Enslaving Heero Part 18

It was near lunch when the bedroom's door opened once again. The tinkling of a bell was heard before the wearer stepped out and headed to the kitchen to prepare the lunch. The naked boy was covered with marks and hickeys all over his body and his butt was still red. He couldn't walk straight for obvious reason and silently cursed his Master for riding him too hard and too often.

Heero finally managed to reach the kitchen and started preparing the lunch. His mind however wasn't entirely in what he was doing. What had transpired in the bedroom before kept replaying in his mind. It was mind blowing and earth shattering experience for him.

Duo had practically thrown him onto the bed. While Heero tried to gain his balance and sit up, his Master had shed his clothes and climbed into the bed. He had pushed his slave until the Japanese boy was flat on his back and pulled his tail out, causing the said slave to gasp loudly. The gasp however was soon muffled as Duo fed his slave with his cock.

Already wanting to taste his Master, Heero had opened his mouth wide and let his Master use it to his pleasure. For once, Heero didn't have to suck or lick because his Master thrust into his mouth rapidly. It looked like his Master was impatient to fuck him. Soon enough, it was clear to him that his Master didn't intend to spend himself inside his mouth. After a couple of thrusts, Duo retreated, flipped his slave to lie on his stomach and went south to bury his now wet cock into the Japanese boy's waiting hole. Heero let out a cry then as his Master speared him to the hilt in one swift thrust. He buried his face on the bed while his Master rocked inside him. Kamisama, Duo wasn't a mere stallion. He was a very horny stallion! Heero had realized that as his body rocked forward and backward from the force of Duo's thrust and his ankle bell rang loudly.

A hiss from the frying pan distracted his thought. Heero deposited the fried meat onto the plate and checked his soup in the pot next to the pan. It hadn't boiled yet. He walked to the table to arrange the plates and felt the thick liquid coating his inside.

His Master had bred him again. Not once but twice. He now held copious amount of his Master's seeds inside him. And he loved it dearly. The only downside of breeding was that he couldn't wear his tail. Reaching behind, Heero felt the wide butt plug with his finger. It stretched him and prevented him from leaking. Heero smiled, the lack feeling of the tail was compensated with the feeling of his Master's passion inside him. He went back to the pot of boiling soup, putting some spices into it and stirred it slowly.

Heero didn't regret teasing his Master. It was rare to see his Master lose control like this and totally use him for his own pleasure. He should be angry, should be insulted for being treated like that but he smiled in satisfaction instead. He liked and relished the feeling of his Master's hard cock sliding inside him and brushing against his inner tissues. So while his Master nailed his behind, Heero just moaned and kept himself from coming. It was amazing how long his Master rode him and in the end, Heero's resolution broke and he begged his Master to let him come because he couldn't stand his Master hitting his prostate repeatedly.

His plea was granted after his Master had deposited his seeds twice inside him.

Heero lay on his back after that and panted, basking in his aftermath. He only could purr like the kitten he was when his Master pushed the wide plug into him, sealing his seeds inside him. Sated and contented, the Japanese boy lay submissively as Duo kissed and planted his marks all over his body.

"Is the lunch ready?"

Heero jumped at his Master's sudden question. He turned around and saw his Master standing near him, hair damp from shower and smiling at him. "Master, I didn't hear you coming."

"Obviously not." Duo chuckled and kissed his slave lightly. "The soup has boiled for some times. I think it's ready. Serve me lunch, Kitten."

"Yes, Master." Heero smiled slightly and did just that.

After the lunch, Duo inspected his nipples and rotated the rings a few times before sending him to do his chores. The afternoon wore off peacefully for the Master and slave.


Duo closed his laptop and stretched. He was sitting on the couch in the living room. His faithful slave sat next to his feet. "Kitten."

"Yes, Master?" Heero looked up from the book he was reading. Having finished his chores early, he was permitted to do as he liked and he chose to read while sitting on his pillow next to his Master.

"Have you decided what job you want?"

Heero closed his book and nodded. "I want to be a programmer, Master."

"Where?" Duo's hand came down and caressed his head.

"In Preventer, if you don't mind." Heero smiled and leaned into the caress.

"Wufei will be very happy." Duo chuckled. "Not that I'll allow him that pleasure."


"You have to refuse him five times before you accept his offer."

Heero looked up at his Master, astonished. "You're a sadist, Master."

"Hah, it'll serve him right for lecturing me for hours. If he were my slave, I would spank him for each sentence he told me."

Heero made a mental note never to lecture his Master that long. "Did he and the others know about your... err... lifestyle?"

Duo stopped stroking his slave's hair and leaned against the couch. "No. I want to tell them, but I don't think they will react well."

Heero could just picture Wufei ranting about normalcy or Quatre coughing into his tea. "Trowa won't react at all."

Duo chuckled. "True, but it's not fair to tell him and not the other two. Let's just keep it secret between us for now, Kitten."

"As you wish, Master."

Duo pat Heero's head and then stood up. "Let's get ready for the dinner."


"Trowa, what time is it?" Quatre strained his head to see the entrance.

"7:21. Relax, Quatre. They still have nine minutes to be punctual." Trowa answered.

"I can't relax. Duo wants to introduce his lover to us. This is the first time he's ever done something like this." Quatre sipped his tea nervously. "He sounded so happy on the phone this morning. I think Duo wants to make a permanent relationship with this person."

"Maxwell wants to make a permanent relationship?!"

Quatre turned his head and saw Wufei standing next to the table. "Hi, Wufei. Sit down first."

Wufei nodded to Trowa and then sat down at the head of table. "Did I hear correctly about Maxwell?"

"Yes, he wanted to introduce his lover to us. Lover, Wufei. Not just a boyfriend. I wonder what his lover looks like..." Quatre mused.

Wufei groaned, not noticing Trowa's eyes lighted up at two people's arrival behind him. "So this lover is the reason Maxwell took one week off. I hope he won't bring bad influence to Maxwell."

"I doubt that, Wufei."

The Chinese boy jumped at the answer. He turned around and saw Duo, in purple shirt and black pants, grinning at him while another person was standing next to the braided boy. His black eyes widened in surprise as his gaze fell on the second person. "You're his lover???"

Heero nodded and couldn't help be amused at his friends' reaction. Wufei was looking at him in disbelief. Quatre dropped his jaw and Trowa just blinked before smiling. The amusement kept his nervousness hidden. Heero was actually nervous at his appearance. His Master had chosen a white turtleneck shirt with deep blue vest and leather pants with the same color as his vest. The turtleneck effectively hid his collar but the shirt was quite thin that he was worried whether his nipple rings visible or not. Thankfully his Master had removed his ankle bell, though he knew it would soon be attached to him again once they got home.

"Hah, I wish I bring camera today. You never thought it was Heero, didn't you?" Still grinning, Duo plopped down on the seat across Quatre. Heero sat down on the seat next to his Master in slower pace, not wanting to drive his butt plug deeper. His sadist Master really kept his promise to keep his ass stuffed almost all the time. He looked around and smiled slightly. "It's good to see you all."

Quatre finally got over his surprise and closed his jaw. "Heero! You are here!"

"I am." Heero answered in straight face.

Quatre turned to Duo. "So bringing your lover is just a joke then?"

"Nope. Heero is my lover." Duo answered cheerfully and kissed Heero on the cheek, making the Japanese boy blush slightly.

Quatre looked astonished while Wufei shook his head slowly. "Really Yuy, what do you see in him?"

Duo grinned mischievously. "Oh, I think it's because my big size."

"Mas... Duo!" Heero stuttered and turned red, wishing the ground to open and swallow him. Trowa meanwhile was coughing and Quatre was blushing furiously.

Wufei, however, only looked at Duo in confusion. "Big size?"

Duo grinned wider. "The part of me I use to fill Hee.. mphhh."

Heero didn't care if his Master punished him later for stuffing the serviette into his Master's mouth. He reasoned that it was expected from him because the normal Heero Yuy wouldn't let the joker Duo Maxwell get away with that. Noticing his Master glare playfully at him after being silenced, Heero felt relieved and turned to his astonished friends. "Can we order the food now?"

"Of.... of course." Quatre quickly asked for the waitress.

Duo pulled his gag out. "But I haven't finished..."

"Say no more, Maxwell." A glance to the head of table told Heero that Wufei finally caught the meaning of Duo's words. The Chinese boy had blushed as red as tomato and looked ready to faint any time soon.

Duo just grinned and turned his attention to the upcoming waitress, ready to order his food. They all took turns in telling the waitress their orders. After the waitress walked away, Wufei who had calmed down, looked at the braided boy sharply. "Why didn't you tell me that Yuy is with you? You know I have been looking for him all this time."

"Duo didn't know where I was until four days ago, Wufei." Heero interjected.

"Four days ago?" Wufei raised an eyebrow. "When, exactly, did you start going out with him?"

Heero looked at Duo, who turned to Wufei and answered the question. "Four days ago."

Wufei blinked. "You mean to tell me that you two just met after six months of not seeing each other and became lovers at once?"

"Yup." Duo answered while Heero turned a bit red, knowing how ridiculous it sounded. It was as if he was a very horny boy who couldn't wait to get screwed.

Wufei was at lost of words. Quatre took the chance to butt in. "How did you two meet? We have tried searching for you and failed miserably."

"We met in a chat room accidentally and promised to meet after that." Duo answered.

"I never thought to find him through chat rooms. What kind of chat room is that anyway?" Wufei asked.

Duo grinned again. "Are you sure you want to know, Wufei?"

The gleam in Duo's violet eyes told Wufei more than enough. Turning red again, Wufei quickly shook his head in refusal. "Forget it, Maxwell."

Duo laughed merrily while Quatre kept on blushing. Heero noticed Trowa was looking at him with one eyebrow raised, asking him whether what Duo told was true or not. Heero answered with a nod, which made Trowa blink. The banged boy seemed to expect him to deny or tell him it was a joke, which sadly Heero couldn't do. He did meet his Master in a chat room after all. Heero smiled slightly at the memories. It was four days ago but it seemed weeks had passed for him. How different he was now from the Heero Yuy he used to be four days ago. Now, he was Duo's slave, belonged to Duo. He had collar, nipple rings, and cock ring which he would always wear as Duo's symbol of ownership. Heero shifted slightly as he felt his cock hardened at his thought. He realized now he liked being owned, especially by Duo.

"Sorry for the wait, here's your order, Sirs." The waitress chimed in, breaking Heero's musing while Quatre and Wufei finally managed to get their cheeks in normal color. For a few minutes, everyone was busy preparing themselves to eat. Sounds of knives and forks hitting the plate could be heard as they started the dinner.

It was a few peaceful minutes before Wufei spoke up again. "Yuy, I don't want to know how Maxwell found you, but I'm glad you appeared among us again."

Heero nodded to tell the Chinese boy he was glad too. "Duo told me that you were looking for me."

"Yes. I have an offer for you." Wufei finished his last spoon and sat straight up, eyes staring at Heero seriously. "But first, tell me. Do you enjoy your current job?"

Heero finished his dinner and wiped his mouth with the napkin before answering. "I don't have a job now."

Wufei brightened up. "Good then. I want to offer you a job in...."

"No." Heero interjected.

Wufei blinked. "No, but Yuy, I haven't told you what job it is....


"I'm sure..."


"Listen to me first."


"Yuy, let me explain about this job first!"


Wufei sputtered. "For Nataku's sake, this job needs people like you who..."


"Damn it!" Wufei was about to rant and lecture the Japanese boy. However Heero's last word sunk into his mind before he managed to do just that. "Okay?"

"I accept your offer." Heero smirked.


"I want to be a programmer in Preventer."

Wufei was furious. "So you knew what I wanted to talk to you about."

"Duo told me."

"Why did you refuse to listen to me then?"

"Duo asked me to deny you five times before agreeing."

Wufei sputtered. "Maxwell!"

"Well, at least I saved you from having to persuade him for hours, Wufei." Duo snorted and turned to Heero. "I thought you would listen to him first before saying no."

"You didn't specify." Heero smirked.

Trowa chuckled then, drawing the others' attentions to him.

"Trowa?" Quatre inquired, astonished. It wasn't everyday his lover chuckled like now.

"Nothing, it's just good to see you two getting along so well." Trowa looked at Heero and Duo. Quatre just smiled, having the same thought as his lover. Duo practically beamed while Heero looked relaxed. They definitely got along just fine.

"Of course, we get along. Hee-chan wouldn't be my lover otherwise." Duo grinned and pulled Heero into a passionate kiss.

"Get a room, you two." Wufei groaned. "And to think I will work with these horny rabbits five days a week."

Quatre managed to look sympathetic. "With Duo being a mechanic and Heero a programmer, at least, they won't be in the same room......"

"We'll find a way." Duo broke the kiss and smiled at his panting slave. "Right, Hee-chan?"

"I think you better check stalls, lockers, or other secluded places if you can't find any of them, Wufei." Trowa smirked.

"We do have to christen those places, don't we?" Duo grinned.

Quatre coughed politely while Wufei buried his head in his hands. Duo looked smug, one hand draped over his slave's shoulders while the said slave resigned to his fate, knowing his Master would surely fuck him in one of those places before his first day in the office was over.

The conversation after that went smooth with all of them taking turns telling of their latest activities. Heero of course could only say that he had been *researching* as his excuse of his disappearance. The Japanese boy tried hard to enjoy the conversation while his butt plug prodded him inside everytime he shifted his sitting position.



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