Enslaving Heero Part 22

"Isn't it nice?" Duo grinned from the bed where he was relaxing against the headboard.

"No." Heero muttered sullenly.

Duo spoke as though he hadn't heard the disagreement. "This will teach my kitten not to disobey me in the future, don't you agree?"

"I agree, Master." Heero replied and lifted his head from his pillow. "I have learned my lesson, so can I..."

"Hu uh..." Duo cut his slave's words off. "I like seeing you in the cage, Kitten."

Heero slumped back on his pillow but he still maintained the eye contact with his Master. It was a bit difficult since there were bars in front of him, surrounding him. He had been horrified when his Master returned with the cage. The cage's roof was quite low that he had to stay on his hands and knees. It wasn't quite big but at least he could walk a circle on his hands and knees. Trust his Master to put him in this blasted cage once he arrived at home. It was thoughtful of him to let him put his pillow in it so he didn't have to lie on the cold bottom of the cage. But still......... it was irritating to see the name plate hanging up in front of his cage.

"Can you at least remove the name plate, Master?" Heero pleaded with his Master while cursing who ever sold this cage to his Master. Couldn't that person find any better name as an example for a pet?

Duo raised an eyebrow in amusement. "What's wrong with it? It looks fine to me."

Heero growled. "It doesn't."

"Princess is a good name, you know."

"It's not my name. " Heero glared up at the plate.

"I'll change it tomorrow."

"Please Master, I'll do anything........" Heero blinked as his Master's words sank in. "Huh? You'll change it?"

"If you behave well for the rest of the day."

"I will." Heero decided to wave his tail to show his gratitude. "Thank you, Master."

"You're welcome, Kitten." Duo left the bed and approached his caged slave. "Now I need your pretty mouth."

Heero's head lifted up at his Master's statement and saw Duo standing in front of his cage. The obvious bulge between his Master's legs was enough for Heero to realize how Duo wanted to use his mouth. He crawled to get as close with his Master as he could and slipped his hands between the bars to unzip his Master's pants.

It was a quick work to get his Master's cock bare. Duo then moved forward, slipping his hard cock between the bars and Heero quickly took it into his mouth. Since the bars prevented him from deep-throating, Heero switched to suck on the hard flesh harder. He liked giving blow jobs to his Master. Of course he liked being fucked in the ass best, but the thought of his Master's groin slamming against his sore bottom didn't bode well for him at the moment. So in his current condition, a blow job was what he preferred and he was thankful his Master used his mouth instead of his ass right now.

Heero could feel his Master tense and sucked harder. Duo grunted and thrust forward, shooting his release into Heero's waiting mouth. The Japanese boy swallowed quickly and milked his Master's cock until the last drop before releasing the softening flesh. He then zipped Duo's pants back up and scooted backward a little, waiting for Duo's comment on his work.

"Good job, Kitten." Panting slightly, Duo sat down on the floor and leaned against the cage. His hand slipped into the cage and caressed Heero's cat ears. "The other Masters would be jealous if they knew that I kept the best cock sucker for myself."

Heero mewed and shuddered at the vibration in his ass, not really caring about being referred as cock sucker. He was Duo's cock sucker after all. Let the other Masters be jealous. He belonged to Duo only.

The said Master kept stroking his cat ears for some minutes, making Heero very aroused and on the edge of release. "Mas... master.... I can't keep it any longer." The stroking stopped and Heero groaned in frustration at the loss of vibration. He thought his Master would grant him release but obviously he had been a very bad kitten for not getting it. Feeling his hands and knees went weak from the sexual tension, Heero went down and curled up on his pillow. He tried hard to will his erection away and after some minutes of imagining Dr. J strip teasing, his cock finally went soft.

Duo left him for a minute and Heero almost didn't realize it since he was busy willing his arousal away. When he did realize it, his Master's had returned and the hand was back on his head again, caressing his messy hair gently. "Good Kitten." Duo murmured the praise softly. Heero felt soothed at the gesture. His Master could be very kind at the time like this.

"I have some works to do in the living room so I'll leave you here until I finish then we can bath together."

"Can I accompany you in the living room, Master?"

"No, you will stay in the cage, Kitten. Here some books to read." Duo put the books outside the cage. Heero made a quick conclusion that Duo left him just now to take the books.

"I'll stay here, Master." Heero swung his tail lazily and watched his Master smile before leaving him alone in the bedroom. The Japanese boy then looked at the books but made no effort to reach them. Instead he snuggled into his pillow and closed his eyes, taking his nap for the second time that day.


A tug on his neck jarred Heero awake. He lazily stirred and was about to go back sleep when there was another tug on his neck.

"Omae o korosu." Heero growled, not happy to have his dream interrupted. He was just about to swallow his Master's chocolate covered co...

"That's not a nice sentence to say to your Master, you know. Maybe some licks with a whip on that beautiful butt of yours can fix your attitude."

At hearing the words 'whip' and 'butt' in one sentence, the sleep instantly left the Japanese boy. He quickly stood up and lifted his head, only to have it bumped on some hard ceiling. Heero cursed and knelt down on his fours as he realized where he was.

"Slow down, kitten." His Master chuckled and gave a gentle tug on his collar again. Heero needed several seconds to acknowledge that the door to his cage had been opened and a leash had been connected to his collar, the very same leash that his Master was tugging now. "Come out now, my lazy kitten."

"I'm not lazy." Heero protested.

"Spoiled then." Duo grinned as Heero glared at him. "Come out, kitten. It's time to take a bath."

Heero crawled out of the cage and followed his Master into the bathroom. One look at the tub and he raised one eyebrow at his Master in amusement. "Bubble bath, Master?"

His Master grinned but didn't answer. After fastening the leash on a hook near the tub, he hoisted his startled slave into his arms and dumped the Japanese boy into the tub, splashing the water around. Heero yelped as his sore bottom hit the hard bottom of the tub. The yelp turned into sputter as the bubbles surrounded him. When he finally managed to breathe without getting any bubbles in his mouth, his Master had already undressed, stepped into the tub and was reclining against the end of the tub. Duo looked completely relaxed and when their eyes met, he gestured at his lap lazily. "Come here and wash me, Kitten."

Heero moved slowly, not wanting to have more water splashed out of the tub. It turned out to be useless because when he was within arm's reach, his Master seized his waist and pulled the slave up against him swiftly. He opened his mouth, ready to protest about the mess, when Duo stuffed his mouth with his tongue. Protest forgotten, Heero kissed back his Master back enthusiastically while their hands roamed over each other's bodies. It was when Duo's hands caressed his bottom that Heero ended their kiss to hiss at the pain his bottom suffered.

"Still very sore, huh?" Duo stated rather than asked as he released his slave's throbbing flesh. "If you behave well, I'll apply the soothing salve on it."

Heero nodded eagerly, anything to dampen the fire on his butt. His leash rattled at his head's movement, reminding him of his situation. He looked at the leash then at his Master questioningly.

Duo raised an eyebrow and answered the unspoken question. "I told you, I'll keep you restrained."

Well, he never thought it would apply to the bath also. Heero sighed in resignation, feeling that Duo would keep him in bondage while he was sleeping also. A gentle tug on his right nipple ring distracted him. Heero looked at his Master and saw his Master looked at him thoughtfully. "Yes, Master?"

"I decide to tell you about last night." Duo stated as his hands played with his slave's nipple rings.

Last night? Heero frowned. What about last night?

"Forgot so soon?" His Master chuckled and moved the rings so they slid through his pierced nipples smoothly. Heero gasped in pleasure at the sensation, feeling each metal brushing inside his tiny nubs. "So it doesn't matter that you were naked or not last night then?"

Naked! THAT fact miraculously managed to sink into his clouded mind and snapped it back into thinking rationally. Heero pressed his body forward so Duo's hands were trapped between their bodies and put his hands on his Master's shoulders, growling out his answer. "It matters!"

Duo chuckled. "Well then, I carried you without your clothes. They are still in the car."

Heero blinked, stunned for some seconds as he tried to deny what he just heard.

"I never lie, you know." His Master stated calmly.

Heero groaned then and slumped against his Master, burying his head on the crook of Duo's shoulder. Oh the humiliation. Those two security guards must have gotten an eye full of his naked body. He was sure that he would never be able to see a security guard without blushing or running away. How could Duo this to him? Right he was the Master, Heero grimaced in annoyance. Just wait, he would make his Master get the same amount of humiliation....

"However if I wanted to, I could refrain from mentioning the blanket you were wrapped in."

Heero blinked again and pulled away, looking straight at his Master. "Nani???"

Duo grinned. "I carried you in a blanket, Kitten."

Heero sputtered, torn between sighing in relief or strangling his impish Master. He settled for a glare. A very deadly glare.

Which of course had no effect on his Master. The said Master was smiling instead. "You really think I would let this beautiful body be seen by some common guys, Kitten?" Duo pushed Heero backward a little and ran his hands over his slave's body, caressing it gently. "This body is mine. I won't let anyone see it without my permission." The way Duo said the sentence elicited shudders on Heero. The possessiveness was obviously heard in the tone.

"Of course," Duo looked at his slave. "There will be times when I show off your body to my friends."

That sentence turned off his shudder effectively. "Friends?" Heero croaked, dreading the answer as he imagined he was paraded naked between Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei. Kamisama, may his Master didn't think about including the girls also.

"The other masters I've become friends with." Duo explained and caressed his slave's spine, turning his slave's protest into gasp. "You'll make them jealous of me, my beautiful Kitten."

Heero opened his mouth, intending to persuade his Master not to show him off in front of people but his Master's tongue entered his mouth before he managed to utter a single word. When Duo pulled away, it was only to utter a single word.

"Mine." Duo growled the word and stuffed Heero's mouth with his tongue again.

The words were said with finality and possessiveness, making Heero shudder again. It also reminded Heero of what he was now. He was Duo's. His body was Duo's, not his own anymore. If Duo wanted to show him off, so be it. He would just have to believe his Master knew what he was doing. Heero relaxed his body and responded to the tongue inside his mouth. He felt then that Duo hugged him tightly and caressed him. Heero sighed into the kiss and melted into the embrace.

His senses seemed to be twice as sensitive. He could feel the weight of his nipple rings, the hardness of his tail in his anus, the metal circles on his neck and cock, and also his ankle bell. He also could feel the pain on his bottom and the pleasure elicited by the roaming hands. All showed him that he had someone who cared for him and wanted him. That was more than he dared to hope when he started looking for a Master.

He had Duo now.

Duo, his kind, loving, and caring Master.



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