Enslaving Heero Part 19

"Did you enjoy the dinner, Kitten?" Duo asked as they left the restaurant.

"Yes, I enjoyed it very much." Heero smiled as he watched Quatre's and Wufei's cars headed to different directions. "Do you often have dinner like this, Master?"

"Not really, depends on Trowa's schedule." Duo smiled. "I'm proud of you, Kitten. You behaved so well. "

Never used to praises, Heero blushed. "Thank you, Master." He then noticed the road they were on wasn't the one heading to the apartment. "Where are we going?"

"A place you'll like." Duo answered. "Now remove that turtleneck shirt from your body, Kitten."

"Master?" Heero's heart beat in trepidation. Surely his Master wouldn't want him to....

"That's an order, Kitten. Do it now and keep the vest on."

Kamisama, his Master wanted him to go bare chest. Heero swallowed and quickly worked to remove the shirt and then put on the blue vest again. He was thankful it was night and dark so the other drivers couldn't see inside the car clearly.

"Now you look like a harem boy." Duo grinned. "And harem boys don't need shoes and pants, Kitten."

Leave it to his Master to transform ordinary clothes into erotic ones. Heero made a face and removed his shoes, followed with his pants. His half hardened cock sprung free as he wore no underwear. Feeling awkward, Heero covered his groin with both hands and bowed his head.

"My shy harem boy." Duo chuckled and stopped the car. "We're here."

Heero looked up and saw the sea waves dancing in front of them with the stars beaming from above. "It's beautiful, Master."

"I thought you would say that." Duo smiled. "I often come here, thinking of you."

"Me?" Heero turned to his Master, surprised.

"Don't you remember this sea?" Duo leaned against his seat and looked at the sea contentedly. "This is where we met for the first time."

Heero blinked and looked back at the sea. Sure enough he noticed the ruins of OZ base on the right. The memories of his first meeting with Duo came back to him. Duo, standing on the deck with his priest suit and black cap, gun ready to shoot him. Heero smiled then.

"You should thank Relena for interrupting you or you won't have me as your slave right now."

"Not really."

Heero turned to his Master, one eyebrow raised. "Not really?"

"The truth was the girl ruined my plan."

"She ruined your plan??"

Duo chuckled. "Yes, my Parrot."

"My par..." Heero immediately shut up, realizing he was parroting his Master.

"I didn't aim to kill you." Duo explained to his blushing slave. "I have wanted you from that day, Kitten. And if she hadn't been interrupting, I would have taken you to a safe place where you could heal nicely."

"And what would you have done while I was healing?"

Duo grinned. "Claim you, of course." The answer made his slave blush. "However, the girl interrupted and made me realize you were a gundam pilot. So I had to keep my hormones in check and cooperate with you in order to complete the mission." Duo then smiled to his slave. "I thought you were with Relena after the second war. But here you are, bearing my marks on your body, ready to serve me anyway I want."

Seeing how happy his Master was, Heero was happy too. He smiled and leaned forward, wanting to kiss his Master, but right before his lips touched his Master's, a finger stuck between them and stopped Heero's lips from leaning further.

"Permission first, Kitten." Duo said gently.

"Permission to kiss you, Master?" Heero spoke to the finger before his lips.

"Granted." The finger disappeared.

Heero smiled and leaned forward, kissing his Master gently. "I have never been with Relena, Master."

"I trust you." Duo smiled and caressed Heero's cheek. "Now I think there's another part of me that needs your mouth's attention."

Heero blinked and looked down. Sure enough there was an obvious bulge on his Master's pants. "Now?"

"Now." Duo answered and gave slight pressure on Heero's head.

Heero licked his lips and bent down. His hands worked on releasing his Master's hard cock and once revealed, he took the head into his mouth. A few times blowing his Master had told him what his Master liked best and Heero intended to please his Master with his new acquired knowledge. He bent further, his upper body now in horizontal position and his hands held the base of Duo's cock. His mouth started sheathing the hard flesh while his tongued teased the head. The ministration brought immediate effect as Heero heard his Master moan and a hand came down, caressing his head. The Japanese boy smiled inwardly and started licking his Master's cock as if it was the best lollipop he ever had.


The command came just when Heero thought his Master would explode inside his mouth. Reluctantly he withdrew, releasing his Master's hard cock from his mouth and looked up to see his Master looking down at him in lust and passion. "I want to come inside your tight ass, Kitten."

Heero nodded meekly and straightened up. His Master set his seat to the furthest back so there was enough space for him to climb and straddle his Master's lap. "My plug, Master?"

"I'll take care of it later. Now onto my lap." Duo patted his lap.

It took Heero a few minutes to be able to straddle his Master inside the limited area. When he finally managed to sit down on his Master's lap, his lips were soon seized and invaded. Heero moaned and welcomed his Master's tongue with his own. He could feel his cock hardened at the mounting passion and couldn't help but grind it against his Master's. Duo's right hand crept lower and reached the visible edge of his butt plug. Heero gasped when he felt his plug being pulled out. His Master did it slowly while he kept ravishing his slave's mouth, assaulting both of Heero's ends simultaneously. It was enough to drive Heero mad with lust and need. He moaned loudly as the length of the plug brushed against his inner tissues and his ring muscles on its way out. He could feel the emptiness start when the plug came completely out of him and he protested with his whimpers.

"My personal harem boy." Duo murmured seductively and licked Heero's cheek. "What are you whimpering for?"

"You, Master" Heero panted.

"What do you want from me?" Duo buried his fingers on Heero's hair and pulled his head up to reveal his slender neck.

Heero gasped when he felt his Master's slick tongue caressed his neck. His cock twitched and his inner muscles clenched in need, telling him what his body wanted. "I want your cock in me, Master."

"Beg for it, my little slut." Duo purred and nipped at the junction of Heero's shoulder and neck.

Heero keened at the pleasuring pain. His mind clouded with need and lust, making him care about nothing but getting his Master's cock inside him. "Please Master." Heero moaned and wiggled his hips, making his Master's cock brush against his opening. "Please fuck me, Master."

Violet eyes gleamed with lust and raw power at the slave's plea. "Fuck you I will then." Duo growled possessively and seized his slave's lips once more. His hands fell on the slim hips and lifted his slave up. Heero kissed his Master excitedly as he felt he was lifted and something hard poking at his entrance. He pushed down and gasped in pleasure as the cock's head entered him. The hands on his hips disappeared and Heero followed gravity's pull, taking the hard flesh into him easily.

"Ah!" Heero threw his head back and arched his back in an elegant bow as his sore bottom touched his Master's lap. The pain on his skin and the fullness inside him elicited mixed sensations, which was doubled when Duo's mouth and hand found his ringed nipples. "Ride me, Kitten." Duo commanded hoarsely and fastened his lips on Heero's left nipple while his left hand tugged the ring on the right one.

Heero gasped loudly and started lifting his hips up and down, as high as he could with his nipple ring held firmly by his Master. He wasn't aware that they were in the car near the sea. He wasn't aware that there was another car stopped quite close with their car, nor he cared whether he could be seen by the passengers from the other car or not. His own pleasure flared and Heero knew he had to get his Master to the peak before he lost control. Locking his hands behind his Master's head, he rode Duo harder and faster.

It didn't take long for him to make his Master lose control. Heero could feel his Master tensing again, ready to fill him. Suddenly, Duo growled and squeezed Heero's hard cock, directing its head to point at the Japanese boy's own chest. "Come with me, Kitten."

Heero screamed at the treatment his cock got and clenched his ass tightly while his Master roared in full force. When he felt the familiar hot liquid filling him, Heero's control snapped and he came fiercely, shooting his seeds onto his own chest. He didn't know how long he was floating in seventh heaven. The last thing he remembered was when his body went into jelly mode and unconsciously rested his head on his Master's shoulder.

He was vaguely aware when his Master cleaned his chest, lifted him up and pulled the softened flesh out before quickly shoving the butt plug into his ass again, preventing him from leaking. Then his Master kissed him gently and deposited him on the seat next to him. After Duo lowered the seat until it was flat, Heero quickly curled up on it, going straight from seventh heaven to the dream world.

After zipping himself up, Duo watched his sleeping slave. His violet eyes softened as they ran over the slender body which was covered with his marks. He gently stroked his slave's messy hair and then kissed his forehead lovingly. "You're mine, Heero. I won't let you go."

Of course Heero didn't hear the whisper for he was sleeping like a dead man. He didn't realize the car started. Neither did he realize when they arrived at the apartment's basement. He was half awake though from the bouncing when his Master carried him to the bedroom. As his body touched the soft surface of the bed, he vaguely heard his Master chuckle.

"I think it will become my habit to carry you to the bed and tuck you in, Kitten."

Heero just smiled and went back to sleep like a log.


Handsome. Sweet.

Those were Heero's impression when he opened his eyes and saw his Master's sleeping face before him. He was fascinated and stared long at the heart shaped face. This was the first time he woke up before his Master did and he didn't know what he should do. They were lying side by side with Heero cuddling onto his Master, both naked. Should he rise up and tidy the bedroom or should he wait for his Master to wake up? Heero assessed his situation and knew he would have to remove his Master's arm and leg on him to leave the bed. Therefore it was impossible to leave the bed without awakening his Master. From the intensity of sunlight in the bedroom, Heero predicted it was still early in the morning. They didn't have to wake up this early and Duo seemed to enjoy his sleep so Heero opted to stay where he was and watched his Master sleeping.

Heero smiled as he studied his Master's face. The eyebrows formed elegant curves above Duo's eyes. The sharp nose strengthened his feature and the lips, oh the lips. Heero swallowed and stared at Duo's lips. They were slightly parted as if daring him to kiss them. Heero inched closer and touched his Master's lips with his fingers. They felt soft against his callused fingers and Heero was tempted to do more than touch them. A little peck wouldn't wake his Master up, would it? Heero wet his lips and leaned forward, touching Duo's lips with his. He kept his eyes open during the kiss and was surprised when he saw violet eyes fluttering open as his lips touched Duo's.

Heero withdrew slowly and watched as his Master's eyes opened completely. "Ohayo, Master."

"Ohayo..." The voice was hoarse from the sleep, but the eyes greeted him warmly. "Do you know you can't kiss your Master without permission?"

"Uhm... permission to kiss you every morning then, Master?"

"A bit too late to ask permission, but I'll grant it if you demonstrate how good your kiss is."

That was an order to which Heero eagerly complied. He leaned forward and gave his Master a long hot kiss.

"Hmmm, that's a good way to wake me up." Duo sighed and lazily ran his hand over Heero's naked body. "Okay, you may kiss me every morning, Kitten."

"Thank you, Master." Heero grinned.

"You can express your gratitude by attending the other part of me that you have awakened with your kiss." Duo gestured downward between them.

Heero, having already felt the hard flesh poking at his stomach, smiled mischievously and disappeared beneath the blanket. He quickly located his Master's hard cock and took it into his mouth. It only took him a few minutes to bring his Master off. He swallowed his Master's come and then proceeded to clean his Master cock before emerging from the blanket in triumphant expression.

"That's a really great morning call, Kitten." Duo grinned and gathered his slave into his arms. "Did you have a good sleep?"

"Very good, Master." Heero snuggled back into his Master, enjoying the warmth Duo radiated. His Master's hands ran lazily over his body, stroking his back and heading lower. Heero hissed when the hands reached his bottom.

"Still sore, I see." His Master kissed his head soothingly. "Try not to be naughty today, Kitten or your butt will suffer more."

"I won't. I'll be a good Kitten." Heero sighed as the gentle hands went back caressing his back.

"Right, a very spoiled Kitten, I think." Duo chuckled. "Do you remember I carried you from the car to here last night?"

"No, but I gathered that much since I remember nothing after ....." Heero blushed and couldn't bring himself to continue.

Duo chuckled louder and buried his nose in his slave's messy hair. "My shy Kitten. You can't say what we have done yesterday night after you desperately begged me for it?"

Heero blushed redder and hid his face on his Master's chest. Still chuckling, Duo hugged his slave tightly and kissed his head gently. "You're a wonder, Kitten."

The Japanese boy didn't say anything and it seemed Duo also didn't expect any words from his slave. They lay on the bed, basking on the morning light and enjoying the closeness between them. Heero felt contented and was about to drift off again when he realized a quite important factor from the night. He fidgeted for a while before asking his Master about it. "Master?"


"You didn't carry me naked all the time, did you, Master?"

Duo's laughter echoed in the twenty first floor of the exclusive apartment.



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