Enslaving Heero Part 17

Duo's eyes narrowed.

"I won't let her touch me.'' Heero added quickly. "It's obvious that she doesn't believe you. However if I'm the one to tell her about us, she'll have to believe it."

"Duo!!! Open the door!!" Relena pounded again.

Duo ignored the girl's shouting and looked at his slave long. Heero looked back at him solemnly, never breaking the gaze until his Master finally nodded his assent. "I trust you, Kitten. No kissing. And make sure only your friends come for you."

"I'll do that." Heero smiled slightly, understanding what Duo wanted. As long as Relena came here as their friend, Duo would welcome her. Acting on impulse, he leaned forward to kiss his Master, which the said Master met halfway and took control over.

"Heeeeeeroooo! Are you okay? Answer me." Relena banged on the door, not realizing that the said boy was being pinned by his Master against the door she was banging.

Duo gave him another thorough kiss and then headed over the bathroom. "I expect you to join me in the bathroom within ten minutes."

"Yes, Master." Heero tried to arrange his face to his usual scowling expression and found it was a little difficult for him to do. Since with Duo, he often blushed, pouted, or smiled, but rarely scowled, if not never. He just managed to make his scowl appear when he remembered one important thing. Blushing, he dashed to the door that lead to the bathroom and stuck his head in. "Master..."

Duo stopped shedding his clothes and looked at him, raising one eyebrow. "Finished already, Kitten?"

"Uhm no..." Heero blushed. "May I borrow your robe, Master?"

Relena was surprised when she heard loud laughter erupted from behind the door. Heero, laughing? Impossible. She never saw or heard Heero laughing. It must be Duo who laughed. Oh dear, what did that braided rascal do to her beloved Heero at the moment. Did he ravish her Heero? Relena shuddered and banged the door with renewed vigour, wanting to save her prince from the evil's clutch.

The door was suddenly opened and Relena saw her prince behind it. She was so relieved that she didn't notice the red tinges on both of the Japanese boy's cheeks. "Heero!!" She pounced on him happily and met empty air as he dodged her swiftly.

"I don't want you to touch me, Relena." Heero spoke hastily before the girl pounced on him again.

Relena straightened and looked at him in confusion. "Why? You're my prince." Oh her prince looked so sexy in black robe. She could see the strong muscles he sported. He was cute too, wearing choker and bell ankle.

"I'm not your prince, Relena." Heero spoke again, snapping Relena from her drool. "I'll never be your prince. I'm with Duo."

"Heero, you're kidding. It must be Duo's idea of a joke." She frowned and looked around. "Where is he? I'll tell him it's not funny to joke about this."

"This isn't a joke, Relena." Heero said in a serious tone.

"No!" Relena shook her head. "You can't choose him over me. He is just a boy. I'm a girl. I'm a girl who can make you a king!"

The Japanese boy didn't look interested. "I don't want to be a king, Relena. I only want to enjoy the peace like I do now with Duo."

"But... but ....... don't you love me?"

"I care for you, Relena, but I don't love you."

Relena burst into tears. "Cruel.... This is more painful than the time you ripped my invitation. You have no heart, Heero."

Heero shifted slightly in front of the crying girl. He was uncomfortable with a fact that he had made the girl cry again. Though many people assumed he was a heartless soldier, Heero knew how to comfort someone. He could wipe away the tears like he had done when he made her cry for the first time. He also could hug her, offering his chest to cry. The problem was his Master would fry his ass if he touched Relena. The throbs on his poor butt reminded him of that fact always.

Heero let Relena cry for some time while he tried to find a way to comfort the girl and send her home without touching her in the process. According to his internal clock, he had five minutes left to join his Master in the bathroom before the said Master started thinking a new way to redden his butt. Heero left the crying girl to fetch some tissues.

"Here." Heero returned to her and offered the tissues.

Relena snatched the tissues quickly without looking up. "You're cruel, Heero." The girl sobbed on the tissues.

"Relena." Heero stood awkwardly in front of the girl. "I..."

"Miss Relena."

Relena looked up from the damp tissues at the new voice. "Dorothy!" The girl threw herself to her friend and continued her sobbing. "Heero is so cruel."

"I already told you to stop following him." Dorothy Catalonia spoke up while her eyes studied Heero from head to toes.

The Japanese boy shifted, feeling uncomfortable at the girl's gaze. He didn't ask why she was here for he knew Dorothy was Relena's close companion. The blonde girl was often seen with Relena when she chased him around the world.

"I come to fetch her. Your door is unlocked." Dorothy explained without being asked. Her voice was calm and full of confidence. "Let's go, Miss Relena." She stirred the girl toward the entrance.

"But Heero...." Relena protested.

"Don't worry, he can't go anywhere. We can come back later when you have calmed down." Dorothy said and then mouthed 'I'll take care of her' to Heero.

Having no difficulties reading lips, Heero nodded his thanks. "Tell her that..."

"I know." Dorothy cut him swiftly and dragged Relena out.

Heero looked at the pair till they entered the elevator. Once the elevator's door closed, Heero shut the apartment door quickly and run toward the bathroom, aware that his remaining time was less than half a minute. He stormed into the bathroom and saw his Master reclining in the bathtub, braid safely pinned on his head.

Duo smiled at him. "She is gone?"

Heero nodded meekly and saw his Master's smile widen.

"Take off the robe and join me in, Kitten."

Heero quickly shed his robe and stepped into the tub between Duo's legs. He lowered himself and grimaced slightly when his sore bottom touched the water's surface. A pair of hands rested on his waist and maneuvered him so he sat on his Master's lap, his back leaning against the firm chest.

"Tell me the story, Kitten." Duo spoke tenderly while his hands started soaping his slave's pliant body.

Heero quickly relaxed and rested his head on his Master's shoulder while he told his Master about his confrontation with Relena. His storytelling was sometimes interrupted with his moans as his Master's hands soaped the sensitive parts of his body.

"So Dorothy came to the rescue." Duo spoke after his slave finished the story. "Relena surely makes Dorothy busy. I bet she'll be snappy tomorrow in the office."

"Huh?" Heero sat straight and turned his upper body to look at his Master. "You know Dorothy that well?"

Duo smiled. "Yes, I do. We have been friends for quite a while."

Heero looked at his Master, feeling slightly put out to know the girl had befriended his Master without him knowing. He turned his body completely to face his Master. "When is that? How can you and she become friends?" He said the questions quickly and gruffly.

Duo blinked and then tugged both his slave's nipple rings, making the said slave cry out. "I don't like an impolite slave."

"I'm sorry, Master." Heero spoke meekly, realizing his error. He didn't have right to question his Master, moreover in a bold tone like that. But he was damn curious how his Master could befriend Dorothy. The fire he felt inside every time he pictured his Master laughing and flirting with the girl, urged him to try questioning his Master one more time. "May I know how you two became friends, Master?"

"Not yet." Duo rolled the nipple rings gently through his slave's nipples. Heero hissed at the slight pain, but he did nothing to stop his Master's ministration. He knew it was his Master's right to play with his body. And moreover, he had more important things on his mind. He was trying to find a way to persuade his Master to tell him about Dorothy. No way he was going to accept 'not yet' as the answer. His Master seemed to read his intention and tugged his nipple rings right when he opened his mouth to speak, turning his words into a gasp. "No more questions about her, Kitten. I'll tell you eventually."


"Kitten." Duo said his slave name sternly and Heero was smart enough to relent for he knew his butt would suffer if he was to press his Master further. His shoulders sagged and he turned around to his original position. Heero didn't say another word and neither did his Master as Duo continued soaping him and playing with his body. It was until they had rinsed and was drying their bodies that his Master spoke again. He took his slave in his arms and whispered gently. "She is just a friend, my green-eyed kitten."

Strangely, the sentence made him warm and Heero found himself smiling as his Master bestowed him a kiss. He was still smiling when his Master put on the cat ears and tail back on him and sent him to prepare their breakfast. He wasn't aware that his tail swung back and forth as he cooked. He also didn't notice that his Master was watching him with his warm and tender eyes from behind the newspaper.

The breakfast went smoothly and as usual, Heero ate from his Master's hands. There was one difference from the previous breakfast though. He had a plate of milk as his breakfast addition. When he protested that it wasn't chocolate milk, his Master told him that the chocolate one was for special occasion only, especially when he had behaved well. So the kitten lapped his milk with a pout and vowed to behave very well.

After breakfast, Heero set to cleaning the dishes and was distracted when he heard the phone ring. His Master answered it from living room and Heero didn't have to strain to hear one side of conversation, thanks to his Master's loud voice. He soon tensed though when he heard his Master speaking some familiar names.

"I am fine, Quatre. How are you?"

Quatre, one of the gundam pilots. Heero hadn't thought about his other comrades for a long time.

"His circus is here? Cool!"

Circus? Heero's mind quickly matched the equation with Trowa. Trowa was here? What did his Master want to do?

"I have someone I want you to meet."

Heero made a face while his Master laughed at whatever Quatre said.

"Yes yes, he's my lover."

Lover? Slave was a more suitable word. Heero scrubbed the dishes nervously.

"No, you may not see him now. I want you all to meet him directly."


"Yup. Where do you want to meet?"

Who are 'All'? Heero fidgeted at the sink.

"Okay, we'll meet you there tonight."

There was a click and having finished with the dishes, Heero quickly went to his Master. Duo turned to him from where he sat on the couch as his slave entered the living room. Heero knew he could never sneak up behind his Master, not while he wore the damn bell on his ankle.

"Did you hear the conversation, Kitten?" Duo asked the question as he pointed between his open legs.

"I did, Master." Heero knelt down. His tail shot up tensely behind him.

"Your tail is stiff. Don't you want to meet them again, Kitten?"

Heero shrugged. "I don't know. It has been a while."

"They'll be happy to meet you, especially Wufei."

"Wufei?" Heero looked up in bewilderment.

Duo grinned. "He often rants about a certain earth savior who keeps disappearing every time he finds where he is."

Heero blinked. "Why does he want to find me?"

"He wants you to join Preventer."

Heero shook his head. "I'm tired of killing."

"So am I." Duo petted his slave's head. "I told him that when he asked me to join Preventer as well."

"What did he tell you then?"

"He gave me a longgg lecture about Preventer."

Heero chuckled. "I can imagine that."

"Well, in the end, he convinced me to join Preventer."

"Nani?" Heero jerked his head up.

"As a mechanic."

"Oh...so that's your job."

Duo nodded. "Interesting job, I say."

Heero was silent for sometimes. After a few minutes, he spoke up again. "Why did you tell me this, Master?"

His Master smiled. "To prepare you."

"Prepare me?"

"Wufei will surely try to make you join Preventer tonight. You'll have to find a good excuse if you don't want to join."

If he didn't want to join.... Heero mulled this over. His Master had given him a choice to decide what he wanted. However he was curious of what his Master wanted him to do. "Do you want me to join you in Preventer, Master?"

Duo stopped petting his head and looked down at his slave. "Heero, I won't force you in this matter. Of course I'll be happy to work side by side with you, but it's up to you to decide where to work. Don't think about your salary. It doesn't matter how big your salary is since you won't get to use it. You're my slave after all and as a slave, your salary will be transferred to my account. So you better choose an occupation you like to do."

Heero thought again. "Do I have to work, Master?"

"You don't want to work?" His Master looked at him in bewilderment.

"Well, I like being your slave." Heero said sheepishly, knowing he sounded like a lazy person for not wanting to work. " If I work, I can't be with you. "

His Master laughed then. "I have spoiled my Kitten badly, I think." Duo crossed his legs behind Heero's back and pulled his slave closer to him, causing the Japanese boy's head very close to his groin. "Do you forget I too have a work? The reason I was at home all day for these past days was because I took a week off to train my new slave."

"You what..?" Heero was having a hard time thinking. The familiar clothed bulge in front of him distracted him. He licked his lips unconsciously as his mind supplied the image of the delicious flesh behind the cloth. A gentle cuff landed on his forehead, causing him to look up at his Master.

"Pay attention to my words, first. Then you can have this." Duo pointed at his groin.

Heero swallowed and nodded, deciding to keep looking up to his Master's face.

"Good Kitten." Duo smiled. "Now back to the topic. I was at home all day for these past days was because I took a week off to train you, Kitten. After this week, I will start working from nine to five, except Saturday and Sunday. If you don't have a job, I think you'll be bored waiting for me until I come home. A bored slave often finds troubles or looks for another master." Duo paused for a second. "Now that I think about it, I can't have my slave running to find another master. If you don't want to work, I'll chain you and put you in a cage till I come home."

Heero blinked. "You're joking."

"Try me." Duo grinned. But somehow, Heero could not take Duo's words as a bluff. He had witnessed how possessive his Master this morning. And if chaining and putting him in a cage would ensure him to stay put till his Master was home, it was possible Duo would do it.

"I'll work then, Master." Heero decided working was better than being caged for whole day. "I just need more time to find a suitable job."

"Good. I want my slave present when I'm at home so find a job with working time from nine to five or less and also never bring your work home." Duo rubbed his cat ears, causing Heero to squirm in delight. "You also have to tell me your choice of occupation first before you apply for it. There are some jobs I don't want you to take."

Heero quirked one eyebrow. "You said it's up to me to decide my job."

"There are a few exceptions." Duo grunted and refused to elaborate.

Fortunately, Heero didn't need a genius to guess what occupations Duo didn't want him to choose. His Master was possessive, after all. Every job that required him being intimate or touched by stranger would definitely out of question. Feeling playful, Heero decided to tease his Master. He rested his chin on Duo's hardened groin and looked up at his Master. "Can I be an actor then?"

"And let you play romantic movie? Find something else, Kitten." Duo glared down at his slave.

The glare was full of jealousy, telling Heero that his Master wasn't angry at him. He grinned and rubbed his chin on the rapidly hardened bulge. "How about a model? You said yourself, I'm quite good looking."

"I better put you in the cage." Duo grunted. "And you're very beautiful, Kitten. Not just quite good looking."

Heero was pleased, but he still wanted to tease his Master more. "How about dancer? I'm quite good in dancing."

"You can dance in your cage."

Heero rolled his eyes and nuzzled his Master's groin again. "A swimming trainer then?"

"Cage." His Master was obviously thinking with the southern part of his body instead of the northern part.

"A wrestling teacher?"


"A masseur?"


"A jockey?"

"Ca... jockey?" His Master looked at him in surprise. "You want to be a jockey?"

"Well, I like *riding*, Master." Heero emphasized the 'riding' word while his hand caressed his Master's arousal. "I'm quite good in *riding* a hor....eeep." Heero yelped as his Master grabbed him and stood up.

"Right." Duo dropped his slave over his shoulder. "I'll give you a riding job now. You can find a better job after I finish with you."

Heero grinned like a kitten he was with his tail swung back and forth. It was so easy to tease his Master. He didn't struggle and happily stayed where he was as his Master marched to the bedroom where he knew he would ridden by a very possessive stallion called Shinigami.

Too bad the Japanese boy didn't know what Shinigami was capable of when provoked.



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