Enslaving Heero Part 16


Heero frowned as the sleep left him.


What the.... Heero opened his eyes slowly and felt his Master stirring.



"Fuck." Heero sat up as his Master cursed. He was irritated as well as his peaceful sleep was disturbed, not to mention that he didn't get a surprise of having his Master's cock nailing him awake this morning. He realized with a start that he had come to love the way his Master woke him.



Okay, that's it. Heero growled and stood up. Whoever the person was, they were going to meet their Maker. Heero grabbed his Master's unused robe and put it on before storming out of the bedroom. What he expected when he opened the front door was certainly not what was currently hugging him in tight grip. No, Heero surely didn't expect to find a certain girl with pink clothes glomping him when he opened the door.

"HEERO!" Relena squealed happily as she tightened her embrace. "I finally found you."

Heero didn't bother to ask her how she passed the security. She was the queen of the world, after all.

"Do you know how hard it was to find you this time?" Relena pasted herself against Heero. "Luckily one of my men spotted you in the supermarket two days ago. I came as fast as I could after the meeting in Colony L3." The Japanese boy had to grind his teeth to muffle apain gasp when Relena's movement caused his robe to rub against his pierced nipples. They were still sore from the piercing yesterday.

"Relena, let go off me."

"You're still shy." Relena giggled and to his surprise, kissed him full in the lips.

A loud growl surprised both of them. Relena released Heero in reflex and Heero used that chance to distance himself and turned to see Duo glaring daggers at Relena. Heero noticed his Master had put on a T-shirt and pants and suddenly realized that he had taken his Master's robe without permission. Uh oh, was he in trouble? Duo shifted his glare at him and Heero tried not to wince at the intensity of the violet orbs. He was in trouble all right. His butt was in trouble, to be precise.

Relena however remained oblivious to the exchange and Duo's mood. She quickly got over her surprise and exclaimed happily. "Hello Duo, long time no see. Sorry to disturb your sleep. I didn't know that Heero has taken you as his roommate."

Heero watched as his Master's face darkened at Relena's words. Not a good sign. For her and for his butt as well. However before he had a chance to tell Relena to shut up, the girl turned to him and exclaimed loudly. "Heero, why are you wearing a choker? Not that I mind. You look good wearing it." Relena's eyes glowed with what Heero recognized as lust. He backed away from the girl and it turned out to be a bad decision when his ankle bell tinkled loudly and attracted Relena's attention. "Oh Heero, you also wear an ankle bell. It's so cute. It makes me love you more." Relena squealed and pounced, wanting to glomp the Japanese boy.

Unfortunately for her and fortunately for the said boy, Shinigami was faster than Queen of the World. Heero felt Duo grab his arm and pull him away, causing Relena glomp empty air. Meanwhile Heero found himself leaning against his Master whose one hand draped possessively around his waist.

Relena looked confused when she didn't have her *prince* in her arms. She turned her head to stare at him. "Heero?" Heero felt the arm on his waist tightened and then he heard his Master speak.

"Relena, you're not welcomed here." Duo's voice was calm and steady, much to Heero's surprise.

Relena frowned. "What do you mean I'm not welcomed? Heero greeted me. And why are you hugging my Heero? Step away from him."

Stupid girl. Heero grimaced as he felt Duo's arm on his waist tightened even more, the sign that his Master wasn't in a good mood. Duo's voice was still calm though, when he answered Relena. "First, this is my house. I don't welcome you. Second, Heero isn't yours." Heero could feel his Master's breath trail up from his neck and his face. He watched Relena gasp in shock as Duo's lips brushed against his cheek.

"Heero is mine."

Heero shuddered. His traitorous cock twitched beneath the robe as Duo growled those three words possessively and kissed him thoroughly. He loved how Duo claimed him as his possession, but apparently Relena wasn't sharing the same opinion with him.

She fainted.

At the thudding sound, Duo broke the kiss and smirked in satisfaction. "She'll have one hell of headache when she wakes up later."

Absolutely. Heero added as he looked over Relena's prone figure on the floor. He just wanted to make sure that the girl still could maintain the peace he had fought so hard to get when she came too later. However Heero realized that looking over Relena while his Master was in possessive mode was a big mistake when he heard the said Master growled.

"Get into the bedroom, Kitten. Now."

The sentence was delivered in slow and dangerous tone. The same tone when Duo caught him messing over his laptop. Once Duo released his grip, Heero wasted no time and sprung into the bedroom. Following his instinct, Heero shed his Master's robe and then knelt down next to the bed, naked. As he waited for his Master, Heero thought about this new side of Duo he'd just met.


Duo, his Master, was very possessive.

>From the way Duo decorated and marked his body, Heero should have known how possessive Duo felt for what belonged to him. However he didn't know that until a third person, in this case Relena, came and kissed him. Heero grimaced as he realized he had let Relena kiss what belonged to Duo. His body was not his anymore, it was Duo's and he should have dodged Relena's advance to preserve himself for Duo only. Kamisama, his Master must be very furious to see someone else touch his possession. Heero bowed his head and focused on the twin black rings hanging on his nipples, another sign of possession from Duo. He tried not to think how red his butt would be this time. Heero harboured no illusion that he was spared from spanking this time for he too thought he deserved the punishment.

The bedroom door was opened and his Master entered then slammed the door shut none too gently. Heero kept his head bowed all the time until Duo stood in front of him. He saw his Master's bare feet came into his line of vision and then his chin was grabbed and lifted up to face his Master.

"This is not what I plan to do in the morning." Duo looked at him calmly. "But you have made mistakes and for that you have to be punished, Kitten."

Heero gulped and nodded slightly. "As you wish, Master."

Duo released his slave's chin and sat down on the bed. "Fetch my brush and then present your butt over my knee."

Heero stood up and went to the closet where the brush was stored. He grimaced as he took out the brush. It was flat on one side and its size was only a little smaller than the size his palm. Just the night before he had used it to comb his Master's silky hair and now it was going to be used as a paddle to tan his butt red. The Japanese boy gave the brush to his Master and then climbed onto the bed, arranging his body over his Master's knees in trepidation. He rested his head and lower limbs on the bed while his ass was presented over Duo's knees like a feast.

Heero could feel his heart beat rapidly as he waited in trepidation for the blow. To his surprise, his Master hand rested on his bottom and caressed it. "You're smart enough to figure out what you did wrong this morning, Kitten. List them to me."

Heero swallowed. "I took your robe and wore it without permission, Master."

"Right, fifteen blows for that."


Heero yelped in surprise. One second the hand caressed his bottom gently and the next second, it spanked him hard. He quickly recovered though and decided to keep quiet as his Master spanked his bottom fifteen times with his bare hand. He was the Perfect Soldier; he could handle this punishment easily.


Heero bit his lips. Though his mind wanted to stay silent, his body had another thought. His poor butt hadn't recovered completely from the caning it received the days before. The fact that it was stuffed with a butt plug which went deeper and prodded his inner tissue when the blow connected to the end of the plug, was not helping his resolve at all.


"Ow..... Master..." It appeared that it only needed eleven slaps to ruin the Perfect Soldier's resolve. Heero cursed Dr. J for not training his ass to bear the tortures. His Master, on the other hand, ignored his whine and kept spanking his poor bottom.


After the last blow was delivered, Heero was just about to sigh in relief when he felt Duo's hand caressed his now throbbing ass. "What's your next mistake, Kitten?"

Heero tried as much as he could to prolong the answer. He really didn't want to get spanked so soon but obviously his Master didn't fancy waiting for his answer. The hand on his bottom kneaded his abused flesh, telling Heero that he had no other choice but to answer or his poor butt would be squeezed mercilessly. Not wanting to get extra treatment on his poor butt, Heero blurted out his answer. "I let Relena kiss me."

"And why is it a mistake for you to let her do that?" Duo kneaded his slave's reddened bottom as if it was the usual thing to do.

Heero winced slightly. He needed a few second to find the correct answer to stop the massage on his poor ass. "Because I belong to you, Master. I may not let anyone else touch what belong to you."

"Correct. I told you that on the first day. I think 25 blows will drive this point back home."

Heero's eyes widened at the mention of the number "Twenty-five!!???"



"Twenty five. With the brush." Duo said in a tone that bore no argument and brought the brush down to redden his slave's bottom.


The brush was obviously more vicious than Duo's bare hand. Heero couldn't help but wiggle and move his poor bottom out of the attacking range.

"Stay put or I'll double your punishment." CRACK CRACK CRACK

The sentence and the three hard spanks that followed effectively stopped Heero's movement. He lay defeated over his Master's knees and tried to bear the blows his Master applied on his already sore bottom as quiet as he could. However it was impossible to bear the punishment in silence. Fifteen slaps with a bare hand earlier was nothing compared to the twenty five blows with the brush. The impact stung his bottom and not seldom it hit square on the end of his butt plug. It was no surprise that after the tenth blow, Heero found himself pleading and apologizing to his Master. Anything to stop the vicious brush torturing his poor butt.

"Please Master, I won't let Relena get near me from now on."

"Not only Relena, Kitten." CRACK CRACK

"Ow ow, I won't let anyone touch me without your permission."

"That's right. You're mine." CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK

"OW OW OW. Please, I'm sorry, Master." Heero sobbed loudly. His butt felt like it was on fire and still his Master continued smacking it. Realizing his Master was determined to deliver the twenty-five blows, Heero buried his head in the bed. It helped stuffing his wails and absorbed his tears as his butt kept receiving the blows. Only nine blows more to go.


Kamisama, it really hurt! Heero vowed inwardly to send Relena to the furthest colony as soon as he got a chance. Nope, bad choice, the girl was needed to attend the peace, damn!


OUCCCCCCCHHH!! Okay, he would put a transmitter on the girl so he could know when she got near to him. He would never ever ........


Finally! The end of his torment! Heero slumped on his Master's knees and was very happy when no blow came down on his butt anymore. The poor flesh was throbbing painfully from the treatment but it was far better than the constant stinging of the brush. Heero sighed in relief and stayed where he was, intending to wait till the throbbing on his butt subsided.

However his Master had another intention. His hand rested on Heero's now red bottom, making the slave tense slightly. "What's your next mistake, Kitten?"

Heero was in full alert at the sentence. He still had another mistake? Heero trembled as he realized more mistakes meant more punishments. No more.... His poor bottom couldn't take any more blows.... "Master, please... "

His plea seemed to fall on deaf ears as his Master spoke up again. "Do you realize that you have no right to answer my door, let alone letting the visitor in? This is my apartment. You'll answer the door only if I order you to."

"I... I..." Heero's eyes widened in horror at the mistake he was now aware of. He did have one more mistake and that meant.....

"It's twenty blows for that."

Heero wanted to scream, to run away, and to weep. He didn't want to accept the punishment, but yet he knew he deserved it for disobeying his Master. The urge to escape his punishment and the urge to bear his Master's punishment collided, causing a raging war inside him. Heero was unconsciously very tense as he was torn between his urges. So caught he was with his thought that he didn't notice his Master caressed his body gently and watched him silently. Pride was shining in those violet eyes.

Heero struggled for his decision for five minutes long before bowing his head and slumping back on his Master's knees. "I'm yours to punish, Master."

His Master's answer was a kiss on the back of his neck. It was soon followed by twenty continuous slaps on his inner thighs. Heero buried his head as the slaps were applied. It was painful but it was a lot of better since his Master used his bare hand instead of the brush and he avoided his sore bottom, focusing on his inner thighs instead. His Master delivered the slaps so quickly that it was over before Heero had time to whimper and plead. He gasped though when he was turned up and his sore bottom rested on his Master's clothed thighs.

"I'm so proud of you, Kitten." Duo smiled down on him and then kissed him thoroughly. The kiss soothed Heero and the Japanese boy fisted his hands on Duo's shirt, kissing back in full force. Duo maneuvered him into sitting position while they were kissing and Heero went along, letting his Master position him as he liked. The kiss ended with a gasp from the slave as Duo pulled the butt plug out of Heero. In one swift motion, his Master lifted his hip and lowered him onto his erect cock, which Heero didn't realize had been pulled out from Duo's pants. Duo released his grips on Heero's hip, making Heero gasp for the second time as his body slid down and sheathed the hard flesh till his sore bottom touched Duo's clothed thighs.

"Master...." Mixed sensations assaulted Heero. The fullness he felt inside him made him want to moan, but the sting he felt as his sore butt connected with rough fabric made him to hiss. He settled to keen at least and leaned against his Master.

"You're mine, Kitten." Duo bit at Heero's shoulder, putting another mark on his slave.

"Yes, I'm yours, Master." Heero tilted his head and gave his Master's more space to put his marks.

Duo growled possessively and hugged his slave tightly. He put some more marks and hickeys on his slave and then started lifting his willing slave up and down his hard arousal. Heero's ankle bell tinkled loudly at the movement. The Japanese boy took all of it in one stride, already getting used to the bell's noise and his Master's penetration. He crossed his legs on Duo's back and let his Master use his body for his pleasure. His nipple rings swung up and down, following his body movement and his quite sore nipples sometimes brushed against Duo's clothed chest. He felt the pain when his Master pushed him down and pressed his sore bottom against his thighs. He also felt pleasure when his Master prodded his prostate and also when his Master's cock brushed his inner tissues. Pain and pleasure assaulted him at the same time, giving him erotic pleasure and making him moan loudly.

"You may not come, Kitten." Duo growled and slid his tongue into his slave's mouth.

Heero wanted to answer but since his mouth was occupied by his Master, he resorted to tightening his hug on his Master. He wouldn't come. He realized he hadn't earned the right to come. As he attended his Master's tongue with his own, Heero felt his Master impaled him faster and harder, the sign that Duo would soon reach his edge.

His Master broke the kiss and lifted Heero up till only the head of his cock settled inside the slave. "Mine."

Heero looked at his Master's violet eyes and smiled. His Master was really possessive.

And he loved his Master for that.

"Yours, Master. I'm yours." As soon as he said the words, Duo pushed him back down on his cock. Heero let out a loud gasp as his sore bottom pressed down and a second later he felt Duo's seeds explode inside him. The Japanese boy tightened his inner muscles to milk his Master's softening cock and let his Master kissed him lightly, ignoring his own arousal.

"You're wonderful, Kitten." Sated violet eyes settled on him and gentle hands stroked his body lazily. Heero sighed happily and rested his head on Duo's shoulder. Perhaps now they could start their morning like usual.


Or not. Heero sighed inwardly at the loud knocking.

"That bitch ....." Duo growled. "I should have kicked her out of my home when she fainted."

"You won't do that." Heero detached himself from his Master.

Duo grunted, obviously annoyed at their disjoint. "You seem to know me very well."

"I know you're a kind person, Master." Though still sadistic, Heero added silently.

"Heeerooo! Are you in there?" Relena knocked again. "Duo, let my Heero go!"

"That's it. I won't be a kind person anymore. I'm going to kick her out." Duo tucked his cock back into his pants and stood up.

Heero stood up as well and placed himself between the door and his Master. "Let me handle her, Master."



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