Enslaving Heero Part 20

"Master, please tell....hmph." Heero's plea was cut by the food his Master shoved into his mouth. He chewed the food with a pout and looked up at his grinning Master.

"I'm not gonna tell you, Kitten. You'll have to figure it by yourself."

Heero glared from where he was kneeling next to his Master. His tail lay limply on the floor. Kamisama, it was easier to interrogate an OZ soldier than his stubborn Master. He had asked Duo while they showered. He also resorted to pleading when his Master put back his ears, tail, and ankle bell on. The answer he got was a pat on his sore bottom and an order to serve breakfast.

He had tried again during the breakfast and the result was a spoonful of food shoved into his mouth. His Master really wanted him to find out by himself whether he was naked all the time his Master carried him or not. If he was...... it was humiliating. Heero groaned as he remembered they would have had to pass two security guards to reach the elevator. Kamisama, his Master wasn't that sadistic to leave him naked all the time, was he?

"You can ask the security guards if you want." His Master suggested playfully.

"And ask them whether they saw me naked last night?" Heero barked and got another spoonful food in his mouth.

"That's just a suggestion." Duo grinned. Heero swallowed his food and tried to find another way to get an answer from his Master.

Why wouldn't Duo tell him that simple answer? Did Duo really carry him naked yesterday? Heero chewed his food absentmindedly while his brain worked over several factors. The position of his clothes could answer his question. He had checked the bedroom and didn't find any piece of his yesterday clothes there. His first thought when he couldn't find them was Duo really carried him naked, but then a thought of Duo hiding his clothes came into mind. If only he could go down and check the car...........

Correction, he could go down. His Master had allowed him when he asked for his permission. Heero was very glad when his permission was granted. But then he should have known how devious his Master was.

His sadistic Master didn't allow him to wear any clothes!

So there went his hope to go down the basement and check the car. Since the option searching for evidence was unreachable, Heero had to think of another way to gain his answer.

He analyzed his Master.

First of all, Duo was very possessive. It was a big possibility that his Master didn't want anyone else to see his naked body. But then, his Master was also a sadist. Duo might carry him naked because he knew Heero would think about it and be humiliated, just like he did right now. So there was one question whose answer could determine whether he was really naked yesterday night or not.

Which one was stronger? His Master's possessiveness or sadism?


"OW!" With his sore bottom got an extra treatment, Heero was jerked from his thought. He turned his head around and saw his Master standing behind him, holding his plate with amused expression. "Master?"

"I called you several times but you seemed to go deep inside your head, Kitten." Duo put down the plate. "You even didn't realize what I have done for the past ten minutes, did you?"

"Uhm... no..." Heero looked at his plate and realized he got chocolate milk this time. A sign that he had behaved well. Great, he just ruined that well behavior by zooming out of his head. Still on his knees, Heero turned around and bowed his head. "Sorry Master."

"I know you were thinking about your nakedness." Duo chuckled and caressed Heero's cat ears for some seconds, eliciting moans from the slave. "I'm not upset with you zooming out. Just remember, I'll likely give you a smack to snap you out of your busy mind." Duo then sat down back on his chair. "Now drink your treat, Kitten."

Heero still worried about his yesterday naked state but the delicious milk in front of him distracted him. Not needing to be told twice, Heero leaned forward, using his hands to support his upper body and lapped the milk eagerly. Half way in finishing his treat, Duo's hand came down and caressed his hair, making Heero felt so much loved. He swung his tail back and forth to show his Master how much he loved the treatment.

"I like seeing you like this, Kitten." Duo murmured huskily. "Very obedient, contented and happy with yourself."

Heero swung his tail eagerly to show his agreement.

"I see you can swing your tail at will now." His Master chuckled softly. "Remember Kitten. You're mine. Always mine."

Heero shuddered, half because his Master rubbed his cat ears, causing his plug vibrating inside him and the other half because of the clear possessiveness in the words. He lapped up the last of his milk and looked up at his Master. "I'm yours, Master. Always yours."

His Master smiled brilliantly at his words, making Heero's heart swell with pride.

"Come here." His Master patted his lap. "There's milk around your mouth."

Heero eagerly climbed up and didn't have time to hiss his discomfort when his bottom rested on his Master's clothed lap because his mouth was invaded and cleaned thoroughly by his Master.

And of course, as the kiss grew hotter, not only his mouth was invaded by his Master.

It wasn't a surprise when Heero found himself lying on the dinner table five minutes later. His tail was somewhere in the kitchen while his Master sank into him. Heero's gasps and moans became louder as his Master spread his legs wider and plunged deeper into him. His butt throbbed dully as it was ground against the table but Heero barely felt it. Heero fixed his eyes on the ceiling and savored the feeling of his Master's cock sinking into him.

"Your litany." Duo grunted out as he thrust into his slave.

"I'm yours." Heero arched his back as his Master prodded his prostate.

"Yours to use."

Duo growled and shoved deeper into his slave.

"To punish."

Heero cried out as his Master thrust into him very fast in short intervals.

"to... to ...ah!" Heero gasped as his body shook with the force of his Master quick thrusts.

"To WHAT?!" Duo growled loudly, thrusting into his slave in frenzy.

"To love!" Heero squealed as loud as his Master.

'YES!" Duo yelled and buried his cock as deep as he could within his slave, filling the Japanese boy with his release.

Heero felt his Master's seed coating his inside and sighed contentedly. He was still hard but Duo didn't grant him release so he willed his arousal to fade away. He could feel his Master's cock soften inside him and tightened his sphincter, not wanting his Master to slip out of him this fast. A chuckle from above made Heero look up and violet eyes filled his vision as his mouth was seized into a kiss. Heero kissed back in the same passion and soon forgot anything else but the hot slick flesh roaming inside his mouth.

Both Master and slave were panting when the kiss ended. Heero, for his part, was back being hard again after managing to soften his cock a bit. Duo let out a contented rumble and straightened up, withdrawing slowly from his slave. Heero let out a protesting sound, not wanting to be separated from his Master yet and tightened his sphincter more, trying to keep his Master from pulling out completely.

"Kitten, as much as I love being inside you, you know I can't stay there forever." Duo tugged the rings on Heero's nipples gently. "Now relax and let me out."

Heero pouted but he obeyed his Master and relinquished his Master's cock.

"That's a good kitty."

Heero glared murderously at his Master who just chuckled and walked away, heading toward the bedroom with his butt naked and his pants on his hand. "Clean yourself and the kitchen before joining me in the bedroom, Kitten."

"Yes, Master." Heero sighed, trying to will his arousal away again.

"Use the small bathroom to clean yourself."

"Yes, Master." It was hard to will his arousal away while listening to his Master's commanding voice.

"And Kitten?"

"Yes?" Heero turned his head to his Master, who was opening the bedroom's door.

Duo grinned. "You may come."

Heero gasped when he did just that. Duo stepped into the bedroom, followed by his satisfying chuckles while his slave jerked up and spilled his seeds on his stomach. It was five minutes later when Heero's mind started functioning again. It was amazing how his Master conditioned him. Heero mused as he steadied his breath and basked in his afterglow. He was so used to his Master's commands that his body obeyed without needing his mind's acknowledgement now. He realized Duo had started conditioning him from the start.

As a soldier, he knew he should fight the conditioning but then, he wasn't a soldier anymore. Heero ran his hand on his chest and played with his nipple rings. He belonged to Duo now. He had surrendered himself to Duo, therefore he would trust his Master wholeheartedly. If Duo wanted to condition him, so be it. Heero trusted his Master not to abuse the power he had over him. If he wanted to, he could break the conditioning. He had been trained by Dr.J to resist and accept any conditioning since he was little after all.

Heero slowly sat up and looked down. His stomach covered with his own release while his Master's one started leaking from his passage onto the table. He quickly hopped down and hurriedly ran into the bathroom, followed with loud tinkling of his ankle bell. As he washed his Master's remnants, Heero decided he didn't want to break the current conditioning. He liked how his Master controlled his body. Gently, possessively, and also firmly.

It took him only a few minutes to clean himself and Heero was back in the kitchen in no time. He cleaned the table and did the dishes. Finished with his tasks, Heero picked up his discarded tail and went into the bedroom. His Master was sitting on the bed, talking with someone on the videophone. Thankfully, he was not in the range of the videophone's camera so the person his Master was talking to couldn't see him. Duo glanced at him and turned his eyes back to the screen. "Heero is here, I'll see you later, Wufei."

Heero cocked an eyebrow at the name.

"You can't keep your hands off him, can you?"

"Of course. Do you want to watch?" Duo grinned at the screen.

A sputtering voice came from the videophone's speakers. "I'll see you at lunch."

"I'll be there." Duo smirked and disconnected the call. He turned to his slave and pat his thighs. "Over my lap, Kitten. I want to inspect you after inserting your tail."

Heero gave his tail to Duo and arranged himself over his Master's lap while his mind processed his Master's conversation. See you at lunch? Were they going to meet Wufei for lunch? Or was Wufei going to come here for lunch? His thought was cut short when his Master pushed his cat tail into his back passage. Heero moaned as it brushed against his inner tissues and then sighed contentedly when the plugged end sank completely in him, leaving the cat tail outside.

"Now turn over." Duo gave him a pat on his butt.

Heero complied and rolled carefully, lying on his back on his Master's lap.

Duo ran his hands over his slave's chest and stomach before going to the rings attached on the nipples. "How are your nipples?"

Heero braced himself for the pain when his Master tugged the nipple rings. But to his surprise, he only got small discomfort instead of throbbing pain. He looked up at his Master. "It doesn't hurt anymore, Master."

"Good, then we can play more with them." Duo smiled and rolled the rings through Heero's nipples.

"Play more?" Heero gulped, sensing whatever his Master meant by playing surely meant the same for him.

Duo just smiled. "You'll know when the time comes, Kitten." He then patted his slave's stomach. "Now as you have heard, I'll have lunch with Wufei. You can cook yourself lunch after you finish the chores."

"Nani?" Heero sat up straight on his Master's lap and for once, was oblivious to his sore bottom. "You're going to leave me alone?"

"Yes. I have some papers to arrange so you can join Preventer on Monday."

"I thought you would take me with you. Moreover you meeting Wufei has something to do with me. I'm supposed to be there, Master." Heero scowled. He really didn't like being separated from his Master.

"If you weren't my slave then yes, you're supposed to be there. But you're my slave and I hold all your papers now. It's not important for you to come."

"I want to go with you, Master."

"I want you to stay at home, greeting me with your delicious body when I come home later."


"Kitten." Duo interrupted Heero's words and stared at the Japanese boy sternly. "Are you trying to be defiant to my order?"

Defiance = spanking

The equation jumped in his mind and Heero found himself shouting. "I'll stay at home, Master."

"Good. You are learning fast." His Master smiled and kissed him.

Heero let his Master roam in his mouth and relinquished the idea to go out with his Master. He couldn't let his sore bottom be sorer than its current condition. Going out with his Master for a few hours wasn't worth sitting uncomfortably for days.

"I still have one hour before I have to go out to meet Wufei." Duo said when the kiss ended. "I think it'll be better to spend it by teaching you more techniques."

If Heero's cat ears were real, they would have perked with caution at the mention of word 'techniques'. Since they weren't, Heero only looked at his Master curiously.

Duo grinned at him. "You have been my slave, my pet, and my toy. Now I think you should learn to be my furniture."

"Furniture?" Heero blinked.

"Yes, furniture." Duo grinned and deposited his slave on the spot next to him. He then stood up and started walking. "Bring my laptop and follow me, Kitten."

Heero looked at his Master with big question mark blinking above his head. What the hell did his Master mean by being his furniture??

"Don't make me wait, Kitten." Duo warned as he walked toward the couch in living room.

Heero sighed and stood up. Somehow he had a feeling whatever furniture his Master would want him to be, he certainly wouldn't enjoy it. After taking the laptop, he followed his Master, resigning his fate to his sadistic Master.


Ten minutes and twenty one seconds left.

Heero shifted slightly, trying hard to maintain his position while easing his cramping a little. He had been in this position for more than forty minutes.

Ten minutes and twelve seconds left.

Heero shifted again, not too slightly unfortunately, making his bottom suffer the consequence.



"Don't move, Kitten."

"Sorry, Master."

Heero bowed his head miserably. He was on his hands and knees, a chain leash connecting his collar to one of coffee table's legs. His Master's laptop rested on his bare back while the said Master was happily typing on it. Kamisama, Einstein was right. Time was a relative measure. One hour felt like ten hours while he was in a position like this, being Duo's furniture. A table to support his Master's laptop, to be exact.

Nine minutes and thirty five seconds left.

Oh how Heero wished he could fast forward the time. When his Master explained about being furniture and ordered him into position, Heero never thought he would be required to maintain the position for this long. He shifted again to ease his cramping.



With this, he had gotten five smacks within this hour. A treatment that didn't help his pink ass to heal at all.

"I wonder." Duo stopped typing and drummed his fingers on Heero's upper butt. "You used to be able to stay still for hours when we spied on OZ territory. Why can't you hold still for one hour only now?"

Heero snorted to the floor. "I was a soldier back then, Master. I wore clothes, my butt wasn't sore, and I certainly didn't have a laptop perching on my back like a king sitting on his throne."

"Nice argument. But I think it's because you're lack of training." Duo caressed his slave's throbbing butt absentmindedly. "From now on till Monday, you will be my furniture for at least one hour a day."

"Nani??" Heero's head shot up and turned to look at his Master.

"You heard me, Kitten." Duo grinned and straightened up. "Now back into your position. I still want to type more."


"Furniture can't speak, Kitten." Duo reminded him, touching the red bottom lightly. "If it dares to speak, this pretty butt will get five spanks per word spilled."

Well, that shut Heero up quickly. His bottom was first priority to save, after all. He bowed his head and resumed his position as the table obediently.

Eight minutes and thirty six seconds left.

Heero tried to think something else to distract his mind from counting the time. Such as why did Einstein have to find the time relativity law?

Eight minutes and seventeen seconds left.

Why did he announce to the world realize that time was very relative?

Eight minutes and six seconds left.

Heero cursed his internal clock and shifted unconsciously.



"I'll add five minutes more from your original time so you can practice longer being my furniture, Kitten."

Twelve minutes and six seconds left.

Einstein o korosu!


Heero never felt happier when he heard the familiar clicking sound that told him that his Master was shutting down the laptop. A few seconds later, the weight on his back disappeared. A hand came down on his head and caressed his hair gently.

"You may stand up now, Kitten."

The Japanese boy let out a sigh of relief and stood up slowly, straightening his cramping muscles on the way. His Master detached the leash from Heero's collar and stood up as well. "I have to go now." Duo tugged the leash and walked toward the door.

Having no other choice, Heero followed his Master and stopped when his Master stopped in front of the door. "Do your chores as usual and behave well then you'll get a reward later when I return."

Heero nodded while his tail swung right and left at the mention of reward. Duo noticed it and chuckled. He caressed his slave's cat ears and smiled as the said slave shuddered in delight. "Any question before I leave?"

"What should I do if I have finished the chores and you haven't returned, Master?"

"Well, you can take a nap, read some books, watch television, or do something else you want to without having to gain my permission. I'll be home around 02:00 PM." Duo put on his jacket and grabbed his slave, kissing the Japanese boy soundly. "Or maybe you can think about whether I carried you here naked or not yesterday."

Heero turned from panting to sputtering within seconds at the mention of his nakedness. His Master laughed and left the apartment, bringing the laptop with him. The door was already closed when Heero wanted to snap back at his sadistic Master. How could Duo remind him of that humiliating event! Okay... not humiliating if he were clothed ... but if he were naked.........

The Japanese boy groaned and decided to save the thought later after he finished his chores. Moreover it was no use thinking about it since it had already happened. Heero kept telling himself like that while he did his chores.



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