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Enslaving Heero Part 23

His Master was a sadistic bastard! Heero concluded the fact while he was kneeling on all fours miserably in front of the couch where his Master was relaxing against. Oh, the dinner yesterday had been as good as usual. The sleeping arrangement also didn't bother him too much, though the leash connecting the headboard's rail and his collar sometimes became annoying. No he didn't mind being in bondage while sleeping. He also didn't mind sleeping on his stomach since his poor bottom couldn't bear any weight so soon after being spanked thoroughly. He also enjoyed the way his Master woke him up by penetrating and using him like the slave he was. However he minded a lot being a footstool for his Master, who was reading the morning newspaper.

Kamisama, wasn't his yesterday's punishment enough? He had hoped his Master would play with him today. It had been quite a while since they last played. Instead, he was ordered to be furniture again.

"Another shift and your pretty ass will pay for it, Kitten." Duo said nonchalantly behind the newspaper.

"Yes, Master." Heero replied sullenly. He wanted to play, not be a footstool!


Heero blinked at the door's bell. He looked up in time to see his Master put down the newspaper and stand up. Duo's frowning face told him that he wasn't expecting any visitors.


"Who the hell is that?" Duo growled as he walked toward the door. "How could those security guards be stupid enough to let someone in without telling me after Relena's episode?" Yep, his Master was definitely not in the mood for being visited. Heero was stretching himself to relax his strained muscles when he realized he was naked.

What the hell his Master was thinking? Letting the visitor see him naked? What if it was Quatre and the others standing outside? No way! Heero crawled quickly toward his bedroom, not wanting to waste time to stand. His ankle bell rang loudly as he crossed his way. He almost reached the bedroom's door when he felt choked and stopped his crawling at once in order to save his neck in place. He coughed and crawled backward a little to ease the leash's strain on his neck. In his haste, Heero had forgotten Duo had secured his leash around the coffee table's leg. A chuckle caught his attention. He looked up and saw his Master looking down at him in amusement.

"This is the first time I've seen you panicked, Kitten."

Heero glared at his Master. "I'm not panicked."

Duo chuckled as he removed the leash from the table's leg and handed it to his slave. "I'm sorry. I have become too used to having you beside me." The bell's door rang again but Duo ignored it and patted his slave's head instead. "Go on now. You can hide inside the bedroom."

Heero went into the bedroom with his Master's first sentence echoing in his mind. Due to his sore bottom, he chose to stand near the bed instead of sitting on it and mulled this fact over. Duo had apologized to him. In all the stories he had read before becoming Duo's possession, he had never read about a master apologizing to their slave. One of the writings he came upon said that it was a weakness for a master. It would reduce the slave's respect for the master. Heero looked at his leash and realized the writing was wrong. If anything, he felt more respect toward his Master. Duo admitted he had made an error rather than denying it or blaming it on the others. That showed Duo took responsibility for what he was doing. Heero smiled slightly, happy that he had gotten such a responsible Master.


The sudden opening of the door took Heero by surprise. He whipped his head quickly toward the door and saw a boy around his age standing there. It was an oriental boy with short brown hair and black eyes. Heero gaped and quickly reached for the blanket to cover his naked body.

"Who are you?"

Instead of Heero, it was the stranger who issued the sentence. The boy was glaring at him angrily. Heero frowned as he secured the blanket around his waist. "I should be the one asking you that question."

The boy looked at him, from head to toes, glaring thorough the process. Heero took the chance to study the boy's appearance as well. From his eyes and jaw structure, Heero concluded that the boy was Japanese. He was wearing blue t-shirt and black leather trousers. His right ear was pierced, adorned with a green jewel. Heero looked at his face and had to admit the boy was beautiful with high cheekbones, sharp nose and also equally sharp chin. He suddenly could guess who the boy was.

"You're his fuck toy."

Again the statement was issued by the boy. Heero felt irritated and crossed his arms in front of his bare chest. "Who are you and where's Duo?"

The boy sneered. "I'm Duo's slave."

Heero blinked at the statement. The boy noticed his surprise and smiled triumphantly. "That's right. You're just my temporary replacement for the day."

Heero raised an eyebrow. A picture began to form in his head. "I have been here for days."

"WHAT? He let you..." The boy stopped and glared at him. "You're lying! He never takes a sub more than a day."

"And you know this because you were one of those subs, weren't you?" Heero stated casually. The boy flushed red, making the picture in Heero's head became clearer. This must be an ex sub of his Master. Great, just when he declared his Master was responsible, the said Master didn't show his face to take care his own problem. Heero suddenly felt irritated at the thought that his Master had ever bedded this boy. "Where's Duo?"

A strange glimmer flickered on the boy's eyes at his question. "Out."

"Out where?" Heero tensed, feeling alert as he sensed something was wrong with the boy.

"You don't need to know."

"What..." Heero halted his question as he suddenly came face to face with a knife.

"You will be gone by the time he returns." The boy glared and pressed the knife on his cheek. "Now get out of here or I'll cut your pretty face into ribbons."

"You can't order me." Heero snorted and narrowed his eyes.

"The hell I can't." The boy pressed the knife a little harder on Heero's cheek. "And give me those cat ears. Those are mine." The boy made a reach for the ears. That action proved to be his mistake, not the biggest though. His biggest mistake was to irritate one ex Gundam pilot, nicknamed the Perfect Soldier.

Heero moved with lightning speed and knocked the knife away from the boy's hand. Before the boy could react, he grabbed the hand that was reaching for his ears and twisted it behind the boy's back. The boy cried out in pain and Heero used that moment to grab his other hand, effectively holding him in place.

"Let me go, you fucking slut!" The boy tried to sound angry but Heero could detect fear in his voice.

"Shut up." Heero growled and twisted the boy's hand slightly more.

The boy screamed this time and then trembled. His courage deserted him. "Ple...please! Don't kill me."

Heero snorted. So much for threatening to cut him into ribbons. He looked around trying to find a tool to restrain the boy till Duo returned. He looked at his leash and then his cage, considering putting the boy in his cage but then he dismissed the idea when he found he didn't like having HIS cage being occupied by someone else. No matter how much he disliked the cage, it was still his after all. Heero snorted as he realized he probably was as possessive as his Master.

Anyway since it was decided he wouldn't use any implements used on him, Heero decided to use another way to restrain the boy. He just hoped the boy was quite flexible for this type of restraint....


Heero was already waiting in the living room when the front door opened and his Master stepped in.

"Kitten?" Duo looked at him in surprise. Heero knew it was half part because he was still wearing the blanket around his lower body and the other half was because he was supposed to be in the bedroom instead of leaning against the wall in the living room. Oh he wanted to sit on the couch but it wasn't a position where his bottom was free from weight and pressure.

"Master...." A weak plea from a source behind Heero caught Duo's attention. Heero watched as his Master's eyes grew large at the sight behind him.

"Dai!" (Note: has the same pronunciation as "Die" in English)

"So that's his name." Heero looked at the boy behind him.

"What happened?" Duo approached the boy. "And why did you ...uhm ... lock him like this."

Heero smirked. With his feet crossed behind his head and his arms twisted around the legs, Dai looked more like human ball. He couldn't untangle himself in that position. The boy could only whimper while Heero told his Master what had happened. When he finished telling his story, his Master was glaring sharply at Dai. "Dai..."

Dai flinched at Duo's flat voice.

"Want me to unlock him, Master?" Heero offered, feeling slightly guilty when he saw how frightened Dai was. Also he wanted the boy gone as soon as possible.

"Let him in that position for some minutes more."

Heero nodded. "Why did you leave, Master?"

Duo mumbled. "He looked so frightened and said he didn't have money to pay for his taxi."

"So you came down to pay for his taxi?" Heero asked incredulously. "I never thought you were that kind."

Duo grunted and glanced at Dai. "He said he had something important to tell me."

"I do. I do have something to tell you, Master." Dai said hurriedly.

"Tell me then."

"There will be a big contest in two months. My current top asked me to spread this news to the others. The contest is to determine the best BDSM couple and the first winner gets 10,000 credits." Dai blurted out the information.

"Contest?" Duo frowned. "I haven't heard about this. Not that I'm interested in it. Tell your Master, I won't participate in it."

"But you're one of the best players. You can easily win the prize." Dai protested. "We can be the best couple and win 10,000 credits!"

"We?" Heero glared at the boy. Dai gulped and tried to escape, which was impossible in his locked condition.

"Kitten, come here." Duo snapped his fingers and pointed down. Heero threw another glare at Dai before moving and kneeling at the spot Duo had pointed out. Duo put his hand on the Japanese boy's hair, caressing it gently while addressing the other boy. "Dai, there's no "we" between us. A night stand means one night only, no more. I have no interest to take you back. Moreover I have a beautiful slave at my side now."

"I'm more beautiful than him." Dai protested and glared at Heero. Heero glared back at him and noted with satisfaction that the boy was quickly looking away. Only Duo and his comrades could withstand his death glare. Dai was a coward.... Or was that a usual trait for a submissive? Heero frowned. No, he himself was submissive, not a coward. So that meant Dai was a coward from start.

"My kitten is the most beautiful one for me." Duo replied sternly, snapping Heero's attention back to him. "Now go back to your Master, Dai. I don't want to see you repeat a stunt like this." Heero felt a gentle pressure on the back of his head. "Unlock him, Kitten."

"But Master, I'm a better slave than him." Dai protested while Heero approached him. "I know you choose him because he reminds you of me."

"On contrary," Duo snorted. "I chose you because you reminded me of him."

Heero chose the moment to unravel the boy's limbs so the boy gasped instead of answering back.

"Leave now, Dai." Duo said with finality.

Dai opened his mouth to protest but thought better of it when Duo glared at him. He threw a 'this isn't over' look at Heero before stomping out of the apartment. Once the door closed behind the boy, Duo turned to his slave. Heero just stood where he was, unsure what to do.

"It is fortunate that I have a Gundam pilot as my slave." Duo spoke casually, smiling at his slave.

"Ex." Heero protested, inwardly feeling relief that his Master didn't think he overdo the boy.

"Yes, ex. I'm proud that you can defend yourself, Kitten." Duo cupped his slave's cheek. "You're mine. No one can touch you intimately without my explicit permission, understand?"

Heero shuddered at the possessive tone. "Yes, Master." He got a kiss as the reward. Still slightly dazzled, he watched as his Master pulled away and sat down on the couch.

"Is it true?" Heero blurted out the question he had been meaning to ask.

His Master raised an eyebrow, asking for more detail question.

"That you chose him because he reminded you of me, Master?"

"Yes." The answer came so swift that Heero thought he just imagined it. He looked at his Master who was staring straight at him. "I have said that I wanted you since we first met, haven't I?"

Heero nodded. To his surprise, his Master elaborated.

"After the war, I thought you had gone to Relena so I tried to find your replacement." Duo looked at his slave. "Imagine my surprise when I saw your picture appear on my screen after I asked Wing to send me his picture."

Heero smiled. "I'm really glad you made me as your slave instead of your sub, Master."

"Really?" Duo smiled back. "Do you enjoy living with me, Kitten?"

Heero nodded again.

Duo chuckled. "Wait till we both work and I think you'll want your freedom back."

Heero shook his head. "Never. I'm yours always, Master."

That earned him an expression he never saw on Duo before. A happy and genuine smile adorned his Master's face, making him look more handsome. Heero's heart beat faster at the radiant smile. He would do anything to make his Master smile like that often. Violet eyes bore into his blue ones, sending him another shudder. Kamisama, Duo now could make a mess of him just with a look.

"Yes, you're mine. So don't hide what's mine to see, Kitten." The velvet voice caressed every inch of Heero's body, making him shudder pleasantly. He was already a mess of sensations. Heero looked into his Master's eyes as he slowly unwrapped the blanket hugging his lower body.

"This is yours, Master." Heero let the blanket slip down onto the floor, baring himself for his Master. "Always yours."

"You've behaved very good today." Duo smiled. "I'll give you a reward. What do you want to do, Kitten?"

Heero's tail shot up at the word 'reward'. He looked at his Master hopefully. "Can we play, Master?"

Duo raised an eyebrow. "You mean I play and you are the toy."

Heero nodded and looked down to see an obvious bulge between his Master's thighs. No doubt Duo was aroused at the idea. Deciding to be bold, Heero approached his Master and knelt down. "Play me, Master. Use me as your toy." The bulge between his Master's groins twitched at each word. Heero decided to swing his tail to add the effect.

A hand came down and grabbed his tail. It tugged his tail. "Yes, I'll play you." Duo said huskily as he tugged the tail once more. "I'll play till you beg me to stop."

Heero smiled then. Beg his Master to stop? He longed to be played. No way he would beg to stop.

Absolutely not.




"Master! Please stop. Uhhhhhhh." Heero panted. So much for not begging his Master. He should know better. Heero berated himself as he was hung upside down at the bedroom's corner. After handcuffing his hands behind his back, Duo had lowered two chains from the ceiling. Each chain was fitted on each of his knees. The chains then were raised up again, pulling Heero's lower body up while his upper body still lying on the floor. Duo then positioned the chains so that his raised legs were spread wide, revealing his entrance. His tail was removed afterwards.

"You only have three balls there at the moment, Kitten." His Master's voice was full with amusement. "You should hold at least five balls, you know."

Heero whimpered as his Master held up two more balls. The balls were one and a quarter inch in diameter and made from some kind of metal. As far as Heero knew, there were red, blue, and black balls. Oh, at first the balls looked so innocent that Heero eagerly opened his legs so Duo could insert the balls in him. The first ball was the black one. His Master pushed the ball as deep as he could with his finger and then left it in him. Heero wondered that it didn't have any other function when his Master held up a remote control and turned its function on. The ball started vibrating inside him, making Heero moan at the sensation. It felt like his cat tail but it was more focused in a certain area in him because of its shape.

His cock stood in attention at the vibration and his Master quickly fit another cock ring on the erect flesh. Heero still could snort at that time, so sure that he didn't need the second cock ring to hold his release. Although the ball turned him on, his control was still intact. Duo could turn the vibrating on as long as he could and Heero was sure that he could hold his orgasm at bay.

The second ball inserted was the blue one. His Master pushed one button on the remote control and Heero hissed in surprise as coldness spread from the ball inside him. He was a little unsure at his control as two different sensations raging inside him, not to mention he found out how pleasurable the coldness was combined with the vibration.

His Master inserted the third ball, the red one. Another button pushed on the remote control and Heero found himself gasping as heat spread out from the ball. Kamisama, it felt like blizzard and hot dessert inside him at the same time. And they all brought pleasure he never knew before. The coldness made him shudder and the heat made him jerk up every few seconds. His control shattered at once and he suddenly became so desperate for release, no doubt an effect from having three devilish balls in him.

His Master left the balls inside him for five minutes and Heero spent the time by begging his Master to stop and let him come, which of course was ignored.

Now, his sadistic Master wanted to add more balls? Kamisama, help me! Heero cried inwardly.

"You said yourself that you wanted to play." Duo smiled as he pressed a black ball against his slave's puckered opening.

"Master... please..." Heero tried to close his legs, to inch away from his Master, but the chains kept him still on his spot. Duo pressed a little harder and the ring muscle around the Japanese boy's opening finally yielded, allowing the ball to slide inside. Heero gasped at the invasion, feeling the balls inside him rolling further inside to give the newest ball some spaces. The rolling motion itself had elicited pleasure inside him and now he felt dreaded when he saw his Master twiddle with the remote again. It was a black one and black ball meant....

"Aaahhh." Heero cried out as another vibration started inside him. His cock jerked up at the doubled pleasure, precum leaking from it. He was really desperate to come now. "Master.... Please..."

"Not yet." Duo caressed Heero's thighs lazily. "I just started playing, Kitten."

STARTED??? Heero whimpered in frustration and told himself to never again ask his Master for a play.

"This is the fifth ball, Kitten." Duo placed a red one before the entrance. "Hush, stop wiggling."

"Nononno..." Heero shook his head but the ball already halfway into him. Another push from his Master and the ball settled snugly after the black one.

"Another one." He heard his Master's voice at the same time as he felt another ball quickly found its place after the red one. Heero felt very full now with so many balls in him. What color was this last ball?

His Master took the cursed remote control again and waves of coldness and heat attacked him at once, answering his question about the color. They intensified the coldness and heat from the previous balls, counterbalancing the temperature through his tissues and muscles. Heero screamed now. His body was a mess of pleasure and his cock strained against the cock ring. "Please Master... please...." Heero cried out. His mind could think nothing except begging and pleading. "I'll do anything.... Please... . let me come.... Please Master...."

"You can hold on longer, Kitten." Duo caressed Heero's thighs as he spoke. "I want you to hold the balls at least half an hour."

Heero whimpered. Half an hour? Impossible. The balls has been in him for about ten minutes only and he was already crazy with the pleasure they invoked. How could he last for thirty minutes? "Master... " He looked pleadingly at his Master. "Please.... I can't.... hold on....... Please..."

"Yes you can." Duo squeezed Heero's sore ass. "This play is not about your pleasure, Kitten. It's about mine. Focus on my pleasure."

Heero gasped as his sore bottom added some pain to the overwhelming sensations he was feeling. He so didn't need it right now. While he usually liked a little pain because it heightened the pleasure he had, at this moment, he really didn't need any addition for pleasure. He wanted to come, to release the building pleasure inside him. But no matter how much he wanted release, the cock ring held him at bay.

"Please Master... the cock ring.... Please...." Heero pleaded again.

"Focus on my pleasure, Kitten." Duo growled and squeezed his slave's arousal. "This is my pleasure, not yours."

Heero yelped as his cock was crushed. His Master really wanted him to hold for half an hour. The Japanese boy felt very desperate. Pleading didn't work at his Master. Kamisama, he really needed to come. And the fastest way to gain release was to do as his Master ordered. He sobbed, not really sure that he could last that long without going crazy but he would try to hold on. Heero gritted his teeth and clenched his hands, fighting against the pleasure inside him.

"That's right. Focus on my pleasure, Kitten." Duo's voice helped him to concentrate. Focus, Heero repeated inwardly. Focus to his Master's pleasure. Heero frowned then. He got a great pleasure from the cursed balls, but what his Master got from them? Nothing? Just a pleasure from watching and playing him? It seemed not enough.... Heero looked at his Master, who was smiling at him and stroking his thighs gently.

"Mas... master." Heero had to fight the control of his mouth because all he wanted to do was moan and gasp. "Master." He repeated again with steadier tone.

"Yes, Kitten?" Duo kept stroking his inner thighs as he answered.

"How can...." Heero swallowed as waves of pleasure raged inside him. After getting a little control of it, he tried again. "How can I pleasure you more?"

At the question, his Master's face brightened and pride shone on his purple eyes. Heero felt like a silly fool for not asking it sooner. "Down on all fours, Kitten." Duo released his handcuffs and lowered the chains holding his knees until his lower body lay flat on the floor again. Heero quickly rolled onto his stomach and stood on his hands and knees, freeing his sore ass from his body weight. He moaned loudly as the balls inside him seemed to roll following his movements. Kamisama, the balls were vicious!

"Don't drop the balls." Duo said warningly as he sat down in front of his slave.

Heero nodded and watched his Master spread his legs. He knew then how to pleasure his Master. "Suck me, Kitten." Heero had delved down in the middle of his Master's command, ass high in the air and head buried on his Master's groin. He used his teeth to unzip his Master's pants and released his Master's hard cock. After wetting his lips, Heero took the erect flesh into his mouth, sucking and stroking it with his tongue.

Duo's hand came down on his head, petting him and guiding his motion at the same time. "Very good, Kitten." Duo's voice was hoarse. "Very good."

Heero's heart fluttered at the praise and for a moment, he forgot the maddening sensation on his lower body. Just for a moment, though. When the pleasure seemed to overwhelm him again, Heero swallowed Duo's cock deeper and focused his attention on the hardened flesh. Focus on Duo's pleasure. He repeated the new mantra silently as he sucked his Master, who moaned loudly in return. Liking his Master's response, Heero licked and slurped as best as he could, trying to give more pleasure for his Master while at the same time distracting him from the tormenting pleasure the balls gave inside him.

His sadistic Master, however, decided to add his torment. The hand on his head slid down, roaming over his back, bottom, and then delved into the cleft between his ass' cheeks. Heero gasped around the cock he was sucking when his Master's finger entered his already full passage.

"Keep working, Kitten. I want to play a bit with my toy." Duo murmured huskily and panted a bit, no doubt from the pleasure his slave gave him.

Heero tried hard to obey. He tried as best as he could to keep working on his Master's cock. But another finger slid inside him. Together, the fingers prodded the last ball, the blue one, causing it to rotate inside him. Heero cried out then. His nerves were as thin as a straw. He whimpered pleadingly at his Master.

"Keep sucking." Duo panted hard now and Heero knew his Master was almost on the edge. He relaxed his throat muscles and took Duo until the hilt. His Master gasped in pleasure then. The fingers inside his ass prodded as deep as they could for the last time before withdrawing. They traveled to his throbbing cock and removed the cock ring. "After me, Kitten." Duo's voice was strained, a sign that he was very close to his release.

Feeling very grateful, Heero made a swallow motion around the cock filling his throat, eliciting a yell from his Master as he reached his release. Heero withdrew a little and felt the warm liquid flow into his mouth. He swallowed as fast as he could so that none of his Master's seed escaped his mouth. After a third swallow, hands clamped on his nipple and pinched them hard. Heero gasped then and couldn't hold on anymore. He released his Master's cock and jerked his head up, catching some of Duo's seed on his face. But Heero wasn't aware of it. He was too distracted at his orgasm. He screamed his Master's name loudly as he shot his release onto the floor beneath him.

It was some time before Heero became aware of his surrounding again. He found himself lying on his side with his head propped on his Master's thigh. The chains on his knees had been removed. A hand slowly stroked his hair while the other one played with his right nipple ring. The soft cock of his Master nestled before him, drenched with the release he didn't manage to swallow. On impulse, Heero leaned forward and licked his Master's cock.

"Finally decide to join me, huh?" Duo's voice was heard from above him. Still licking the cock, Heero looked up and saw his Master smiling down on him. "You're a mess, Kitten."

Heero blinked confusedly. He released the now clean cock and zipped it up before turning to his Master. "What mess?"

His Master chuckled but offered no answer. Heero felt fingers abandon his nipple ring and stroke his face. The fingers then came face to face with him, coated with white remains. Heero blushed then, realizing his face was coated with his Master's seed.

"Now now, it's not the time for you to play innocent." Duo chuckled. "Come on, clean my fingers."

Still blushing red, Heero obeyed and licked the fingers clean. Duo swept over his face and fed his fingers to him again. The process was repeated a few times until his Master looked satisfied and patted his head. Heero smiled happily and curled up against his Master's legs, enjoying the moment after their orgasms.

"I'm so proud of you, Kitten." Duo caressed his slave gently while the said slave was purring contentedly. "My beloved Kitten." He murmured and leaned down, kissing his Kitten passionately.

Heero happily kissed Duo back. His heart felt warmed at Duo's last sentence. Not wanting the kiss to end quickly, Heero reached up and locked his arms around Duo's neck. He kissed his Master wholeheartedly, trying to convey what he was feeling at the moment. His Master growled affectionately and then withdrew, ignoring Heero's mewled protest.

"So responsive. So affectionate." Duo murmured affectionately as he ran his hand along Heero's spine. The Japanese boy shuddered at the touch and buried his face on Duo's thighs.

Heero felt like floating as his Master kept caressing him. He keened in protest when Duo stopped stroking him.

"Lazy kitten, time is up. I still have many things do to and you have a mess to clean up." Duo patted his slave's sore bottom.

Heero gasped at the dull pain on his bottom. His Master pushed him so he was lying on his back. Oh well, his bottom surely protested at the weight it was forced to endure, but Heero sensed that his Master wanted him in this position so he didn't try to move.

"Spread your legs, Kitten." Duo moved and settled between Heero's spread legs. He smiled and caressed the puckered muscle around his slave's opening. "Now, return the balls to me."

Heero was astounded. Now that Duo mentioned the balls, he realized they were still inside him. His Master obviously had turned off the balls or he would be screaming and begging his Master again. Now onto the problem. Return the balls? Surely Duo didn't mean that........

"Expel them, Kitten." Duo tapped his opening. "One by one. I want to see them slide out of you."

Heero turned as red as tomato. Oh the humiliation.....

"There's nothing to be ashamed of, Kitten." Duo spoke a matter of fact-ly. "It's a pleasure to me to watch it."

"I..." Heero was torn. He wanted to run away. He also wanted to please his Master. However expelling the balls like this was really something new for him. Well everything he'd done for this week was new, but still this wasn't something he was comfortable with......

"Come on, love." Duo patted Heero's inner thighs. "It won't be a mess. You're clean inside there. Now push, that's an order."

Love. That word again. Oh alright, Heero muttered inwardly, he would do this. The Japanese boy wondered how red his face was at the moment as he obeyed Duo's order and pushed. He could feel the balls inside him started rolling. He couldn't help but cover his face when he felt a ball press his entrance from inside. It was so humiliating. However when the ball slid out smoothly, he felt relief and emptiness rush inside him, giving him another new sensation.

"Don't cover your beautiful face, Kitten." Duo caressed his thighs in reassuring gesture. "You have done well. Give me the second ball now."

The Japanese boy reluctantly lowered his hands and pushed again. He delivered the second ball onto his Master's hand, feeling the same relief and emptiness again. It was a weird sensation but if he wanted to be honest, Heero admitted he rather liked the feeling.

"Good Kitten. Now give me the black ball." Duo sounded very approving, making Heero feel more reassured. He pushed again, feeling the balls roll inside him and unconsciously smiled at the sensation. He looked at his Master as he delivered the third ball. Pleasure was obvious in those violet eyes and Heero couldn't help but feel happy.

He expelled the next two balls without hesitation, only feeling slightly empty now that only one ball stretching him. He rather reluctantly pushed the ball. It was almost halfway out of his opening when his Master's placed one finger on it and pushed it back into him. Heero gasped at the sudden move.

"You can keep this one, Kitten." Duo pushed the ball until his finger could go no further. "It's a reward because you have pleased me very much." Duo smiled then and bent forward to kiss his slave.

Heero accepted the kiss greedily. He wiggled a little and felt the ball's presence in him. It made him feel happy to have something filling his ass. The finger inside him withdrew at the same time as his Master broke the kiss. Heero panted as he lay on the floor, thinking they were finished. He was startled then when he felt the familiar bluntness pushed against his opening.

"Master?" Heero looked up to see Duo hovering over him. "You ... Aaahh." Whatever he wanted to say, it was lost as his Master slid into him, driving the ball deeper into him.

"Hmm, I love being inside you, Kitten." Duo nipped at his slave's earlobe as he settled to the hilt.

The Japanese boy never thought watching him expelling the balls was a turn on for his Master. But it apparently was and the proof was rocking in and out of him right now. "Uh..." Heero moaned as his Master slammed into him, causing his sore bottom rub against the floor.

Duo then withdrew slowly. Heero moaned again at the pleasure having his inside brushed with that hard cock. To his surprise, his Master's withdrew completely. Hands grabbed his legs and pushed them up and then down until they rested on each side of his head, causing his body doubled over and his ass high in the air.

"Put your hands on your legs, Kitten." Duo commanded. "I want you to keep this position while I fuck you."

Heero obeyed the command and was rewarded with his Master's cock sliding inside him again. He looked up and saw his Master rocking above him, thrusting in and out of his pliant body. This position gave him a much different sensation. For one, it kept weight off his bottom so he wasn't in pain except when his Master's groin smack against his butt as Duo slammed deep into him. This position also allowed his Master thrust powerfully into him, prodding the ball inside him at every thrust.

Heero gasped every time the ball was hit as it pressed against his prostate. His cock was hard again, ready to shoot out his pleasure. Feeling sure, he wouldn't be allowed to come this time, Heero turned his eyes from his Master toward his poor cock. He was surprised to see how close it was with his face. It seemed to get closer and closer as his Master slammed harder into him. Heero couldn't resist the temptation and stuck his tongue out. It touched the tip of his cock, making him shudder at the sensation. He never thought he could do something like this.

"Open those sweet lips, Kitten." His Master grunted from above as he pounded into his slave. "I want to see your cock in your mouth."

Duo's voice was husky and very aroused. Heero swallowed at the intense tone before he lifted his head and took the head of his cock into his mouth. A loud groan from above told him that his Master was very-very pleased at the sight. Heero himself couldn't stop the tremor that spread over him. He could suck himself! He could feel his cock slid in and out inside his mouth, following the thrusting force from his Master above. It slid into his mouth every time his Master plunged into him and it slid out every time his Master withdrew. Heero was mesmerized. He never thought he was this flexible.

"Very good, Kitten." His Master's praise snapped him from his fascination. Heero looked up and saw his Master looking at him proudly and lustfully. He felt the hands on his thighs pushed them down, causing his cock slid deeper into his mouth. "Suck yourself."

Heero obeyed. He sucked as his cock slid in and out, trembling all the way at the double pleasure he was having. He was near the edge within seconds and had to fight hard not to come. His Master slammed faster into him, sending his cock to rock furiously in and out his mouth. Heero moaned and quickly stopped it as his moan sent vibrations along his cock. He was very desperate to come, but he couldn't come. Not without his Master's permission. It was Heaven and Hell at the same time for him.

Suddenly Duo withdrew completely and then shoved into his slave in one powerful thrust. Heero gasped and felt his cock slid further into his mouth.

"Come with me, Kitten." Duo grunted and then let out a roar as he found ecstasy.

Heero heard the permission and in a matter of milliseconds, he joined his Master, shooting his release into his own mouth. His blue eyes widened as he was filled on his both ends. His Master loaded his come in his ass, shooting at the ball inside him and coating his inner muscles. Heero shuddered in pleasure. He was so high that he almost forgot to swallow his release. Some had dribbled down from his mouth when he started swallowing. His mouth worked automatically as his mind floated into seventh heaven.

He was lost in the pleasure again.

Sometime later he felt himself slowly became aware of his surrounding. Heero sighed, knowing he just descended from the high pleasure. He wasn't doubled over anymore. He was lying flat on the floor. As he moved his legs slowly, his bell ankle tinkled. It sounded so loud to him now.

"Open your eyes, Kitten." His Master spoke up from somewhere near his legs.

Heero slowly opened his eyes and saw his Master sit between his legs.

"You look like a cat which just got a fat rat, Kitten." Duo announced.

Heero smiled lazily and swallowed his come that still lingered inside his mouth. "You look like one too. Thank you for playing me, Master."

"You're welcome." His Master smiled back. Heero felt fingers prod at his sticky entrance. He raised an eyebrow at his Master questioningly. Surely his Master didn't think to use him again so soon.

Duo tapped the puckered entrance. "Give me my last ball, Kitten. You have held it quite long."

Ball? Heero frowned. Pleasure still muddled his brain that he needed a few seconds to understand his Master's words.

"You said I could keep it." Heero protested.

"You have. It's time to give it back to me." Duo smiled and tapped at his puckered opening. "Come on, give it to me."

Heero pouted but he pushed nevertheless. He felt the ball roll inside him, smoother than the previous ones since his Master's seeds eased its way. A sigh escaped him as the ball passed his sphincter. His Master's seeds slowly leaked out from his opening. Heero knew he should stand up and clean the mess from their play. But he felt way too comfortable where he was at the moment.

"I think, it's time for a bath." His Master patted his bottom.

Heero let out a lazy grunt and closed his eyes, telling his Master he wouldn't go anywhere.

"Lazy kitten." Duo chuckled. He stood up and scoped his Kitten up. "I really spoil you."

Heero just smiled as his Master carried him to the bathroom.


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