Enslaving Heero Part 21

The digital clock showed it was one o'clock in the afternoon. Heero fidgeted on his pillow, which hed brought out from the bedroom. He had finished the chores and had the lunch. He was trying to concentrate on the book he was holding but still his mind ran to think about the things he tried to ignore. Was he really naked at that time or not? Was his Master really that sadistic to humiliate him by carrying him naked?

The Japanese boy sighed and closed the book. It was no use, he had to find the answer or he wouldn't be able to rest peacefully. Of course he couldn't go down and asked the security. Nor could he check the car since Duo obviously took the car to meet Wufei. So he was left with the last choice.

Heero eyed the bedroom's door. He knew he could find the answer behind the door in a form of a laptop.

His laptop.

Duo had stored his laptop in a drawer and locked it. But two days ago, Heero found where his Master kept the key. He found it in the same place today when he did his chores. As his eyes fell on the key, his mind worked to form a plan. He could unlock the drawer, turn on his laptop and hack this apartment's security system to view the surveillance video from yesterday. He was sure Duo and he were recorded in there, be it at the lift, or the parking lot. And one look at the video, he would know whether he was naked or not.

He could do all things above within half an hour. When Duo returned one hour later, his laptop would be safely locked in the drawer again.

It was a good plan and Heero knew he would be able to accomplish it. The only thing holding him from unlocking the drawer right now was his conscience. His Master had forbidden him from touching the laptop and if he touched it now, it meant he had disobeyed his Master.

'Duo wouldn't know'

The sentence echoed in his mind as Heero looked at the bedroom's door.

His Master might not know about it, but he himself knew about it. On one side, Heero didn't want to disobey his Master. He knew well the consequence of disobeying his Master. His bottom was the living proof of that. On the other side, he needed to know whether he was naked or not. He couldn't look straight at any security guards until he knew the truth.

'Duo wouldn't know'

The sentence echoed again, tempting him and giving reassurance to him. Heero bit his lower lip and looked at the front door. Duo wouldn't return within an hour. He had enough time to do his plan.

But still... the consequences............

'Duo would never know'

Whatever Devil whispered the sentence, Heero didn't know. He only knew that he found himself five minutes later holding a key and standing in front of the locked drawer. He watched as his hand put the key in the hole and unlocked the drawer. His other hand retrieved his beloved laptop from drawer. How he had missed his laptop. He missed typing on it. It was true that his Master managed to distract him to the point that he forgot about ever having a laptop, but now that the said item was on his hands, the longing of using it flared inside him. That feeling was strong enough to drive away any hesitation he felt before.

'Duo would never know about this'

With firm steps, Heero carried his laptop to the living room and put it on the coffee table. He then sat down on his pillow, ready to carry out his plan. After taking a deep breath, Heero removed the latch around his laptop and opened it. A piece of paper slid down from the laptop's screen and lay on the keyboard surface. Heero's eyes widened and his face lost all colors as he read the words written on the paper.

'Kneel next to the bed and hold the thickest stick of my collection in your mouth. Maintain that position till I return. Leave the laptop where you put it.'

Heero sank on the couch in defeat.

Duo knew!



Heero's heart stopped at the sound of the door opened.


This time the door to the bedroom was opened. Although dreading this time, Heero couldn't help feeling relieved. How stupid he was to think that his Master didn't put a trap on his laptop. Although he could return the laptop, he could never put the paper on the same place it used to be since he didn't know the original place of the paper. Heero only knew that the paper slid down once he opened the laptop. No one could guarantee that his Master hadn't put some more traps if the laptop was turned on. Not wanting to get more punishment, Heero left the laptop like his Master ordered on the letter and went to kneel miserably. So here he was, in the bed room, having been kneeling almost an hour. The stick in his mouth tasted horrible and Heero dreaded the time it would be applied to his backside.

"What happen to the promise of behaving well?"

Heero looked up and saw his Master standing at the entrance to the bedroom. Duo's face showed slight disappointment and Heero felt like a moron for it. He willed his eyes to show his regret and beg for forgiveness.

"You seem to appreciate your laptop above my orders."

Heero shook his head frantically.

"No?" Duo approached his kneeling slave and took the stick from Heero's mouth. "Why did you disobey me then, Kitten?"

Heero wet his dry lips. "I wanted to hack into this building's security system, Master."

"And check its surveillance video to see whether you're naked or not, I bet." Duo sat on the bed while his slave nodded resignedly.

Duo looked down at his kneeling slave long and Heero was sweating under the gaze, feeling as if he was waiting for death sentence. The Japanese boy jerked in surprise when the stick touched his chin and lifted his face up.

"Listen Kitten, your body is mine. Is that right?"

"Yes, Master." Heero answered firmly.

"So it's my right to do whatever I like to my belonging, isn't it?"

Heero nodded.

"If I want to carry you naked?"

Heero swallowed. "You carry me naked then."

"Right, now if I want to share your delicious body with the security guards?"

Heero blinked. No way his Master would do that. Then the light bulb turned on in his mind. He finally understood what Duo wanted to tell him. "You wouldn't do that, Master." Heero answered solemnly.

"Why not?"

"Because you're too possessive to let the others touch me."

"That's correct. But I can share you if I want."

"Yes, you can. But you won't."

Duo smiled then. "Why are you so sure, Kitten?"

Heero looked straight at his Master. "Because I trust you not to do that. You said yourself that I'm yours to love. Letting the others use me will show how little you loved me."

"Now you get it." Duo tapped Heero's nose with the stick. "You're mine to love, Kitten. Try to let it stay longer this time in your thick head. How could I carry you naked in the cold night and risk you getting sick? I love you so much that I won't harm you physically and mentally."

Heero felt his heart leapt into his throat when Duo said 'I love you'. He swallowed and hoped his heart would slide down to where it supposed to be. Love.... Even though he often heard his Master said he was his to love, this was the first time his Master said those three magic words.

"Now that you get it, I think we will move onto your punishment." Duo swung the stick nonchalantly, breaking the moment.

Heero grimaced and his heart which had been warm with those three words now dropped cold and throbbed fast in trepidation.

"I think fifteen strokes with this instrument will suffice for your sore butt."

"Master..." Heero whined. Fifteen strokes with the stick would surely make his bottom black and blue!

"No complaining, Kitten. You caused this yourself." Duo snapped his fingers. "Come, stand on all fours between my legs with your cute ass offered to me."

"You said you love me so much that you wouldn't harm me." Heero grumbled as he positioned himself as ordered.

Duo chuckled. "These strokes hardly harm you, Kitten. Yes, it'll hurt your butt but it won't harm you. Come on, lift that cute butt up."

Heero raised his butt and heard the swishing sound behind him. Not wanting to be sorer, he tried to reason once again. "Can't we skip the punishment just once, Master? I've learned my lesson."


Heero yelped at the sudden pain on his poor bottom.

"I can make it twenty, you know."

"Fifteen is fine, Master." Heero said hurriedly.

"I want you to count every stroke, Kitten."

"Yes, Master." Heero resigned to his fate.


Heero gasped. "One."




"OW!" Heero yelped. The switch apparently had hit the bruise from his yesterday spanking.

"As I recall, OW is not a number, Kitten. Do we need to restart the counting?"

"No no, it's three, Master."

"Good." SMACK

"Four." Heero gasped again.




"OUCH!" Heero couldn't help the shout. His butt throbbed very painfully.

"Ouch isn't a number either, Kitten."

"It's Six, Master."

"Good." SMACK



"OW, Eight, Master, please." Heero whined and wiggled his butt, trying to ease some pain.

"Please what? Spank you more? Gladly." SMACK

"OUUUUUCCH. Nine. Please stop, Master."

"I will. Once you reach fifteen." SMACK

"Ten." Heero mewled, realizing he would get fifteen strokes no less and probably more if he kept whining.


"OW Eleven."


"OW OW Twelve." Tears escaped his eyes as the pain on his butt escalated. He would never ever hear the bloody devil's whisper again.


"Thirrrrteeen." Heero wailed.


"Fooourrteen." The sob slurred his word.


"Fif.. fifteen." Heero hiccuped and slumped in relief as his ordeal was finished. Kamisama, never again he would touch his laptop without his Master's permission. The bloody laptop wasn't worth the pain on his butt!

"Do you know your tail shot up every time I punished you, Kitten?" A hand caressed his hot butt, making Heero hiss in pain. "It's a cute sight for me."

"Not for me." Heero hiccuped still.

"Well, with that condition, I think you won't be able to sit down in near time, Kitten." Duo spoke gently and gathered his hiccuping slave into his arms, carefully positioning him on his lap so that the sore bottom didn't suffer more than it had to. "Really, do you realize you only managed to stay unpunished for one day during your stay with me? Try not to be naughty for the rest of the week or you won't be able to sit down and work comfortably at the office."

"I'll try, Master. I'll try." Heero rested his head on Duo's chest and felt soothed as his Master stroked his back gently.

Duo continued caressing his slave until the Japanese boy quieted down. After watching his slave nestle happily in his arms for some minutes, he stood up and carried his slave to the living room where Heero's laptop perched on the coffee table and his pillow lay on the floor.

"Master?" Heero wondered as Duo lowered him on his pillow and put the leash connected to the coffee table's leg on his collar.

"I'll give you an hour for nap, Kitten. And since you can't be trusted to be left alone without disobeying me, I'll always keep your movement restrained until I deem necessary."

"Always?" Heero blinked.

Duo nodded. "Always. That's part of your punishment." He then stood up and gathered Heero's laptop before walking back into the bedroom.

Heero watched as his Master disappeared into the bedroom and then relaxed onto the pillow. At least, his Master was still kind enough to let him rest on his pillow rather than the floor itself. He sighed and closed his eyes, willing himself to fall asleep as soon as possible so he could ignore the throbbing pain on his bottom. Heero wasn't too worried with getting chained since he really didn't have a need to go anywhere far till his poor butt healed. Besides, he had been collared and pierced. He also had cat ears and tail, complete with the bell on his ankle. Adding chain to his accessories didn't matter much.

It wouldn't be a problem. Heero felt reassured with the thought and was about to fall asleep when his Master walked out of the bedroom and went straight to the front door.

"Master?" Heero lifted his head in wonder. Surely Duo wasn't going to leave him twice in the same day, was he?

"I'm going out to buy something, Kitten." Duo wore his jacket. "I won't be long."

Heero frowned. "What do you want to buy, Master?"

"A cage for my naughty kitten." Duo said casually and went out, leaving his slave staring at the now closed door in horrified expression.

Who said it wasn't a problem? Heero's mind chided himself. The Japanese boy just moaned miserably and buried his head on his pillow. He had no doubt that he would be the resident of the cage in near time.

Pet indeed, he was.

A cage just completed all his pet accessories.

Heero moaned miserably again and decided to sleep. He would think about the humiliation he would get when he woke up later.



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