed from his Master's expression.

"Only woman wears ribbon."

"Kittens wear one too." Duo pointed out.

Heero glared at his Master in frustration.

"Come here, Kitten."


Violet eyes regarded him in amusement. "You're afraid of this tiny ribbon?"

Heero growled, not wanting to elaborate. He tried to scoot further backward but his leash prevented him.

"Come here or your butt will get ten more smacks."

Now that surely got his attention. Heero weighted whether a ribbon was worth his sore bottom. Finding the answer was no, Heero reluctantly crawled back toward his Master. The ribbon became the recipient of his death glare until his chin was grabbed and turned to face his Master.

"Tell me why you don't like the ribbon, Kitten." Duo looked at him curiously. "I bought it as your reward."

"It's a girlish thing." Heero answered sulkily.

"It's also a kittenish thing."

"I don't like ribbons, Master."

Duo released his slave's chin and leaned into the couch. "Elaborate it, Kitten."

Heero glared at the ribbon before turning to his Master. "Dr. J used to say how girlish I look. What with my narrow hips and slender hairless body. I hate it. And giving me a ribbon will only make me look more girlish. I don't like being mistaken or treated as a girl."

Duo regarded him with solemn expression. "You do look girly." That earned him a death glare. Added with "and beautiful." comment, Duo got a snarl as well from his furious Kitten. He took Heero's chin and looked at the blue orbs seriously. "I bought this ribbon as your reward."

Heero was about to refuse the reward when Duo dangled the ribbon in front of him. He took the detail on the ribbon he had missed before. 'Property of Duo Maxwell' was written in gold on it, accompanied with small scythes on the beginning and ending of the sentence. Just like the plate name, Duo custom made the ribbon for him. Just for him. The internal battle commenced inside him. His pride as a man and his pride as a slave were having different opinion about the ribbon. He was torn between accepting and refusing the ribbon.

Before he made up his mind, his Master took the choice for him. Well, that was Heero's reason to soothe his wounded male pride as his Master fastened the ribbon on him. He had wanted to ask some more times to his Master but he was drowned in his Master's violet eyes. How could he deny those sincere and gentle eyes? Of course he could and in the end, he nodded his consent. The slave part of him snorted and told him how lucky he was that Duo didn't force the matter on him. The other Master would have put the ribbon on him without his consent. The proud male of him grunted and reluctantly admitted defeat while the slave part of him cheered.

"Done." His Master announced.

Heero looked over his shoulder and saw the ribbon tied in butterfly knot on the end of his tail. He thanked his Kamisama above that Duo didn't put it on his head. He also had to admit that he was very proud to have another reward from his Master. He turned to where Duo was sitting and kissed both of his feet. "Thank you, Master."

Duo smiled and kissed his slave passionately. "You can thank me by servicing me."

Heero's tail shot up as he recognized the sentence. He straightened his back and focused on his Master. "How can I serve you, Master?"

"I want you to make me relax and comfortable until dinner time." Duo answered as he removed his slave's leash.

Heero frowned a little. It was a vague command for him. There was so much he could do in following the command. He looked at Duo who smiled courageously at him. Heero realized then that he could do anything he wanted as long as it made his Master relax and comfortable. With this command, he could show how much he loved his Master then.

"As you wish, Master." Heero only needed twenty seconds to arrange his plan in his head. He excused himself into the bedroom for a few minutes before returning back to the living room. He knelt down in front of his Master. Praying that his Master would approve, Heero slowly unbuttoned Duo's shirt and kissed the exposed flesh. His Master relaxed into the couch, obviously showing his approval as Heero removed the shirt carefully. He felt the rush of excitement as he continued peeling his Master other garments, landing kisses every now and then. After Duo was naked, Heero stood up. He slowly scooped up his Master and headed toward the bedroom.

"Trying to play Master, Kitten?" His Master grinned.

Heero snorted and carried Duo pass the bedroom to the bathroom. "I just want to make you comfortable, Master."

"Hmm, this is good." Duo purred as Heero lowered him in the bathtub, which he had filled in warm water before. He then proceeded to unravel Duo's braid and set to lather and clean the tresses. He combed his finger through the hair and massaged the head for relaxation. Heero felt more enthusiast as Duo sighed happily at the massage. His Master was all but melting into the tub. Finished with the hair, he turned his attention to Duo's body, lathering it with soap and massaged the tensing limbs. Heero grinned at the blissful expression on his Master's face and felt very proud to be able to care for his Master. He let Duo enjoy the warm bath for a few minutes before he started cleaning the hair and the rest of his Master's body. After drying his Master, Heero carried Duo toward the bedroom and deposited him on the bed.

"What now?" Duo smiled lazily from where he was lying on the bed, legs dangling on one side. Heero had no doubt that his Master felt very-very relaxed and there was not a single tense muscle in him. It was quite lucky that Dr. J taught him how to relax and soothe the muscle tension as a part of his soldier training.

Now there was one more step left to ensure his Master wouldn't and didn't want to leave the bed. It wasn't Dr. J who taught him this last step. It was from his own experience, taught by his Master. Heero knelt between Duo's dangling legs and took the half erect cock into his mouth. He could feel it harden inside his mouth while at the same time his Master moaned in pleasure. Twirling his tongue around the now hard cock, Heero took the twin balls and teased them with his fingers. That elicited another loud moan from his Master. The Japanese boy focused his work on driving his Master to the edge, using his tongue and throat muscle effectively. It wasn't long before Duo came. Heero swallowed his Master's release and then cleaned the slowly softening cock. When he withdrew and looked up, his Master was fast asleep with a contented smile on his face.

Heero grinned as he tucked his Master beneath the blanket. Now it was his Master's turn to be blacked out for powerful orgasm. He tiptoed out of the bedroom, careful not to make his bell ankle tinkle so loud. At the door, Heero took one last glance at his sleeping Master. Duo looked so peaceful and content, drawing a smile on Heero's face. He closed the door while hoping that they could live together forever.



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